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Big Picture Focus & the Punishment to Come

The news is coming fast and furious, and the desire to analyze is understandable, but questionable at these late stages of the game. In the last week, whether it be here at “rogue”, or any top media site, attempting to provide honest news coverage is daunting to say the least, especially with the international scope of geopolitical and economic changes coming in such rapid fire fashion. As has been mentioned before it is best not to get lost in the minutia, but stay focused on the coming train wreck that is part of the big picture. The recent article from Ken Schortgen Jr. was in my view an absolutely brilliant description of the macro changes surrounding the Chinese yuan devaluation. And put my mind in hyperdrive, regarding the quick way the macro world is now transferring to the micro environment that we all experience. More on that in a minute.

Also it has occurred to me that some punishment will be, and should be handed out to the sheeple, and the the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be). I was stuck on some 5th grade logic over the weekend. Logic I had to ‘smoke over’ with one of my favorite Wolf Pack Think Tankers, and we both agree a 5th grader would understand the necessary measures to correct our problems. So why can’t we figure it out? The answer later, but it is a bit controversial. First only a few news releases, hopefully some that weren’t already in the limelight, but ones that pointed to the ideas Ken’s recent article planted in my head.

News Minutia You can Use:

First let me say that the news right here on RM with the latest from “The Economic SilverBack”, Ken Schortgen Jr., and “The Russian Analyst” are more than enough to keep you awake at night, but I will delve briefly to the outer alternative news reaches.

First you can deny this is important, that is “can deny, not can’t”….check this out:

Getting serious, this next article cements the thought that you should get your final silver inventory in order now, or the proverbial, “or else”, will be applicable

I can confirm the above articles subject matter via my own retail metal’s sources, and they say the inventory for sale is low, and premiums of 8 dollars over on silver eagles aren’t unusual. Get it while you can, something is overheating on the front burning, that is for sure.

Below is more proof from Steve St. Angelo at “”, detailing how the true global supply of silver is actually going to disappear (it is worth noting that this article came out several days prior to the previous article’s release) .

The above two articles tell you, get into, and hold on to physical silver. RMer’s probably know this, but if you are still trying to reach your inventory goals, your time is ticking to an uncontrollable close.

Hey check out the next one. Wonder if they consulted with Robert Rubin former Citi Wizard for this enlightenment, or did they find some “scrolls” with messages tied to some gold covered tungsten bars assayed by the Citi genius?

Check out the telling charts in the next article, and the title that says it all “Are Automakers About To Hit the Panic Button?” Here is the brief “To Sum Up…..” segment at the end from “ZeroHedge”

The only way automakers are making sales is by lowering credit standards to truly mind-numbing levels…. that cannot last. China’s economic collapse has crushed forecasts for the automakers. Inventories are already at record highs. And July saw a massive surge in producton. What comes next is simple… a production slump – just ask The Atlanta Fed.

The next one is rather ominous, but nowhere to be found in the msm (mainstream media):

The above article from ZeroHedge brings to mind the saying, “move along nothing to see here”, well at least not if you try to find this news in the msm.

Tying the automaker message into this next article, begs the question, “What are the CNBC bobble heads singing on TV right now?” Oh I know it’s “we’re in the money, we’re in the money…..”, check this out:

The above link shows that it ain’t so happy in the retail sector, and especially the demand, in the all important ”NEEDS” items…This auto ‘bs’, and furniture subprime ‘bs’ is the last struggling breathes of a dying economy. An economy filled by morons who are totally asleep at the wheel while texting their way to a phony nirvana. A nirvana that will come to a brutal form of punishment, to shortly be reviewed by the mind of my fictitious 5th grader.  Don’t expect anything from the msm, until it is too late, otherwise get used to choruses of “were in the money”.

As discussed frequently here on “” the bond market is many times more significant than the equity markets, and this next link serves as verification:

The above doesn’t bode well for equities, and note the 2008 comparison to the equity market complacency.  Best to be off the market playing field for this one, and enjoying the view with a hand full of hard assets, or more! And, this quote from Bank of America in the above article shows the 2008 similarities (note the chart in the article as well):

In BofA’s own words: “this spread currently translates into 10.26 bps of credit spread per point of equity vol, the level reached on March 6, 2008 – ten days before Bear Stearns was forced to sell itself to JP Morgan for $2/sh. Recall that – unlike the credit market – the equity market well into 2008 was very complacent about the subprime crisis that led to a full blown financial crisis.”

