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Serious Washington Leaks, Infighting vs. Syria ‘War Party’?

Something extraordinary happened last weekend while Washington and MSM yammered about how ‘tough’ Hillary Clinton looked in Thursday’s 11-hour long kabuki theater Benghazi hearings: Iraq told Obama’s top general envoy and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff what they wanted to hear — then ‘went with the Russians’ to use the Guerrilla Economist’s phrase anyway. Specifically, this example of  #DollarShaming involved the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff USMC Gen. Joseph Dunford personally visiting Baghdad to tell Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that if the Iraqis wanted any U.S. aid whatsoever against ISIS to cease and desist from inviting the Russians in to fight the Islamic State super-terrorists.
Iraq to U.S.: We’ll Smile, Nod, Take Your Money and Equipment, But We Still Don’t Trust You to Actually Fight ISIS
Please Come Do the Job Right Russia (and Maybe China Too)

The Iraqi response came late on Friday Washington time, from ranking Shi’a parliamentarians informing pro-Iranian/Hezbollah English language media that Iraq had authorized the Russians to bomb ISIS fighters fleeing Syria into Iraq. While Iraq’s (strongly Iranian influenced) parliament is still hammering out a formal vote in the weeks to come, it would seem Russian ‘hot pursuit’ strikes inside Iraq’s western border with Syria have already been authorized and may well be underway. The Russians announced to their media outlets Sputnik and RT that they hit a record 94 targets in a 24 hour period over the weekend, suggesting a stepped up number of sorties if not aircraft.

We repeat: the Iraqis smiled, nodded, told Obama’s top general what he and Washington wanted to hear, but invited the Russians to use Iraqi airspace and possibly bases anyway. As we suggested in a late Friday night/early Saturday morning post here at RogueMoney, this turn of events is nothing short of extraordinary.

Who or What is Behind Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s Brave Dissent Against the War Party Line in Syria?
Who is Advising Donald Trump to Say “Let Putin Bomb ISIS” and the Middle East Would be Better Off with Qaddafi?

Something else out of the ordinary seems to be happening as a result of the Russian intervention in Syria as well: open dissent on Capitol Hill from a young, attractive Democratic Congresswoman against the neocon/neoliberal party line that Washington must…do…something…to stop the Russians from bombing Al-Nusra and the Islamic State. Contrast this video from Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RINO/neocon southern Illinois):

declaring to Fox News he would tell the Russians to ‘get the hell out of Syria’ (and ignore the subsequent laughter) while spouting off about Dick Cheney’s new book, with this rare moment of sanity on cable news, from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to CNN:

Notice what the Congresswoman says at the start, and note what Agency she firmly points the finger at: “The U.S. and CIA are working to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad…the U.S. and the CIA should stop this illegal and counterproductive war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad and should stay focused on fighting against who are enemy is, the Islamic extremist groups.” Knowing how closely the Pentagon and intelligence agencies have historically monitored if not controlled the daily content of CNN (aka the Clinton News Network), we have to wonder if Hawaii National Guard member Rep. Gabbard is speaking only for herself here, or if bipartisan factions in Congress and inside the military increasingly disgruntled over the fraudulent ‘war on ISIS’ — in other words, a ‘Deep State’ faction ready and eager to throw Langley and not just Obama or the Saudis and Turks under the bus for the Charlie Foxtrot that American policy in the Mideast has become.

According to Dr. Jim Willie, the Islamic State has been protected/off limits from intensive U.S. air strikes as ‘Langley assets’. While we hesitate to remove one degree of separation and hence semi-plausible deniability between the CIA and the Saudi/Turkish/Qatari intelligence services that indisputably created ISIS as a counterweight to Iran, we would have to accept some validity to Jim Willie’s claim. We would also have to look at some of the information being put out, beyond the ex-Defense Intelligence Agency chief’s testimony and Judicial Watch obtained documents proving that DIA predicted the rise of the Islamic State way back in 2012.

Yes, there are subtle hints from what the Pentagon is telling the press that something about ISIS does not add up, besides their Hebrew language video released this weekend which suspiciously coincided with an Arab Israeli (the Hebrew speaker in this video?) supposedly hang gliding into Syria to join Daesh or their Al-Qaeda ‘frenemies’ in the Al-Nusra front. The scrambling of Israeli helicopters and jets along the border with Syrian air space on the Golan Heights Saturday was mistaken by at least one excited neocon on Twitter for the IAF challenging the de facto Russian no fly zone over Assad’s troops fighting near the southern Syrian town of Quneitra. Unfortunately for him the Russian-israeli military ‘hotline’ worked, and the Israelis made no significant incursion.

‘Authentic’ ISIS/Daesh video or fake production? If it’s real, where did ISIS/Daesh get a native Hebrew speaker?

Did Pentagon Dissenters Use CBS News (Same Network that Gave Putin a Sunday Prime Time Charlie Rose Interview) to Undermine the Awesome ISIS Invincible Super-Terrorist Army Narrative?

Take this video from CBS News, available on their web page purporting to cover the ‘Fight Against ISIS’ in-depth. According to CBS News Twitter feed, ISIS/Daesh (its derogatory Arabic name) has 20,000 fighters under arms, with many of those new recruits replenishing its losses from combat and the U.S. air campaign. Of course it should be pointed out that aside from a few special forces operators embedded with the Kurds and British SAS in its territory, Daesh has not had to face a serious ground offensive aside from the Kurdish front, which is a widely acknowledged reason for the ineffectiveness of U.S. bombing dating back to August 2014.

We should also point out here that CBS News was only permitted inside CENTCOM for a close up look at how the American air campaign is going AFTER the Russians started bombing ISIS targets on September 30. That in of itself is a tacit admission by the Pentagon that Russia going into Syria has ‘stolen their thunder’ and the petulant whining that the Russians aren’t bombing ISIS enough and cannot be trusted with the coordinates of ‘moderate’ jihadis not to bomb them too has caused embarrassment in considerable quarters. But one key detail that most viewers of the CBS News report — but not trained analysts — would overlook revealed quite a lot, in our opinion.

At one point CBS News tweeted out that according to the CENTCOM staffers they talked to Daesh has 20,000 hardcore jihadist fighters under arms. That’s 20,000 men to control and defend a territory the size of Belgium or even larger at the peak of the Islamic State’s ‘conquests’. When you factor in considerable desertion since the Russian air campaign began on September 30, with Moscow’s military claiming thousands of Daesh fighters fled into Turkey, that is hardly a force that could stand up to even a comparably sized contingent of ‘moderate’ Sunni Syrians backed by U.S. special forces and airpower for long.

Consider the 2001 rout of the Taliban in Afghanistan who if anything, controlled more rugged terrain and were more indigenous to their territory than Daesh’s foreign legions of death that include many anti-Moscow Chechen jihadists, East Turkistan/Uighur Wahhabis from China, and numerous recruits from across the Middle East (although some would argue the Taliban melted away to fight another day, and Alex Jones claims many were airlifted to safety in Pakistan). Clearly, just like with the Hebrew language video above posted seemingly in response to the Arab world’s questions about, ‘Why does Daesh never attack Israel?’, something about these numbers does NOT add up.

