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Precious Metals…The Silver Lining…!

The Silver Wolf in the picture ties into the headline In this installment, as I want to discuss the last half of the title, “The Silver Lining”I think it’s FUTURE value is trying to hide from all of us!  After some research over the past week, and reviewing my own installment from 01/28/2015, I think my low 4 figure silver predictions (ironically coincides with that of Michael Rosecliff’s predictions) need to be reviewed with the “FUTURE” in mind. I got a feeling I may be way way low at a 1,000 dollar entry level to the FIRST run up. More is likely on the way!  That’s right I think it is going to be the first run up, with an associated head fake to lighten the silver stackers pockets, before an even bigger pricing motivation to follow.

Dam-it Ken, I just realized you beat me to part of my story again (see 10/05/15), but thankfully not all of it. Well done my friend, great minds think alike. And, I am giving kudos in this installment to W as well for a number of reasons.  As always you are ahead of the curve!

Before tackling that, I want to throw my 2 cents into something that has been bugging me, the “What is Russia up to Now???” analysis. Followed by the standard news rants, with some that will eventually tie in nicely with “the soon to be not so poor man’s metal!!!!” I got a feeling it ain’t all about the monetary changes ahead folks, which could be super exciting, if you keep your wits about ya!

Russia, It’s All Business:

Of late some Wolf Pack theorists, have wondered why not in the Ukraine? I wish my buddy the Russian Analyst could shed some light, but my theory is, the “non move” in the Ukraine combined with the “pro-move” in Syria was all business.

Thinking back, I used to love watching Muhammad Ali set up a “Plant your feet flurry with an attached haymaker, at just the right moment”, I think we just witnessed the same from Mr. Putin. An assertive strike within the Ukraine theater of chaos would have been counter productive. Instead “Dance Jab & Move”, don’t engage with any ferocity just yet, let the opposition expose themselves for the entire world to see. If I am right, I think this was a perfect strategy, as the “western media” had made the battle lines hard to distinguish in the Ukraine. But, as we can all see in Syria, it left the western wizards hitting hard at AIR…! Next up, battle lines that are impossible to hide from the “western msm” line of ‘bs’ .

Syria unlike the Ukraine is not so hard to distinguish, time to set the western numb skulls up for a “planting of the feet, & some quality haymakers!” First how about those battle line confusions? What confusions, as stated by Mr. Putin “We are all fighting ISIS!” (paraphrasing)….As we all now know he didn’t just plant his feet & throw jabs he threw perfectly placed knock out blows, courtesy of a captive UN audience. Leaving the western brain trust back-peddling, and truthfully defeated. The question remains, “Why now?

I suspect it’s business. It’s protection of future energy delivery systems that are crucial, it’s permitting a clearer picture for other prime timers, like Saudi Arabia. A clearer picture of what? A view of who the winners will be, and finally it does it with battle lines clearly drawn against an enemy the majority of the 1st thru 3rd worlds love to hate, ISIS & Terror (unlike in the Ukraine)! The lies caught up with the western msm, and the western political elite in the halls of the UN, as Mr. Putin, who had been “dancing & moving”, planted his feet, and threw some “haymakers that landed”.

Outside of the “ref’ officially raising his hand in the center of the ring as the victor, “The throngs in the crowd have now witnessed the winner on the UN floor.” It was just business, waiting for the perfect time to quit dancing & moving, plant the feet & deliver the knock out blow….. “The close of the deal”. Now, I would suspect, the wiser business entities with reasonable business acumen, and some skin in the game are working on the final business “cuts & deals” in rapid fire fashion.

This in my view, was one of the most brilliant “assumed closes” in geopolitical world history. A successful “assumed close”, is extremely rare, and it typically puts the persons being spoken to in the precarious position of only one logical answer, “Yes!”. The perfectly timed “assumed close” makes it impossible for anyone to say “No”, and appear to still have a functioning brain stem.

The real pros in business recognizes when to ask for an opportunity to do business or just assume it, look everyone in the eye, and say, “So when do we get started?” This guy (Putin) looked everyone in the eyes, named the obvious bad guys to boot, and said, “We are doing it, it is the only truthful & moral choice, please join us if you wish!”….in an extraordinary venue & with a perfectly timed “put up or shut up!” Until somebody convinces me otherwise, it was business, perfectly timed, and perfectly played, thanks to an inept opponent.