Amidst the graphs this conclusion from Bank of America: In other words: unprecedented equity complacency matched by a state of near bond market panic

The Wolf Gray sense of smell says, on the surface this is very significant, because it is negative news coming from a “PPPTB’er”, which means: “Big changes are coming, especially to those that aren’t prepared!”

The title of the next article from ZeroHedge is instructive to the macro changes that are comparable in some ways, to the writings of Ken Schortgen Jr.  In which Ken illustrates how small economic changes are now having more impact on the western financial systems, than the eastern economic doctors are prescribing (but they might be enjoying the western results).

The Crisis Is Spreading: China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden…

The final lines of the above article speaks volumes:

China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden – it is beyond us how anyone can declare the crisis isn’t spreading. Be prepared – there are going to be lots of opportunities to both make and lose money. But first, you have to recognize what is happening.

This is the perfect time to lead into…….

Big Picture Focus:

First from the wise Ken Schortgen Jr.:

The significance of this is… suddenly, the West is no longer controlling global monetary policy but is instead reacting to the actions taken by China, who seems to have wrenched that control from the impotent Western central banks.

Followed by this blockbuster paragraph & one more line:

Since China announced an update to their gold reserves, they have been prodding the U.S. and Europe with small pin pricks to see what reactions it would have on the fragile Western economies and monetary systems.  In fact, if China had really wanted to do some serious damage to the global economy they could have instituted more drastic corrections such as announce much higher gold reserves, increase their dumping of dollars, lowered their interest rates (which are still at or above 5%), and or as an extreme measure, completely un-peg their currency from the dollar. The problem for the U.S. is that they have already played most of their cards, and are left resorting to military responses in retaliation of economic threats.

That is a mouthful or a “pen full”, but it is a brilliant angle that I have not seen detailed, as it would apply to the macro environment, via any other “expert”. I agree with Ken, and just wish I had thought of it by myself. A strong opponent with a well thought out game plan is never veered off course due to small moves, like those from the pawns on the front lines. Only a weak, or already weakened adversary will stumble over minor moves or obstacles. Ken’s article made me realize the possibility that something else is totally out of the standard “fiat economic kilter”.

Based on the news releases in the alternative media the micro world is falling prey to the developments in the macro world at warp speed. In fact, if one has their news radar on high alert you would note that local real retail sales numbers are collapsing ahead of major moves like the Chinese “treasury bond” dumps to the tune of 500 billion + dollars. Or better yet the sales are slumping at the local retail level with inventories building almost simultaneously, and all coincidentally with the release of macro bigger brother’s negative news, like the Baltic dry index or the CCFI (China Containerized Freight Index) running aground.

Typically there can be months or even a couple years before macro changes can be seen affecting the pocket books in the micro world. RMer’s probably already have the answer to this one, I am just little slow sometimes………..

In short the PPPTB have been hiding the negative macro world statistics with an assist from overly optimistic news media. All to keep the masses who are most immediately effected in the micro world from going ballistic on the anger scale, and becoming their own macro event. Now that would be news no one could hide! The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says, they will only quit trying to hide the macro economic disasters, after the Sixpack’s can’t explain their declining standards of living effectively. At that point, the msm’s hiding of the obvious macro disasters, allows them to say just one more time, “Hey no one saw this one coming!”

It would appear at times that the micro world is literally preceding correspondingly similar events in the macro world. It ain’t, after all I have never heard this business axiom “don’t fight the Sixpacks” in the economic realm, instead it is, “don’t fight the fed” or “don’t fight the trend”. Though the macro world may pick up trends from the micro world, it is the macro that controls major life changing events. In auto racing terms the current environment has the micro world in a super tight draft behind the macro world. Much tighter than normal, and in a draft that can’t be safely maintained.

I would submit with this super tight “news draft”, that once everyone gets it via those in your face micro signals, they will all be sorely disappointed at their ineffectiveness in being able to prepare accordingly. The products needed, will literally not be on the shelf. As an example, note the aforementioned referenced links in this installment, highlighting the supply problems in silver, verified by my own on the ground intelligence confirmations.

It is time to probe the minds of the astute RM gang. Are their any markets that are upside down in the relationship of the micro to the macro environment? I like to call it “satisfaction of the dirty here & now vs. the sweet by & by”. My first thoughts run headlong into metals price backwardation, especially in all the monetary metals. This is an example of true market manipulation, and true market price destruction that will eventually (sooner than later) reach it’s rightful price for all physical owners. This is no different than the media’s long time suppression of the macro world’s deteriorating economic numbers.

