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#7K9268 Update: Terrorist Bomb Leading Theory, Russians/Egyptians Refuse to Rule Out Accident

Anonymous U.S. ‘intelligence sources’ have informed the (Clinton) news network CNN that a bomb planted on board likely brought down MetroJet flight 7K9268 on Saturday. British intelligence has supported these claims, and Great Britain and Ireland have suspended airline flights over the Sinai peninsula and to Sharm El Sheikh until further notice. As the country where western Siberia-based charter airline MetroJet had overseas registration and through which it leased its used A321 aircraft, Ireland is participating in the investigation with Russia, Egypt and France (perhaps the French involvement is due to dual French-Russian national/s among the victims, or alternatively due to France being the home country of the multinational European airline manufacturer Airbus Industrie).

While mainstream media have said U.S. signals intelligence (NSA?) may’ve have intercepted terrorist communications related to a bomb plot, and other reports have hinted at U.S. SBIRs (space based infrared) satellites detecting an explosion on board but no signs of a surface to air missile launch; others have been more circumspect.

Russian and Egyptian authorities have refused to rule out mechanical failure yet, and claims that explosive residue have been found on passengers luggage have been disputed and remain unconfirmed as of Wednesday evening Eastern U.S. time on November 4, 2015.

As of late Wednesday night U.S. Eastern time CNN headline news was that U.S. intelligence suspects ‘someone at the [Sharm El Sheikh] airport’ may have sabotaged or planted a bomb on the Russian-chartered Airbus A321 airliner

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-WA), a member of the U.S. House select committee on intelligence, has also refused to rule out a catastrophic mechanical failure.

For now, Russian and Egyptian media are leaning towards foul play, by reporting that the black box data revealed the plane most likely brought down by an explosion in one of the engines that broke the fuselage apart in mid-flight. According to these reports the pilots had little to no time to react or send out a distress signal, contradicting initial reports that they had contacted Cairo’s control tower requesting an emergency landing or even tried to contact air traffic controllers in Turkey.

Leave it to The Daily Telegraph (Torygraph) to accuse the Russians and Egyptians of having self-interested motives by downplaying the terrorism angle, rather than waiting for all the forensics to come in from the now-repatriated victims’ bodies and personal effects:

When flight 7K9268 first crashed on Saturday, claiming 224 lives, both government suggested the aircraft had been brought down by a technical fault. However, critics say that both governments’ stance reflects a degree of self-interest.

Russia is anxious that a terrorist attack could be a response by the Islamic State to its recent bombing campaign against opponents of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Egypt, meanwhile, knows that terrorist involvement could scare away foreign holidaymakers from Sharm el-Sheikh, one of its few thriving tourist resorts four years on from the Arab Spring.

Downing Street declined to comment in detail on the reasons why it now suspected that a bomb could have been planted on the plane.

But Wednesday’s statement follows a conversation between the prime minister, David Cameron, and Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the Eygptian president.

Mr Sisi, who is due to make an official visit to Downing Street today as part of a three-day visit, is believed to have discussed the progress of the plane crash investigation with Mr Cameron.

Many questions remain to be answered, regardless of the Islamic State claiming responsibility for bringing down the plane. Is the footage supposedly depicting the airliner at altitude released by ISIS authentic, which in turn would suggest a level of coordination heretofore beyond ISIS known capabilities (and therefore state sponsorship of the airline takedown), or fake?

Who is the young Slavic man speaking in Russian threatening Putin in the Islamic State’s latest released video? And how soon will Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) find out this ‘white’ ISIS jihadist’s name and last known whereabouts? How many of the young man’s associates at the mosque he may’ve converted at are FSB or Kadyrovsti (pro Moscow Chechen) informants?

Is security at Sharm El Sheikh as lax as many Westerners insist or was this an ‘inside job’ that required not only ISIS infiltrating the airport’s ground crews and possibly security, but also expert knowledge of exactly where to plant a bomb on the Airbus 321’s air frame?

