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Rumors of War with Russia, Part 7: The Russian Battlefield EW ‘Off Switch’ is Real

The USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) an Arleigh Burke class AEGIS system equipped destroyer, passing through the narrow Bosporous Straits of Istanbul, Turkey.
The USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) an Arleigh Burke class AEGIS system equipped destroyer, passing through the narrow Bosporous Straits of Istanbul, Turkey.

Back in April 2014 shortly after Russian forces bloodlessly secured Crimea’s referendum on secession from Ukraine and rejoining Russia, a close encounter occurred between a Sukhoi 24 strike fighter and the destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) in international waters of the Black Sea. A Su-24 “Fencer” made multiple passes over the American warship before returning to base in Crimea. On this much all sides agree, but everything else thereafter disputed.

Russian sources claim that the 1970s designed, Eighties-built Su-24 switched on an electronic jamming pod to temporarily blind the systems of the Cook, resulting in the unnerving of several sailors and their resignations upon the ship’s return to port in Romania. The U.S. Navy insists the jet made multiple low level passes near the Arleigh Burke class destroyer but at no point were the Cook or its combat systems rendered inoperable, nor did any sailors male or female resign due to emotional distress over the incident. From France’s

ABC News graphic from another incident involving a Su24 and a US warship in the Black Sea, this one an encounter between the USS Ross and an unarmed Russian Su-24 in 2015.
ABC News graphic from another incident involving a Su24 and a US warship in the Black Sea, this one an encounter between the USS Ross and an unarmed Russian Su-24 in 2015.

On 10 April 2014, the USS Donald Cook entered the waters of the Black Sea and on 12 April a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber flew over the vessel triggering an incident that, according to several media reports, completely demoralized its crew, so much so that the Pentagon issued a protest…

…the Russian Su-24 that buzzed the USS Donald Cook carried neither bombs nor missiles but only a basket mounted under the fuselage, which, according to the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta [2], contained a Russian electronic warfare device called Khibiny.

As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up – or about to be – with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft – unarmed – repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately set sail towards a port in Romania.

The USS Donald Cook ‘Sea Story’ Was Just Russian Propaganda BS — or Was It?

At the time, I dismissed “the Donald Cook got blinded by a jamming pod” claims as Russian bravado if not outright ‘sea stories’ Bravo Sierra. My White Russian Floridian friend The Saker, who worked with the Swiss military during the Balkan wars of the 1990s  and knows a thing or two about radars and avionics, was also dismissive of the story.

The Russia Analyst still doesn’t believe the Cook ‘sea story’ was entirely true, but I am starting to ask whether some aspects of it could have been based in reality. While a jamming pod on an old Su-24 blinding the intensely powerful radars of an ultra-modern AEGIS ship would appear to defy the laws of physics, it would be just like the Russians to engage in deception through open sources about a pod on a jet disabling the systems of a U.S. warship when the actual jamming came from top secret land-based systems ashore in Crimea. Including powerful mobile truck mounted electronic warfare systems of the type that Russia has boasted of in recent months, and which U.S. sources now confirm have been deployed against a far less sophisticated and well-funded adversary — the Ukrainian Army.

Guerrilla Radio listeners and readers may recall that earlier this year, V did a show with RM contributor Ken Shortgen Jr., in which the economic silverback cited an article we sent him from the Ft. Russ blog. This article translated from the anti-Maidan (pro-Russian) Kharkov website purported to be an interview with a high ranking Russian officer under the pseudonym ‘XYZ’. This Russian officer described what would happen to the Ukrainian Army if it actually faced the cutting edge of Russia’s modern military power, rather than Moscow’s proxy ‘foreign legion’ of the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF), who’ve relied on 1970s and 80s vintage Soviet hardware to inflict humiliating defeats on Kiev’s troops.

The Guerrilla read this extended excerpt on the air during the first hour of the February 13, 2015 program:

“According to our Ukrainian partners, commenting on the latest ATO news, and referring to the “intercepted data from reports of the Russian army”, today another division of the Russian army was destroyed near Lugansk… —— I want to briefly explain to the Ukrainian colleagues, what is the modern Russian army, and what would happen, if it would come to visit them in reality, and not in their wet dreams.

Firstly, today we use digital radio communication with local encryption. You can intercept it, but you cannot decipher it. The code changes in 50 minutes, an hour, an hour and twenty-two minutes – on arbitrary unpredictable schedule. Ukrainian military and the armed forces of Novorossiya are using an old analog model, which you can listen to. And the Russian army now has communications which was previously only on secure communication lines, – you can only hear the crackling and a characteristic murmur.

Secondly, if the Russian army appears in front of UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces – JWS], it will be easy to determine.

The first sign – failure of all means of communication, full discharging of batteries in vehicles, tanks and other equipment, at the same time, discharge of batteries in mobile phones, the targets, and radio stations. Then, there is a rapture of electric circuits throughout all the equipment – all of it. This is EMP. All engines stall, no way to restart. This is how the system “X” works (in order to protect the author we do not specify the name), with a range of up to 20 km.

Second – complete failure of all systems using LCD monitors, the failure of all target-locating devices of the air defense system. This is how the complex “Altair” works (this is a known complex in the world, we can name it). [So much for the Ukrainian S-300s in Odessa oblast tasked with shooting down Russian airlifters into Transnistria, if Moscow decides to take them out even non-‘kinetically’ – JWS]

Third – a failure to deploy any kinds of guided missile weapons – from MANPADS to PTURS [anti-tank guided reactive missile]. Upon launching, the ammunition liquidates itself. [This sounds far fetched, but remember that without their electronic ‘brains’ the chips inside if these circuits are fried by an EMP, guided missiles won’t fire – and any battlefield ‘SkyNet’ system of the type DARPA views as the ‘killer app’ that the Pentagon could be testing in Operation Jade Helm won’t be able to communicate with drones or weapons- JWS]

This is a  battalion complex “Z” – on the basis of MTLB [multi-target light armored transporter]. Range – 15 kilometers.

