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Business without Fear, Intimidation, Bribes, & Corruption?

The “Winner” is a new global business model that uses little to none of the descriptions in the title. An eastern model that will bring in new emerging nation partners, that were formerly stifled in their ‘geopolitical/economic’ freedoms. The former head of the global business table was from a western model that highlighted a strong “Protection & Enforcement Division” (P&E), that appears to be getting “spanked & sent home”. A division that had been improperly, though by design, appointed the largest division of the western business model. Look for this vanquished “Protection & Enforcement” side of the western business model to now focus it’s attentions on isolating it’s home based economy with the primary goal of fine tuning it’s fascist business model. The Guerrilla’s recent updates, and the latest from Dr. Jim Willie in his “Hat Trick Letter” prove conclusively for me that the western business teams, have been sent home with a severe chiding….”Don’t come back again punk, see ya wouldn’t want to be ya!” More on that later, and how these huge global developments are leading to an accelerated time table (timing wise I might get proved right for once) for the western business model’s total collapse.

As a brief aside, many times my installments repetitively harp on the fact that the “sheeple”, a name so lovingly applied to those that can’t come to grips with the reality of a US economic failure, are almost total morons. I don’t mean to be redundant, but it is the reality we live in within the western world. Every adjustment to the ever changing western versus eastern geopolitical/economic landscape affects the sheeple, and therefore us. Especially since they are a massive majority of the total populous. No matter how hard we prepare for a “King Dollar Eulogy” moment, their numbers will still have a negative effect on those of us that are trying to prepare accordingly. Thus the constant Wolf Gray “wake-up” rants. That being said, for reference…..

If it is Russia, I tend to listen to “The Russian Analyst”, especially over the past 2+ weeks (incredible detail by The RA). If it is deep economic wizardry I read the concise wisdom of Ken Schortgen Jr., you have to take notice of his latest on RMB reserve currency potential. And, if it is in-depth, insider news that moves the entire world stage I listen to “The Economic SilverBack”, and the insights of his high level contacts. “V’s” most recent “Guerrilla Report”, hit on a topic that shows clearly that the “Protection & Enforcement” portion of the western business model is in deep deep doo-doo folks. The “P&E” division (Protection & Enforcement division) of the western business model had a direct effect on the “Sales & Marketing” side of the western business equation, a situation that should never exist. It would now appear it ain’t anymore, though!  These two business departments are like a brother & sister getting married & producing children, it just ain’t right.

Point in fact the “P&E” department of team western bankster was doubling as the Sales & Marketing division.  More later….

But, this time with the insights of the recent blockbuster news from all 3 of these high level Team RM thinkers (add a dose of the intrepid Jim Willie & his Hat Trick Letter), it appears we are witnessing the aftershocks of some business chess moves, that can only be associated with a major change in the global business power structure. The western business model has been exposed as ineffective, tired, corrupt, weak, and lacking in leadership. It is just plain predictable, corrupt, and boring. Turn out the lights, the western version of corruption is soon to be over in parts east, and it can be chalked up in a simple phrase, “It is just plain business!” Bad business from our perspective. In my view, the final conclusion to the Dollar’s, both King & Petro’s, reign on the global stage has now become academic.

Now some news items that lead to my theories regarding the fact that the western business model’s dismantled P&E division, will lead to more business defections from the business partners of the Dollar’s “Petro & King”, due to a LACK of TRUST!  And, now possibly a lack of intimidation & fear!  Which will soon be a FACT!

News Bites:

In a continuation of the theme from last week’s installment, here is another expert throwing his two cents worth into the “The market is going to blow up before year’s end” predictions.

Again as I mentioned last week I am not going to cut these analysts down, most of them are pretty darn sharp, but who will be left in the “Truth about the economy” department after 12/31/2015?

As I alluded to last week, it looks like the level of discontent continues in the comments sections after the review of the majority of the “Pro Hard Asset interviews” in the alternative media. Wolf Gray continues to maintain that the DECLINE in the numbers of folks that truly “get It” (understand that a King Dollar’s reign is coming to a close) is still running on all cylinders as the clock of “when is it going to happen” marches forward. Impatient greed isn’t immune to the minds of the metals holders either. Note the comments section of the next link.

