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USA Watchdog Interview w/ The Guerrilla.

“V, the Guerrilla Economist” says we have reached the point of no return in the global financial system. “V” explains, “We are entering a time which I call the collapse point. At the collapse point, there is going to be massive systemic shock. Why? Because you have one paradigm and one system being done away with, which is the dollar. It is going to be replaced by a new system. During that transition period, you cannot expect to trade anything because what do you trade it in? That’s why the Chinese are gearing up their own gold price fix. Once that collapse point happens and the world reels from the systemic shock, the Chinese gold price fix and the BRICS system will be there to fill in that vacuum. That is what’s being set up right now.”

“V” uses an anonymous name because he says if his cover is blown, he would lose business and his global high ranking financial sources. So, what will the collapse look like for the man in the street here in America? “V” says, “I was on a conference call at the beginning of the year. On that call were seven guys and some of the smartest people in the world. They work in various sectors of government and various sectors of the military, and the question was asked what does an economic collapse in the United States look like? The initial, unanimous answer was you can expect anywhere from 25 million to 50 million dead in the first 90 days. I almost fell off my chair. Then they said, it’s real simple. You are going to have people dropping dead from violence, looting, rioting, lack of medication; we are the most medicated country on the planet. People also will be dropping dead from starvation, dehydration and disease. That’s going to kill a large swath of people. If you look at the big population centers: in New York you got 8 million people, in L.A. you got a couple of million. It would be very easy to rapidly build those death numbers up.”

Can you survive the crash here in the U.S.? “V” says, “My people say you need to have enough food and supplies for three months. I say to be safe, you should have supplies for six months. . . . My hope and prayer is “We the People” get this government and these things under control and prosecute these criminals at some point. . . . You cannot stop what is coming. You cannot stop this collapse. It’s too far gone and too far forward. You are not going to stop it, but right now, the race is for who is going to win on the other side. Is it going to be us, the American people? Or is it going to be the criminal cabal that is running D.C. right now. They have already made a pact or a promise to do whatever it takes for them to hold on to power on the other side of this thing. You’ve got to understand, the economy is weak and these guys are weak, as well. They have never been weaker.”

So, does the collapse point happen this year? “V” predicts, “No crash this year. You will have major geopolitical events. The dollar will be undermined. The petro dollar will come to an end by the end of 2015. There will be no market crash this year.”

What about gold and silver prices? Will they vault higher this year? “V” says, “No, but I expect them to vault higher by the middle of 2016.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with “V, the Guerrilla Economist” of

(There is much more in the video interview.)



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  1. Rarely post. I have tremendous respect for both V and Greg Hunter. I pay attention to both of them without fail, as well as being a Jim Willie subscriber. In about 30 minutes V sums up with what I would call “in your face reality”. Thank you V for your concise, reality check without the the sideline bloviation. Most of us appreciate an actual presentation of facts which validate a probable scenario without a tutorial laced with opinions, and a current history lesson. If you live in this country and have paid attention, you know what has transpired. None of us have crystal balls and timing the future of events is like trying to grasp and hold a greased pig. Many of the wealthy already are already positioned off shore. They won’t be there forever, but they will watch the fireworks from a safer vantage point.


  2. I enjoyed your interview immensely V.There are basically three types of people in the world.
    1. the 10% that plan and think ahead.
    2. the 60% who sit and watch the 10%.
    3. and 30% who sit and snipe.
    Unfortunately Greg Hunters site is mainly composed of the of the last two groups. I liken it to
    a philosophy of economics 101 class. Lots of talk but not much subject matter. I just hope the people there are smart enough to pass the final exam when it comes.
    For the record I emailed Greg one time and asked him if the MSM really didn’t know what’s coming? His response was. Yes they know, they just can’t say anything about it, out of fear of losing their jobs. That’s why we come here.


    • “…they just can’t say anything about it, out of fear of losing their jobs.”
      This is what I mean by the ultimate belief system that supersedes even the world’s religions and archaic belief systems like scientism (belief in an ‘expert’ with a pHd when he tells you that vaccines are good for you and Free energy does not exist).
      This ultimate belief system is the idea where the measure of a man’s value in this world is how much he earns in his paycheck, and not if he cares about the state of the world or the pursuit of Truth and understanding of Cosmic Law.


  3. Harry S Dent says Dow is going lower to 15 500 within two weeks, oil he sees hitting 20, Robert Kiyosaki sees huge crash in 2016, wait and see game….


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