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18 thoughts on “The Russia Analyst Is On Vacation Leave a comment

  1. Have a well deserved vacation! Been watching the CNBC bobble heads and news a lot more the last couple months as we approach September, and it looks like fireworks ahead. I should probably take a big break from news myself as no longer in the US, but sort of have that same rubber neck curiosity as to what is going on because I think we might be witnessing something historical here.


  2. Safe travel James. A few headlines for your information from Debka:
    Yes, the Fall Feasts starting sundown the 13th and running through early October should be interesting.
    Mogherini is also moving on the diplomatic front to make a name for herself in the ME “peace talks”.


    • Joyann — see my thoughts below on Debka’s Typhoon class disinfo. There’s no need for the Russians to sail a ballistic missile submarine into the relatively narrow confines of the eastern Med when the SSBNs typically cruise in the deep waters of the northern Atlantic/Norwegian Sea or far Northern Pacific — much closer to the Arctic flight paths of their ballistic missiles over the Pole to the U.S. These patrol patterns also mean in case of war they may have friendly long range air cover (Tu-95) or at least Russian attack submarines closer at hand trying to protect them from U.S. SSNs in case of war.
      At least those ex- and wannabe Mossad boys at Debka and their audiences have seen The Hunt for Red October


      • James,You have mentioned that about Debka before. When you are done with your vacation it will be interesting to hear what you think about the sudden build up of military from all sides in Syria. Maybe by that October it will be evident. A friend just came back from there, a native and said that it was pretty scary. Those who still have standing homes there love their country but are not going out on the streets .
        Adding to the intrigue there, things are heating up on Temple Mount prior to the Biblical feast days, sand storms in Israel and of course the Bin Laden family crane crash pre-Hagg in Mecca. The Indians are dipping themselves in a big river to wash away their sins, and Japan is being flooded causing new problems for Fukushima. Very interesting several days.
        Europe is an absolute mess with sudden focus ( it’s been going on all along) with the national divisions over the refugees. The eastern countries crying out for only Christians, and the other nations taking in legitimate refugees no doubt along with who knows who.
        Al Qeda just called for lone wolf attacks so expect so other false flag surprises.
        It really does look pretty messy and we haven’t even gotten to the Shemitah yet. Several hours to go.
        The truth has become much stranger than fiction.
        Happy travels.


    • SloopyJoe @ 2015/09/24 at 9:54 am
      Thanks for the kind words. I am currently vacationing in the capitol of #Brutalistan. I’ll be catching up on the ‘W’ and TeamRogueMoney broadcasts V kindly posted on SoundCloud when I get back. SC is easier for me to listen to on the go in the car after downloading to the iPhone.
      Soldier of Fortune @ 2015/09/22 at 8:10 pm I think the situation in Syria and Afghanistan are really not comparable, starting with the fact that Syria isn’t landlocked whereas Afghanistan is and the ‘muj’ have been ground down by Assad’s army over the last four years. I don’t think ISIS morale is going to stay high once the Iraqis are frying them in the east while Assad’s forces go on the offensive and drive them into the Turkish border in the north (and if Turkey tries to engage in support of its proxies along the ‘buffer zone’ you can bet Moscow will find a way to kill some Turks and make their army pay for it and remind them that their American-supplied weapons won’t work so well when Ivan electronically dominates the battlefield as in the Donbass).
      Remember these cutthroat jihadi bastards have basically endured nothing more than pinprick U.S. air strikes in the desert and the fierce but poorly supplied resistance of the Kurds, including Kurdish women. They have no idea what it’s like to face an enemy who pinpoints their best TOW shooters and kills them with drone strikes and massive and accurate artillery fire guided by live (spetsnaz) spotters on the battlefield. Ditto if they start Arc Lighting the oil smuggling trucks rolling into Turkey and shoot down the Turkish AF when the bastards try to protect Uncle Reccep’s illicit smuggling routes that the U.S. never touched.
      One would think despite decades of Ankara basically being in Washington’s back pocket through thick and thin including the Turks and Saudis being the front for 1990s-2000s terrorism in Russia itself that the non-Erdogan Turks will recognize a losing hand. That is, they will understand that a Kurdish insurgency aided by Iran that includes Russian weaponry will be a total nightmare and can destroy their already sagging economy. And that proxy wars which start and seem so clever in the beginning have a way of turning into two way streets, what with Saudi soldiers dying daily under Houthi and local tribesmen’s fire on Saudi soil and there being plenty of Kurds willing to kill Turkish soldiers on Turkish soil. The dead don’t care about revenge as James Bond said but that doesn’t mean if Turkey fails to back off that some of the SAA they killed won’t be avenged one Hezbollah or Kurdish-fired Kornet frying a Turkish army tank or blockpost at a time…
      The Turks are tolerant of casualties, but only up to a point. And they are not known for being stupid and blind to the fact that Washington wouldn’t mind fighting Assad and the Kurds to the last Turk, in order to pick up the pieces of a partitioned Turkey later on down the line (particularly if a Golden Dawn influenced government were to actually come to power in Greece — the Empire of Chaos doesn’t care who comes to power as long as they serve its agenda of mega-destabilization!).
      The opportunity that Erdogan is throwing away in the form of Turkey being THE key bridge between the Mideast and Europe along the New Silk Road and host to Turkstream revenues is staggering. But what else to expect from a neo-Ottoman Muslim Brotherhood plant who has happily worked with Masonic/Illuminist influenced Grey Wolves Gladio Turko-Nazis against Russia. Hopefully we will see the Erdogan problem solved soon by the usual suspects — the Turkish Army — getting some backbone and throwing the neo-Ottoman MBO bastard out and then turning to the Russians and Chinese when Washington decries the coup, like Sisi did in Egypt. The alternative is a bloody Kurdish insurgency and economic ruin as payback for Erdogan betraying everyone, including all secular and rational Turks who don’t want to bleed or die for the globalists.
      Erdogan did come to the opening of the grand cathedral mosque in Moscow so I wonder if messages were conveyed to him on the sidelines of that event not to get in the way of Russia/SAA and Iran cleaning up the ISIS mess he helped make.


