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16 thoughts on “Guerrilla Report 11.24.15 !!!! Fencer Down!! Leave a comment

  1. All true, but the Neocons want war. Do we really know, absolutely, that the Neocons weren’t just hoping that Erdogen would pull something like this? I’m sure they at least knew he was capable of it. I remember some Patriot missile batteries were taken away from Turkey a couple months back, so someone in the Pentagram with sense anticipated a scenario like this and tried to prevent it. The Neocons were probably doing high 5’s this morning over the Russian plane shoot down, and looking for more, they’re crazy.


  2. V,
    Thanks for the update and insight.
    So let’s see if I understand the situations correctly.
    1) The ISIS proxies are getting their arses handed to them by Team Putin with “Death by a Thousand Truth Cuts” that are clearly pointed to the dying West.
    2) The Ergodan Oil Pimps are out of business due to convoy tankers burning from Russian bombs therefore leading to the sacrificial “Turkey” in time for Thanksgiving in an attempt to deny Russian logistical support through the Bosphorous Strait and sabotage of the Turkstream Pipeline.
    3) The Neocon/Talmudic Warmongers are getting desperate from imploding WW3 pipe dreams and soon to be Narco funding cut off. Profits which have kept the Cabal Bankers on life support via washed drug funds to be extinguished.
    4) Turkey unilaterally moves buffer zone 5 miles south to false flag shoot down of Su-24. And Russian Helo downed by alleged USSA supplied missile. And pilots murdered.
    5) Russian commercial airliner downed by planted Talmudic bomb.
    6) Western Europansy Nations, which are USSA Occupied Colonies, are financially busted and Soros refugee swamped are being thrown under the bus by the “Empire of Tampons” to buy a few more days of Petro-Dollar life and leaving a “Scorched Earth” situation in an attempt to prevent the inevitable Eurasian rise.
    7) Cabal Bankers are desperate for a “Distraction” from their caused malfeasance and imploding USD$multi-trillion Oil Derivatives. USSA Natgas/Shale Oil Corps are sinking like lead-weighted condoms.
    8) Huffing and puffing Europansy leaders like Cameron and Hollande also looking to get involved in the ISIS fight to look tough.
    9) Israel contines Genocide of the Palestinians as the “Greater Israel” dream is smashed.
    10) Gold in motion via SPDR Gold ETF is just about drained. China/Russia/India ain’t getting anymore Gold as Western Vaults are dry and/or non-compliant to provide additional supply. Western Vaults are Silverless. Therefore, Metals price reset higher is imminent.
    Did I miss anything?
    Desperate people are doing increasingly desperate actions. I believe this ties into the Emergency “Fed” meeting and soon-to-be Petro-Dollar death. I expect the “USSA Incirlik Drug Way Station of Bubba Bush and Clinton” in Turkey to be out of business soon and lots of Saudi and Qatari seniors going to meet Allah. With any luck Nuttinyoyo and a few Rothschild necks will soon be stretched by a few ropes and publicly dragged around Paris of Troy style. Maybe a few of the “50 Immortals” will get busted and swing as well.
    It will be very interesting watching this sad Soap Opera play out in this REAL Game of Thrones as the transition continues East.


  3. Just in on Zerohedge:
    It Wasn’t Us – Pentagon Shrugs At “Exaggerating, Sloppy, Uncaring” Russian Jet Shootdown
    The Pentagon’s army colonel Steve Warren has made it clear how Washington feels about the unraveling situation in Syria. In not so many words, Warren explained ‘not our problem’, pointing out the Russian jet shootdown is “a Russia-Turkey issue,” and that US was not ionvolved. He then quickly moved on to the propaganda section of the briefing, explaining how “sloppy, uncaring” Russia was “exaggerating” its achievements in Syria.
    The Pentagon explains, it wasn’t us…
    “Our Turkish Allies informed us that their military aircraft shot down a Russian military aircraft near the Syrian border after it violated Turkish airspace on Tuesday. At this time, we can confirm that US forces were not involved in this incident,” the official said.
    And Bloomberg headlines explain how Washington really feels…
    Warren says it can confirm that the Turks warned the Russian plane 10 times before shooting down the jet.
    He said they were working to establish exactly where the plane was when it was shot down.