If ISIS has ‘only’ 20,000 loyal fighters according to U.S. intelligence estimates, than the Russian Air Force and Syrian Arab Army killing 200 of these bastards matters quite a lot, in contrast to War is Boring and the Institute for Study of War’s propaganda that the Russian air campaign will barely make a dent in the invincible super jihadist group

In our recent piece “Are Disgruntled Spooks and ‘Realists’ Teaming Up to Undermine Cold War 2.0 in Syria?” we predicted more leaks that would undermine the War Party’s case for arming the ‘moderate’ jihadists to attack Russians and the Syrian Arab Army. We also said that the stories reported by the typically neocon Daily Beast and other mainstream media about the disgruntled intelligence analysts who were sick of being told to lie in their reports about ‘progress’ against Daesh was just the tip of the iceberg.

While most members of the U.S. military will not risk their families’ livelihoods and possibly their freedom (like ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou) to blow the whistle on bombing missions run against desert sand that supposedly hit ISIS targets, here hiding in the plain sight of this CBS report is a ‘bread crumb’ that exposes the fraudulent nature of Washington’s war against ISIL.

For anyone who has been trained by intelligence agencies or like the Russia Analyst is self-taught at ‘reading between the lines’, the notion that the U.S. cannot use special forces and ‘moderate’ rebels alone rout a force of 20,000 men is laughable. So either the U.S. will not rout Daesh because it fears a breach with its three major Sunni allies in the region — Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar — that backed the Islamic State (a slightly ‘benign’ but still cowardly lion version of events). Or more darkly, there is a  powerful faction within the U.S. government and primarily the CIA according to Congresswoman Gabbard that wants to topple Assad above all else, and will deal with ISIS and al-Nusra later (if ever).

The latter of course, is now a far more credible explanation of events given that the U.S. just parachuted 50 tons of ammunition to a newfangled Arab coalition in northeastern Syria that might not exist and American officials have admitted most of the ammo was received by the Kurds. Meanwhile, Washington has already broken with the House of Saud on the Iran nuclear deal. So the ‘explanation’ that the U.S. has held back from going all in with the Kurds and with its own coalition of Iraqis and ‘Free Syrians’ to defeat ISIS out of fear of offending Ankara and Riyadh doesn’t pass the laugh test.

Incidentally this same weekend the so-called ‘moderates’ of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were getting some bad press, as an unveiled Muslim Arab journalist based out of the United Arab Emirates, Jenan Moussa, admits the ‘FSA’ basically control no territory. In fact Moussa’s story just confirms what FSA booster Michael D. Weiss admitted to Reason mag a few days ago — the ‘FSA’ doesn’t exist, it’s more of a label or flag of convenience for multiple rebel, mostly Islamist groups. Essentially the ‘FSA’ are simply middlemen who spare the CIA some embarrassment over handing TOW missiles to the much larger and stronger Al-Qaeda loyalists of Al-Nusra. The same Jabhat al-Nusra that is imposing shariah law in the Idlib province it controls along the highway to Turkey. And the same group that will likely receive the lion’s share of the MANPADs that unregistered agent for the Qatari government Charles Lister (of the FARA violating ‘Brookings Doha Center’ ‘think tank’ that is actually a lobbying/PR firm) boasts will be delivered to threaten Russian gunships this November (besides Al-Qaeda using them to shoot down airliners in Jordan, Iraq or even a Western country, what could possibly go wrong?):

Another thought to ‘wrap up’ this thread of analysis — did anyone else notice that this ‘nugget’ about Daesh having a mere 20,000 armed men (a fact that matters when the Syrian Arab Army claims to have killed nearly 200 ISIS fighters over the weekend) aired on CBS? The same network that gave prime air time to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s interview with Charlie Rose before the Russian President’s UN General Assembly indictment of American foreign policy in late September? And was it just coincidence that Donald Trump, the GOP presidential ‘front runner’ told CBS ‘let Putin bomb ISIS’ noted with Trump-ian satisfaction his interview aired alongside Putin’s too?

The Donald says Putin is ‘respected’ and enjoys an 80%+ approval rating as measured by independent pollsters (Levada Center?) and is ‘making Obama look bad’ while fighting ISIS because ‘he doesn’t want them in Russia’

Clearly if the Syrian jihadists are going to receive MANPADs with which to attempt to ‘kill Russians’ in retired Army Gen. Robert H. Scales infamous Fox News rant, something’s about to give.

We already know from the reporting of Elijah J. Magnier that Putin has assured Assad that any nation that participates in the targeting of Russian flyers in and over Syria even by proxy could face direct retaliation. What that would look like, we cannot say, but Magnier mentioned this in the context of discussing Russia’s firing of 26 Kalibr cruise missiles that fly faster and deliver their warheads at longer ranges than America’s Tomahawks.

While we don’t expect Kalibr missile strikes on Saudi, Qatari or Turkish warehouses full of TOWs and other goodies for their proxies (thus escalating to a real on-ramp to WW3 with these regimes’ US patron), it would not surprise us if some of those facilities started blowing up. Either the Kurdish and in the past Communist-friendly PKK, which Moscow refuses to call a terrorist group, or some Shi’a group linked to the Houthis nobody had heard of before would likely take credit for a string of explosions at sensitive facilities inside Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Qatar (with a Turkish base near Incirlik AFB a possible target if Moscow truly wanted to ‘send a message’ so U.S. servicemen would watch their Turkish counterparts’ buildings go up in flames). If CIA Director John Brennan thinks he can ‘kill Russians’ with impunity without some of Langley’s own personnel being put at risk of another Benghazi situation or dying in a TOW warehouse explosion, he and his fellow Deep State globalist actors are badly mistaken.

As we have indicated here at RM in the past, Russian retaliation might not remain limited to the greater Middle East either, but could involve the deaths of CIA contractors and American mercenaries embedded with the Azov Battalion and other ultra-nationalist if not neo-Nazi battalions in Ukraine. As we emailed a few friends and the RM brain trust this past weekend, Putin is in this thing to win and is much more prepared for casualties than is the United States government. But as we said, Putin’s trump card is the truth bomb aka kompromat on the real origins of ISIS/Daesh, and much more (Jim Willie’s fav topic of Saudi, Turkish and CIA narcotics, anyone?).

There will be more leaks about how the MANPADs intended for CIA ‘vetted’ rebels instead went to Al-Nusra aka Al-Qaeda…or directly to Daesh itself. Whether there will finally be consequences in the form of protesters greeting Sen. John McInsane or Sunni Muslim convert CIA Director John Brennan with shouts of ‘treason’ or any actual accountability for such remains to be seen. We suspect, but cannot prove, that the recent hack of Brennan’s emails attributed to a group no one had heard of before and the publication of his personal AOL account emails by Wikileaks was intended as a ‘warning’, with more sensitive and incriminating kompromat on Brennan to come. The former FBI agent who has implied Brennan was recruited by the Saudis to become their asset while serving as the CIA’s station chief in Riyadh is still out there.

