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Russia is Bombing ‘Our’ Jihadists in Syria — Now What?

Going public: Russian SU-25 ground attack jets on the tarmac photographed by Sputnik and RT journalists
Going public: Russian SU-25 ground attack jets on the tarmac photographed by Sputnik and RT journalists

We picked a hell of a time to take a month off! JWS initial skepticism that Russian pilots would directly participate in strikes on ISIS and other anti-Assad jihadist groups has proven unfounded. Moscow has begun a Syrian air campaign in as overt a fashion as possible. Now what? MOAR proxy war and insane Cold War2 propaganda…especially as Washington and its Mideast regional allies watch their proxies in Syria suffer a string of humiliating defeats at the hands of Russia’s bombing campaign in support of an expected Syrian Arab Army (SAA)/Iranian offensive

First, a bit of ‘housekeeping’ or really, an acknowledgement of our own limitations. Unlike those analysts out there in alternative media who only tell you the predictions they’ve successfully made and gotten right, we admit that we did not see the Russians overtly striking targets in Syria, at least not this soon.

Much of our skepticism was owed to our Floridian White Russian friend The Saker. But as it turned out Israeli-Russian Israel Shamir’s sources were correct in early September that Russia intended to fight against ISIS and the CIA/Saudi/Qatari backed jihadists of Al-Nusra Front sooner rather than later.

…in the Russia Analyst’s view we are unlikely to see Russian soldiers and combat pilots participating in direct combat with the Islamic State or the anti-Assad rebels — unless their status as anti-ISIS coalition member combatants can receive some sort of United Nations or international mandate. Then the situation would change completely as Russia would be able to use its highest firepower and most modern weapons while regional allies (Iraq, Iran, and possibly even Saudi Arabia and Egypt to take de facto control over southern and Jordanian-bordering Sunni areas of Syria) would provide the bulk of the manpower and endure the casualties before ISIS is completely wiped out. – “Are Russian Soldiers and Pilots Fighting in Syria? Not Quite Yet” us writing at RogueMoney on September 7, 2015

On the other hand, our caveats about Russian military action did mention that if Russia got involved it would leave the vast bulk of the ground combat to the Syrian Arab Army, the Iranians, and the Iraqis (with some of Gen. Sisi’s Egyptian special forces thrown in for good measure?). The primary task of any Russian troops deployed to Syria’s generally pro-Assad Allawite heartland near the Mediterranean coast would be force protection of air and naval bases, followed by elite special forces to hunt down high value targets such as Caucasians and assorted Muslims from the former Soviet ‘Stans embedded within ISIS and Al-Nusra.

Chechen Russian republic president Ramzan Kadyrov and some of his feared Kadyrovsti. Kadyrov has declared ISIS is a CIA creation and that his men should be sent by Putin to Syria to fight them.
Chechen Russian republic president Ramzan Kadyrov and some of his feared Kadyrovsti. Kadyrov has declared ISIS is a CIA creation and that his men should be sent by Putin to Syria to fight them.

That Putin’s Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov would volunteer his elite and feared Kadyrovsti soldiers to fight terrorists on behalf of Allah and Mother Russia, we had little doubt. What we did not anticipate is that Russian media would report that Beijing is sending People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commandos to Syria in order to fight Turkic Uyghur jihadists from far western China. Reports that China sent its one and only operational aircraft carrier to the Russian naval base at Tartus were false, much like Debka’s claim that the Russians were sending a nuclear ballistic missile submarine to Syria. We also aren’t buying Debka’s claims that Chinese J-15 fighter bombers are en route to Syria until we see pictures of them lined up alongside the Russians’ jets. At any rate with the claims that Moscow is about to launch a ground offensive in the vicinity of Homs using its own or Chinese troops, Доверяй, но проверяй — trust but verify as Reagan used to say.

A Russian soldier sits on a tank deployed to protect the Latakia air base from ISIS/AlQaeda infiltrator forces.
A Russian soldier sits on a tank deployed to protect the Latakia air base from ISIS/AlQaeda infiltrator forces.


As the Tennesse actor Fred Dalton Thompson famously said in the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October — which no doubt inspired Debka’s disinfo scribblers to claim a Typhoon-class SSBN was sailing to Syria — “what’s his plan? A Russian submarine captain doesn’t go to the bathroom without a plan.” Similarly, it’s safe to assume Putin has a plan in Syria, besides twirling his evil (non-existent) mustache while showing up Obama and the U.S. in the Middle East.

Zerohedge has done a good job discussing the daily news of the situation and the Iranians keen interest in a counteroffensive on behalf of Damascus and their Hezbollah local proxies. Therefore we don’t see the need to belabor points that have already been made elsewhere in the alternative media and English-language Russian press of RT/Sputnik. What we can do as the Russia Analyst fresh from a Moscow trip is present our analyses in a Q&A format, focused on the obvious ‘why now?’ and ‘what next?’ inquiries as presented by the mainstream media and the Russians.

Questions such as:

1) Why has Putin chosen to directly intervene in Syria — a non-Slavic, Muslim majority country hundreds of kilometers from Russia’s borders — while avoiding direct engagements as opposed to proxy war ‘next door’ in Ukraine? And why now?

This is a fair question and one many Russian nationalists critical of Putin have been asking since it became clear in late September around the time of Putin’s United Nations general assembly speech (more on that in another post) Russia would directly intervene with air strikes against the Islamic State. One answer was supplied by RogueMoney reader and regular commenter SloopyJoe:

Why now Syria and not Ukraine? Ukraine was a trap that the cunning Bear smelled a mile away that is collapsing on its own inertia. Syria is going on five years ILLEGAL USSA-led Western FUBAR War OF Terrorism that is now clearly visible for the world to see. The mission creep of the Turkish No-Fly Zones into Northern Syria is a big NO NO in the Bear’s and Dragon’s eyes.

Certainly the Western globalists desire to impose a ‘No Fly Zone’ to secure ‘safe areas’ for civilians which would become militarized pockets for future anti-Damascus offensives along the Yugoslav breakup model was a motivating factor in terms of the timing. In an odd example of bipartisan ‘get tough’ rhetoric serving the same globalist objectives, Hillary “what difference does [Benghazi] make?” Clinton and Dr. Ben Carson the supposed antagonists of America’s false Repub-Democrat Left/Right paradigm all agreed this week after Russian bombs started falling that the U.S. should impose a no-fly zone over territories occupied by ‘its’ rebels (see more about this in our post about the propaganda war vs. Russia’s Syria campaign).

Nevermind that Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra are all in the same areas! Nevermind that the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA) works with Al-Nusra. Nevermind that it’s only after the Russian bombs started falling that everyone seems to know with certainty where ISIS is and isn’t, and which groups are and aren’t ‘moderates’ supported by the CIA. The Russian bombing of ISIS strongholds in Raqqa has been greeted with either silence or angry denials that the Kremlin is serious about fighting ISIL, in addition to the groups that more closely threaten Assad’s strategic heartland stretching from Damascus via a narrow salient to the Allawite-dominated Latakia region on the Med.

While Assad’s army is NOT about to collapse, it is worn out by four years of hard urban fighting and significantly outnumbered if not outgunned by its Western and Sunni Gul state-sponsored foes. This is what prompted this development reported by Zerohedge[we note for the record that Gen. Soleimaini’s visit to Moscow was denied by the Russian authorities at the time – JWS]:

Back in June, the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qasem Soleimaini, visited a town north of Latakia on the frontlines of Syria’s protracted civil war. Following that visit, he promised that Tehran and Damascus were set to unveil a new strategy that would “surprise the world.” 

Just a little over a month later, Soleimani – in violation of a UN travel ban – visited Russia and held meetings with The Kremlin. The Pentagon now says those meetings were “very important” in accelerating the timetable for Russia’s involvement in Syria. The General allegedly made another visit to Moscow in September.

Although this may seem surprising to Western critics who imagine Putin is hellbent on recreating the Soviet Empire at any cost, the Kremlin is cognizant that Russia has limitations both in finances and manpower when it comes to supporting Russian allies. Moscow’s unwillingness to send any more than non-military and a few active duty ‘vacationers’ when needed to the Donbass war probably came as a great disappointment to those like arch-globalist Russophobe Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski who fantasized about thousands of Russian soldiers dying in bloody urban combat for Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk or Kiev as Russia became a pariah state. And while the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics were able to provide enough former citizens of Ukraine as manpower to halt Kiev’s offensive and even reverse it at places like Debaltsevo, the DNR/LNR are not a large enough force to push much beyond the pre-war administrative borders of their respective regions into the rest of Ukraine, much less serve as an occupying force where they are not welcomed by locals.

Mariupol and possibly Kharkov could be exceptions to that rule, but in both places there remains a large minority loyal to a ‘united Ukraine’ if not the current Kiev regime. Therefore the Kremlin treads cautiously and has in fact reigned in its Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) proxies, particularly last September when the possibility of Mariupol being seized with a week or less of fighting was very real.

Whether Russia’s Putin slamming ‘hooray patriots’ like it or not, from an international relations and legal point of view it matters  that Bashir al-Assad is still recognized as the head of state in Syria. This is the case Washington likes it or not, and regardless of Washington’s weak attempts to form a government in exile that its Persian Gulf Sunni-stan partners can ‘recognize’. This means that Russia’s air campaign over Syria is legal under international law, whereas the American-led anti-ISIS coalition bombing Syria does not have similar legitimacy.

The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics breakaway statelets are not internationally recognized even by Moscow (unlike say, Abkhazia and South Ossetia whose formal independence has been recognized by Russia and a handful of Russian allies). From an international legal point of view — and we know Putin was trained in St. Petersburg as a lawyer after the KGB dissolved in 1992 — Assad can under the UN Charter’s terms invite Russian forces to fight for his country, whereas the elected but unrecognized leadership of the DPR/LPR cannot.