Fourth – it is impossible to use a drone and low-flying aircraft. Their on board electronics will fail. This is system “Y”. Then there is a complex “Avtobaza”, which can forcibly land a drone. [Not only Russia, but Russian allies China and the Islamic Republic of Iran may have already tested such a system — remember the stealthy U.S. drone the Iranians crash landed intact enough to ‘reverse engineer’? – JWS]

What will happen next? Dozens (hundreds, if necessary) of the latest combat helicopters, flying over all the roads, start hunting for single armored vehicles, trains, cars. Railroad is paralyzed, bridges blown up. The  lights go out on the home front – electric stations are out of service. Civil and military headquarters on the home front and separate leaders simultaneously are liquidated by the recon-subversive groups. [aka spetsnaz – JWS]

This is roughly how the Russian army would conduct military operations today. Therefore, the wet dreams about the “hero-cyborgs”, spitting flame on hundreds of Russian tanks, are better left to science fiction writers.”

Susan Duclos post from March 2015, “Is Russia Testing a New Type of [EMP] Weapon?”

A Russian humor video about the Kremlin’s ‘secret weapons’ being tested inside the Yanitou Mountain nuclear war doomsday bunkers

Russia’s new “Krasukha” EW system at a defense industry trade show in 2014. Photo by: Said Aminov

Sequester Fighting Hyperbole by the U.S. Army, or Genuine Alarm Over Falling Behind Russia’s Electronic Warfare Capability?

On August 4, 2015 the publication Defense News published an article titled, “Electronic Warfare: What the U.S. Army Can Learn from Ukraine” in which Army Europe commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges was interviewed.:

“Our soldiers are doing the training with the Ukrainians and we’ve learned a lot from the Ukrainians,” said Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges. “A third of the [Ukrainian] soldiers have served in the … combat zone, and no Americans have been under Russian artillery or rocket fire [this article assumes Lt. Gen. Hodges is telling the truth that there are no U.S. troops, mercenaries or ‘volunteers’ embedded with the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, a claim the Russia Analyst would dispute based on this and this – JWS], or significant Russian electronic warfare, jamming or collecting — and these Ukrainians have. It’s interesting to hear what they have learned.”

Hodges acknowledged that US troops are learning from Ukrainians about Russia’s jamming capability, its ranges, types and the ways it has been employed. He has previously described the quality and sophistication of Russian electronic warfare as “eye-watering.”

Russia maintains an ability to destroy command-and-control networks by jamming radio communications, radars and GPS signals, according to Laurie Buckhout, former chief of the US Army’s electronic warfare division, now CEO of the Corvus Group. In contrast with the US, Russia has large units dedicated to electronic warfare, known as EW, which it dedicates to ground electronic attack, jamming communications, radar and command-and-control nets.

Though Ukrainian troops lack the materiel to protect themselves from this form of attack, the Ukrainian military’s institutional knowledge as a former Soviet republic will help it understand how Russia fights, and its troops will have trained to operate while being jammed, Buckhout said. That’s something US ground forces can learn.

A symbol of Russian defense modernization: the first post-Soviet from scratch designed tank, the T-14 Armata.
A symbol of Russian defense modernization: the first post-Soviet from scratch designed tank, the T-14 Armata.
Although Western journos like to sneer at the problems of Russia's military industrial complex, including the scrambling to replace gas turbines which once came from soon to be defunct Ukrainian defense plants built in Soviet times, it's worth reflecting on which side gets more bang for the buck.
Although Western journos like to sneer at the problems of Russia’s military industrial complex, including the scrambling to replace gas turbines which once came from soon to be defunct Ukrainian defense plants built in Soviet times, it’s worth reflecting on which side gets more bang for the buck.

The Russian Iskander-M SS-26 “Stone” — a weapon the U.S./NATO have no deployed answer to now road-mobile in Russia’s Kaliningrad region

The Defense News article goes on to make a surprisingly frank admission — Russia (and reading between the lines, soon Russian ally China) has the United States military outclassed for now when it comes to electronic warfare on land. After two decades of fighting low tech or weak enemies like the Iraqis, Serbs and Libyans, the Pentagon is admitting to the world that it’s not ready for a heavyweight fight with a peer level, sophisticated adversary:

“Our biggest problem is we have not fought in a comms-degraded environment for decades, so we don’t know how to do it,” Buckhout said. “We lack not only tactics, techniques and procedures but the training to fight in a comms-degraded environment.”

It’s not hard to see why EW is an attractive option for Russia while the eyes of the world are on it. Not only is it highly effective, but as a non-kinetic form of attack, it is harder to trace and less likely to be viewed as overt aggression, and as such, less likely to incite the ire of the international community, Buckhout said.

In a fight, Russia’s forces can hinder a target’s ability to respond to, say, an artillery attack, allowing them to fire on an enemy with impunity. Ukrainian forces would be unable to coordinate a defense against incoming rockets and missiles, or release counter battery fire.  [Defense News does not say here but an example of this was the Russians total rout of the Ukrainian 30th brigade near their border and the WWII memorial Saur Mogila site last July using cross border artillery and rocket fire — JWS]

“If your radars don’t see incoming fire, you can’t coordinate counterfire,” Buckhout said.

The US, Buckhout said, lacks a significant electronic attack capability.

“We have great signals intelligence, and we can listen all day long, but we can’t shut them down one-tenth to the degree they can us,” she said. “We are very unprotected from their attacks on our network.”

……. The Army’s electronic warfare cadre, which totals 813 officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers,  has wielded more theory than hardware, except when deployed. In garrison, it was common for these troops to be assigned other jobs, leading to the joke that EW stands for “extra worker” — though this is changing as the Army ramps up its electronic warfare materiel strategy, Griffin said.

While the Army struggles to define its post Iraq, post-Afghanistan mission and issues a new defense doctrine identifying Russia as a major threat, the service has the lowest number of soldiers since WWII.
While the Army struggles to define its post Iraq, post-Afghanistan mission and issues a new defense doctrine identifying Russia as a major threat, the service has the lowest number of soldiers since WWII.