No way are there that many internet trolls waiting to pounce on “pro precious metal” commentators. In the above interview with Dave Kranzler via “silver”, pay attention to the comments section that follows the interview. This is a perfect example of impatient greed, not a few trolls on the web (far too many of them). Stand tall stand strong folks, the truth will reveal itself very soon, and ironically it may have already!  More on that after the news…..I

In the opposite category as regards the comments section, note the following article from “” highlighting a business CEO that truly understands the problems the west is facing. It would appear’s management may have a clue.

But, again note the comments section, when this time it comes from a business leader, who hasn’t been crying “Wolf” (like yours truly for the past 4 years) about the western “financial/business crises”, the comments are far more tame. “W” may be on to something, thus it could be wise to keep your mouth shut. Truthfully I don’t think that is it. The west is loaded up with blatant idol worship of business leaders, actors, athletes, & politicians (witness all the movies, example… Steve Jobs etc.), so if they speak in glowing terms of the audience’s own personal agenda, why heck they are smart, and given a thumbs up, while pro metals analysts are scorned?

And, getting back to the possibility of there being a host of disappointed market doomsayers by year’s end, check out this ZeroHedge posting from last week:

Well how about that, next up DOW 40,000. I mean why not, ECB is dovish, PMI is still above 50 (another statistic that comes from where…Fed. Gov. so who cares), and blockbuster tech earnings from MSFT..GOOG..& AMZN. The sky is the limit folks. Confusing stuff except a lot of the claimed earnings growth is in very difficult to prove on-line ad revenues, which leads to this next article/link…..

Regarding the above link, this must be the third time I have mentioned this very very telling indicator, and leading indicator that the world’s economic underpinnings might be all fluff & stuff. Caterpillar is ringing the bells that the global economy is dead. Along with a host of other on the ground “real business” items like the velocity of money cratering, and the shipping indices at all time lows (redundant again, but it bears repeating for the cheer-leading of the truth).

And, in the sad but now common place category, check out this next link from “”…

The above link is a great illustration of the fascist business model at full throttle. Biogen utilizes stock buy backs mixed with a little employee layoffs, as in 11% of it’s work force, and presto-chango you have manufactured top notch stock market earnings. And, might as well boost forward guidance as well while we are at it. These are the type ‘shit bird” companies that co-authored the mighty Zero’s TPP.  Thus the fascist label. Ya gotta love it.

And, in the final attempt to prove that fascism is alive, and well in the USSA, check out this crap…

Could this be the 40 billion a day of unsecured treasury transactions alluded to recently by Dr. Jim Willie, though in a slightly different angle than illustrated by Mike Maloney in the above videoFrom the Wolf Gray’s smokey den the gist is straight forward, “The banks failed & just didn’t have to report it.” That’s what this is, what else would you call it?  Hey it’s cool with the sheeple to, it didn’t stop their Facebook updates.  I got a proposal………

Sign up Bill Murray, its’ “Ground Hog Day” again, I love it. Think about this one, the prognosticators keep saying, “Just wait 2008 will happen again, but this time it will be worse.” Wolf Gray says forget that crap, 2008 has already happened, multiple times, over & over & over with Bill Murray in this new episode of “Covert Banking Ground Hog Day”. The PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be), via sources like the ESF/Fed. Reserve, just save the banks over & over & over, and then surprise surprise don’t bother to report it. Not hard to envision with a complicit msm.  A new wrinkle to bankster lying, and thus saved covertly under the cover of “we don’t got no stinkin’ derivatives, that we can’t pay for”.

How can they do this?  You better ask, why can’t they? Or better yet, who is going to stop them?  It’s “we the people, or now sheeple”. Try explaining this to the western, text hungry, layman, sheeple, and I would bet you a shiny karatbar as soon as the word “reverse-repo market” is on verbal display, they will start texting someone while you blather on to a vacant mind. To hell with can they do it, they are doing it, 2008 over & over, except without the actual bank failures being officially reported. The central bankers just keep bailing themselves out behind the scenes, with no public announcements, thus no public 2008 events.  Pretty slick I tell ya!

