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10 thoughts on “Guerrilla Radio 9/11 w/ Team RogueMoney & “W” Leave a comment

  1. It is always an honor to be on at the same time as these guys, but “The Guerrilla” is right I need to get skype to see if my voice comes in clearer. But, that being said, one thing that was not clear at the 22:13 mark is when I said the fund managers have to operate within a paper world due to & this is the word that wasn’t clear…PROSPECTUS….if these fund managers deviate from that they will be sued, and sent bankster nail guns & ropes in this environment. The primary retail world for the average US SixPack is via a retirement mutual fund portfolio, and that is confined to a paper world of investments for the most part. So if the FED unloads a rate increase the algos could blow the fund boys (particularly the massive retirement type funds that can’t move quickly) who are stuck in a paper prospectus world out of the water…….This could be wild with the addition of some outside HFT actions….
    Paper confinement for the fund managers via their paper constrictions in the prospectus is literally a hang man’s noose for the retirement retail world.
    Wolf Gray


  2. Interesting insight into Apple. Apple’s methods of forcing consumers to conform to its creations is the key to explain the typical cult-like following with that weird light in their eyes, just like New Age fools. Heck Apple and New Age fools and ‘liberal trendies’ that Alex Jones love to blast on tend to share the same circles.


    • It’s true Apple seems to be favored by leftists and artsy types, as if it’s somehow rebellious or anti-corporate, even with the spate of worked-to-death Foxconn scandals that Apple didn’t give a shit about until it was made public. Fits with the leftists’ cultish personalities.


  3. Also, best show so far involving Team RogueMoney. James the Russian Analyst’s views would have been a great add on since much was talked about Russia.
    Mr Wolf Gray, awesome wry humor from start to finish.


  4. Gentlemen …. Great round table think tankin! Also thank you for posting this earlier so we can revisit. God Bless you all, family and loved ones as you bless us with your work.


  5. When the West collapses financially and the dollar is no longer the reserve currency, do the “banksters” (Rothschild,etc) still control everything even if China and Russia are the major players? The current people at the top are still at the top, right?


  6. Great show! Just one Russian Analyst away from a “perfect” show. I’m having a hard time understanding a word that W used at this point 30:22-31 “Who is really the mind behind this administration? It’s _________”. If anyone can figure it out, can you please post it. I must have listened 20 times. Thanks so much!


  7. Here’s another perspective from David Bay at Cuttingedge ( former military intel analyst). I don’t agree with David’s eschatology, but he has had many interesting insights over the years. :
    Might America and Russia go to battle over Syria?
    No, they will not, because Revelation 17:12-13, and 17 means what it says. Listen again:
    “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind …. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, (act in harmony) and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”
    President Obama is de facto ruler of Supernation #1 (North American Union) while President Putin is de facto leader of Supernation #5 (Russia and Eastern Europe). This reality means they ” have one mind” toward their three main goals:
    1) They are equally committed to reorganizing the nations of the world into the prophesied 10 Supernations (Daniel 7:7-8, 2:40-44, and Revelation 17:12-17)
    2) They are equally committed to overthrowing entrenched dictators throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa (Supernation #7).
    3) They are equally committed to overthrowing Syrian President Assad.
    Until 3 months ago, the two Syrian rebel groups fighting Assad seemed on the verge of defeating him on the field of battle and ousting him from office. This task has proven difficult because Assad built the Syrian military so that it could stand against the mighty Israeli Defense Force in all-out war. While Syrian forces are not capable of defeating the IDF, the fact that they were built to do so means that against a rebel force, they are very tough.
    But, suddenly, Syrian forces began to score victory against the rebels. Just a couple of weeks ago, some news analysts were wondering out loud if Assad might win this war and retain his power. This result is NOT what the Illuminati wanted, as a strong dictator Assad would never agree to surrender his national sovereignty.
    Therefore, the Russians abruptly intervened. But, they were not in Syria to prop up President Assad, but to keep him from defeating the rebel groups before a political solution could be agreed upon. Soon, you will hear that the Russians will guarantee the safety of Assad and his subordinate leaders, and their families, as the West finally removes Assad from power.
    Then, the new Syrian government will NOT oppose the imposition of political will from Supernation #7.
    This is not necessarily contrary to what was said on the broadcast, but could add another angle to it.
    Too bad W doesn’t participate in writing on this forum. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on this.
    David Bay has had numerous insights into school shootings and many other events that have taken place in the society. He is not a financial person so he might not completely understand that piece. He does think outside the box.


  8. p.s. Ken’s comments on the timing of the refugee crisis in EU were right on. There is definitely chaos, but it is managed chaos. The irony is that it’s not just Syrians going to EU, but Afghanis and Pakistanis, which should raise the $50,000 question, why now?


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