Space Based Infrared (SBIR) data that’s a slam dunk but the world will never see and is never referred to again after the first week following MH17 except by hash tag guarding Twitter trolls like @MJoyce2244

AMTV does a decent job summarizing what was known early this week about what brought down MetroJet charter flight #7K9268

Logically, if the U.S. government is telling the Associated Press that American infrared detection satellites picked up the heat signature of an explosion on 7K9268 but not a missile launch, this raises some awkward questions about what Washington presented regarding MH17. Why after so much time has the U.S. held back what it has from satellites regarding the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, even the ‘classified’ version of a BUK missile launch or ELINT radar signature, from Dutch Safety Board (DSB) investigators, much less the general public?

Russian officials say the Metrojet plane broke up in the air 23 minutes after takeoff after reaching an altitude of 31,000 feet. Since then, Metrojet, the plane’s owner, has continued to operate flights in and out of Sharm el-Sheikh, insisting that the crash was due to an “external impact” rather than a technical malfunction or pilot error. That has put them at odds with the Kremlin, which has said that technical or human error cannot yet be ruled out.

Two US officials told The Associated Press last night that American satellite imagery detected heat around the jet just before it went down. They said that the infrared activity could mean a bomb blast, but equally be from an engine on the plane exploding due to a malfunction. A missile striking the Metrojet was ruled out, because neither a launch trace nor an engine burn had been detected.

Given how the U.S. intelligence community has basically released nothing regarding MH17, only Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s assurances that ‘we know’ and ‘we saw the [missile] hit, we saw the plane disappear [from radar]’, the following lines slamming the Egyptian investigators for allegedly putting the terrorism-wracked country’s tourism industry ahead of the truth smacks of hypocrisy. As does the implication that the Russians would somehow hide or even could pretend to the skeptical Russian people that an act of terrorism had not occurred out of concerns that it would be linked to their military action in Syria.

MetroJet operators: only an ‘external impact’ would have caused the disaster, NOT pilot error or mechanical failure…but no explosive traces? Youtube blogger ‘Spiro’ discusses the disaster of Japan Air Lines flight 123, which plunged to earth 12 minutes after take off in 1985, due to a bulkhead failure. He mentions TWA Flight 800 and how authorities blamed that disaster on a wing tank blast after ruling out a fuel cell explosion

It’s as if braindead mainstream media reporters, even those who cover Russia for a living and therefore are without excuse, forgot the Caucuses Emirate terrorists pledged allegiance to ISIS and vowed attacks inside Russia months before the Russian air campaign in the Mideast or #7K9268.

Jim Hall, a former chairman of the US National Transportation Safety Board, said that enough time has transpired for Egyptian and Russian investigators to determine what took down the plane, but in his experience Egyptian investigators were “very reluctant to suggest anything that is not approved at the highest levels of the Egyptian government.”

“If that’s the same situation today in Egypt, then they will be putting the country’s self-interest ahead of the investigation,” he told the Telegraph.

He said the anonymous statements of intelligence officials to US media indicate that the US does not trust the Egyptian investigation.

“I don’t think we would have seen these reports today out of US intelligence if they felt the Egyptians would have made that information public themselves.”

Though Cairo is coordinating the investigation, much of the analysis is taking place in Moscow, where Mr Hall says laboratories are “second to none”.

The Russians have been mum on the possibility of terrorism as well, however.

“Since Glasnost the Russian investigation agency has been very transparent and very forthcoming. But it appears that under President Putin’s leadership, that may have changed. This will be a test to see whether that’s the case or not,” Mr Hall says.

With lines like these, it’s not surprising that Justin Raimondo tweeted out about how UK Daily Telegraph editors can find a way to spin even a story about a supposed common enemy of Russia and not only the West, but the entire civilized world, into another dig at Putin and the Kremlin:

Cameron’s announcement will infuriate Putin

Peter Foster, the Telegraph’s Europe Editor, says David Cameron’s announcement this afternoon that Downing Street believed a bomb brought down the MetroJet plane will not be warmly recieved in Moscow.

David Cameron’s decision to intervene in the mystery of the Sinai air crash by speculating that a bomb may have bought down Flight 7K9268 will have been greeted with cold fury in the Kremlin.

For the last five days, leaders in Moscow and Cairo have been adamant that the jet’s downing last weekend was an accident – possibly the result of a catastrophic engine failure – but it is safe to assume that Downing Street did not speculate about “explosive devices” lightly.

