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Positioning for Business Strength & The Subsequent Bankster Slave Trade

On the world stage the nations business leaders are working feverishly to position themselves, and their countries for the new business paradigm. Which means at casa bankster, as their fiat paper, is engineered to it’s demise, they are now preparing themselves for full control of the commodity they drool over the most, slavery.  That’s right slavery, or western servitude.  Think they aren’t working feverishly for pre-positioning?  Then listen to the SDR revelations via “The Guerrilla” in the latest report on the 30th!  This provides huge huge unobstructed business leverage for the Chinese Yuan or RMB.  The fiat gang will be forced to drop back & punt, and regroup to their next commodity move. Western Slavery, and yes they most likely view it as a commodity!…….more evidence a little later. I think one of the Team, or possibly it was “W”, who mentioned that the movies from Hollywood sometimes play as a sort of indicator to the chaotic times ahead. I was reminded of that as I couldn’t contain my laughter this past weekend, viewing an old Miami Vice episode called “The Prodigal Son”, which contained a great scene (portions posted in this installment) that highlights some of the current western bankster corruption. The recent comedy of “stupid-endous” Thanksgiving Holiday explanations for what was going on between Turkey a NATO ally, and the Russian bear, also took my mind right to another cinema scene from “The Godfather” (posted by James the Russian Analyst many moons ago). More on that in a second as the modern day casting call from all these ideas, is pretty cool. But, will be very sad for those who haven’t pre-prepared with a quality DHAP (Diversified hard asset portfolio).

Unlike the detailed analysis of The Russian Analyst, or the detailed economic views of Ken Schortgen Jr., or “V’s” global insight, WG looks at things from an overall “Way Out of the Box Macro Business View with Confirmation via Local On the Ground Indicators & Antics by a Corrupt World”. If my local on the ground material starts to back up my theories on what the bigger players appear to have up their sleeves, then my former theory is likely to soon be a reality. And, if you haven’t noticed of late (especially after the recent Guerrilla Report), economic reality is about to breach the door. Is it time to call Michael Corleone, or Crockett & Tubbs? Let me tell ya the scenes on display later in this installment, smacked me in the face!  Amazingly they may truly be futuristic views, put there for the entertainment of the PPPTB (Paper pushing powers that be).  I will leave that for the RM Think Tankers…..

First a hard asset tip, followed by the latest in the news that is really starting to back up prior installments, and prior comments via the RM chatter boards.

Hard Asset Tip (sort of):

Get a hold of a “Big, Bad, Loyal, Dog”. Probably mentioned before, but it deserves to be emphasized again.  Many will say, man’s best friend, will give away your position & make too much noise. All true, but there is a positive to that. Nobody with good intentions seeks out a loud growling bad arse sounding dog, it is a natural human reflex to retreat from that situation. Not even a special forces operative seeks that out, unless he has his team along side him. If alone, even they will say, “let’s wait for an easier facility to breach. Which will normally mean, they are further on down the road.

One of the big questions, of residing in a more spartan future, for people who have attempted to prepare properly, and with some level of humanity is, “are the persons that are approaching my home, bad guys, or are they good guys?” If they are still coming in spite of your bad arse sounding dog inside of the home base, then it is time to get ready for the unfortunate possibility, of having to use deadly force, due to some turds that are likely loaded with bad intentions.  Fido says so!  Dogs are one heck of a gift, especially if used properly, something RM regular SloopyJoe has pointed out several times. Learning to read your dog’s more in-tuned senses & emotions is one heck of a safety indicator. Don’t underestimate man’s best friend.

Proof in the News that TEAM RM has been Right All Along:

Yep, proof as in we suggested as much. Or to put it bluntly we said it, we wrote it, & we meant it! First a diversion of the comical sort…….

Regarding the above link, I would suspect Putin is shaking in his boots right now over Erdogan’s fierce comments.

The next link, falls into the “Real Economic Truth is a Bitch” category, as detailed on the pages of “”. Though I have to admit it is a little early to put a final exclamation point to these retail statistics, but the initial news sucks.

And, on the comical side of the “Black Friday” shopping season check out Mark Dice…

Back to business with several links from ZeroHegde that detail the financial firm’s “Butt covering mania”, again as predicted here on the pages of RM.