I don’t mean to be making light of this banking trickery, but these guys ain’t just committing fraud, they are inventing new ways to cover it up. They don’t even have a paper ledger for the worthless paper, they are using as collateral these days for more easy money. I don’t know why these s.o.b.’s don’t just go ahead, and create a fictitious banking entity for this fictitious paper. Who needs the more legitimate scams tied to the BLICS & Japan to buy your paper?  Just make up a fictitious bank. Hell makes sense to me, except it is already happening without the fictitious bank, just a black monetary “hidey-hole”. Again try explaining this to the western texting sheeple, now sadly the only group large enough that can stop this fraud. After all they are the new & improved “we the people”.  Again, once the words, “reverse repo’s”, come out of your mouth your audience will start snoring.

All right sorry for the rant, but maybe 2008 has already happened again, the media just ain’t reporting it. Oh btw, don’t despair this ‘bs’ will end when the banks that aren’t included or invited to the new Bill Murray movie, “Covert Banking Ground Hog Day”, don’t get their dose of derivative, oil hedge freebies, and thus start failing in a non-covert manner, that causes real publicly recognized failures. I sure hope one of the Kardashians will be in this movie.

Rant revisit. If you don’t think the above rant is a big deal try this on for size. Why don’t we all go down to a local bank, and request a large sum of short term 30 day cash with the bank holding a short term note. But, WG they will require collateral?  YEP. But, we are going to do it bankster style, and claim we are collateral-less, and thus completely worthless with no real cash flow whatsoever. Hey, it works for the big boys. Well if you don’t buy that theory don’t forget they, the msm controlled by the PPPTB, told us we were fighting ISIS too. Where was that happening at? Uranus…..

This segues nicely into the following, a much more academic part of the subject……

Supply & Demand via Paper Markets 101:

Most RM regulars know easy money is a primary cause of poor, and or risky investment choices. It breeds it. Thus you end up with stock buy backs, with layoffs for all. Is the current run to the super bubblicious bond market part of the same theory, or is its demented move to safety? After all the US Treasuries are running up in the face of hundreds of billions a MONTH flowing back from parts abroad. Remember if an over abundance of treasuries come back, prices should fall, and bond yields should rise. Hardly what we are witnessing. Are the banksters heading to the safety of the last of the monetary protected moves via an investment that will be backed by a very, bank compliant, FED? This may be the final protective move available within the western banking system, a system that realizes it is running out of places to hide. Or as alluded to earlier, might they just start creating places to hide, and therefore there will be no need for a scam.  Just do a wave of the magic central banker wand, and presto you have excuses & money out of thin air. Just another major sign that the Dollar’s Eulogy “King & Petro” are being authored as I type, though not as big sign as……..

The Death of Bankster Sales & Marketing or “P&E”:

The western “Sales & Marketing team”, if you want to label it as such, may have just been, for all intents & purposes, shut down! It doesn’t get much bigger than this. Sales & marketing are the life blood of vital cash flow to any business. Cash flow that yields improvements in all areas of the business. Steve Jobs may have been a lot of things to many people, but few would argue that he was a heck of a “pitch man”. You might have engineered the greatest product on earth, but without a good marketing & sales plan your product will collect dust. It’s just “Business 101”.

Team western bankster’s “Sales & Marketing Team” just got it’s butt kicked. Though the sign above the building wing may have read “Sales & Marketing”, it actually housed the “P&E” operations (protection & enforcement), which for team bankster served as the arm, leg, chest & head of the perverted “Sales & Marketing Division”. Without a growing “Sales & Marketing” department, and btw forget “growing”, how about deceased when addressing Western Bankster Inc., the business model dies under it’s own bloated, embarrassed, expensive weight. Allow me to expound…..