Moving on to the news:

In this next link it appears Mr. Snyder, like Team RM, and the RM Gang, is growing weary of the in your face stupidity & lies…

How is this next link for on the ground in your face facts that the markets are being propped up…..

Don’t let the above link spook ya though folks, after all what could go wrong with Zero & Yellen at the PERCEIVED helm. After all it is only a 63 billion dollar withdrawal in 3 months!!!!! I probably should shut up on this point, as I have maintained all along, “People like Zero & Yellen are puppets who probably agree with the demise of the country”, and nothing more.  They ain’t got the muscle to pull any strings.

Want more on the ground, in your face, we are screwed stats, check this out from ZeroHedge….

Yea layoffs, nothing puts the economy on a rocket sled to prosperity like high unemployment. Oops I forgot it’s only 5.1%..!

Hey want a stock market to go up? Well like pointed out by Tyler Durden in this ZeroHedge article, nothing moves a market up these days like bad economic news…

In the geopolitical arena, just how many explosions is it now in China? I am losing count now. These guys must have the dumbest safety engineers in world history, since everything is failing all at once. or is it something else? Duh!

Ah, in this next one another “paid off hack” is heard from, Mark Zandi….”The job market is a machine, it’s just pumping out lots of jobs!” folks you can’t make this crap up, check this link out…

I ain’t an economist, but this guy ain’t that stupid, therefore I again submit there is only one conclusion, he is a “paid off hack”..!

Oh no & speaking of “paid off hacks”, this is just terrible news. Jim Cramer is going to quit responding to “twitter trolls”….

We can’t lose Cramer that would be terrible, that might take another 5 or 6 people off the viewership rolls of the 50 or 60 actively viewing CNBC.

Moving closer to the titled story line, here is something from “”

It would appear India by themselves may nearly break the silver market. The chart in the above article from Steve St. Angelo depicting India’s August silver imports vs. the total registered COMEX inventories is an eye opener to say the least. Continuing with the body of research by Mr. St. Angelo check this next one out…

Forget the energy analogies, just the recent (past few years) buying synergies for gold’s little brother, as illustrated from both the east & the west is likely to be enough to make any late arrivers to this party, extremely sad. But, it is something else he harps on, that in a round-about way makes me think my original analysis (monetary demand & subsequent pricing only), and even his may be incomplete with regards to silver’s true investment potential.

This next interview from “Silverdoctors” with Steve St. Angelo woke me up to a unique idea, even though he didn’t mention it, that the value of silver with respect to the “Needs of the World in the Future is Inestimable!” Please note at the 20 minute mark, where Steve points out that his research (note he has a chart service that may well be worthwhile as well) shows that investment demand is what is driving the buying spree, and that industrial demand is on the decline. I suspect that is correct, but I had a Wolf Gray’s sense of smell clue during that segment of the interview, that says FUTURE industrial demand is a possible “below the radar reason” for the investment demand of the big players.  Hello “W” possibly.

In no way do I remotely believe the big players are buying silver for the 100% purpose, of being able to use it as insurance against the fiat collapse, and the luxury of being able to convert it to legal tender to sustain themselves. I firmly believe they got that stuff well covered folks, and besides the insurance dilemma is being satisfied by the yellow metal, gold.  Wolf Gray

Giving some kudos to “W”, and “the buy silver signals or codes”, he received in the early summer of 2014; I suspect the big players he was talking about don’t stock up anything to help them buy their daily needs, they instead jump to the next big “product demand cycle”. One of the premises I have cemented in my head from “The Economic SilverBack”, is the big players get to the financial top of the heap by owning hard assets & future high demand natural resources (paraphrasing).

How about “a current & FUTURE high demand hard asset buttressed with the advantage of also being a FUTURE high demand natural resource.” Might silver soon be mentioned occasionally in the same breath with oil? Enjoy the silver doctors interview with Steve St. Angelo, and then some history……

& THE FUTURE, which is indeed, truly where I believe the elite insiders make their investment marks.  Nearly everything from the alternative media, including my own views, have been based on the gold silver ratio, and the probable near term ramped up monetary demands for silver as compared to the inflated fiat games that are reaching a terminal phase in the face of a decades old PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) silver suppression scheme. For reference here is the link to the RM installment from 01/28/2015, and a pertinent paragraph with respect to my silver analysis, which did not take full measure of the FUTURE….& the obvious NEEDS for silver.

