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USSA Incorporated is on the LBO Chopping Block..!

I think Gordon Gekko has just stopped by for a visit. The eastern powerhouse business entity in the form of the BRICS seems to be executing a “Leveraged Buyout”, well sort of a reverse version (using our MONEY), of the western competition in the form of the USSA Inc. Comments from “SloopyJoe” a regular to the RM pages, helped me crystallize my thoughts from laying awake last night. The only problem that remains is to complete the final close in this LBO.  The sticking point is the union labor is in the way, the USSA sheeple, in the form of Joe & Jane SixPack. I haven’t had time to formulate this idea properly with my favorite “Wolf Pack Think Tankers”, but hopefully the deep thinking RM Gang will put this theory through the “Business 101” laboratory tests. Though this is getting well past Business 101…!

The recent events in China that were fired across the bow of the USSA Inc. business team seems to be with a purpose. Let’s look at some events, and then I want to explain my “union labor force” theory.

-For quite some time now China has been buying large portions of the stressed USSA Inc. tangible resources. In many cases with debt it holds on USSA Inc., which leads to the follow telltale sign…..

-Over the last 15 months China has dumped over 500 billion in US paper, but this time it wasn’t hidden by the ‘msm’….??????

-The IMF has slammed China with an insult of, “you don’t meet our elite club’s requirements”

-Shortly thereafter (if I remember correctly 1 business day), China devalues the yuan nearly 2%, but says it will not happen again. It was an accident someone’s finger hit the wrong key on the keyboard. Sure

-The Economic SilverBack has a Twitter alert that the above action denotes, China is cutting ties to the dollar

-Yuan devalued a second time during the same week, keyboard problems again (I am making the keyboard ‘bs’ up).

-Another promise of it will not happen again.

-Massive explosion in China with 50 dead to date, and 100’s injured! When was the last time that happened? Not implying anything definitive, just saying….

** Side note it appears that anyone who attacks the US King Dollar supremacy suffers. Remember Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi ** Back to the bullet points

-Yuan devalued a 3rd time in the same week for a new weekly total of 4.65% on the yuan fix, and now equal to July 2011 lows (end of the bullet points)

Help me out here by keeping Dodd Frank in the back of your mind folks. I will now try to explain my theory of the union employment wars beginning. A true final stage to any buyout.

Why did the Dodd Frank Bill keep me awake from 3:00 am to sunrise last night? Here is my guess.  In some LBO’s one of the more difficult points to reach is an agreement on the benefits packages, especially the pension, and retirement benefits. Basically tossing the people aside (in most cases an expendable asset, but with a price tag), and in this case it is the USSA Inc. people, “we the people”!

This moves us well out of “Business 101” to the more advanced concepts, so I may be out of my depth, but here goes. This is what kept me awake.

The bankster are going to ‘bail in’ the citizenry’s bank accounts, savings accounts, and retirement programs. I feel very confident in that prediction, as it affords them some leverage. Thanks to legal language in Dodd Frank they will take possession of these funds to gain a littlecontrol of the negotiating process with the competitors from the East, the BRICS. China (chief property buyer in the USSA) has & is buying up many of the hard assets in this country with “our paper”, hence the LBO slant to the business transactions (though slightly reversed, with OUR DEBT). Why would any of this matter to we the sheeple?

The east will not want us (their new workforce) to lose all our buying power (I imagine it will still be important to them), and they sure as hell ain’t likely to pay us the wages we have been used to. So how is their new work force, in the USSA, going to be able to afford to buy diddly squat from these Chinese (BRICS) corporate manufacturing pay scale tight wads? Especially with a huge portion of our money trapped inside the bankster’s Dodd Frank exit doors? I think this may be the bankster’s ace up their sleeves. It is their limp-wristed way of keeping some control of the game, and the negotiations. And, if all else fails they just keep the bail in money and run. They will lose, as the team pursuing and holding real assets eventually wins over the paper charlatans.

