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Lowdown Dirty PsyOps: from JadeHelm15 to NATO’s Pet Azov Neo-Nazis


“People are coming up to me on the street, saying ‘Is it true martial law is coming?  Have you heard about this?’ They don’t even know that we’re where the story came from…they’re asking me if it’s true. No, they’re not going to [martial law] take over this summer…probably.” – Alex Jones, speaking to Michigan Radio’s Steve Carmody

“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.” – James Jesus Angleton, chief of CIA counterintelligence, 1954-1975

Recently the Russia Analyst was looking for some amusement amidst the bizarre and grim headlines, and we decided to look at the website of Common Sense Show host Dave Hodges. Now we seldom criticize alternative media hosts by name here at RogueMoney, including for the prudent reason that some of these hosts, including Hodges, may occasionally host friends of RogueMoney like Caravan to Midnight’s John B. Wells or other radio hosts who used to bring on the Guerrilla as a guest. Let bygones be bygones and treat our audience like adults capable of discerning truth from falsehood or hysteria, in this RM contributor’s unsolicited and uncensored opinion. The Russia Analyst has a demanding ‘day job’ and neither the time nor the inclination to comment or track down every single story out there regarding Russia or the Russians, much less deal with all the domestic and European ‘incoming’ news in this era of information overload. We could probably write a 500 to 3,500 word column for this site every day with the material that is available in the open domain and translated into English, before we would start digging into the Russian language news and analysis ourselves.

Ecclesiastes 1:18 “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” KJV 

At key points too much data can become a problem and induce what Wolf Gray recently described as ‘analysis paralysis’, meaning people are either too tired  or too despondent to take actions needed to protect their families, whether it’s ‘prepping’ where they are moving to ‘get out of the way’ (expatriating, hopefully from a suburban perch on the edge of our urban agglomeration happens to be our ‘plan’, as we are under no illusions about playing Rambo during a SHTF scenario).

Idleness and its sister despair are things the other elder statesman of our RogueMoney brain trust, ‘W the Intelligence Insider’, has warned against, both on the Guerrilla’s show and the John B. Wells CTM program. ‘W’ has said the transition from a Western fiat dominated system to the new world order the globalists have planned will not be an event, but a years to decades long process. ‘W’ has warned that those who tried to flee to their well-stocked cabin in the hills or who simply ‘bunker down’ without relatives or resilient communities around them will succumb to depression or destruction when the worst part of the transition hits, if they are not psychologically and spiritually prepared for the long haul.

Sincerely wrong -- the Dave Hodges Common Sense Show
Sincerely wrong — the Dave Hodges Common Sense Show

U.S. Government Psyops and Alt-Media Disinformation Nation: A Few Thoughts on JadeHelm15 from the Russia Analyst

Meanwhile, as with the example of what the Guerrilla called ‘shinola’ hysterics over the Ebola virus wiping out large portions of the United States or being used to usher in martial law last year, we think the truth eventually rises to the top amidst the muck of disinformation, dupes and misdirected people.

Starting from that firm belief, we decided it was high time to do a post for the erudite, highly educated audience of on the topic of government and especially Pentagon psyops directed against the American people and global audiences. Starting with the recent hubbub in alternative media over JadeHelm15. We admit this material comes a bit late as Jade Helm has been underway for almost a month.

Nonetheless, as they say in the mainstream media business, better to be accurate than first and inaccurate. In our opinion JadeHelm15 served four purposes:

1) ‘Trolling’ and discrediting the alternative media, especially Alex Jones’ Infowars. This seems obvious to us judging by the unprecedented mainstream media attention given to what would have been previously ignored as ‘crackpot theories’ about Wal-Marts converted to FEMA camps, guillotines and martial law

2) Acclimate some members of the military and the public, including civic and local officials, to ‘operations in the homeland’. This is what Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers told the Guerrilla prior to JadeHelm15 kicking off. Washington wants to see which local officials it can rely on if it should ever actually come to martial law and who could potentially pose problems to their agenda

3) Genuine special forces training, particulary in skills that the specops community admits have atrophied during the ‘War on Terror’ since the forcible entry of Afghanistan and the successful rallying of the Northern Alliance against the lower level Taliban in November 2001. None of this has much to do with Ukraine but a lot more to do with the likelihood Obama or the next president will try to ‘fight ISIS’ using specops spearheads in Syria after some sort of real or falseflag ISIS attack on the homeland or in Europe

4) Build up a general atmosphere of fear, suspicion of the federal government, and create cognitive ‘traps’ in hopes certain idiots will snap (like these alleged conspirators in North Carolina) and thereby affirm the Southern Poverty Law Center/BigSis Narrative of gunowners, veterans, Constitutionalists and sovereign citizens just itching to start an insurrection, race wars or a second American civil war.

To what end? This pastor makes the excellent point that ultimately the point of all knowledge about the New World Order is personal preparation

If martial law is coming, this ain’t it — a pastor who claims to have worked with U.S. special forces on JadeHelm15

In Dave Hodges’ case, we are now over three weeks into the JadeHelm15 exercises, and the zero dark door kicking, dissident blackbagging and gun confiscation hasn’t started yet. Which isn’t to say that there is no one in the government or above it sufficiently psychopathic to dream about getting rid of a Stewart Rhodes or Chuck Baldwin by such techniques, or that there will never be dissident round ups in America. We believe there will be repressive measures (primarily focused in and around major cities especially the District of Corruption) after a dollar collapse. We also agree with Michael Rosecliff of the ArcLight Institute that most people will be focused on survival and the federal government will not be able to manage the post-Katrina times a million chaos nearly as well as any psyops warrior or socialist bureaucrat imagines.

