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Is Turkey Preparing to Throw in the Towel?

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” This sharky Wall Street expression seems applicable to the situation of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today, the man we predicted back in August would become the ‘fall guy’ for the spectacular rise of ISIS, which was certainly supported by Erdoğan’s Islamist Turkish government. While we don’t feel sorry for Erdoğan, neither do we accept his status as the father of ISIS when he was at best, a hired hand for the super-terrorist group’s true patrons in the Persian Gulf Arab capitols, London, Paris and Washington. Nonetheless, as a once useful globalist dupe with neo-Ottoman delusions of grandeur fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood, we won’t be sorry to see Erdoğan’s go — hopefully via the ballot box rather than the Turkish army ammo box.
A curious constellation if not convergence seems to be underway between the interests of the pro-Kurdish voices in Washington, the Israelis (who thanks to the MV Mavi Marmaraprovocation, have no love lost for the would be neo-Ottoman sultan in Ankara), and the Kremlin’s Mideast allies. And by the latter, the Russia Analyst means firstly Damascus and Tehran, but also Baghdad, Cairo and…Irbil?

Watching cellphone video footage of Russia’s Kalibr cruise missiles zipping low over Kurdish northern Iraq en route to obliterating ISIS ammo dumps in Syria, we were struck by the locals’ rather relaxed reaction to these low-flying missiles. The Kurds may have presumed these were American Tomahawk missiles flying toward the Islamic State/Daesh targets, and only found out later that they witnessed Moscow striking jihadists from 1,500 kilometers away.

Russia’s Plan to Engage the Syrian Arab Army, Iranians, Iraqis AND Kurds Against its Terrorist Enemies

Nonetheless, the Kurds have shown signs that they could be prepared to attack ISIS lines more aggressively and make a push west towards the Euphrates, potentially cutting off Al-Nusra (aka Al-Qaeda) supply lines just as Iran and the Syrian Arab Army are attacking Aleppo from the southwest. If the Iraqi government backed by Russian intelligence and airpower keeps punching holes in the group’s porous front lines and continues killing off many senior lieutenants of the Daesh syndicate, the strong mistrust between Baghdad and the Kurds might be overcome on this issue. This would represent the ‘three hammers, one anvil’ to smash Daesh and Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda in Syria we spoke of on Friday night’s Guerrilla Radio program, which we believe was Putin’s (#Brutalistan) plan all along.

Over the weekend the Iraqis claimed to have wounded Abū Bakr al-Baghdādi, the kingpin of ISIS himself. We remain skeptical that al-Baghdadi’s leadership was ever as important to ISIS as the mainstream media has tried to portray, with its simplistic ‘kill the boss’ and win the video game style narratives. Some in the alternative media have even suggested that al-Baghdadi might be an actor, like the bin Laden esque Ben Kingsley character ‘the Mandarin’ in Iron Man 3. Others have claimed that Sen. John “bats–t crazy neocon” McCain met with al-Baghdadi who was ‘out of character’ that day in 2013 after slipping into Syria for a photo op with the future Cobra Commander of the Levant. In any case,  we’ve noticed just in the past 48 hours some major diplomatic and media war developments which hint at a diplomatic breakthrough, facilitated by Russia’s intervention in Syria.

First, in our previous column for RogueMoney we pointed to the Saudis and United Arab Emirates sending their crown princes to Moscow — with purported Saudi heir apparent Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud the most prominent Gulf Arab envoy, in certain respects outranking the Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir. We noted that approximately 30-year-old bin Salman al Saud was meeting behind closed doors with Vladimir Putin for the second time since late August. We also pointed to al-Jubeir’s announcement after the meeting that Syria was discussed and the Saudi demand that Assad step down remained, but Riyadh was willing to accept a transition period of intermediate length. We suggested this represented not only the Western powers but also the Saudi hardliners finally bowing to reality on the ground in Syria, at least grudgingly. If the Saudis are negotiating with Putin, then it stands to reason that even the Jordanians and Israelis have to quietly back away from their proxies in Syria as well.