Regarding the above, and the following links, one needs to ask the question, “Is it actually worse than detailed in these articles, and announcements?” Especially since the PPPTB tend to lie in the most positive of directions. If so in this case, take cover folks. The next 4 links indicate to the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell, that a group of rats are getting out in front of the known truth, so they can say, “We told ya so!”

The above Chicago PMI is an utter disaster, but wait we have 3 more disastrous links to go.  And this next one is a doozy……

In the above link from ZeroHedge, I detect a serious truth roadblock, as the bank’s weaknessess are completely under emphasized, as a critical component in this business equation. Why? Because, the banks holding the debt, are at a huge risk as well.  But, of course banks are in the “You can mention us, but don’t bring to much attention to us” category.  Note this brief mention of the bank’s potential exposure to failure, as a compared to the entirety of the oil exploration & drilling company’s exposures to failure, throughout the entire article.

Small and midsized producers, which rely heavily on revolving lines of credit with banks, have not yet seen these liquidity lifelines cut off. Some analysts were shocked after banks reduced lines to credit to E&Ps by just 10% on average during October redetermination negotiations (EIF Oct.14’15). Banks appear to be putting off the inevitable in hopes of a price rebound. Many have been using price forecasts above the average 12-month forward strip — suggesting the pain could extend to energy lenders if markets don’t recover as they expect. Heading into October redeterminations, Macquerie Tristone’s energy lending survey showed banks using an average 2016 WTI price outlook of $54. That has since dropped to around $47 this quarter — closer to the $46 indicated by the Nymex strip.

If Vegas put a betting line on the bank’s & their viability in the face of heavy exposure to the energy sector, I would anticipate the odds of failure would be much greater than 50/50. You can draw your own conclusions as to the importance to the debt/finance side of the most important industrial commodity to business & industry! Mine is, “it just don’t get much more important than this!

This next one is darn near the icing on the cake, as the financial institution in this link doesn’t want to say anything specifically is wrong, but they just have a gut feeling or some bull shit of that sort!

It is feeling worse, but they aren’t sure they can explain it! I could get better c.y.a (cover your arse) action out of a 3 year old! This Morgan Stanley dude is a real joke. They get it, but don’t want to say, “Hey we lied to ya, just to prop things up, & go along with the current bankster narrative.  But, ‘hint hint wink wink’ we need to get an outlook that shows some negativity to the presses, so we can be out in front of the King Dollar going out party.”   That is the Wolf Gray take on this crap! Most RMer’s see though this kind of ‘bs’ from the ‘get-go’!

And, finally, the biggest of US big-shots decides to get out in front of something. What might that be? The Wolf Gray smells a fiat fire cooking ……!

The above 5 links are a serious, big time, get it through your thick sheeple skulls notice, “Hey folks don’t blame us, we told ya so!” All from the instigators in charge, and in this case the Wolf Gray smells, “A Bunch of Rats!”

Even more telling these headlines came out in bunches, right after the dismal preliminary retail sales number estimates for “Black Friday”. No need to connect the dots, they are doing it for us with a consensus view from the elite’s most important fiat power beacons. Let’s cover our arses!

Oops I almost forgot the “Vampire Squid’s” alert, and this one was actually prior to the “Black Friday” debacle.

Heck the above link from Goldman, could have been condensed to this if they had consulted us, “We at Goldman had been reading this for the last 6 months on “”, and decided it was time to take action, and put together a formal analysis.” Hell where were you 6 months ago, Mr. Vampire Squid? We have been beating the “cratering freight index” drums for some time now.

One thing is for sure, it looks like the above links indicate the rats are scurrying for cover in a big way, and in the same time frame. The same time frame part is very curious indeed, and down right indicative of big things to come.

The next link says, “Hold onto your physical precious metals folks!”

Steve St. Angelo delivers some interesting charts in the above link. Let me condense what I smell cooking. Smells like a metals paper default brewing!  Or non delivery, or even better “No offer”!  Hold on to your physical folks. Hold on to your physical.!

Finally I got something to post from one of my favorites Dr. Jim Willie (again I am a HatTrick Letter subscriber). Note the next link from Goldseek…….