The nature of business systems seldom change, but the status of those systems may be lied about over & over to the unwitting masses. The macro has to lead comparable developments in the micro world by some measure of time, and that is what the China’s, the Russia’s, the BRICS’s, and the Texas’s have understood, “that measure of time”. And, it sure looks like it, “that time”, is running out. Ken’s article on small obstacles upsetting huge apple carts, tripped my macro vs. micro time meter.

Looks like the alarms and wake up calls are just around the corner, but there will not be any time for breakfast for those that aren’t prepared in advance. They seem to be too busy satisfying the “Dirty Here & Now!”

Minutia in the Global News & It’s Effects:

From all the recent news worthy items outlined by Ken Schortgen Jr., “The Economic SilverBack”, and “The Russian Analyst”, especially at this late stage of the game, there is only one thing you can do……PREPARE YOURSELF NOW AS YOU CAN”T CONTROL THE MINUTIA. It is good to stay informed as regards the players, and their global minutia game plans, but the only useful solutions available to those that are stuck amongst sheeple, revolve around “Getting Prepared Now!” The train wreck is happening right now, it just hasn’t reached the USSA passenger cars in a tangible way.

5th grader Style Punishment Coming, & Possibly Needed?

Many times one has to ponder the question of why the heck are things out of control? Myself and one of my “Wolf Pack Think Tank” comrades are of the opinion there ain’t enough pain involved to stop the offenders. Major bankster crimes hit the news outlets, and who pays? Probably not them even after being found guilty of a crime, and having a pittance of a fine levied. And, the end result…….No changes whatsoever in the bankster game plans! If instead of fines, the declared penalty was a few years with a 27 year old, 6’8” 280 pound, over testosterone’d roommate named Bubba, the problems may stop. No pain, equals no gain for honest society.

Here is the hypothetical conversation I contrived with my think tank friend involving a 5th grader (in this case let’s say son). The back drop is “the misbehaving of the banksters”, and I then tell junior, “They will not quit being bad, so what should we do junior? Junior’s question, “Do you take away their lunch money or give them a spanking with a thick belt?” Answer, “We just take away their lunch money!” Junior’s enlightened reply, “Pop didn’t you tell me sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” The conversation can end here, as you can see where this one is going, and the 5th grader is right, there ain’t enough pain involved to correct these criminals.

Broad Installment Overview:

Each of the above subtitles could be summarized as “man has lost his economic and moral equilibrium”. The west has been so full of themselves, that planning for “the sweet by & by” has become meaningless. It would appear they feel, they are chosen, and thus just plain “Lucky”! So they feel entitled, and therefore they might as well enjoy “the dirty here & now” at the EXPENSE of “the sweet by & by”. The unavoidable problem, is each soul on earth will soon be put in “Time Out” by Economic Mother Nature. Only those wise enough to prepare for “the sweet by & by” with time tested, tangible, hard assets will come out ahead on the other side of the mayhem. It would appear that those in the west are content to follow along the story lines of “Lucky Man” by Emerson Lake & Palmer……… sure to honestly ask yourself; “Are you too comfortable & content?”

The following song was supposedly written by Greg Lake when he was 12 years old.  I guess in the UK it takes a 6th grader, not a 5th grader, to come to the most obvious of conclusions!

He had white horses and ladies by the score All dressed in satin and waiting by the door Ooh, what a lucky man he was Ooh, what a lucky man he was White lace and feathers, they made up his bed A gold covered mattress on which he was laid Ooh, what a lucky man he was Ooh, what a lucky man he was He went to fight wars for his country and his king Of his honor and his glory, the people would sing Ooh, what a lucky man he was Ooh, what a lucky man he was A bullet had found him, his blood ran as he cried No money could save him, so he laid down and died Ooh, what a lucky man he was Ooh, what a lucky man he was(ELP)


Nope, “No FIAT money could save him, so he laid down and he died”

Wolf Gray


Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Ken Schortgen Jr., The Economic SilverBack, The Russian Analyst, Steve St. Angelo, and ELP



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  1. ELP, what a powerful group they were. I had no idea Greg Lake wrote that song at age 12. That imagery is so compelling, but so few could sense it today. The Empire has far outlasted the staying power of the generation(s) most critical of it. Sad.