Is somebody in Washington eagerly prodding the Chinese into retaliating for such U.S. displays by sending bombers and special forces to fight alongside the Russians in Syria or bombing ISIS at the Iraqis’ invitation?

One thing is clear: between the visit of the Chinese warships to Florida even as the Navy pronounces it will test China’s nautical exclusion zones in the South China Sea; and the statements of Trump and Rep. Gabbard, there is a war going on inside the U.S. military and intelligence communities even as Cold War 2.0 heats up in the Middle East.



While neocons, neoliberals and Qatari shills call for a doubling down on ‘arming the rebels’ aka Al-Qaeda and even sending them MANPADs to target Russian choppers in Syria, Belgrade-based analyst Joaquin Flores sees a complex diplomatic game at work:

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  1. “And here is a cute one – Israeli pilot “captured” by ISIS!
    Yep, good ol’Zion knows how to spin a ball of yarn so tangled a kitten could not accomplish it, spinning loop after loop after loop into a giant yarn ball, and this is a prime example, you see – After getting busted for having high ranking military officials on the ground instructing ISIS, after getting busted for providing medical care to wounded “ISIS” soldiers, and after getting called on their bluff by Russia, the ONLY thing to do to prove you are not ISIS is to have ISIS “capture and torture one of your pilots”. YEP. Good one. After all, if ISIS was yours, that could not happen, could it?”
    – Jim Stone, Mr Sarcasm and former NSA officer who exposed evidence of live coaching of the 9/11 phone calls by bringing up faint background sounds (e.g. ‘Good Job, let’s do that again.’) to the same volume as the phone call (using skills learned in NSA), exposed the media censorship of ‘Shaking Baby Syndrome’ and its connection to vaccines, an expert in electronics, circuit boards and electronic warfare, and an IQ that is too high to be measured, classic one liner jab at failed censoring attempts: ‘Read and Weep!’
    “One thing is clear: between the visit of the Chinese warships to Florida even as the Navy pronounces it will test China’s nautical exclusion zones in the South China Sea; and the statements of Trump and Rep. Gabbard, there is a war going on inside the U.S. military and intelligence communities even as Cold War 2.0 heats up in the Middle East.” – Russian Analyst
    If what Jim Stone says is true of his ‘former’ status as an NSA officer, him leaving the NSA and taking his talents with him and now using it against the US government is further proof that enough see something seriously wrong with the US intelligence apparatus to cause a split. When enough of this is going on we have a country that is clearly run by the Great Opposer Satan against all decent human instinct.
    This reminds me of Colonel Schaeffer’s failed Able Danger attempt to get Bin Laden and his frustrations expressed on the Alex Jones show.
    Russia seems to be the only one who has the best control of the situation.


  2. “….Sunni Muslim convert CIA Director John Brennan…”
    There’s our ‘secret Muslim’ that the Tea Partiers were looking for.
    I am watching this battle closely as the liberation of Kuweries Air Base will be, as The Russian Analyst has stated before, key to increasing the frequency of airstrikes. (My memory fails which country The Russian Analyst stated would take advantage of the liberation of this airbase).
    Right now the Daesh have a small breather every time the Russian aircraft have to return back to base, although its a very small breather.
    Also liberation of this airbase which is closer to Iraq will facilitate hunting down of Daesh in northern Iraq and the Anbar province.
    The nature of terrorist groups is like a cancer where cutting of the blood supply is essential for it to starve to death.
    As the comments under the ‘ISIS Offensives Prove Costly: Over 200 terrorists killed in 3 days’ says:
    “I wouldn’t say ‘costly’…..these scum’s lives have no value and they know that, they don’t care how many of them die, they just recruit more.” – Abdou Khouli
    “Indeed, just like cockroaches, no matter how many you kill a shit load reappears.” – Ziad Welds
    No shit, Sherlock.
    The SAA Perspective of Mi-24 strikes showed clearly the firepower of ‘pest control’.


    • SOF: “My memory fails which country The Russian Analyst stated would take advantage of the liberation of this airbase).” The initial force that goes in will likely be Iranian Air Force and possibly Iraqi Hinds/Mi-28s, of which they have a few. Their primary mission as it was for the Russian gunships in Latakia will be base protection and widening the perimeter. But Iraq for now will have more than enough Daesh targets to hit on their own soil. Russians may advise on logistics and force protection. The biggest pain the ass will be getting enough fuel and bombs/rocket pods in there to sustain an FOB. So initially I expect the Kuweires air base to simply become a re-fortified FOB where Russian jets could detour if they experience engine trouble or take a hit. Sort of like how the U.S. in the Pacific campaign anticipated Iwo Jima would be an emergency base for the B-29s operating out of Tinian and Saipan before they took Okinawa.
      There is still alot of ‘bandit country’ to clear out around Kuweires even after securing the perimeter and the main roadway to it before it can be considered safe enough for Russian personnel to deploy there in force. The main initial uses as I said will be as an emergency base in case aircraft or helos take damage from ground fire on low level raids, and quite possibly to fly in Iranian soldiers on Russian heavy airlifters of the Antonov type once the battle for downtown Aleppo begins. Or alternatively they’re looking at it as a rapid reaction jump off point, getting there ‘the fastest with the mostest’ to secure an SAA-controlled bridgehead that meets up with the Kurdish advance sponsored by the Americans on Raqqa.
      If I am reading between the lines of the WaPost story linked up at Drudge right, SecDef Ashton Carter and his coterie are getting nervous the U.S. might not be left with a large Sunni bridgehead or haven inside the country to re-build up anti-Assad forces after the coming large Iraqi/Iranian offensives join with the SAA advance and 300 Russian sorties a day (plus the Chinese PLA Air Force hitting Daesh in western Iraq from bases in Iran).
      Al-Hasakah in far northeastern Syria which had an airport pre-war is probably the last piece of the air power puzzle for the country. If they can get Kuweires and that base up an running with the Iranians gaining confidence in their strike and sortie capabilities both with attack jets and choppers operated alongside the SAA it’s game over for whatever is left of Daesh/AlNusra et al.


    • Jim Stone’s perspective is worth a look concerning this Russia cutting US cables, although it might seem unusual:
      ” “Russia” targeting undersea internet cables? . . . ??
      Don’t bet on it. Here is what I think is far more probable:
      There is war on the horizon. And any time there is a war, information control is key. The truth can kill a war in seconds flat.
      It is far more probable that America is fronting a line about Russia cutting cables, so that if America decides to pocket itself off from the rest of the world to control information and keep Americans in the war game, a few routers can be switched off and then called a “cable break” blamed on Russia.
      This would villainize Russia and keep Americans desirably in the dark in one whack, a win win for the war mongers.
      I would not buy ANY line about “cables being cut”, you know, at least China is honest and will state when they censor, why can’t America be at least that? “


  3. Joaquin Flores mention of Egypt, its new relation with Russia-China, and its proximity to Libya, gave me an idea that in the future Egypt might install a proxy government to stabilise Libya post-Petrodollar collapse with Russia-China assistance.
    No country likes a failed state next door especially when it is known it was caused by western meddling.
    There was talk that Gaddafi was killed not only for his gold and the oil, but also to stop a larger Pan-African project involving sharing of aquifer water, of which vast amounts are said to exist under the Libyan desert. This would attract Chinese involvement in resource acquisition, i.e. this is how China will come into play in Libya on top of the oil resources if there are any left, then use it as a diplomatic tool to further increase relations with the rest of the Africa nations.