Silver bars & coins, and junk silver will be one of the most profitable free market demand squeezes on a shrinking supply of the last millennia. This is what “W” also mentioned from his insiders, “get in position folks as the horses enter the gates for the race.” This makes perfect sense, as the masses on the outside looking in (post dollar reset) ain’t going to be running to the coin shops to buy up $10,000 gold, it will instead be to obtain silver that may rapidly be approaching 4 figure numbers by then. I said may, but don’t flippantly discount that 4 figure prediction, because if gold hits 10K, and maybe even higher, the “poor man’s gold” might not be poor much longer….01/28/15 installment

Smart Investors & Businessmen Invest for the Future:

Markets price items, “forward”, I have a sneaking suspicion that may be behind the massive buying, “on the cheap”, in the silver market. The stealth pricing forward of some huge, “NON-MONETARY” demand, not widely known. The chance to gain the wisdom of Team Roguemoney & it’s Intelligence Insider ‘sidekick’ “W”, has been enlightening to say the least, and assisted my feeble brain to pound the keys on this installment’s message.

I could be wrong on the next assumption, but I think the monetary value of silver is only the beginning, something bigger is awaiting. Wise people like Steve St. Angelo down play the industrial demand, and while currently true, I think some big players are investing “forward to the future” on some major “NEEDS based productivity changes”.

Item: I truly believed “W’s” silver alert in the summer of 2014, as regards silver being bought up voraciously. It was & it is! I also believe in the wisdom of “The Economic SilverBack” when he says the big players in the financial world invest in real tangible assets for real, that’s real, wealth! Not fiat wealth. Fiat wealth is transitory, and will get recycled from time to time. Connecting the dots here, leads me to the conclusion that the major players do not jump on board a non-fiat item, just because it is “anti-fiat protection”. To quote Mr. Spock, “That doesn’t compute.”

This is just conjecture based on some sound business logic, but I think silver is going to be a major player in the FUTURE of the world, and not just in a monetary role.  Once the possible head fake of a massive monetary inspired run up hits the silver stackers, FINALLY & thankfully, then there just might be an even more profitable secondary business phase to gold’s little brother. So don’t dump everything you’ve got when you are the recipient of some mind boggling silver price jumps, it may just be a little taste of what’s to come. And, a head fake!  Wolf Gray

I really don’t believe major players send out “secret codes” to one another for the monetary value of anything. I mean damn man, they already control it, anway. But, they can’t entirely control the next wave of investment in a “potential primary business driver of the next NEEDS based productivity revolution”,  there are far too many side issues, like mass buying waves by the consumer! So the next best thing is to get out in front of it. Is this a possibility? Answer, “A possibility Yes of course, not a certainty, but a possibility.” But, into what leading new business “world beater”?

So what future item? First some basics, that we all know of as prescribed from some well known experts.

– High level thinkers like “W” + Team RM, Jim Willie, his key contact “The Voice”, Steve St. Angelo, Rob Kirby, Jim Sinclair, Andy Hoffman, Eric Sprott, Mike Maloney, Bill Holter have all stated give extra weighting to silver over gold. Ya think somebody well up the ladder knows something? With the aforementioned hard asset brain trust recommending silver holdings percentages approaching 95% of your total hard monetary asset holdings, YES. BTW, that’s just an abbreviated listing of luminaries.

Why the excitement over silver? Again, somebody well well up the ladder, told them something very valuable or at least believable, or else the future will be host to some awfully dumb looking “hard asset financial experts”.

-The buying of silver has outpaced gold (which has also been dramatic) as so well detailed by Mr. St. Angelo of “”.

Some Past & Future Basics, no experts needed, just facts:

The past…. Photography, computers, & electronic’s manufacturing……… The FUTURE: photography & computers & electronic’s manufacturing again, add to it cell phones, & the latest in batteries, & it’s the best metal thermal & electrical conductor leading to who knows what as that encompasses loads of future industrial needs, & superior reflective uses, & photo voltaic (solar energy), & nanotechnology, & medical uses, & last but in my opinion the winner of this FUTURE uses bonanza……WATER PURIFICATION……WATER PURIFICATION…..WATER PURIFICATION….!

