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Bitcoin/blockchain technology could become the currency of the new world order

There is an old saying in society that goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.  But an even greater axiom takes that adage and expands it to become, if you can’t beat them, join them, and then take them over.
It is this expanded axiom that is quickly being manifest in the banking industry as after three years of trying to destroy the concepts of bitcoin and crypto-currencies, the blockchain technology that underlies these alternative forms of money is being seriously looked at as a means to bring all money under one digital roof, and help usher in absolute control which the New World Order advocates have sought since the days of the discovery of the New World.

Bank of England Chief Economist: Blockchain-based Digital Currency Issued by Central Banks Could Replace Cash

In a speech given last week by Andrew Haldane, who is a Bank of England economist,  the analyst spoke on the faltering monetary system that is based on central bank control over cash and other monetary policies tied to physical money, and suggested that the success of Bitcoin as a digital currency via the blockchain is something that could be used to not only fully integrate the global financial system, but also allow central banks infinite power to regulate the value of money through interest rates tied directly to a digital currency.

In a talk given at the Portadown Chamber of Commerce in Northern Ireland on September 18, Andrew G Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England (BoE), has hinted at the possibility that the U.K. government might issue a digital currency. Though the disclaimer “The views are not necessarily those of the Bank of England or the Monetary Policy Committee” ensures plausible deniability, Haldane’s talk seems to indicate that the BoE is at least seriously considering the possibility.

Haldane focuses on the inability of central banks to set negative interest rates to stimulate economic growth, which hinders the effectiveness of monetary policy and is known as the Zero Lower Bound (ZLB) problem.

“A central bank cannot reduce nominal interest rates below zero,” explained a 2014IMF working paper cited by Haldane. “This constraint arises from the existence of an asset, cash, with a guaranteed return of zero. A negative interest rate would mean that someone lends $100 and receives less than $100 in the future. Such a loan would never occur, because the lender could do better by putting cash in a safe deposit box.”

Therefore, Haldane suggests looking for technological means for implementing a negative interest rate on physical currency. More than a century ago, German economist Silvio Gesell proposed a stamp tax on currency to generate a negative interest rate. Modern variants of the stamp tax on currency have been proposed – for example, by randomly invalidating banknotes by serial number.

Another possibility is to abolish paper currency, which would also represent a way to fight criminal activities that rely on cash exchange.

Yet another possibility would be to issue government-backed currency in an electronic rather than paper form.

Interesting to note that both bankers and government officials ALWAYS tie their tracking of money to assumed criminal activities by common citizens, and never in regards of their own fraudulent and criminals schemes because doing so is would result in the destruction of confidence in both money, and their own policies.

Blythe Masters – Scapegoat or Pioneer for next New World Order system

The real purpose behind Bitcoin and Blockchain technology was to create a DE-CENTRALIZED system by which people could conduct commerce in a currency that was outside the control of banks, and government agencies.  But when the former Metals Chief (manipulator) for J.P. Morgan Chase left the bank early last year, many thought she was being used as a scapegoat for several of the dozen or so frauds and crimes that J.P. Morgan was fined for over the past five years.  However, with her creation of a new Blockchain technology company called Digital Asset Holdings, it appears now that she was directed by someone within the elite to harness the power of blockchain technology and see how it could be integrated into the formation of a complete digital monetary system that would be compatible with every bank, and eventually lead to a singular global digital currency.

Blythe Masters is talking her book in a cover story for Bloomberg’s magazine. She’s CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a New York tech start-up she’s promoting blockchain, the digital ledger software code that powers bitcoin. Masters says the software will enable banks, investors, and other market players to use blockchain technology to change the way they trade loans, bonds, and other assets. The report says Masters is a “financial engineer” who helped create the credit-default swap market, which peaked at $58 trillion, in notional terms, in 2007 but was blamed by many for exacerbating the damage done by the subprime mortgage crash in 2008.

Not everyone’s a fan of the development. Jon Matonis, a founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation, a Washington group that promotes the cryptocurrency, told Bloomberg a private blockchain run by banks could end up as just “another cartel” and function as poorly as the payments consortium. Masters was also recently named chairman of Santander Consumer USA Holdings SC, -0.93%  , the subprime auto lender controlled by Spain’s Banco Santander that faces scrutiny by U.S. regulators.