Outside of Jim Willie’s “HatTrick Letter”, I think this is one of his most concise public articles he ever wrote regarding the business aspects of the Dollar’s untenable position, with a great listing of trigger events……

NUMEROUS IMMINENT TRIGGERS • Crude Oil Price touches $30 (***) • Oil Hedge Expiration initiates string of bank failures (***) • Emerging Market Debt defaults begin in a rash (***) • Fall of House of Saud, from financial and internal forces • Saudis concede to Chinese oil sales in RMB currency • China & Russia inaugurate the Gold Trade Note for payments • Group of Southern European banks fail simultaneously in a PIGS fit • Turkey suffers military coup to oust Erdogan, exits NATO • Deutsche Bank failure, unsuccessful restructure, leading to derivative incident • Germany & France halt Russian sanctions • QE Declared a Failure by Renegade Western Bankers • Wall Street Banks lose control of Interest Rate Derivatives • USFed Rate Hike causes immediate derivative incident • Chain Reaction for nations announcing precious metals backed currency (see Mexico, Russia, Germany, Iran,South Africa) • Evidence put before United Nations on US-UK-Israel role in ISIS terror • New Oil Cartel Emerges in Russia, Iran, Saudis to upset global alliances • United States, NATO, British Crown, Vatican Revealed as Narcotics Agents • Assassination of one or more Western Elite figure

These are superb, “dollar booted off the reserve stage” trigger/bullet points, but I suspect the indoctrination of the American news viewer will make the 4th one from the bottom, somewhat neutered within western households……

• Evidence put before United Nations on US-UK-Israel role in ISIS terror

I think it is doubtful the US sheeple will care about the above point as the media will never allow the message to be delivered with real authority.

Timing Coincidence Part 2:

Not only do we have retailer problems, that seem to be causing the rats to start making excuses, but we have an IMF inclusion of an industrial powerhouse into the SDR basket of currencies!  All at the same time, whoa!

An industrial powerhouse has gained entry, an industrial powerhouse that holds a good portion of the debt of the current membership.  Might it be a good time for the debtors to start putting out their favorite “fiat paper excuses”?  Might be!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Pop some Corn we are Movie Bound for a Position of Strength:

At this late stage of the “Fiat Dollar Demise”, it isn’t a necessity to have “The Mighty SilverBack’s” contacts, or the insights of the Russian Analyst, and the Economic wizardry of Ken Schortgen Jr. (though I am personally glad they are available), as the “Macro Handwriting is on the Wall”. In this instance the on the ground intelligence is beginning to match the PPPTB corrupted playing field. Just step outside the box, and take a gander. With the above news evidence it isn’t hard to see, but for those with a penchant for visual comparisons via the TV, here are a couple “eye catchers”….

Any comparisons to real life characters is probably accurate, and worthy of RMer analysis……First a puppet master comparison…I find it very amusing that Barzini is at the head of the table, even though everyone there knows who has the most business clout, it’s Vito Corleone.  Even funnier is the 4:23 mark, where Barzini lumps together everyone at the table, with the line, “We are all reasonable men here” , and then the even quicker, hey punk shut your trap signal from Vito Corleone. Good stuff.  My comparisons to these characterizations follow the clip…..

The meeting of the world leaders, who I am convinced are positioning themselves right now for what is coming, compared to the mob bosses in the above video are amazing, if not amusing. Even the dialogue has some parallels to the current western vs. eastern maneuverings. But, what really got me was the meeting in the car with Vito Corleone & his consigliere (6:12). Wonder who the pimp is referenced in this exchange? Erdogan/Tataglia. Or how about the ID of the real puppet master? Zero or the CIA/Barzini. And, who is Vito Corleone? Putin or a combo of Putin & China?  Great scenes. The table positioning of the “bosses”, and the parallels that can be drawn after the 6:12 mark as regards the incident Russia had with Turkey are both interesting. But, just how close are we to this scene from “The Godfather”…….?

One side note, Vito says in the limo scene, “he didn’t know until today that it was Barzini all along”, if Vito is hypothetically China or Russia or both, the lines would need to be changed to “I already knew”…..As we all know the BRICS gang is fully aware of who is at fault.