    • If I were the Russians knowing a war is coming, I would cut North American communications off from Europe faster than you could think it. Preemptively, then get the thing rolling. Done deal. Then I would use this new high tech jamming they do, to disable everything else. Then, as elements of the U.S. military ‘stood down’ during 9/11 to help the ‘bad guys’, something similar could happen to isolate and/or expose those rogue elements to…no protection…


      • Mlytle0 — I am writing long winded replies regarding how a conventional WW3 which won’t happen for the same reason it didn’t happen in 1983-84 would play out — because nukes. To summarize: the Russian cable ‘buzzing’ is yet another message, along with the Kalibr missile shot and the Center 2015 exercise.
        The intended recipients of Russian military manuavers, as my White Russian friend the Saker indicates, are in the Pentagon. What they are being told goes something like this: “you might be the last sane people who still have power in America, because YOU colonels and lite colonels under the JCS have the guns — and the g-damned bankers, NSA freaks who run Ft. Meade and Bluffdale kompromat on the politicians, and pols don’t. Don’t jack with us, don’t listen to the crazy neocons who say we’re weak and will back down in Syria, if you attack us we’ll kick your ass and have all sorts of nasty surprises up our sleeves” (including I suspect in the not too distant future the Russians acquiring those DF-21 Mach 11 carrier killer ballistic missiles from the Chinese, which can be land based up in the Murmansk and Archangelsk oblast and shut down the North Atlantic all the way almost to Iceland even without supersonic or Kalibr sub to supersonic missiles being launched from the Backfires/Blackjacks).
        No wonder we are seeing pieces in the Brookings Institute website, where it doesn’t get more Establishment than that, by active duty Navy officers admitting the U.S. badly underestimated Russia’s ability to deploy and sustain an expeditionary force in Syria.


      • Sure, I can see these things the Russians are doing as purely warnings. There is a lot of that going on. But what we don’t see is arrests. Not of Wall Street, not of the Neocons, nor other monsters in the political class. Military action aside, if the world wanted once and for all to be done with these people, how would that be carried out?
        I think these people just saying ‘oh heck, I guess we’ve lost’. ‘We’ll just ahh, go away, a deal huh?’ I just can’t see that as acceptable. Neither could I see these people, being that accommodating or trusting that they would be left alone, given what they done.
        The U.S. legal system is totally co-opted, no help there. I don’t know the answer, I just don’t think waiting on dollar collapse is gonna do it. It’s just not going to rid the world of these parasites. You need tribunals like after WWII, and that implies outside authority, outside the U.S. system. We need trials, and where appropriate, executions.
        It suggests the U.S. surrender to some outside force, as Germany did. The criminal elite will use the system they have here to protect them, until and unless that is taken away from them.
        It ‘feels’ like a military result, even if military action is too dangerous because of Nukes. When I think of a non-Nuclear, non-conventional military action, what would that be?
        Off the wall idea would be Putin ‘deputizing’ elements in the U.S. to round them up.
        Really, I’m joking. Just can’t see any conventional solution to this.


    • SOF: The Donald wanted the oil in Libya AND Iraq. He’s already admitted China got the oil in Mesopotamia instead and it would be ironic if Egypt, which has a huge impoverished population that requires subsidized bread and is living on Saudi handouts plus Chinese loans at present, wouldn’t grab eastern Libya’s oil fields under ‘protective custody’ after wiping Daesh out. Talk about backfire from the Empire of Chaos policy, that suddenly the land of the Pharoahs after years of decline and overpopulation along the narrow Nile sliver (look at the shots of Egypt from space) gets the black gold means to make some of their desert or at least Med coast bloom. And after the House of Saud falls when Egypt is no longer their muscle and doesn’t need the bastards money becomes as Nasser dreamed of THE preeminent Arab state and center of a new moderate Sunni renaissance which is the stated dream of Sisi, under the Chinese’ and Russians nuclear and naval umbrellas.


      • One part of the previous comment I edited out before posting (because I thought it was insane), suggested other than a proxy government, Egypt carries out a full take over and invasion of Libya, making it a province of a much greater Egypt.
        Since as you said oil would be their main focus, If they want to minimize exposure and over-stretching of logistics from the inevitable counterattacks from warlords, they will limit their extent of reach to the ‘essentials’ where most of the oil fields are clustered, up to Sirte in the West and limit their southern reaches to the provinces of Al Jufra and Al Wahat:
        Sirte also appears to have water storage as seen in Google Earth, with at least 2 giant circular reservoirs that look like perfectly circular sinkholes, adding impetus to the Egyptian military’s future expansion plans. All that Libyan desert heat will need steady supply of water for troops. Similar water storage facilities can be seen outside Benghazi.
        Zawiya is just a tap whose source is too far in to protect and not worth the cost to go out and garrison.
        As Joaquin Flores said, Libya no longer exists as a viable nation. This makes it another Somalia. The last thing Egypt or the Mediterranean needs is another failed state with the added bonus of Libyan pirates.
        Its about time things settled down in Egypt and the region. The Middle East and North Africa are places rich in ancient human history. An optimistic outlook would be these places stabilize politically and they create one big ancient cultural and archaeological beltway for tourists along the North African coast, going up to Lebanon and Syria and across to Iraq and Iran.
        According to Dr Jim Willie, the Saudis are lazy bastards who contract everything out to others. They may have been behind the organized stampede in Mecca (remember the Saudi Prince’s security’s surprise appearance at the Hajj causing the stampede) in this year 2015 so as to kidnap key IRGC personnel on the Mossad’s behalf (according to a Farsi report that was picked up by Jim Stone they used biometric tags and facial recognition and shared their information with the Mossad identifying key members of the Ayatollah’s cabinet) to compromise Iran’s missile defenses.
        I hope the Houthis burn the royal palaces to the ground and torch their entire fleets of S-class Mercedes Benz fleets to give the Tianjin incident a run for its money. That will be the funniest shit to happen in that unfunny human chopping board.