People continually ask economists and other analysts for exact dates for when the next crisis or paradigm shift will take place, but this is not what economists do.  Instead it is our job to read the signposts and attempt to put together all the pieces of a puzzle so that investors, businesses, and even Joe Six Pack can take this information and make decisions and choices to protect themselves from what is coming, and what the future might look like.  And with multiple banking cartel agents a this very moment in time calling for an end to cash, and a move towards a completely digital currency that the central banks can not only better use their monetary policies of QE and interest rate manipulations on, but as a result help remove one of the most important freedoms to mankind out of the hands of the people, and be able to control every aspect of your lives through the absolute control of money.

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  1. Thank you for that article Kenneth. Very infomative. I have not been keeping up with the goings-on in the Bitcoin world. I think you are absolutely correct and your last paragraph sums it up perfectly about the avaricious banking PTB and their ilk. As I responded to one of Wolf’s articles, I’m preparing, storing, and stackin’ and now, upon reading your article, will have to also keep up with the tracking plans of the NWO Bit by Bit… 🙂


  2. It appears the RM team is truly on their A-game as it was advised to do so, not long ago.One of Wolfs comments on his latest article said he believes we’re currently in one big, long, slow False Flag event with distractions inbetween”.. This comment has been stuck in my head all day and certainly is appearing to be the case & makes total sense with everything upside down the way it is these days.
    I have 2 questions/points:
    1) is it possible that the possible upcoming domestic currency could be a digital currency with the “red bills” somehow embedded with tech to alter their value on a whim/day-to-day basis and tracking?
    2)is it silly to think that the plan for the eventual New World Order existed before Americas founding and that was our purpose from the start, or were our founding fathers against the plan?


    • Let me see if I can answer this to some capacity.
      1. Remember… the world is being torn between two agendas and two possibilities which come from the West and the East. The West wants to continue the status quo (SDR replacing the dollar), while the East wants a return to the gold standard and no formal reserve currency (bi-lateral trade). And since the biggest fear for bankers is people taking their ball and going home (keeping money outside the bank and paper system), forcing a move to all digital is a way to eliminate this major threat.
      2. Read up on Francis Bacon and the agenda to make America the new Atlantis. (circa 1626)


      • I’d like to suggest a third–those that do not wnat to operate in either and are forming their own subculture. Such as the current crypto crowd. the chart above allows people to conduct their own ‘legal’ transactions without any oversight or rubber stamp from gov’t bureaucracies.


      • Hi Ken,
        Isn’t the problem though that if the financial world splits into two, say the western largely unbacked digital currencies v potentially the gold backed currencies of the east (China, Russia etc), you could well cause a mass panic out of the worthless western digital currencies into these eastern gold backed currencies. This could well lead to hyperinflation in the west. This time the speed of devaluation of these western currencies would not be limited by the printing press but could occur at the click of a mouse as investors flee to the gold backed Yuan or Ruble. Surely for this to have any chance of succeeding, the different digital currencies would have to be introduced globally all at once with the full agreement of the US, Europe, Japan, China, Russia etc. and I just don’t see this happening, unless we have another world war first.


      • I agree… and to the point of my last paragraph in the article, no one can predict the date of what is coming with any specificity, but instead lay out the signposts and predict an inevitable, and more often than not, outcome.


  3. TPTSB (The powers that shouldn’t be) cannot take over Bitcoin per se, because by it’s nature it is decentralized. There is no means to control it. But they can adopt the technology for their own currency, possibly. Other people have developed other crypto currencies using blockchain technology, there are dozens out there now, but none are centralized,
    Max Keiser does a lot of work with cryptocurrency and has spoken extensively about it on his show and has several projects oriented around it.


  4. Ken,I haven’t trusted Bitcoin from the beginning and thought it was some kind of beta test for cashless economy regardless of the propaganda. Though we are led to believe it is decentralized and cannot be controlled my guess is that technology is such that the powers that control the world-wide web can control it.
    There has been talk of internet being controlled at a UN level. How very convenient and now Zuckerberg and Bono want to connect the world. How very benevolent of them…