Furthermore, the Kremlin is well aware that the population in large parts of Ukraine would view Russian armed forces as occupiers, whereas in Syria’s pro-Assad Latakia region they are viewed as potential saviors or at least offer hope of an enforced truce after nearly five years of war. Indeed, some Syrian Christians if not Allawites living in the area may hope that their attractive daughters catch the eye of some Russian officers or pilots, so the whole family can be sponsored in relocating to Russia. A trickle of Syrian Christians and Allawite refugees has already been resettled in Russia proper, overshadowed by the over one million Ukrainians who have fled into the arms of the ‘aggressor’ nation.

Syrian mother in 2013: I want my children to become Russian citizens

Again, whether the ‘hooray patriots’ like it or not these differences matter a great deal, just as it matters that Russia will be far from fighting alone or with the Syrian Arab Army only. The prospect of Iranian officers directing Iraqi militiamen, if not the direct involvement of the Iraqi Army and perhaps even the Egyptians and Chinese in a counteroffensive matters a great deal. It means Russia is not fighting alone, unlike in Afghanistan (see our and others thoughts in reply to question 4 below).

Unlike in Syria, where time was not on the side of Putin’s allies without more substantial aid to match the billions Riyadh and Doha have spent to arm the insurgents, in Ukraine time is on the side of Russia’s Donbass proxies. The longer the Ukrainian economy collapses, cut off from Ukraine’s natural trade with Russia, the less war-making potential the U.S.-backed Kiev regime will have (though American aid can certainly prolong the life span of the Poroshenko and succeeding forces). As we’ve pointed out here at RogueMoney over the last several months, the Kiev regime could not launch a serious offensive now even if it wanted to, because it lacks a sufficient number of attackers to achieve any breakthrough against determined and now-heavily armed, battle hardened locals. This means if Washington wants to achieve anything on the attack in Ukraine, it will have to risk the lives of American soldiers or at least NATO mercenaries to press any attack. That is something the Obama Administration has thus far not been willing to do.

Hence, contrary to the claims of Kiev propagandists like Christo Grozev or Yale Prof. Timothy Snyder that Putin distracts his people from the unresolved Donbass war with a new one in Syria, in fact the Kremlin keeps the conflict frozen and the DPR/LPR’s final status ambiguous on purpose. The goal for Moscow was never to conquer territory [why does Russia need any more land? What Russia needs is more people -which the emigration from a failing Ukraine provides – JWS] or dominate the Ukrainians, as Grozev and Snyder imagine, but to use the DPR and LPR to block Ukraine from ever joining the EU (always a far fetched goal) and NATO (now extremely unlikely as Kiev joining would require unanimity among countries like Germany, France, Italy, Hungary and Greece that were never enthusiastic about Washington’s policies in Ukraine in the first place).

To this end, a frozen conflict in Donbass suits the Kremlin’s purposes perfectly, though it is not satisfactory to the majority of Donbass militiamen who had hoped to liberate their regions if not all of Ukraine from a U.S.-backed regime they regard as fascist. On the other hand, there are those in Donbass who correctly recognize that the economic, social and military integration of Donetsk and Lugansk into the Russian Federation continues on a de facto if not de jure basis. The ruble has already become the currency of choice on the territory of the DPR and LPR (Russian acronyms DNR/LNR). As those counseling patience have pointed out, it would be quite strange for Putin to go through the trouble of spending billions of rubles to aid the Donbass and build up the NAF with tanks, ammunition and fuel only to surrender it to the Ukrainians as part of some ‘deal’ with the Americans that Washington can never be trusted to uphold anyway.

2) What can Russia, backed by China, and the Iraqis/SAA/Hezbollah realistically hope to achieve with the help of Russian air strikes?

This is a very important question, in some respects, THE  most important question if one believes Clausewitz’s maxim that war is a continuation of politics by other means. “Tell me how this ends” is the most important question any American should ask their politicians when D.C. is trying to ‘sell’ them on a new foreign war. As we witnessed from watching Russian TV channels in Moscow prior to the bombing campaign, TV channels like Rossiya and Rossiya 24 were in overdrive presenting the ‘fight them now on foreign soil or fight them later at home’ argument to a fairly patriotic, pro-Russian military public. We certainly recognize the fallacy of the ‘flypaper’ strategy in Iraq, which was the argument advanced by many neocons that the U.S. was killing lots of terrorists in Mesopotamia after the initial easy phase of the march on Baghdad bogged down into a years-long occupation that nearly hollowed out the U.S. military.

However there are several important differences between America’s occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and Russia’s actions in Syria. And one can present them easily without allegations of simply being a ‘Putin apologist’ or ‘in the tank for the Russians’ no matter what they do. We certainly think for example if Mr. Putin had sent his tanks to Kiev or even Kharkov he’d be making a historic mistake. We have our own fears as generally anti-war libertarians about not only ‘collateral damage’ from Russian bombs, but also the determination of America’s Deep State to fight the Russians if necessary to the last Syrian and foreign jihadist, and damn the costs of turning the U.S.-led ‘War on Terror’ into a sick joke. Just like the neocon lunatics and their Deep State/globalist string pullers wanted Putin to choose between fighting to the last Ukrainian or force him to accept the defeat of his pro-Russian allies in Donbass.

Nonetheless, the Russian argument that they must ‘fight ISIS now in Syria or fight them later in the former USSR Central Asian states or on Russian soil in the Caucuses’ make a lot more sense than there American analogues. For starters, Russia does not have the Atlantic Ocean between itself and the ‘Muslim world’. Muslims have been a part of the Russian Empire dating back to Ivan IV “the Terrible’s” conquest of Kazan over 400 years ago and the medieval Rus had extensive trade and military clash contacts with the Siberian and Tatar Khanates.

For Russia, unlike the United States which sits comfortably behind two oceans from Eurasia, closing the borders and disengaging from the Muslim world is not an option. The Russian Federation has a large Muslim population, even though neocons and Russophobes tend to exaggerate its size and numbers. About 1 out of every 10 Russian residents (approximately 15 million) is or has a relative who is Muslim, more than triple the percentage of the population that is Islamic in the U.S. These numbers have been bolstered in recent years by mass migration from the so-called ‘Stans led by Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, doing the same types of jobs in Russia that Mexican and Central American migrants do in the USA. Nor are Muslims confined solely to the poorest and least productive regions of Russia in the northern Caucuses region bordering Azerbaijan, Armenia or Georgia. The Muslim-majority Republic of Tatarstan with its petro-dollar renovated capitol in Kazan and Tatneft is a critical part of Russia’s petrochemical/hydrocarbon industrial base. As Israel Shamir, a Jewish convert to Russian Orthodox Christianity observes:

Russia is home to some twenty million Sunni Muslims (and very few Shia) [we think these numbers may be exagerrated but are nonetheless ‘in the ballpark’- JWS] who are fully integrated and occupy all walks of life and important positions in the Russian state. One of the more fervent and outspoken Russian Muslims is Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of warlike Chechnya. He expressed his support for the Russian airstrikes and offered to lead his fighters into battle in the Syrian hills in order to save the Syrians from the wrath of Takfiris (=those who call other Muslims “Kaffir”, “infidel” – a name for Daesh and other Muslim extremists). So for the Russians, this is not a Crusade of Christians against Muslims, but a war of Christians and Muslims against Takfiri sects.

We already know too that a U.S.-trained former Georgian Army officer known as Omar Al-Shishani is one of the top emirs in the Islamic State/ISIL (known as IGIL in Russian). This has led many Russian military and intelligence service men to declare flat out that ISIS is a CIA creation. This may or may not be a slight exaggeration. We know from interviews with retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov and current GRU chief Colonel-General Igor Sergun believe Daesh is a U.S.-created monster that may have become inconvenient for its masters. So whether you like neocon hipster Michael D. Weiss sneer at this belief of Putin’s top advisers and likely Vlad himself, or accept it based on merits is ultimately irrelevant for the near term (though exposure of Russian kompromat about who created Daesh and how no doubt will do tremendous damage to what’s left of Washington’s ‘war on terror’ and ‘good guy’ reputation).

In a fallen world, international relations is not a Hollywood courtroom drama where the bad guys frame up is finally exposed for all to see, Putin has decided to take the U.S. Narrative about big bad ISIS as the worst super terrorist group since COBRA from the GI Joe series and exploit it for Russia’s own geostrategic interests. Some may find that crass, others clever realpolitik, but it ‘is what it is’.

For argument’s sake, we would state that at best the CIA enjoys only one degree of separation from ISIS, and pretty much everyone ‘in the neighborhood’ if not outside the greater Mideast with two brain cells to rub together knows it. At worst, the half-assed, pathetic and unsuccessful ‘coalition’ air campaign against the group contrasted with the howling over Russia’s more aggressive bombing is the best proof possible that Washington intended to use ISIS rather than dismantle them all along. One only needs to ask a few common sense questions to see the pattern.

Why didn’t we see an exodus of military age males from ISIS and Al-Nusra controlled territories that Russia is now bombing prior to a month or two ago, or better yet when the U.S. bombing of ISIS began?

Why did ISIS never cancel Friday prayers in Raqqa when it was the U.S. not Russia doing the bombing?

Why did the US never hit the ISIS oil truck convoys illicitly supplying the Turks or for that matter according to neocons like Weiss, Assad’s regime with fuel? Why if oil smuggling was so important to Daesh’s bottom line was this never done?

Why was most Americans first impression of Daesh besides beheading videos with top notch Hollywood production values huge lines of Toyota Tundra and other looted vehicles rolling through the Syrian and Iraqi deserts, unmolested by American drones or bombing?

Most importantly, why did no fewer than 50 intelligence analysts at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and other agencies sign off on a complaint that the Obama Administration and its favorite brass have been falsifying U.S. successes against the super-terrorist group even as ISIS territory and recruitment expanded?

The Al-CIAeda charge thus sticks. Therefore notion that Moscow can simply sit back and let Assad fall and not expect the ISIS terrorists to surge into the former Soviet countries, including Ukraine and Russia itself, is naive. That’s the argument made by a Russian colonel in the video pasted below. Therefore the answer to “what can Moscow realistically hope to achieve” by its air campaign in Syria is simply this: to do severe damage to these terrorist organizations and devastate them on the battlefield before they can be deployed as useful terror assets against Russia and her allies closer to home.