      • SOF: If the reports today by the Qataris practically bragging that they’ve given MANPADs to Al-Qaeda are true (and a very big IF, since the pics the Daily Mail and media use are from October 2014) then Doha is going to face some sort of retaliation. I won’t say what that would entail here, but the Saudi prince busted with two tons of methamphetamine pills on his private jet in Beirut is probably just the beginning 🙂
        As I’ll write later today, this is typical of a desperate empire doing increasingly desperate, stupid things, per V’s phrase. The MANPADs will be useless against Russian jets bombing from 11-12,000ft up but will be quite helpful to ISIS when they buy or borrow them from Al-Nusra to shoot down US JSOC helicopters SecDef Ashton Carter wants to send into Syria to finally act like the U.S. is going after ISIS for real. Amazing how that only happened AFTER the Iraqis invited the Russians to bomb Daesh crossing the border.
        Oh, and did we mention Washington’s NATO ally Turkey just announced today according to Zerohedge they will bomb YPG Kurds armed by the U.S. if they threaten ISIS precious Euphrates supply line? Completely FUBAR’d situation. At this rate I expect some sort of false flag where the Pentagon will try to blame some American soldiers deaths on a Russian air force bomb. They are definitely increasing the risks of an inadvertent situation where the RuAF is striking a Daesh target without knowing JSOC special ops are in the area. Very desperate, stupid moves underway which will backfire in all terms:
        1) Losing American soldiers against Daesh after letting them get so powerful over many months will only make Obama more unpopular.
        2) MANPADs shipped to Al-Nusras won’t be effective against Russian jets bombing from over 10,000ft, but will inevitably end up in ISIS hands, with a Russian spetsnaz raid putting crates of them on RT for the whole world to see that the U.S. and its allies are terrorist sponsors putting airline passengers lives at risk.
        3) We will probably lose helicopter/s to ISIS MANPADs which in turn will enrage the fallen servicemen’s families, some of whom will blame Obama, Carter and John Brennan for the criminal decision to proliferate MANPADs into Syria. It will be another Benghazi-gate, four years later during an election year in which anyone linked to this decision and Hillary Clinton past, present or future Administration will come under heavy scrutiny. Even the typically controlled Republican media which denied CIA gunrunning at Benghazi will not be able to keep a lid on it.
        4) Retaliation against the Saudis and Qataris will involve not only embarrassing episodes for the royals like what we’ve seen, but quite probably kompromat on their links to ISIS too.
        5) Watch the German press. After all the US skullduggery against Volkswagen I cannot believe there aren’t some ranking BND officers with high level executive contacts who know that Washington’s case against the car maker is bullshit and will not hesitate to leak against the CIA in retaliation, quite probably with internal BND reports warning Merkel about ISIS and Al-Nusra members coming into Germany as ‘refugees’ too to finish her political career off in 2016.


  4. Rambling monologue by Steven Ben Denoon, but I agree with his point. Putin, in dozens of appearances, is laying a case for the U.S. in the same way that George Bush the younger laid out the sins, and threats, posed by Saddam Hussein, which led to pre-emptive action against Iraq.
    Being mindful the Russian Navy is sniffing around our undersea fiber optic cables, contemplating blinding our intel through taking down our communications grid. Is this something you would do reactively? or proactively?
    A scenario strikes me where ‘white hat’ elements of the U.S. elites co-ordinate with an external pre-emptive action. Impossible? Unlikely? How else would you take down such a dangerous, rogue force than that which the Russians have had to deal with for decades now. This beast persists in the face of a crumbling U.S. economy where 94 million souls have absolutely nothing to do. Economic collapse is not taking it down, it may in fact, in certain ways be stronger as the population loses the means and wherewithal to resist it. It has no qualms about pre-emptive nuclear attack, it has stated as much. So maybe the Russians probably, with help from the Chinese and possibly a fifth column here, may try to do something very unorthodox because nothing else is working in a ‘time frame that people can accept’, given how dangerous and tenacious the Neocon animal is.
    Just a thought.


    • mlytle0 — that would still be treason, any way you cut it. Why not just arrest the traitors at the top of the three letter agencies, expose them as supporters of ISIS, and have the globalist elitists they work for have ‘accidents’ at their Swiss chalets and the survivors get the message they’re finished?
      I am not of course denying the Russians are looking at all contigency plans up to thermonuclear war. They have very recently attained nuclear parity with the U.S. They have superiority in terms of satellite killing/signals jamming/EWO and aerial/ground combat capabilities within 300 miles of Russia (basically encompassing the Baltic States through Kiev and all the way down to Transnistria and Moldova is the Bear’s ‘front porch’, within which NATO would get its ass kicked in any conventional fight and U.S. commanders would be screaming for tactical nukes).
      While the Poles would hold out for a while, maybe weeks (though Russia would have zero reason to fight them unless the US were using Poland to attack Russia), the rest of the European armies with the exception maybe of the Brits, French and Norwegians are basically speedbumps, while the Canadians are too far away to do anything except try to attack and lose a bunch of planes over the Arctic. And since London and Paris have their own independent nuclear deterrents they have the option of saying, ‘sorry Uncle Sam old boy, we’re sitting this one out’. I cannot also see Italians, Greeks or Spaniards being willing to die for NATO. Modern Germans are not their grandfathers and I do not believe will fight without surrendering in large numbers. The Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians also have no will to fight Russia and a significant part of their populations as with Romania and Bulgaria would be sympathetic, though only the Orthodox Bulgarians and Greeks might welcome the Russians as liberators. So that leaves NATO as basically the U.S., a shriveling British military, Poland, maybe the French at sea, the Norwegians, and the Turks.
      As one honest Ukrainian critic of the Kiev regime who nonetheless is anti-Russian stated, in an actual all out Russian invasion of Ukraine, “We’d surrender in 48 hours”. Based on what I’ve seen in Syria and in the ‘Center 2015’ exercise the Russians would have every unit of the Ukrainian army destroyed, encircled, or running like hell for the Dnieper within 100 hours, so two days is only a slight exaggeration.


      • Because this should already have happened. Because we have had traitors in Government for decades, doing outrageous things, and never in any way harmed. Kennedy tried to put limits on these people so did Carter. Didn’t work out well.
        Countries that are in as much trouble as we are in, rarely can save themselves. I hesitate, but want to say ‘never’ save themselves. Seems to take an external agency.


      • Mlytle0 — I agree that it will take an external agency to take down the NWO or at least knock out their North American command post, forcing them perhaps to try to worm their way into China and Russia. But that comes from taking down the dollar, not thermonuclear war which any SERIOUS (that is beyond a few exchanges of fire that immediately go to the hotline) conventional conflict (especially one the U.S. as I said will lose badly on Russia’s ‘front porch’ or close by turf) will inevitably escalate toward if there isn’t a ceasefire within a week or maximum two.
        Sergey Glazyev and others are indeed planning for that financial ‘nuclear option’ and oddly enough, none other than Mark A. Levin was talking about (not mentioning Glazyev by name) the Russian nuclear default option and de-dollarization in an ad for Gold line on his talk radio show tonight! It’s stuff like that which whenever I am hesitant to buy into the General’s story or the Guerrilla’s end of 2017 early 2018 total dollar/markets meltdown timetable that give me a shiver and make me think — damn, I wish I were already living and working abroad with some gold stashed under the mattress by now instead of in the ‘2nd’ now 3rd city soon to be Third World locked down I would assume after a few days of SHTF by the Illinois Natl Guard.
        Of course it was a pre-recorded not live spot, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the cognitive dissonance Levin must have advocating the very Cold War 2.0 confrontational policies towards the Russians (and by extension, the Chinese) that are accelerating the dollar takedown timetable. As I wrote to Wolf Gray had the Chinese done things their slower, safer way we’d be talking about dollar death in 2020 and worldwide and Joe Six pack recognition of this fact in 2025, not 2018-19. Everything is being accelerated by the confrontations set in motion after 2009 first in Libya, then Syria in 2011, and then Ukraine 2014 and now Syria again in 2015.
        Let the Mark A. Levin anecdote be a good lesson — a lot of these mainline Republicrat talk radio jocks don’t believe deep down in what they’re selling anymore. Levin has stated he is buying gold and has stocked up on five or six firearms since Obama was elected after owning none previously in his lifetime. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if El Rushbo has homes all over the world including in Latin America and a private jet on standby to take him from wherever he’s at on minutes notice. Hannity has probably bought land if not a house in Chile or Panama too.