BTW I don’t think anything was being used as a form of prognostication from this movie, to fast forward to today’s actual monetary crisis, but it is one filled with very very ironic comparisons.  As will be the upcoming Wall street bankster clip in Miami Vice’s, “The Prodigal Son”.

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but the deaths of the untrustworthy or dishonorable mobsters in the above video clip, seem to be happening now. Who is dying WG? No one, but “The Individual Fiat Papers on a Worldwide Scale”. For my money we are about half way through this death scene as regards the fiat demise, and the settling of all businesses. And, it now appears the ‘courthouse steps’ scene with “Barzini/King Dollar” is about to be cued up.

The reality is, the smart money GSBC’s are behind the business pre-positioning for a new business paradigm. Once they feel safe enough to do so, the CEO’s of the smaller Sovereigns will be further positioning themselves with the more trustworthy larger business partners to the east, the BRICS. Their business goals?  To position themselves with business bargaining strength, without holding a full 100% debt/fiat on their balance sheets. All to hopefully be before, the penultimate business event. The total (as total as can be sought after) isolation of the US dollar!

Slavery the only Commodity Left in the Bankster Tool Shed:

Let’s move over from the bankster & sovereign puppet masters to the media promoted banskter puppet masters. The front men, and women of the PPPTB fiat corporate fiasco. And, it will also be time to blister a comment in the first 40 seconds by a bankster in this Miami Vice clip……


“Money is a commodity like oil or water. And, those of us that have it can make more of it, by loaning it, to those that don’t. We are the entire free world. When we sneeze everybody catches a cold!”

OK do banksters believe the theory on the face value, as espoused in the first sentence? I think not, but they do feel they can enforce this theory, by the act of loaning it (fiat dollars) out. For what purpose WG? My guess is for their next commodity produced from the bowels of fiat. We, the SLAVES are the current & next full commodity, not the paper. That is their gimmick, and that I fear is their goal. While thinking as far outside the box as I could, it occurred to me that the commodity they will bargain with next is “Modern Day Covert Slavery”. Think it can’t happen? In my view it already has (taxation is the 1913 to modern day form of it), and covertly as well. It will soon be in full view.  And, with the sheeple soon to be holding a handful of useless, declining in value, fiat paper, the western banksters will be in a position of bargaining strength on US soil.

OK moving on, to the next Wolf Gray theory, as regards the bankster line, “we are the entire free world”…Wrong movie goers, especially after the debt overruns the credit of those that need the real commodities (like us westerners) like the referenced, “oil & water!” Exit the go-go days of the fiat debt fueled Miami Vice late 80’s, and hello to the real world needs that are embodied in real monetary exchange for real commodities. “Good-bye Fiat Hello to Full Blown Western Slavery! Time will tell on this out of the box theory, but it appears to be well into the development stages right now!

The events of the last few weeks are clear signs of what “The Guerrllia” has predicted for the end of 2015, the demise or undermining of the dollar. NOW, you can see the premier players (some of the sovereigns) positioning themselves ahead of the major business shift that is ahead. If you can’t see the significance of these events, at these very late stages, you are either blind or a total moron at the very best. And, soon to gladly accept full time, indentured servitude. Wolf Gray

Every single line in this next video clip from Miami Vice’s “The Prodigal Son” episode is “spot on” in today’s western society……The pencil necked geek playing the PPPTB front man in this episode says it perfectly, and unfortunately for those of us in the west we have succumbed to his message. Hopefully not all of us!


If you reside in the west right now, the only way you will have a “chance” to enjoy the freedom to choose your own path in the future economic world is with a well thought out DHAP. The tangible items that will provide business freedoms, and even access to moral freedoms, will include the holding of “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins (GSBC) as one of your calling cards. All to help lead the card holder to a smoother transition into the new world, and it’s associated business paradigms. The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says, without a well thought out DHAP & GSBC’s, the only businesses you will be seeing are the same ones that have been sweeping the west by storm of late, and you don’t need a Wolf’s sense of smell or a past episode of Miami Vice, to pick it up on the wind…….!


The images in the above video are a greater reality, than ever before, in the western urban areas, and they will soon be the business calling cards in the suburbs of a western fiat world gone by. We are getting very deep into a game where you have to avoid the stench that is coming. The signs are now extremely obvious, and late, very late in the game. Take time to further insure yourself now, with GSBC’s, or prepare to do business with the “likes” in the video above.