3) How long will the Russian air strikes and SAA/Iranian counteroffensive last? And how will Russia try to use its forces in Syria as ‘force multipliers’ to help Assad force peace talks on his enemies (and behind them the Saudis, Qataris, Turks and Americans)?

This is directly related to question no. 2. The answer according to The UK Daily Telegraph is a minimum of 3 to 4 months. President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said the air campaign will continue for the duration of “the Syrian armed forces offensive operation.” That doesn’t sound like just an autumn campaign to us. But at the same time, one has to consider the historic combat effectiveness of Arab armies, even when they outnumber their opponents as Assad’s enemies hold a 3 to 1 manpower advantage over the SAA — at least on paper. But here’s where the rubber meets the road and the fat hits the fire: how many of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA), Al-Nusra and Turkish Muslim Brotherhood ‘Army of Conquest’ legionnaires will stand and fight against Russian airpower combined with disciplined Iranian attacks?

Syrian rebels may be willing to die for their tribe or hometown if they fear themselves being captured or tortured by Assad’s forces. The converse in large part is why the SAA has stubbornly fought on despite grim losses after four years — the Allawites and Christians can expect no mercy from the likes of Al-Nusra if they surrender. But if Damascus is offering amnesty to those who lay down their arms, or better yet, there’s the chance to flee to Europe for free room and board in Germany– then what?

Do the neocons and ‘humanitarian interventionists’ really think masses of Syrians are eager to die for Erdogan, the Saudi princes, and the Qataris if not Allah? Do they think it’s an accident the vast majority of the Syrian ‘refugees’ trying to reach the promised land of Germany these past several weeks were, contrary to MSM reporting, military age young Sunni Muslim males hailing from the anti-Assad rebel controlled areas?

This brings us back to the question of objectives and whether Russia’s are realistic. We’re told by ‘think tankers’ shilling for Persian Gulf Sunnistan masters like Charles Lister that Assad’s army is on the ropes, controlling a heavily populated but squeezed corridor from Damascus to the coast, while having conceded vast swathes of Sunni super-majority desert territory stretching towards Jordan and Iraq to the south and west.

Nonetheless, we believe rapid advances are possible and humiliating defeats for Washington’s ‘Free Syrian’ proxies are not only possible but likely, based on how quickly Russia’s NAF proxies were able to rout the Ukrainian Army that was ‘gaining back ground’ in August and September 2014. The generally poor levels of coordination between the various rebel commanders and the inability of the CIA or allied intelligence services to coordinate them on a battlefield is very similar to the tactical and strategic weaknesses of the Ukrainian Army shortly before Kiev’s forces ran into a buzzsaw at Ilovaisk, Saur Mogila and on the outskirts of Mariupol.

Another commonality with the eastern Donbass battlefield is that closer to Damascus and Latakia, the jamming frequencies are controlled by the Russians. According to Sputnik Russia has deployed the same type of ground-based electronic warfare (EW) systems that we wrote about for Rogue Money this summer see “Rumors of War with Russia Part 7: The Russian Battlefield EW ‘Off Switch’ is Very Real“). The only military that can credibly try to counter Russia’s jammers is the Israeli Defense Forces but they are too far from Damascus or Latakia to matter and Netanyahu has already grudgingly accepted Putin’s RUSSIAN no fly zone stretching out from the Syrian capitol and the Russian air bases. Why does Netanyahu pray tell swallow his pride when it comes to dealing with Putin, while trying to bully Obama through the U.S. Congress? Because even Bibi recognizes strength when he sees it, IDF and IAF generals are not stupid and realize their pilots would do far worse going up against Russian hardware today than in the 1970s, and (shhh don’t tell the neocons) but a sizeable segment of the Knesset either secretly or openly admires Putin as a friend to the Jews. Plus there’s the small matter of backroom negotiations about the future of Israeli Mediterranean gas through Cyprus and Greece mingled with Turkstream…

While Washington’s Syrian proxies may be better equipped in terms of satellite phones and TOW anti-tank weaponry than the Ukrainians were over a year ago, one has to consider that Kiev’s troops didn’t suffer a single confirmed Russian air strike. Much less a months-long campaign paired with round-the-clock satellite and drone-driven targeting paired with human intelligence. In other words, after the first few Russian air strikes in close air support combined with Iran and Hezbollah’s most elite troops attacking on the ground, we could see a decisive breach in the rebel coalition lines and major gains for Assad and his allies. With the Russians objective not so much helping Assad to gain back all of the territory lost to the rebels (this as Israel Shamir says is not feasible) but to force them to the negotiating table and secure Assad’s eventual succession.

To test Moscow’s ability to coordinate its air strikes on rebel commanders, fuel and ammo dumps with an SAA/Iranian ground offensive, and to build confidence among the pro-Assad troops, the Russians will select an easier target first. A sort of Syrian version of Debaltsevo, a bulge in the rebel lines that can be pinched off. Attacking north of Latakia towards Turkey where Russian close air support can strike within 5 minutes of being airborne (only 100 kilometers away) and thus driving the rebels out of long range rocket range from areas where the Russians will be seems to be an immediate objective of the pending pro-Assad ground offensive. Russian air strikes that Moscow’s Defense Ministry said inadvertently penetrated Turkish air space this week were likely a test run for the type of raids that would interdict Ankara’s resupply to its ‘Army of Conquest’ proxies as their front lines get pulverized.

Meanwhile, pinching off salients and cleaning out some suburbs of Damascus may take longer if only due to the lower efficacy of airpower in heavily urbanized, bombed out areas. Spreading panic, and demoralizing the rebels by targeting commanders who use cellular phones or who imagined Russia could not intercept the signals of their satphones dialed into ‘safe’ frequencies provided by Langley also seems to be another Russian objective. Motorola satphone encryption might prevent the Russians from listening to what an Al-Nusra commander is saying or who exactly he’s calling. But with SORM and high altitude electronic warfare pod equipped Su-34s scanning for such signals, Langley’s encryption won’t prevent triangulation for a ‘Fullback’ Glonass guided bomb strike!

As Crimea-based Russian military watcher Col. Cassad observed a few weeks ago, the Kremlin is supplying the SAA with its brand new BTR-82 armored personel carriers painted in desert camo, as well as stacks of Kornet anti-tank missiles of the type that devastated the Israelis Merkava tanks in the 2006 Lebanon war. With Russia owning the skies over Syria, we’re confident the Russians can supply the SAA, Hezbollah and the Iranians with Kornets to carve up FSA/Al-Nusra front line posts faster than the CIA can push TOWs into its proxies hands. And the Langley boys know this. They also know the coming combined SAA/Iranian/Hezbollah ground offensive that may start as soon as this weekend will use Soviet/Russian ‘shock army’ tactics. Meaning the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) will likely hit the most exposed FSA/AlNusra salients first, so the less well trained SAA conscripts can pour through the breach and turn the rebels’ flanks while Russian Sukhois incinerate the FSA/Nusra’s expected reinforcements. This has been basic Russian armored/tactical doctrine since the Shock Army breakthroughs routed the German Wehrmacht in WWII.

4) Can America and its Mideast ‘allies’ turn Syria into a second Afghanistan for the Russians? Or will Washington’s strategy of trying to fight Russia to the last jihadi work about as well as its plan to fight Putin to the last Ukrainian ‘worked’?

Senile neocon windbag Sen. John McCain’s first reaction to the Russian air strikes was to call them ‘disgraceful’ and to suggest that the US put man portable surface to air missiles (MANPADs) like the Stinger in the hands of the Syrian rebels. Aside from the fact that the US arm and train program equipped rebels have already surrendered their American weapons to Al-Nusra or other Al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist groups the US says it didn’t intend to arm or opposes, there’s another logical problem with McInsane’s ‘solution’. The Russians are well aware of the role Stingers played in the tail end of the Soviet Afghan campaign, and are generally either flying so low and fast at night using the Su-24’s terrain following radar as to make a MANPAD lock difficult (the ‘Fencer’ is the Soviet equivalent to the now retired F-111 bomber that the North Vietnamese called ‘whispering death’ for precisely the reason that by the time you hear it, it’s already dropping its bombs)…or their Su-34s are flying well above 10,000 feet and MANPAD range.

So following McInsane’s plan will not only put Stinger missiles in the hands of Al-Qaeda or ISIS jihadists who could use them against civil aviation, thereby making McCain a material sponsor of terrorism under the USA Patriot Act, they’re also going to be useless against the Russian jets. Russian Hind helicopters and those supplied to the Syrians and Iranians are another matter — the Al-Nusras probably already have some Croatian or French made MANPADs to shoot down those as we’ve seen over the last four years of Syrian war footage.

Again, McInsane thinks the Russians have learned nothing from their Afghanistan experience and the U.S. can use the same playbook that worked in the 1980s against the Soviets against Putin. He forgot that unlike in Afghanistan, the Russians have battle hardened and effective local allies to serve as their infantry, and that every Russian soldier sent to Syria is a kontrakti professional volunteer, as opposed to the conscripts the Soviets used as the backbone of their Afghan campaign. Thus far Putin has also shrewdly denied that he plans to involve ground troops in the Russian intervention, though legally the upper chamber of the State Duma has given him authorization to deploy troops (most likely spetsnaz and advisers) has permitted him to do so.

Then there’s the inconvenient fact for McInsane that unlike President Ronald Reagan’s plucky Afghans, ISIS is universally despised around the planet thanks to Uncle Sam’s own media noise machine. The Al-Nusra jihadists who supposedly have been fighting ISIS alongside the ‘Free Syrian Army’ like Daesh support shariah Islamic law, complete with burkahs for women and stoning of homosexuals and adulterers. They are hardly poster boys for a worldwide sympathy campaign to soften the ‘kill Russians’ rhetoric and make it more palatable beyond fanatical Cold Warriors’ bloodlust.

