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The Russia Analyst’s World in 2016 — The Economist’s Infamous Annual Issue Cover and Six Geopolitical Themes for Contemplations

“It is later than you think” – Father Seraphim Rose, American Orthodox priest and 20th century saint”Blow the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open the heavy curtains which are so dear to you — you do not even suspect that the day has already dawned outside.”- Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Алекса́ндр Иса́евич Солжени́цын)

Six themes for 2016.

That was how he we wanted to summarize 2015 and look ahead to the world in 2016 as a parting New Year’s gift to RogueMoney readers. Instead of a series of year-end posts as we had planned, we decided to summarize the themes we see as the main geopolitical trends of the approaching year, while leaving the forecasting of the Fed, precious metals and markets in the strong hands of the Guerrilla and Team Rogue Money.

Note the ‘art work’ used as the cover image for this final JWS post at RogueMoney comes from some interesting new Russian 2016 calendars

Could President Hillary ! Start World War IV? Or More Likely, Will Washington Try to Attack Moscow by Proxy —
Only to See the U.S.-Backed Force Get Crushed by the Angry Russian Bear?

As we wrote in our Boxing Day and New Year’s message to the Rogue Money community, certain time constraints as well as the need to pursue new paid projects and ‘get out of the way’ in 2016-17 has led us to cease publishing analytical articles at this forum (though we still toy with the idea of posting the occasional  ‘watch this’ YouTube video). However, another reason motivating us to take a step back is the fact that Cold War 2.0 shows no signs of abating, despite the diplomatic ‘deals’ struck between Moscow and Washington over Syria. If one were to follow it on the verge of obsessively as I have for the past year or more, then the risk of burnout would run high. For better and mostly worse, the undeclared conflict will grind on in 2016 and especially headed into an election that will likely pit Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz against Hillary Rodham Clinton. 2017 — as we intended to write in a lengthy piece we’ve just run out of time to complete — could become the most dangerous year for mankind since 1983. Especially with a physically debilitated, vengeful over perceived American ‘defeats’ in Crimea and Syria, and manipulated by her aides President Hillary Clinton at the helm.

As Agent W the Intelligence Insider told John B Wells on a recent Caravan to Midnight program, ‘chicken legs’ aka Barack Obama is not a President you go to war with in Syria or anywhere else.

'Sh---y golfer' title for this page in a Russian calendar mocking Cold War 2.0 and Western/Ukrainian politicians
‘Sh—y golfer’ title for this page in a Russian calendar mocking Cold War 2.0 and Western/Ukrainian politicians

As the Beijing-Moscow strategic partnership analyses it, the oligarchic elites who really run the Empire of Chaos are bent on the encirclement of Eurasia – considering they may be largely excluded from an integration process based on trade, commerce and advanced communication links.

Beijing and Moscow clearly identify provocation after provocation, coupled with relentless demonization. But they won’t be trapped, as they’re both playing a very long game.

Russian President Vladimir Putin diplomatically insists on treating the West as “partners”. But he knows, and those in the know in China also know, these are not really “partners”. Not after NATO’s 78-day bombing of Belgrade in 1999. Not after the purposeful bombing of the Chinese Embassy. Not after non-stop NATO expansionism. Not after a second Kosovo in the form of an illegal coup in Kiev. Not after the crashing of the oil price by Gulf petrodollar US clients. Not after the Wall Street-engineered crashing of the ruble. Not after US and EU sanctions. Not after the smashing of Chinese A shares by US proxies on Wall Street. Not after non-stop saber rattling in the South China Sea. Not after the shooting down of the Su-24.

Pepe ‘Empire of Chaos’ Escobar, RT

'Forever with America' a page from a new Russian calendar mocking Ukrainian PM Arseniy 'Yats' Yatsenyuk, Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, former acting President (unelected, appointed junta leader) Oleksandr Turchinov, ex-Ukrainian PM Yulia Timoshenko, and Big Zero
‘Forever with America’ a page from a new Russian calendar mocking Ukrainian PM Arseniy ‘Yats’ Yatsenyuk, Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, former acting President (unelected, appointed junta leader) Oleksandr Turchinov, ex-Ukrainian PM Yulia Timoshenko, and Big Zero

Is Washington Capable of Accepting the Defeat of its Proxies in Syria or Will We See the Empire Strike Back and Do Something Very Stupid?

Our concerns remain that President Hillary (!) (since we all know the neocons would rather burn the Republican Party down and alienate half the convention delegates next summer than accept Trump in the White House) will pursue reckless policies, intended to ‘show the world’ that ‘America is back’ and the dollar is still backed by overwhelming military strength.

To that end, Clinton and a bunch of single digit support GOP also rans (including the one with the famous mother Jeb) keeps plugging the idea of a U.S. no-fly zone in Syria. Unfortunately for the CFR crowd that advises the Clintons, by the time a President Hillary ! could be sworn in to implement it, the Syrian war could well be over. According to retired Army Green Berets Col. Patrick Lang, the Saudi/Qatari/Turkish proxies in Syria will be mostly crushed by spring/summer 2017. Signs that the jihadists supply lines are buckling under the pincers of the Kurds advancing from the north and the SAA/Hezbollah from the south and east of Aleppo are evident to all who care to see and ignore drivel (and Washington/Riyadh wishful thinking) like this.

Stars and Stripes sees the writing on the wall: U.S. backed ‘Free Syrian Army’ on the verge of collapse under Syrian, Iranian and Russian attacks, many ‘FSA’ members who haven’t joined Jabhat al-Nusra are leaving Syria as refugees

If Hillary ! won’t start a fight with the Russians in Syria, either directly or more likely by proxy after a contrived U.S.-Turkish rapprochement, then she could look to Ukraine as another handy ‘battering ram’ against the Russians and their Donbass native proxies. Transnistria, a thin sliver of territory that seceded from Moldova in the early 1990s, is another pressure point on the Russians. However, as we’ve already explained, the Ukrainian army is in woeful shape after its humiliating defeats early in the autumn of 2014 and over the winter of 2015. For any Ukrainian offensive to actually succeed in gaining more than useless, bombed out villages on the periphery of the DNR/LNR and actually enter the outskirts of Donetsk or Lugansk, foreign mercenaries if not NATO advisers would be required. And the combat record of Western mercenaries in the Yemen war has not been good, despite the lavish amount of money and equipment the Saudis provide.

The Next President’s Options for Attacking Russia By Proxy Whether Using Ukrainians or Turks as Cannon Fodder? Not So Good

Therefore if Hillary ! wants to attack the Russians, she will need a professional military like Turkey’s to do it. But as we’ve written over the last few weeks, we strongly suspect the Turkish army is going to have its hands full just suppressing the Kurds within Turkey’s borders over the next few months to years, much less occupying northern Syria or Iraq as part of some ‘Sunni refugee safe zone’ that’s a convenient cover for Ankara’s neo-Ottoman ambitions.

Furthermore, the rumors about low morale and growing opposition to Erdogan within the Turkish Army he purged of secularists a few years ago are probably true, not just Russian or Iranian disinformation.

As Dr. Joseph P. Farrel of @GizaDeathStar says, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are increasingly ‘on the menu’, and Kurdistan is rising on both sides of the Syrian-Turkish border that Ankara thought it would be clever to ignore

If the neo-Ottoman sultan orders his troops and tanks to march into northern Syria with his F-16s failing to provide air cover due to the Russian SAM threat, a mutiny and tanks in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara are both possible. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even take a ‘Highway of Death’ of Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi or Russian air force destroyed Turkish armor and trucks stretching from Jarablus or Mosul to the border to make the Turkish Army finally move against Erdogan. Dozens to scores of body bags every month at the hands of the PKK and Iraqi Shi’a militias just might be enough to tip the scales towards Erdogan’s overthrow.

If the Houthis can kill Saudis with anti-tank weapons and cross their open border, then the PKK are more than capable of attacking Turkish army units with Russian anti-tank missiles (the cover being that these will be the older Konkurs models) ‘captured’ from the ‘Free Syrian Army’ that Turkey was supporting. Not unlike the first weapons to the Afghan mujahadeen used to fight the Russians in 1980 coming from then Communist China. It’s the perfect way for Putin to slowly pay back Erdogan for not only the shoot down of the Russian SU-24, but also the Turkish wannabe sultan’s failed proxy war against Syria. If we were the Turkish army commander of the base the Turks have established outside Mosul at Bashiqa, we’d have nightmares about Russian Tochka missiles sold to the Iraqis raining down on our heads — just like they did on the Saudis after they invaded Yemen.