      • I no longer believe the collapse of the dollar will accomplish this. It’s way too slow. I know that Putin and other world leaders know what their dealing with. People capable of the ‘Sampson option’. Just out of spite or rage, they could take all of civilization down. Sure, the Teddy Roosevelt is steaming away from the Persian Gulf, so all is well. But these people have committed such horrendous genocide, they KNOW people want them dead. They know as long as they have power, they live. As their power ebbs they can/will get desperate, and they have no morals, they represent the very antithesis of all that is moral.
        I also don’t think Thermo-nuclear war is the only option. It just requires co-ordination. Jimmy Carter just leaked the whereabouts of ISIS to Putin. Putin has friends in the American Establishment. Just takes the right connections.
        Clearly, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but I expect something unorthodox and unprecedented, because the situation has those characteristics. It must be addressed similarly.


      • I think also that the conventional definition of treason is struggling here, because certainly any ‘white hats’ that worked outside of the system could be accused of that, but if the system itself is treasonous, well, what do we do with that.
        Jimmy Carter’s actions, I’m sure, weren’t legal in any sense. I don’t think anyone minds at this point. This shows us what the structure of the changes and counter-moves will look like, in many ways, extra-legal.


      • Mlytle0 — we are definitely, as I watch The Man in the High Castle on Amazon and see the subtle subtexts masked in Phillip K. Dick’s vision of a 1962 Nazi America, headed into von Stauffenberg territory. That is, where today’s traitors become tomorrow’s heroes. I hope and pray it does not come to that. But if you are a Marine general or a USAF colonel given the order to fire on Americans, who then is the traitor?
        I still hope Rosecliff was right, that we won’t see any ‘goose stepping down Pennsylvania Avenue’. But the more I see the Empire’s propaganda fail or its The Daily Beast laughable lines about Russia being ISIS’ air force not be followed by the masses, the more I think the globalists will have to reach for the gun or the mega false flag button to finish the job, now that they feel they’re so close with everything slipping away. Sort of like if you’d offered old Adolph himself The H-Bomb right after Stalingrad.
        I still think the globalists will – as Agent ‘W’ has said — fail. Just like Nimrod, Babylon, Alexander the Great, and Rome failed to bring about universal empire. The end goal of course is always the same — one world, under one man, one currency, and one false religion manufactured by the god of this world. But I think the moment is fast approaching when as W says the globalists will have to ‘self immolate’, where a major institution or two like Deutsche Bank or even the hated Goldman Sachs could tumble as a sacrifice. And where peaceful means, primarily the ‘truth bombs’ about ISIS true origins will be enough to prevent World War III and force the U.S. like the late USSR to acknowledge it cannot sustain its empire any longer, and fold.


      • The technological difference in sophistication between the Russians and the (lost most of their modern late Soviet legacy armor and artillery in Donbass) Ukrainians is now approaching the levels between Saddam’s army in 1991 and the U.S. From 1992 to 1999 I’d say the Russian and Ukrainian armies were roughly at a level of technological if not training level parity. their armor in Kiev within a week to maximum 10 days due to the need for bridging units (assuming the Ukrainians managed to get all the bridges blown and the sappers weren’t sabotaged by 5th columnists/spetsnaz), with spetsnaz plus cruise missile strikes having decapitated or run underground the leaders.
        In a general ‘gloves off’ war for Ukraine very NATO/CIA CP and office would be destroyed or cut off from communications with the outside world in 24 hours as the highest priority targets (meaning dozens to hundreds of dead American and NATO servicemen and spooks, since they would be the ‘decap’ targets in a WW3 scenario — Mark Hackard has been over this as that was the mission of the Vympel spetsnaz to infiltrate the UNITED STATES in 83’…Ukraine where the population looks the same and all speaks Russian as you can imagine is a much closer and softer target).
        As for fighting a war with Russia ‘out of NATO area’ in Syria even where the U.S. appears to have a huge logistical advantage on paper — forget it. Even though Z. Big believes the U.S. can cut off the Russians without war apparently the Joint Chiefs of Staff don’t agree with the old angry Pole’s assessment.
        Beyond that ‘front porch’ zone of course once you get out into the mid-Atlantic or Pacific, or western Europe proper, it’s much dicier for the Russians. I don’t know much about the Chinese PLA but I assume their technological capabilities are rapidly converging with those of the Russians and the United States, and if they wanted to take Taiwan with their own ‘polite people’ since they’d go out of their way to avoid ‘collateral damage’ and to win over hearts and minds of the population, they could do it in 72 hours. Everything except the deepest bunkers in the mountains that is would be overrun or destroyed, and with the newly delivered S-400s based on the mainland plus their carrier killer missiles and equivalent to the Russian jamming capabilities they could isolate Taiwan from the outside world and the U.S. would have no idea what was going on there or how to get any jets over it including some of our stealth planes without getting shot down.
        The amount of firepower brought to bear in the combined arms exercise Center-2015 is a bit more than what you’d need just to fry Daesh, even if ISIS gets some more toys:
        So yeah, there’s pretty much no conventional ‘winning WW3’ scenario at this point, with all due respect to Tom Clancy and his now estate co-authors. And that goes for Russia and China too, as if they start it they can never be certain they won’t get nuked even with S-400s around Moscow and Beijing maybe saving the capitols. In a nuclear war everybody loses though I suspect more Chinese and Russians would survive in the metro systems per capita than Americans, though some preppers and Mormons would probably make it in the Rockies and Appalachians.


      • Saw the KGB article on Alpha and Vympel strike teams and deep cover operatives. This would make for a great Halloween story given how close it could have all ended.
        By now NATO will know how deeply it was infiltrated with agents able to train as special forces in the Cold War. What makes them think given their current moves against the new Russia with a President who is “former” KGB/FSB (former with heavy quotation marks as with intelligence services no one really retires) he won’t be creating even more successors to Alpha and Vympel and with a lot less bureaucracy since he is KGB’s old friend.
        Putin’s English isn’t very smooth so that would have discounted him from these groups, but he would have known and dealt with these groups during his time as an agent in East Germany.
        NATO’s push to contain Russia shows the current batch have had enough common core shoved into their brains that they can’t read a history book. Russia never forgets.
        Alpha and Vympel groups were created to prevent a repeat of the surprise attack of Barbarossa. WW3 will not happen because Russia is not stupid to just disband these deep cover operation groups just because of the collapse of the Soviet Union.