As longtime Russia watcher Anatoly Karlin observes over at The Unz Review:

Senile Cold Warriors from McCain to cuckservative icon Tom Cotton rave and demand to knock Russian fighters out of the sky to protect their beloved Al Qaeda proteges. On the off chance this leads to WW3 and the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R/Fallout [to which we would add — , Americans should know that they did this to protect literal cannibals, genocidal [as in kill all apostates which means Allawite and Shi’a Muslims, while enslaving the Christians and selling off their attractive girls into sexual slavery after raping the older wives – JWS]fanatics, and – horror of horrors – homophobes

The Soviet Union never *invaded* Afghanistan either (even if it was presented as such by the Cold Warriors). It came by request of the legitimate Afghan authorities. And it ended getting bogged down and losing the lives of 15,000 soldiers, in an ultimately futile attempt to preserve some semblance of civilization against mujahedeen financed and sponsored by the Saudis and their best friends the Americans. According to Islamist propaganda, which neocons admire greatly (at least so long as it is aimed against Russia), this provoked the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The key difference: So far Russia is only sending fighter aircraft, and military advisors who will not be actively taking part in the fighting. So long as things stay that way, the Syria intervention will not constitute a major financial commitment, or a major commitment in terms of morale and approval ratings. The worst that can happen is that a fighter pilot is captured and gruesomely executed by Al Nusra or ISIS.

That, however, runs the risk of provoking a larger-scale Russian ground intervention, especially if the SAA fails to make the hoped for advances with the help of the Russian Air Force. They could get gradually sucked in like the Americans did in Vietnam. At least this is how this argument goes in Russian liberal and some nationalist circles. But I assume the Russians are familiar with that particular history and will not fall into a similar trap, no matter how much the neocons might be wishing otherwise.

Way to go Senators McCain and Cotton! Not only do you sure know how to pick ‘winners’ from the scum of the earth, but you also love to show your sincere concern for the oldest Christian communities on the planet in Syria who are praying for Assad and Putin’s health every day!

5) What will be the long term consequences of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Russian/Chinese/Iranian intervention in Syria?

This is probably the most important question for readers of RogueMoney, who are less concerned with the military aspects of the superpowers clashing in Syria by proxy than they are with the consequences to the petrodollar of America losing its superpower ‘street cred’. We’ll let the Rogue Money ‘brain trust’ chew more on this in the days and weeks to come, particularly the Guerrilla and ‘W’ the Intelligence Insider.

Suffice to say, there is a reason Washington elites ranging from neocon Senators like Marco Rubio to Hillary Clinton to Pentagon officials whining about how ‘Putin made us his prison b-tch’ are alternating between rage and panic. They understand that if Russia and her allies succeed in forcing peace terms on Assad’s enemies in Syria, the geopolitical dominos will start falling. Like the five part stages of grief, official Washington is still stuck on anger or denial.

Indeed, the U.S.-installed government of Iraq, now firmly aligned with Iran, has already invited the Russians to wage air strikes against ISIS on Iraqi territory. The Afghan government, which has had observer status with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) led by Russia and China, is now inquiring whether Moscow can provide air strikes on against militants on its soil. Both are huge developments if anything downplayed by U.S. mainstream media thus far.

The reason is obvious. It was the United States and not Russia which spent the last twelve years losing thousands of servicemen and spending trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan — yet these regimes are turning to Moscow because they cannot rely on Washington! Meanwhile waiting in the wings are the younger generation of Saudi princes, who see a new ‘strong horse’ emerging in the Mideast, and who have openly called for the forced retirement of the Washington loyalist older hardliners that led Riyadh into the Yemen quagmire. And Egypt under the pro-Russian and Chinese regime of President Al-Sisi is also backing Russia’s air campaign, despite billions in Saudi funding for Cairo!

While Turkey under Erdogan remains stuck with its crackdown on the Kurds both inside Turkey and across the border in Iraq, the deployment of Russian jets if not SAMs to Kurdish areas under Iranian auspices could soon shut down Ankara’s ability to bomb Kurdish groups across borders with impunity. Perhaps aware of this fact and the potential for the Kurds to bleed the Turkish Army should they receive Russian weapons like the Kornet, Ankara downplayed the recent Russian incursion into their airspace as a mistake, rather than playing it up as NATO wanted them to do.  The obvious reason is the recent talks between Putin and Erdogan after the opening of the Grand Cathedral Mosque last month in Moscow regarding re-starting construction on the Turkstream gas pipeline.

Erdogan: Turkey aims for $100 billion in annual trade with Russia by 2023 — RT on Sept. 23, 2015

Erdogan’s generals also know the score in Syria — they are not about to sacrifice thousands of Turkish soldiers fighting the SAA only to be left in the lurch by a faithless ally in Washington. Which is why they have avoided pushing for anything more than a narrow ‘buffer zone’ which U.S. politicians including Hillary have proposed as a no-fly zone — too late, as Gen. Phillip Breedlove admitted last week, Russia has already set up their own NFZ in Syria. Moscow now owns the air space over the Levant (if Lebanon turns pro-Russian given the possibility of Gazprom backing Beirut’s claim to the Leviathian Mediterranean gas field) and it is Putin that Erdogan must reckon with as he seeks his own political survival. And all of this is taking place due to Russian intervention, before the fire breathing Chinese dragon makes its appearance on the Syrian battlefield.

Horse, barn door, meet the political zombie Hillary Rodham Clinton

There’s a new sheriff in town (actually two of them if you count Xi Jinpeng), and unlike Obama, they ain’t messing around.

Russian/Soviet song Polyushko Polye — in Arabic — likely a hit on Assad regime radio these days

A somewhat crude but effective Russian propaganda video highlights the real aggressor across the entire planet — and the human toll from ‘the Empire of Chaos’

48 thoughts on “Russia is Bombing ‘Our’ Jihadists in Syria — Now What? Leave a comment

  1. “Why has Putin chosen to directly intervene in Syria …. And why now?”
    According to Russia Today, quoting from The Financial Times, the Forces of Darkness (NATO) were about ready to set up a no fly zone in Syria when Russia intervened. A NATO bombing campaign would have quickly followed, leading to the inevitable downfall of the Assad Government and resultant chaos in Syria. Maybe this was the planned Turkish-US operation referred to by Sibel Edmonds in an interview with James Corbett from a few months ago. Thankfully as in 2013 the decisive Putin has been able to thwart the mentally deranged warmongers in Washington DC.


  2. Nice, descriptive sweep of the situation, James. It seems as you say, Washington is still in the denial phase, but by fall 2016, as the elections arrive, seems to me we will be in some form of political crisis over this. Warren Pollack has a recent video out where he talks about this as likely, given the recent trajectory of rot in the system, but this massive loss of influence in the ME after so much blood and treasure having been expended there must certainly soon make ‘business as usual’ impossible in the good ol’ USSA.
    I could almost see, in more normal times, the Republicans trying to claim the Dems ‘lost the Middle East’ or something like that, but most Americans haven’t been crazy about our recent involvement anyway. It will be fun to see how this is spun, after it sinks in, that it’s REAL. I tend to see both parties in some sort of ideological collapse over this, as the Empire fails and is exposed for what it is, and for what it isn’t.


    • Mlytle0 — I have had the same exact thought for some time. Psychologically both parties (as witnessed by the Ben Carson and Hillary near simultaneous calls for a Syria ‘no fly zone’ that the Joint Chiefs may warn POTUS they cannot enforce without losing planes and crew) are not coping well with the collapse of our Empire and it’s only going to get worse as the desperate urge to lash out at the Russian and Chinese ‘nyet’ gets stronger. I still expect a suicidal Ukrainian offensive as more likely than a direct U.S./Turkish or Israeli assault in Syria. From the neocon/war party perspective a Ukrainian attack is an easier ‘sell’ and less risky when it inevitably fails, at least they can lie and say the Kiev offensive only collapsed after Russia sent in bazillions of troops.
      All of the parties to the conflict via proxy have too much to lose, Putin has calculated (IMO correctly) by directly attacking Russian forces with identifiable uniforms. Even if one doesn’t consider the loss of face to Erdogan as his unpopularity grows with the Turkish economic slump or the ever present threat of an Anatolian military coup, there is the fact Obama wouldn’t directly commit U.S. forces to the fight before and why would he do it now that the Russians are right there? Why will the Turks and Israelis risk getting left in the lurch by Obamby when we know for a fact from top Israeli generals that the Administration basically blocked Israel from bombing Iran and threatened them? I think Netanyahu probably trusts Putin even though they are geopolitically at odds to be a man of his word than he ever would Obama!
      Zerohedge in my opinion seems to be hyping the risk of a direct U.S.-Russian dogfight over Syria a bit too much.
      How ironic for all the Dr. Strangelove labeling of the military men as madmen (thanks mostly to Gen. Curtis LeMay) that the .mil at the mid level below the ass kissing brass at the top are far more sane and realistic in terms of ‘tell me how this ends’ than the politicians. And no competent USAF pilot can fail to recognize that either airpower is ineffective against ISIS without ground assault (the Kurds seem to have been making some gains before the Turks put a stop to that) or the entire U.S. air campaign against ‘ISIL’ has been a joke.


      • I have, in fact, just this morning signed a petition against Hillary’s No Fly Zone initiative. There was a ground swell of opinion from the public against escalation in Syria in 2013, I expect the same now.
        Trump seems to be a NeoCon of sorts, though somehow either more subtle or more flexible, I’m not sure. The War Party might be already supporting him in various ways though they superficially act like he’s a pariah of some kind, and I’ve also read scenarios where he gets close to the nomination and quits for some reason, handing his organization over to Ted Cruz, as they are close allies in the back room.
        In the left/right false paradigm, the ‘left’ has had it’s turn for eight years, so I think we should look at Trump or his ‘allies’ to be given the mantle. I have heard Trump say that if we ‘protect’ other nations we should be ‘compensated’ for the effort (implying that we haven’t already been), so this sounds like the same old, tired, ‘world policeman’ mantra we’ve heard for decades. It may sound good to a nation near bankruptcy, but the ‘world’ doesn’t want or need our policing. It will be a hard sell outside of the U.S.
        A Trump presidency would be as unstable as the man himself, and his likely stand-in,Ted Cruz, insofar as he plays Trumps immigration and racial politics, would be as divisive as Obama is (but from the other side of the racial divide), but like Trump, supporting ideas of American exceptionalism abroad, a continuation of a globally rejected theme. A Cruz Presidency would be very volatile, a one termer, I think, with more of the isolation and cold shoulder from world leaders that Jim Willie talks about. It could be the biggest part of the collapse of the U.S. political system happens around then, late 2016 through 2017, as a guess, as either Cruz or Trump prove to be a international and domestic dud. Just my 2 cents.