Our Washington D.C. energy consultant source with his relatives in Lebanon believes that Erdogan’s regime may have less than two years to live, as the Turkish oligarchs begin to count the cost of billions in lost tourism and trade from Russia. We hope he’s right, as the fall of first Erdogan and then his Saudi sponsors would make the world a much safer place and deprive jihadist and Wahhabist radicals of billions in annual funding as well as a sanctuary/transit state for further terrorist attacks on Europe and the United States.

So if the Ukrainian army is too weak or incompetent to successfully attack the ‘combined Russian separatist forces’ in Donbass and the Turks are too bogged down fighting proxy forces like the PKK or the Iraqi Shi’as who intend to liberate Mosul from Daesh, who will be left to play the Mikhail Saakashvili tie eating cannon fodder thrown against Russia role? Perhaps President Hillary’s ! Council on Foreign Relations hardliner team will try to sucker Washington’s easily bribed vassals in Romania into a snap anschluss with Moldova, which is sliding out of the EU/NATO camp and towards Moscow’s Eurasian Economic Union in any case?

Perhaps, as the infamous cover art of The Economist‘s World in 2016 issue implies below, it is Russian ally Serbia that will once again feel the wrath of the Anglo-U.S. Empire, this time through terrorism in the name of a ‘greater Albania’? If Serbia were savagely attacked by terrorists with fairly brazen support from the regular Albanian army (with you know who standing behind them), would Moscow be able to avoid at least sending advisers if not establishing a military base on Serbian soil (the avoidance of which by NATO is perhaps the only reason such attacks haven’t happened already)?

The Economist's world in 2016 cover. The Sgt. Report has already started analyzing it for esoteric winks and nods...
The Economist’s world in 2016 cover. The Sgt. Report has already started analyzing it for esoteric winks and nods…

The Economist‘s World in 2016 Cover: Bix Weir of Has the Goods Before we get into our six geopolitical themes for 2016, please note that our decision to produce one big parting post here at RogueMoney for the end of 2015 was influenced by the Rothschild-family owned Economist magazine’s thirty year tradition of producing an annual ‘special edition’. The Sgt. Report blog does an excellent job of summarizing some of the occult and financially esoteric symbolism of the issue’s cover art, which has received more scrutiny this year after many in the alternative media concluded after the Paris attacks that The Economist cover had eerily predicted exactly 311 days (3/11) between the Charlie Hebdo magazine murders and the Friday the 13th of November mass shooting jihadist terror assaults on the Bataclan theater and other Parisian locales.

Here a few highlights of Bix Weir’s analysis (in YouTube format here):

Germany/Euro On the cover it is Angela Merkel front and center wearing a GOLD SHIRT and Germany holds the second largest gold hoard in the world behind the USA!! Will Germany try to keep the Euro alive by backing it in some way with their gold?(with parachute strings attached?) Also look at the huge chunk of gold represented in the picture above! Will all the hidden gold come into mainstream knowledge in 2016?

2016 Presidential Race – The Globalists Want the Clintons Back in the White House

1) Clearly Hillery [sic] Clinton is the “Bad Guys” choice for US President as she is the only candidate in the picture.(note the gold on her earring as she is hiding BILLIONS in secret funds off shore!)

2) Why is Bill Clinton featured so prominently on the artwork and in color. Clearly something is planned for Bill to come out of the shadows…which is never a good thing!

The Russia Analyst’s Analysis of the Economist 2016 Cover and What it Foretells — Ecumenical Orthodox/Vatican Dialogue, Terrorist Attacks on Germany (Merkel’s Jacket Red Represents Blood/Communism), Albanian Flag for Further Destabilization of the Balkans and Russia’s Ally Serbia

Speaking for ourselves here, we find the presence of a smiling Indian PM Modi and President Putin quite noticeable. As for the meaning of Angela Merkel’s front and center red jacket (red being historically the color of communism), we believe the Economist is winking and nodding at inoffiziele mitarbeiter Angela M’s not so secret Stasi asset, communist past. Since one of the tenets of historic Bolshevism and Trotskyism is worldwide revolution (which RogueMoney readers know was sponsored by Wall Street), we think The Economist is trolling right wing Europeans who believe Angela M is still loyal to or blackmailed by her Stasi past into the globalist bankers’ revolution through open borders and the immi-destabilization of Germany.

Fröhliche Weihnachten Frau Bundeskanzler! Wir sind das Volk! A crowd sings Christmas carols at PEGIDA Dresden

As for religious symbolism, note that the sun of the globalists’ favor is shining over a waving Pope Francis who is posed next to the his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. Whether this is a nod to the current scandal in the Moscow Patriarchate involving the firing of the staunch Russian nationalist Father Vsevolod Chaplin, we don’t know. That prospect seems unlikely, as The Economist cover was clearly conceived and published before Chaplin’s year end dismissal from his post.

However, there can be no doubt that the globalists’ full spectrum attack on Russia and Christianity in general includes undermining trust in the Orthodox Church as a bedrock for a resurgent State and the rebirth of Russian society. Many conservative and ultra-conservative Russian Orthodox clerics, particularly among the ‘White Russian’ legacy Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), which established canonical unity with the Moscow Patriarchate in 2007, have warned that Satan will try to use ecumenism to destroy the Russian Church in the latter days. See for example, this article about a ‘battle priest’ chaplain to the Donetsk People’s Republic militia, or the late 1970s ! warnings of the late American ROCOR Saint Fr. Seraphim Rose:

Looking at Orthodoxy, at its present state and its prospects in the period before us, we may see two opposed aspects. First of all, there is the spirit of worldliness which is so present in the Orthodox Churches today, leading to a watering-down of Orthodoxy, a loss of the difference between Orthodoxy and heterodoxy. This worldliness has produced the Ecumenical movement, which is leading to the approaching Unia with Rome and the Western confessions—something that may well occur in the 1980s. In itself, this will probably not be a spectacular event: most Orthodox people have become so unaware of their faith, and so indifferent to it, that they will only welcome the opportunity to receive communion in a Roman or Anglican church. This spirit of worldliness is what is in the air and seems natural today; it is the religious equivalent of the atheist-agnostic atmosphere that prevails in the world.

What should be our response to this worldly ecumenical movement? Fortunately, our bishops of the Russian Church Outside of Russia have given us a sound policy to follow: we do not participate in the Ecumenical Movement, and our Metropolitan [Philaret] has warned other Orthodox Christians of the disastrous results of their ecumenical course if they continue; but at the same time our bishops have refused to cut off all contact and communion with Orthodox Churches involved in the Ecumenical Movement, recognizing that it is still a tendency that has not yet come to its conclusion (the Unia with Rome) and that (at least in the case of the Moscow Patriarchate and other churches behind the Iron Curtain) it is a political policy forced upon the Church by secular authorities. But because of this policy, our Church suffers attacks both from the left side (from ecumenists who accuse us of being uncharitable, behind the times,and the like) and from the right side (by groups in Greece that demand that we break communion with all Orthodox Churches and declare them to be without grace).

While the Kremlin clearly promotes the Papal-MosPat dialogue to enhance Moscow’s ‘soft power’ and appeal to conservative Catholics and Evangelicals across Europe, the globalists may be aware that ecumenical dialogue is unpopular with the ROCOR and many monks on Mt. Athos in Greece — the most important monastic center in all of Orthodox Christianity. Meanwhile, Lebanon-based Al-Masdar News reports strains in the relations between the Moscow Patriarchate and the schismatic Kiev Patriarchate, as well as between Russia and Turkey, are threatening to disrupt or prevent the first planned Pan-Orthodox Council in 1,200 years. If such an event could be held in ancient Constantinople (Istanbul) and not blocked by the fractured geopolitics of 2016, it would be a significant milestone for the return of what the late Harvard political scientist Samuel P. Huntington described as ‘Orthodox civilization’, which Tsarist Russia as the Third Rome and heir to the fallen Byzantine Empire historically championed.