If you think the previously mentioned creation of phony hiding holes for giving money to your top level business management is self destructive (soon to be anyway), try the near complete elimination of your “Sales & Marketing Division”, or in this case “P&E”.

The “Economic SilverBack” in the latest Guerrilla Report, said the return to the US, or banishing of the “USS Theodore Roosevelt” from the Persian Gulf was, in short, a notice of the death of the dollar (paraphrasing). I for one agree, and it is proof the “P&E” division of the western business brain trust ain’t what it used to be. I also noticed over the weekend while reading my monthly “Hat Trick Letter” from Dr. Jim Willie, that he heard rumors (can’t confirm accurate as of yet) that “The Roosevelt” had to leave, because it’s nation’s credit wasn’t confirmed as worthy to pay for fuel.

Let me get that one straight.  You are denied the very product that you are guarding, for future world wide distribution, due to bad credit. If true, this would be the biggest embarrassment I ever heard of in my life, well maybe except the photo of John Kerry in full stupid grin mode holding a potato in hand, in front of Russian dignitaries. A “natural” gift to a GMO promoting fool. As Gerald Celente says, “You can’t make this crap up!”

Let’s connect the dots between military equipment being sent home, and “Sales & Marketing” (P&E). In order for any business to jump off the drawing board onto the “mean streets of main street”, with the hope of honest & fair competition there has to be a product to be sold, with a grand sales & marketing plan. Kissinger represents the US in the setup of the future OPEC crowd, with a major business deal, but what did he/we bring to the table? Nothing! Oops I forgot, protection was our product, with the exception of possibly a little monetary juice to get the R&D department up & rolling. I don’t claim to be an expert on this era, but I would suspect the future OPEC leaders were told, “You can accept this deal or we will mop the sand up with your sorry arses!”

So what the heck were we marketing through this grand scheme, I mean scam? “KING DOLLARS, and a new sibling soon to be called the “Petrodollar”! The beginnings of mass misrepresentation in the worth of paper to the other world leaders.

As mentioned in prior installments the only thing going on between us, and the OPEC crowd is, “You buy our arms & paper, we funnel business your way by intimidation, and it will then be transacted in our currency so we can make a little ‘vig’ on the transactions with others.”

Next up the real payoff to this “Sales & Marketing” plan, or “P&E” plan, as the Petrodollar foundation with OPEC was just the beginning. This energy strangle hold on the world will finally allow us to spread our positive paper message world wide, thus locking in the new clients to our paper scams. This will help the expansion of the King Dollar empire outside our boarders, and spring board it via a quality, vital “P&E” operation, to other slick paper scams with our new partners in crime (huge volume increases in the carry trade etc.).  I bet they don’t teach this kind of sales & marketing at the Harvard School of Business. With this new “Whitey Bulger” approved “P&E” business model replacing the standard “Sales & Marketing Departments”, we can now jam gun barrels down our partners throats, and politely ask them to join us in additional paper scams.  What’s that you say? Oh let’s say, like buying our paper, even though they don’t want it, with their public pension funds. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

But, without the one item that we can supply that no other can, until now, in the above equation….”Massive Muscle”…we are worthless, and so is this entire fraudulent business arrangement. Which again, leads us right backto the block buster announcement by “The Economic SilverBack” on last weeks “Guerrilla Report”, “The USS Theodore Roosevelt has left the Persian Gulf.” As “V” said, “It’s over!” The middles east is now without a strong version of US protection. Note the recent brilliant offering below from “The Russian Analyst” followed by another offering from ZeroHedge….

Based on the above sources it seems a consistent theme is showing up, “We are waiving goodbye in a variety of venues (by land & sea) with our tails tucked between our legs”. The significance of the Roosevelt pulling out of the Persian Gulf, is one of the most clear business indicators I have ever seen, verifying the collapse of the most significant part of the western business model, the “P&E” department. Alert the brain dead msm bobbleheads, this business has lost it’s “Sales & Marketing” team, or in the USSA’s case the “Protection & Enforcement” racket. Game, or business over!  Ah, but not a media bobblehead to be found with a clue!