      • Mlytle0 — I’ve talked to people close to the Cruz camp, can’t say in what context. I don’t think Ted has a chance in hell despite his coming out of the gate with a $50 million war chest. Even some of the people working with him acknowledge he’s gone neocon since his initial ‘let’s not become Al-Qaeda’s air force’ success in 2013. I really don’t know what to make of Trump. I keep hearing rumors of backlines between him and the Jeb Bush camp but they’ve been jabbing at each other publically — kind of like Ben Carson slams Hillary and then goes and calls for the same failed neocon-driven foreign policy as her. Carson has been a big disappointment maybe he’s being coopted suddenly I hear how he’s allegedly beating Trump in some polls, which is probably a good sign he’s taken on neocon advisers with his campaign funds. Neocon globalist zillionaire Sheldon Adelson and the other kingpins are more than capable of shuffeling money through various PACs and cutouts to the candidates even without direct contributions.
        Your intuition is certainly the same as mine. I just imagined and told ‘W’ and Wolf Gray that the ‘fake Reagan’ was going to be Scott Walker, but apparently the GOP insiders decided he would be too outrageous for the unions they need to co-opt for TPP and Walker himself has very little telegenic charisma if any. Candidates like Rick Santorum and Perry seem to be in the race as much to pay their bills as anything else…Agent ‘W’ said Jeb Bush would win the nomination in the end (by a tiny plurality?) and he may yet be right. If that’s the case though the GOP will lose even to the likes of Joe Biden as I can’t see a lot of the GOP base mustering any enthusiasm for another Bush. The Karl Rove salami slicing tactics of keeping as many candidates in the race as possible to divide the Republican base and confuse it until the Establishment ringer (Jeb or ‘Carly I won’t talk to Putin Fiorina’ God help us) continues.
        Based on what the Russian MoD is saying and the release of the alleged Syria/Turkey flight radar showing US jets within 20 miles of their Russian counterparts (and the Russians lighting up Turkish air force F-16s with their S-300/400s as I expected from Latakia region) it seems there’s a power struggle going on between the neocon/globalist plants in the DoD and cooler more pragmatic heads. I don’t know which side is going to prevail but the Turkish General staff knows not to let things escalate and that their F-16s are no match for the Russian Su-30 or more accurately the Russian SAMs can shoot down the F-16s from ranges that the Falcons can’t engage them at. I never thought things would get to the point that the generals would have to reign in the crazy politicians. The Obama White House is acting like a deer in the headlights but I imagine behind the scenes they are working their various angles and perhaps Valerie Jarrett who is said to be pro-Iran is being sidelined as the hawks put more pressure on Barry who just wants to check out and move to Hawaii with Reggie Love at this point.


      • Oh, I agree Cruz has no ‘star appeal’. The thing I picked up is that he could only win as a last minute endorsement by Trump, a bait and switch, and there were people actually suggesting that.. I looked up Trump’s associations, and he’s all over the map, supporting candidates of both parties in the past. I think he’s in the mix somehow as to how this all plays out, as the media gives him LOTS of attention. Anyone the PTB doesn’t like, gets no attention whatsoever.
        So I think Trump is an important Trojan horse of some kind, of what kind, I’m not sure…


      • Indeed Mlytle0 it almost seems as if the more clever reporters are slipping in that yes, Al-Qaeda has been CIA supported hoping the smart readers will read between the lines and the media esp. Fox News propaganda of ‘how dare the Russians bomb OUR SOBs!’ will backfire.


      • Next week is the much ballyhooed MH17 report on Monday October 12, which will probably be a thinly sourced, poorly organized joke that will leave just enough room and maybe claim a handful of BUK fragments found for Kiev (a suspect in the case with veto power over the report) et al to claim victory. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s reaction having already reviewed it before public release seems to be completely non-plussed. Don’t know if you saw that Aussie Moscow-based reporter John Helmer has been all over the attempts by the Australians to pressure the Dutch and their own coroners regarding the absence of BUK shrapnel in the MH17 victims’ bodies. Proof positive once and for all that the BUK theory is a fraudulent one likely concocted in advance by the Ukrainian SBU deliberately letting a disabled BUK fall into NAF hands and then filming the dud BUK being driven around rebel territory days before the shootdown. But we already knew the BUK story was fake from, as I pointed out in the one year anniversary RM broadcast with V:
        The absence of a single credible BUK launch trail photo (pics SBU produced show a GRAD smoke trail and are fakes) and named, on camera witnesses to the launch which would’ve released a sonic boom heard for miles before the explosion in the stratosphere
        any ‘space based infrared’ launch signature that the U.S. defense support (ICBM launch warning) satellites almost certainly could detect instantly, given that American defense support satellites focus on Russian territory or areas adjoining it for obvious Cold War/missile launch warning reasons
        zero US sat pics of this supposed BUK being driven around rebel territory despite the Ukrainian SBU obviously having a good idea through its spotters where it was and therefore being able to give the CIA officers in residence at SBU HQ in Kiev the GPS coordinates for where the sats should look!
        photoshop fakes of the BUK supposedly photographed by a Paris Match photographer who has NEVER come forward to identify himself
        the BUK being photographed at certain times and places where it probably couldn’t have traveled that fast on a trailer (per researcher Hector Reban, debunking the fraud of Elliot Higgins and Bellingcat: Again — more SBU tricks with Photoshop and then Bellingcrap ‘verifying’ the BUK’s placement at certain intersections it couldn’t have reached that quickly on July 17 AND which were too close to the front lines for any trained Russian crew to risk themselves and their launcher
        the failure to update the official intel community assessment since one week after the tragedy in July 2014 and the stony silence of the CIA/Natl Reconaissance Office/NSA which would detect any BUK’s Kupola radar emitting pre-launch
        all point to the BUK theory being a cover for a false flag operation. Too much premeditation on the SBU’s part to explain it away as simply a Ukrainian mistake. The pilot though in fairness may’ve been told that he was targeting Putin’s plane, taking advantage of the similarities in livery between Russia’s equivalent to Air Force One an IL-96 and the Malaysian 777. Ihor Kholomoisky being the prime suspect both due to his Israeli passport, possible access to Israeli weapons, and perhaps Mikhail Saakashvili too providing the Georgian jet while the Ukrainians provided the duped patsy pilot. Kholomoisky would know that Putin’s jet would never traverse Ukrainian war zone airspace but a UAF pilot couldn’t be expected to know that for sure. Saakashvili’s job as governor of Odessa with all the contraband and corruption opportunities implied is a payoff for his silence.
        Irrespective of the bomb in the cockpit as the latest red herring (no doubt they are working on planting more fake stories in Russian media to discredit the most likely explanation), MH17 was almost certainly brought down by a Georgian Su-25 Scorpion equipped with the Israeli Python all aspects homing missile (hence the immediate CIA smokescreen by Bill Sweetman in Aviation Week, RFE/RL that Ukrainian Su-25s only fire heat seeking air to air missiles — the cover up artists didn’t want anybody suspecting that the Ukrainian false flaggers borrowed a Georgian Su25 and pilot using modern Israeli avionics). The pilots were killed instantly and the airliner finished off with cannon fire after it went into a steep terminal dive, whereas a BUK striking the plane amidships might not have killed the two Malaysian pilots or if it had splattered the cockpit with huge amounts of shrapnel left their bodies intact. The #MH17 hashtag guarding trolls like @MJoyce2244, @Loondale, @RoarBro et al have been working around the clock to discredit Helmer’s reporting for precisely this reason. They know no BUK shrapnel in the pilots or forward passengers bodies is entirely inconsistent with the damage profile and coffin nails to the fake BUK theory.


      • Mlytle0, Starting to wonder if Trump just might not be an agent for the ‘pro-Eastern’ globalists who need someone to send the United States into what Simon Black identified as Trump’s specialty — orderly bankruptcy followed by liquidation.


      • Does seem that way. A hard-core Neocon would never take that position. Perhaps his rhetoric is just ‘nationalist’ enough to co-opt the traditional Republican position, and draw the populist right to a place consistent with those globalist aims…and as well, Trump does know what bankruptcy is all about. LOL.