      • OTOH Russia understands there will be no easy victories nor will Assad’s forces regain full control over the entire country (not possible so long as Turkey and Jordan keep supporting the insurgents), they are simply trying to help the SAA get in a stronger and more secure negotiation position vis a vis the final partition peace settlement which will carve up Syria Yugoslavia style while hopefully leaving Assad in control of the most strategic real estate (and those offshore gas reserves).
        A ‘peace plan’ along those lines is likely what Putin was discussing with the foreign ministers and top princes from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran at the MAKS Air Show in late August. The Iranians want to keep ‘their’ and Assad’s zones, and leave the Sunnis without the offshore gas and with the least agriculturally productive land in the country save for perhaps a short strip along the Euphrates, though ideally the worst Takfiris and Daesh should be driven out of those lands as well while caught between the SAA hammer and the Iraqi Army anvil.
        Keep in mind Assad controls less than a third of Syria’s territory but nearly a two-thirds majority of the population with so many productive people fleeing the ISIS-held areas for government-controlled zones or neighboring Lebanon. Most of the territory Daesh/ISIS control is desert except for the upper Euphrates valley near their sponsor Turkey’s border.
        The Soviets also were fighting basically alone with their Afghan proxies whereas there have been a lot of hints dropped lately in the Russian press at least that China could also send some special forces to the fight to take out the Uigyhir and Turkic jihadists that Uncle Erdogan has been funding to terrorize Chinese citizens in Thailand and East Turkistan (Chinese territory). Overall Russia has barely begun to fight and is doing everything possible as in Donbass to put the bleeding on the shoulders of its local allies rather than engage directly. Hopefully they will be able to continue that pattern and not get bogged down in what the Empire desperately hopes will be a quagmire for Russia.
        SOF may find these pieces interesting reading regarding the nature of the fighting (the ‘fronts’ and loyalties of local emirs/sheikhs are far more fluid than advertised, as in many Mideast conflicts). Also in the third article an interesting detail that in August 2013 the U.S. actually fired a couple of Tomahawks at Damascus which were shot down by Russian SAMs, whether on or offshore on their cruiser or guided missile destroyer/s I don’t know:


      • When we are fully back we also expect to produce a series of quick hit analyses, rather than our usual 3,000-5,000 word outputs 🙂
        Hopefully we’ll be back on the radio with the Guerrilla soon in October too.
        Reading the comments from AMERICANS (who the idiots tell us are all Putin’s St. Petersburg trolls magically mastering U.S. slang and spoofing USA IP addresses) under many articles demanding why Obummer isn’t laying waste to Daesh but Putin is doing it instead has been…interesting to behold. WG’s latest which I wasn’t able to read yet in its entirety illustrated the cognitive dissonance a typical Fox News watching Obama-loathing conservative who believes the propaganda that evil Vlad is reconstituting the Soviet Empire worldwide must feel at these developments. Even more hilarious is the utter silence of the neocons and fanatical Russophobes I sometimes skim on Twitter regarding Bibi bringing his top commanders to Moscow for consultations on how the Israeli Air Force can avoid having their F-16s and -15s shot down by Putin’s S300-400s at Latakia.
        PS if team neocon starts openly rooting for Al-Nusra or ISIS to kill Russians in Syria on Twitter and other social media, do we get to report them to FBI as possible material sponsors of terrorism? Would be interesting to hoist these NWO minions by their own petard…


      • Mytle – 2015/09/24 at 8:43 pm yes it’s amazing that the CFR globalist mouthpieces actually expected Russia and China to keep tolerating Uncle Sam’s ‘pretend to actually fight ISIS while launching thousands of rock bouncing, hit nothing of importance air strikes in the desert’ game indefinitely. And that they readily admit Putin is calling their bluff and labeling the U.S. as a malingerer in the fight vs. Daesh. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul was bemoaning how many Russians believe the U.S. is secretly behind ISIS on Twitter today. One wonders if McFaul really is that naive or if it’s an act.


      • For ‘W’ and those others who lurk or comment here interested in spooks/spycraft, the guest of honor on tonight’s First Channel/Rossiya show ‘Efir’ was 90th birthday celebrating retired Maj. Gen. Yuriy Drozdov, a legend who ran the KGB’s ‘illegals’ (no diplomatic cover) directorate S station in Washington D.C. for years before helping Andropov found the Vympel spetsnaz unit that fought in Afghanistan.
        More on Drozdov and what he did here:
        The program definitely had a ‘rah rah KGB/spetsnaz’ feel to it as these men’s successors in GRU spetsnaz head into battle alongside their Chinese allies against ISIS/Daesh in Syria. No doubt tonight’s show will be watched at Langley’s Russia section too.


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