All the above are important, but something about medical NEEDS, and water purification NEEDS hits me square between the eyes. I highlight “NEEDS”, that is where the future is, needs, not wants. Engineering & Productivity increases in the “NEEDS” arena will trump the current & soon to be former, “keep up with the Jone’s WANTS” fads. With water purification & medical NEEDS in mind note the following pdf. from the “” & pay attention to page 29:

Folks I don’t claim to have even scratched the surface of the industrial & most importantly NEEDS motives for silver ownership, which could provide the real run-up in silver that will completely blindside everyone. The impetus could be something not even written or known except by a select few. Like…information on something only an intelligence insider may know. Nice to have one near by, thanks to “The Economic SilverBack”.  Even my own analysis has been stuck in the “monetary ratings game”, and thus not looking into the possibility of … the much much more lucrative “FUTURE NEEDS” based advantages of silver.

The above is speculation with a dose of good ole’ fashion business common sense. But that being said, I don’t think the investment dynamics of the major movers & shakers are motivated by getting in front of the monetary short term needs of the “very very few well informed in the masses”. In fact it could be a near term enriching head fake as a prelude to something really momentous. The Wolf Gray smells, “A Future with a Silver Lining”, that is NEEDS based not just monetary based (even though there is a need there as well). My sense of smell detects a major monetary based move in silver, but what’s cooking thereafter could be revolutionary!

Folks we are being lied to, and “Don’t lie to Me!” I can smell you a hundred miles away!  “Don’t Lie to me!!!!  Even a 15 year old pure genius blues guitarist understands this axiom……..


Sticking with the former 15 year old, but still genius, & fast forward 15 years, the musical genius is still there, and this case yelling some wisdom “Don’t stop just because the elite say the light is Red, “YOU CAN RUN A RED LIGHT..!” Jonny Lang

You can run a red light Give up at a red light You break the mold When running through the tolls Speeding through your whole life…Jonny Lang


Damn I am tiring of these manipulative sob’s!  Ignore their frickin’ red lights, run them now, damn-it!  The biggest damn red lights are in the mind, and these frickin’ arse holes know this, and use it as a mental battering ram!  Wolf Gray

Hard Asset Tip:

Don’t give up your silver immediately on the first price run up, unless you need it for true NEEDS.  Stop, look & listen, I think something much much bigger is in the background.

Get some of those “hand sanitizing wipes”. Power went out briefly last weekend, and I didn’t feel like cranking up the generator, or using the “Flo-jak”, since the power company said the power would be up in a couple hours (it was). But, grilling & eating food with dirty hands (no water due to my laziness) meant the hand wipes were needed. Though they tend to wipe away good bacteria as well as bad, it beats eating with grimy dirty hands. Keep a box or two on hand.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team Rm & the intelligence insider “W”, Steve St. Angelo, ZeroHedge, Mr. Spock, & a whole host of others that contributed to these thoughts…. Jim Willie, his key contact “The Voice”, Steve St. Angelo, Rob Kirby, Jim Sinclair, Andy Hoffman, Eric Sprott, Mike Maloney, Bill Holter have all stated give extra weighting to silver over gold.



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  1. Wolf, I just commented to Kenneth that I think you two are psychically brain fused with your coelescing articles on silver. Many thanks, as always, to you and to all the RM staff for ya’lls ahead of the curve servings of info. I had posted for Kenneth and wanted to post here for you too, and for all RM members, this article I saw recently about 101 uses of silver in everyday life. Thoughts of the Lone Ranger wiggled up to my forebrain as I read both of your articles, and all I can say is
    “Hi Ho Silver!” 🙂


    • Myrna, I promise you Ken & I did not communicate prior to posting our articles. Certain things are starting to stand out to those that pay close attention to these things. Ken’s economics mastery can’t be questioned, and is always worth a detailed review.
      But, this past weekend, I couldn’t get the following out of my mind:
      -Steve St. Angelo’s fine work, noting little if any industrial usage or purchasing of silver of late
      -V’s statement that the really wealthy buy & own hard assets,
      -& finally my personal belief W’s silver predictions didn’t come across the wires specifically for those of us that pay taxes, and were wanting to divest themselves of “Fiat garbage”…oh no it was most likely info for a select grouping that was involving something bigger. Much bigger!
      But, my biggest message is “Run the damned Red Light”, the PPPTB don’t want us going to the other side of the intersection, to hell with those bastards.
      Wolf Gray