It doesn’t even matter whether we had to leave due to lack of fuel availability, chuckle chuckle, or just because we had been replaced with a more honorable “Sales & Marketing” team protectorate. We can still be defined as, “dead in the water.” In fact it qualifies for the Wolf Gray’s, overly repeated, 95/5 rule.  It doesn’t matter what I say or anyone says for that matter, 95% of the world believes the theme of the prior sentence, and only the soon to be isolated 5% may believe the western media’s version of the story (or absence of a version). But, check this out….

News flash….I did an informal poll on several fairly well informed individuals regarding the significance of the Roosevelt’s departure from the Persian Gulf, and what a surprise…NO ONE GETS THE IMPORTANCE OF IT!  Not one single soul. At this point all that is left, is the formality of the King Dollar graveside eulogy. I suspect behind the scenes, the paid off pin heads are scrambling to create a eulogy for the Dollar’s King & or Petro that will be properly received by the sheeple. Properly received is key….Which translated means, there may never be a defined King or Petro Dollar Eulogy, at least as far as the sheeple are concerned, which leads to the next category of bragging on my part……

King Dollar “Collapse/Eulogy” Timing:

The acceleration of dollar related rejection events, that have attached powerful meanings have picked up pace dramatically of late. As I mentioned on the Guerrilla’s Radio Show on Freedom Slips in the spring of this year, my predicted time frame for a collapse is in months not years, thus placing it before the spring of 2017. And, to be completely fair, in my own mind that meant sometime before the swearing in of the 2016 Presidential winner. In point of fact my timing theory relies on taking advantage of the opportunity to accesse a robust file of excuses, that can be pointed at the biggest stooge in oval office history, Zero. He makes a perfect “fall guy”.

In the end this King Dollar Collapse event may be difficult to prove, after all most American’s aren’t even aware a “Building 7” existed just before 9/11, and further more didn’t know that it didn’t exist after. I have maintained the real collapse began at the moment of the 2008 Lehman Brothers Holding, Inc. collapse. So what defining event will tell any of the sheeple, that we informed RM Associates knew a collapse event was inevitable, especially if it is an ongoing never defined event? Ponder that one. Wolf Gray

I think we may never see a definable Petro or King Dollar Eulogy. But, at our debt levels something that is akin to a eulogy will be acknowledged by the informed, like a 50% or more dollar devaluation. Far as I am concerned that will be recognized as a King Dollar Eulogy from the users perspective.  Now enter the Petrodollar.   It’s eulogy is happening right now before our eyes, damn-it?  Wake the hell up.  The dismantling of the “Petrodollar protection racket”! Will we see a “King Dollar or Petrodollar Casket” rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue? If we do, rest assured the sheeple would then be penniless, and would probably not get it anyway.  So therefore, in the eyes of the majority, it never happened.  It is just another building 7!  And btw, I don’t suspect it will not be a “one-off” single day event, after all who will be the “master of ceremonies”, saying “Oh crap as of today we are now screwed!”

It is instead, as we are witnessing, an ongoing parade of events, and will be defined so in some future US 5th grade history classroom discussion (I love to refer to that). No one in “sheeple mainland” truly understands the significance of the masterful strokes by Putin in the middle east, or the symbolism of our own major military movement out of the symbolic offices titled the “Sales & Marketing Division” a.k.a. a Wolf ID’d “Protection & Enforcement Division”…..“P&E”.

Also while in pondering mode, ponder this…..Clearly the headlight parade to the grave site for the beleaguered Petrodollars is already in route, and since no one in the “msm controlled sheepleville” recognizes this undeniable fact, or is willing or capable of reporting it, what event will be recognizable as a King Dollar or Petrodollar official eulogy? The informed crowd at RM may assign a specific future event, if not a past one, but no one may ever admit to it’s meaning in sheepleville. Last week’s events tell me the death already happened, and now the more informed of the western world will soon witness a definable eulogy.  Note I said the informed of the world….!  I disagree with most analysts that the King Dollar will be a devalued domestic dollar, and not have an official graveside eulogy.  If it is devalued more than 25% then it is D.O.A (dead on arrival), as far as the users are concerned.  And, thus we can start the bag pipes for an official eulogy.