The old former special operations pastor who put out numerous YouTube videos on JadeHelm15 re-produced above, correctly points out that even if everyone in specops were willing to obey such criminal orders to target Americans on U.S. soil (and we know probably the vast majority aren’t, thank God), there aren’t enough troops to pull off any such coup. The pastor also says if the NWO were planning a takeover they probably wouldn’t ‘telegraph’ their punch this much — meaning if they wanted to take down leaders of the ‘patriot’ movement or a future anti-NWO resistance, they’d just do it quickly with those zero dark raids and not have all this media hooplah. He also says the number of troops involved in the exercise over such a vast area were insufficient to impose any kind of martial law. Yes, even with all the fancy ‘force multipliers’ like Predator drones that 1,200 of America’s elite badass special ops warriors would have at their disposal.

In short, if JadeHelm15 is about martial law, even acclimating people to troops on the streets, it sure seems to be a drop in the bucket compared to what the military is capable of doing to make Americans think Humvees or soldiers manning checkpoints on every street corner is a ‘normal’ thing. This has predictably led individuals like Dave Hodges — who promoted the most hysterical JadeHelm15 stories, including those involving Russian troops invading or the conversion of empty Wal-Marts to FEMA detention centers — to update or modify their stories.

This is what .gov trolling, psyops look like -- thankfully hardly anyone appears to take this kind of crap seriously, not even the psyop scribblers like aspiring MSM puke Casey Michel
This is what .gov trolling, psyops look like — thankfully hardly anyone appears to take this kind of crap seriously, not even the psyop scribblers like aspiring MSM puke Casey Michel

Today Hodges admits maybe JadeHelm15 isn’t about imminent martial law (which to be fair even Alex Jones never said it was, Jones said it was conditioning people for it), but about the testing of artificially intelligent systems that could be used to implement martial law after a dollar collapse. A proposition that, in fairness to Hodges, appears to be from the analysis of others closer to the truth about JadeHelm15 than other theories. As the anonymous general who fled the country after speaking with the Guerrilla hinted, robots including fully autonomous drones won’t refuse to follow unconstitutional, illegal orders or even worse defect to the patriots’ side.

‘Linking’ Patriots and ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ to Russia —
the Government Psyop We’ve Witnessed Underway for at least 2 Years

Ross Elder's 'Patriot Deception' -- neither the first nor last in a long line of psyops attempting to 'link' 'anti-government' patriots with Russia or the Russian government.
Ross Elder’s ‘Patriot Deception’ — neither the first nor last in a long line of psyops attempting to ‘link’ ‘anti-government’ patriots with Russia or the Russian government.

Here we must also mention the laughable notion promoted by Alex Jones and Ron Paul hater Ross Elder. This U.S. Navy veteran claims that Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) needs to exercise in ‘Ukraine-sized’ Texas (actually Texas is about 10% bigger than the Ukraine) to simulate the covert insertion of green berets inside a Russian-occupied Ukraine. According to Elder, Americans who ask questions about JadeHelm15 are playing into the hands of a massive Kremlin disinformation strategy, to which Alex Jones is a witting accomplice. To which we reply: bulls–t, both to his claims that Alex Jones is some sort of Rooskie disinformatziya asset AND that JadeHelm15 has anything to do with Ukraine. Slavic NATO member Poland is after all, right next to Ukraine with abundant training spaces. The Ukrainians themselves have their huge Yavoriv proving ground in the Lvov region where the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne brigade has been training Ukrainian soldiers for months.

When War Erupts Patriots Will be Accused of Aiding the Enemy by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market

The cliché that militaries train like they fight and fight like they train applies here, as does some (non-Dave Hodges, and not all that) Common Sense. Although the Army has used North Carolina residents to play the inhabitants of fictional countries for years in special operations training, non-Russian or Ukrainian-speaking Texans are probably not well suited to portray Ukrainians trying to organize a guerrilla war against Russian troops. Especially when during the present economic collapse in Ukraine you could probably pay thousands of Ukrainians who would happily work for ten dollars or euros a day to portray themselves under occupation!


As for YouTube videos depicting the movement of large armored vehicle-laden trains or APC convoys on the Interstate highways, whether painted in desert or woodland camouflage patterns, these are also nothing new. What about if they’re accompanied by alternative media and government manipulation of the same through psyops that martial law is imminent?

The run up to the 2012 presidential elections also saw rampant rumors including the crying cop named “Jim” and his phone call to Alex Jones and numerous Doug Hagmann predictions that Obama could impose martial law to remain in office. The giveaway that a potential psyop was going on, or at least that individuals who were acting in good faith were being fed similar disinformation in order to fool those they spoke with, was in the similarity of claims issued by thriller author D.W. Ulsterman‘s old Democrat ‘White House Insider’ and Doug Hagmann’s ‘DHS Insider‘ regarding Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s ‘by any means necessary’ plans to keep the president in power. These theories were sufficiently disturbing and well-sourced enough to be relayed by the Glenn Beck program, by the Mormon ‘rodeo clown’ who rips off Alex Jones’ material and tries to ‘mainline’ it in often comical ways. Then known ‘conservative’ disinfo trolls piled on.

From the Soul of the East blog post, “Snythetic Terror Spectacle” by Daniel Spaulding

Such plans may very well have existed, given Obama and Jarrett’s Communist connections explained by former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl. But they were hardly necessary when rigged voting machines and high gimmie-dats turnout, as well as a Mormon Establishment-run ringer candidate (sorry but not sorry Joel Skousen), were sufficient to ensure the fix was in. Given how this playbook was used in 2012, we caution RogueMoney readers against being similarly fooled as to ‘Obama third term’ plans in 2016. At the very least, be sure to check and re-check any claims about Obama staying in office past January 20, 2017 with your gut instincts and multiple sources!

As Jay Dyer Says, JadeHelm IS a Psyop in of Itself, and We’re All Being Bombarded by Washington/Hollywood ‘Hyper-reality’

One more thought on this fraught and sensitive subject of who’s getting played or deceived in the alternative media — lest we turn the liberty and hard assets movements into circular firing squads and allow suspicions to divide patriots and Constitutionalists.