Addressing whether this sudden respect for aspects of Russian warfare capabilities is motivated by battlefield observation or the need for the Army to compete with the nuclear-equipped Air Force and Navy in a zero sum budget sequestration game, Joaquin Flores of the Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade, Serbia had this to say:

While reinforcing the western narrative of intimate Russian involvement, it also talks about a technology gap that the US seems to be suffering in the area of jamming. This may or may not be true: during the Cold War the US often would inflate Russian military prowess in order to justify its own increased expenditures [remember what in hindsight turned out to be the non-existent ‘missile gap’ during the 1960 presidential election? -JWS].

These resulted in windfall profits for the military industrial complex.

At the same time, the claim in itself seems possibly true.  The US has not had to focus on developing these technologies, as it had specifically targeted countries that were technologically deficient.  Now that the US is against a more formidable opponent, whether directly or through proxies, it seems to make sense that its own short-comings would be pronounced more now than at any point in the recent past.


Ukrainian TV propaganda satirized by Russians and dubbed into English by The Saker blog collaborator Tatzhit Mihailovich Will the Hawks’ Heroic Fantasies Trump Military and Economic Realities in Ukraine?

To what Joaquin wrote, we would add an additional important point. If the U.S. Army admits it would have a hard time taking on modern Russian forces equipped with the electronic warfare suite Moscow has been testing through its Novorossiya proxies, then one has to question either the competency or sanity of ‘expert’ Kiev supporters like A.H. Bonenberger or John R. Schindler who insist Ukraine can replicate the Clinton Administration sponsored Croatian ‘Operation Storm’ Balkan ethnic cleansing offensive of 1995 in the Donbass — even with several years of training and re-equipping by the Americans.

Economically collapsing, post-Maidan Ukraine as a bastion of ‘Enlightenment’ values and Russia as the aggressor in Syria

As Schindler admits, Russia is not Serbia and the ragtag, demoralized Krajina Serbs of that year are not the pro-Russian Donbass forces. What Schindler won’t say and what we will is that the mercenary retired U.S. generals advising the Croats in 1995 on how to most efficiently kill Serbs for money didn’t have to worry about getting sniped by the enemy’s spetsnaz operating behind Croat lines or incinerated in a long range rocket or air strike. But dogmatism and make no mistake, a thirst for vengeance over the perceived humiliation of America rather than Kiev in the loss of Crimea stings these deluded Americans. They identify with Ukrainian soldiers who have to maintain a certain bravado or pride even in defeat. Just as many Wehrmacht veterans, even in old age, declared after WWII that if not for their sacrifices outside Moscow, or Kursk, the Red Army would’ve marched to the English Channel or beyond, these otherwise decent men I probably wouldn’t mind having a beer with tell themselves ‘noble lies’ like, “For each Ukrainian soldier that gets killed, we kill 150 of theirs” or “If the Russian side behaved like a real army, they would’ve defeated us a long time ago. They’re just worst fighters than us.[which in fairness, the interviewer didn’t let slide, mentioning Kiev’s defeats at Donetsk Airport and Debaltsevo – JWS] “I don’t understand why the Russians even want to fight in Ukraine if some villages 10 kilometers from Moscow don’t have electricity or other basic services[we’ve spent plenty of time in the Russian countryside all around Moscow, and this is a lie – JWS]. Russia has gas, oil — all these resources — and yet people are so poor.[According to this chart, average wage in Ukraine is now nearly three times lower than the average Russian salary. There are now over a million males of military age from Ukraine working in the ‘aggressor’ Russian Federation – JWS].

“Ukraine is Europe!” versus the reality of European and Russian incomes versus Ukrainian wages

As Long as Russia Stays on Defense and Only Poised to Counterattack, Without Getting Sucked into Occupying Ukraine, the Empire Loses

The only rational conclusion from the admissions above is that organizing a successful Ukrainian attack to take Donetsk, Lugansk, or Transnistria that won’t result in unacceptably high casualties, a direct and crushing Russian counterattack, or the deaths of U.S. or NATO advisers who weren’t supposed to ‘be there’ alongside Ukrainian troops is mission impossible — at least for many more years. This is before we bring up the fact that Kiev is dead broke and about to default on its debts to Russia and private creditors, meaning American and NATO country taxpayers would have to foot the bill for any Ukrainian rearmament program. Plus the American taxpayer through the strange giraffe-necked woman Christine Lagarde-led International Monetary Fund will be paying to keep the coal and gas flowing to and the lights on across Ukraine as well.

This is the ‘reality check’ briefing that the next President of the United States, if he is a Republican like Scott Walker or Jeb Bush who has vowed to ‘get tough on Putin’, will receive from any responsible set of Joint Chiefs. As my friend The Saker summarizes in his recent article for The Unz Review:

The Russians have no fear of the military threat posed by NATO. Their reaction to the latest NATO moves (new bases and personnel in Central Europe, more spending, etc.) is to denounce it as provocative, but Russian officials all insist that Russia can handle the military threat. As one Russian deputy said “5 rapid reaction diversionary groups is a problem we can solve with one missile”. A simplistic but basically correct formula [to which we would only add it would take not one but many conventional missiles, but Russia is poised to arm its Kaliningrad exclave in the Baltics and Western Military district bases in Pskov oblast to the teeth with hypersonic, Glonass-guided Iskander missiles that would destroy all U.S./NATO arms depots and bases in those small countries within minutes — JWS] .

As I mentioned before, the decision to double the size of the Russian Airborne Forces and to upgrade the elite 45th Special Designation Airborne Regiment to full brigade-size has already been taken anyway. You could say that Russia preempted the creation of the 10’000 strong NATO force by bringing her own mobile (airborne) forces from 36’000 to 72’000. This is typical Putin. While NATO announces with fanfare and fireworks that NATO will create a special rapid reaction “spearhead” force of 10’000, Putin quietly doubles the size of the Russian Airborne Forces to 72’000. And, believe me, the battle hardened Russian Airborne Forces are a vastly more capable fighting force [at least if the fight is in Ukraine, the Baltics or Moldova/Transnistria – JWS] then the hedonistic and demotivated multi-national (28 countries) Euroforce of 5’000 NATO is struggling hard to put together. The US commanders fully understand that… ………….. The reality is that being on the defense gives Russia a huge advantage against the USA even if we only consider conventional weapons. Even if the conflict happened in the Ukraine or the Baltic states, geographic proximity would give Russia a decisive advantage over any conceivable US/NATO attack. American commanders all understand that very well even if they pretend otherwise.