I can see & hear the conversation now. WG & a sheeple friend: WG, “Well did you see what just happened?  The Petrodollar was ousted by a group of OPEC ministers. Man, If times weren’t already bad enough, now they are just going to get worse, parnter!” Sheeple, “WG, I don’t give a shit about no towel head, nor his dollars, what does that have to do with any of my dollars?  What I am more worried about is this devaluing of my money by 50+%, and the fact I can’t get enough cash out of my bank account to go to McD’s.  F… the towel heads I need to expand on my formerly free Facebook account!”


I submit we may be witnessing repeats of massive 2008 collapse events, 2008 isn’t about to happen again, it has already been happening over & over & over.  It just ain’t being reported this time. If 2008 had not been reported would we have ever heard about Lehman Brothers collapsing? What is now happening is worse, and it brings with it a non msm compliant message, thus no news, and no one files for bankruptcy & no one else is aware a failure ever happened! Multiple behind the scenes TARP events (thanks to QE), almost like 2008.  Just wait for that blockbuster “Covert Banking Ground Hog Day” with the president of a fictitious bank that received unlimited funds, starring Bill Murray, who’s keynote line will be, “I don’t run any bank & I don’t know about any 40 billion dollars a day!  If I do own it, show me the physical address, and vaulting facilities!  You can’t convict me of anything, because your evidence aint’ there!

In the eyes of the 95% of the world’s population that take the time to care to pay attention, the Dollar’s “King & Petro” may have already had a graveside eulogy, and to the remaining 5% it’s time for another episode of “The Kardashians”.

To quote a lyric from John Mellencamp:

This land today, shall draw its last breath And take into its ancient depths This frail reminder of its giant, dreaming self. While I, with human-hindered eyes Unequal to the sweeping curve of life, Stand on this single print of time.

Human wheels spin round and round While the clock keeps the pace. Human wheels spin round and round Help the light to my face.

No matter how hard we try, we may not be able to help the light to our faces.  For no one is listening….


The last couple weeks have been amazingly negative for the western world’s feeble finance system, so stay vigilant. God Bless & Be Well..!

Wolf Gray

Credit to the thoughts of: Opie, The Economic SilverBack, The Russian Analyst, Ken Schortgen Jr., Dr. Jim Willie & his Hat Trick Letter, ZeroHedge, Mike Maloney, & John Mellencamp



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  1. “News flash….I did an informal poll on several fairly well informed individuals regarding the significance of the Roosevelt’s departure from the Persian Gulf, and what a surprise…NO ONE GETS THE IMPORTANCE OF IT! Not one single soul. ”
    I didn’t appreciate fully at first the significance of the retreating aircraft carrier, until V said there is no more significant American presence in the Persian Gulf. Robert Kiyosaki said of the importance when doing anything to have a group of trusted advisors/mentors in various fields, hence his Rich Dad advisors group that includes real estate, CPA, stocks experts, and yes, the Gold/Silver professional Mike Maloney.
    My IQ’s probably around 110, and I probably fit the stereotype young adult with cap facing backward and sagging pants when it comes to the minutia of finances. I am light years ahead of most other ‘experts’ with shiny shoes and suits because of Team RM’s sharing of knowledge. I just realized I have been doing more reading (especially with The Russian Analyst and then those links that are themselves Encyclopedias in themselves) in the past month than any other hobby.
    First comment from “Fund Manager: Mother of All Short Squeezes is Coming!” already shows this trolling you talked about, the pun referring to your name was too delicious not to post:
    ” “Short squeeze”, “turning the corner”, “building a base”, “running out of precious metals”, “final capitulation”… ever hear of the boy that cried wolf?[no, but I happen to know the ‘Wolf’ that has sheeple like you for breakfast, LOL] After a few years of this you might want to stop and eat some crow before you carry on.”