1) The fragmentation of the Republican Party as America’s two party system enters its twilight years and U.S. politics becomes more Balkanized along class/income, race and globalist (‘free trade, interventionist foreign policy’) vs. nationalist (anti-TPP, ‘isolationist’) lines. Plus the infighting in the U.S. Deep State will continue to spawn allegations of ‘treason’ between those who undermined President Barack Obama’s treasonous policy of arming America’s Salafist jihadist enemies to fight Assad, and the neocons/globalists who supported it

Neoconservative war hawks tied to the ‘defense’ industry and transnational corporations would rather destroy the Republican Party or vote for Hillary than concede to Donald Trump winning the nomination. There is now far more hatred within and among the GOP’s warring factions than there is on the part of Republicans towards Democrats in general, though loathing of President Barack Obama seems to be the only glue left holding the already cracked GOP together. This in of itself is not remarkable, if it weren’t for the fact that the political crisis trend line is coinciding with the Shemitah of financial turmoil (thus far ‘contained’ or exported in terms of economic pain overseas by the ‘strong dollar’) and a generational line of general social upheaval (the last cycle peaking around 1968 when we had the riots outside the Democratic National Convention that itself was being torn apart inside by the Vietnam War and racial unrest). William Strauss and Neil Howe’s theories as set down in their pivotal 1997 book, The 4th Turning, foretold much of the current crises in the U.S. socio-economic and political systems. As The Who sang so many years ago, “the parting on the Left” (as in Vietnam destroying the  Democrats in 1968) “is now the parting on the Right” (Trump’s economic and borders nationalism vs. globalism tearing the GOP apart in 2016).

Former top aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell, retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: ‘the ship is sinking’

What happened to the Democrats in 1968 appears to be possible for the more staid Republicans of 2016, IF the party power brokers go for disenfranchising Trump delegates or get caught blatantly rigging the outcome behind Marco Rubio or another Establishment candidate in the primaries. A second wave in the U.S. of the global economic crisis that began in 2008, namely with oil bust related defaults in the bond market prompting a general crisis in credit confidence not unlike what mortgage bonds set off over seven years ago — looms over late 2016. Europe’s own bond markets remain rickety and its top banks led by Deutsche Bank are stuffed to the gills with trillions ‘worth’ of derivatives trash.

Even as the Federal Reserve seeks to keep the party going and the wheels turning so they don’t come off at highway speed, we believe the 2016 political conventions will take place in the shadow of rumblings from the markets that the modest ‘rate hikes’ initiated by the Fed this December aren’t being digested, but instead are causing monetary gas, constipation and bloating. Still, like the Guerrilla we don’t expect the wheels to come off, only the occasional plunge protection team requiring Dow Jones down -300 points event, until 2017.

2) Continued ‘incidents’ involving police officers shooting young black males and racially charged reactions, whether in the U.S. or Europe

This one needs very little elaboration by the Russia Analyst. Just look at riots in Baltimore, greater London, Paris car burnings, Swedish Malmo violence by Muslim gangs, the German police union warning about ‘no go zones’ and the like. The internal problems of the U.S. and its European ‘first world’ allies are quickly becoming a geopolitical liability, in the sense that they make it much harder to criticize Moscow for being paranoid about Maidans and civil unrest.

Did you know Black Lives Matter shut down the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport for hours Christmas weekend?

Chaos as our late friend Michael Rosecliff described to the Guerrilla is The Plan, and what better way to provoke it than continue to spout insane drivel about multiculturalism while importing more human beings into economies that already have little need for low-skilled labor and are in fact, either in recession or depression from the USA to France.


An anti-Islamic immigration banner at a Polish nationalist rally in 2015 (Photo by:

3) European nationalism will continue to rise as the EU(SSR) and Atlanticist ‘center’ cannot hold, as NATO fails miserably to protect the borders of members especially the Central European Visegrad (Poland, Hungary, Czech/Slovakia and Austria) and Mediterranean states this summer. At times populist resistance against open borders will take on a violent, and frightening face in riots, Weimar Republic-style street clashes between native ‘friends’ and foes of open borders in Germany, and arson attacks on mosques and ‘refugee’ centers.

While the powers that be dodged a bullet in the spring of 2015 regarding a Greek debt default, efforts to prolong the unsustainable status quo in Europe continue to lose energy and falter in the face of populist resistance. Only by combining the Democrats and Republicans of France against the National Front of Marine Le Pen was the FN denied a huge victory in the French parliamentary elections. Such collusion can work for a while, and may keep Le Pen out of the presidential palace in 2017, but it comes at the price of discrediting the very notion of real democratic choice and the Establishment’s claim that elections solve anything.

The discrediting of electoral democracy after World War One infamously resulted in the rise of Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy, and also created many Western intellectual admirers of the nascent Soviet Union. Writing over at The New York Times, that pillar of the Atlanticist Establishment’s ‘liberal’ wing, the NYT’s token in-house Establishment conservative Ross Douthat admits that: “Here in the dying days of 2015, though, something seems to have shifted. For the first time in a generation, the theme of this year was the liberal order’s vulnerability, not its resilience. 2015 was a memento mori moment for our institutions — a year of cracks in the system, of crumbling firewalls, of reminders that all orders pass away. This was especially true in Europe, where for generations the parties of the center have maintained a successful quarantine against movements that threatened their dream of continental integration — be they far-right or far-left, nationalist or separatist.” 


Above: ‘Mutti’ Merkel the open borders Chancellor. Below, native Dutchmen riot against a proposed ‘refugee center’

Since populist anger over the European Union’s failure to secure its Mediterranean borders cannot be expressed via the ballot box or through media dominated by Atlanticist and PC ideology, the anger will boil over in both street protests and riots. Love him or hate him as a racist white male, Vox Day aka Theodore Beale, an American sci-fi author and blogger who expatriated to Italy many years ago, has been a keen blogging observer of these events, which European and especially U.S. media do their best to ignore. Still, the burning of a mosque on the French island of Corsica (Napoleon Bonaparte’s native land) this week, a December riot in a small Dutch town which forced multi-culti administrators and the town’s mayor to flee and eventually abandon their plans to host thousands of ‘refugees’, and Balkan Muslims beating Orthodox Christian Serbs in Berlin on Christmas Day are all foretastes of the crimes and violence to come caused by Europe’s inability to assimilate millions and Merkel’s insane open borders policies.

Tabloids like The Daily Mail and Germany’s pro-open borders Bild express alarm over these ‘incidents’ of what could degrade into anti-Muslim or Arab pogroms, particularly if young African and Islamic males continue to rape or assault indigenous Europeans with perceived impunity. (As an addendum to this item, it’s not for nothing that a Russian nationalist publication known as Sputnik i Progrom shut down by the authorities). A dialectic of neo-Nazis or skinheads versus Islamists in the heart of Europe seems to be exactly what the globalists want, as an excuse to create an even more powerful Euro-fascist police state that would encompass nearly the entire Continent — a 4th Reich that would be fully merged with a militarized American NWO State (with war against Russia and China as the rallying around the flag element, as described by Joel Skousen).

Unfortunately for the globalists, we believe they have miscalculated just how big the nationalist backlash will be — and how Russia will seek to profit from it by breaking the deathgrip Berlin and Brussels have on European nations acting as Washington’s local hegemon and regent respectively, over the Old World.

Putin meeting Czech President Milos Zeman, who at 72 years old clearly does not give a damn what RFE/RL or PC Atlanticists write about him
Putin meeting Czech President Milos Zeman, who at 72 years old clearly does not give a damn what RFE/RL or PC Atlanticists write about him

4) Just as the globalists are working to tear down borders and create one global economy, empire and currency, nationalism and anti-Establishment politics increasingly transcend borders — with the Trump/Putin ‘bromance’ or the support by UK eurosceptics for Marine Le Pen and the Czech President’s widely denigrated friendly posture towards Russia all as examples.

Many months ago the Russia Analyst noticed a young Russian woman who worked at RFE/RL in Prague, Czech Republic denigrating Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his son Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter as stooges for the Russians. She even tweeted out bizarre conspiracy theories about the Soviets supporting the Koch brothers, and therefore being the real godfathers of libertarianism along with ex-Soviet citizen Ayn Rand, before deleting her Twitter feed. These theories were later picked up from or by the Accuracy in Media disinfo agent and fake conservative activist Cliff Kincaid.

The recent hysteria among American journalists like Miriam Elder that Donald Trump is ‘a threat to America’ and thus is being supported by Vladimir Putin for this reason and its enthusiastic re-tweeting by hundreds of Atlanticist think tankland and even government-funded Twitter accounts shows that politics is increasingly personalized and defiant of quaint concepts such as Putin declaring in his praise of Trump that ultimately ‘the American voters will decide’. Apparently if the voters of France want Marine Le Pen or the voters of the USA want Trump, extreme measures may be justified to save the Anglo-globalist Empire from the prospect of avowed nationalist/s undermining its cohesion.

