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10 thoughts on “Guerrilla Radio 8/28 w Jeff Berwick Leave a comment

  1. I have read Jeff’s email newsletters for a number of years, and he is a great writer, one of the most entertaining in the business certainly, and I agree with most of what he says in terms of current events and economics.
    HOWEVER, I do feel people should be warned if they are looking for using TDV services. V, remember when you shot me that email about an internet site offering the fraudulent Paraguayan citizenship two years ago and asking if it was legit? Well, guess who else was running one of those scams. In fact, I believe even mentioned Berwick by name on one of those first calls we had where I was talking about how a lot of expats were being ripped off by people claiming they could LEGALLY get a Paraguayan passport without living in Paraguay for 9 months out of the year for 3 years. I think I even mentioned Betina by name as someone who was known as the best in terms of getting a residency (which I assume was legit because residency is so easy to get here; i used someone else and got it in 3 weeks, and I knew satisfied customers of Bettina’s who used her directly and loved her) but also mentioned I would not touch her passport services with a ten foot pole because they had to be illegal (people were being told they could get in well less than three years; not possible under the Constitution under normal circumstances – I do believe there is one exception for Mennonites). As I think I also told you at the time, I was not happy that local attorneys either who were not telling people they could no longer get a LEGAL citizenship without living here when doing residency paperwork (which is the main reason most westerners want PY residency, unfortunately) either; you should have seen the looks on some of their faces when I was the one who informed them, once in the presence of the attorney who confirmed I was right – talk about an awkward moment, it was some guy from UAE who only wanted the residency for the better passport who just went through the process with the attorney.
    Now it is one thing for Berwick to charge expats an order of magnitude above the market price for getting someone a residency, which I think is can be considered fine if you can find the suckers to pay it (they just might be upset when running into expats later who mostly paid legal fees of only $1000-$2,000, including Europeans who used Betina directly!) – that can just be considered playing to the high end of the market.
    But it is quite another to be offering someone passports which anyone who has read the supreme court ruling from 2012 knows have to be illegal. THAT is potentially putting clients at risk if they attempt to travel with an ill gotten travel document! Nearly anyone paying attention in Paraguay knew promises of getting a passport otherwise could not be done without some type of fraud, although until they were caught last year I thought it was just the standard bribery and without fake documents involved. Whether Jeff pawns this off on Ken Johnson or not, like he did with the Galt’s Gulch Chile fiasco, I do not see how ANYONE could be doing business in PY without knowing about the 2012 decision saying that foreigners could not get a citizenship without living here. I was not an even an expert with “boots on the ground” and even I figured that out in doing my due diligence on the country before stepping foot here. I even put in a message on a contact form in the fall of 2012 to highlight the fact that information in one of Jeff’s emails regarding Paraguay and it was completely wrong as of 2012 (at that point after I just arrived in PY, I naively figured they had not gotten an update). Yet TDV never changed their website about PY citizenship until after Betina was caught, when PY came down as an option almost immediately. Anyway the background is here is pretty common knowledge in the expat community in PY since most everyone goes through the residency process and compares notes on who they used for the process, what they were charged, and what their faciliator did or did not tell them.
    For those that do not believe me: (can use Google Translate if you do not speak Spanish)
    You will also find comments in these articles if you search for Berwick’s name:
    Then there was the aforementioned Galt’s Gulch Chile, which I assume you probably heard of V since you were doing due diligence in that country. I know Berwick tried to pass this off as one person’s fault, and that person might have been a total scumbag, but at the end of the day it is really hard to remove him from responsibility totally. This has best been written about elsewhere:
    Best quote from the first article:
    “He’s a fantasy writer, nothing more. He writes about the fantasy of being a badass anarcho-capitalist. It took me a while to realize what big crooks they (Berwick and Johnson) were, but they rubbed elbows with so many people I trusted and respected. Hell, now, whenever anyone I listen to or respect interviews Berwick, I feel my gut drop.”
    — Former TDV consultant who “Narrowly escaped involvement with GGC”
    A good point from the article is why on earth did Jeff not warn the world to stay away when it knew it started to go south? Would there not be an ethical duty to do so since he was promoting it aggressively earlier? To just say that he figured people got the message because he stopped mentioning it? If your last statement about the project was an ENDORSEMENT and then you know it is going south, you have a moral RESPONSIBILITY to make that known so no more suckers get in on the deal based on your recommendation. The original investors might be pissed at your for doing so, but because in my experience, these situations never end well anyway and those same investors will rightly be upset.
    HERE IS THE THING. I think a lot of people will too quickly trust those who say things they agree with. I love Jeff Berwick’s writings, and I love what Sean David Morton says about the elite, but I would not trust either one of them with a thin dime based on what I know right now. I made that mistake with Sean once, thinking if he is talking bad about these elite people, he must be trust worthy and that he had a reputation to protect so he would try to do things on the up and up. I am sure people investing in Galt’s Gulch Chile and TDV passports thought the same thing. I am even starting to wonder if there is not some cottage industry of people writing against the New World Order, just to take advantage of them; or maybe it is just sheer greed.
    Anyone who is making any important investment or relocation decision, make sure you do your background checks first prior to doing anything. Also talk with competitors before giving anyone a dime. Do not assume that because they talk the talk of freedom they are good guys. Take this from someone who made this mistake more than once in my life (heck as recently as going to Hong Kong last year and paying two difference lying “consultants” who claimed they could get me a bank account in Hong Kong despite FATCA; the only honest one I met was a guy who said he would not take my money because it was impossible).