Second, in another column and in our Friday night appearance on the Guerrilla Radio program, we pointed out many reasons why Turkey could not afford a direct conflict with Russia over Assad and would likely seek a face-saving ‘out’. The idea for example, that Turkey and its mostly low value added industries and power grid could manage without 20 billion cubic feet of annual gas imports from Russia, seemed unlikely. As did the laughable notion that Turkish farmers, tour operators and resort owners, many of them with relatives in or other connections to the military and ‘Deep State’ security services, were prepared to sacrifice their lucrative trade with the Russians for the sake of the Beltway bandit losers saving face in Syria!

As we pointed  out to the Guerrilla, the Turks had not even managed to impose a single ‘safety inspection’ on Russian military cargoes along the ‘Tartus express’ through the Bosporus, and it seemed hardly likely now given the Turks’ sense of abandonment by Washington that they would provoke a fight with the Russians to make NATO hawks happy. Furthermore, we also mentioned that the Turkish military and at least some elements of the ‘Deep State’ had been trying to diversify the country’s military hardware to include Russian and Chinese armaments for some time, eventually backing down due to Washington’s objections.


Last but not least among our stated reasons why Turkey would not pick a fight with Russia, as demonstrated by the Turks accepting Moscow’s apologies for inadvertent air space violations, was the risk of the Kurdish insurgency suddenly receiving a major influx of Russian weapons perfect for guerrillas like the Kornet ATGM. Time did not permit us to add on the Guerrilla Radio show Ankara’s fears about kompromat  emerging regarding Erdoğan personally. Including his alleged relatives ties to the Al-Nusra if not ISIS jihadists and the lucrative kickbacks from the Islamic State’s illicit oil smuggling out of territory it controls in Iraq and Syria.

How The Saker’s ‘brothers in arms’ at Southfront think the humiliated Empire will Strike Back in Syria…

The Russia Analyst Was Right…Faced with the 1,200 ib Russian Bear, the Turkish Wolf Seems to be Backing Down Will Washington Recognize its Allies in Ankara, Amman and Riyadh Aren’t Willing to Bleed to Punish Russia?

On Tuesday we received some confirmation that the Russia Analyst’s assumptions were likely correct.

Although we are not experts on Turkey and its Deep State politics or economy by any means, we do know how many tens of billions in annual trade both licit (gas, tourists, and produce) and illicit (hash?) depend on Ankara remaining at least a ‘frenemy’ of Moscow, as Turkey has been for the past four years. Here are the signs Turkey might be turning Vlad’s way:

  1. Sputnik reports “Turkey Ready to Discuss Syrian War Settlement with Russia, Iran“. Now that the Russians are a party to the conflict at Assad’s behest there is no ambiguity any Ankara peace proposals with Damascus and Tehran having to go through Moscow. “Ankara is ready to discuss the Syrian civil war settlement with Russia and Iran, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Monday. According to Davutoglu, the intention to cooperate on the issue does not mean that Ankara shares Russia’s position on Syrian President Bashar Assad who Moscow considers to be the legitimate power in Syria.”
  2. One can dismiss Sputnik as a pro-Kremlin, state-funded Russian source. But this headline from Reuters which has been strongly pro-Kiev and NATO in this second Cold War is harder to shrug off: “Turkey Warns U.S., Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria“. If the Turks are such a staunch member of NATO and buddy-buddy with Washington, why should Ankara be worried about the Americans and Russians deciding it’s time for a de facto expanded Kurdistan at their expense? Isn’t Russia NATO and the Turks enemy that evilly invaded Ukraine, suppressing those Crimean Tatars Turkey claims to care so much about? Isn’t the Kremlin now propping up the bloody-hands dictator Bashir al-Assad through direct force a sign of failure, as a flustered Big Zero told CBS News? To put in layman’s terms, what ya got to worry about Mr.  Erdoğan if Jens Stoltenberg and NATO have your back (maybe a knife in it)?

  3. Despite the hot air we linked to above coming from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about how the Alliance is gearing up to defend Turkey’s air space from rascally Russian jets, talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. The U.S. and Germany pulling their Patriot missile batteries out of southern Turkey, where they had created a no-fly zone for Assad’s air force close to the Turkish border, is a tacit admission that the U.S./NATO won’t oppose Russian jets bombing ISIS/AlNusra/’Free Syrian Army’ everywhere they like in Syria. Including everywhere up to the Turkish border. Also, if the Turks were gearing up to fight the Russians at their border or inside Syria, they certainly wouldn’t be allowing Russian aircraft to photograph their military installations this week under the Open Skies Treaty. Again in blunt language, Stoltenberg and the MSM outlets that breathlessly quote his blather about defending Turkey from the Russian threat are yapping toy poodles.