Unlike the coveted after Christmas sales, there will not be an “After the fiat demise, Hard Asset Sale”. Not one, not one anywhere to be found! You don’t need a wolf’s sense of smell to know that!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM & W, Steve St. Angelo, Dr. Jim Willie, ZeroHedge, & That Stench of Fiat Paper



16 thoughts on “Positioning for Business Strength & The Subsequent Bankster Slave Trade Leave a comment

  1. Agree totally! The Banksters’ Cloward and Piven strategies are working to destroy the Middle Class and try to make us slaves of their NWO nightmare scenario. I’m a ‘follow the money’ advocate for sure. I had read that Jim Willie article, Wolf Gray, and two of the things that stood out in my mind were when he wrote: 1. ‘The New Scheiss Dollar will arrive in order to assure continued import supply to the US Economy.’ 2. ‘The Gold price will find its true value and price over $10,000 per ounce. The Silver price will find its true value and price over $400 per ounce.’
    We are in a moral down-cycle running parallel with our global economic down-cycle which is accelerating the later. Fundamental values of morality are eroding as fast as the PPPTB print fiat paper. I call attention especially to the many recalcitrant student brats on college campuses, brainwashed by the same type recalcitrant mindset control freak fascist faculty.
    I tried to explain a long time ago to someone of the later type who had an aversion to capitalism, that it is the only one of the economic ‘Isms’ that when applied, bring the Most to the Most. All the other ‘Isms’ ( Socialism, Fascism, Communism [and any other wacky Isms these flawed blobs of humanity can come up with ] provide the ruling class, aka the Banksters, to rise to the top and ‘become the cream’. Of course none of the rest of us can ‘become the cream’. That opportunity only arises in capitalism, where we all have an OPPORTUNITY to ‘become the cream’. Period. So your last article about the Hunker Down, Shoot ‘Em Up, to Rebuilding Phases coincides nicely with this article, that we all must choose which side we want to be on. Will we choose Liberty and Fulfillment or the NWO and Depravation or as you so well put it–Slavery. I choose Liberty while surviving and enjoying eating my beans and planning to help rebuild with my GSBC! 🙂 Hope you and all at RM had a blessed Thanksgiving.


  2. Glad you enjoyed the article Myrna, and though I read those folks, I still kind of shoot from the hip with some of my predictions & or analysis. All supplemented with a heaping helping dose of the Team RM intel., but at this stage of the game it is abundantly clear a monster world power shift is well on it’s way. Some of the most astute business men I have associated with adhere to a maxim that states, their greatest asset is their people or their employees. A commodity of sorts that doesn’t fit the definition.
    Based on the maneuvering I see by the investment companies, and the bankster elites, especially to create cover for their in house analysts, there is a longer term gain yet to be played, even in the face of failure. They can’t stop the BRiCS momentum to a position of world power, but they can play a few games, off the resulting weaknesses that will befall the west, in particular the USSA.
    They will come to the aid of their most valuable new (at least new to them as a first place item) asset, their employees, and put up one heck of a sorry cya story (currently happening for those that are informed), that may well revolve around them still being in a position to save the day. Possibly an extension of overt slavery to eventually become obviously overt slavery! Possible? I say very much so, as the PPPTB will be in need of a new fix for their money junkie habits. Hello to the new slave workforce who is now hungry as hell & holding worthless paper. It is only a question of how far they let us fall, or we don’t even fight back against being pushed to a fall:
    PPPTB Inventory check:
    -No manufacturing base
    -No well trained employment base
    -College Grads who are by in large clueless
    -No well conceived program for the development of home based natural resources
    -Not even a start up program in sight for anything but big pharma & health care
    -No & I mean No purchasing power available anywhere
    -Finance will be forced to take a silent back seat, though still fully in control
    The last one is the problem, and the true hindrance to the true formation of capital. In the form of fascism. Or to make the definition of “capital formation” simple, the formation of a decent corporate profit margin. Free work forces aimed at producing a profit is the engine for capitalism, & they can’t allow that to be revived fully. So what they come up with will need to be viewed with great great skepticism.
    Stay tuned this is a western work in progress with no real qualified workers, well versed in real free markets, so this could get interesting for sure. Be vigilant & skeptical of the elite’s “cure-alls”
    You have a blessed holiday, and Christmas as well!
    Wolf Gray