Both the debris pattern observed in the Sinai Peninsular, as well as reports that some of the bodies were charred in such a way that suggested to an explosion had already cast doubt on the Kremlin’s version of events.

If a terror attack is indeed confirmed, the finger of blame will inevitably point to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) which has vowed to seek revenge against Mr Putin for his decision to enter Syria’s civil war last month on the side of Bashar al-Assad.

Of course the Torygraph story is engaging in grotesque spin. Russian media did initially strongly hint that the plane went down in an accident with stories about the pilot complaining of a shoddy maintenance history and a prior accident history involving the tail almost coming off the now 18 year old jet in the early 2000s. But that is NOT the same thing as the Kremlin officially coming out and declaring the incident a tragic accident before investigators have had the chance to do their jobs. It is a measure of how corrupt Western mainstream media have become that they immediately ‘knew’ who shot down MH17 and how within hours if not minutes of that false flag, but months later declared when ‘Kremlin trolls’ pressed for actual U.S. satellite photos or other direct evidence without Ukrainian and social media middlemen that the DSB/JIT investigations were ongoing and therefore that data had to be held back.

At least the populist tabloid the UK Daily Mail, unlike the Telegraph, is less focused on spin and more on the victims

On CNN (if anybody still watches that network outside airport lobbies and hotels) it’s wall to wall full speed ahead with the terrorism angle, featuring such self-proclaimed ‘experts’ on the Islamic State as non-Russian, non-Arabic speaking Daily Beast ‘reporter’ Michael D. Weiss. The same Michael D. Weiss who wrote that by bombing anti-Assad jihadists the Russians had been acting as ‘ISIS Air Force’, ignoring the Islamic State’s best air cover has consistently from NATO member state and U.S. ally Turkey:


For our part, the Russia Analyst suspected terrorism from the get-go, not only as a matter of ‘gut feeling’, but due to the FlightAware/Radar data on how the plane dropped like a rock, indicating a catastrophic level of damage that left the pilots little time if any to react. Even the complete separation of the tail from the aircraft due to metal fatigue in the repaired area would’ve probably given the pilots a few seconds to minutes to put out maydays as the jet plunged to earth. However, unlike the presstitutes or the ‘anything goes, forget what I said/wrote last week’ corners of the alternative media, we do not instantly jump to conclusions we cannot support by evidence or prior historic examples.

The Guerrilla Economist and James Winston Smith the Russia Analyst discuss the MH17 false flag operation and the elaborate SBU Ukrainian set up for it on the one year anniversary, July 17, 2015

A Ukrainian Orthodox kontakion for the departed from the choir of the Kiev Pechersk Monastery (lyrics published in English here)

Give rest, O Christ, to Thy servant with thy saints:
where sorrow and pain are no more;
neither sighing but life everlasting.
Thou only art Immortal, the Creator and Maker of man:
and we are mortal formed from the dust of the earth,
and unto earth shall we return:
for so thou didst ordain,
when thou created me saying:
“Dust thou art und unto dust shalt thou return.”
All we go down to the dust;
and weeping o’er the grave we make our song:
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.


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  1. In other words still inconclusive until investigations pan out.
    If it was mechanical failure from poor maintenance, the Russian and Egyptian governments would say so.
    If it was a terrorist attack, the Russian and Egyptian governments will still say its mechanical failure, and then you will see certain figures drop dead on their own under suspicious circumstances similar to the dead bankers.


  2. Can we trust anything from Western intelligence agencies these days? Even if they were telling the truth no one would believe them because they’ve lost credibility.


  3. As the U.S. ramps up it’s own military flights into the region to support it’s own agenda, does it really think it’s immune from the same treatment by the Russians or Iranians? Though this is a ‘proxy’ war so far, I have to suspect that their are such flights for various reasons in that general area, just maybe not so frequently as the Russians.


    • Mlytle0 – “As the U.S. ramps up it’s own military flights into the region to support it’s own agenda, does it really think it’s immune from the same treatment by the Russians or Iranians?” Baiting the Russians to shoot down a NATO member Turkish jet or an Israeli fighter is a feature, not a bug, of the current strategy to save the globalists’ investment in 4 1/2 years of trying to overthrow Assad and at least salvage some rump Sunnistan state out of the destroyed country.