    Bono is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and don’t let the title fool you. Goodwill is all part of Alice Bailey’s plan to dupe the world into their demonically inspired luciferian agenda. People in these positions can be acting consciously of their role in the agenda or not. She outlined this in her book “Externalization of the Hierarchy”. The book is truly demonically inspired and I don’t recommend getting it. It was so awful I threw it out.
    By the way, in addition to all this New Age push to unite everyone in false peace ( the Pope did a phenomenal job on his visit) Steve Greer of the disclosure movement has just revealed to European government officials including the Vatican, the Royal Family that the French military wants to work on making contact with the ETs. Steve does this by gathering a bunch of New Agers and doing all kinds of Hindu meditation ( Vedic blah, blah, blah) One of the films he showed had a ribbon of light which contained a serpent-like figure wrapping itself around the body of a woman with the serpent part on her head. I believe in Hinduism this is called opening up third-eye consciousness ( think the all-seeing eye). Alice Bailey channeled the “Ascended Masters” as did Helena Blavatsky, who inspired Hitler to do his evil deeds.
    This New Age garbage which includes “mother earth worship” is the foundational doctrine of the UN and the basis of the New World Religion. Steve said that when disclosure is made to the world, all the religions will disappear and people will believe in this new reality. Steve goes to all these very spiritually charged places where there are open doors to channel demons and is not making contact with visitors from other planets, but rather demonic entities. People can argue whether these are fallen angels, demons, etc.but this is exactly what Yeshua meant when he said in the last days it will be like the days of Noah. Steve’s “disclosure” happened during this very spiritually charged period of Shemitah and blood moons etc.
    As for the East vs. West all I can say is thesis-anti-thesis-synthesis. At the end of the day, our systems are too inter-dependent to really have a winner and I think this is by design. I think the plan is to scare the daylights out of everyone and destroy the existing order and when things are really a freaking mess to offer the only solution that they have up their sleeves , “make everyone a bunch of zombies”.
    All I can say is don’t drink the Kool-aid and be prepared physically, mentally and above all spiritually for this coming deception.


    • Actually I fully believe Bitcoin is legit. I have seen the protocol. Absent the NSA having a quantum computer it represents a real challenge for them. Banks probably see the handwriting on the wall in terms of use of blockchain technologies to kill their fees and are playing catch up trying to offer their own alternative. I doubt that will work because the people using bitcoin are not going to be fooled into an alternate system. They are using bitcoin for a reason. There are some protocols that even bypass the DNS system anticipating that there might be an effort to censor the internet at that level. Ultimately they will have to practically shut the internet down to kill bitcoin because you can usually use proxies to get around hard IP blocks. This level of censorship in western nations would “hopefully” lead to some type of backlash.
      But they do not need blockchain technology to implement the mark of the beast type system. I think that is what most people dis-trusting bitcoin assume. That system already exists. The money is already in artificial 1s and 0s at SWIFT. Under the KISS principle it would be easier to implement negative interest rates through that system without the complications of using the blockchain. The only reason for the blockchain technology is to prevent central bankers from mucking with the system; if they implement one without those controls it is pointless.
      Finally, I think we are a LONG way from negative interest rates. It is just an elite pipedream. If they even ATTEMPTED it bitcoin would go through the roof as well as gold silver and everything tangible. As I think Zero Hedge pointed out correctly, it could literally be the central bank move that destroys the fiat regime as people understand depreciating cash in nominal terms more than they understand ZIRP. Also outside of the west in third world countries eliminating cash is not happening any time soon. Banks in Paraguay for instance make it hard for even normal people to open checking accounts. I have a Canadian friend who came down here and could not get an account for his business down here as they have insane restrictions on who they give checking accounts to here. Literally this country runs on cash, and the retarded banking system here is promoting it. My friend was complaining about it; I love it, because the harder they make it for normal people to get checking accounts and credit cards (50%+ interest here), the longer it will take to get to a cashless society here. I imagine it is the same in other third world countries. You will also find if marketing online to Latin American countries they are MUCH MUCH more hesitant to buy online. You probably have at least a number of decades I think before they could be in a position to do something like a negative interest rate system as the infrastructure to do cashless just does not exist globally yet.
      Trust me, the elite do NOT like Bitcoin as it is the most disruptive technology that could destroy their central planning schemes. It is the digital version of cash. The very fact that a fiat currency not backed by government can be worth $230 per coin (which modern economists would probably tell you was impossible prior to bitcoin) tells you how much there are critical number of people who want to bypass the current financial system. If bitcoin ever meant mainstream – which probably will not happen as the elite have every incentive to do mass PR against it- the price would probably be $100,000 to $1,000,000 per coin or more. If they did implement decaying cash value then the odds of this happening would go through the roof.


      • WM,
        Excellent description of the ‘third’ group I described above of those working outside both systems. Bitcoin was a brilliant grassroots level bypass that, along with gold and silver, added to the options of financial and political independence.
        While most of the talk here at RM is about whether the ‘Eastern’ school or ‘Western’ school will prevail when the dust settles, I believe it is the 3rd group of outcasts, rebels and rogues that will. At a minimum they will have an important role in the economic rebuild and political recovery in the West. Undoubtedly.