It would not surprise us in the least if Marine Le Pen truly started to approach a winning margin in pre-election polls in 2017 if neocons and even some taxpayer funded hacks at RFE/RL started dropping hints about postponing the elections or even a military coup in France. As evidenced by their enthusiasm for the violent overthrow of a corrupt but duly elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, hardcore Euro-crats and Atlanticists don’t have much use for elections that don’t turn out ‘their’ way. Even when overturning them through violence, as with the so-called Maidan ‘revolution’ or putsch, results in civil war.

During the Greek debt crisis in the spring, Lithuanian politician Linas Antanas Linkevičiustrolled Greeks on Twitter, demanding that the Tsipras government not even think about accepting a relief loan from Russia and China. When we tweeted to him that Mr. Linkevičius as a Lithuanian ought to respect the sovereignty of small nations and their right to choose with whom they wish to do business, whether the U.S. or Russia, our @JSmithRus account got blocked. Clearly Mr. Linkevičius did not appreciate us comparing his statements to an EU(SSR) form of the old Soviet Brezhnev doctrine, which infamously declared that once a state joined the socialist/Communist Bloc it could never be permitted to deviate from that course and force would be used, as in 1956 or 1968, to ensure that Warsaw Pact members stuck with Moscow.

The recent hysteria over ‘#KremlinTrolls’ everywhere and growing tendency for Ukrainians or Balts paid with U.S. tax dollars to troll on the Kiev regime or NATO’s behalf; combined with their tendency to label all Americans opposed to Washington’s foreign policy as ‘Kremlin Trolls’ or at least ‘useful idiots’ like NYU Prof. Stephen Cohen speaks to a troubling globalization of propaganda combined with the erosion of national sovereignty. Meaning that NATO has ceased to be an alliance of sovereign nations and has increasingly become, as Nina Kouprianova points out, a globalist ‘world army’ that speaks of ‘defending NATO’s borders’ instead of national frontiers. This, along with the disturbing proposals coming out of Germany that an EU contingency force be permitted to take over border security for Greece, suggests that NATO is truly going the way of the old Soviet-dominated Warsaw Pact.

That is to say, IF for some reason the banksters were to lose control over the situation in Greece, say with a new government toppling Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras or the Golden Dawn gaining a piece of the government portfolio, then we are seeingthreats by the European ‘center’ that they will consider soft invasion as an option against nations that attempt to break away from the European Central Bank or aggressively pursue an Eastern/Eurasian oriented foreign policy. Such ‘contingency plans’ by the EU against a populist or debt jubilee demanding Greek coup ere the subject of our first post for RogueMoney way back in November 2014, and we have come full circle in mentioning them today.

Such a scenario sounds crazy now, especially in light of Germany’s post-WWII aversion to using force on its neighbors or military might in general. But we have to recall that the precedent was already set in the 1999 Kosovo war that a European nation can be attacked over what is a purely internal conflict between its security forces and insurgents (and German warplanes participated in that campaign). If the Federal Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, for example, faces an assault from ‘greater Albania’ terrorists combined in hybrid warfare with peaceful demands from its large ethnic Albanian minority, who can protect the FYROM from being ‘freedom-ized’ Kosovo-war style — if not their brother Serbs or the Russians? That is why we mentioned FYROM, Montenegro (where Russia may yet sponsor a ‘Colored Revolution’ against the corrupt, unpopular NATO joining stooge running the country) and Serbia as potential flashpoints for conflict in 2016.

Your taxpayer dollars at work, with the State Dept. paying Syrians to hold up a sign insulting U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. Remember, according to neocon Michael D. Weiss these people are on the verge of starvation from Russia bombing humanitarian aide convoys to them, but still have the time for such shenanigans

5. Ukraine will continue to disintegrate under the pressures of its collapsing economy and nationalist anger over Kiev’s humiliating military defeats, with the worst case scenario not a renewed outbreak of all out war in the Donbass drawing in large-scale Russian military intervention, but a radiation-releasing accident at one of its nuclear plants

Dmitry Orlov, the man who wrote Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects recently wrote an article summarizing the rapidly degenerating state of the Ukrainian economy and State. Like exiled Ukrainian political analyst Rotislav Ischenko, Orlov believes the only prospects Ukraine has in 2016 is more of the same elite fragmentation and oligarch infighting that it saw in 2015, after losing Crimea and large parts of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts to pro-Russian uprisings supported by Moscow in 2014.

Painting a frightening picture, Orlov points to the dependency of Ukrainian nuclear plants on parts and perhaps expertise from Russia that for political reasons are being blocked, and not permitted even on a quiet basis by the hysterically nationalist Kiev regime.

Revolution in Vain: Maidan Ukraine Two Years Later by Gordon M. Hahn

As Orlov and his highly informed commenters write, nuclear power plants don’t come with simple ‘off switches’, and can remain very hot for days or weeks after an emergency shutdown. Without a continuous supply of power either from generators, as when pro-Kiev Crimean Tatars and Right Sector Nazis blew up the power lines to a Kherson region nuclear plant, the cutoff of external power supply to the largest nuke plant in Europe in Zaporozhye for example, could quickly go critical and turn into another Chernobyl (the plant at Zaporozhye started operating when Ukraine was part of the USSR in 1984 and shares many of the Chernobyl reactor’s design characteristics).

We recommend RogueMoney readers read the whole thing, as we don’t wish to simply rehash it all here, but as one commenter wrote below the piece, it’s certainly got to grate Ukrainian nationalists to see the European Union and especially their old ally Germany accepting over a million people from the Mideast and North Africa in 2015, while ‘European’ Ukrainians who ‘chose Europe’ still cannot travel visa free in the EU and face passport controls at the Polish borderland!

Speaking of Poland, the alarm in U.S./UK media over Poland’s alleged ‘backsliding on democracy’ and the new ‘right wing’ government’s steps to restrict the Polish Constitutional court’s jurisdiction likely have a lot to do with the perception among Polish elites that Ukraine is falling apart and could send a mass exodus of humanity their way, even if Poland can successfully defy German demands that it also take in Mideast refugees as part of ‘burden sharing’ within the EU bloc.

As in the U.S., so in Europe courts have often usurped the will of the people and been used by transnational progressives, many of them useful idiots for the globalists, to undermine borders and national sovereignty. The Poles, seeing how Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has successfully installed a fence to staunch the massive influx of humanity into his country, are eyeing similar solutions to the ongoing implosion of Ukraine or another Mideast refugee wave washing into their country.

As we’ve stated before here at RogueMoney, there are many Polish nationalists who support the Kiev regime and especially their Right Sector counterparts in Ukraine unconditionally against the supposed common Russian enemy. But there are also Polish patriots who see the U.S.-backed Kiev government as hopelessly corrupt, incompetent, and glorifying of the WWII Nazi collaborationist OUN and UPA that massacred Poles by the tens of thousands in 1943-44.

Several years ago we laughed at Stratfor CEO George Friedman’s prediction that Poland would re-emerge as a great power in the 21st century. But we do have to admit that the prospect of Ukraine eventually losing territory to its non-Russian neighbors Poland and Hungary is not nearly as far fetched as it seemed back in the mid-2000s. Especially not after the collapse of the dollar which is one of the few things, along with affordable Russian gas, propping the sclerotic and insanely corrupt Ukrainian State up.

6. Russia will accelerate dollar dumping and strengthen its military alliances with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) states/Eurasian bloc — even as its economy struggles in 2016, and pro-Western parts of the Russian elite are sacrificed to appease growing populist anger

Finally, we conclude our world in 2016 geopolitical analysis with our take on Russia. As this piece is already almost 5,300 words we’ll wrap up by saying: expect more of the same — including deteriorating macro-economic conditions amidst military successes in Syria — but also some surprises.

If the rumors/rumblings the Saker and others are picking up on are true, then the surprises will come in the form of personnel shakeups in the Kremlin, the Interior Ministry, and especially, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and energy/economic ministries. Just as we did not see the forced resignation of Fr. Vselod Chaplin who had been, truth be told, a hardline critic of Putin for not doing MORE to help the pro-Russians of Donbass, the WesternMSM and even seasoned Russia watchers won’t see the firings or forced resignations coming in 2016.

The Russian economy is clearly sliding into a deep recession, with unpaid wages and wage arrears re-appearing in the poorer and remote regions of the country for the first time since the depths of the 2009 oil price collapse. In part because incompetent or corrupt local officials are blamed for regional problems rather than the man at the top, Putin’s popularity remains enduring. Russians are a patient people, but their patience is not limitless. No nation ever devalued its currency to prosperity, but devaluation of the ruble can help Moscow’s import substitution strategy, and is already achieving some success in the important agricultural sector.