Conversely, a Russian attack on the USA or NATO is just as unlikely, and for the same reasons. Russia cannot project her power very far from her borders. In fact, if you look at the way the Russian military is organized, structured and trained, you will immediately see that it is a force designed primarily to defeat an enemy on the Russian border or within less than 1000km from it. Yes, sure, you will see Russian bombers, surface ships and submarines reaching much further, but these are also typical “showing the flag” missions, not combat training for actual military scenarios.

Russia Remains Capable of Blocking Assad’s Removal by Proxy and Making the Cost of Direct U.S. Intervention in Syria Unacceptably High — and the Russians Are Annoyed, NOT Impressed or Intimidated by NATO’s Deployments to their Borders

The deployment of the Russian electronic warfare systems that have been used in Donbass to Syria, along with a significant number of Russian and Iranian advisers to the Syrians and Hezbollah, would be enough to spell ‘game over’ for any Washington plan to use Turkey’s army as cannon fodder to topple Assad. As we indicated in a previous column, “Grandmaster Disaster: The Only Way the Turk Wins the Chessmatch is Not to Play the Empire’s Strange Game“, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would have to be either crazy or blackmailed over his ISIS ties to send the Turkish Army into northern Syria in force.

The Russia Analyst reached the conclusion that Moscow enjoys ‘escalation dominance’ (a euphemism for Russian, but not NATO’s, soldiers being willing to bleed in Donbass) last winter, before reading this latest confirmation that the Russian military is ‘back’ and has a few high cards up its sleeves. None of this is to say that the Russians are ten feet tall, or that they have any intentions of marching to the Rhine, much less invading Alaska or Colorado Red Dawn style as Dave Hodges likes to say. Rather our point is this: so long as the fight is close rather than far from Russia’s borders, the Russians are not going to be beaten or bullied into backing down.

If — God forbid — a conventional fight does break out between NATO and Russian forces in Ukraine or in the Baltics within the next decade (about the longest period we expect the dollar to hold up before the U.S. starts dismantling its bases in Europe as unaffordable and bringing the troops home), the side that would use tactical nuclear weapons first won’t be the Russians, but the Americans, to stop a humiliating rout and to force a negotiated peace as an alternative to Armageddon. No sane U.S. leader should want to go to war with the Russians, and the ‘Bear baiting’ Washington has been engaged in from Syria to eastern Ukraine in recent years is a very dangerous game, one that could blow up in the Empire of Chaos’ face.

Even with the game remaining at the level of proxy war, Ukraine and Syria have shown that even losing proxy wars in humiliating fashion can accelerate the death of the petrodollar. It remains to be seen if the next President of the United States will recognize a losing hand and try to make the best of the situation through superpower diplomacy, ala Richard Nixon, or double down as a fake Reagan and push the world to the brink.

“War is a Racket” speech written by one of the most decorated Marines of all time, Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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  1. Thanks James. Great income chart in Russian. I almost forgot how to say the names of some of the countries in Russian due to lack of use. I noticed recently in Air to Air dogfighting in India the Brits had their backsides handed to them by Russian built Flankers.
    I also recall the Americans had similar results in India with Russian Migs a little while back.


    • That income chart in my experience is accurate as of late 2014. Incomes are far lower outside Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi across the rest of the country. But general housing costs and in some places food is slightly cheaper too closer to the big farms in southern Russia. Incomes are about twice to in high-demand professions three times what they are in Ukraine at the moment which explains why there are over 1.5 million Ukrainians working in Russia including Crimea and a few ten thousand Russian citizens (mostly with Ukrainian relatives) still in Ukraine. A warehouse foreman, a skilled construction welder/factory worker or a Siberian oil field truck driver/pipeline mechanic in Russia probably makes about as much or more than an IT professional in Lviv or Dnepropetrovsk (another reason I can’t stand the cheery Hromadske hipster TV BS — it promotes the failing de-industrialization everyone has to be white collar model of the West to Ukrainians whose parents and grandparents built the richest part of the USSR ex-Moscow and Leningrad on farms, factories and coal mines).
      This piece sums up the sheer insanity of the IMF’s dismantling Ukraine’s industries which are inseparably tied to Russia’s here:
      There is no doubt Russia is in a hard recession at the moment, although as I’ll discuss in an upcoming post the reality is this recession began in 2008 and there was a very weak ‘recovery’ given the relatively high oil prices before the recent takedown. This was because, as Dr. Mikhail Khazin, Sergey Glazyev and other Russian economists friendly to the LaRouche movement and anti-Federal Reserve views explained, the Russian Central Bank still followed the IMF and BIS policies, and kept the ruble artifically overvalued which encouraged oil exports and imports of finished goods but hindered Russia’s desperately needed re-industrialization (this is what Khazin and Glazyev call the ‘komprador elite’ economy, whereby Russia becomes a natural resource colony of the U.S. and Europe but never develops its own industry). We are now thank God and the sanctions seeing the Russians revitalize certain sectors, including improved materials eg mechanical parts, trucks, (partly Belarussian) tractors, and agriculture.
      Russia’s top trade partners in Europe especially France and Italy have not been doing well for several years now. Ukraine and Greece are in Depression, with the Greeks’ deflationary and the Ukrainians’ inflationary. France, Italy and Spain are just about to explode and vote for anti-EU if not anti-NATO parties…Romania and Bulgaria are basket cases. Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Washington’s prize pupil Poland are doing so-so close to Mitteleuropa of Germany/Austria/Switzerland but the outlook is negative for them too. Small countries like Slovenia and Lichtenstein are still prospering, as are the Dutch, Norwegians and Icelanders. Denmark and Sweden are stagnant with stupid crazy PC immigration policies that will lead to neo-Nazi and African migrant violence. The only invaders the Swedes need to worry about keeping out sure aren’t Russians!
      Nobody wants or needs millions of Ukrainians competing with them for jobs, especially the Polish nationalists who despise Western Ukrainian Bandera nationalism. Serbia and Belarus are scraping by, perhaps expectations are not as high there as long as people can meet their basic needs and not so many are emigrating except to Russia…at least that’s the impression I get from Joaquin Flores who lives in a very modest flat in Belgrade, judging from the videos. Joaquin says he knows some people who scrape by as middle class in Belgrade on about 350-400 euros a month in local currency.
      Portugal and Ireland are also doing badly (most of my European expat friends in Moscow were Irish, there is hardly any decent paying work left outside Dublin) with a lot of paper wealth hiding the rot in the UK. London housing has become unaffordable and a lot of bubbles are gonna burst in Britain’s overcrowded and overheated housing and paper markets soon.