One thing is for sure, this is an LBO (in reverse using our debt), but with a higher level of corruption than the standard corporate takeovers. That being said, Gordon Gekko would be proud of the BRICS thus far (well with a debt reversal). The problem is the BRICS may be taking an upside down page from Gekko, but the banksters invented Gordon G., and are going to use us as the sacrificial lambs if necessary. Dodd Frank was their paper set up for this eventual turn of events. Unfortunately it would appear this gambit could soon be in play, and for those in the west that are not prepared with real hard assets, all I can say is, “You are in deep weeds partner with no way out!”

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier… uses speed & the other uses brute force. Like any combatants they revert to their natural gifts & tendencies. The same is true of the BRICS primarily “China & Russia”, vs. the “Western Banksters”. The scouting report:

The BRICS…..Approaching things with a new business like attitude (at least for the time being) to build partnerships with the backing of real money.  Wasn’t always that way.

The Western Banksters…. Used to use the above techniques, but they (at least from 1910 on) are now using bullying strategies, as well as goading the opponent relentlessly hoping to fluster them into a mistake. Like trying to start unnecessary “Hot” conflicts.

Do any of those earlier bullet points carry the tendencies just described? You be the judge. From my view the gloves appear to have been thrown in the garbage, or in the fire, or in the water tied to an anvil, or wherever they can be permanently disposed of. I may be wrong, but it looks like they could be getting ready to argue over the benefits packages of the USSA Inc.  Take control of your personal benefits package…!

We may need to go “Down Under”, and get “Midnight Oil” to sing of the coming plight of the USSA middle class, it may mirror the story in this song…….


GET OUT of the SYSTEM…! GOTS…..! Whether my theory is right or wrong, you still need to get out! It will not cost you a thing, and it may save your life.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, and SloopyJoe



29 thoughts on “USSA Incorporated is on the LBO Chopping Block..! Leave a comment

  1. Wolf Gray.I have formulated a theory off of the silverbacks prediction, that China and the BRICS would totally break from the IMF and the dollar.
    – Fact #1 China has created its own Banking System with the AIIB
    – Fact #2 China has created and tested its own Swift System for exchange.
    – Fact #3 China has broadened its expanse of the Silk Road as far as Egypt
    The 2000 pound elephant in the room is the China Gold Price Fix that goes active in September.
    Why would the BRICS go to all this trouble just to have SDR drawing rights from the IMF?
    They wouldn’t. This has been their plan from the beginning. So why devalue their own currency now? In my opinion by driving up the dollar index, they will use it as a funneling mechanism to push other emerging economies into their exchange system that has a lower pegged value.
    At the end of the day in any business deal it always comes down to price. Why would you pay more to do business with the dollar, when you can move your goods and services through the exact same market for less? By the same token It also dries up our exports (not that we have any) by driving up the price in foreign markets.
    In reality this is a brilliant cluster screw that the Chinese have thrown at the Western Banking Overlords and their IMF minions, for not showing honor and respect for their economic accomplishments in the last seven years. Wall Street may be cheering now….but just wait.
    The Bank of International Settlements has said for months that the dollar was putting to much pressure on the emerging economies of the east, so I would not be a bit surprised that behind closed doors they were involved with this move. The real tale of how the cow ate the cabbage is coming though, once the Chinese Gold Price Fix goes active. Then its Katie bar the door.


    • The evidence is complete, and on all fronts as you indicated. I could pontificate on a variety of scenarios all day & night, it doesn’t change the outcome for those that are unprepared one bit. The final proof is PAIN for those unprepared. It is coming!
      Wolf Gray


    • You are right. People who import stuff from other countries in Asia but have to go through the US dollar exchange from our local Singapore currency has to deal with higher costs (SG$1.42 for US$1 compared to SG $1.30 earlier), and its ticking them off. Damn this ‘reserve’ currency.