Do you notice what D.W. Ulsterman and Ross Elder have in common? That’s right, they’re both authors of thriller novels. As is Glenn Beck — though Beck’s ‘rodeo clown’s’ books are nearly all ghostwritten. Thriller writers are, in intellectual terms, often the same people as or at least soulmates to Hollywood screenwriters.

The connections between Hollywood and the Pentagon and CIA are too numerous to list here, but on the broad topic we recommend Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis as one the preeminent alternative media experts in the field of connections between intelligence agencies, motion pictures, gaming and the occult. Jay has been analyzing film and the blurred lines between the news and entertainment so well for the last few years that we’re pleased to hear he now has his own radio show affiliated with titled ‘Esoteric Hollywood’. But it’s fair to point out more mild or ‘contained’ critiques than Jay Dyer’s of the incestuous ménage à trois between Tinseltown, Langley and the Pentagon have been published in The Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, including in their recent discussions of the sudden explosion of TV shows with Cold War or spy themes. It’s notable that these shows kicked off with The Americans, a series produced by former CIA officer Joel Weisburg whose pilot episode has a Soviet KGB officer from Donetsk, Ukrainian SSR die after being stabbed in an American ally (no predictive programming pre-EuroMaidan revolution in Kiev that something bad was in the works for the Donbass, eh?). We plan another post on this topic, specifically the reality that a  is getting American TV watchers to root for KGB ‘illegals’ on his FX series called The Americans. Talk about a mind-screw!

Jay’s Analysis’ Jay Dyer does his best Nicolas Cage impersonation and talks about Bilderberg

Are we saying that these guys just wanna sell books? Not necessarily, anymore than anybody else who writes, including ourselves. What we’re saying is that the imagination of these figures can at times be exploited by the psyops warriors working in the shadows to manipulate them, either via the traditional means of ‘handlers’ and ‘secret sources’ who tell them exactly what the spooks want them to hear, or by the more dark arts of reflexive control, first described by Sun Tzu and Niccolo Machiavelli but expanded by the KGB and the Soviets in the 20th century. Most infamously, through Moscow Center’s spectacularly successful deception of James Jesus Angleton, the infamously paranoid CIA counterintelligence chief we quoted above who after the fraudulent defection of Nysenko began seeing Soviet moles everywhere, nearly destroying Langley’s counterintel service before his forced retirement!

Remember this piece of sincere conveyance of disinformation — or crisis acting — on the Alex Jones Show from mid-2012?

As the Guerrilla warned me when we recently talked on the phone about some ludicrous articles promoted by CNBC and Politico alleging that Putin is plotting to separate Texas from the union because one Republic of Texas dude attended a conference in St. Petersburg, the .gov and DoD disinformation machine has been kicked into hyperdrive in recent months. It’s our opinion that not only has there been an increase in bought and paid for Operation Mockingbird type articles in the mainstream media, but the U.S. government trolls are doing things a bit more sophisticated than just calling people who don’t trust Obama racists or Americans who disagree with our Ukraine policy ‘Kremlin Trolls’ and ‘Putin lovers’.

Today the .gov disinfo warriors have clearly ‘upped their game’ by engaging in the ‘cognitive infiltration’ tactics that Harvard Law school professor Cass Sunstein, husband to the evil witch UN Ambassador Samantha Power, outlined in his notorious 2008 paper, “Conspiracy Theories”. To sum up the tactics Sunstein recommends governments use to disrupt or discredit ‘conspiracy theorists’ in the document, Sunstein promotes the practice of creating ridiculous conspiracy theories to discredit more ‘credible’ or popular notions of government crimes.

How the MH17 Psyops ‘Work’

For example, when it comes to the shootdown of MH17, instead of plausible theories as to how the Ukrainians or foreign mercenaries working with them could’ve shot the plane down in order to blame Russia, the web was immediately flooded with alleged ‘alternative media’ sources that claimed the bodies of the passengers had been dead for weeks or months upon being discovered by the Donbass militiamen in the wreckage of the Malaysian Boeing. Other theories were spread that MH17 was actually MH370 repainted inside a secret hangar in Israel. Similar cognitive infiltration or ‘flooding’ tactics have been used to attack ‘9/11 truthers’, for example by dubious websites that claim the Twin Towers were brought down by mini-tactical nuclear weapons or exotic lasers on behalf of the reptilians. MSM or ‘respectable’ propagandists then pile on ridiculing all of the silly theories out there and making anyone who thinks Ukrainian actors had the means and motive to shoot down MH17 look like someone who believes the moon landings were faked.

The bottom line of how Cass Sunstein tactics work is evident from the MH17 case: the U.S. and Kiev governments never have to produce a damned thing, because of the ‘ongoing criminal investigation’ which the Dutch government will ensure drags on for years. The press, with the notable exception of the AP’s Matthew Lee, never demands that Washington produce credible satellite imagery or electronic ELINT. Nor do the Ukrainians as suspects in the case have to substantiate alibis as to where their BUK surface to air missile launchers or aircraft were on July 17, 2014.

Instead the profusion of theories including some apparently contradictory ones spread by Russian media allows an army of NATO-paid trolls online, particularly on Twitter, to keep all of the suspicions focused on Russia, never on who actually benefited (qui bono?) from the MH17 shootdown. This way, the NATO and U.S. government trolls, including troll directors among the American diplomats and former U.S. Ambassadors or Pentagon officials on Twitter, are never challenged by the press (save for the AP’s Matthew Lee) regarding the Mack (or Kamaz) truck sized holes in the ‘Russia did it’ case. Russia is guilty until proven innocent nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

Russia’s Own Psychological Warfare vs. NATO Countries and their Citizens

Here I can hear someone interject: but James, aren’t the Russians also playing the psyops game besides the U.S. government and the global shadow government that stands above Washington? Do Siberian bears crap in the woods? Of course the Russians are engaged in the information warfare game, which have historically been known as ‘active measures’. One of the most infamous Soviet ‘active measures’ was the claim picked up by newspapers in the Third World and widely circulated in the 1980s and early Nineties alternative media that the CIA engineered the AIDS virus to reduce the African and black populations. The reason this theory gained such prominence was the fact that so many black Americans, Africans and Asians believed it who had absolutely nothing to do with the Soviets in terms of contact or even ideology. On the other hand, claims that the CIA was smuggling narcotics starting during the Vietnam War or to fund the Contras in Central America (including through then Governor Bill Clinton’s Arkansas) were actually true, and had very little to do with the Soviets, except to the extent that the Russians may’ve leaked some true facts to their favorite press men in Washington (the late I.F. Stone being one suspected KGB asset).