      • Whitemountain,Interesting perspective. I’m guessing if anyone has quantum computing, it would be NSA. Actually one of their high-level psyops guys was openly Satanist.
        Bitcoin still seems like some kind of beta test. I didn’t say it is the “Mark” system. The mark system will have to be physically invasive and the selling point would be no terrorism, no identity theft, no theft period.
        I had the same conversation before reading your remarks about another third world country where people I know operate mostly in cash. No one leaves their money in the bank, so I’m sure that is quite common in various places in the world, or small villages where people are much more traditional. For the NWO order system to come in, the old one must be destroyed and when things get desperate enough people will accept anything.. Starvation is probably one way of getting people to do what they normally wouldn’t.
        There are people who will resist the mark, otherwise we would all perish. We are probably a few years off from seeing this system implemented.
        I also heard that Obamacare had chip technology buried in the huge document.
        Tommy Thompson the Sec. of Health and Human Services under Bush spent 150 million studying RFID technology for Verichip at the time, as a way to store medical records. He went on to work for them when he left office. No conflict of interest there..
        Those who are awake whenever the system is rolled out will have the wisdom to not buy into the system regardless of the cost.


      • If anyone did have quantum computing, it would be the NSA…but I am highly doubtful they are there yet. There are certain technical difficulties that make quantum computers very difficult to scale. The good news is that even if quantum computing exists, bitcoin is still somewhat resistant to it since all public keys are hashed prior to transmission. Quantum computers still cannot solve hashes in polynomial time. So they would literally have to intercept every message and solve in real time before a transaction gets to the network; theoretically possible, but highly unlikely as even with a quantum computer exercising Shor’s algorithm will take some time.
        I would also note that the idea of a New World Order existing everywhere is still open to debate. People take certain passages too far in hyperliteral translation outside of context. For example “causeth every man to take the mark” in the most literal sense means EVERYONE takes the mark. Obviously that is not true because the bible also states that some people do not take it. So obviously the use of the word “every” (remember this is also translated so full meaning probably not even conveighed) can mean just about everyone but not all in this respect. The same can be assumed for the New World Order – I believe it will likely control MOST but not all the nations and peoples. How do we know this? Because even in the judgements occurring at the end of the tribulation you have rebellion against the anti-Christ by an “army from the East” that is not to mention all the wars the antichrist deals with in Daniel. It is my belief that God sets up safe zones for his remnant (probably where he wants people to flee from Mystery Babylon to go…obviously there is a place to be that is NOT appointed to the same judgement to flee) and entire nations could resist the antichrist system.
        The place where I am now fits the bill the best, which is why I chose it. EXTREMELY proud and nationalist population. Paraguay even keeps its native language as an official language alongside Spanish. The country is known for the Triple Alliance was of nearly killing off every male in the country rather than surrender to foreign occupation by Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Then look how bad Bolivia got spanked when they tried to take the Chaco from Paraguay even when it was in the midst of domestic turmoil. The country has little to no debt and is overwhelmingly Christian (albeit Catholic) – literally you have pictures of Jesus on or in most of the buses here and crosses handing from rear view mirrors. The current president made one of the most politically incorrect statements on gay marriage, and the people loved it. Abortion is still completely illegal. They have tried to vote in socialism here in one of the poorest countries in South America, and it fails. The people do not buy into it. They have a long history of accepting victims of Christian persecution into this country, and Mennonites from around the world basically settled the desert region and made it prosperous. The most prominent colony there – Filadelphia – happens to be the name of the community of believers who were kept from the tribultion. Coincidence? Hmm… Attempts to integrate South America into a common market system down here – the Mercosur – have been a disaster as nations still want to control their own trade policies (protectionism luckily is big down here thanks to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay – that prohibits one world integration). And this is a country where it would be very hard to starve everyone out. 9 month growing season, sitting on largest water acquifer in the world, and an exporter of food. You literally have craploads of mangos falling on the streets uneaten in Asuncion in the summer. This country is largely self sufficient on the basic necessities of life – water, food, and power (huge exporter of hydroelectric power). This place is not years away from mark of the beast system, we are talking decades.