    • MLYTLEO I have no way of knowing if Greg Lake was truly only 12 years old as the author of this song, but that is the claim on some YouTube videos. I also want to take the time to apologize as I tend to be like a preacher at the end of a sermon in my installments, with them all ending the same way, except it doesn’t involve coming to the alter, it involves “GETTING PREPARED.
      I try to make sure the body of the installments have a message that is usable, and a little different than prior efforts. This “light bulb moment” in particular smacked me in the face rather hard, as I tend to believe I am ahead of the curve most of the time. But, when I realized the end results, and the timing of the macro events over the past decade or so, were in a photo finish with their micro effected economic brethren, I realized I had missed some valuable clues.
      The macro should lead by some significant time frame in most industries, and then effect their suppliers, and vendors at a later date, and then the main street pricing structures. That rule has been violated badly. I suspect on purpose to cover things up, and keep a run on the real goodies (hard assets) from hitting the “billboards”. Plus to keep the sale of pitch forks & torches at bay.
      The way this thing has been strategically set up the billboards sale signs for hard assets will hit mainstream Joe & Jane SixPack, right about the time the supply runs out. All done with a media driven purpose. The telltale tracks are the “in your face” monetary metals backwardation.
      And, they will all claim, “Who could have seen this one coming!
      Wolf Gray


      • I know most are expecting a PM rally soon, my guess is with deflation AND manipulation, it may be a while off yet. There could be a modest one here, I just don’t think it is going to be what is hoped for. What silver will be available at the retail level will come from distressed sales from people that just need the cash and sell out, I recognize higher up the food chain, it’s mostly already gone.. I believe the PTB can hold prices down until their whole control grid goes down, and I think that isn’t real close.. Just my opinion, I don’t have a crystal ball or anything.


      • “…the billboards sale signs for hard assets will hit mainstream Joe & Jane SixPack, right about the time the supply runs out. “
        Yes, Clif High mentioned this
        I think it will play out this way:
        When the price of silver rises to between $60 and $100 the ads will come out and the PTB will try to get most people to sell their PMs for a nice gain. That will put the stackers back in the US Dollar right before the hyperinflation hits. Few people will have the foresight and fortitude to hang on for the really big gains. In this way the PTB can ride the upcoming stock market boom and flight to the Dollar before switching to PMs for that astounding ride to unimaginable PM value.


      • I like your theory “7”, makes logical sense as well. All designed to get the hard asset from desperate people who need some legal tender to get by, or the ones who suffer from near term greed, due to the decent paper price runs, not paying attention to the bigger picture.
        Wolf Gray


  2. ArcLightInstitute tweeted 8/12/15“For those doubting “Dow 28,000″… a 500 pt recovery in one day… upward inflationary momentum much?”
    Skip Danger email Update 8/14/15
    “Traders should take note that I see a 60-90 day rally, straight ahead.”
    (Skip has been extremely accurate, and I usually doubted him only for me to be proven wrong every time.)
    Everyone (else) is predicting a market drop in September. Maybe instead both the stock market and the precious metals will start moving in the same direction (up). The US Dollar should get stronger and thus draw in money from the rest of the world, yet simultaneously all currencies may devalue against the gold and silver, just not as dramatically versus the dollar.
    Silver availability is declining and premiums are increasing. RCM 10 oz bars are mostly unavailable. But buy-it-now Daily Deals are still occurring on ebay. There are fewer, the premiums are higher and the deals don’t last as long. I have been puzzling over why these ebay deals even exist. I concluded that there is so little sold there (compared to the entire PM market) that the PTB cause it to happen so the sheeple will not wake up to the developing PM shortage.
    Regarding the recent the Silver Doctors article (cited above by Wolf Gray), I have never before seen the number shills/trolls and such energy expended to poo-poo the developing shortage. They were all over that article from the time it was posted. My conclusion is that the disinfo campaign has been ramped up to full power.
    Today the price of silver was slammed down below $15 again, but the retail purchase price of silver is virtually unchanged. Therefore keep buying if you still believe the things discussed on this RM site. Yes, we all have to face our doubts and deal with our emotions but you must use rational thought and retest your beliefs. If the underlying basis for your beliefs remains unchanged, then it is the time to apply self-discipline and buy more.
    The old adage is to buy when there is blood in the streets. This means when everyone else is discouraged and buying seems to be the dumbest thing in the world. But when this exact condition occured in the past, the foundation for future fortune was established!