  2. Maybe this song should be played to the Yankistani led NATO Warmongers on loud speakers. Title: Go Away by Ukrainian group Viagra



  3. James,
    I recall another incident in the Indian Ocean where a USSA Destroyer? was electronically fried by an EMP weapon a while back and had to be towed back to Norfolk, VA to be scrapped. Do you have any details on this?


      • James,
        I couldn’t find the article about the Indian Ocean incident. I know I read it. It must have been scrubbed. I notice another link I had to an NAF interrogation of a suspected CIA prisoner also scrubbed. So much for free press in the Empire of Lies.


      • SJ – the only video I have seen of an alleged captured U.S. merc (not CIA or any type of intelligence officer as far as I can tell, the Russian is rudimentary) is here:

        The narration on this April 2014 video explains that the American accent sounds authentic, and this guy appears to be a real American — even if he COULD in theory be a Moscow expat ‘acting’ in a video he was told was for a movie — though we seriously doubt that. Whether staged or real, the Russian security services clearly were sending a message of what might happen if U.S. mercs got caught in Ukrainian uniforms back in March/April when the situation in Donetsk and Kharkov was very fluid (meaning people on both sides of the emerging civil war could go back and forth, there were no serious checkpoints yet).
        Since Russian media did not give this video any airplay that I’m aware of, I assume this PDB (poor dumb bastard) was quietly exchanged for a Russian asset picked up by the newly CIA acquired SBU in Kiev or elsewhere. The CIA and State Dept. pukes who were deploying the Greystone mercs the Russian Foreign Ministry went public about and the German, British and even US mainstream media all reported speculation about were quietly withdrawn. Keep in mind at that time the post-coup Kiev junta was unelected and basically had no army and couldn’t trust many of its Interior Ministry troops not to defect to the Novorossiya side (as Alexandr Kodakovsky and other SBU officers did, burning missions of their former colleagues).
        I write more about U.S. mercs in eastern Ukraine and an Air Force veteran turned Heritage Foundation scribbler reporting that there is an American embedded in the Azov battalion. Whether that’s true or the Dept. of Defense wanted to explain the presence of ‘outta my face’ guy and deny that he was a Langley paramilitary, I don’t know. As I wrote in my article if Azov comes out of the safe confines of Mariupol where the NAF won’t fire artillery and rockets on the civilian population (I believe January’s incident was a false flag and the rockets came from the north, not the east as the OSCE led by a western Ukrainian Canadian said they did). But if Azov gets out in the open away from buildings and other cover, they’ll get slaughtered by the NAF’s superior firepower and they know it. Hence them being legends in garrison and doing very little fighting around Shyrokino while their PR guys FLAT OUT LIE and say Azov fought at Ilovaisk (very little evidence of that, NAF would’ve killed more of them) and the Donetsk Airport (simply a lie, and there’s no proof that Swedish sniper Mikael Skillt’s ‘war stories’ aren’t products of his imagination or the DoD psyops officer who ghostwrote that piece for Nolan Peterson).


      • James,
        Thank you. That is the video I mentioned. I believe its real and agree with you that the stupid slob was probably exchanged.


      • SJ — that video is partially why I’m slightly bemused at the recent propaganda attempts by AH Bonenberger and Nolan Peterson to build up the Azov battalion, which drives around in spiffy uniforms and brand new Toyota pick up trucks (who does THAT remind you of? ISIS) and thinks they’re badasses because they haven’t faced any real opposition yet save for some sporadic fire outside the abandoned town of Shyrokino near Mariupol. These guys would get slaughtered in an open battle which is why they left the dying to the regular Ukrainian Army at Donetsk Airport and Debaltsevo. They say they’re elite light infantry, and Skillt claims he’s sniped bazillions of VDV spetsnaz Russians from his tweeting chair in Kiev and Mariupol.
        They’re just some ultranationalist and Nazi thugs in uniform who chased off a few dozen rebels who had rifles, pistols and Molotov cocktails from Mariupol. If they’d been facing real Russian ‘polite people’ last May and June for damn sure they wouldn’t have rolled into Mariupol in garbage trucks with metal plates welded to the sides expecting that to protect them from RPGs, artillery or mortar fire. But Washington puffs them up probably because it sees a useful political purpose for Biletsky and co. Washington and Brussels need a neo-Nazi internationale, a white supremacist Al-Qaeda that will do their bidding while moronically claiming they’re defending ‘European civilization’ and the ‘white race’ even though their bankster bosses up the food chain are the ones who opened The Camp of the Saints floodgates.


      • James,
        The Ukraine/Nato USSA led West parading and huffing and puffing can’t blow the BRICS house down. The Nato European conga lines of military hardware is just chest beating by the collapsing Empire of Tampons. The Cabal Bankers are increasingly desperate for a smokescreen for all the problems they caused. Putin and crew ain’t dumb. He won’t be maneuvered into an outright shooting war. Why? Because they are winning the long game. Death by a thousand cuts is the play. Though with recent events, the cuts are getting deeper and more mortal for the West.
        I wonder if Toyota will be declared a “Terrorist Supplier”. 🙂
        I talked to a few friends in Ukraine (Kiev and Kherson) yesterday. They said the country is an absolute basket case now. Crime is spiking. Prices are spiking. Shortages are spiking. Men of fighting age are getting grabbed off the street by UkroNazis for forced military service. Corruption is exploding. The people are not happy. Unlike most of the Yankistanis, they also understand quietly that the USSA is behind this.