  4. Given point no. 3 and Obama’s weak response to the Russian offensive consisting of parachuting ammo from C-17s to anyone and everyone who wants it in northern Syria, including Al-Nusra, no sane Turkish leader should have any illusions anymore about being able to threaten or bleed the Russians into backing down.

    Nor should they count on the likes of Sen. McInsane, his BFF Sen. Lindsey Queenie Graham, or New Jersey Governor Krispy Kreme, or the old globalist consigliere Z. Bzrezinski cajoling Obama into doing anything other than folding.

  5. Underscoring point no. 4 in this logical chain of analysis is the Reuters-advertised Iranian ground assault on Aleppo, which could be underway by this weekend. Reportedly commanded by none other than Iranian Revolutionary Guards Gen. Qassem Soleimani, this assault will be backed by the full aerial fist of Russia’s growing jet and helicopter gunship fleet in the country, which is reportedly being expanded with even more machines at Latakia airport. Thousands of Iranian soldiers and Shi’a militiamen from Iraq who can act as Arabic interpreters are expected to participate in a major pincer move attack to cut off the city’s Al-Nusra and ‘Free Syrian Army’ defenders from resupply.
    The northern Syrian city has been a rebel stronghold after they took it in bloody urban combat, grinding down the SAA over many months in the civil war’s ‘Stalingrad’. Again, as we’ve stated once before here at Rogue Money, amateurs talk tactics, professionals analyze logistics. Without their Euphrates lifeline, not only Al-Nusra front but also ISIS will die in very large numbers. And without wholehearted Saudi support for the jihadists, there is little prospect of a counterattack or major influx of fighters and arms via south from the Saudi Kingdom and Jordan either. The Qataris can talk tough all they like but it won’t be their bases and warehouses full of their TOW missiles bound for Syrian jihadists getting blown up by ‘Yemeni resistance/Houthi fighters’ in a protracted proxy war.

    Sorry neocons, but your jihadi manpower for the Syrian meatgrinder isn’t limitless. Who knew?Remember, unlike in Daily Beast/Brookings Doha/’Free Syrian Army’ twitter propaganda, there’s a hell of a lot more to resisting a massive combined arms assault and being able to counterattack than just getting some TOW missiles and MANPADs.

    Particularly when Russian gunship pilots are trained and conveying to their Syrian proteges wolfpack tactics that allow Mi-24 crews to spot for each other and swarm over the battlefield, looking for the first plume of a MANPAD or TOW launch to kill the gunners before they can slip away.

    The Syrian Arab Army, for all its losses in armor the first week of its ground offensive, also seems to be learning from the Russians how to set infantry screens for the tanks (as seen in the Donbass with the Novorossiya Armed Forces training videos published on YouTube). The Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah will also start using their own Kornet ATGM gunners to spot and blow away the alCIAeda TOW missileers who thought they were invincible and their CIA-provided satphones/radios undetectable by Russian electronic warfare planes. The more out in the open any ‘rebel’ or ISIS unit, the more prone it is to being bombed or spotted by Syrian (and Iranian/Russian?) special forces who can call in a massive artillery strike, especially on units trying to flee in those Toyota Tundra and Hillux pick up trucks the Treasury Department says it wants  to know how the rebels and ISIS obtained.The sub-room temperature IQ morons who haven’t shaved off their beards and run like hell for Turkey yet left in ISIS’ ranks are going to find it even worse, as they don’t even have the cover of urban or semi-urban terrain to provide them with cover from Russian bombing and GRAD/Smerch saturation rocket attacks.At any rate, the neocons’ fantasies of reliving their Rambo III and Charlie Wilson’s War version of the Soviet-Afghan war will have to wait, as Vladimir Putin has already ruled out Russian ground troops. Moscow may lose helicopter pilots, Russian jets may suffer maintenance issues under the constant pressure of round the lock combat sorties, but the relief crews appear to be on their way, along with more air frames. And for the foreseeable future, Putin has vowed not to deploy Russian ground troops, instead letting Moscow’s airpower support the Syrians, Iranians and…Iraqis plus Kurds?

