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Good Luck, Eh: Newly Elected Ottawa Government Pulling Canada Out of Washington’s ’60 Nation’ ‘Anti-ISIS Coalition’

While Washington is ‘debating’ what to do about Russia’s intervention on behalf of the Assad regime in Syria, Canada’s newly elected Liberal government has made its first foreign policy announcement: the Royal Canadian Air Force is done bombing ISIS. The RCAF’s F/A-18s are being withdrawn from the air campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, fulfilling a campaign promise the young Prime Minister-elect Justin (son of Pierre) Trudeau made to his supporters. Instead of sending bombs to the Middle East the fresh-faced Trudeau wants to send more aid for Syrian refugees.

The freshly elected Trudeau government has also announced that it’s dumping Canada’s participation in the bloated, failing F-35 Lightning II multi-role, multi-national ‘stealth’ fighter jet program. For anyone who has closely followed the Guerrilla’s rantings on this subject, they would know the F-35 is an overpriced piece of garbage that can’t outfight much less outmaneuver 1970s designed F-16s in test piloted mock battles. As we joked with our American/Canadian source Tuesday night, maybe the Quebecois can rally for the French Rafale. Or if the Canadians want the most bang for their buck, buy Su-30MKIs with Indian and Israeli electronics to replace those 1980s/early 90s vintage Hornets, and lots of constituencies in Toronto will be happy…

While we said early Tuesday morning that we doubted foreign policy played much a role in the neocon, Russia-bashing Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s defeat, we do have to wonder if our hunch that Chinese influence played a role in Harper’s downfall was correct. Alternatively, perhaps the retired Canadian military men who were advising Trudeau’s camp know a half-assed, phoney war on ISIS when they see it, and wanted no part of Canadian pilots risking their lives in nearly 25+ year old jets for it. If so, bravo to them, and God bless Canada.


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  1. Good on the Canucks. Harper was an obvious crook. Now we need the Aussies to get rid of the new Goldman /Sachs appointee, Malcolm Turnbull in next years election!!


    • Maybe with Abbott but not a chance with Turnbull, have you seen the alternative, presuming he survives to the next election?
      Sadly here in Oz we are stuck with about 70 odd of the horrible F35 things on order. I read somewhere that Su30’s were considered at one point, but I think that was probably just window dressing. We are far too loyal little vassals to do such a thing.


      • Hi James,
        I’m actually a Pom, married an Aussie and moved over. One thing you notice when you come from the UK to Oz, is that America influences Australia much more than the Old Country nowadays.
        I could go off on one at this point about our esteemed current Foreign Ministers’ Love fest with Washington, but I fear that all kinds of bells and whistles will go off at ASIO (our NSA)
        You may find Turnbull less enthusiastic to tow the line than Abbott was however.
        Your friend in NSW is right. We had a wonderful opportunity to make something out of the resources boom, but largely wasted it.


  2. I’m a canadian and yes a wind of change seems to be blowing in Canada. While I don’t have the same feeling of forebodding as I did when Odumbo came first in power (he promised change also). I’m am not swept away in the euphoria, a lot of big international meetings are coming in the next few months (G20, Paris summit). Those meeting may make Justin’s reevaluate some position regarding foreing policies on trade and security. He also said that he is not against trade, so Canada migth still stay in the TPP.
    His decision to stop the bombings in Iraq and the levant and to get out of the F-35 contract are wonderfull news. Either him or his political advisor are very shrewed politicians, because only 3 days after the news of the aircraft carrier was officially pulling out of the Persan Gulf, making this statement makes Justin looking very bold and defiant against the US. In reality, it is an extremely well timed announcement with almost no political drawback from the US, since they initiated the withdrawl.


  3. Those CF-18s are actually 32 years old. I’m in the RCAF and I work on them, we definitely need new ones. The Rafale is probably the best deal; they would give us everything we need to build them here in Canada and give us all the software rights so we can get it to our standard. Super Hornets are the easiest transition. I would love to see Sukhois, but I can’t ever see us buying Russian, too much politics involved.
    Great works as always James!


    • Snoogans: Wow thank you sir for the comment! I had assumed they were still flying mainly the Hornets built in the late 1980s or at the end of the production run in the early 90s, but I’m embarrassed to say even as a guy who used to be a Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft addict like the Guerrilla I forgot when the last CF-18 was built. (FTR, the USAF’s youngest bomber pilots are flying B-52s that rolled off the assembly line in the late Eisenhower/early Kennedy administration when their fathers were in diapers and some grandpas were in HS).
      Just goes to show what kind of erudite audience and how many experts subscribe to RM!
      I would tend to agree it would probably come down to the Super Hornet, Rafale and Eurofighter as it did for the Indians. Delhi opted for the Rafales because they cost less than the other two, but Canada will probably go with the Super Hornet as patrol range between very sparse Arctic bases will undoubtedly be a key decision factor.
      As you are Canadian you may appreciate this write up by movie analysis extraordinaire Jay Dyer about legendary actor James McGoohan aka Scotty from Star Trek‘s groundbreaking late 1960s series The Prisoner:


    • Relating to the above suggested article, Herr Goebbels would be proud. Self satisfied opinions posing as fact, historical illiteracy, and a mean spirited inability to see beyond a single view. I was intending to suggest some historical works with farther reaching perspective, but inevitably decided that if one is interested in a truth outside one’s previously and preciously held beliefs, one would look for themselves.


  4. Syria War from the Syria Arab Army perspective in Jobar district (Damascus according to Google Earth) with GoPro cameras:
    Battles showing both overall and tank perspectives.
    In one scene at around 16:00 a bus that used to take people to work that is all that is left of what was once a central bus interchange. It is damaged beyond repair and its final destination is as a shield for SAA infantrymen against the militant snipers. Once done the combat engineering vehicle will push on piles of dirt to complete the shield.


  5. New Eastern Outlook – Putin is Defeating More Than ISIS In Syria


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