      • SOF: “Putin’s English isn’t very smooth so that would have discounted him from these groups, but he would have known and dealt with these groups during his time as an agent in East Germany.” It’s safe to assume, given how much Jim Willie is hearing from the Voice and other sources on the depth of disgruntlement and anger at the District of Criminals in Germany, that the BND is a ‘target rich’ recruiting environment for SVR these days. Ditto for the GRU which is responsible for mil intelligence in the BND, I suspect the Russians know damn near everything the U.S. actually shares with the German Army about NATO exercises and actual as opposed to advertised readiness.
        With a German speaking ‘former’ KGB commander in chief and so many patriotic as well as ‘liberal’ anti-Kremlin Russian professionals moving to Germany these days and still despite sanctions 4,000 German businesses operating in Russia (thus providing opportunities for $ or ideological recruitment of German nationals) I would say for once ex-NSA counterintel (propaganda) dufus @20Con-mittee is right (like a broken clock twice a day). There really are more Russian spooks and plants in Germany today than there were at the height of Cold War 1.0 in 1983!
        If I were the BND’s chief of counterintel or the CIA liason I’d be popping sedatives to cope with my paranoia over what embarassing piece of kompromat will hit the papers next. I expect angry German intel officers (a disproportionate share I understand are Wehrmacht son/grandsons as we’re probably in the third generation for the original Gehlen network/Abwehr guys) who won’t ‘betray the Fatherland’ to the Russians nonetheless to keep leaking (to Der Spiegel, pro-biz anti-Russia sanctions Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, pro-VW and industrialists FAZ) like a sieve. That’s what happens when an Empire goes into terminal decline and starts cannibalizing its vassals due to its enemies like Iran, Russia or China proving too formidable to pillage.
        There are now more Germans ready and eager to stick it to Uncle Sam than at any time since the end of the Cold War and possibly since WWII, if the immi-destabilization op continues. Everyone who opposes these deliberate knocking down of Germany and fueling of civil unrest in the country knows who gives Merkel her orders. #Merkelmussweg
        Real patriots and Cold War 1 veterans like ‘W’ must be shaking their heads at how quickly today’s spooks are losing friends and alienating people around the world, accelerating the collapse of the Empire by the very means intended to preserve it and the petrodollar. MANPADs to Al Nusra? Having them post on social media with their black Al-Qaeda flags with brand new US machine guns? What could possibly go wrong for America’s reputation from that?


      • As Dr Jim Willie said, the situation for Germany economically with its lost Russian customers from the stupid sanctions is grim.
        Adolf Hitler’s propaganda line of the ‘November criminals’ in referring to the culprits of what he saw as an unjustified surrender and subsequent humiliation of Germany post-World War 1 might fit in the current sentiment of Germans on the ground with their view of the ‘Atlanticists’ i.e. pro-suicide pact with D.C. I think its a fitting line myself since we are days away from the namesake month and has more ‘bite’.
        Speaking of cannibalising of allies, Alex Jones’ frequently stated line from his radio show is appropriate:
        ‘If cancer had a conscience, it would think it was winning.’


  5. James,
    I’m not saying your are right or wrong in your assessment of the Hebrew speaking fighter, but Israeli Arabs speak perfect Hebrew because they grew up in the Land. Also Israelis are under attack by Daesh and Dash inspired young jihadi types. There have been calls to march towards Jerusalem.
    I think we have to separate 2 different groups, those CIA funded, trained and equipped Daesh who are serving the US interests in the region, not necessarily Israel’s and those young confused people who are inspired by the Islamic theology and political views espoused by Daesh. I tend to think that some of the jihadi opposition to Assad is controlled, but because of the nature of the beast, some of it is out of control.
    Whether a Syria without Assad is in Israel’s interests is really anyone’s guess. Either way Israel is in trouble and will be overrun by the nations for 3 1/2 years according Revelations.
    Rev. 11:1   Then there was given me a measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, “Get up and measure the temple of God and the altar, and those who worship in it. 2 “Leave out the court which is outside the temple and do not measure it, for bit has been given to the nations; and they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months.
    With the current battle over Temple Mount, we could easily this prophecy fulfilled in the near future. Right now Isareli has military control but just agreed to install cameras and said they would not let Jews or Christians worship up there. If things continue along the current trajectory, it would be easy to see UN try to take control. UNESCO already voted on this.
    Could Israeli government be cooperating with US in the whole ISIS operation? I don’t know? They have a lot of experience on their soil with these types and even if some are CIA plants, I think Israel is smart enough to know that this kind of radical Islam is a a disease that spreads very rapidly.
    All of this death and destruction both in and out of the Land, in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya etc. is paving the path for a false messiah to come a create false peace, and that will most certainly include a Masonic control over Jerusalem. If you listened to the Catholic priest who was interviewed by John B. Wells, he talked about the masonry within the Vatican. There is also something about the 3 secret of Fatima and Russia that I have to go back and listen to. I was multi-tasking while listening.

    Anyone who has not read Windswept House, I highly recommend it. It’s historically fiction according to the late Malachi Martin, former Jesuit who died falling from the stairs in his NYC apartment, kind of like the bankers who have been jumping off buildings and the naturopath doctors studying GcMAF a cure for cancer, autism, autoimmune disease, etc who have died prematurely in large numbers. Off topic, but anyone with health problems would do well to look into this.