      • I wasn’t thinking about Turkish or Israeli, I was thinking specifically American. Could be done by Hezbollah or any pro- Syrian group, to match the ISIS action. We just sent 12 F-15C aircraft over there, so over time there will be American presence that must grow in some proportion with the Russian involvement. It can be initially smaller, but mission creep will grow both sides.
        Unless you know of a defensive workaround to keep airliners carrying Russians safe from manpads, I would imagine an offensive action of some sort would emerge to counter this, or else you’ll have a lot more dead people and wrecked planes. Hard for me to see the Russians just sucking it up and taking it. Or do they just move more stuff by land?


  4. Jim Stone’s latest is that there were Israeli war games involving fighter aircraft going on in the Arabah (Hebrew: Arava) Desert at the same time the flight was in Sinai. Distance from war games zone to location of plane at time of incident: less than 40 miles, within range of a ‘rogue’ air-to-air missile that some versions can fly as far as 150 miles. Sound of missile if it had hit from behind would have been difficult for the pilot as at flight altitude the air is thin and the jet would be at about 0.8 times the speed of sound so sound at the cockpit would be ‘attenuated’.
    In other words an airborne version of drills being conducted to disguise a live false flag operation. The war games of multiple missile launches would disguise a targeted air-to-air missile on Russian monitoring radar.
    Either way, Russia does not appear to be letting any of its knowledge of the crash, public or classified, get in the way of Operation Salvation to “cleanse Syria of Obama’s ruthless terrorists”.
    “In case you have forgotten, Russia’s tour-de-force against [Daesh] continues.”


  5. I’m not wishing for American personnel to die. But if you were in Nazi Germany in 1943 or so, you wanted your Government to be taken down, just to stop the horror. That implied that some of your own people would go down with it. Unavoidable.
    A nation like ours, that sponsors terrorism, that gives out shoulder fired rockets to take down civilian airliners, runs torture centers at black locations, performs mass genocide and other things we don’t even know about, has very minor differences between them and the Third Reich, as far as I can tell. So whatever happens, happens.
    I’m ashamed of this America, it has morphed into something I can barely watch.
    I know in the coming war or war + collapse, I probably won’t make it, but who would want to live another 10 years watching your fellow countrymen in arms turn more countries into rubble, participate in more global looting, all ‘in our name’.
    That doesn’t mean our soldiers are ‘bad people’, but I might gently suggest that they not re-enlist. Find something constructive to do, other than work for this empire, and save their own lives as well, so they won’t become human shields as some of these special forces guys in Syria are about to become. Senseless.
    Lord, I’m so tired of it.


    • Mlytle0 –

      ‘That doesn’t mean our soldiers are ‘bad people’, but I might gently suggest that they not re-enlist. Find something constructive to do, other than work for this empire, and save their own lives as well, so they won’t become human shields as some of these special forces guys in Syria are about to become. Senseless.’

      Until we see real change and the military used to defend our wide open borders and homeland rather than the Empire, my thoughts exactly (my grandfather and father both fought in Vietnam as pilots). I could no longer in good conscience unlike five years ago recommend that someone join the military (maybe the Coast Guard or State as opposed to Natl Guard would be fine as those involve mostly natural disasters and rescuing people). Ok maybe the chaplaincy, but even that is being corrupted and put under pressure to preach the social gospel rather than the Gospel and teachings of the Fathers.
      Sorry if that offends people. I do ‘support the troops’. I pray that they all to come home safe, alive and without physical and psychological wounds. The Orthodox Divine Liturgy includes prayers for the president, the land, the authorities and armed forces. That is clearly a bit different than praying that their mission succeeds, like the famous scene with the pastor conversing with Patton in the movie where the presumably Protestant minister asks if Patton wants him to pray for better weather so the Allies can kill their fellow men (the Germans) more effectively.