      • Here’s a comment from Zerohedge today that was copied over at The Saker blog:
        Wed, 10/07/2015 – 09:01 | 6639068 agent default
        agent default’s picture
        The US will cut and run but there is one thing that I have no answer for. If Russia settles in the ME, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will have to play nice since it will become obvious that the US cannot and will not help them. So two things happen. Either they drop the dollar, or regime change and then they drop the dollar. Either way the petrodollar is finished. What does the US intend to do about this and how far are they willing to go? I honestly don’t have any sort of answer for this situation.
        Login or register to post comments
        Wed, 10/07/2015 – 09:29 | 6639200 flapdoodle
        flapdoodle’s picture
        The *really* big problem with the US Deep State is the following:
        1) The US Dollar as World Reserve Currency is based on, well, the fact that it is the WRC. The “faith” the rest of the world invests in the Dollar is only backed by momentum – and the perceived preeminence of the US armed forces.
        2) Just as the first Iraqi war was seminal in the fall of the Soviet Union IMHO when the world (and particularly the Soviet military analysts) were able to see the overwhelming technical superiority of the US smart weapons and the ease with with the US disposed of Saddam’s huge standing army (breaking the illusion that the Soviet Union was a superpower on the par with the US), the move into Syria by Russia by the invitation of the legal government of Syria is in my opinion just as historic and seminal, the bell weather for a major sea-change in the the power structure of the world.
        3) Russia in Syria has, at least in its first appearances, greatly neutralized ISIS, which was touted as a huge almost invincible juggernaut, putting on a clinic of technical prowess and coordination almost comparable to the US effort in Iraq 1.
        4) The paradigm of the all powerful US military has taken a big hit, if not by its lack of technical superiority (the F35 fiasco does not inspire confidence in US technical capability), but by its intentions, will, and compentence. the MSF hospital in Kunduz fiasco in juxaposition with the well planned Russian strikes against ISIS (which the US supposedly has been attacking for 13 months), raises the question: if you needed someone to protect you, do you trust the Russian military or the US military?
        5) The above question is a fatal doubt intruding into the all powerful US paradigm – if the Saudis and other important players (Germany!) start to question US power and cozy up to the Russians, the US petrodollar is done for, and with it US dollar as WRC – the US as a nation will start an inevitable slide into third world status if that occurs. Imagine what happens for example if the US has to pay its military budget from actual assets or savings rather than just print dollars it needs to buy the hugely expensive F35 or send billions to Israel…
        6) What gives pause are what the US might do about what has just happened in Syria. The most rabid neocons may push the US into a poorly thought out confrontation, and get us all killed in the worst case.
        7) Whatever response the US tries will not change the death of the US Dollar as WRC. The only question is how soon it will be cast aside (and my gut tells me it will be relatively soon, regardless of how “oversubscribed” dollar denominated debt is to the actual number of dollars in circulation)


      • Yep, ill-considered war or collapse. The steps to collapse you’ve outlined could happen relatively quickly, months rather than years. As odious as the U.S. Empire is to me, as a disabled older person, I know how collapse will affect me..badly. But war is worse, as it kills everything. Are you familiar with and their infamous collapse prediction? As a model, we have no way to know how accurate it is or will be, but it projects a true Armageddon level collapse for America. That’s why it would be nice if the eastern powers could figure out how to let us down gradually, assuming we surrender, of course. Jim Willie seems to think the Chinese wouldn’t be buying so many distressed U.S. industrial properties if they thought it was all going to burn down in a desperate terminal urban rage. Which ties in to your Trump characterization, as one to lead an ‘orderly bankruptcy’. Would be nice…and ironic, that a set of totalitarian Asian countries, out of enlightened self interest, will feel compelled to somewhat ‘rescue’ a country that has been such a pain in the a*s, for them, and half the planet, for decades. Just done in order to keep the whole global system from imploding. ‘IF’, they can pull it off.


      • Typo here’s the link:
        U.S. population projected to 64 million by 2025, quite a drop. They claim mostly ’emigration’. Right.
        “The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. You can see the most relevant data at every single country’s page. There is a tiny part of data coming from a variety of shadow sources such as Internet gurus, unsigned reports and others. But all these sources are from the internet and are of public domain for at least a minority. For example, several years ago Dagong, the Chinese ratings agency, published a report analyzing the physical economy of the States comparing it with those of China, Germany and Japan. The conclusion was that the US GDP was something between $5 to $10 trillion instead of $15 trillion as officially reported by the USG. We assume that the official data, especially economic, released by governments is fake, cooked or distorted in some degree. Historically it is well known that the former Soviet Union was making up fake statistics years before its collapse. Western as well as other countries are making up their numbers today to conceal their real state of affairs. We are sure that many people out there can find government statistics in their own countries that by their own personal experience are hard to believe or are so optimistic that may belong to a different country.”
        So they are forecasting a collapse much worse than that of the U.S.S.R., which, all things considered, is entirely possible.


      • As if all that isn’t bad enough, the U.S, Financial system is having internal ‘quakes of fairly large magnitude, even without geopolitical triggers. Could blow all by itself.


      • Having been listening to ‘V’s interview in the background, two thing’s strike me. (1.) It is certainly true, that a time may come when the dollar is not trusted, and if someone wants to buy or sell something, it will not be certain what medium of exchange is to be used, or what the cost of anything, in anything else, is. This leads to a very dangerous paralysis of commerce. Food distribution and power generation, could be lost. true.
        (2.) Period of paralysis could be 3 months or more. Sure, could be.
        Now, for a softer landing, you would need to have a Government that had planned for this, and was not malevolent, which would take over vital resources, with troops if necessary, to keep basic services running until a true financial/currency reset could be achieved.
        It’s probable the Government knows what’s coming, but we doubt their motives and their competency.
        IF the Asians want a softer American reset, to prevent an irreversible global collapse, it would be necessary to get involved with the American deep state, to make sure the ‘right’ things would be done HERE, to keep America ‘alive’ to recover again as a renewed Chinese customer/consumer again, at some point.. I know Obama has signed executive orders to take over all resources in a ‘national emergency’. I would suspect this is precisely set up for the event that is coming, to get through the reset to the other side.
        I am not saying this is a good thing, or that we are all saved, or even that this is what they have planned. I am also not saying it won’t involve a lot of death, either. All I can say, if any of the American elites want to come out on the other side still being in charge (they will want to THINK they’ll still be in charge, whether they will be or not) of a country, and not just a burnt out shell, they have to do something out of character and do some things right and for the right reasons.
        Maybe this will be Trump’s job. Who knows?
        Just a hypothesis, nothing more.


      • Mlytle0 — I also think there’s a possible ‘soft landing’ scenario in mind, at leas on the part of the Eastern globalists.
        After all if things get so horrible that millions of Americans are starving to death, who’s going to be watching the nukes and nuclear power plants? Those are both issues with global implications. That doesn’t necessarily entail Russian-Chinese troops but it could mean observers or a kind of Eurasian Nunn-Lugar in reverse. Remember all the concern about loose Russian nukes in the early 1990s?
        And if millions die, what about the Chinese real estate they’ve bought up to restart the factories with Americans as the sweatshop labor, much less the Manhattan and San Francisco all the way up to Seattle and Hongcouver condos and commercial they’ve bought?
        But at any rate I have ZERO disagreements with V saying the best thing is either to get the heck out of the way (my plan, and two guesses as to where) or bare minimum have three months food stored up and access to hand pumped well or other fresh clean water sources for three months in a rural or at least exurban area.
        No a soft landing of some sort is in the best interests of everyone. But ‘soft’ in this case may still imply hunger and martial law. Maybe something like Argentina in 2000-2001 or US 1934-37 but far more violent.


      • The only way I can see Jeb Bush winning anything is if somebody else dies. Gee, that Donald Trump is getting up there in years. And what about Ben Carson? Gosh, a plane crash should would be tragic right in the middle of the campaign, no?
        For the record I’m going with John McAfee and don’t give a flying f*ck for anyone in the Repugnant or Dumbocrat parties.


      • James and Mlytleo,
        Interesting conversation. I’m really not interested in following the political reality show as the REAL Wizards behind the curtains ( though weakened with a probable change in players ) will still be pulling the strings. As for the deagel 2025 projection of the devastation to USSA and who will guard the nukes and run the factories, I would theorize that a large influx of Chinese labor would fit the bill and enforce my long term hypothesis of the creation of a New China East. What management needs a mass of willfully ignorant, fat, GMO fed, spoiled, and overmedicated workers?
        So in a Karma move the Americans will be treated to the Native American Indian experience. Yeah, I know its not a happy happy joy joy future for those in Yankistan, but that’s what I see.


      • Sj — It still seems to me there would be too many guns on American soil and pissed off survivors for that scenario to work. The best most fertile/watered parts of East Africa (Madagascar?) Australia and New Zealand on the other hand seem ripe for peaceful Chinese colonization in everything but name if our economy and military truly implode to full Third World levels.
        I do always laugh instead of getting mad these days when I see wishful references in the neocon or neoliberal press to the Chinese taking over East Siberia. Um guys it’s a lot warmer in Australia and better watered in New Zealand, and they unlike the Russians don’t have thousands of nukes.


  3. James,
    Welcome back and I hope you had a good time in Bear Land. Thanks for the credit. And as usual, you fill in the blanks with amazing details and insights.
    Tip for all RMers: Those of you that do a lot of online reading should check out this free app (link below). I’ve used it for years and it works great.


  4. What is the US doing in Afghanistan at the moment? Not only have they bombed a MSF hospital, which our family is a donor for, but according to the Pakistani journalist below the whole thing was a trap for the Taliban. Apparently the Taliban were told the citizens of Kunduz had invited them to take over and then the Afghan army failed to ‘push back’ for three days, He starts his conspiracy argument at 2 minutes of the three minute interview. Quite compelling but he doesn’t say why???? This does seem to be in many aspects a war crime.
    Full article here
    Kunduz hospital bombed despite US knowing its exact location – Moscow
    Moscow has strongly condemned the US airstrike in Afghanistan that killed 22 people at a hospital in Kunduz, stressing that it was inflicted despite the coalition forces being notified of the facility’s exact location.
    Sultan M. Hali, Senior retired officer of the Pakistani Air Force, jounalist for Pakistan Herald, joins RT