These points bring us back to the title of this article: are the Turks getting ready to finally throw in the towel on their efforts to overthrow Assad and Salafi/Takfiri-ze Syria?

The Russia Analyst won’t know for certain for a while, with the hard fighting this autumn and early winter likely to tell the tale. If the Al-Nusra front and the ‘FSA’ start running for their lives and huge holes open in their lines, with the Syrian Arab Army re-taking all of Hama and Aleppo, then we can be almost certain either the supply lines from Turkey were cut to the jihadists or Ankara quietly threw its jihadis under the bus. The double-tap killing of scores during an Ankara peace demonstration by two Daesh suicide bombers operating in tandem last weekend has underscored the dangers of blowback to the Turkish State. So too has the increasing onslaught of bad press and suggestions that the Turkish security services themselves may have been behind the terrorist attacks receiving increasing prominence in Western mainstream media. When the conservative, hawkish Cold Warrior ‘Moonies’ at the Washington Times and the pro-Putin Ft. Russ blog are both bashing Erdoğan, then we do not believe his political career is long for this world.

Again, the same Turkish government that believes Washington is about to throw it under the bus — and might have secret handshake deals with Putin on the creation of Vice President Biden’s proposal of an internationally recognized Kurdistan — is going double down on MORE money, weapons and feeding jihadi cannon fodder against Syria and Iran? Really? If Turkey does join in McInsane-esque half-baked plans for a suicidal jihadi counterattack against Russian intervention, then we can only say: the country will have either a military coup to stop that nonsense or a real civil war. And not just between Turks and Kurds, but also between Turks slavishly loyal to the Empire and those willing to at least keep their Eurasian options open. You can bet, given how well Ankara has alienated millions of pro-Western secular minded Turks, how quickly that fight will be over. And without use of Turkey’s land and support for the jihadists fighting Assad, it’s game over for the Saudis, Qataris and Israelis on the southern Syrian front as well. A fact Riyadh and Jerusalem both seem to have acknowledged in private with Putin since August.

Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening of the Grand Mosque of Moscow, the largest Islamic house of worship in Europe, on September 23, 2015
Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the opening of the Grand Mosque of Moscow, the largest Islamic house of worship in Europe, on September 23, 2015

Speaking of Vladimir Vladimirovich, in an interview with Russia’s leading news show host Vladimir Solovyov, expressed his condolences to the Turkish President and people. He also reiterated his calls for Turkey and the U.S. to join with Moscow in eradicating the terrorists.

The propaganda campaign insisting that Russia isn’t bombing ISIS and is using anti-Daesh missions as a cover to cynically preserve Assad hasn’t worked very well, even among many Americans, as well as politicians and citizens of NATO member European states. The Russia Analyst remains concerned that the Empire’s nastiest Deep State minions, the same people that brought Ukraine the false flag shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, could make a desperate false flag or other attempt to shift the momentum back to their side. However, we are convinced based on the open source diplomatic and military evidence we’ve compiled in the past week that the Guerrilla is correct, and a new Eurasian order out of the Empire’s chaos is emerging in the Middle East.

16 thoughts on “Is Turkey Preparing to Throw in the Towel? Leave a comment

  1. James,
    I believe Turkey will flip to Russia after the upcoming Turkish election that Erdogan will probably lose. I have visited Kemer, Turkey ( near Antalya, Turkey ) and can say that its a beautiful place with numerous Karaoke Bars that have Russian/Ukrainian songs.
    The Saudi-Russian negotiations are more of an arse-saving measure by the Saudis since the rest of the Mid-East is turning East. Booting out the USSA Warmongers and associated bases ( especially the Incirlik, Turkey drug running operation ) will go a long way towards stability in the region and will leave only one primary problem child.
    I am wondering:
    1) What will be the status of the Syrian owned and Israeli occupied Golan Heights that Noble Energy found oil in.
    2) If the Russian led clearing of the CIA-led ISIS in a “Debaltsevo” pincer move will allow the escape of Western mercs or if Putin will say “You only get one get out of jail free card ( Re: Ukraine )” and burn the idiots. I would prefer Putin do the latter as the problem mercs will only relocate to be used later.
    3) Now that the Greater Israel Project is dead and Putin showing to take the high road, if Putin will lean on Israel in regards to the ongoing Palestinian Genocide and enforce International Law and Human Rights.
    On a side note I see that the French Poodle Hollande is looking to sell ships to Moscow. That boat done departed a long time ago. Here is Russia’s reply in song.


