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One thought on “Guerrilla Economist Radio 12.4.15 w/ Harley Schlanger Leave a comment

  1. Of all the topics the one that I am glad V brought up was the big question why the United States of America does not like high speed rail. However the answer wasn’t satisfactory, socialism doesn’t quite cover it. Corporate fascism and their lobbyists ensuring they keep their market share is more like it.
    The high speed rail project was one of many promises broken by Obozo.
    High speed rail if it goes to 300 mph or close to 500 km/h, would be comparable to commercial jet speeds of 800 km/h to 900 km/h. Had high speed rail been implemented, its quick turnaround time would have given airlines serious competition, since all trains have to do is roll out of the station and spin up the wheels.
    In the US big companies like Boeing and major airlines tend to have their lobbyist tendrils into the Federal Government, which would have been the source of funding of high speed rail nationwide.


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