The New Lies for Old or ‘final phase theory’ that the Soviets ‘faked their own deaths’ and pretended to collapse the USSR in order to trick the West into transferring money and technology advanced by Anatoly Golitsyn and repeated on the Guerrilla Radio program by Joel Skousen is garbage. We have respect for Skousen as a Cold War veteran pilot and sincere patriot opposed to the New World Order, but he is simply wrong on this particular subject. The Golitysn thesis contrary to his view is also not very compatible with the reality that the ‘New World Order’ manipulated both sides of the Cold War 1.0 dialectic the NWO created, which is only explicable if you recognize a supernatural reality behind global conflicts.

Golitsyn appears to have suffered much more than other Soviet defectors from megalomania, and he managed to fool even CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton into chasing KGB phantoms everywhere while Moscow Center’s real agents slipped through Angleton’s net. In order to believe Golitsyn’s theory you have to overlook a ton of evidence that Russia’s collapse and looting via Bank of New York Mellon and other Western banksters was somehow all part of a plan hatched in Moscow rather than in the City of London, Basel or Manhattan, and overlook that Russia damn near lost the Caucasus under Yeltsin and either did not or could not save its Slavic Orthodox little brother in the Balkans Serbia from being crushed by the U.S./NATO.

In addition to making the KGB and its successors ten feet tall, Golitsyn’s claims simply makes no sense and falls prey to the same logical problems that disinfo operatives like Cliff Kincaid have when they try to explain why Russia hasn’t already rolled tanks into Kiev, if it wants to take over all of Ukraine. In reality, Moscow doesn’t want to directly rule Ukraine, but certainly wants to deny the Ukraine to the EU and NATO as a prelude to full Eurasian integration.

Peter Pomerantsev and Michael D. Weiss, both neoconservative disinfo operatives associated with Atlanticist or intelligence agency front think tanks like the Legatum Institute and the Institute for Modern Russia contend that Russia’s information warfare is somehow unique or unprecedented in its ‘war on reality’. But in truth, the western globalist elites have been defining reality through mass media for over a century, and the Russians have merely taken the theories of Edward Bernays (who was not, in fact, Sigmund Freud’s nephew but enjoyed lying and saying he was) and adapted them to their own 21st century needs, including through turning the tables on the West. As the old saying goes, when you point the finger of blame at somebody else there can be four fingers pointing back at you. A great deal of Pomerantsev’s discourse on ‘The Menace of Unreality’ directed at the Kremlin could be more easily directed at the Wall Street, Washington and Hollywood troika.

Projection, Interpreter Mag style: claim that it’s the Russian government and not NATO members and U.S. allies led by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are sending the most jihadists to Syria

Why the U.S./NATO (Despite their Faked Pew Polls) Are Losing the Information War in Europe to Russia

The key to Russia’s successful Narrative — even when punctuated by lies or misinformation — is that it still exists in a common historic or cultural framework, whether it be Soviet, Slavic Orthodox Christian, or Eurasian. For example, rallying people to fight the U.S.-backed Kiev regime using imagery and true heroism of the Great Patriotic War against Hitler. The Western Narrative by contrast, fails because it’s increasingly unmoored from the past, and because it is shot full of more contradictions than the Russian narrative.

We’re told for example by WesternMSM that Western Ukrainian nationalists of the OUN/UPA ‘fought both the Soviets and Nazis’, never mind that in reality Galicia was probably the quietest and safest place for a German soldier to be from partisans starting in June 1941 all the way up to the Soviet offensives of 1944. We’re told that it’s the Kremlin that funds the European ‘far right’ and neo-Nazi movements while Ukrainian ‘volunteer battalions’ and nationalists openly use SS runes and other Nazi symbols, and Swedish, Italian and French Nazis rally to Kiev’s Azov Battalion.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>European Brotherhood! One Fight – One Struggle! Germany & Ukraine! Support to our brothers from <a href=””>#RightSector</a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>— DerPatriot (@DerPatriotDE) <a href=”″>July 15, 2015</a></blockquote>

In the Army of Novorossiya or the Donetsk People’s Republic, a ‘White’ Orthodox Christian monarchist and a ‘Red’ secular Communist, for example, can happily make common cause against the common fascist enemy in Kiev or the new ‘Evil Empire’ based in Washington. But it is significantly harder to convince a European nationalist that the Russian threat requires him to subordinate himself to the same institutions (NATO, EU, US Empire) which are steadily destroying Europe’s sovereignty, economy and flooding its borders with what he views as Camp of the Saints colonizers from the Third World. Russia may be authoritarian or paranoid when it comes to nations on its borders, but it is Washington and Brussels, not Moscow, that demand the UK and EU nations continue to take in unsustainable levels of migrants, including those who will not assimilate.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”><a href=””>#Nazis</a&gt; are back in <a href=””>#Paris</a&gt; <a href=””>#Azov</a&gt; <a href=””>#Ukraine</a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>— Портфель Министра (@MoskRU) <a href=”″>July 30, 2015</a></blockquote>

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Nazi <a href=””>#Azov</a&gt; terrorist hv a full fledged propaganda machine up&running. <a href=””>@DanaRohrabacher</a&gt; <a href=””>@repjohnconyers</a&gt; <a href=””>#WakeUpAmerica</a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>— Thomas Paine (@17ThomasPaine76) <a href=”″>August 1, 2015</a></blockquote>


If the situation in Ukraine weren’t costing so many lives, it would be comical that Azov Battalion or Right Sector Nazis who used to complain about ‘zhid’ oligarchs running Kiev before the Western MSM showed up to make them out to be freedom fighters happily get paid and equipped by an Israeli passport holding gangster, Ihor Kolomoisky. The Western narrative also fails because it relies on lies about history, mainly a fairytale version of the first Cold War that disappears Wall Street/City of London complicity in the rise of Bolshevism and Nazism. Or a sanitized version of WWII that soft pedals the Anglo-French effort to turn Hitler eastward at Munich or the destruction of Dresden, Tokyo and (this week commemorating the 70th anniversary) Nagasaki.