      The film sort of nicely answers this conundrum by having the actor playing Patton George C. Scott pray that God’s justice be done on earth. If God sees fit to protect his beloved Syrian Orthodox and Christian remnants with the airpower of the Russian army and arms of Lebanese Hezbollah (just like He used the officially atheist Soviet Red Armmy to liberate the Jews from Nazi Auschwitz), who am I to question Him?

      a Sheikh Nasrallah speech (the Saker really admires him, I am NOT in that camp) challenging Lebanese Christians to fight for their brethren across the border in Syria and save them from Daesh/Al-Nusra:


      • Here’s the Saker’s take, which pretty much tracks with mine:

        What we know so far is this: Kogalymavia Flight 9268 had left Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, Egypt, en route to Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg. The aircraft reached an altitude of 33,500 ft (10,200 m) at 404 kn (748 km/h; 465 mph). Then something absolutely catastrophic happened. The pilots did not radio anything at all, the plane dropped and crashed. The tail section was found 5km away from the rest of the plan. Just from that data we can come to some initial conclusions: this was not a “regular” mechanical failure (like, say, an engine fire) but something which happened so fast that the pilots did not even have the time to react. The aircraft broke up in mid-air. Only three things could have caused this:
        A sudden and catastrophic structural failure
        A anti-aircraft missile
        A bomb inside the aircraft
        The first option is possible, and there are reports that the tail had a crack in the back. Other reports mention that the aircraft was involved in an tailstrike 14 years ago. However, this aircraft was inspected, several times, the tailstrike incident was recorded and the long term dangers of tailstrikes are also well known. So the possibility of a catastrophic structural failure is sound.
        The second option makes no sense to me at all. I know of no man portable or even SUV-mounted missile which could strike an aircraft flying at over 10km high and at over 700km/h. As for a bigger missile, well, we would have the same problem as with MH-17, only worse: not only would such a larger missile leave a visible plume, and make a very loud noise but, unlike in the Ukraine, in the Egyptian desert the missile launcher and crew would have nowhere to hide after the launch. In fact, even getting such a large missile into the crash area would be very difficult: just like the Ukraine, Egypt is a war zone and there are a lot of “eyes in the sky”. Finally, unless the missile can acquire an infra-red signature at 10km altitude, it would have to be cued to the aircraft by radar and that emission would also be detectable. I cannot prove a negative, and I suppose one ought never to say never, but I don’t buy the missile hypothesis at all.
        Which leaves the bomb. To my great regret, this is the version which I find most plausible, if only by Occam’s razor. No offense to anybody here, but the Egyptian security services don’t exactly have an impressive track of protecting tourists. And while it is clear to me that the US and UK are trying to capitalize on this tragedy, I would note that Medvedev just publicly ordered the Russian security services to provide point security in airport terminal were Russian aircraft take off from. Could it be that the Russian security services have already come to the same conclusion as the Brits and Americans?
        So it boils down to this: what is more likely – a massive sudden structural failure or a bomb. I believe that the latter is much more likely.

        He also says politically it will make very little difference or will even harden attitudes in support of Russia’s Syria intervention to wipe these Daesh scumbags out, which I also concur with. Those in Western MSM and CIA troll media hoping that Russians will #BlamePutin for what happened are likely to be sorely disappointed. Russia has been at war with Salafists trying to kill Russians on Russian soil for years if not two decades now. The only thing that’s changed is the intensity of the combats and their locations.
        The Guerrilla knows these bastards could’ve killed me when they bombed the Moscow Metro back in 2010. I missed that terrorist attack by a few days.


  6. How about an air to air missile? Apparently Israel was hosting an international air force exercise beginning on the 18th October and finishing on the 3rd November. How convenient. The psychos who run Israel have a long history of using false flag attacks ie USS Liberty, Argentina (Israeli Embassy) 1992, Bulgaria 2012, 14 Israeli “Art Students” on 91st Floor of WTC Tower 1 etc.


