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Boxing Day and New Year’s Greetings from the Russia Analyst

Dear Team Rogue Money and readers,
As of December 31, 2015 James “Winston” Smith the Russia Analyst will no longer be publishing analyses at We want to thank V, Wolf Gray, Ken Shortgen Jr. and ‘W the Intelligence Insider’, Thorny Bastard in Shenzhen, the ladies known as @BanksterSlayer, Joyann and many others who know who they are and others known to God.

When I started writing for RogueMoney in November 2014 after my first appearances on the Guerrilla Radio program I felt, as The Saker put it, like ‘a submarine in the desert‘. A person in what the old Soviet era dissidents used to describe as ‘inner exile’ from what had been happening in the government and society around him. I was frustrated over what I saw as the accelerating lies being thrown at Americans about Ukraine, and the devastation unleashed on Libya and Syria. I felt an urgent need to speak out via Rogue Money radio and the Caravan to Midnight program about what Americans were not being told about the proxy and hot wars carried out in their name.

Participating in this RogueMoney community has helped me see I was never alone. But I also recognized as we all feel ‘the quickening’ that priorities had to be re-evaluated, and more time needs to be cherished for ‘meet-space’ and seeking wisdom. There is only so much time, mental bandwidth and energy available to try and comprehend the enormity of the coming global economic reset, much less Russia’s role as ‘the spearhead’ or ‘shock army’ for the new Eurasian world order. I decided in 2016 I needed to preserve a bit more time for myself and those closest to me, and focusing on new projects and offline (aka ‘prepper’ nuts and bolts) skills.

It’s also high time, as W the Intelligence Insider says, to ‘get out of the way’ — though what form and in what exact direction those steps will take, I do not know. I remain open to new opportunities and challenges, and request this community’s prayers for discernment in the coming year.

This isn’t exactly goodbye, as I’ll still ‘be around’ in the comments from time to time, and the team Rogue Money members know where and how to find me offline. But it is stepping back from being a Team Rogue Money ‘regular’ in the hope of closing 2016 in a better place, having ‘made ready for what is to come’.

To Rogue Money readers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong — a blessed Boxing Day.

To everyone else, Happy New Year! Успехов и добра в Новом Году!

James “Winston” Smith

PS Here’s a piece of music that sums up my year with the Fellowship of the ‘Rogue Money’ Ring — Piano Guys’ cover of Howard Shore’s soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings — we did our job. The beacons were lit…YOU dear readers and freedom lovers around the world will be the Rohirrim cavalry:


19 thoughts on “Boxing Day and New Year’s Greetings from the Russia Analyst Leave a comment

  1. Travelling to Russia in 2018 (God willing) So looking forward to it. Enjoyed your articles immensely. May the peace that passes all understanding guard your heart. May you receive wisdom from on high to navigate the path ahead.


  2. James, Your columns have been essential reading. I will miss your analysis enormously. You along with the likes of Pepe, Dmitry and the Saker cut through the bull in a much misunderstood conflict.
    May i wish you great success with whatever you choose to do. I hope that one day soon we will hear from you again.


  3. James,
    You will be missed. Though you and I had differing viewpoints at times, it was always respectful. I wish you and your family a bountiful and peaceful 2016 and hope you will return as a guest columnist on occasion.


  4. The messages will be missed, as they were delivered with honor, truth, and sincerity.
    The wisdom will still be available as chronicled in the archives of ‘’, via an irreplaceable specificity never seen anywhere. Wolf Gray’s sense of smell is seldom wrong, and that is what was detected in your messages.

    A message that was loaded with “TRUTHS”, that will endure for those that listened.

    The primary message was delivered my friend. Delivered in a way that should leave no one in doubt about the changes to the world’s geopolitical landscapes that lie ahead. Mission achieved. Chronicled right here.

    Let me reiterate to those at “”, “The Russian Analyst’s” vast knowledge will be missed on these pages, as it will likely be irreplaceable. Hard hitting truth in the face of a nonstop assault of lies, is a hard thing to come by these days, especially when inspired with unabashed passion, and total selflessness as delivered by our friend “The Russian Analyst”.
    Even the messenger has to prepare himself eventually.
    Wolf Gray


  5. Dammit Jim, you just ruined my day!!! J/k I hope everything goes well with you. You are an awesome writer that I will miss a lot. Hopefully see your articles on here at least once in a while.


  6. I will miss reading your articles, James. Thank you for your keen wisdom and insight into the inner workings of this grand global shift underway. My prayers are with you and your family in 2016 and beyond. God Bless, Myrna


  7. This sucks !!! But I understand. But I don’t like it ! Not one bit !!! Good luck. I’ve learned so much from your work. Best of luck in all your endeavors.


  8. Thank you James, for your hard work, your passion, and your brilliant insight. Average men discuss people, above average men discuss events and the wisest men discuss ideas, you are the later my friend, good luck and eternal happiness. Swammi out


  9. James,
    I echo the same sentiments of all the other RM readers. Your prolific and very wise writing will be greatly missed, but family comes first. Praying that God will give you and all of us the wisdom of Solomon for the days ahead. We will all need it, and thankfully he promises it ( James 1:5). When I pray, I remind him of this promise regularly and will do likewise for you.


  10. James,
    Thank you so much for your voice which balanced the scales, I found you writing exceptional, and thoughts so deep It required a second and third reading to grasp the material.
    I do hope you frequent the roundtable discussions that v conducts on freedomslips, your knowledge and voice provided a perspective that will be surely missed on rogue money.
    I appreciate your insight and thoughts in regard to Sergey Glazyev, It’s my belief his fingerprints will become more apparent with the transition into the next financial system and the architecture behind the transition. Keep an eye on him, James.
    Spasibo, Muchas Gracias, Thank You,
    From the Rupublic of Texas,


  11. RM team,
    While the French government is busy raiding mosques, there is a day of open doors for others to visit these very same mosques:
    I highly recommend to all the readers of RM blog to read Daniel Estulin’s book on Tavistock Institute which talks about how social engineering has been done from way back.
    The wars in ME and N.Africa and the Arab Springs that created the chaos are all part of this engineering and then the planners try to create the new Mystery Babylon religions though false ecumenism.
    The Pope just reached out to the Orthodox Jews, saying they don’t need Messiah and the Orthodox were thrilled. This is of course a blatant lie, because no one comes to the father without the son. Yeshua’s words, not mine.
    Chaos and confusion and then false unity. This is the UN’s agenda being played out all over. We see mosques being burned in Texas, California, Corsica, etc.
    People are being played and very sophisticated social engineering techniques are being used to create fear, confusion, division etc,etc.


  12. Thank you my brother you are a gentleman and a scholar. Get some rest you deserve it and we will always be here for you whenever you need us .
    Veritas Omnia Vincit – Truth Conquers All. Thank you for bringing the truth week in and week out.


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