The Ukraine is “fighting for freedom and democracy” in much the same sense that Caitlin Jenner is fighting for the dignity of men who decide despite their penises they are women through Vanity Fair  covers and the ESPY Awards. The howls of ‘whataboutism’ and alarmism over the alternatively awesome or pathetic (depending on what day of the week it is) power of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine are are merely shrieks over the collapsing cult of Western supremacy. The only question as Eurasia returns to its heretofore central role in human affairs after a 500 year interregnum of sea-faring Western Europeans and Americans being on top is whether the Chinese will let us down easy, or hard.

We still think, thanks in part to Russian and ancient wisdom, the Mandarins will make great efforts to save ‘face’ for Washington and spare wounded, feeble Atlanticist pride. That is, if there isn’t a global war. But looking at the amazing power of the still unparalleled Western propaganda apparat, we recognize hundreds of thousands of Americans won’t be able to psychologically or perhaps even spiritually cope with a world in which Washington is confined to being a regional power. Like hardcore Nazis in 1945 or Communists in 1989, their god of Anglo-American Empire will have failed them. For them, notwithstanding the massive savings from closing the archipelago of bases around the world and ceasing the mad arms race, America won’t be American without her Empire.

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  1. The only person I find worth listening to anymore outside of RM is Martin Armstrong. I do not even read Zero Hedge anymore hardly other then to skim headlines. Looks like oil is heading to that magical $39 V told us about as confirmed by Martin who has a target of around $35. Great work James on dispelling all the BS.


  2. James this was a great great find, I am speaking of the second Pastor Joe Fox broadcast you posted, I loved it!

    Wolf Gray


    • I don’t agree with everything Pastor Joe Fox says but I respect his willingness to tell people to think more logically instead of in fear. As the late Dune author Frank Herbert wrote, fear is the mind killer.


  3. Thanks for articulating so well what many here at RM have sensed for a long time. Like MikeF my info sources continue to narrow as actual preparation becomes more and more critical. Outside RM i basically just catch CTM and the odd thing that pops up on Twitter or YT.
    For example, I think Andy Hoffman is great, but it’s the same message over and over and again now, so there’s no need to tune in each time. Same goes for faves like Bill Holter and others. The message hasn’t changed and there’s nothing new to report. The calm before the storm?
    BTW, James Perloff’s book ‘Truth Is a Lonely Warrior’ lays out the game plan and the end game really well. Good framework for viewing events as they develop.


    • Most ‘alternative’ media is similar in that they keep repeating the same thing that I have heard the last time. These days I don’t have time or the enthusiasm to go through a whole bunch of 2 hour long videos like I used to when I had just awoken and I was learning entirely new stuff by the hour.
      So now I just follow this website, Paul Sandhu, Ben Fulford, and Dr Jim Willie. I am kind of hoping to hear a prediction of Silver going to a very high price per ounce so I can feel better about myself.