  2. Watching this map of live/ongoing cyberattacks going on, a pattern emerges where servers located in Kirksville and St Louis of the state of Missouri are the most heavily targeted by the Chinese and Malaysians at time of posting:
    I wonder if anyone here knows the importance of St Louis/Kirksville based servers.


    • Soldier,
      RE: Norse
      Here is a portion of my post on Ken’s July 10, 2015 article:
      An update on the Norse Live Hack Map: I spoke with two different reps to get an interpretation. He/She stated that what is shown just gives a small representation of what is available. The various streaming colors represent different types of attacks. The various expanding circles represent various impact and/or defensive rings. The service ain’t cheap either. Starting at $100K/year with a la carte add ons and customizations. St. Louis is shown because Norse Corp began there and maintains an admin office in the city. Norse HQ is in San Mateo, CA. And lastly, I asked about that suspicious location 300 miles South of Ghana listed as Mil/Gov in Attack Origins/Attack Targets that seems to garner a lot of attention. Here is one of the replies:
      “I got a hold of my sales director who gave me some insight into the spot in the Atlantic Ocean about which you were inquiring. Apparently the government contacted Norse and requested we do not identify where Mil/Gov attacks are originating from nor where they are going, so we send all of that data to this area on the map as a compromise. I had no idea! I hope this helps. Let me know if you hear back from the other gentleman you spoke with and if they have any additional insight.”
      The Norse location South of Ghana represents the 0′ Lat 0′ Long that Norse uses as a default setting for the Mil/Gov. Hope this helps.


  3. Singapore might be way better than the US, but it has a lot of western influence in the finances and they still put out a lot of the false information copy pasted from the US. While the government has made moves to join the AIIB, a lot of the general population are still ignorant of the difference between real money (Gold and Silver) and fiat currency.
    Singapore has increased its fiat currency supply and this has contributed to the increase in prices. The insane construction boom is a sign that the Singapore economy is weakening and this is a desperate injection.
    Singapore is a great place if you are a billionaire. If you are a wage slave barely making by, the quality of life would still be way better than in any city in America, taxes aren’t as bad, plus no taxes on Precious Metals, but forget about Starbucks and restaurants. You will be someone walking past the gilded restaurant windows looking in. Food is great, but get used to 100% humidity with close to 90 deg F weather.
    ‘When you are born into this world, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America, you get the front row seats.’ – George Carlin
    It does feel like I am from another planet when waking others up. Not enough are waking up in enough numbers at this point. I would recommend taking Dr Jim Willie’s advice that trying to wake up 5 out of 100 sheeple has a very low cost-benefit. However I would recommend telling people at least once so that they can’t say later they weren’t warned.


  4. God has blessed me with the finances to buy our family’s Passports and plane tickets for December 7th for Panama. We will land and hit the ground running for I will only have a few thousand on my person. We are in massive prayer and belief for divine intervention from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for me to get a job and we are in prayer that my job will sponsor us to become permanent residents in Panama. This may seem a bit dangerous but staying in America will be even more dangerous. Rogue money family please pray for us for we are not scared to do this. Amen?
    P.S. if you know anyone that’s hiring, E-mail me at


  5. Well my iPhone got baptized in water and after 24 hours of no rogue money or drudge or Facebook. & Twitter I’ve come to realize the weapon iPhone truly is collectively and I had to pause this morning to relinquish my anger in exchange for rememberance of the fallen but not forgotten victims of 9/11. I thought to myself how truly sad it is to be mad about an electronic gadget vs the anger of families that really lost something that day. Shame on me but I’m 22 and this is what my generation has been turned into. Great show however I enjoyed the conversation and reality brought to bare.


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