The main problem is Russia wants to return to growth while retaining Paul Volcker-like high interest rates, which naturally depress consumer and business borrowing, especially by small to medium size businesses which ought to be the engines of job creation. Putin is going to have to do something about that this year and the heads likely to symbolically roll (since Putin isn’t the new Stalin, nobody’s going to be shot as a ‘wrecker’) are those that U.S. government dominated media tend to favor when covering Russia. As Irish journalist and RT contributor Bryan MacDonald writes:

Russia has numerous problems. Thanks to low resource prices and the government’s repeated failure to adapt the domestic economic model, the country is in deep recession. For the first time since the 1998 crash, living standards seem set for a sustained plunge. Meanwhile, social friction has emerged in pockets, the recent truck drivers protests being an example. With a few million people forecast to fall out of the middle class in 2016, the situation could get worse before it gets better.

Nevertheless, Russia is not about to collapse any time soon. Predictions along those lines only serve to make their authors look stupid. With sky-high approval ratings, allied to a lack of any realistic opposition candidate, the president’s job also looks fairly secure in the short-to-medium term. To paraphrase Landau, I’ve seen Russia’s future and its name is probably Vladimir Putin.

We won’t say more than that, except to reiterate our call on the last Team Rogue Money Guerrilla Radio program that Putin’s adviser Sergey Glazyev is the man to watch. While he won’t be a successor to Vladimir Vladimirovich (the consensus seems to be that role is reserved for Sergey Shoigu, the current defense minister), Glazyev appears to be the man of the hour when it comes to finding ways to reverse the post-Soviet de-industrialization of Russia — even if it takes a heavy amount of state investment at the outset to do it. Unfortunately for now, it appears most of the re-industrializing in Russia will continue to be in the rapidly modernizing military industrial complex, which just picked up huge orders of S-400 air defense systems from India. As Pepe Escobar reports, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states led by Russia, China, India and Iran are arming up and laying the foundations for an integrated supercontinental air defense system — one that is already causing considerable trepidation among Pentagon planners about Russian ‘area denial’ capabilities being extended across the vast steppes of Eurasia.

Conclusion: Happy New Year and Use 2016 to Prepare and Pray

The war in Syria will continue in 2016 to what will, by the end of the year, evidently be the defeat of Washington and its Turkish and Persian Gulf Sunni allies jihadist proxies. The mainstream media will slowly wake up by summertime to the reality that not only are the Saudis losing big in their proxy war for Syria, but the Yemen war may pose a threat to the survival of the House of Saud. As mentioned above with our focus on European mayhem more terror attacks in Europe and especially Germany are likely, as the Islamic State lashes out while the territory of the caliphate shrivels under the combined assaults of the Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, Kurds and Russians.

Torgau, 1945: Will Russian and American special forces also shake hands in the rubble of the Islamic State's capital of Raqqa by the end of 2016?
Torgau, 1945: Will Russian and American special forces also shake hands in the rubble of the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa by the end of 2016?
A page from a 2016 Russian calendar, Putin as a Great Patriotic War marshall toasts, 'To our victory!' with Russia's leaders and allies in the frame.
A page from a 2016 Russian calendar, Putin as a Great Patriotic War marshall toasts, ‘To our victory!’ with Russia’s leaders and allies in the frame.

As with 1944-45 Europe, the U.S. will be there at the end to take the most credit for the victory. Perhaps Raqqa the Islamic State’s capital will become the new Torgau, as we predicted, and the last year of the Obama Administration will conclude with a handshake between Russian and American special forces officers with their boots on the Islamic State’s black banner, not because but in spite of Obama and the idiots and neocon fanatics in his State Department. All in all, not such a bad way to end 2016. And this is how we end our 2015 with RogueMoneywith hope for new projects that TeamRM’s Economic Silverback leader knows of coming to fruition.

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  1. James
    Thanks for all the in depth reporting and clarifying the morass of international intrigue for RM readers over the last year and a half. Your reports have been invaluable in helping us get more insight into the Game of Thrones that is being played out. Thanks also for your generous answers to our comments/questions to you. I think we all consider you a friend as well.
    I don’t know if the last period on your last sentence is your final comment but if you have one more response relating to Orthodox Christianity being a significant force in keeping the light lit during these dark and dangerous times, it would be appreciated.
    Best wishes my friend.


  2. James,
    Excellent synopsis of the intrigue and the disturbing events that we see unfolding before our eyes. One small comment. Hillary’s earnings look silver to me not gold. Since JPMorgan is accumulating silver could this be some reference to the banks supporting her presidential aspirations.
    Another comment about a Hillary( who just nauseates me from so many different perspectives I don’t want to enumerate here) was her Christmas stroll as “abeula” in Central Park with an Afghanis coat some kind of message. It was absolutely inappropriate and very unflattering. She is not always known for hertaste in clothes, like Princess Kate, but more importantly the rest of the family was very “dressed down” to the point of looking almost looking the lower class to prove they are really just ordinary folks like us.
    The give away that they are not like all of us was the $1000 stroller that baby Charlotte was being transported in. ( Charlotte is also Kate’s baby’s name).
    Hillary just looked so confident that she is in, that it doesn’t matter whether they attack her husband’s sexual escapades and rapes, or the many dead people surrounding the Clintons or Bill’s cocaine dealing in Arkansas, or Behghazi, or the abysmal job she did as Secretary of State. They seem to be acting like the next royal family of America while Obama golfs away on his 7 million dollar vacation in Hawaii and lets the masses eat cake. America never had a guillotine but if there was ever a time for one…kidding. I’m not prone to violence but wouldn’t mind seeing these people behind bars where they belong.
    It is rumored that Bill would not be a “first lady” but that job would be handled by Chelsea with her hedge fund husband who lost billions last year betting on Greece, probably hiding in the background, and Bill would have to avoid conflicts of interest with his foundation-puke so he would probably just opt for a low key job as what??? Secretary General of the UN??? No they wouldn’t want that. Vice President? Is that allowed under the Constitution. Maybe they can invent a new cabinet post, Secretary of Rape? I’m sorry, just being facetious here.
    There is one very interesting detail. Obama has not really come out and supported Hillary yet other than a few very weak comments early on. Does he know something that we don’t know? Webb is now attacking her record in Benghazi and Syria, which is an interesting twist to see a Democrat actually saying the same thing as Trump.
    Your post covered a lot more than Hillary of course, but who becomes President in 2017 is pivotal, no doubt. As Dennis Cuddy who worked in the Reagan administration said, and I would tend to agree, that it has to be someone who has some credibility to usher in a New World banking system when there is as global reset after the chaos has unfolded. Many years back, he favored Jeb, but Jeb is not doing very well. We sill have a few months to go and there are always surprises.
    Will the US sit back and allow Russia to humiliate them in Syria, or will Obama pull some other stunt.
    In Israel there is a lot of tension between PLO, Hamas and Israelis, and Hizb’allah in the north after the hit on Kuntar, Baghdadi is calling for attacks of Daesh to take Jerusalem. Abbas has no desire to stop the 3rd intifada. Now I know there are those that think Israel is behind Daesh, but if that were true it would only be those Satanist-globalist types who would want to see attacks on Israel. ( I can name a few that I don’t like, but listen to Barry Chamish if you are really interested in what he thinks about the inner workings of Israeli government ).
    The globalists need a big enough war, with enough death and destruction to call for a NWO. They also need Jerusalem to be the religious capital of a global ecumenic religion that excludes “extremism” of all kinds- that would include Orthodox Christianity, Fundamental Evangelicals, Orthodox Judaism,extremist Islam, etc. Anyone with convictions based on either the Bible or the Quran becomes an enemy of this new world order. This has been the masonic plan from way back. It might be premature, but the powder keg of the Middle East looks like it’s really to explode even more. Jordan is reportedly mad at Israel about the Temple Mount and the Arabs always take pressure of themselves internally by pointing the finger at Israel. Attacking Israel, is one of the only unifying things between various Muslim states. Not saying that this will happen now, but there will come a time and when it does happen I think we will see the false peace plan.
    For those who see a 7 year tribulation period with the last 3 1/2 years being the “great tribulation” it very well could start with the year of Jubilee. I am not dogmatic on any of this, but we did have all the blood moons and solar eclipses which are prophetic signs before the great and terrible day of YHVH. The Hebrew calendar will begin on Oct 2, 2016 with Rosh HaShanah or Yom Truah ( feast of trumpets).
    Here are some thoughts for you James as you depart from RM… You will certainly be missed.