  4. V,
    The only thing I can say is we are falling into the old Russian v.s. US paradigm, as if it is not deliberate.
    I don’t believe Erdogan or US is really that stupid that they think Russia is not going to react to this. I believe this is just as deliberate as the arming and equipping of ISIS.
    Everyone is fighting both sides of the war just like WWII. Obama has been brought in for such a time as this.


  5. V, I don’t rejoice in the death of the dollar. I grieve for the evil that our leaders have been involved with and I don’t trust Russia or China either. They are not these altruistic nations. They are simply defending certain interests and playing their part of the game.


    Interesting article above. I think Team RM is best to help decipher as most don’t know the players. It reminds me of Antony Sutton’s works. The whole Global Chessboard is being played out. But it seems to me these Globalists/Satanists/Central Bankers have hands in both pies.The more death and destruction the better. And let’s not forget the role of the Chosen One’s and the greater Israel Project.


  7. Angry Chef,
    Bingo. Now look at this Hollywood quality Daesh propaganda video. A bunch of fledgling thugs who get high and drink and suddenly get “religion” did not come up with this. This is made to conjure up Muslim pride and get these young lost men whose identity is not clear, especially living in the West and also to pull young black men ( many who convert to Islam in prison ) to find their pride in the demonic violent verses of the Qur’an. This is a masterpiece. The intelligence people have figured out how to dupe these young men and women now into killing themselves for the “glory of Allah” ( hell) .
    I have to laugh because a few of the pieces produced for Western consumption have really used Evangelical Christian lingo like “our Lord and creator” and ” the glory of Allah”. In Arabic, Allah is a generic word for god, so Christian Arabs use it at times as well. Allah was actually the principal deity on the kabbah in pre-Islamic Arabia, it was the moon god. There were 360 deities all together. When Mohamed started his conquest, attacking 3 Jewish tribes in Medina ( he was originally unpopular in Mecca) and pillaging and plundering, he then got rid of the other 359 deities. Originally “Allah” had 3 daughters. In the day, there were numerous versions the Qur’an floating around, and it was decided that they must only have one or risk being contradictory, so the others were destroyed. Salman Rushdie’s “Forbidden Verses” a work of fiction, included information about the 3 daughters of Allah which put a very big price tag on his head. He was actually exposing the lie that the Qur’an is completely consistent and there have never been other translations.
    Muslims use the multiple translations of the Bible to attack Christianity and or Judaism as if to say the Bible has been altered but the Qur’an has always been the same. For many years it could not even be translated into a foreign tongue and Muslims in places like Malaysia could recite it by rote but not understand a word that it says. If you look at how sophisticated our intelligence has been over the decades, particularly since the foundations of CIA and the other Western intel, it is not at all difficult to see how media, music, film and now social media have been used in a profound way to create this religious war. Case and point:
    Now, media in an of itself is not sufficient. Islam’s demonic underpinnings make it a prime candidate to be used as a tool in the hands of those who would like to create world wide chaos, death and destruction. Behind those people is the father of lies, Satan.
    Happy Thanksgiving all. I pray that everyone has a safe and healthy.


  8. I will just add, that the same psychology that was used to mobilize a nation of young men in Nazi Germany successfully to do deeds that would seem just diabolic can be used to mobilize a percentage of the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world to create chaos and confusion.
    You will notice in the film, they talk about getting rid of racial and geographic barriers. This is exactly what Soros talked about doing. How convenient that Islam is being used as a tool to implement one world order and pull down the barriers. Now I ask you, who do you think is behind this propaganda piece?


      • I am not familiar with Jewish views. I mostly found it interesting because this boy is quite young and the kind of details he gives matches other NDE’s I have read. For me it’s another indication how the time is short. Also I believe it serves to help the Jews prepare for the return of the Messiah.
        Acts 2:17
        “And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;”
        I personally like to pay attention when it would seam the Lord is speaking through his children.


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