      • SJ,

        I talked to a few friends in Ukraine (Kiev and Kherson) yesterday. They said the country is an absolute basket case now. Crime is spiking. Prices are spiking. Shortages are spiking. Men of fighting age are getting grabbed off the street by UkroNazis for forced military service. Corruption is exploding. The people are not happy. Unlike most of the Yankistanis, they also understand quietly that the USSA is behind this.

        That is the same impression I get from voluminous reading, not just from pro-Russian sources like Ft. Rus but also many pro-EuroMaidan sources who are trying to pin all the blame on Porky and not on themselves for the implosion of the Ukrainian economy cut off from trade with its biggest neighbor and traditional, consanguineous/co-lingual trading partner. Yes of course Thomas C. Theiner (@noclador) everything is Porky and Yats fault for not prosecuting the Donbass war ruthlessly enough, nothing is the fault of the jackass kids who shouted ‘whoever doesn’t jump is a Moskal’ and ‘Moskals to the knives’ while expecting the EU(SSR) to shower Shengen visas and lucrative jobs in Germany on them because they’re so special. Certainly so much smarter than those kids from Spain, Greece or Portugal out of work and already Shengen eligible. No nothing is the fault of the EuroMaidanPR idiots and hipsters who thought Uncle Sam and Brussels would take such good care of them as long as they got rid of the nasty Yanukovych and wore ‘Putin is a d–khead’ t-shirts.
        I want to reaffirm to all that I am not in the least bit anti-Ukrainian — everyone has the right to PEACEFUL self-determination within economic common sense and reason no matter how silly some of their nationalist narratives may be. To a secular Chinese, for example, the Catholic/Orthodox split may seem kind of odd when explaining the hatred between Croats and Serbs, two peoples who share common descent and language from afar. But it’s deadly serious for the people there.
        One of the tragedies of Ukraine is that the country was expanded too far to the east and west by the Soviets and as a result peoples who would probably get along fine like Czechs and Slovaks after their peaceful divorce are now at eachother’s throats. But not everyone in Donbass wanted to leave Ukraine it’s true and not everyone in Galicia/Volynia is a Banderite who believes in a quasi-racial superiority over the ‘Mongoloid’ Moskals or a divine right to rule over the East or expand Ukropia all the way across all the former Cossack marches to the Caucasus. There are not only Rusyns and Hungarians who sympathize with Novorossiya, but many thousands of western Ukrainians who simply want the war to be over and are willing to let Donetsk and Lugansk go in peace even if they won’t legally recognize their secession.
        I am anti-fascist and anti-Banderite dupes for the Empire. Ukraine must be a sovereign independent country again, albiet one that takes its neighbor’s interests into account like Finland. The vast majority of Finns are not terrified they’ll be invaded by Russia next week unless they join NATO. And the EUSSR infringes on Finnish sovereignty and control over their immigration and borders about as much or more than the Soviet Union meddled in Helsinki during the height of Cold War ‘Finlandization’. Ukraine is an independent country although one that shares common blood, religion and language with Russia for the same reason Canada is independent of the U.S. or New Zealand is from Australia. The Ukrainians can and must reclaim their sovereignty from the real occupiers, those sitting in the U.S. Embassy and in the Langley wing of the SBU headquarters which will be likely stormed like the Bastille or the old Stasi HQ in East Berlin when this regime is overthrown.
        If they tried to have an anti-American revolution in Ottawa and declared that they wouldn’t need business with the U.S.A in the future because of Canuck nationalism and because true Canucks/Quebecois have China now in addition to the EU to trade with, the good people of Alberta would probably also rise up in revolt. And there’d be no shortage of U.S. military hardware that ‘fell off the truck’ or VFW/IraqAfghanVeteransofAmerica ‘volunteers’ coming into Calgary to help them! And how well would the hipsters and Canuck radicals be trying to keep the lights on in Toronto and Ottawa without Albertan/B.C. coal, oil and gas!


  4. James,
    I’ll try to find the link. I was recalling it from memory. Thought you might have details about it.
    Here’s another one re: USS Kittyhawk and a Chinese Song class diesel-electric Sub 2007. Admiral Fallon must have soiled his diapers.

    I’ve had numerous conversations with other military buddies about how the USSA is overly electronically reliant and that this is the Achilles Heel of the military. I guess those Floppy Drives in the Silos also need to be updated. 🙂


    • Well the Polite People ops in Crimea were launched with strict radio silence, and although the U.S. had sat coverage of vehicles moving on the Crimean peninsula it obviously couldn’t tell which elite troops exactly were going where, while Kiev’s landlinks and telephone lines all got cut off to the commanders who had local cell towers jammed too. For not the last time the U.S. realized its dependency on SIGINT and satellites while having piss poor HUMINT capabilities was biting us in the butt, or at least those intel analysts at the middle level who didn’t understand that the Maidan coup was designed to provoke Russia:
      As it turned out many of the ‘Little Green Men’ were using encrypted comms of the type officer ‘XYZ’ spoke of in the Ft. Russ article I referenced in the piece. I suspect those were developed in Russia but using German Siemens technology originally developed for the Bundeswehr. This Daily (Mark of the) Beast article which came out after the Crimea operation is probably the tip of the Western technology transfer iceberg: — it’s like Rapallo deja vu all over again!