  2. Wolf,
    A LBO indeed. Using our own paper against us (quite ironic and Judo-like). Sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you awake at night. 🙂
    Just a little perspective first. The new Mandarin management might not be all that bad. Can’t be any worse than what we have now. China actually executes Bankers and Politicos (Who wouldn’t want to see a few of our Elite get chopped. Hell, I’d pay for that). The USSA sheeple need to get over “The Reds are coming/Commie invasion/Red Dawn/Chest beating” idiot propaganda mentality and take a big dose of reality coffee and a reading of “Welcome to Today Times”. China is a very old culture that has contributed greatly to mankind. Paper, Noodles(Pasta), Magnetic Compass, and Gun powder to name a few examples. In Real Estate and community terms, everywhere one goes to in the USSA where there is a large Chinese community of first and second generation Chinese there is stability and commercial prosperity. Chinese culture also preaches values of education, hard work, balance, and family unity which have been on the decline in the USSA since the Rockefeller Cabal took over. The transition for the Yankistani peasants might take a generation or so. Yes, the wages will be lower and the hours longer. Get over it. The USSA Credit Card is cut. The biggest problem will be for 1) Generation “Me” who are spoiled ignorant disrespectful brats 2) All the welfare baby making queens (China does not have welfare).
    As for the recent explosion in Tianjin, China literally hours after the devaluation announcement I’ll let the RMers draw their own connect-the-dots conclusions.
    Since China was really here first they have more of a Magna Carta claim than the recently civilized Europeans and their exports. Remember, the Cabal Bankers through the Europeans/Japanese gave the world two very nasty World Wars. Most people don’t know that Native Americans, both North and South, have older Chinese DNA in them. They came by boat and land, but mostly by boat. The Chinese Lewis and Clarked long before Lewis and Clark. Believe it or not, but facts is facts. There are Petroglyphs with Shang Dynasty-style writing dating back 3300+ years found from Wyoming to Texas to Georgia. I’m sure the same can be found in Central and South America as well. Olmec, Mayan, and Peruvian architecture, as well as, artifacts can also be traced to Asian origins. Most of the civilized Pacific Coast Native American Indians had commercial trade with Asia. Wow! Now there’s a wake up face slap. Betcha didn’t learn that in your Rockefeller propaganda schooling. The Templar funded Columbus discovered America joke is always good for a laugh (Hello, Templar flag on sails). I do have an interest in Archaeology and Ancient History.
    A correction to Wolf. It was probably a typo. The name is sloopyjoe. As in a Sloop sailing the seas of the Internet by just a regular Joe.


    • SJ the pay cut will be hard medicine, but you are right they will just have to get over it, and the spelling error is notated & corrected….top & bottom of the article my brother.
      Wolf Gray


  3. It cost me a lot to get out of a diversified paper asset investment that involved JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, the investment package sold by the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS). At that time I joined it out of fear and ignorance and was goaded into it by my paper asset-minded parents.
    When I first came across V the Guerrilla’s early interviews with Hagmann and Hagmann (‘I do not care what is your favourite TV show…’ was one of V’s opening lines) I learned a lot of things that connected the major dots for me as far as the financial markets are concerned and the first time that I acknowledged that the US was irrecoverable in its current state and the realisation that the investment package I was in was a potential deathtrap as it involved the basket of currencies, all of which were dangerously exposed to fraud.
    I made a decision to terminate this package in 2013 that would mature earliest in 2019 and took a penalty hit of $30,000. Out of the total $40,000 I had invested since 2011, I had about $11,000 recovered and together with the rest of my savings in the bank I invested most of it into Silver. The high probability of currency collapse before the maturity date of 2019 made me make the hard decision to terminate the paper asset investment package. My parents have practically disowned me over this (their inheritance is all going to my sibling, they told me) so any chance of going up the economic ladder now rests entirely in my Silver.
    Low income of about $700 per month so Silver is all I can buy on a monthly basis.
    Had I known about V’s information just 2 years earlier I would have had $20,000 more to invest in Silver.