  3. A mostly unrelated field report:Yesterday I stopped at a “Fleet Farm” in Minnesota (large farm supply store). I was going to buy some .22LR ammo. They had none and the sales person said they get some in every week or two but it doesn’t last long. It seems the ammo shortage has not been abated. They did have some Kerr canning lids, so I bought a few boxes of those.
    This situation will happen in the silver market in the near future, so buy what you can now.


  4. MLYTLEOI like your optimistic approach. Its always good to be hopeful, but it doesn’t change the economic realties we live in. Trump and the Rothschild camp may have their agenda, so does China and the BRIC nations. Seven years ago after the Chinese loaned us Three Trillion Dollars, they said they would give us seven years to get our financial house in order. Well here we are. No recovery. QE to infinity. And that Three Trillion Dollars that they loaned us, wound up in a Banks derivative balance sheet.
    All indicators are pointing to the fact that China and the BRIC nations have had enough of the fraud, theft, and threats from the Western Banking Cabal and are on schedule to break from the dollar this fall. The Swift system they have created has been tested, and from all indications it is ready, when they decide to use it.
    I fully expect that the Western Oligarchs will once again fire on Chinese assets from their orbiting missile platforms in space to try and delay this move. (my opinion) When they do, I have no doubt that China will retaliate with some type of EMP attack over the U.S. taking down the Western Banking System in the process. (my opinion)
    This is the worst case scenario, but it appears to me that the gloves have officially come off and we are now in a full blown economic war, about to turn hot. I really hope your right. But like my mom used to say if ” if’s and but’s were chocolate and nuts boy we’d have a super Christmas”!
    Here’s to hoping your right.


    • Yes, Your right, the BRICS have had it with the fraud of the West. But they don’t want the West taken totally down. We are and have been their customers, they would like that to continue, but without the drama. Put another way, they want the U.S. militarism to end.
      I don’t disagree that we have a sh*t storm headed this way. It probably can’t be avoided. But I do think some of the elites are so frightened by what they see coming, that they’re trying to turn the ship away from the iceberg. We’ll hit it, but it may be a glancing blow.
      As for the attack on Tianjin, the Chinese will try to ‘not respond’ to this, they’ll suck it up. Not that they won’t take some specific actions, they will. They know the U.S. doesn’t really have one ‘center’ any more. It has decomposed into rival power groups, ‘gangs’ if you will. You won’t try to destroy your customer, you will try to neutralize the ‘gangs’. You will work with native forces within the U.S. to take these people down, one way or the other.
      It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be nice, and it won’t be painless, far from it, but there is no other option.


  5. WGIf this information is true, we won’t have to wait much longer. I thoroughly expect this information to be sliced and diced and dissected until the bone of truth is reached. But it won’t stop what’s coming. Nothing can.
    I know something about NASCAR. Karl Edwards is my cousin. I asked Karl (when he first started racing) why he always held back in the pack until the final laps. His answer ” he didn’t want to burn his engine down until he needed to”. That’s where we are now in this economic war. The Chinese have allowed us to burn our economic engine down, while they and the BRIC nations have been drafting off our debt. Come September, the slingshot move to break away from the western banking pack will come. The MSM and the sheep won’t have a clue, until they see the smoke from their burnout.
    By the way Karl’s daddy beat me and my 1968 426 Hemi Roadrunner, with a 1968 429 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet when we where kids. Racing has always been in our family.


    • Indeed Jerry that article is a big topic of discussion right now with my sources. I can only break it down like a 5th grader. Does this kind of stuff happen, just like one would ask of the repeat Ferguson events, when things are economically sound?
      “7” brought up Michael Rosecliff, and his theory of the market climbing (to 28,000) then falling, which in my view would be the biggest final notice you could ever get. I have my doubts about it actually happening. But, using the grade schooler’s logic on Mr. Rosecliff, who I think is one brainy dude, he said in his last interview a couple months ago, that it would be his last contact in the USSA, & he was getting the hell out of Dodge. A 5th grader would say is that a normal action from a guy who btw has some deep contacts, and great engineering models, if things are running on cruise control? We all know the answer.
      W one of the most connected dudes I have heard was sticking around the USA per a CTM interview from several months ago, and people needed to stay calm, and be prepared to hunker down for a few MONTHS (been a few months for close to a year of interviews). Hmm per the recent V radio show he is most likely headed to BRICS parts unknown, and the term “YEARS” popped up. Coming from a patriot with his background, the 5th grader logic says, what the f…. is on these very connected guy’s radars?
      And, finally per the great Jim Willie (a guy I also think is right more than he is wrong), and his best contact, the apparently very connected “The Voice”. Who says major things are brewing for this fall, and something along the lines of the reset happens at the beginning of 2016.
      And, this past Monday the 17th as tweeted from a guy, whose prognostication abilities, and market prediction skills are also more right than wrong:

      We are entering the most dangerous phase in world markets that I have ever seen. Brace yourself.
      The above is from the “SILVERBACK”

      Space weaponry being deployed, financial wizards & patriotic insiders hitting the brakes, & hunkering down, riots on a world wide scale in real time, and finally from the big boys…..states, countries & rich entities literally creating new methods of counting the money.