  2. Wolf,
    Great article. Why now Syria and not Ukraine? Ukraine was a trap that the cunning Bear smelled a mile away that is collapsing on its own inertia. Syria is going on five years ILLEGAL USSA-led Western FUBAR War OF Terrorism that is now clearly visible for the world to see. The mission creep of the Turkish No-Fly Zones into Northern Syria is a big NO NO in the Bear’s and Dragon’s eyes. China also wants a little payback for that lovely bit of Langley Terrorism and I suspect is behind this current push. Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah, and others will now clean house and show that the Invincible Myth of USSA military supremacy is nothing but a sick joke run by the Loonie Tune factory in DC through a very visible and decisive showing of big Cans-O-Whoop-Arse being opened up on the Langley-led Terrorist and Kabala Lady Boy supporters. Putin has accomplished more against the “ISIS” terrorist in 3 days than the USSA Offensive Contractor’s payola milk train in ONE YEAR. The New Sheriffs also need a little public demonstration of their capabilities for the neighboring nefarious sand rats and USSA caused European refugee receivers to see. This is the “Emperor is Naked moment” and a huge PR nightmare for the cornholios in the Pentagram, Masswipes, Bond wannabes, and Doner Kebab fans. I would expect an acceleration of USD based paper dumping in the very near future and a dissolution of NATO/EU in the medium term and the fall of the House of Saud within 1-2 years. Bye bye Schengen. The pansified delusion was nice while it lasted. Time to go back to your previously idiotic tribal ways. Maybe the residents of the former Hindustan (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan ) can exercise their “Right of Return” to ancient lands in England 🙂 There is an accepted bogus historical precedent. The German Queen of England would look great in a maids uniform.
    I loves me Silver. Here is an article on the Historic Perspective on Clinical Use and Efficacy of Silver:
    I would also like to stress don’t be so concerned about the price in Fiat of Silver/Gold, rather focus on the number of PHYSICAL Silver/Gold Ozs held outside the Banking system in a safe jurisdiction. NO Safe Deposit Banking Boxes. Grow some Long Game Balls and enjoy the ride. Pet rocks kick arse. Got Silver/Gold?
    “Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; and debt is the money of slaves” – Norm Franz


    • SJ, it is literally like watching “Romper Room rejects” vs. a group of business pros. And, I doubt anyone would need a program on “Who is who” in this mismatch. Well I guess I spoke too soon, the sheeple might need a “cell phone app” with the players and their positions, if they can quit taking “selfies” long enough to care.
      Thanks for the “great article” comment, and btw it appears Norm Franz is on to something……
      Wolf Gray


      • Wolf and the RMers,
        You are welcome. I was just thinking about the Future demands for Silver in your article and connected the dots to the Eurasian Land Bridge, otherwise known as the New Silk Road. The demand potential is enormous and will more than offset the demand decline of the saturated impoverished West as peoples standard of living rise by 25+% along the vast web of future rail projects. For example: More refrigerators; more Air Conditioners; people graduating from bicycles to mopeds to motorcycles to cars; etc. These and other industrial, as well as, medical demands will require mucho Silver. Central Banks have some Gold, but they ain’t got no Silver. USSA Silver stockpile is long gone. This is where I see the Econ 101 problem. Mucho demand and limited supply = Much higher Silver prices. Its really that simple. I am not factoring in the Gold Trade Note and its implications for Silver or new technologies.
        How long will it take to reach Silver Nirvana? Provided the Nuclear knuckleheads don’t blow up this spinning blue/green space marble, about 5-10 years. The USGS forecasted peak Silver production by 2020 with possibilities of Silver going extinct. Then with huge and growing demand and a very low supply, Silver prices may be in the nosebleed territory. For you paper watchers, Jim Sinclair called $50k Gold and believes this will be low. If we go to 1:10 Gold/ Silver ratio, then $5k Silver. So stop drooling and dreaming about your future Fantasy Islands stocked with bikini clad ladies and numerous umbrella drinks and just stack and play the long game. You should be happy in 5-10 years. If not, I would be more than happy to buy your Silver at USD$15.67/oz. 🙂