    • 59LesPaul — I do not think air to air missile should be ruled out at this point even though the Israelis or whatever faction pushed this inside Israel more accurately would be crazy to piss off the Russians like that, but perhaps there’s a group that is desperate to get Moscow and Tel Aviv into a shooting war despite Putin going out of his way to make peace with Bibi, who was humiliated by the Russian air strikes and de facto SAM envelope over Hezbollah anyway. The Israeli air strike last weekend and the supposed Israeli penetration of Syrian air space to search for the Israeli-Arab who paraglided to join up with Al-Nusra or ISIS should both be seens as efforts by the neocon faction to use their contacts in Israel to start up poke the Bear, even though there’s no evidence the IAF strike over the weekend actually hit anything or went more than a couple kilometers inside Syrian air space. Plus the IAF/IDF choppers that went searching for the Israeli Arab alleged ISIS wannabe probably stayed on Israel’s side of the Golan demarcation line. Therefore all the BS and bravado I encountered from a certain hasbara troll bragging that Russia can’t do a damn thing versus the invincible IAF ought to be taken with plenty of salt, just like Debka.
      All it would take is a salvo of Kalibr cruise missiles maybe 40 or 50 in all to reduce every air base in northern Israel if not the Negev to a smoking ruin with most of the planes destroyed on the ground and fuel tanks on fire. Taking out Israel’s lone major refinery or a couple of power plants (they have a decomissioned coal one just north of Tel Aviv on the road to Haifa, I’ve been there) would cripple the Israeli economy especially the electricity-hungry tech sector. Putin of course would not do that lightly and risk nuclear war unless Israel directly and undeniably attacked Russian forces or perhaps wiped out the base at Latakia (which the IAF could do, though not without losses of their own). Maybe the insane neocons believe their own BS about little Israel which has no geographic depth being invincible. Or maybe the nuttier neocons who work for the globalist cartels think Putin would never retaliate against a nuclear armed state that has sub-launched nuke tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles.
      Back to the shoot/takedown of the MetroJet airliner — you are right to ask if the Russians can rule out air to air shootdown. An air to ground missile of the type the Guerrilla tweeted today may have brought down the plane would’ve left a smoke trail, though maybe not as much with modern Israeli SAMs as with the old Ukrainian BUKs made in the early 1990s. The Saker is right though that a SAM launcher in the Sinai is even harder to hide or escape with (hence the total U.S. failure to release any BUK sat pics, because the only operational BUKs they have real not faked or taken outside of Donbass pics of are Ukrainian) than one in eastern Ukraine which was also under almost continuous satellite surveillance by multiple powers. Therefore I still don’t buy the SAM theory anymore than I buy that a BUK took down MH17 when the only missile trail photo we have has been conclusively debunked as a Photoshop fake, a manipulated image of a GRAD ground to ground rocket launch.
      I still believe the (obviously planted) whopping THREE pieces of ‘butterfly’ BUK shrapnel the Dutch Safety Board claimed to have found in the MH17 pilot’s body is the most damning proof that it wasn’t a BUK. What kind of BUK warhead that contains thousands of those pieces explodes 1 meter from a cockpit and leaves only three pieces of shrapnel lodged in the pilot’s flesh, as well as the head and torso intact after an 70kg high explosive blast? The DSB’s ‘Magic BUK’ from the direction of ‘rebel held territory’ violates the laws of physics much like the ‘magic bullet’ they supposedly found after passing through Governor Conolly and JFK in November 1963.
      Therefore if the on board bomb possibility is ruled out with MH17 and the BUK theory is riddled with holes bigger than those made in the airliner, all that’s left is air to air missile shootdown — most likely with two Israeli made Python 5s or other advanced all aspects homing air to air rocket/s fired from a fully modern avionics Georgian-made Su-25KM Scorpion attack jet. The coordinated ‘debunking’ of the air to air shootdown theory by Bellingcat (aka #Bellingcrap), NYU Prof. Mark Galeotti, Interpreter Mag and RFE/RL plus Popular Science/The Aviationist all point to a CIA campaign to attack the Russian Defense Ministry presentation. Many of Eliot Higgins claims that the Russian satellite images were fake themselves came under fire from photo analysis experts who said once again he didn’t know what he was talking about, and Higgins coming out of the closet as sponsored by the CIA-In-Q-Tel linked Google also raises the question of whether Langley manipulated the Google Earth record to contradict the Russians’ presentation. This fanatical denial of the Russian radar and on the ground eyewitnesses to Ukrainian jets evidence while the DSB laughably took the Ukrainian claim of their entire military radar network east of Dnepropetrovsk being ‘down for maintenence’ that day all points to air to air.