      Think about that one, deciding to break away from an existing system, and count the money another way with a new central accounting firm.

      This blow up will be epic, and though I respect W tremendously it ain’t going to be some grand opportunity to redo after the reset for those that are prepared. I suspect out of those that are prepared, the ones with grit, and some damned fine luck will have a sustainable lifestyle, but prospering ain’t a good percentage bet. Just my opinion.

      It is back to 5th grade logic, God gave me the gift of this life, and it is my duty to fight for it, but I myself am suspecting something far worse than the 700 year long dark ages, and if it ain’t like that …. then great I prepared accordingly for myself & my future family generations.. Accordingly with legal tender invested in items that can be consumed or spent regardless of the outcome, and thus money not wasted.

      Pontificating on this is useful, but if it gets in the way of preparations, it is pointless. The US is being pushed to the back of the line. Trump is a putz, & so are the rest of these bozos. The only f….ing people that matter are “We the people” & until they understand that LITTLE DETAIL, nothing will be corrected, by the BRICS, the west, or the f…ing Rothschild’s, Rockerfeller’s, or f….ing white dragons.
      W nailed one thing perfectly, the people in mass will not be morally suppressed forever, and will not be defeated. I agree they (the people) will set these elitist bozos back a couple notches, the numbers are big time in their favor, (and will force the elite hands), but they have to f…ing wake the f up to get the job done, and that ain’t going to happen until they get their asses beat. The sooner the better.
      Sorry for the rant….!
      Wolf Gray


  6. Jerry5,
    I think we’re all on knifes edges until the election in 2016, both with regard to collapse and war. Watch the election of Trump, I notice he’s in the same camp as Obama. What do I mean by that?
    I mean, he’s going after the NeoCons. He has openly mocked both Lindsay Graham and John McCain. He’s tearing holes in all of the NeoCon Republicans. He tearing holes in NeoCon Hillary.
    Obama, like Trump is a Rothschild agent, not in the Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton group. His parting shot as President against the other camp is to assist Trump in taking down Hillary. New York Post’s Edward Klein wrote on March 14th 2015 that sources told him it was Valerie Jarrett who leaked the details of Hillary’s criminal use of private email for official business.
    If you look out on the web, you’ll find that Obama and Bill Clinton ‘had it out’ on a golf course recently. One can guess what that was about. Trump is also in favour of the Iran arms deal, another anti-NeoCon position. This, even though both of his children are married to Israeli’s.
    So if we can avoid a NeoCon inspired war until President Trump takes office, then war becomes a much less likely option, after that point.
    I believe the ‘RESET’ has been put off because the balance of power between the Rothschild and Rockefeller faction is still precarious. It’s the Rockefeller/NeoCons that are fighting to maintain Hegemony, and trying to prevent the reset. Although I don’t buy into everything that Ben Fulford has to say, I think he’s right that the NeoCon faction is being taken down, but with considerable resistance. This is the Geopolitical reason why I think the revaluation of gold will wait a while, possibly until after the 2016 elections.


  7. Well said Mlytleo:

    Yes, Your right, the BRICS have had it with the fraud of the West. But they don’t want the West taken totally down. We are and have been their customers, they would like that to continue, but without the drama. Put another way, they want the U.S. militarism to end.