  5. James,
    Just starting a new thread to the post above as the scrolling up and down is giving me vertigo. I agree and also find it ridiculous about the Chinese colonization of East Siberia.
    As to the Chinese colonization of the USSA, I don’t think it will come to the usage of guns via the Chinese Long Game and Soft Kill. After a 3-6 months devastation period when the Reset occurs and Petrodollar goes bye bye, there will be numerous supply disruptions and the Yankistanis will be going Mad Max on each other losing 30+ million per V. No need for the Chinese to visibly interfere at this point. There will be some Economic refugees going off to foreign lands, but most will stay out of self-fear of the unknown and gate closed in Reset +2-3 years ( no permit=no travel ). Most Amerikans don’t have passports and probably never moved more than 500 miles where they were born. After an additional period of destitution and hyperinflation ( 2-4 years? and 60+ million more lost), Americans will be clamoring for more stability that the Chinese owned USSA Gov will deliberately fail at ( look at Katrina ). Meanwhile the bought off USSA Gov will quietly legislate an increase of Chinese migrants who will move stealthily to the Industrial Parks ( no more need for dangerous illegal southern crossings ). Medical services will be drastically cut and rationed to the Yankistanis ( 30+ million ). Farm output per Jim Willie is 1/3 exported now to China and I believe will increase leading to an American Holodomor and further population reduction ( 30+ million? ). Commercial Real Estate in the big cities is already 40+% owned by the Chinese and will grow through fire sales. I suspect the Federal and State Lands have also already been pledged ( Harry Reid couldn’t deliver so he got a Triad beating ). Broke Amerikans will be forced out of their foreclosed residential properties for the incoming Chinese ( I suspect many of the Bank REOs have also been pledged ). The expansion of Industrial Parks and Free Trade Zones will most likely be staffed by majority Chinese Labor. Middle and Upper management of numerous companies will be absorbed a la Borg ( H1 Visa replacement worker example ). Military disbanded or severely reduced and ill-equiped ( USSR collapse example ). Israeli trained USSA thug Police will be used to quell and SWAT the “Terrorist”. With additional attrition through malnutrition, disease, crime, infighting, and suicides the deagel numbers don’t seem so far fetched.
    So what left for the Yankistanis? Below minimum wage non-unionized work. “You want work, shelter, food, and gasoline? Rat out your neighbors and turn in your guns”.
    Colonization complete 6-8 years after PetroDollar death without a single Chinese bullet being fired. There would be NO sympathy from the world as the USSA is the Numero UNO Terrorist and has mucho Karma refund coming. Is this such an outlandish scenario?
    Remember, the Rockefellers:
    1) Are big fans of Mao and supported the Cultural Revolution in China.
    2) Have interbred with the Chinese Elite per James Corbett.
    3) Sent Bush Sr as Ambassador and Kissinger to China back in the day for advanced coordination.
    4) Fathered the bastard child Bill Clinton. “Oh that Hilary, she such a jewel”.
    Just a working theory.


    • Assuming Jame’s worst case scenario of a big war breaking out doesn’t happen, I think the biggest questions conditioning the outcome of the question, ‘is the American population rescued or is it trashed and/or replaced’, centers around the issue of automation. Automation will make it unnecessary to import labor from anywhere to anywhere. China will not find it economic to move but a few high placed specialists over here. Moving masses of Chinese here to do the ‘grunt labor’ won’t happen because (1) There’s going to be less grunt labor to do (2) machines will be doing more of it. (3) There are still a lot of Latin Americans here doing much of that work, cheaply.
      There is a sense I have that global consumerism, is probably going to fade away, because I think middle classes are going to fade away. I don’t see any answer to extreme disparity in income across ALL societies, as AI and automation continue on their labor displacing path. The only reason elites will need to keep somewhat large populations alive for a few decades, is that it takes 100 births to produce two people with an IQ of 130 or greater. Sort of like you have to grow a large corn stalk to produce a modest corn cob. You can’t also harvest the smart ones and kill off the other 98 as redundant, as it tends to depress your high end people emotionally, so you have to keep them happy, and make sure their less gifted relatives are taken care of.
      The elite need for specialists will drive more AI to replace humans, and some kind of selective breeding in the style of ‘Brave New world’ will come in to produce humans with high end skills, and this will reduce gradually the need for masses of ‘breeders’ to produce those few ‘gifted ones’. The elites will realize in the near term, I think, that they’re not quite ready to dispense with the bulk of the people just yet, as the replacements for nearly everyone are not quite ready..but longer term, less is more, in their eyes..
      All of this said, it probable the elites are not going to be able to get the exact outcome they want, as complex systems are really hard to manage. So short term, a lot of us are toast, and after a reset, and rebound, things improve somewhat for the survivors, but I think the slope will return to down..inexorably and globally..
      To return to the original question as to ‘what will happen’, IF the elites do something rational, and IF they can pull it off, they would want the system restarted as gently as possible. They would have no reason to subject the U.S. population to ‘extra’ unnecessary high trauma, if you want any of them to be higher end worker bees after things start to come back. You don’t want a population permanently in despair, though their will be grieving, as much will have been lost. The Global government will position itself as ‘saviour’ in somewhat the same way Roosevelt did in the 1930’s.
      Maybe this is Trump’s role.


      • Mlytleo,
        Population reduction is the goal for the Globalist a la Georgia Guidestones. Eugenics movement; GMO foods; Fracking; Chemtrails; and deliberate dumbing down of the USSA populace are already in play. This is the future of Amerika in 10 years courtesy of Liberal Khazarian policies. These checker players have NO future seat at the table in the 3 Dimensional Long Game Chess World of the future. The illustrious Harvard debate team just got their clocks cleaned by prison inmates. This is a broad strategy and not race specific.
        I’m focusing primarily on the USSA since most of the RMers are USSA based, but this Boiling Frog Strategy will apply worldwide.
        I believe AI and automation are already being incorporated. So who needs all the people? I don’t agree with this path, but this is what I see.


      • All that stuff you’re referring to GMO’s, fracking, Georgia guidestones, etc., are part of the British American ‘wing’ of the Globalists. They are being absorbed into the ‘Asian Globalists ‘ who are now taking charge. They are not in all respects the same in Philosophy as their western branch. Each side has to be studied separately. Putin, for instance, is trying to GROW his population, and the Chinese are close to removing their one child policy to mitigate their demographic imbalances…
        The Chinese are working to RAISE the IQ’s of their people. Don’t have the link handy but I can find it if you want.
        The people you are referencing are the poor stepchildren right now, and are also working with the Asian branch to shut down the non-Globalist Ziofascists who are the worst of all..


      • Mlytleo,
        I don’t differentiate between the Western and Eastern Globalist. They are all the same to me. The Eastern Globalist are presenting a benevolent happy happy joy joy face now, but when they have the where-with-all they will morph into the same animal ( Animal Farm ). Basically dictators who believe they know better than us useless eating farm animals and must shepherd us cattle in their and our best interests. This is not theory, but rather fact that is very provable throughout all of human history.
        What’s that saying? “The path to Hell is paved with good intentions”. – Karl Marx
        And another favorite “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” – by somebody in the past.
        I prefer to exercise my electrical grey matter and choose my own path thank you very much.


      • Yeah, they sell human organs too. I’m not putting them on a pedestal by any means. I’m suggesting the nature of current civilizations are very hostile to human values, but over the decades as Russia found out, you lose a lot doing that. Not that their a Utopia either. I have Orlov’s book about the collapse, those people have been through the fire. There ARE some positives for having experienced that. The whole world is about to share the Russian experience.


      • “I have Orlov’s book about the collapse, those people have been through the fire. There ARE some positives for having experienced that. The whole world is about to share the Russian experience.” Agreed. Collapse and war are coming, in fact they’re already underway from the Donbass to Damascus.
        In response to SOF’s good comment that obsessing of WWIII in the alt media may not be healthy, I happen to think it may take the form of many civil wars adding up to WWIII, rather than the big nukuylur shebang. Think more Yugoslavias, Syrias and Ukraines.


      • Mlytleo — I generally haven’t written much about ‘the worst case scenario’ here for obvious reasons — it does no good for anyone including myself to despair. :/

        I think the bleak technocratic feudalist future driven by AI is where the globalists want to go, and where all the predictive programming of pop culture including the latest Terminator film is pointing. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be resistance, up to and including sabotage or some of the technocrats getting taken out.
        Also think back to the novel Dune…religion is more powerful than technocracy, especially when religious fanatics willing to die for their cause can leverage destructive technologies to take down an empire. (Plus one group of ‘martyrs brigades’ can wipe out another, like Hezbollah vs. alCIAeda’s pet Wahhabis). We haven’t seen yet how Islamic scholars will react to the transhumanist agenda yet. Nor am I convinced the AI has progressed beyond the five or six year old stage yet.


      • James, I’m not a fan of technocracy either, and I think there are real limits to how far that can go, based on the idea that it’s really going to be hard to maintain any sort of civilization founded purely on technocratic fascination. It is as you might say, unsatisfying as a _religion_ as it just reflects man and his creations back to himself.
        I think some level of it will happen, and be assimilated into society, and then as an infinite regress, it should become self-limiting. It after all, doesn’t provide purpose.
        It wouldn’t hurt to have some brighter people around, they will be less easily fooled and manipulated, but there too, it’s the compliance of the somewhat gullible that allows consensus, and even politics. It’s possible a society of geniuses could have some problems with cohesion. Again, self limiting. I think the good news, is feudalism becomes less likely as a permanent condition as human ability goes up.
        These things have deep existential aspects. Man playing God is always a bad idea, but since we learned to use tools, we’ve been on a slippery slope.
        I think the gradual disappearance of the consumer culture is nigh (for a variety of reasons), and some of the materialism will abate, and with it, the understanding the technology is a means and not an end, should start to appear. That would blunt a movement that has been going full bore since the industrial revolution or even earlier, starting with Isaac Newton.
        A lot of technological progress has been funded by throwing away many iterations of mass marketed equipment, like micro-chips, but that way of doing things, ecologically destructive, will not work in a future where populations are gradually declining. Capitalism itself requires exponential growth, and global populations that now don’t see reproduction as the highest priority are creating a demographic crisis that capitalism can’t surmount. Greed and Fear just won’t cut it anymore, nor will fantasies of playing God, or gadget fetishism of one kind or another.
        The door is open for something much different and better to come in. I think it might happen, though I don’t know what it will look like. I don’t think it will be New Age, as that is a Free Masonic creation, man as God. Probably closer to Christianity, if not that itself, as all of man’s pretentiousness will have also become transparent senselessness.