  3. “Morgan Stanley Throws In The Permabullish Towel, Says It Is “Feeling Worse, But Not Sure Can Explain It”
    Morgan Stanley says they aren’t sure they can explain it. You can’t make this stuff up.
    I am more familiar with Marlon Brando’s role as Colonel Walter E. Kurtz of Apocalypse Now. Just like the journey of the Navy PBR and the crew to find the Colonel up the river into Cambodia, the journey to follow the money trail leads to the heart of darkness of the Cabal, with the zombies outside of this club believing this paper money to be real, and fallen for the belief system of equating someone’s value to how much ‘net worth’ he has.


    • Cracks are ever widening in the NWO’s foundation, all the while Oklahoma is having a swarm of little quakes–the seat of Apmex…hmmm, a geo-engineering target? Just going out on a limb there, but stranger things have happened, as weather wars and space based weapons are the norm now. You are absolutely correct when you wrote, ‘…a monster world power shift is well on it’s way.’ I’m ready for the financial deluge. Back in October I heard V on with Greg Hunter where V suggested to stay safe that we should all have supplies for six months. I’ve got my little storage niches carved out and squirreled away. With our power grid infrastructure urgently needing an upgrade, and earth quakes and volcanos increasing, and cyber attacks getting more frequent as well, looks like that ‘monster world power shift’ may coelesce in ways that even the banksters haven’t figured into their algorithms in their quest for world domination. Yet, through it all, the people who want Liberty and fulfillment over the NWO and depravation continue to defy the criminal cabals. We even win some! Check out GOA-Gun Owner’s of America’s reports from December 4th of the recent two victories over Obama regarding gun control: Not just one but two small victories! Thank you and you, Wolf, and Mrs. Wolf, and all the RM family have a very blessed Christmas and New Year too! 🙂


  4. Wolf,
    Just back from a two-week recon of an Asian country and enjoying a few South Carolina Roasted Oysters.
    Love Señor Willie’s trigger list as well (I am also a HTL subscriber).
    A “well-trained” dog is worth its weight in Gold. But a Golden Dog can’t save a dufus owner. Best learn how to use your firearms or your just stockpiling for someone else to take. Here are two 100+ lb. well-trained arse-chewing GSDs. Mines is on the left.
    There is an old Poker saying “If you don’t know who the sucker is at the table, then its you”. Me thinks there will be a lot of Zombies/ Tweekers/ Suckers roaming da streets when the Western House of Cards come a tumbling down.


    • Oops. Here’s the pic again.
      /Users/sloopyjoe/Library/Containers/ Downloads/C8E84E41-3EC5-435E-A961-8D2AFE7504DC/20151115_152425_resized.jpg


    • The dufus owner is a bit of a hindrance, indeed SJ. In fact if the owner is a dufus, then by default he or she wouldn’t know what the dog was telling them. Dogs literally bark in different tones when the intruder is human vs. animal.
      Yep it does pay to know which end of the gun the high velocity projectile comes out of. Interestingly most people can fire one until that first magazine is empty (rifle or hand gun), and or the cylinder has made a full 360 for revolvers. Some might even think that it works like TV, with that Rem. 870, just keep pumping, and the endless supply of shells jump into ‘breech/chamber’, ready position. Once the reloading starts, dufucity sets in with many today. I can see it now, once the TV type constant reloading doesn’t work anymore, the troubling part of “WHICH END OF THESE SHELLS GO IN FIRST, HAPPENS”
      Wolf Gray


    • We best get the welcome mats out for the US treasuries “return to sender”, Jerry. It’s coming, and nothing can actually stop it, but the sender themselves. China has some huge huge huge leverage & an excellent business position of strength right now. Great link, thanks for putting it up.
      You are right “Simple Man” should apply to all when it gets right down to it. Sadly those that haven’t fully awakened will be shocked at the new up & coming business model, the one that follows all declining economies “Illegal drugs & spirits” (spirits only if under age). In this case on a much larger scale than anytime before. Thus the music selection….a little shock value for any new readers. Wake up call style!
      Wolf Gray


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