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12 thoughts on “Guerrilla Report 8.25.15 Leave a comment

  1. V,
    Lindsey Williams talked about a cancer cure center in Tijuana that may be worth looking into for your buddy. I realize that Mr. Williams tends to babble and drone on about his Elite friends and sell his overpriced DVDs. This facility offers treatments unavailable in the USSA and services the Elite according to Williams. The Western medical approach of cutting something out and/or pill popping is not the only way to wellness.
    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to nor have I personally used this facility.


  2. Actually, I do know someone whose father was cured of cancer at one of the facility’s in Tiajuana. I believe it was a cancer of the eye. The guy also met a lot of other people down at the facility while there who had amazing successes in the treatment. I am not sure it was the same one listed above, I would have to check. But the way it was described to me they have a regimen if intravenous nutrients that they infuse to get rid of the cancers. Some people will even go down every few months to have preventative treatments.


  3. I say keep it coming. As for Karatbars I would say for those living on the other side of the world, like a dozen time zones from the United States, the importing costs adding up doesn’t make it worthwhile. It will work best in the western hemisphere, but the decision remains in the hands of the investor.
    At this point get a Precious metal that’s low in total global supply, has multiple industrial uses (which further reduces the stock) and is being expended when its thrown onto landfills by the millions in IT equipment, i.e. Silver.


  4. Please note the following posts – (and no, it’s not spam). Most recent post was the Arclight Institute web site info, in case they take the website offline after Sept 1st, after which their reports are no longer available.
    Consider the iterative effects of knowing trends in advance and reacting accordingly, and how that ties into the conflict in the Middle East that will begin in earnest early next year.
    See also – posted over a year ago and still relevant today…


  5. V, I am sorry to hear about Shawn. Please help me get resolved in that issue and set up with your new guy so I can complete the process I began in January of this year. Thank you for your help.


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