  5. I saw on a you tube video where under O’bummer care, we’ll all be required to be chipped by 2017 (mark of the beast – there’s your new world order currency). I’m starting to feel like all my coin acquisitions are merely for artistic value. Oh well, they are beautiful. Recently on one of those talking head shows where most of the pundits were rallying against “the barbarous relic” for a cashless society, they actually brought out some gold and when they thought the cameras were off of them they were oohing and awing over it like kids in a candy store. There is an intrinsic appeal. It’s real – Money. I’m staying away from those pope coins though. Did you see those horns on his shadow during his swearing in ceremony. And remember just before his first election when B O said,”In one week I will change the world”. He wasn’t referring to getting elected, he was referring to the 2520 rule (7 years – a prophetic week). Specifically, September, 23rd, 2015. The Vatican flag flying at the same height next to the U.S. flag as the commie pope and he were announcing such in veiled language… well, you know. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.


  6. Remember, there are no coincidences. American Pharaoh winning the triple crown pointed to you know who (resides at the white house and looks like the ancient pharaoh Akhenaten – …when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it ought naught…). Michelle looks like Akhenaten’s mother queen Tee. The daughters like Akhenaten’s two favorite daughters. And as if that’s not enough, in the role of queen Nefertiti, she sang at his inauguration and he was rumored to be with her in Paris, Beyonce. It’s getting real strange folks.


    • Have you seen the hieroglyph of Akhenaten & Nefertiti decrypted from like 1600 BC that literally tells a story on fallen spirits using Humans!?


      • Michael Tsarion’s video series on Origins and Oracles is highly recommended:
        Part 2 and 3 are also on Youtube.
        Akhenaton and Nefertiti are often portrayed by Zio-controlled History Channel as victims of persecution. In fact they are a warning from history why monotheistic belief systems (like the Abrahamic religions) are responsible for persecution, misery and genocide on the mass population and how this gutted ancient Egypt.
        The last 3 letters of Akhena-ton’s name is now adopted as the suffix in some cities and places that were founded by Satanists to honor their god-father of death and desecration.


  7. You know how the Chinese lunar calendar has an animal to represent each year, such as year of the dog, year of the dragon, year of the horse, etc. Why is it that this year has three different titles (I’ve got the coins): year of the goat, year of the ram, and year of the sheep? It tells me that this was to be a very ambiguous or volatile year as reflected in the markets. So what does year of the monkey hold in store? Well if you’ve been to the zoo and observed something they’re known to do – I think something is about to hit the fan. Oh, and that scripture reference above in the previous post, “When you see… “- I didn’t finish the verse. It concludes with, “…then flee to the mountains”. I guess there’s your plan B (thanks for the info/option V). But I guess most of us are destined to go down on our own turf.


  8. “Fear not”, Jesus said. That’s the caveat. Kind of like “it is written…” For example, whenever I see that bumper sticker “coexist” with all the various religious symbols I think of the verse that says “what fellowship hath righteousness with belial”. You can’t blend it all together. That’s the lukewarm that gets spewed out of His mouth – such as “Chrislalm”. What a crock.


  9. I am playing a wait and see for Bitcoin. There seems to be little agreement with the crypto-currency.
    For any spiritual or religious movement there is a very simple litmus test. Does it use fear and dogma to intimidate, influence or sway your opinion, and insist that you trust a middleman to ‘talk’ to God on your behalf? If so, it is just another satanic cult and you should steer clear of it. This is my experience.
    Its time in this 21st century we find our own relationship with the Universal Intelligence/God without relying on a Cabal run, system controlled religious institution to avoid being swayed and herded down the garden path. The religious institutions are just one of the many arms of the satanic Cabal of control.
    TruNews Interview 21st September 2015 with Rob Kirby starts at 32:30:


  10. Also worth a mention is that Hacktivist group Anonymous is launching Operation Black October (1st-31st October), a campaign to minimize the use of credit and debit cards that pays the banksters for every credit/debit purchase made.


  11. You got that right Soldier about the “Institutions” (whited sepulchers). I was an alter boy as a child, but when I actually started reading the Bible as an adult and came across Paul saying, “I would rather speak 5 words with understanding that 10,000 without understanding” I immediately thought back to mass in Latin (now there’s 10,000 words without understanding). That’s why Jesus said, “Come out of her my children. that ye be not partakers of her plagues”. The Holy Spirit is to be our guide, not some dude in a fish hat.


    • The ‘Holy Spirit’ is the Divine Feminine or Goddess Energy. It represents the feminine energy-spirit of non-aggression, an important component of an enlightened human civilisation that is sorely lacking in war-mongering United States of America and the police state.


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