  2. SoF, It really is my firm belief 2008 has already happened multiple times, and behind the scenes central bank shenanigans have saved themselves, and thus no public announcement. If one fails, and is announced to the public, I would suspect it will be with a following “all hell breaks loose in the world”. And, it would also be on purpose.
    There could very well never be a msm ANNOUNCED 2008 like failure. The PPPTB will not allow that moment to happen. The numbers don’t lie, 800 billion in TARP money in 2008 to save multiple financial institutions. Since then many many trillions to do what? Basically save them from Publicly viewed 2008 events.
    Wolf Gray


    • I re-read your article and saw that the biggest question you were asking was summarized above: what kind of event would prove we are right and the mainstream were wrong. Its the question that keeps popping up in my mind whenever I got time to think. I don’t have the answer myself.
      I don’t expect statues to be built for us, but for the PPPTB to successfully bury the biggest financial reset in human history out of the mainstream public view (so big, we could compare it to a global natural disaster like a dinosaur-killer asteroid), but it would suck not having the reset in public view to vindicate all the crap and snide remarks I have gotten
      Its just too bad this outcome will be reliant on the same people who caused the whole problem in the first place wanting it to come out.
      If it isn’t some public event, then its the day when the Reset hits their wallets hard that they will then realize something seriously has gone wrong and will look up from their handheld mind-control machines. Only those who lost in the paper asset market will know what happened, and they will keep quiet about it out of shame.
      For example I only just found out about some old guy who lost big money investing in Lehman brothers in 2008. That event woke him up and made him an Infowars follower and learn about real money vs fiat currency. Can’t blame him for not telling his wife about it. Its funny how knowing about the conspiracy of fiat currency can take friendship to another level. Told him about RM and V’s interviews on Youtube.
      Its also funny how I can talk to a train operator who comes over from neighboring Malaysia to work here and he gets it when I tell him paper assets are big trouble and ‘Metal Gear Solid’ hard assets like Gold and Silver and he gets it.
      V predicted almost a year ago that towards the Petrodollar collapse, idiots will still be trolling his email inbox asking, ‘what collapse? Dow Jones is going stronger and stronger.’
      Meanwhile, one of our LNG companies signed a 10 year deal with the LNG unit of Russia energy giant Gazprom. Every time Singapore does a deal with Russia, it secures its future a little better and I feel better. Its a major oil refinery center in the world and therefore has to deal with the Petrodollar and the horse manure that comes with it, so when the King Dollar vanishes that industry will take a hit.


      • Indeed SoF, and things may go the way of the thesis in this installment, unless……..the insanity of taking the full on steps towards WWIII overcome the minds of the insane in charge.
        Wolf Gray


      • None of us want WW3. The Russian Analyst joked about writing long-winded replies (then again his pieces are why the average time spent viewing RM webpages is 8 minutes, not that I am complaining) on why WW3 won’t happen. Its going to be bad for everyone and as Dr Willie says, China and Russia aren’t interested in losing a billion people.
        Your images of wolves since you started contributing to Roguemoney would put nature magazines to shame. One image of a wolf staring straight into the camera burnt through my eyes into the back of the head.


  3. Wolf Gray.I think you can hoist the flag and play taps now. The petrodollar is officially dead.
    Once China is given reserve currency status ( I predict Nov.3-5 ) you’re going to see a mass exodus from the dollar worldwide. There is a list of countries to numerous to list that have signed currency swap agreements with China within the last six months.
    I fully expect the western banking cabal to drive this sucker off a cliff with no warning whatsoever ……….. or until the Gold Fix goes active sometime before the end of the year. Most likely December.
    Lets just say what the RMB and CIPS really are. A lifeboat for countries who want to get off the U.S.S. America before it hits the economic iceberg dead ahead.