  4. The problem is that few people have a lens on the real underlying truth, and there are so many layers of deception running simultaneously that it becomes impossible to figure out “true reality.” In fact, I really do not 100% trust anyone since even real “insiders” can be played sometimes, and that even the plans of the elite are not set in stone because much to their chagrin, they are not God.
    For example, look at Lindsey Williams who had predicted MANY events through Ken Fromm when he was alive – the drop in oil in the 1980s, the rise to $150, the fall below $50 in the 2008 election (the most amazing prediction at the time), and the start of the Arab spring almost to the month. HOWEVER, he also said the “dollar would be dead” by 2012. Anyone looking at the US dollar index in 2015 would know that was hogwash. The question is were they feeding him deliberate partial disinfo to discredit him, or did events mandate they push off their plans?
    The Planet X hoax is another interesting one I have had to debunk with friends recently. It actually makes sense that if you are building out bunkers for some nefarious reason, you come up with the incoming planet thing to tell contractors as reason it has to be hushed up. This has led one respected journalist to go out and publish this theory. However, if his sources are being lied to… When you see the experts they sight, like the moron putting forth this “7-X” planet hypothesis, a SUPPOSED engineer, saying that the planet’s path has an orbital period that varies by year, but always comes back in March and April and that a solar sail was sent up in the 1990s to obscure the planet [both of these things are mathematically impossible given the laws of physics and any engineer would know better] it is clear it is disinfo. When people on the inside are being misled, people can make too much of what they have heard from them. That is why I take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt now.
    The Ulsterman and Hagmann’s information did not appear to be disinformation at all. Both said that Obama would do ANYTHING necessary to retain office, not that a false flag would definitely happen. In fact I told people at the time that it would probably be just through voter fraud as that was easy and a false flag probably at best would be a contigency plan if the poll numbers got WAY out of line – the victory has to be plausible even if voter fraud is carried out. At the time of the first Romney debate, the idea of Obama winning was nuts his numbers were so low. Obama held onto office against all odds, just as predicted. One might even say that the “Hurricane Sandy” event WAS the false flag that put him over the top (or at least gave a publically plausible reason for his turnaround when they stuffed the ballots).
    For example, who are we supposed to believe? “‘W’ has said the transition from a Western fiat dominated system to the new world order the globalists have planned will not be an event, but a years to decades long process.” Yet, V’s general source clearly points to a US collapse by 2017 including the use of biological agents to depopulate the country. Indeed, that source’s information seems more consistent with what Dave Hodge’s has been saying than a “decades long process.” That general also gives a lot more credence to “force multipliers,” and he would know what the military had. So exactly which narrative is true? I will remind people here that W has not exactly been perfect in his predictions (no one is–my point is you have to take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt) as I recall that alert on silver in early summer of last year where the given impression was to the audience it was a signal that a covert signal was sent to the elite to buy silver and that it would soon be going higher? Look at silver over a year later.
    The other thing is I believe that the collaboration between governments is closer than we probably suspect. Galitsyn’s information might not have been that far off (even though he himself probably was a disinfo agent in at least some respects based on what I have read–particularly as he gave the US little actual intelligence on Soviet double agents which suggests he was playing both sides) in that there is one criminal banking cartel that could be in control of both the Russians, Chinese, and the US. Kay Griggs who was wife of a marine colonel was all but told as much in terms of collaboration between the US and Russian intelligence at the highest levels (and her testimony is very compelling; hard to imagine that as a disinfo campaign, particularly as virtually no one talks about it on alternative media). That is not to say at lower levels there were no operations and counter operations; but if both governments were controlled by the banking cartels, then you would expect a certain level of cooperation at the top. I would not overtly dismiss the idea of Russian or other foreign troops on US soil if there is cooperation at the top and the Russians vs. USA narrative is just as fake as the Democrats vs. Republicans (as I suspect). How can anyone be sure Putin really is his own man, when we know that he is playing into the whole WWIII plan these guys have been focused on for awhile as part of the depopulation agenda. A Boris Yeltsin “lacky” at this point in time would not do if you want a global conflict. The globalists need a Putin. And Russia, strategically would have some interest in having troops on the ground in a country controlling as many nukes as the USA do if there was chaos; especially if they were invited in by a Communist president who likely takes orders from the same people giving orders to Putin. And you said it above, our troops would likely find it difficult to fire on Americans. So one cannot say the scenario is illogical.
    While Dave has spent a lot of time on the whole Jade Helm 15 thing, I do not think his coverage has been irresponsible. He has never said that something will definitely happen, only that it is something we need to watch. While the U.S. military might not have “wanted” the publicity, they also could have easily underestimated the alternative media’s response. Agreed that martial law would be initially unenforceable during an economic collapse; however, they WOULD want to take out the potential resistance leaders first before full crisis set in to better control the eventual progression of events. THAT is exactly what Jade Helm appears to be focused on training for. What do you suggest that the Walmarts are being set up for? Is it all just a disinformation campaign and these photos Dave is getting are all fakes? If they are not fakes and they are being reconstructed, what are they going to tell people when the 6 month timeframe for opening them is up and they cannot open? There honestly is something really screwed up about the Walmart thing that is hard to just dismiss unless there is some “near term” event they are planning for. Honestly the whole thing makes no sense to me as I doubt these Walmarts are are drop in the bucket compared to the existing FEMA camps, but clearly SOMETHING is going on there unless all the photos etc. are fakes.
    My view of the world is that things are a lot less set in stone than people think. These elite are into the occult and try to plan things out that way; but there is not one person at the top and they cannot control everyone. Their are factions vying for control as that is human nature, and they do not always get what they want. They have contingency plans upon contingency plans that change with circumstances. They want it to be a slow process, probably as W suggests. But they probably also realize that is REALLY HARD to do. Human behavior is by nature unpredictable at many levels despite the sophisticated mind control operations. When you combine that with the difficulty in controlling a non-linear economic collapse to push it in the direction you want it, it makes sense that they MIGHT have contingency plans in place for Mad Max type of scenario.


    • White Mountain,
      FWIW I agree with this. I did not accuse either Hagmann or Ulsterman of deliberately misleading people or making up their ‘insider’ sources at DHS and the Democratic Party/White House, only of being misled by them as the sources themselves may have been deceived. I will add here something I didn’t write in the already lengthy article, which is that Hagmann let many people down especially Marinka Peschmann who were ready to go to war legally over his claim that NSA directly tapped his phone in 2013 and take the litigation and bad publicity for Ft.Meade/Bluffdale very far. Coming as it did on the heels of Snowden’s revelation, proof that the NSA had individually targeted an anti-Obama journalist might’ve blown some of the Agency’s fanatical and MSM defenders case that there are no documented politicized abuses at the Agency to bits. Instead Hagmann basically dropped his planned lawsuit and badly disappointed potential allies.
      I also said that contigency plans may have existed for Obama to stay in power by any means necessary but once the Republicans nominated Romney for lack of any viable alternatives (having trashed Ron Paul and kept also rans like Santorum in the race for far too long) I knew the fix was in and Obama would be reelected, without any need for any martial law or race riot drama.

      The Ulsterman and Hagmann’s information did not appear to be disinformation at all. Both said that Obama would do ANYTHING necessary to retain office, not that a false flag would definitely happen. In fact I told people at the time that it would probably be just through voter fraud as that was easy and a false flag probably at best would be a contigency plan if the poll numbers got WAY out of line – the victory has to be plausible even if voter fraud is carried out. At the time of the first Romney debate, the idea of Obama winning was nuts his numbers were so low. Obama held onto office against all odds, just as predicted. One might even say that the “Hurricane Sandy” event WAS the false flag that put him over the top (or at least gave a publically plausible reason for his turnaround when they stuffed the ballots).

      You also wrote:

      who are we supposed to believe? “‘W’ has said the transition from a Western fiat dominated system to the new world order the globalists have planned will not be an event, but a years to decades long process.” Yet, V’s general source clearly points to a US collapse by 2017 including the use of biological agents to depopulate the country.