  3. “However, another reason motivating us to take a step back is the fact that Cold War 2.0 shows no signs of abating, despite the diplomatic ‘deals’ struck between Moscow and Washington over Syria. If one were to follow it on the verge of obsessively as I have for the past year or more, then the risk of burnout would run high.For better and mostly worse, the undeclared conflict will grind on in 2016 and especially headed into an election that will likely pit Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz against Hillary Rodham Clinton. 2017 — as we intended to write in a lengthy piece we’ve just run out of time to complete — could become the most dangerous year for mankind since 1983. ”
    A good summary of what to expect, i.e. more repetitive grinding but with higher stakes than ever before.
    2016 will turn out to be an even more insane year as desperation reigns by the Cabal to make final moves to get themselves out of harm’s way while trying to make the most of their ill-gotten financial instruments at further detriment to the country’s people.
    Mark Passio of labelled 2015 as the Year of False Flags, although 2016 will likely take that trophy. He has resigned himself to the fact that the second American Civil War against the federal government is inevitable barring divine intervention, based on how far gone the unawake portion of the United States population is at.
    2016 will be the final year for the Fall-of-Saigon evacuation of the United States for those who have already made emigration plans.
    While the situation in Syria improves, Europeans will start to experience more like what the Iraqis went through during the last decade’s disastrous US occupation, and what Syria has gone through for the past few years before Russian intervention. Already there are Europeans wishing they had the United States’ 2nd Amendment according to Infowars.
    2016 would see more of the same as 2015 except with different labels and intensity of false flags and geopolitical chess.moves by the Cabal to delay the Petrodollar collapse and Russia and China to accelerate the collapse once the backup plan involving Yuan swap facilities, UnionPay, the Eurasian alternative to SWIFT, hoarding of Gold and Silver, the New Silk Road, BRICS, RCEP, oil and gas deals, armaments deals and foreign bases like the Chinese base in Djibouti is made foolproof.
    Turkey’s shootdown of the Russian Su-24 jet was very shortsighted and foolhardy given they were the beneficiaries of the Iran-India-Turkey Trifecta of oil-for-gold program, a beta test for the future post-Dollar world.
    I myself had to stop buying Turkey based Nadir Silver bars despite their low premium in solidarity with Russian sanctions to the shootdown.


  4. Interesting how much of this approximates Clif High and Martin Armstrong’s forecasts as well. Some differentiation in timelines of course, but the big picture and supporting details merge into what is a horrible year ahead. Especially interesting to consider this alongside Clif High’s December ALTA report.
    Happy New Year!


  5. James,
    Thanks again for all your great insights.
    In regards to Turkey, here is an interesting interview with Sibel Edmonds:
    RT also has an article stating “Kiev announces 44% inflation in 2015”.
    Lastly, I would encourage the out-of-the-box thinking RMers to read the works of Dr. Ashram Ezzat in regards to the word origins of “Messiah” and that Judaism originated in Northern Yemen/South Western Arabia in the province of Asir. NOT in Egypt that the Holly Wood magicians and history re-writers would like you to believe. Asir-ilite = Israelite. How much would RMers like to bet that some ancient Judaic artifacts get liberated from the war torn Yemen/Arabia zone only to be later “discovered” in Israel? By way of deception is the name of the game.


    • However while Sibel Edmonds has some validity in criticising the ‘Shock and Awe’ pro-war, pro Putin vein that RT is using in the same style as the western media for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, she failed to mention that while Iraq was invaded on false pretences, Russia has been assisting Syria against a CIA funded Islamic State and stayed within international law on intervening on Assad’s request after allowing enough time for the world to see the Daeshbag atrocities.
      Even David Icke who normally pulls no punches on politicians gave a cautiously optimistic assessment of Putin on the Richie Allen show, saying while his background in the KGB shows he’s no angel, he knows what was coming for Russia if he let Syria go the way of Libya and some of the members of Islamic State were from the restive Caucasus region that has been the source of grief for Moscow.
      In short he’s a smart, if cold and pragmatic leader with an iron fist covered with a velvet glove. Its likely Putin knows about western intelligence involvement and attempted encirclement of Eurasia.
      Unless something else comes out that shows the whole Middle Eastern and Ukrainian situation was a gigantic distraction within another distraction for the Powers that Should Not Be to go underground, change names and re-emerge controlling Russia behind the scenes and the new economic order. That would be a bad day for human civilisation as the same guys who have caused much suffering for the past hundred plus years (perhaps even millennia) are still around.


      • Also an illustration of the stupidity of Russophobes and Kiev regime enthusiasts of peremoga:
        So the main Russian gas-filled trunk line from Ukraine to western Europe gets blown. Glorious peremoga (victory)! The hated Moskals of Gazprom losing revenue! Catherine A. Fitzpatrick of the Interpreter Mag — now making it official that they’re U.S. taxpayer funded/State Dept. shills by merging with RFE/RL, presumably because daddy warbucks Khodorkovsky’s fortune is all tapped out — can barely conceal her glee.
        Of course with every destruction of infrastructure, of vital power lines that flow to Ukrainian nuclear power plants that thank God could switch to backup generators on site rather than melting down like Chernobyl or Fukushima, the Kiev regime loses credibility as a reliable supplier of fuel and power to the EU. And due to Erdogan’s ‘Hitler built a strong executive’ remarks going over like a lead balloon especially in Germany, the case for building Nordstream 2.0 to double the capacity from the Russians for gas to flow directly under the Baltic Sea to the Germans will accelerate. So even when they think they’re winning, the Empire’s dull minions in Ukraine find a way to screw it up (I am not referring to the majority of the Ukrainian people, who are suffering under this regime).


      • Ken – I concur with your call that Erdoğan will be facing a military coup, or at least be under severe pressure despite or because of his purge of the traditionally secularist Turkish army, by the end of 2016. I’m hearing the same thing from my Canadian-American D.C. energy consultant source with family in Lebanon.
        The key drivers of Turkish military and oligarch discontent will not only be the collapse of tourism and agro-trade with Russia with losses reaching into the billions of dollars, but also one factor you didn’t have time or space to mention — the bleeding of the Turkish Army in combat BOTH against the Kurdish PKK inside Turkey and at the hands of the Iraqi Shi’a after the Turks stupidly provoked Baghdad, believing Washington will prevent any serious Iraqi moves against (and control of the Bosporus will prevent the Russians from counteracting) their illegal invasion of northern Iraq.
        Erdoğan’s alignment with the Saudi king coming just days before the execution of a prominent anti-regime Shi’a cleric, as well as his PM Davutoğlu’s arrogant dismissal of the Iraqis as having no military and one that can’t fight ISIS (in contrast to the heroic Turks who are sitting on their arses outside the Islamic State occupied city of Mosul doing nothing) are probably the last straws. Whether they get Tochka missiles like the Houthis of Yemen have used to kill Saudi personnel and Western mercs at the Kingdom’s bases, or Iraqi Shi’a fighters trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps infiltrate the Barzani Kurds’ lines and launch a rocket attack on the Turkish base at Bashiqa outside Mosul, 2016 is going to be the year of body bags for both the Turkish and Saudi armies:

        Turkish Israeli modified M-60 Sabra tank burning in the Kurdish town of Cizre inside Turkey’s borders

        Not just ‘Russian propaganda’ against Ankara — MSM turning on the NATO member Turks


      • Hi Joyann,

        “Colorado’s airport murals say a lot and anyone who has traveled through DIA knows that their airpot is a nightmare. You really feel like you’re getting on the cattle cars there. It has been told to me that underground bunkers in Denver are real by someone who saw them. Colorado is a very strategic center of military/defense with NORAD so it will probably figure prominently future events. The mural certainly seems to indicate that.”

        Just a thought regarding Colorado and DUMBs making the elites think that they can survive and ‘win’ a nuclear war with Russia (actually most of what I’ve posted here is taken from a RM post I didn’t publish titled ‘Thinking About the Unthinkable’). I noticed in the last few weeks, but did not have the time to do a RM post about it, that Russia has accelerated deployment of the successor to the ominously named SS-18 Satan, some of whose components were made in Soviet Ukraine — though the facilities that made it are now moribund and pose little threat of proliferation to countries like North Korea or Iran, the latter of which probably has the SS-18 blueprints already sold back in the 1990s
        The SS-18 was the largest ICBM ever deployed, and for its time in the mid-1970s was pretty damned accurate with a reasonable probability range of about 400 meters to the target, plenty close enough for a one megaton or larger warhead. Now the Russians are rolling out the Sarmat ICBM as a large, but not quite as big successor to the SS-18. This video from Southfront gets into some interesting detail about how the Sarmat, unlike any of its Soviet/Russian predecessors, will be re-targetable in flight, and be capable of flying over the South Pole as well as the North Pole, thereby bypassing even nuclear tipped ABMs installed in Alaska or the northern U.S. or the Ukraine. Recall ret. SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov’s warnings that the Americans would try to place either offensive or interceptor missiles in Kharkov oblast, which is probably paranoia but indicative of the Russian Deep State’s mindset — any U.S. ABM systems in Poland or Eastern Europe are already too close to Russia to be effective as they would be the highest priority targets of Russian supersonic or hypersonic weapons like the Iskanders in a war.