      • Indeed “SJ”, future needs in more impoverished nations will be the past needs, here in the pampered west. Plus the upcoming future needs that are gauged in pampered western terms.
        Wolf Gray


      • ” The USGS forecasted peak Silver production by 2020 with possibilities of Silver going extinct. Then with huge and growing demand and a very low supply, Silver prices may be in the nosebleed territory. For you paper watchers, Jim Sinclair called $50k Gold and believes this will be low. If we go to 1:10 Gold/ Silver ratio, then $5k Silver.”
        Only way this will change if:
        1) Unexpected new discovery of Silver previously unheard of, probably in a difficult to reach location like an undersea trench but accessible with new technology
        2) A large asteroid of Silver ore lands on Earth, not large enough to make us extinct
        3) We can mine Silver from another planet (Moon or Mars) and the amount justifies the cost of bringing it back.
        So far most articles are talking about what’s on the horizon and then a little more after that. Your comment is one of the few that ventures to go even further, beyond 2025 and speculate what might be on offer. Your comment made me think that we might see the Central Asian nations along the New Silk Road in terms of opportunity and development become the new Louisiana Purchase of the 21st century.
        Russia has had long experience with living in Space and experience with robust spacecraft designs (like the Buran shuttle). They will likely be more willing to carry out manned space exploration using the accelerated growth of wealth from a decade of New Silk Road trading free of western intervention. Lyndon LaRouche’s PAC has been pushing for manned Mars exploration since the 1980s as shown on his website
        Its no surprise that he saw suggesting the New Silk Road to China and Russia, unifying Eurasia and bring down the inbred cockroaches of the Western Banking Cabal would raise the global level of wealth to new heights and create lots of spare change for human space exploration beyond the Moon, flown by combined Russia, China, Latin America and a new European post EU alliance.
        The bureaucracy of NASA has turned manned space exploration into a complete joke since the 1970s. They had an opportunity with going beyond Saturn V-Apollo but instead their government chose to spend Trillions on ruining nations and peoples’ lives for that stupid piece of fiat paper.


      • * I am not sure what really goes on in LaRouche’s mind, but I see a connection with his pushing for the Silk Road to benefit Eurasia, and his passion for manned space exploration. Russia’s strategic location on the New Silk Road between European and China markets as well as the Central Asian states, plus its huge natural resources that comes with the privilege of the world’s largest nation, as well as its experience with space exploration, seems to fit the bill.


      • SOF,
        This is a controversial taboo subject. New tech and space travel is here and now. We carbon based creatures have already traveled out into the great beyond. Vast underground cities connected by high-speed Mag-Lev trains, space stations, and foreign planetary bases like Mars already exist. Jim Willie has alluded to this in the past briefly. Be sure to watch the whistleblower video segment with David Wilcock and secret space program insider Corey Goode towards the bottom.
        The reasons I believe that this info has not been publicly disclosed are the vast implications to existing power structures and especially religion. That we humans may have been and are continuing to be a genetically modified experiment. The small-minded inbred voodoo worshipping and childish establishment psychos want to continually fight over shares of the same pie instead of making a bigger pie and improving humanity greatly. The Controllers sold the Europeans the whole flat earth crap story ( Columbus nonsense ) when it was long known that the Earth is round. Just look at all the ancient sites with advanced understandings of astronomy, math, engineering, and architecture and tell me that they could not build ships to circumnavigate the Earth and communicate with other cultures beyond the seas. Its ALL about CONTROL or more precisely the LOSS of it. Almost all short attention span theater worshippers and “critical-less thinking” peasants on this floating marble can’t handle the truth yet due to purposeful information repression through Chemistry and Conditioning. In my research, there are many tie ins with ancient history, archaeology, and aliens. Believe it or not.
        As for the New Silk Road, there is a segment from the movie Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner hears a voice stating “Build it and they will come”. That pretty much sums it up. The Eurasian Land Bridge is Halford Mackinder’s nightmare and Oceania’s ( a la 1984 ) doom. The Controllers are slime and the Internet will slay them.
        NASA was designed as a visible Keystone Cop money siphon for the Secret Government’s Space Projects.