      This is a fair point and if you have noticed in the comment threads myself, WolfGray and China-based U.S. expat ThornyBastard have all expressed skepticism, not about the general’s existence but about the veracity of some claims he made to V before leaving the country. Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers was also noticeably not impressed by the general’s actions, believing he had a duty once his family was abroad to go public with the truth. That such ‘contigency plans’ have existed as far back as the 1980s Rex84 or the 1930s Depression was something Rhodes alluded to with his discussion of Marine Corps Gen. Smedley “War is a Racket” Butler, who testified before Congress that some of the wealthiest men in America were interested in a coup against FDR. The existence of such plans was the basis for Phillip Roth’s novel The Plot Against America, though his notion of a President Charles Lindbergh given Lindy’s shy nature was and remains fantastical rather than alternative history, like the novels where aliens invade at the height of WWII and all the enemies must unite against the invaders.
      Regarding this:

      …collaboration between the US and Russian intelligence at the highest levels

      see my comment to Joyann about Snowden being a limited hangout operation. The only way it works and Ed stays safely in the background so he does not get interrogated regarding the odd aspects of his story is if he is out of site and out of mind in Moscow (most likely in the Yasenevo district not far from SVR headquarters — esentially Snowden now lives in an FSB fish bowl, and he will never come back to the U.S.). While I am still skeptical of the claims that Snowden was personally responsible for all of the leaks attributed to him, he would definitely deserve jail time upon return to the U.S. for burning legitimate NSA operations we’d be surprised if the Agency WEREN’T DOING (like tapping Medvedev’s phone) alongside the obsessive spying on allies and ‘collect it all’ domestic operations including NSA 5Eyes partner GCHQ’s war on British ‘extremists’ that demonstrate the ‘dark’ (NWO) side of the Surveillance State.
      Whether this is Putin doing the CIA which created Snowden to cut the NSA down to size a favor, I leave to your judgement. This is one theory I have heard primarily coming from Sibel Edmonds with old Tom Clancy co-author Dr. Steve Pieczenik who himself may spread some disinfo particularly about the Russians also hinting at it on the Alex Jones show. Which I seldom listen to anymore…as this piece makes clear my disappointment in the Infowars crew (that JBW has also slammed for lifting his guest’s material on JadeHelm15 without attribution and use of the c-word for some feminist women), not so much in Alex himself for going too far with their more alarmist predictions.


      • America is not Ukraine — the army has not been marinated in an ideology that would enable them to in good conscience shell or blockade an American city (whether you call it Ukrainian nationalism, ‘Banderism’, or the belief that eastern Ukrainians are quasi-racially inferior sovoks, vatniks and pro-Russian ‘traitors’ to Ukraine). Read this interview:
        It takes a lot of psychological conditioning for a Ukrainian officer to see no contradiction between the army standing down and allowing western Ukrainian nationalists aided and abetted by foreign intelligence services (led by Poland and the CIA) to violently overthrow the duly elected President, but anybody who raised a flag or seized weapons in eastern Ukraine like they did in Lvov is a traitor who must be destroyed because of the holy sanctity of borders (the Lviv separatism in the long term is almost as much a threat to the sacred ‘territorial integrity’ of the state as is the Donbass). This Ukrainian officer justifies himself and the Kiev regime a lot, precisely because he knows the ‘peaceful’ Maidan ‘revolution of dignity’ was neither peaceful nor dignified, and the Army stood down thanks to oligarch and State Dept. bribed commanders when it should have basically gone after the violent provocateurs and rounded up the Right Sector while leaving the civilians alone. This Ukrainian officer betrayed his Oath to the people of Ukraine, just like every officer who follows criminal orders to massively shell civilians in Donetsk, Lugansk or Gorlovka or who pushes fairy tales that the evil separatists spurred by the Russians are shelling their own neighbors and the Ukrainian Army is always innocent.
        And yes, let’s cut the MSM crap — the first group of people to start the civil war in Ukraine, the people who tore up the Ukrainian constitution were the pro-EU, pro-NATO activists of Lviv and the Right Sector who looted police station arsenals and declared Lvov independent from the still-Yanukovich led government in Kiev — NOT the people of Crimea or Donbass. When you commit violence against policemen, young men disproportionately from Crimea and Donbass, did you idiots think no one would dare touch a hair on the heads of you western and central Ukrainian ‘heroes’ when they came against towns and cities with artillery and tanks? Did Yanukovich shell Lvov for supporting the Maidan and disproportionately representing the gangs on the square who attacked cops equipped only with shields and batons with Molotov cocktails and pikes? Does this brainwashed Ukrainian officer think Americans would tolerate a Maidan overthrowing the President of the United States in D.C. or an Occupy Wall Street putsch in New York without using lethal and overwhelming force or calling in the National Guard to disperse the American Maidan-ers?
        Even as at the start of a conflict numerous officers defect and open armories to the ‘rebel’ side, as we saw in Ukraine as the post-Yanukovich coup situation was chaos with the demoralized army standing down in Crimea rather than dying en masse for the Maidan’s ‘honor’.
        I am still very skeptical that the rank and file military would ever obey orders to shoot Americans, though with a few more years of collapse and conditioning many things are possible. The Army after all DID violently disperse the Bonus Army during the 1930s and chased them out of Washington, though that was mild compared to what a crackdown would look like today. Modern Americans are neither as tough nor as restrained as their forebears were in the Thirties.


      • Actually funny you bring up the Marinka Peschmann thing. I basically stopped listening to the Hagmann’s after they attacked Marinka without even taking virtually ANY responsibility for the fact that Doug materially misrepresented what happened with the FOIA case on air (I remember what Doug said originally in 2013 as I was listening at the time). She had a right to be upset as she was the quoted source. All Doug and Joe had to do was say “We screwed up. We are sorry.” But insinuating that Marinka might have suggested the FOIA because she knew that the Hagmann’s would take it out of context so she could then discredit them? Totally lost credibility there. Honestly even made me question Doug bona fides as an investigator if he did not understand a simple FOIA letter. I think their hearts are in the right place, but I question their judgement.
        On Snowden, my first take was he was probably CIA, and it was a turf war (which also makes sense given Jim Garrow appearing to be given the go ahead and leak info against Obama administration as well). No way he survived unless he had the backing of the company. And he really did not tell us anything we did not know for the most part…I mean if I had access to that data, I could probably come up with something much more incriminating (9/11 etc., Hillary’s emails LMAO). However, I also think that Dr. Steve Pieczenic is a disinformation agent as well based on what he was telling people after Benghazi (which if I remember right was quite different from running arms to Libya), assuming he was not lied to as well. Who knows…you really have to take everythign with a grain of salt these days.