  7. This link is from the World Socialist Website. Though I have no interest in their economic theories as ‘solutions’ to anything, I think their ‘specific radar’ picks up the ‘war is good for business, war is therefor good’ theme within globalist capitalism.
    “The US military-intelligence complex is engaged in systematic preparations for World War III. As far as the Pentagon is concerned, a military conflict with China and/or Russia is inevitable, and this prospect has become the driving force of its tactical and strategic planning.”
    “Three congressional hearings Tuesday demonstrated this reality. In the morning, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a lengthy hearing on cyberwarfare. In the afternoon, a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee discussed the present size and deployment of the US fleet of aircraft carriers, while another subcommittee of the same panel discussed the modernization of US nuclear weapons.”
    “None of the hearings discussed the broader implications of the US preparations for war, or what a major war between nuclear-armed powers would mean for the survival of the human race, and even of life on our planet. On the contrary, the hearings were examples of what might be called the routinization of World War III. A US war with China and/or Russia was taken as given, and the testimony of witnesses and questions from senators and representatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, concerned the best methods for prevailing in such a conflict.”
    “The hearings were component parts of an ongoing process. The witnesses referred to their past writings and statements. The senators and representatives referred to previous testimony by other witnesses. In other words, the preparations for world war, using cyber weapons, aircraft carriers, bombers, missiles and the rest of a vast array of weaponry, have been under way for a protracted period of time. They are not a response to recent events, whether in the South China Sea, Ukraine, Syria or anywhere else.”
    This is why I think a dollar collapse will not stop this thing. If we hyperinflate, the system will just print even more worthless paper to keep the war machine going.
    The system canabalises the living standards of the working poor and middle class and just keeps on going, and going, and going.


  8. Very good article by Alexander Mercouris explaining what he believes to be Russia’s main objectives in Syria. He suggests that Russian involvement in September was to prevent the imminent creation of a US(NATO) no fly zone and safe haven areas which would have been used as launching points for ground operations just like Bosnian Muslims forces did in Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. This would have resulted in the rapid defeat and overthrow of the Syrian Government. Thankfully Russia prevented this.


  9. I would like to ask the Russian analyst about the color of the rocket flame of Russian SLBMs at launch versus Western SLBMs like the Trident II (D5).
    According to online arm-chair ‘experts’ the Russian rocket trail is much longer, blue and leaves a longer lasting trail, while the Trident is a red. Can you verify this?


    • There is a wikipedia page talking about a liquid fuelled Russian SLBM, and some liquid fuels have a light blue flame color, and smokeless. The Russians use Nitrogen Tetroxide/UDMH or variants, in some of their bigger satellite launch vehicles like the Proton, and have a lot of experience with it. Nasty, toxic stuff, though.
      Tridents (and most ‘big’ American solid fuel boosters) use some variant of Ammonium Perchlorate/plastic binder/finely powdered aluminium metal, lots of dense, white smoke (Al2O3). Flame is going to be yellowish, very bright, but can look reddish at great distances when seen through a lot of atmosphere in between.
      Remember seeing a space shuttle flight in the 1990’s from the other side of Florida, the flame from the solid fuel boosters looked decidedly ‘pink’ coming through a hundred miles of blue sky.


      • Thanks for sharing .
        There’s a debate going around with the recent incident reported here:
        Jim Stone thinks this is strong evidence this was a Russian SLBM right in the middle of an American war-game training session, similar to the China SLBM incident some years back. He was saying the same thing about the color of the rocket flame as a giveaway.


      • “Jim Stone thinks this is strong evidence this was a Russian SLBM right in the middle of an American war-game training session”
        That’s hilarious, if true. And I think it could be true, as well. Dahboo7 covered this, I guess it was this morning or very late last night, said something about the incident, talk of a UFO, or just something up there that didn’t have our ‘smoky’ plume signature, then ‘all Hell broke loose’. As though we tried to shoot the Russian missile down after launch, or something like that, some unusual event overall…


      • Mlytle0 et al – I would be very dubious regarding Jim Stone’s claim of a Russian Bulava or other SLBM being launched right off the coast ala the alleged Chinese PLAN SLBM launch near LA of a few years ago. The Russian Boomers tend to stay within their patrol zones no more than 500 miles from port (off the edge of the Eurasian Continental shelf), with the ones in the Pacific/Sea of Okhotsk usually staying south of Kamchatka to make U.S. and Japanese sub tracking planes fly further out to hunt them and the main Boomer bastion of the Barents Sea south of the Arctic ice cap serving as a haven even less likely to be patroled by long range Orion/Poseidon aircraft operating out of Norway or Iceland and facing friendly Russian fighter cover from the Kola Peninsula bases.
        But with that said I am not an expert on the solid fueled birds or exactly what the Bulava trail looks like, one can compare though to known Russian SLBM test trails that were seen in Norway:

        it happened during Obama’s visit to Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize presentation, which many speculated was a Russian ‘greeting’ to embarrass the new President

        I’m also not buying Veterans Today/Jim Stone’s theory of an air to air shootdown of the MetroJet airliner during Israeli combat exercises over the Sinai unless I see more proof.