      The Treaty of Rapallo between Weimar Germany and the Soviet Union was signed by German Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau and his Soviet colleague Georgy Chicherin on April 16, 1922, during the Genoa Economic Conference, annulling all mutual claims, restoring full diplomatic relations, and establishing the beginnings of close trade relationships, which made Weimar Germany the main trading and diplomatic partner of the Soviet Union.[16] Rumors of a secret military supplement to the treaty soon spread. However, for a long time the consensus was that those rumors were wrong, and that Soviet-German military negotiations were independent of Rapallo and kept secret from the German Foreign Ministry for some time.[15] This point of view was later challenged.[17][18][19] On November 5, 1922, six other Soviet republics, which would soon become part of the Soviet Union, agreed to adhere to the Treaty of Rapallo as well.[20]
      The Soviets offered Weimar Germany facilities deep inside the USSR for building and testing arms and for military training, well away from Treaty inspectors’ eyes. In return, the Soviets asked for access to German technical developments, and for assistance in creating a Red Army General Staff.[21]
      The first German officers went to the Soviet state for these purposes in March, 1922. One month later, Junkers began building aircraft at Fili, outside Moscow, in violation of Versailles. The great artillery manufacturer Krupp was soon active in the south of the USSR, near Rostov-on-Don. In 1925, a flying school was established at Vivupal, near Lipetsk, to train the first pilots for the future Luftwaffe.[2] Since 1926, the Reichswehr had been able to use a tank school at Kazan (codenamed Kama) and a chemical weapons facility in Samara Oblast (codenamed Tomka). In turn, the Red Army gained access to these training facilities, as well as military technology and theory from Weimar Germany.[22]

      The Russians learned from the Chinese or maybe vice versa it’s not necessary to invent from scratch if you can steal or buy it and then adapt a technology to your own needs.


  5. James, my brother in law did anti-sub warfare in the Navy, worked at the Pentagon and retired as a commander. He now designs naval weapon systems in the private sector (almost a WDC stereotype). He is also what some here might describe as ‘awake’ or ‘awakening’, a description I don’t like because such people would never describe themselves as such out of 1) humility and 2) knowledge of their lack of knowledge.
    Be all this as it may, I had a very interesting walk with him, a custom or ours during my brief visits home. Among preparations for my family (mom is finally coming around, sister not so much), we discussed the Donald Cook incident. He assures me it is nothing like the reports in alternative news sites. IN fact we went pretty much into depth on measures, counter-measures, counter-counter and counter-counter-counter measures, etc; decision-making processes; officer vs enlisted thinking; and computer modeling that actually predicts accurately the kind of trash-talk and disgruntled mis- and disinformation that comes out of organizations, any organizations.
    After our extensive conversation and long walk in the surprisingly cool August air, I’m in agreement with him. I dont think the Cook was jammed and I think the commander of the ship (and/or his superiors) had a plan to let that scenario play out as it did.


    • Thorny, I agree with you that the Su-24 jamming tale is a ‘sea story’, as former Governor Ventura would put it, and 99% did not go down the way the Russians said it did. All my article implied is the possibility that Russian land-based systems are powerful enough that they might be capable of causing problems even for an AEGIS ship — though the Cook would’ve had to have been much closer to Russian territorial waters for that to work as even ‘XYZ’ put the range of the Russian jammers at about 15 to 20 km. And there’s no evidence the Cook was anywhere near that close to Crimea during or after the incident.
      Many members of the military are highly ‘awake’ but I’ve also found a few who simply ‘will not go there’ with respect to the pathetic to non-existent level of U.S. intel released on MH17. Last winter I really got into it with one guy who ridiculed any suggestion the Ukrainians could’ve done it with their own BUK and especially the Su-25 theory, which he dismissed as preposterous. He’s bought into Aviation Week‘s Bill Sweetman and his arguments that Kiev’s Su-25s are all old Soviet pieces of junk hook line and sinker. He had never heard of the all aspects, nearly 360 degree engaging Israeli Python 5 (and to be fair at that time I hadn’t either) but even at that time I noted that Kiev’s Su25M1 version with modern avionics might be able to shoot ‘fire and forget’ missiles of a Russian design, making the ‘Su-25 shootdown would’ve defied the laws of physics’ ‘arguments’ advanced by Sweetman and NYU Prof. Mark Galeotti straw men.
      This particular fellow also didn’t want to discuss the reasons why everyone admits the campaign against ISIS has been waged in such a half-assed fashion — even if we agree it would be impossible to eradicate ISIL without some U.S. boots on the ground and more specops advisers embedded with the Kurds, the Pentagon understands down to the O-5 or E-6 level and even CNN admits our esteemed NATO allies in Ankara don’t want that, they see ISIS as less of a threat than YPG.


  6. Great article brother as usual your grasp of the Russian sphere of influence is some of the best that I have ever seen in my entire professional career. Very, very well done. Here is a quote from our friend “W” on this article:
    “James knocked it out of the park in his article 7
    Very detailed and correct analysis
    They will continue to play ropeadope while we knock ourselves out. The only question is can they avoid being conned or feinted into deploying and extending their forces more than 500 miles out in any significNt numbers….not with Putin, but who knows with the next guy. The real game is to stay viable while adding fresh razor cuts to the already bleeding to death petro dollar…will they hasten the death or let nature take its course. The victim is Already near comatose and delusional
    Sent from my iPhone”
    Your a valuable member of this team.


  7. This EW was part of the knowledge that is being dispersed across the planet from Keshe. His info was released to the governments of the world as well as currently being taught for many hours a week publicly for months on end. The solutions range from energy, health, manifestation of materials, and basically anything you can imagine… think of science creating a star trek on steroids. The information may seem crazy, but many experimenters from around the world are working on it, and they are providing indicators that he is correct about the science. They have a long way to go to fully prove everything, but there are aspects of it that are being proven by the experimenters. There is a pain aid pad for example that they sell (note anything that they sell they disclose how people can make it on their own if they wish), anyhow my dad used the pad on his arthritis in his hands. I kind of expected… well this might help somewhat… but I did not expect for him to tell me that it had removed all the pain in both his hands. Pain that he has daily. So then I thought ok… so what you have to use it every day or something to keep the pain away? No he said, I used the pain aid pad one time, for an hour on each hand, and it has been several weeks and there has been no pain at all…. this I did not expect. I didnt think it would work that well. Others I’ve talked to have had similar experiences, but some have had moderate success with the pain aid pad. Anyhow I have personal experiences with the science that indicates he is correct… But what I dont know if he is just partially correct or completely correct. Because a lot of the stuff he talks about no one would normally believe, but when you look at the science there is some logic to how it operates and it does seem to be in alignment with what is possible with the science.
    He said he gave the knowledge to the Chinese, US, Russians, Iran, etc. governments. That the Russian and Chinese worked with it but the US kind of dragged their heels with it. The incident in this article he said was based on this knowledge, and the drone that Iran took down some years back was also supposedly associated with this science. Most will not believe nor will they even spend a moment to look at the info, and that is fine. This is expected. But for those who have an interest you might look at which is their main website, and you might look at the workshops which a lot of them are collected here