        Southfront update on the very rapid modernization of the Russian strategic nuclear triad — including the planned first flight of a supersonic large cruise missile carrying bomber by 2020, as well as deployment of eight Borei class ballistic missile subs by 2020

        Next News Network: Russians test the Sarmat, world’s most powerful and perhaps fastest (plus retargetable) MIRV’d ICBM
        Joel Skousen would see such Russian (and much more secret Chinese) nuclear rearmament as signs they plan to hit the U.S.A with a first strike — as many hardliners saw the Soviet SS-18 buildup during the 1970s and early 80s. I on the other hand view the purpose of such a buildup as massive, active deterrence of the globalists in charge of the U.S. in case they aim for world war as their dollar collapse exit strategy (per Skousen’s theory). The Sarmat in particular like the SS-18s before it that were targeted on strategic high value targets such as Mt. Weather, NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain and the like, were intended to send the message to the U.S. leadership that their surviving a nuclear war was not a guaranteed thing. Especially in light of what has been declassified about the Soviet PERIMETER aka DEAD HAND system that could’ve authorized launch upon detection of nuclear blasts inside the Soviet Union even if the Politburo/Premier were killed in a decapitating strike on Moscow. The flight time of the Pershing missiles the U.S. installed in West Germany under President Reagan to Moscow in 1983 was approximately eight and a half minutes, leaving the Soviet leaders with little time to get from the Kremlin to their Metro 2 underground train system and take it to their dacha/evacuation points outside the city! However it is no longer a secret that the Metro 2 system effectively runs parallel to the public Red Line of the Moscow Metro directly from the Kremlin to Lubyanka (one of the reasons the FSB kept the old KGB headquarters building, not just out of nostalgia or ‘neo-Soviet’ tendencies) and then to the outskirts of the city past the MKAD ring road. Today you can even tour parts of ‘Metro dva’ as tourists, there’s an elevator down to Stalin’s early 1950s bunker which has been shown on RT.
        IMO, the purpose of the Sarmats rollout being highly publicized and accelerated is to send a message to the globalists/Satanists in London and D.C. The big warhead capable Sarmats would obliterate the DUMBs beneath Denver international and elsewhere that the globalists/Satanists think would protect them in the event of a U.S. first strike, as well as counterforce to take out as many of the silo’d ICBMs and sub bases at King’s Bay, GA and Bremerton/Puget Sound in Washington State as possible. The road and railmobile Topol missiles launched from north-central and eastern Siberia would mop up the rest of the military targets. Even if Russian nuclear strategy deemphasizes hitting cities, China’s more limited arsenal recently published a map of what would be by definition a city busting one that would wipe out the U.S. East and West coasts where most of the population centers are — leaving perhaps Appalachia and the Rockies as American redoubts of survivors.
        Alex Jones is right about one thing — the globalists don’t care how many Americans die in a nuclear war as long as they think they’ll survive (and as I said above, Putin’s strategy is about reminding American globalists that most of them won’t make it even if they’re bugged out to their private bunkers in the Rockies or Appalachians/Ozarks). If a Russian target list gets ‘leaked’ in the near future, don’t be surprised if it includes places in the Rockies or Ozarks nobody’s heard of where the globalists thought their bunkers were safe from prying Russian satellites and eyes. The installation of S400 and soon S500 systems across Russia plus metro systems/Soviet legacy bunker complexes in several major cities would likely ensure that a higher percentage of the Russian elites survive a nuclear war than America’s, though Russia would still lose 100 million while the USA would lose 150 million in even a ‘limited’ nuclear exchange. The difference between Russians and Americans however, is that the Russians know their civilization could survive such a catastrophic event, after losing 30 million in the Great Patriotic War. Americans cannot be so sure.
        FT RUSS article about PERIMETER (aka DEAD HAND aka the closest thing in real life to the DOOMSDAY MACHINE of ‘Bland Corporation’ Dr. Strangelove Kubrick infamy):


      • Very graphic and realistic trailer for Metro 2034: The Last Light:
        May God save us all from this and the madmen who think nuclear war is ‘winnable’. Again I don’t think it will happen. But the globalists are being sent a message that Russia is ready for war — are they ready to die or see their loved ones die from radiation poisoning? I don’t think so. And that is why the USSA, like the late USSR by the late 1980s, will have to stand down and accept post-superpower status. Because the alternative is destruction. The Politburo came to the same conclusion by 1985, which is why they selected and allowed Gorbachev to pursue perestroika and glasnost. By the time the Soviet hardliners coup happened in 91′, it was too late for any sort of ‘soft landing’ for the USSR.
        One does not have to agree with everything the Saker or his guests write below to see that Russia is geographically, psychologically and morally better prepared for war than NATO, the U.S. included (most of the rest of NATO, with the exceptions of the cocky Turks, the French Army and maybe some elite Scandinavian units, are either a joke or would refuse to fight, especially the Bundeswehr which has good weaponry but hasn’t really practiced with it in years).
        In a conventional clash between U.S. and Russian or even Chinese forces, the U.S.A would use nukes first. It would have to, because the American people would not be prepared for sunken carriers, destroyed Anderson AFB on Guam, or the shock of thousands of casualties or American POWs in captivity in a matter of days or just one week after hostilities commenced in the Baltics or a Romanian-occupied Moldova that tried (and failed) with the Ukrainians to attack Russian-held Transnistria and got blasted.
        Greeks, Italians, Hungarians and probably Czechs and Slovaks are not gonna fight and die in a war with Russia, especially one that they have reasonable suspicion or reason to think Washington instigated. They sure as hell won’t fight in a war that Turkey instigates.
        Germans might obey orders but who knows modern Germany is not 1940s Germany a lot of German units would probably mutiny if anti-Americanism continues to rise in Germany or if they felt Washington was provoking the nuclear obliteration of their densely populated country in a war with Russia. Units in the former East Germany would be particularly unreliable.


      • SOF: My friend The Saker is worried that the Saudis deliberately provoked the crisis with the Iranians as a prelude to attacking Iranian troops and the SAA to carve out ErDOGan’s ‘safe zone’ inside Syria. I on the other hand don’t believe the Turks are that stupid as to think their military will simply roll down to Raqqa with ISIS conveniently melting away rather than putting up a fight on the orders of their Saudi paymasters.
        Frankly I think while Turkish young men I see on Twitter and NATOists are basically clueless and think the Turkish army is invincible (or the ‘clever’ NATOists think the Turks can cut the Bosporos if Russian jets obliterate their invading armored columns), the secularist, U.S.-trained Turkish generals and colonels who haven’t been purged by Erdogan have more sense than that. They did not after all invade overtly back in the spring of 2015 when the Russians didn’t have two squadrons, the S400s/300s and 4,000 servicemen and multiple Urugan/Tornado MLRS in western Syria…why would they be stupid/desperate enough to do it now at the behest of the Saudis and their pathetic military which can’t protect the Kingdom’s borders from a few thousand skinny Houthi tribesmen?

        A Russian Tornado MLRS system deployed by the Syrian Arab Army — imagine what just one barrage could do to a Turkish armored column


      • I concur with Larchmonter445’s assessment:

        Like Turkey misjudging Russia, Saudi and the US and its camel-rider coalition will find itself in deep doo-doo going after Iran inside Syria.
        Syria is now Russia’s turf. There is a virtual no-fly controlled by Russia. Though some areas are not covered by the S 400s, the airpower of RF will take down anything resembling a threat to Syria/its allies inside Syria.
        The war in Yemen is a Saudi disaster, and it is more likely that theater is where the attack against Iran’s interest will turn.
        If Turkey and SA try some insane double-team on Syria in order to “get” Iran, they will be decimated by Russian forces. Turkey is virtually at its limits. They would have a war with the Kurds armed by Russia if they really tried to do more in Syria.
        The key to any war against Iran by SA is either Israel or the US for an air attack. The inability of SA to fly anywhere alone and without protection by others is historic fact.
        The key to any war in support of Sunnis (not just protecting the Kingdom) is Egypt. If Egypt’s troops are not heavily committed, there cannot be a ground war.
        I don’t see Egypt helping in significant numbers in Yemen. They have issues of their own in the Sinai and next door with Libya, the new home of the caliphate shortly…
        The coming collapse in ISIS must be terrifying to the financiers in the Kingdom and Gulf States and Qatar. The US is scrambling to save as many of the best ISIS units and is moving them into Turkey and Libya, with some being sent to Afghanistan.
        The Syria War will continue, but the high-water mark of ISIS is over. Russia is doubling down with men, planes, artillery and special weapons that will finish ISIS in Syria by late summer.
        That reality, more than Iran, is what has plunged the Kingdom and its amateur leadership that has blundered in war, oil strategy, geopolitical gambits and picking allies.
        In the last few months, we have witnessed Turkey run into Russia and now it is caught in a war with the Kurds inside and outside its borders, and the Saudis running into Russia with a suicidal oil war and decades of Wahhabi proxy wars. Both are big losers destined to lose control and Russia is the big winner.