      • Mlytleo — if you study the Dune universe, it’s fascinating that Frank Herbert foresaw the rise of intelligent machines — and a human jihad/universal revolt against them — 50 years ago. The Bene Gesserit sound suspiciously like female Jesuits and the Orange Catholic Bible and religion of the future in Herbert’s prediction is a kind of Chrislam (at least that’s the religion of the semi-Islamic, clearly T.S. Lawrence Arab revolt inspired Fremen) with some Buddhist influences.
        I think the gradual disappearance of the consumer culture is nigh (for a variety of reasons), and some of the materialism will abate, and with it, the understanding the technology is a means and not an end, should start to appear. That would blunt a movement that has been going full bore since the industrial revolution or even earlier, starting with Isaac Newton.
        We do see some seeds of future ideologies being planted in our time — Eurasianism being one check this out:
        Some Euronationalists who see the collapse of the EU(SSR), NATO and the entire system of Washington-Wall Street-Hollywood domination of the Continent looming in the next several years or decade like to use the term ‘EuroSiberian civilization’. Meaning the merger of Europe and Russia in the great Eurasian Economic Union which is Putin’s end game and that of many individuals working behind the scenes in Europe dating back to De Gaulle’s ‘Europe of fatherlands from Portugal to the Urals’ excluding U.S. dominated England. You can also see this in Russia being presented as the only great power simultaneously that has the balls to stand up to jihadism while presenting a tolerant face to traditional Sunni, Shi’a and Sufi Islam. If not Russia and China to defend Europe than who else when Uncle Sam finally faces reality and declares bankruptcy?
        I am not sure if EuroSiberia is derived from the late Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s idea that mankind’s last frontier to colonize would be the North (Arctic breakaway civilization) or more likely, neo-pagan ideas and the awareness that many European tribes including the ancestors of modern Hungarians the Magyars and Turks came from the great Eurasian steppe with the Turkish Grey Wolves believing their homeland is actually now part of western China or Mongolia (and hence, pan-Turanism or Turkism which the CIA is up to their eyeballs in sponsoring is based on the idea of ‘a return’ just as Russian pan-Slavism has suddenly magnified the sacral significance of Prince Vladimir’s baptism in Kersones near Crimea). The idea that modern humans came ‘out of Africa’ has been disputed by some Russian scholars who point to western and southern Siberia pre-maximum glaciation 40,000 years ago as the true ‘Eden’ for Cro-Magnons and Denisovians who are more associated by conventional paleontology with proto-Asian Javanese in Indonesia. As an Orthodox Christian, I have never felt the urge to believe the Earth is literally 7,000 years old though many ancient fathers in their limited scientific understanding but great spiritual wisdom did mark time from the date of creation in Constantinople and elsewhere.
        Deep Resource guy and the Red Ice Radio neo pagans make me uncomfortable with their hostility to Christianity, believing that misguided Christian altruism is what has opened the borders rather than anti-Christ spirit (cultural) Marxism, which is really a subset of Illuminism.
        One thing is for sure: there will be an Eastern globalist inspired or Eurasian syncretist religion of the future to soak up those who rebel against the cold, technocratic SkyNet or Bladerunner future. Think back to The Matrix trilogy and the ending of it with the machines making ‘peace’ with mankind, which also seems to be the subtext of the new Terminator film. We suspect the ‘old Arnold’ was sent back by a ‘dissident’ AI that broke away from SkyNet’s maniacal quest to destroy humans, since the plot reveals the old Arnie cyborg’s memories of who sent him back have been erased for the sender and Sarah Connor/Kyle Reese’s protection — this BTW was also a plot device in the X-Files where there were dissident aliens sabotaging the colonization AND in Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox series with the Shirley Manson Garbage lead singer T-1001.
        The globalists always need a dialectic whether it’s Russia China right now vs. ISIS (which admittedly the Eurasian system represents the lesser of the two evils, but let’s not kid ourselves that Assad’s security forces have not been brutal or the mullahs cannot be also when they crack down) or neo-pagans versus Islamists in the hybrid war Soros is waging on Europe.
        Beware the dialectic: this is the deeper underlying truth that ‘Agent W’ is always talking about in his appearances on Guerrilla Radio and especially with JBW Caravan to Midnight.


      • James,
        I’m not trying to present this in a despair filled manner to the RMers and am actually quite optimistic about the future, but rather a somewhat worst case realistic scenario. There is a Boy Scout saying “Be prepared”. And part of that preparation process is to assess the real and projected problems regardless of whether or not it fits into a warm fuzzy rainbows and unicorns world. No one knows exactly how things will play out. And shit happens to the best laid plans. I’m just trying to encourage a bit of synaptic pre-flow instead of a cold start to all the RMers.
        If you get a flat tire do you change your engine oil? Do you like that your tire is flat? The answers are obviously both no. The problem is obviously with the tire. So just change the damn tire and be on your way. Getting angry and/or crying about the situation are obviously not going to help get you to your destination.
        And how does one minimize getting a flat?
        1) Don’t drive until the tire is bald.
        2) Keep proper tire pressure.
        3) Pay attention to the road surface ahead.
        These are not exactly “Conspiracy Theories”, but grounded in the reality of common sense.
        I’m simply presenting a reversed engineered stated Globalist Goal. Combining functional electrically charge grey matter between my auditory orifices; hidden in plain sight evidence; a little bit of amateur Pajamahadeen sleuthing; experience; and retarded insight a theory is reached. And if proven wrong, I will gladly kiss the apology ring. I ain’t got no pride. Truthfully in this case, I wish I am wrong.


      • Just did a quick read on the link. It’s well done. I remember reading Dune in the 1970’s. I, too, noticed the emphasis on a ‘male’ power or aspect to restore the natural balance. Something straightforward and direct there, the end to the female witches deviousness. Yep.
        I don’t see the future revolt in such heroic form, I guess. More like, we are in a period of Revelations, where all knowledge is now accessible, (along with piles of misinfo and just plain bull) but this world is very hard in a new way, that you can really know more than what is healthy for you, psychologically. Humans generally need myth to cover the harsh reality, to make it bearable.
        Now, there are those of a military disposition, who can accept very hard truths indeed, and a subset of those, who also have a strong intuition/moral compass that makes them something that authoritarians fear. Seems to me that the future belongs to the most able, which includes people such as these, as every day in ‘full knowledge’ can be as grim as anything humans have had to accept over the thousands of years.
        Not to be mistaken for Nietzche’s overman, a rather egotistical creature, worshipping himself, but simply clear headed, practical and ethically strong individuals. Heroic in quiet ways, over a thousand small actions rather than one, or a few, dramatic battles or actions. All done in knowledge and with a love of justice and fairness.
        I think the process that begins with the ‘reset’ will down the road, clear the way for people of this type. When truthfulness is no longer shunned, these will ascend.


      • Mlytleo,
        As to: “the end to the female witches deviousness.” Perhaps, Hellary can be a show case special on Pay-Per-View.

        Jokes aside. The question of Consciousness is of relevance. Without sounding like a Kumbayah tree hugging elf, I believe the vibrational frequencies are adjusting higher for the betterment of humanity. The big problem is that our receivers (Pineal Gland) have been chemically blocked/inhibited. Conscious awakening is what the Controllers fear the most.
        Humans don’t need myth. They need truth and disclosure. Trading one pile of BS for another slightly sweeter more digestible pile is a lose-lose proposition and a sure road to continual retardation.


      • Not sure if you know what I meant by ‘myth’. It’s in the sense that Anthropologists and writers like Joseph Campbell refer to. Call them ‘ennobling stories’ if you like.
        A balance is needed. I would say the ennobling story of the Russian Federation is the take down of the Anglo-American NWO. It’s not the same as propaganda or misinformation. Although, it need not be rigorously factual.


    • Another point…After the reset, most U.S. debt will be restructured or eliminated, and prices of many things like housing and rents, will fall sharply. This is a deflationary crash, and so a dollar devaluation will be less painful then is generally recognized because the derivatives complex that has been built to artificially sustain high prices will be taken down by the reset, so prices of many, many things will fail dramatically. Minimum wage may not be much a bad thing as you might assume at that point.


      • Not true. Debts that can’t be paid, won’t be paid. The U.S. no longer has an industrial base that is there to generate income sufficient to pay off existing or future obligations. That’s why we resorted to the printing press, and as those debts implode, we have systemic deflation.


      • Mlytleo,
        There are other ways of payment besides Fiat currencies (i.e., Federal and State Lands and/or other forms of real property ). Regardless, someone eats the loss. Chances are it won’t be the bankers and their owned prostitute politicians. Would you like to guess who the bag holding willfully ignorant and easily distracted dupes will be?


      • Right..but assets like land can be given and still be a non-performing asset, depending on conditions. What makes this a jubilee of sorts, is the difficulty of assigning values to anything, both because prices have been forced to unnatural levels and because of the destruction of the rule of law, which is the basis of even PM systems. Many elites will be caught ‘holding the bag’ with everybody else, as their models of complex non-linear systems are no better than ours, which is to say, terrible.
        Real Estate in NYC is prized right now, but in a breakdown, what is it worth, now or in the future? The answer is, it depends.
        An old steel mill in Gary, Indiana has some possible future potential, but what is it? It depends..
        Every transaction the elites make will have the same conditions as ours, extreme uncertainty.
        No geniuses here, the situation will prevent that.


      • I realize that we have drifted way off the original topic of this article being Syria and apologize to the RMers. I hope all of you found the conversations interesting.
        As to: “assets like land can be given and still be a non-performing asset, depending on conditions.:
        I agree. However, transfer of title is the key. The East plays the Long Game. Demand will be met by the incoming newbies.
        This is my last word ( since I really don’t want to get into a competition of who get the last word) : My working theory of planned Long Game Chinese Boiling Frog Strategy of Colonization of the USSA will hold until I see proof otherwise.


      • SJ, Mlytle0, SOF et al:
        Talk amongst yourselves guys and gals, my only request is — new post new thread!
        As for SOF’s remark about Russian morale — I do think it’s higher right now than that of American servicemen, seeing as how the Russians know they are fighting the scum of the earth for real whereas the American pilots understand they’re burning a lot of jet fuel supposedly bombing ISIS for little result.
        Cheers, JWS


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