  8. Found the source for Tarpley’s background on General Allen.
    “Tensions are mounting inside the US-led anti ISIS coalition, fueled by the wily warmongers Recep Erdogan and ISIS czar General Allen. Insiders at the Pentagon (which contains a network of military officials that hate General Allen, as we reported in our original expose of his end-run on Obama in July) have leaked to Fox News that military officials at the Combined Air and Space Operations Center (CAOC) are enraged at recent Turkish airstrikes against the Kurds in northern Syria. The CAOC is the centralized headquarter of the allied coalition’s bombing effort against ISIS located in a secret location in the Middle East; recent strikes on Kurdish forces by Turkey were apparently launched without CAOC knowledge or authorization. A military source spoke to Fox News about the events inside the CAOC when the massive Turkish bombing effort went underway on July 24th:”
    “A Turkish officer came into the CAOC, and announced that the strike would begin in 10 minutes and he needed all allied jets flying above Iraq to move south of Mosul immediately…We were outraged” Lucas Tomlinson and Jennifer Griffin, “Turkey’s strikes on Kurds could drag US into new front, military sources fear,”
    Tensions are mounting inside the US-led anti ISIS coalition, fueled by the wily warmongers Recep Erdogan and ISIS czar General Allen. Insiders at the Pentagon (which contains a network of military officials that hate General Allen, as we reported in our original expose of his end-run on Obama in July) have leaked to Fox News that military officials at the Combined Air and Space Operations Center (CAOC) are enraged at recent Turkish airstrikes against the Kurds in northern Syria. The CAOC is the centralized headquarter of the allied coalition’s bombing effort against ISIS located in a secret location in the Middle East; recent strikes on Kurdish forces by Turkey were apparently launched without CAOC knowledge or authorization. A military source spoke to Fox News about the events inside the CAOC when the massive Turkish bombing effort went underway on July 24th:
    “A Turkish officer came into the CAOC, and announced that the strike would begin in 10 minutes and he needed all allied jets flying above Iraq to move south of Mosul immediately…We were outraged” Lucas Tomlinson and Jennifer Griffin, “Turkey’s strikes on Kurds could drag US into new front, military sources fear,”…, [emphasis added].
    This article must be considered a major signal piece, telegraphing for the first time the profound rage inside Pentagon circles against the terrorist safe zone and against the Allen-Erdogan machinations in general.
    The military source went on to describe how Turkish officials attempted to shift any blame of potential US casualties onto CAOC and refused to release information about future planned strikes against the Kurds,
    The Tax Wall Street Party has been far out ahead of Fox News in reporting on these events. The insights into the Allen-Erdogan-ISIS network revealed in our recent briefings are now percolating to the surface enough to be seen by the nearly blind mainstream media. Allen and Erdogan’s policy is now being openly disputed, and the Tax Wall Street Party and United Front Against Austerity are happy to have served as facilitators of this knowledge to the American people. The Pentagon must now respond to Erdogan’s brazen affront to the allied effort by shooting down any rogue Turkish fighters that threaten to hit US forces who are busy in the area training the Kurds to fight the ISIS butchers. The Kurds, military establishment and people of Turkey will then force Erdogan out of power.. Obama must react by firing General Allen for his insubordination, his complicity in the near destruction of American forces, and responsibility for the kidnapped and killed civilians of Syria.


  9. James,
    About five years ago a Chinese Sub launched a missile near Catalina Island, the incident received much attention for a couple days and fizzled out. What’s interesting is prior to the missile launch a cruise ship in the same area lost all it’s power and had to be towed back to the port by Tugs. This is a key piece that was lost in the big picture. The article below touches briefly on the cruise ship going dark.


    • TMojo44 — it is safe to assume that at the very least whatever the electronic warfare devices the Russians have developed to create ‘lights out’ or jam the enemy on land have been at least tested if not necessarily widely deployed at sea. China would obviously be Russia’s first and most likely customer of such technologies in development for the past twenty or even forty years (the Soviets were ahead of us in certain areas of raw physics, the alternative media seems to think Moscow was ahead in ‘Tesla physics’ too though this is above my non-physicist pay grade).
      Jerry 5 wrote:

      Why would the BRICS go to all this trouble just to have SDR drawing rights from the IMF?
      They wouldn’t. This has been their plan from the beginning. So why devalue their own currency now? In my opinion by driving up the dollar index, they will use it as a funneling mechanism to push other emerging economies into their exchange system that has a lower pegged value.

      As if right on cue, gentlemen, PolitRussia (which is admittedly somewhat rah rah go Putin) reports today:

      “The devaluation of the Chinese yuan is good for the Russian economy and in the long term will lead to the strengthening of the ruble” – said financial analyst, asset Manager of the company “Spektr invest” Andrey Esin in an interview to RT on Wednesday.
      The expert noted that many Chinese companies are working with Russian raw materials, so the intensification of production in the PRC, in his estimation, will inevitably cause an increase in the volume of supplies.
      “The weakening of the yuan increases the export revenue of China, and the whole economy of that country is based on this. If the export revenue increases, China will begin to expand production. (…) If the PRC will increase production that will involve more of our raw materials, our commodity companies will start to sell more, and this contributes to the strengthening of the ruble,” — said Esin.

      Maybe too sanguine of an assessment, it all depends on how far the yuan has to fall as oil price decline and a weaker RMB would both be negative for the short term ruble outlook. OTOH China and Russia just launched cross border currency access in Khabarovsk and other Russian cities near China, so Russians can more easily get yuan from Russian Far East banks and Chinese can get rubles from China banks.


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