      • Actually funny you bring up the Marinka Peschmann thing. I basically stopped listening to the Hagmann’s after they attacked Marinka without even taking virtually ANY responsibility for the fact that Doug materially misrepresented what happened with the FOIA case on air (I remember what Doug said originally in 2013 as I was listening at the time). She had a right to be upset as she was the quoted source. All Doug and Joe had to do was say “We screwed up. We are sorry.” But insinuating that Marinka might have suggested the FOIA because she knew that the Hagmann’s would take it out of context so she could then discredit them? Totally lost credibility there. Honestly even made me question Doug bona fides as an investigator if he did not understand a simple FOIA letter. I think their hearts are in the right place, but I question their judgement.

        Exactly. I just tuned out Doug and even Steve Quayle because of this, even though I still think Steve has his heart in the right place he just gets carried away at times and/or receives some bad info.


  5. Yes,- The North American Command
    – The North American Superhighway
    – The North American Union
    all sound like crackpot alternate media propaganda ……..but they’re all real. And so is the idea that our politicians have sold us out to the globalist that have seated themselves in power within our government.
    Hilary, god bless her soul, is so sure of her place in the new order, she’s not the least bit bashful about talking about it.

    By the way, Jade Helm 15 is in reality a program by the military to install the preliminary phases of the military’s version of sky net, linking drones, ground troops, and artificial intelligence into a single fighting unit in an urban environment. Turns out (‘V’s) general was telling the truth.
    What better way to hide something so hideous, than to drag it out in the open under a veil of disinformation?


    • By the way, Jade Helm 15 is in reality a program by the military to install the preliminary phases of the military’s version of sky net, linking drones, ground troops, and artificial intelligence into a single fighting unit in an urban environment. Turns out (‘V’s) general was telling the truth.

      Yes I think the general was on to something, I didn’t say he lied, it’s just that perhaps the systems DARPA has cooked up are so far ‘out there’ that it would be hard to believe if he discussed them. Listening to the John B. Wells program with his guest ‘D.J.’ I had trouble wrapping my mind around it. As I have remarked to my Floridian White Russian friend the Saker, there is probably a reason the neocons are so phenomenally arrogant and dismissive of rising Russian and Chinese military potential. They think they have the ‘killer app’ which can defeat any adversary even at relatively low cost in U.S. casualties — because we have SkyNet! I plan to address this in a future post about Russia’s emphasis on EMP and electronic jamming on the battlefield which has now made mainstream defense industry news in an odd way soon.
      Even if they do exist, these killer apps in DARPA/Pentagon hands are too complex or secret to be entrusted to U.S. proxies like the Ukrainian Army or the ‘Free Syrian Army’, who have basically had their asses handed to them on the battlefield thus far. The hardcore jihadis and ISIS are tougher nuts to crack but their reputation for battlefield invincibility has been shattered by the Kurds and if the Turks would stop intervening the Kurds would cut their oil smuggling routes and supply lines and ISIS would begin to whither away.
      The problem with too clever by half proxy warfare is that you can be defeated by proxy too.
      In the case of the Middle East or Eastern Ukraine, Russia’s proxies don’t have to ‘win’ they merely need to bleed the Western proxies dry until they can’t afford to keep fighting or in say Erdogan’s case the political price of the bodybags from Kurdistan or northern Syria is too high (in eastern Ukraine, it was 15,000+ Ukrainian KIA not 2,300 the fact that the Kyiv Post has kept up the lie this long and WesternMSM have all gone along with it is astounding).
      We are now even reading reports that the U.S. is throwing in the towel in Syria, and agreeing to make peace with Bashir al Assad in order to liquidate ISIS together with the Iranians. This is the policy that the neocon lobby is fiercely pushing back against. I’d like to believe that but since Obama has proven to be so untrustworthy even all the political capital he’s expended on an Iran deal together with Kerry cannot be taken at face value until he’s out of the White House and the next President doesn’t use the Iranians to liquidate ISIS and then go after Assad or Iran directly again. I would not say the U.S. is serious about making peace in Syria, but if all you have to fall back on is the Turks because Saudi Arabia has decided continuing the war on Damascus is too dangerous and the Yemen war is a costly failure, then Washington’s position in the Mideast is far weaker than it was in August 2011 or even August 2013:
      People keep saying, ‘well the Ukrainians haven’t done too badly considering that they’re fighting the Russian army’ even though a Ukrainian Chief of Staff Muzhenko denied that they were fighting Russian army units at Debaltsevo, he said only Russian citizens (whether volunteers or ex-Soviet/Russian Army), not troops.
      Either Muzhenko lied or a lot of the Ukrainian propaganda has been lies as well, since not a single Ukrainian unit has claimed to date that they were hit with an air or cruise missile strike, just to name one capability the real Russian forces have that the Russian proxy NAF do not have. Nor has Mother Russia touched Mariupol which has allowed the neo-Nazi Azov battalion to attain legends in their own mind status as combatants over the bombed out town of Shirokino as if Azov would last a week against an actual Russian assault on Mariupol or a month to an NAF one. Nor can Western journalists be bothered to look at Kiev’s location on a map and realize if Russia invaded from the spot where Russia, Belarus and Ukraine’s borders intersect their tanks would be in Kiev in less than 96 hours (it’s a four and a half hour drive by car northeast to the triborder area), as all of the Ukrainian army’s 80,000 strength not at Yavoriv is in or near the Donbass too far away to resist.


      • [put] your trust in God and in His Hand providing your needs and solutions… and seeing them manifest in your life as your comment shows is the best thanks I and others here could get in a good report.



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