    • Jerry & SoF, catch this action…ET’s (Extra Terrestrials), the Wolf’s brain can’t get off this subject of late. And, last night I had a deep conversation with an associate who swears by the existence of ET’s. For some reason of late (last two months or so) I have been drawn to these “Ancient Alien Shows”, on the information side of the cable dial. Why one might ask?
      How the heck does Russia go from financially dead in the water 2 & half decades ago to blowing by us dramatically in technological advances in military hardware? Doesn’t compute, as it takes money, and “Team W” stripped them of that in the 80’s. I mean torpedo’s that go many many multiples faster than our equipment in, what is one of the densest of surroundings, water…!!! What the hell, did a host of Dr. Wernher von Braun’s land on their doorsteps??????
      This has been on my mind for a while, and since it is over my head, and pure speculation it isn’t worthy of an installment, but last night as I read some more of Jim Willie’s “Hat Trick Letter” he mentioned “the Voice” said Putin was getting help from the ET’s (short & to the point no context surrounding it). So I don’t know if he meant Estonia, or Extra Terrestrials…..But, if the later & it’s true, I surmise it means there probably will not be a WWIII, and at the very least the East will be victorious.
      All the above, “Dr. Wernher von Braun/ET’s” withstanding, your last line says it succinctly Jerry….

      Lets just say what the RMB and CIPS really are. A lifeboat for countries who want to get off the U.S.S. America before it hits the economic iceberg dead ahead.

      Wolf Gray


      • The speculation among the “good-ET” optimistic half of the Independent media with why Putin’s suddenly the good guy is because he’s had meetings with good ETs.
        Websites like the Event Chronicle believe that the coming financial reset is part of a much larger global changing shift called ‘The Event’ that will essentially allow a Nikola Tesla-type inventor to flourish without his work being shut down by corporate greed.
        The much more gloomier independent media of “Mark Passio-Alex Jones-David Icke” crowd’s view that all are just masks on the same face and we are headed to a dark future of a global prison state unless humanity stands up from its stupid addiction to smart-ass phones (for dumb-ass muthaf**kers; credit Prof Griff of Public Enemy #1), and takes its own initiative without outside help.
        As a cynical guy I tend to lean more towards this direction because physical action does much more in this dimension than mere praying (although its just as important). Look no further of this proof than Putin The Punisher/John Wayne riding into Syria in a hail of bullets and forcing the Daesh to shave their beards and cross-dress their way into Turkey.
        I can go really pessimistic and say that this sudden meteoric rise of Russia is no different than Hitler’s re-arming of Germany pre-WW2, funded by the banking oligarchs that are now running the Federal Reserve. They know the US which they sucked off the past 100+ years is about to collapse and therefore need a new United States to build up and bleed off in Russia, so the cycle starts over. I can argue those high speed underwater torpedoes are merely the result of hidden technology among many (like cures for cancer and directed energy technology) that the Cabal decided to release for this new ‘United States’ for their own long term goals.
        Let us hope this is not the case that not only this pessimistic view will not come to pass, but V’s hope that a new United States is inherited by patriots and RM’er types.
        Let us hope Russia sees the Cabal attempts to take it over, whether because its helped by good ETs or not, avoid falling into the trap of the US when it created the Federal Reserve. In the end the parasitic Cabal can find no country to create mayhem and eventually all hunted down and terminated and killed.
        Maybe if it isn’t disrespectful to ask, could you ask your Native American friends if they can communicate with these otherworldly spirits that if a sizable number of people worldwide can still be on their toes and be in the Awakening despite the recent faltering of resolve (that you have documented in your last piece) that we deserve to have this parasitic system removed so we can evolve in harmony with the Earth?
        I don’t think my life purpose for being born here was to pay the bills, feed the government tax machine, and then taking a meager portion of it back in pension just to survive until death. If the recent events of Syria can lead to a glimmer of hope of lasting peace in the Middle East, then more miracles are on the way?
        /End Jumping-Across-Board Rant
        Here’s a fitting conclusion video why Evil always fail, even in their own temples:


    • Hard to really give a date. Dr Jim Willie gives the sarcastic answer to the common question of when will it happen, to dial 1-800-LUCIFER. It depends on what new war US will cook up, or false flag outside its borders to screw up the reset like the Ukraine coup.
      Latest Paul Sandhu interview with Dr Jim Willie October 28th 2015:


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