    • Personally I prefer incinerating them with thermobaric weapons. If they don’t get burned alive first, these CIA contractors and their militants will have their air sucked out of their lungs. Also for the same reasons they can relocate elsewhere.
      Its likely that Russia will deal with the fascist Kiev regime at a later date according to the grapevine.


      • SOF — I sincerely hope no Americans or Brits who were not members of ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Al-Nusra or arming them (and thereby committing treason against the U.S. on behalf of the globalists) have died in the Russian air and missile strikes. But if they did, they surely deserve Darwin awards for not bugging out sooner.


    • Putin being ‘old friends’ with Henry Kissinger and recent talk of the East-West dialectic on RM which has many valid points has made me wonder if indeed our last hope lies with the ‘external help’ that is what The Event Chronicle talks about.
      Dr Jim Willie once made fun of Ben Fulford’s assessment that the Pentagon has some good guys, comparing it to used toilet paper being rubbed all over the face. I myself find a lot of what Fulford says dubious, especially with his positive assessment of the Pope.
      While Wave X appeared to be a dud for greater changes like nations restructuring in a very obvious way, I have had events that correlate with the individual effects of Wave X such as sleeping and fatigue cycles as well as generic behavior.


    • SJ – I definitely detect a sense of resignation on Bibi’s part. He has been going through the motions screaming about the Iran deal for months yet ironically seems to get on just fine with Putin. Maybe because he knows he really can’t threaten Vlad. Plus the Chabad Lubavitchers who have some clout in Israel seem to like Putin about as well as any gentile leader, some of their patrons (Moscow has a very high rate of synagogues compared to the Jewish population since so many Jews left during the 70s-80s-90s) might include the Rotenberg bros who are among VVP’s closest ‘judoka friends’.


    • Sloopyjoe,
      I must correct you. The Greater Israel Project is not dead. It’s waiting for Messiah to come and implement:
      Zech. 8:1   Then the word of the LORD of hosts came, saying, 2 “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘I am exceedingly jealous for Zion, yes, with great wrath I am jealous for her.’ 3 “Thus says the LORD, ‘I will return to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. Then Jerusalem will be called the City of Truth, and the mountain of the LORD of hosts will be called the Holy Mountain.’ 4 “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘Old men and old women will again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each man with his staff in his hand because of age. 5 ‘And the streets of the city will be filled with boys and girls playing in its 1streets.’ 6 “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘If it is too difficult in the sight of the remnant of this people in those days, will it also be too difficult in My sight?’ declares the LORD of hosts.
      When the LORD ( YHVH) declares something. It happens, end of story. I will warn you again to not be on the wrong side of prophecy.
      Had a Syrian friend say to me the other day, ” The land belongs to Israel. They have been there for a long time before the Palestinians”
      I think anyone can dwell in the Land who loves the God of Israel (YHVH) in peace. The problem that you really don’t understand is that this is a spiritual conflict. It’s not just geo-political. When God sets the record straight there will be no more debates, but for the moment HaSatan, the adversary, the prince of this world, the father of lies, the deceiver, him who comes to steal and destroy is controlling the narrative.
      This is actually predicted in the Bible. God did not chose Israel because they were the biggest, the best, the most perfect. He chose them for the sake of HIS HOLY NAME. He’s the creator and he gets to decide.
      The fact that there is a huge mosque on the mount where God allowed both Solomon and those that returned from exile in Babylon to build, which Herod added to allows us to see the nature of the battle.
      Every holy site in Israel is contested by the Muslims and for a reason. Islam is a religion of domination and control. Israel doesn’t want to run the whole world, just their little piece of real estate. Islam seeks to dominate every single country that it shows up in. Islam uses religion as an excuse to have political domination. If you cannot see that, you will soon when it shows up at your door and says convert or off with your head.
      While the religious war has been aided and abetted by the powers that be, they are smart enough to play on the natural tendencies of Islam which are known since the 7th century. The God of Israel will defeat the god of Mohamed. The god of Islam has to use fear and intimidation to keep people enslaved to it.
      If you leave Islam, you end up in jail or beheaded in many countries. Think about it. If you leave Christianity or Judaism, people might feel sad or upset but they don’t behead you.
      Israel, all 12 tribes will return to the “greater Israel” but not until Messiah comes and rules from Jerusalem. This will happen because he said so.
      I really encourage you to study the Bible. You will be amazed at how much of what is going on was written centuries and centuries ago. The Quran is not historically accurate. It doesn’t not accurately predict the future and most of the people who follow it walk around with big black bruises from banging their heads on the floor. I have nothing against Muslims and have Muslim friends but they are enslaved to a system which is based on a lie, and I feel sorry for them. They are like sheep without a shepherd.
      Yeshua knows his sheep and his sheep know him. He is not someone that tells his followers to kill or to blow themselves up to go to heaven. He laid down his life for his sheep, so that they may have life. The Allah of the Quran tells his followers to kill themselves if they want to go to heaven.
      Who would you want to follow?