    • Mytle0 — I agree with you. There is controlled ISIS and there is out of control Daesh. It’s precisely that dichotomy that is creating the behind the scenes uproar I wrote about in the piece which included the former DIA director AND the 50 intel analysts. There must be so much more we don’t know about yet.
      This guy who did the video could be a Mossad infiltrator, an Israeli Arab working for Shin Bet, who knows. All I know is that is the type of Hebrew I heard in Israel when I went in the early 2000s, this guy is not reading off some sort of teleprompter. I do have to agree with you even if I doubt your interpretation of that Revelation verse that some elements of the Israeli security services aka ‘Deep State’ have clearly made up their minds to let Putin do his thing. If for no other reason than the Israeli press thank G-d did report about the Al-Nusras aka Al-Qaeda loyalists getting treatment in IDF hospitals and that was becoming a liability to Israel’s ‘war on terror’ reputation.
      So long as Hezbollah and their heavy armaments stay away from the Golan Israel will not prevent the Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Forces from restoring the pre-2011 status quo on the Golan. You have to recall despite the oil find the Golan had been Israel’s quietest border, even safer than the Egyptian side since 1975. It is no accident that as part of the Russian-planned order of battle the Iranians had to agree to for air support, Hezbollah has been sent north to fight for Aleppo rather than Quneitra closer to Israel and Jordan. It doesn’t take a genius just by looking at the map or noticing how difficult it was for the SAA to wipe out the jihadists closer to Israel prior to the Russian air force showing up and putting an end to the air and artillery strikes that had been the jihadists fire support.
      Whether elements of Shin Bet, Mossad and the retired generals now see Russia and China as the strong horses and the US(S)A as a spent force that will soon lose its status as Israel’s patron is another question. A conference many Zionist patrons like the Lauders sponsored at Wye River, Maryland as early as 2006 suggests that many major Zionist players do see what the neocon funders like Sheldon Adelson are too stubborn to face: that if Israel is to survive as a state the next 30 to 50 years it needs the Eurasian powers, or it’s finished as a Jewish rather than binational state.
      As for Russia’s own plants in Daesh, I suspect they exist, particularly among the Chechens some are secretly working for the Kadyrovsti and hence, the FSB. Michael D. Weiss as a CIA sock puppet for The Daily Beast tried to make hay out of that. But sorry Mikey it wasn’t the FSB plants who took over much of Syria and Iraq. It wasn’t the FSB plants who set up ISIS logistical lifeline and oil smuggling superhighway to Turkey straight up the Euphrates. Mikey’s propaganda job isn’t easy, I suppose. MDW tries to blame the ex-Baathists while steering clear of Israel’s supposed buddies in Doha and Riyadh. Well Mikey just which three letter Agency gave Saddam’s old generals billions in cash and all the Iraqi Army weapons the U.S. military had seized? Who set them up as part of the ‘Anbar Awakening’ whereby they pretended to be on our side for a while to make future DCI and all around scumbag Gen. Betray-us look good, biding their time until they could take revenge? Even if you DON’T believe that any part of ISIS still gets orders from Langley, the fact remains this is OUR Frankenstein monster and former AP Iran Contra reporter Bob Perry who helped to break apart the fraudulent #MH17 Russian BUK narrative was talking about that on NPR this past week!


      • What I find mind boggling is how out in the open and blatant these Foreign Agents Registration Act violations are. Who the hell is is this @Charles_Lister guy bragging about how the jihadists are going to get MANPADs soon courtesy of the Gulf states? How exactly is ‘BrookingsDoha’ excempt from FARA when any similar Russian sponsored think tank would be gone over with a fine toothed comb if not shut down as an SVR/GRU front?
        Shouldn’t Chucky Lister be worried that if al-Nusra or Daesh uses a CIA/KSA/Qatar supplied MANPAD on an Iraqi, Jordanian or even European/US airliner that he and his tweets will become evidence at a huge class action lawsuit trial for the victims’ in London or New York? I mean, I have to be careful how I phrase my predictions that the Russians and Iranians will retaliate if the Saudis and Qataris are stupid enough to try and achieve McInsane’s wet dream of ‘killing Russians’ and how much high explosive and assassination blowback they could get from that, courtesy of the GRU spetsnaz (which carries out actual ‘wetwork’ abroad now that SVR says they’re out of that business) and the IRGC. I don’t want to be labeled or quoted later as if I endorse any such action, but it ain’t exactly hard to predict Russia is ‘all in’ and won’t put up with this s–t from a bunch of fat bastards in the Gulf who pay mercs to do all their fighting either. Look at the Saudis sending Colombians and now today 500 ISIS jihadis to Yemen because KSA/UAE troops are already being pulled back from many frontline positions and SW Saudi Arabia is riddled with Houthi allied tribesmen…
        Yet here is this putz Lister just bragging about giving some of the scummiest headchoppers on the planet who are on Vice News video brainwashing kids about the glorious 9/11 and Osama bin Laden weapons that can shoot down airliners on approach. I mean, WTF? Total impunity and total craziness. It’s enough to make me wish Trump were the real deal and not a ringer for Hillary to knock down so he can fire everyone in Obama’s DOJ and start over on Day 2 by prosecuting Lister’s sorry ass for being an unregistered foreign agent, while telling Brookings to shut their Doha Center down or they’re done. In a sane world too, McInsane would be prosecuted under the USA Patriot Act and sent to Leavenworth as a traitor and material sponsor of terrorist groups led by Al-Qaeda recognized under the AUMF and John Warner Defense Authorization Act as enemies of the United States.
        Maybe Sibel Edmonds was right and our entire structure is littered with Congressmen on the hooks of multiple Mideast spy agencies, not just Mossad. The Turks just because they report to ultra-Islamist Erdogan are not above using honey traps. Ditto for the Pakistanis.


      • Double standards at its finest with Charles ‘blood-Luster’ and others like MadCain who have no idea what they are stepping into with their smack-talking.
        I will just be happy not to have WW3 as we go through this financial reset. Otherwise the term ‘go to hell’ will be made irrelevant when we create one on Earth.


      • Hi James,It was me, Joyann, who wrote that last post. As for the interpretation of Revelations, I’m not dogmatic about this being the time that that will occur. We’ll have to wait and see if the UN comes up with some resolution that deals with Jerusalem under international law. Right now it is under Israel military control, but Muslim spiritual control- in that no one, not Christians or Jews can pray there officially.
        Logically, Jerusalem will become the center of controversy:
        Zech. 12:1   The burden of the word of the LORD concerning Israel.
        Thus declares the LORD who stretches out the heavens, blays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him, 2 “Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. 3 “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it. 4 “In that day,” declares the LORD, “I will strike every horse with bewilderment and his rider with madness. But I will watch over the house of Judah, while I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness. 5 “Then the clans of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘A strong support for us are the inhabitants of Jerusalem through the LORD of hosts, their God.’
        Zech. 12:6   “In that day I will make the clans of Judah like a afirepot among pieces of wood and a flaming torch among sheaves, so they will consume on the right hand and on the left all the surrounding peoples, while the binhabitants of Jerusalem again dwell on their own sites in Jerusalem
        Of course there will be corporate repentance on the part of Israel and they will recognize Messiah:
        Zech. 12:10   “I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.
        In the meantime, not sure that Hizb’allah is not near the Golan. I know you say that Debka is a Mossad paper, and all press is controlled so no surprise there, but they are saying Hizb’allah is close to that border. I have friends who would know but haven’t asked about this.
        Israel has a long tradition of treating enemies, whether this is a just a cover for the fact that these enemies are really allies, I don’t know? They treated the 13 year old who killed 2 kids Pisgat Ze’ev. With all their faults the Israeli state values life in some ways, because of their Torah values. Again, this I know to be true from friends in the Land who do not hesitate to criticize their government when they feel it’s wrong:
        One of the criticisms from friends, believers in Yeshua, who have kids in the military, is that the government doesn’t go far enough in allowing the soldiers to protect themselves because of public criticism. The great problem in Israel is the hatred and mistrust that develops on each side, overtime there are intifadas and wars. Anyone who is honest, regardless of race or religion will tell you when your family or friends have been killed by another group, trust is hard to re-establish, even people who believe in Yeshua will struggle to trust Palestinians when there are terror attacks going on in their midst.


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