    • This does not bode well for the future of the US. It is becoming virtually impossible to start or operate a small business.
      This causes misallocation and depletion of capital since more time and money is spent on things that do not result in any productivity or return on investment. This is further evidence why the US will collapse. Productivity is discouraged and the costs of doing anything absorb all potential profit.
      In an industrial project I am involved with, I observed that the cost is likely 8 times greater than the actual value of the work, due to overhead, regulation, an absurd amount of documentation/paperwork, restrictive work rules, and extensive safety compliance. I mentioned this to a coworker and he showed me a different project with documentation that he had saved which confirmed my observation.
      I mentioned my observation to a truck driver that had worked on a similar job and he said he had to sign his name at least 8 times a day when entering the job site and to document his hourly time on the project. All this documentation goes along with the contractor’s invoice and there is an extensive group of cost accountants that cross correlate all the paperwork to ensure that they are not overpaying for the work. Ironically one of the factors that increases the cost is the extensive time documentation which greatly increases the overhead on the project.
      In conclusion, those that get their wealth out of the system will preserve it and see their net worth increase on a relative basis. I believe it is prudent to take a hit now in order to access the money to accumulate silver and gold


  4. Anyone want to offer an educated opinion on IRA accounts? It’s a small account: under 50k. The penalty for withdrawal at this point would be high – 30% – OUCH!
    (and I understand where SOFDMC is coming from – tough decisions need to be made)
    Just to cover ourselves here I will not regard any reply as financial advice 🙂 but I would like to ask for *opinions* on what to do with an IRA account. Choices are:
    A. just take penalty and get out
    B. shift the IRA to a self directed IRA with precious metals
    C. shift the IRA to an offshore IRA
    D. none of the above – tell me if I’m missing something

    Thanks for any opinions offered.


    • “A” … would be my first choice, especially since I personally went that route including a 10% early withdrawal penalty plus income taxes (note I could have waited 2 more years and not suffered the 10%, but I wanted out), but “B” is possible with the provision of being allowed to tie the pm’s in a physical way.
      Also you might want to consider clicking the services tab here at RM, and check out the info available from “strategic metals”, I believe they have IRA solutions. As a personal note I have not used their services.
      Note: I believe that perfect timing is impossible, unless you are in the control tower. Do I regret getting out early, and realizing I could have waited 2 more years, and not paid 10% to the criminal elite, while also realizing an increasing balance in a market that was still rising? One big fat “NO”. Perfect timing is a wasted bit of energy, and just dumb luck if it work out that way. HFT’s (high frequency trades) could wipe out everything in short order.
      I don’t regret buying silver at 30 an ounce back in 2013, that will be a small number memory when the SHTF. There was a sense of accomplishment in putting the right foot forward, and each and every person that I have pointed to my favorite pm outlet has said they felt the same way. A foundation stone had been laid. Since you are in NC, if you want to head to a store with good inventory, and true professionalism, fire me an email @ & I will give you the particulars.
      Whatever you do get out of the paper system, and clear that personal financial angst (cloud over your head, if it is there in your case). It does wonders for the body and spirit. At least it has for me, and my associates who followed suit of their own accord. It is liberating, like you regained control of part of your life.
      Wolf Gray


      • Thanks for the reply. It definitely helps to hear personal stories from this side of the matrix. Trying to talk about this stuff with friends or family who aren’t privy to the info that gets shared around this site will drive a man to drink.
        I’ll shoot you an e-mail about the store you mentioned – will be great to know a more local place to buy from or sell to.


      • Towardthesky, check your email I forgot to send you the numbers & final contact info for my favorite coin shop. I can tell you this they are running low.
        Wolf Gray


  5. WGIt looks like the Chinese plan is going according to schedule.
    From a novice point of view (mine) it sure looks like the Chinese are lining up for the proverbial kill shot in September. You would have to think countries looking for an alternate currency, (especially one that is backed by gold) would be dumping dollars very soon.