      • I will not follow any salvation-based religion that is based on fear and run by some higher entity that looks down on me to begin with and offers me ‘mercy’ so long as I walk in lockstep with its instructions. What else has in common with this? Totalitarian government and the police state.
        Right there by calling its followers ‘sheep’, tells us how much respect this entity has for humanity. There is a reason why we call MSM followers the derogatory term ‘sheeple’.
        Mind Control comes in many forms, some disguised as spiritual freedom run by the diseased ideology of Salvation based on the lie that we were born to ‘suffer’.
        From this term ‘suffering’, springs all the excuses and justifications for fanaticism and the mass murder that is often associated with such religions.
        Just because some religions are less likely to mete out capital punishment than others does not exonerate them of the fact that their ‘Salvation’ ideology is of a diseased mental mindset.


      • Jim Stone has good detail about how far the modern state of Israel has gone with worldwide nuclear blackmail, and his detailed investigation of Fukushima sabotage was just one example as to what happens to any country that dares to stand up to the Zionists.
        Ordinary Israelis may be a decent bunch, ( 400,000 strong anti-govt protests, with young Israelis being jailed for refusing to be drafted in the army) but the same can’t be said of the people in the power structure.
        The reason why many in the independent media puts a lot of stock in Putin is because Russia appears to be the least compromised by the Zionists, the other country being China. Its huge size means it stands the best chance to survive nuclear blackmail, and a guaranteed retaliatory strike.
        In Jim Stone’s words, it doesn’t matter if Russia’s armies get crushed in Syria when it can surface a few nuclear armed subs (the new Borei-class subs with 20 missiles x 6 nuclear 150 kiloton TNT warheads each that replace the Typhoon class) and bring ‘Final Doom’ to its enemies.
        2 years ago ‘V’ let out a tidbit of intel exclusive to RM’ers about an incident in Syria in 2013. An Israeli submarine launched a tactical nuclear missile against Russian special forces based in Syria. The sub was liquidated soon after by Russian retaliatory strikes with a stern warning to Israel never to do it again.
        This may have been the strike that ‘V’ was talking about which Jim Stone says based on his deductions confirms the use of Israeli nukes in Syria, due to the moment of Criticality (overwhelming blinding flash) unique to nuclear devices. The incident occurred around May 2013:
        Link to full analysis by Jim Stone in the description below Youtube video.