      • I wish the reply thread system was a bit more accommodating like that of Youtube, but here’s for SloopyJoe’s latest reply:
        I assume you also follow the Event Chronicle? I do read David Wilcock’s stuff as well, but at this point its a wait and see until I personally can see these other things with my own eyes.
        Jim Stone who I often quote got hold of an image from JPL that NASA forgot to airbrush, changed my view of ourselves to a whole new level.
        This seriously knocked my socks off. Makes you wonder what the heck is going on. Apparently so many man-made artifacts (like coins) were being discovered that before this head Jim Stone thought they were giving us faked Mars images from the US desert southwest.
        “I would bet our real history goes something like this: There were two planets with life on them circling the sun. Whatever civilization developed on them stepped out of bounds and angered a greater civilization elsewhere. Mars was destroyed as a warning, and it’s inhabitants were allowed to go to Earth.
        Ever hear of the Annunaki? A lot of that “myth” is likely to not be myth at all. This stone statue on Mars came from somewhere. An advanced somewhere, what happened to it? Interesting it is that because we would have the same roots, exactly the same types of artifacts can be found on Earth as well. What is our real history? A stone statue on Mars begs to differ with what we have been told.” – Jim Stone
        If I want to scare myself on Halloween, I just need to go back to this article, because it sends a deep sense of dread through my nerves every time I look at that image.


      • >SloopyJoe
        Apart from the above rant I am hoping for sooner rather than later for Disclosure. Tired of lies, deceit. Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.


      • SOF,
        Lots of knowledge and tech out there that is deliberately suppressed. If you’re interested in credible alternative historical views, watch the videos on Youtube of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, David Icke, Michael Tellinger, and especially Steven Greer’s “Sirius”. Just to name a few.
        And yes, I am familiar with the Event Chronicle and the Annunaki story. Disclosure is coming thanks to the Internet.


    • “Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah, and others will now clean house and show that the Invincible Myth of USSA military supremacy is nothing but a sick joke run by the Loonie Tune factory in DC through a very visible and decisive showing of big Cans-O-Whoop-Arse being opened up on the Langley-led Terrorist and Kabala Lady Boy supporters. Putin has accomplished more against the “ISIS” terrorist in 3 days than the USSA Offensive Contractor’s payola milk train in ONE YEAR. The New Sheriffs also need a little public demonstration of their capabilities for the neighboring nefarious sand rats and USSA caused European refugee receivers to see. This is the “Emperor is Naked moment” and a huge PR nightmare for the cornholios in the Pentagram, Masswipes, Bond wannabes, and Doner Kebab fans.”
      ROFL Full Broadside.


  3. A bit of humor. I present a musical interpretation of Lil Benny and the Nutsnyoyo’s recent spellbinding speech at the UN. Enjoy.

    Or. Blah blah blah, you anti-semites, blah blah blah, nuclear duck, blah blah blah, here’s a picture of my wife, blah blah puke. 🙂


  4. Wolf Gray.Great stuff as usual. I can’t deny you talents. What do you think of this little gem if news?
    If I don’t have my days mixed up, “next month” is October, which we are now in. The wheel just keeps spinning faster and faster. The SHTF moment will come when the bovine fecal matter that the MSM keeps churning out, gets caught in the Chinese fan blades of economic reality. Keep those sanitary wipes handy, you’re going to need them soon.
    Keep your chin in the wind, and your powder dry.


    • Jerry I believe your mastery of the 12 month calendar is spot on, my brother. The SHTF moment has very probably passed, it is just the disbursement of the “bovine fecal matter” that is left to be dealt to each doorstep. Since you are musically oriented, I will mention I started to put up one of my favorites “Badge” by my all time favorite Eric Clapton……..

      Talkin’ ’bout a girl that looks quite like you
      She didn’t have the time to wait in the queue
      She cried away her life since she fell off the cradle

      Too too many are under the control of the changing lights & rules established by “life violating pieces of shit”, one’s only defense is to, “Think Outside the Box & Run the F””ing Red Light!” Hell why won’t everybody run the damned light already!