    • Jerry the gloves are off, insults were made publicly, which we the little people could see, but were there even more by the arrogant west?
      Wolf Gray


    • If I calculated correctly it takes approximately 7,100 RMB for an ounce of gold. Perhaps in September China will unpeg its currency from the dollar and instead peg it to gold at 10,000 RMB while simultaneously disclosing their true gold holdings. If they coordinate these moves with Russia and Saudi Arabia trading their oil in RMB it would be the final nail in the petrodollar coffin.


  6. DHAP Alert — 10oz Perth Lunar Goat for $176.25
    Cheaper than elsewhere and fun to own. These will sell for more in future years regardless of the spot price of silver.


    • Mahalo plenty, 7MAN for all the heads up silver deals you provide…I’ve been able to participate in most offerings – ALWAYS good stuff. Appreciate the help! 🙂
      Would love to pick up 2-3 of the above, but won’t mail to Hawaii…go figure.


  7. Hi Wolf, I have a question for you. At the end of Jim Willies last article he threw out some price predictions for gold (10,000+) and silver (400+). Do you believe he means those prices in todays value of the dollar? The way I see it that might mean that earning 5 ounces of silver per week would be equal today of earning $100,000 per year. What do you think of valuing silver in this manner? Just for shits and giggles of course


    • How are you & yours my friend? Though I suspect Jim Willie’s crystal ball is more revealing than mine, I don’t know of anyone who can gauge the fear. Fear in the paper markets has made people millions, fear on missing out on a hot tip, as the top pros are all in already.
      The level of fear in this one will be epic. Thus a price one would be willing to allow for an ounce of silver could vary dramatically from two vendors only a mile apart as a crow flies. It might be reported at 400 an ounce in organized civilized markets (probably in the east), but in an aftermath reality you are talking with a man who wants to sell you his car which is worth 2 grand in today’s dollars, and to have the one ounce of silver for food is literally worth his car to him for his families bellies. Fear that has never been quantified before in history is about to make an appearance.
      I use the word epic a lot, and I think the price of silver (especially silver & fractional gold) could scare the shit out of the moon’s orbit. Fear, pure fear based on survival will drive the price, and I don’t know what that could be, the organized market price could be 400 (silver), but the fear price could be out of sight.
      No one truly knows the pricing specifics, because of a fear gauge that no one, no one, no one will have experienced before. All I know is it just will pay to have “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins”
      Wolf Gray


      • The prediction/speculation that silver will disappear from the market is gaining confirmation.
        Silver is still available and although the premiums have increased, the adder is not yet excessive. Buy it while you can and once silver difficult to get, switch to buying fractional platinum (or gold if it is still available). Things seems to be building to “show time” in September.


      • Wolf,Family is well, youngest broke leg ,but he is fine, thanks for asking. Your reply makes great sense, it seems I sometimes forget to include a fear factor into equations. It may very well be the most important factor of all. This is the best website I know of, where else are there so many critical thinkers helping each other out with constructive advise. A great book I know most RMers have read is “extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds”, I think having an idea about how crowds may react in a stressful situation can only increase our chances of surviving a catastrophe. Many thanks to all RMers Swammi out


  8. WGAs you said the gloves are coming off.
    I think its pretty clear where this is all headed now. The financial bomb that was set off in Beijing this week by the PBOC devaluing its currency will send a tidal wave of dollars toward American shores within the next few weeks. It is readily apparent that China is preparing to rev up its financial engine as they stoke it with gold purchases. They buy gold, and all we hear from the western MSM is how bad their economy is. Go figure?


  9. When people ask on predictions for the value of gold, they ask in US$ terms. Maybe they should ask, how much food, water, gas, or other thing you will need, will an oz of silver get me. If the US goes like Zimbabwe, the sky is the limit for $ /oz. Look at Venezuela today, the ? they ask is not how much I can get with my Money or Silver, but can I get what I need at all.


    • Perfectly said Maintain,

      When people ask on predictions for the value of gold, they ask in US$ terms. Maybe they should ask, how much food, water, gas, or other thing you will need, will an oz of silver get me.

      Wish I would have thought of expressing it that way.
      Wolf Gray


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