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7 thoughts on “Guerrilla Report 10/19: The Biggest Sign Of PetroDollar End Leave a comment

  1. Regardless if an East-West dialectic does exist, Washington D.C. won’t be missed when it goes down. Irwin Schiff’s death and the circumstances around it will be one of the many measures of judgment against a sick country that let a man who served this same sick country in WW2 die rotting in prison.


  2. As the US Dollar loses prominence and the western elite faction (banksters) lose power, they are “salting the earth” as they retreat. Salting the earth is an ancient war action to poison the fertility of land and deny the opponent fruitful land and economic viability
    This is purpose of the refugees; they are the salt. Western Europe (Sweden, Germany, Austria) will go into turmoil and their economies will falter under the weight. There will be untold violence, property destruction, rape, pillage and death. This is to deny the “spoils” to the eastern elite faction (White Dragon Society).
    Also this salting will sow societal chaos in the hope that the western elite faction can exploit a future opening to return to power (even if it takes decades).


  3. Yes, in terms of judgment, we’ve failed every test thrown at us over the past few decades. A few come to mind: Elian Gonzales, we threw him back to Cuba after his mother died in the process of getting him here (floating on a door if I remember). Terri Schievvo, we pulled her plug (feeding tube). The recent subpreme court decisions: granting corporations equal status with humans and even going so far as to vote against natural law. Yes we’ve past the point of no return. Nothing left but the judgment. The Lord says He will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy and vengeance upon whom He will have vengeance. Pray and do everything you can to make sure you’re in the right camp, because to some He says when He returns, “I know you not, because of where you are”.


  4. 26 Caspian launched Russian Cruise Missiles for the 26th USSA Pres named carrier Roosevelt. Symbology in action. Or if you prefer a video interpretation of Petro-Dollar death:

    Aircraft Carriers are so WW2. Them thar Onyx and Sunburn missiles put that nail in da coffin.


  5. Moar salting the earth: Comment from Jim Stone:

    America blew away Syria’s oil fields
    As part of a ruse to “deprive “ISIS” of funding”, America destroyed Syria’s oil fields, before, before . . . . . . EHEM, BEFORE RUSSIA COULD FINISH OFF ISIS. Russia had ISIS on the run, and was about to reclaim the oil fields. Now the Russians can enjoy reclaiming a bunch of flaming waste. This is the type of HORSE S*** America is famous for, if I was Putin I’d sink an aircraft carrier for that one. I seriously would. After all, what could America do in response? cause the loss of Washington DC too?
    This one really got me mad, YEP, just as Russia was flushing out ISIS, America flamed the oil fields. COOL! That in my opinion equates to direct aggression against Russia, let alone a war crime. There was absolutely no excuse for it.

    Syria is a sovereign country, so what is the justification for this? I think that these assets would have soon been retaken from ISIS. Recently the US and OK refused to cooperate with Syria and Russia by providing any info on locations of ISIS. How is it that the US forces all of a sudden got very accurate with their bombing when previously they couldn’t hit ISIS targets if their lives depended upon it?
    Here is the news story of the US airstrikes


  6. ‘V’, found this weird entry into, supposedly a message from an ‘insider’ in the CIA, left on the comments section of the website, thehill.(com). Is it real or someones holiday prank? You are more familiar with the cloak and dagger stuff so I thought you would be the one to look it over. Sounds like a bunch of people in D.C. being threatened, or just fake.


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