    Sofdmc, whether it is 700+ years or 7 years we are getting ready for some very uncharted waters that have some very well connected people starting to abandon the ship due to the storm that is on the horizon. A storm that has never been seen before, period. This is a world reserve currency switch involving the actual “money changers” that are in charge. To top it all off it is with a new set of guys doing the money changing. Never happened on this scale before, and outside of a meteor hitting us nothing of this scale can be used as a proper measuring stick for the level of disaster for the persons on the wrong side of this change.
    The money changers have been at the root of a lot of major changes in history. Nothing of this scale has ever happened, just that simple. As Jerry5 has said, and I myself have said, “Buckle Up!”
    Wolf Gray


    • Anyone would want US militarism to end, because its also fed from the darker side of black ops (funded by child trafficking) and the Satanic and Monarch mind control programming and especially the CIA and their involvement in social engineering programs like feminism, the hippie movement, the drug culture etc.
      I get a sense Americans for a long time had a bad feeling things were not right in their country, but to their relief the well-honed propaganda (from the days of Edward Bernays) came along in the evening news or the 4th of July propaganda made them feel everything would be alright because, after all everyone was happy, right?
      Its only in the last 10 years that the attempts of deluding the people have really fallen flat, at least those who are able to see the cracks, and because of the internet showing the consequences of the actions of those they believe are ‘defending their freedoms’.


    • If V is right about China, China can just pull the rug completely off the US dollar by dumping all Treasury bonds and the US will cease to exist in 2 days.


    • Thanks again Wolf.
      As a follow up my Tianjin analysis on Ken’s 8/16 article, I would like to submit further evidence in relation to space weapon usage and also why Tianjin, China was targeted. Please watch the entire 12:41 video. The Hacking and NYSE subjects have been covered here in the RM posts. Please note MSM sources. If people choose to believe that I am a card carrying member of the pencil farming community for mentioning “Call of Duty” (which I don’t play BTW) predictive programming, then so be it. BTW, we already have bases on the dark side of the moon (LOC Lunar Operation Command) and have already travelled outside the Solar System and are presently communicating with ETs. Welcome to today.


      • M,
        Please reread my Tianjin analysis and links on Ken’s 8/16 article. The before and after pics shows that the epicenter of the crater was in a relatively open area. Also an ammonium nitrate explosion does not scorch vehicles and melt paint off of shipping containers. Only something that emits enormous heat does. For reference, look at the Oklahoma city bombing by McVeigh 🙂 where ammonium nitrate was used and FannieMae fraud evidence was destroyed.


      • Not saying that it couldn’t have been a military strike. I did look at that same material, I guess the ‘before’ images were google earth? Would depend on how old the images were, and whether ammonium nitrate could have been stacked there sometime after the before picture was taken.
        I think the truth will emerge over time, again, I’m not ruling out a military strike, I’m just waiting for more confirmation.


      • Should add that the thermal effects of 800 tons of NH4NO3 might be different then the amount used at the Oklahoma bombing. Much bigger and more persistent fireball would be expected.


      • M,
        Only time and eventual more evidence will tell as to the nature of the large Tianjin explosion. Search for images of the Tianjin blast and compare with Thermobaric blasts. They both exhibit a large flash with radial sparks. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then…. Just saying.
        Just read Jim Willie’s report. He also eluded to this as a possibility. Please subscribe to The Hat Trick Letter. Dr. Jim and Rogumoney subscriptions are a steal for the money.


      • Whoops. Brain fart typo. I meant alluded not eluded. And misspelled Roguemoney. Sorry for being human. 🙂


      • Hello, Regarding ammonium nitrate : At the Oklahoma Federal building bombing, the truck bomb was just a cover for the real bombs inside the building. Photos show that there was a very minimal crater under the truck, yet giant steel reinforced pillars were pulverized as well as the entire side of the building. That doesn’t add up. Check youtube for the real story.


      • MR V,
        I never buy the “official” story regardless of government and/or MSM. Its usually a big pile of bovine excrement. I was joking about the Okla. bombing and know that McVeigh and Nichols were just the patsies to take the fall ( just like Oswald ). I also realize explosives were pre-planted in the buildings. Being a “Conspiracy Realist ” is like being one-eyed man in the land of the blind. So many of these false flags going on nowadays its starting to get hard to keep track.
        “I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Nothing. Zero”. – Comedian George Carlin RIP


  8. On a somber note, the WW3 shooting War that the desperate Cabal Bankers have been craving for has started. The military wing of the Empire of the Cities, USSA Inc., has fired first. Pray to your invisible Skydaddies that cooler heads will prevail.