      • Hi SOF:
        “2 years ago ‘V’ let out a tidbit of intel exclusive to RM’ers about an incident in Syria in 2013. An Israeli submarine launched a tactical nuclear missile against Russian special forces based in Syria. The sub was liquidated soon after by Russian retaliatory strikes with a stern warning to Israel never to do it again.”
        This sounds highly dubious. I don’t think any nukes have been used in the Syrian conflict although watching videos of the mushroom cloud blasts after the Russian Kalibr cruise missile strikes it would be easy for the non-trained observer to think Moscow had used mini-tactical nukes.
        OTOH the story disclosed at the Saker that the US Navy did fire a few Tomahawks at Assad in August 2013 only for them to crash harmlessly in the desert or get shot down due to Russian naval SAMs and jamming from the Moskva-led flotilla off the Syrian coast sounds true. It would explain a lot about why the Joint Chiefs lost their nerve and the CJCS Dempsey openly dragged his feet if not opposed his commander in chief on the US directly attacking Damascus. A point incidentally that neocon fanatic Michael D. Weiss is either blitheringly unaware of or simply chooses to never discuss, insisting that since the IAF used to violate Syrian air space with impunity the U.S. would not have suffered losses in planes or pilots. It appears the JCS did not agree with that assessment, and judging by the US Navy keeping its Med fleet on the other side of Cyprus and hence radar warnings from that island the Pentagon was worried about Russian supplied Yakhont or Chinese-made C-802 (Exocet plus) anti-shipping missiles hitting its vessels if the U.S. went all in to take out Assad.
        As I mentioned on the Fri night program with W there were unconfirmed reports the IAF lost at least one F-15I shot down over Syria before Bibi and his top mil intel chief general flew to Moscow for talks with Putin. YNet is now reporting that the IAF was told ‘don’t fly here’ by the Russians over Lebanese air space near the Syrian border.
        Typical neocon crap about Israeli invincibility — and bilious BloombergView blithely advocating WWIII or assuming Putin will back down and allow the U.S. to impose a ‘No Fly Zone’ rather than airlift in S-300s to shoot down U.S. planes manned by Syrian/Iranian crews already trained on the systems:
        As for Russian forces in Syria getting crushed, who exactly besides the U.S. which would face a nuclear response could do it? Both the Turkish and Israeli Air Forces have backed off since Putin sent his contigent, which isn’t even that large. My guess is the IAF commanders know the Russian Su-30s have their F-16 and 15s outclassed, and Turkey’s even less advanced F-16s would be massacred if they came over the border in force.
        If the USAF tries to send C-17s to drop TOWs to the desperate defenders of Aleppo most likely Russia will make sure that C-17 has an ‘escort’ and the Russians wave to the pilot and fly away — shortly before they bomb the s–t out of whatever the U.S. just dropped and any jihadis waiting to receive it inside Aleppo.


      • >Russian Analyst
        I forgot to put in suggestive words like ‘apparently’ or ‘maybe’ for sake of ‘CYA’ for factual reporting purposes for that particular bit. Whether that may be true or not its one of the very few times that V mentioned something that he said was exclusive from his top insiders in the City of London and has been mentioned nowhere else.
        Also when I mentioned about Russia being ‘Final Doom’, I was mentioning the unlikely scenario that Washington D.C.or Tel Aviv goes full retard. There is speculation that their intelligence services are planning something like a false flag, or some other overt or covert operations against Russia for upstaging them at the UN and on the battlefield with the objective of forcing Russia to retreat from Syria humiliated and further their goals of destroying the civilized Middle East.
        It is also likely (I am speculating again) there are Russians in high places who know the truth of who was really behind their ‘lost’ century under Communism and are eager to even the score the first chance they can get.


      • I will admit I did a quick read, but what I saw backs what I said about the results one sees when people give up their power to some savior. Its a big mistake to make and yet billions do it every day.
        The problem with religion is the dogma that promotes followers as somehow ‘special’. You should see how so called ‘born-again’ types in the Christian Evangelist faith have that same look in their eyes that is shared by certified insane mentally ill patients.
        People must do their own self healing of their shadow self (example: bad programming that causes people to explode in anger over certain trigger events) that might have come out of bad experiences from childhood or teenage years.
        This is the real spiritual solution, not abdication of personal responsibility to God and all this nonsense about being a ‘servant’ to some entity. As George Carlin said, we squandered our great gifts of a big brain and the opposable thumb for ‘God’ (the false concept of a messiah) and mammon (materialism and the Golden calf)
        Looking at the landscape the situation is degrading for humanity absent external intervention.


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