      • James,
        Good to see you are still around. You’re not getting away that easy 🙂

        I also concur with Larchmonter445’s assessment with a few caveats:
        1) Due to Wahhabi desperate idiocy and the recent beheadings, I believe Yemen will invade South Western Arabia to reclaim previously stolen lands. Aramco oil refineries and Abha airport already under fire. Undetermined yet how far North this will extend, but will most likely be short of Mecca due to religious reasons. Overdrained Abiotic Oil wells going under new Iranian friendly management.
        2) Flashpoints in Bahrain (where the USSA fleet is stationed), Qatar, UAE, Jordan, and Kuwait will also be on the menu.
        3) USSA led forces will try to keep a piece of Northern Syria and Iraq for future cancerous instability. They will fail.
        4) The Greater Israel pipe dream going down the porcelain throne.
        5) Lebanon coming back into play to divide Hezbollah forces.
        6) South Eastern Europe starting with Bulgaria will start to fracture (Bulgaria first due to the whored off South Stream blocking politicians). NATO fringe colonies going the way of the Do Do bird with the virus spreading inwards. Heroin routes closing (Albania). Possible false flags in Serbia to bait the Bear into conflict.
        7) China will make more of its presence in the region known with limited fringe public appearances in Djibouti and Eritrea. Must distract home serfs from slowing economy and broke Yanksitanis that can’t import the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip toys. Russia to remain “Bad Cop” to China’s “Good Cop”.
        8) Pentagon and CIA White Hats are trying to remain relevant and not be swept away with the other filth. They had better do more than leak and save-arse tactics if they wish to save the former Republic of the USSA.
        I’m wonder when will India be joining the party. The R and C in BRICS patience must be wearing thin.


    • SJ,
      I don’t know much about Col. Gen. Sergun’s passing at the age of 59. I do think his job of running covert GRU ops not only in Ukraine/Donbass but also around the world was incredibly stressful, so he really may have had a no-foul-play heart attack. Recall that the KGB Chairman and later Soviet leader Yuri Andropov suffered from heart and kidney problems.
      I recall this post by The Saker and writing about the late head of the GRU as a man who publically accused Washington and its allies of creating ISIS in my article/s about Putin’s real analytical institute brain trust curator, retired SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov:
      As for your other succinct points:
      1) Already happening — hence the WSJ wetting themselves in a Saudi butt kissing op-ed on Sunday after they woke up to the Op Houthi Dawn we’ve been reading about since Thanksgiving
      2) You or other RMers may’ve already read that a member or member/s of the Qatari royal family were kidnapped and killed in southern Iraq, not really sure what they were doing there. Also not sure if that was a Munich or Operation Wrath of #Brutalistan blood payback for Qataris funding ISIS terror cell that took down the Russian Airbus over Sinai, or just an Iraqi Shi’a hating the ISIS sponsoring Qataris thing.
      3) Yes Obama and Putin may’ve cut some deal to have RuAF help YPG advance in N Syria at expense of Turkish jihadi proxies. Bild’s #JihadiJulian aka the clown propagandist for the Ukro-Nazis and Al-Qaeda was fulminating about that the other day.
      4) Yes the Oded Yinon plan is indeed, dead as a hammer.
      5) Yes Israel stirred the pot by assassinating the Hezbollah commander who was Lebanese Druze and did a long time in Israeli prisons (I have read that the Israeli allegation that he murdered a girl by bashing her head in with a rock was made up). The intel I read from the reliable al-Masdar news in Lebanon though was that the strike was carried out with a standoff missile fired from the northern fringe of the Golan Heights aka Israeli air space — the IAF DID NOT test Russia’s resolve on the S400 or get a chance to see it in action on behalf of the NSA/DIA/CIA. Which as Jim Willie, Thierry Meyssan, ‘W’ and others in alternative media have said are keen to collect anything they can about that system or the ‘eye watering’ (Gen. Hodges words, not mine) Russian electronic warfare capabilities that DefenseOne basically admitted were superior to whatever the US Army can currently field.
      Thus far Russia smartly staying out of Hezb-Israel blood feud as part of D.C. neocons see no-hear no-speak no evil of Vlad-Bibi quid pro quo. That almost surely includes Egypt deals, Israeli and possibly even Egyptian Eastern Med gas going into a modified Southstream/Greek Cypriotstream, and Russian buying of Israeli produce especially in winter time at Turkey’s lost markets expense. Israeli tour operators also putting together all inclusive package Holy Land deals for both Tel Aviv partygoer and pilgrim Russians. Hey nobody said Israelis are dumb if they’re gonna get their billions in annual U.S. aid anyway thanks to AIPAC why not play the field and both sides of the fence too and get ready for the Eurasian world order?
      6) Bulgarian politicians have been whoring to D.C./Brussels against wishes of pro-Russian majority of their people for years now. Concur that Southstream will be revived, even if the Russians have to promise the Israelis Leviathian gas will be included to get them to break with D.C. fanatical Kagan-Nuland neocon gang on that one.
      7) Agreed. Just don’t see any major Chinese military moves and my bold prediction that Chinese would be bombing Daesh in Iraq by Chinese New Year was a bad call. Chinese specops though will get their shot at the Uiyghir terrorists alongside Russian spetsnaz in N Syria if they haven’t already fled back to Turkey. Chinese patience with Erdogan is exhausted and Beijing smells Saudi blood in water — as Giza Death Star Dr. Farrell has indicated.
      8) Also agreed, can’t wait to see what comes out after the bombshell Sy Hersh ‘DIA/JCS undermined Zero’s arming of the Syria jihadists/Muslim Brotherhood’ strategy. It’s downright funny to see neocons BSing themselves and swallowing Israeli taqqiya wholesale about Hezbollah/Iran withdrawing from Syrian battlefield due to high casualties (they’re both actually doubling down sending more fighters) AND that Saudi bought prostitute Mike Doran of Hudson Institute formerly Brookings Doha insisting Obama’s heart was never in arming the Syrian rebels (yeah right he just took down Libya and turned Benghazi into a giant CIA gunrunning op on a whim kicking and screaming!).
      Think tank hacks like Doran don’t want to think that part of the U.S. Deep State that you term ‘white hats’ has decided to push them aside and work with the Russians, at least where defeating ISIS is concerned and accepting Assad stays for now. It’s too painful, as well as too scary for them because who knows how much dirt the NSA has on Brookings Doha, Rafik Hariri Center, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Hudson and even AEI or Heritage — all the neocon think tanks that may’ve taken Saudi/Qatari money or orders? Does anybody seriously think NSA spied ONLY on the Israel Lobby and Congressmen who were in touch with Israelis opposed to the Iran deal, but not on McInsane, the Clintons or others who whored themselves out to the Saudis/Qataris?


      • James,
        Thanks for filling in the blanks.
        I guess only time will tell re Igor Sergun.
        My sense of smell tells me that the ramp up in global instability is the “Shotgun Approach” tactic of delay, derail, and pray by the flailing Empire of Tampons by “Scorch Earthing” the colonies at the Cabal Banksters request in order to buy a few more days of failing Petro-Dollar life. As the Empire continues its downward spiral, the former colonies will face further grabs by various powers and local warlords with the end result being the sacking of the financially and morally drained Empire on the homefront.
        The REAL battles aren’t as visible in the traditional sense. The backroom Corporate Wars led by the struggling and failing Western Cabal Banksters vs the rising Eastern Cabal Banksters is where the REAL action is happening. As Cabal Lieutenant Kissinger stated “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people; control the money and you control the world”.


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