      • Yes, see my 4:10 & 7:30 postings, had converted myself away from that idea. Was based on this guy Stone, whom I’m not real familiar with and Dahboo7’s still frame as described above, which I think was doctored.


      • What’s even funnier about this, if it was a Russian joke on the American’s vulnerabilities, is that it had to be planned quite a bit in advance. The Russians would have to know about this war game with sufficient lead time to position the sub, but moreover, I don’t guess these subs routinely carry any missiles with ‘dummy’ warheads. (James can correct me if I’m wrong), but I tend to doubt one would use a missile with a potentially real warhead in a ‘spoof’. So all of that would have to be setup well in advance.
        Suggests some real good advanced intel about American moves. That could almost be more threatening then the technological prowess they displayed (If we correctly have called out what the incident was).


      • Here is Dahboo7’s video feed of the same event. He opens it with a striking still frame taken from one of the videos. If it’s not photoshopped, it looks like a lead object with a plume full of ‘shock diamonds’ the kind of signature a liquid fuelled rocket might display. Behind it is a plume clearly from an American solid fuelled rocket of some kind. Shock diamonds are only visible while a missile is still more or less in the atmosphere but can still be fairly high.
        Again if this photo is ‘real’ it looks like the lead rocket is being ‘pursued’, and if true, that was no ‘Trident’ launch as claimed, more likely a RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3), part of the Aegis system. That would be my guess.


      • “Suggests some real good advanced intel about American moves. That could almost be more threatening then the technological prowess they displayed (If we correctly have called out what the incident was).”
        ” He opens it with a striking still frame taken from one of the videos. If it’s not photoshopped, it looks like a lead object with a plume full of ‘shock diamonds’ the kind of signature a liquid fuelled rocket might display. Behind it is a plume clearly from an American solid fuelled rocket of some kind. Shock diamonds are only visible while a missile is still more or less in the atmosphere but can still be fairly high.
        Again if this photo is ‘real’ it looks like the lead rocket is being ‘pursued’, and if true, that was no ‘Trident’ launch as claimed, more likely a RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3), part of the Aegis system. That would be my guess.”
        Sounds also plausible. Jim Stone’s latest is that he agrees its possible this is American made, but still thinks its Trident, not an Aegis-system missile. He also linked to this video:


      • The Aegis launch only made sense if there two bogeys as in Dahboo’s video. With only one, I think the Russian SLBM story fades as well.
        My position evolved over the afternoon, once I became convinced Dahboo7’s still frame was photoshopped.


      • I’m still not on board with Jim Stone. I’ve read his website before, used to check it often. He seems to know too much about too many things.


  10. Looks like the UK mainstream media, ‘with a little help from their friends’ (MI6) has concocted a story about a “British” Thomson Airliner narrowly avoiding a missile attack near Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Cairo on 23rd August. This would give the likely perpetrators, Israel, plausible deniability for this latest attack. It is increasingly looking likely that either I. Israeli Intelligence placed a bomb on that Russian Airliner at Sharm el-Sheikh airport where there’s a good chance that an Israeli firm provides security or 2. shot it down with an air to air missile during Israeli air exercises which just happened to be occurring at that time.


  11. Looking around, can’t find any other source than Dahboo7 for a photo with two objects in it. Suspect this is fake, in which case, yes, just a standard Trident test. Dahboo7 is usually pretty careful about checking for fakes, but he has a weak spot for UFO’s, wants to believe in them. He might have suspended his judgement on this.
    Found out there’s an Island to the west of LA often used for missile tests, with the surrounding area being 64000 sq. miles, was used heavily in 2003 for this.


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