      Wolf Gray


      • I believe its already passed with Vladimir Putin’s masterstroke outmanoeuvring of Zero at the UN ‘do you realise what you have done?’ and his response that exposed presence of CIA bases training Islamic state militants.
        Now even those who might have assumed that the US was trying but failing to stop IS will now have to confront the hard facts at the speed of collapse of Islamic State in less than a week (which implies US military action had either been weak or at the very least complicit in giving aid and comfort to the enemy), and with it any shred of Zero’s credibility and reputation on the international stage.
        I saw long while back a parody video of Obama being asked a difficult question at a Meet the Press, got totally angry until his eyes flashed white and turning into an alien in front of the TV cameras.


    • I think we already saw a preview of this when the mainstream world realised US Fed govt = Islamic State this past week.


  5. Interesting that Jim Cramer would not respond to Twitter ‘trolls’ when he admittedly throws out heaps of disinformation (buy company stocks on Wednesday – same company crashes next Monday) while screaming like – a troll?
    Delicious Irony is Delicious.
    “Don’t let the above link spook ya though folks, after all what could go wrong with Zero & Yellen at the PERCEIVED helm. After all it is only a 63 billion dollar withdrawal in 3 months!!!!!”
    Yeah, totally, I mean how could anything go wrong, its ONLY $63 billion vs quadrillions of derivative DEBT plus Trillions of student college debt as the foundation of the US economy AMIRITE?


  6. Disgusting news at 7:45
    12 countries have signed on the TPP: US, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.
    ‘Their leader have lined up to sell out their countries and their people down the drain.’ – Paul Sandhu
    Singapore is one of the countries that is being run by corporate entities and has signed on the Toilet Paper Protocols, one of which hidden in this agreement is a ruling that allows imposing controls on the internet freedoms.
    Its what this corporate run government has wanted since the Internet first broke through the state-controlled media’s iron grip on information in the first decade of the 21st century.
    As Alex Jones once said in Ask Alex #7 on Youtube at 11:30 (if its still up), Singapore is the globalist model for the post Agenda 21 smart city of the future.
    What is interesting is how this TPP garbage will play into other existing trade agreements with China, or the fact Singapore offered to be a founding member of AIIB with 70+ other countries, or is a key Gold vaulting country next to Hong Kong.
    I never got why Singapore was touted as a great place to go to, except perhaps for multi-millionaires and billionaires as well as home of perfected slavery and brainwashed, golem brain dead slavish worshippers of the Mark of the Beast cutting across all socio-economic classes. The Singapore populace will sell out their future generations for more cash in their bank accounts as shown at the recent General Election 2015 results.
    Other than that, nothing in this headline surprised me. Cynicism at humanity always has been my #1 way of perspective, and those who don’t like that can take a bloody queue number.


    • Toilet Paper Protocols is right “SoF”, but what happens eventually to toilet paper? Yep, it gets flushed.
      The eventual need for self preservation may trump all else, and some participants may flush their signed versions of “Toilet Paper Protocols” & head to parts east. No guarantees to this theory, but I suspect it will unfold that way to some degree for many of the few stooges in the TPP.
      Wolf Gray


    • Yes but a dollar demise can happen many months in a prelude to the actual global reset event, world reserve currency or not.
      They (the rest of the producing world) have insurance (real money) we don’t, and they have a degree of sovereignty, we don’t. We loaned it out. No sovereignty no control, period.

      I may be wrong on this, but I think this is the one issue that I am in disagreement with, as compared to almost everyone on the alternative media. There is not any control in a micro managed sense, it has been lost, even to the elite. In my view anything is possible from now on. If you have the means keep stacking my friends!

      Wolf Gray


    • “Just as there are false political paradigms, there are also false international paradigms. The Liberty Movement is the wild card; an unknown quantity. We aren’t fighting for one side or the other – we are fighting for particular principles and beliefs. The establishment’s best strategy is to co-opt our momentum by convincing us to focus on alternative opposition, or place our trust in fabricated advocates. No matter how epically monstrous our government becomes, and no matter how satisfying their ultimate demise will be, our battle does not end with them. It only begins with them.”
      Reminds me of the whole Russell Brand phenomenon that swept up a good chunk of the Truth movement. And as predicted by Thomas Sheridan this year he told the people to vote Labor party.
      As I have said before, the ultimate goal for humanity is to follow Natural Law, which also abhors any form of power structure, man-made laws, and abolishes government as an institution of slavery through all forms of taxation.


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