  9. Thank you Sloopyjoe.I have long held the belief that the ruling oligarchs of this country that rule through the banking system are capable of anything. Killing over 30 bankers, and looting countries through proxy wars just seems to be the tip of the ide berg for these people. If you can call them people.
    I have also been suspicious of the Malaysian airliner that disappeared. Most likely blown out of the sky into micro pieces by the same space weapon used on Tianjin. Anyone who thinks a blast crater that massive can be created by a surface explosion , evidentially do not know anything about pyrotechnics. That was without a doubt an impact crater.
    The fact remains we are all in grave danger, because I fully expect the Chinese to retaliate at a time of their choosing. If there was anything holding them back from preceding with their gold back exchange system, that barrier has been removed with this ridiculous display of force.
    I couldn’t imagine the panic that would ensue in China if the truth ever got out about what really happened. The Chinese government has no choice but to bury this story as deep as they can. In some ways they are a lot like us. Ignorance is bliss.


    • Jerry5,
      You are welcome. Just trying to do my bit.
      Rumor has it that the MH370 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean was gently guided to Diego Garcia and a high end supercomputer chip with associated personnel were removed/debriefed/exterminated. The Rothschilds now have sole rights to said chip and explains the drag ass investigations into the missing plane. IMO the plane was then subsequently blown up in the air with debris just now surfacing.
      Anyone can do a search of “Impact crater images” on the web and do a side by side visual of the crater in Tianjin. They look eerily similar. I used to be an Army Combat Engineer back in the day. Check out these images (I believe this is a 40 lb charge). These types of explosives are used to primarily impede the enemy by blowing a big hole in the road. The Rod of God space weapon may be some kind of Thermobaric missile (search for images).
      According to Ben Fulford, the Khazarian mafia is being purged. The higher levels must be getting desperate to order such a blatant and highly visible attack.
      I also believe payback is a comin and lots of overtime for the Triad (not the gentle version Harry Reid received). China is definitely keeping a tight lid on the actual causes. I’m sure they are well aware of such space weapons.
      I would like V and the other RM honchos to comment on this rather serious subject.


      • Jerry & SJ this just in from Jim Willie’s Hattrick Letter, and based on his interviews, this from his best source “The Voice”……….expect a reaction from the Chinese, but in unexpected ways, and in unexpected time frames. Also note that it will be like Chinese water torture……….(out of respect for his letter this was just my take on the Voice’s statement, like RM his news letter is worth the money folks)…….
        Nothing unique there except the Chinese water torture.
        A subsequent discussion with a Wolf Pack associate yielded this, “WG that would mean painful, but not without hope. So you sit and wait for things to improve, but nothing comes to the rescue……” I hate to speculate on what that may mean, but an EMP, which is what I consider to be the most brutal & life threatening of all attacks, would provide the very thing he described.
        Pure speculation, but regardless it is heating up folks whether it gets totally uncomfortable today or tomorrow, look for it to heat up. Very disturbing times.
        Wolf Gray


      • Wolf,
        Chinese water torture and/or death by a thousand cuts ends the same. The eventual death of the receiver (USD).
        In tumultuous transition times like these its good to keep things in perspective with a heavy dose of humor. Getting too down on the speed and frequency of bad news can put one in the rubber room. Fat Yankistanis are being cut off from the Chinese Buffet line (Credit Card) a la comedian John Pinette RIP. “You go now!!! You been here four hour!!! Why you so fat?” 🙂

        Twice crapping in the Dragon’s house is a very big NO NO.


  10. Flash. On the ground intel re USD going bye bye. Just talked to a neighbor who is just retired 27 years Air Force. He said he talked to a few of his buddies stationed in the Philippines two weeks ago. USD NOT accepted at the retail level. One must go to exchanges in order to convert to local currency. Can anyone confirm this?


  11. Sloopyjoe.My son has business contacts in Canada. There are many businesses there according to him that will no longer take the dollar in trade. I find that very interesting in light of the fact that the BOC only a few months ago signed currency swap agreements with the Canadian Banks.
    The dollar is slowly being squezzed out like a tube of toothpaste. In my opinion I believe we are in a pop…pop… bang collapse. So far we have had the pop….. pop….now comes the bang.


    • Jerry5,
      Maybe the Cabal Banking fornicators will lose their jail time privileges like Chelsea Manning’s use of expired toothpaste and receive a 3 week sentence in a leaky underwater submersible. One can only dream. 🙂
      The Yankistanis are too engrossed in destructive behavior like these backwoods Jethroes and will get run over by the coming nightmare train.


  12. DHAP Alert: Tube of ASEs for $373.60
    This is a good APMEX deal ($3.25/oz over spot) with free shipping. This comes out to $18.68/oz, which is not that much more than the ultra great price of 3-4 weeks ago.
    It will ship worldwide, but free shipping is only for the U.S.


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