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Happy Inception Date, Roy Batty!

This week the Russia Analyst was joking with the Guerrilla about the news that Russian scientists have developed a small quadrotor drone powered by impulses from the brain, rather than manual or auditory commands. We joked that if the Russians install such a thought-directed combat system in their T-50 stealth fighter they could call it the ‘Firefox‘, and Clint Eastwood will have to come out of his retirement home to steal it…”Think…in Russian!” That led to a broader discussion with ‘the godfather’ of the Team Rogue Money brain trust Agent ‘W’ about just what type of technologies are in the works or even well-developed, but yet to be unveiled by the global(ist) elites, East and West. 


‘Over the next 3 years [Roy Batty] will see things we won’t believe’

By interesting coincidence, today’s date of Friday, January 8, 2016 is featured in another 1982 motion picture, Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner, as the ‘inception date’ for replicant/android Roy Batty (memorably portrayed by Dutch actor Rutger Hauer). Which led me to ask Team RM — are increasingly human-like robots the next big thing the global elites plan to roll out? Especially Roy Batty combat types as the security situation in many European cities rapidly deteriorates and the People demand protection from the chaos unleashed by Mideast wars and Angela Merkel’s floodgates-opened borders?

Although this isn’t a JWS analytical post, we do wish to direct Rogue Money readers to Jay Dyer’s Jay’s and his talk show Esoteric Hollywood, which are among the best sources we’ve found on occult ‘tells’ in film and television. Below is an excerpt from Jay’s excellent 2012 article about Bladerunner, including the character Roy Batty’s references to an occult poem written by 18th century English occultist William Blake about the American Revolution…which inspired Hagmann and Hagmann Report guest Paul McGuire’s book ‘Prophecy of the Future of America’.


“Jerusalem” by English poet William Blake, performed by the Cadet Glee Club of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY


Luegenpresse:Amusingly, this Vice News cast from January 2015 describes an influx of over 100,000 refugees into Germany at that time as ‘massive’. I wonder if the reporter thinks the over 1.1 million ‘refugees’ who have arrived since constitutes an even more massive influx?

Get ready Rogue Money friends, in 2016 you will see things you people wouldn’t believe…and even some of that old war-like Teuton spirit reviving in the lands of the Tannhauser Gate.

A man steps to another in the street in Germany: – Excuse me Sir, I am a migrant and I just want to thank you for taking me in. – Oh, I am not a german, I’m Syrian. -sais the other. He walks on and steps to another man: – Excuse me Sir, I am a migrant and I just want to thank you for giving me shelter. – Oh, I am not german, I’m Afghan. -comes the answer. Going on he steps to another man…


Richard Wagner “Tannhauser Overture” and below, “Ride of the Valkyries” with infamous scenes from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now

The Economist's 1988 annual issue cover with the year 2018 in roman numerals and a phoenix rising from the ashes of the fiat currency bonfire. This cover was the subject of V the Guerrilla Economist's recent appearance on the Sgt. Report talk radio program.
The Economist’s 1988 annual issue cover with the year 2018 in roman numerals and a phoenix rising from the ashes of the fiat currency bonfire. This cover was the subject of V the Guerrilla Economist’s recent appearance on the Sgt. Report talk radio program.


…in the next scene, Roy Batty is himself seeking out his creator by visiting the eye manufacturer.  When Roy finds him, he cites the famous gnostic mythological poems of William Blake, America A Prophecy and A Vision of the Last Judgment. Blake’s poem is a mythological account of the American revolution against King George III, presented as an anti-christ figure and emissary of Urizen, Blake’s view of the biblical God, portrayed as an old, miserly, vengeful deity.  Just as Orc rebelled against the King, and Lucifer against God, so Roy Batty will rebel against his creator, Tyrell, for allowing him to be created with a flaw.  Wikipedia explains:

“The implications of the work are taken up in America, with the King of England trembling as he sees Orc, the embodiment of the American colonies. The Angel of Albion believes Orc is the anti-christ and Orc believes the King of England is the same. This is followed by Orc’s apocalyptic vision:

The morning comes, the night decays, the watchmen leave their stations

The grave is burst, the spices shed, the linen wrapped up

Orc provokes the Angel of Boston to rebellion:

What God is he, writes laws of peace, clothes him in a tempest

What pitying Angel lusts for tears, and fans himself with sighs

What crawling villain preaches abstinence; wraps himself In fat of lambs?

no more I follow, no more obedience pay

Together, the rebels are able to be freed of the psychological chains that bind them:

the five gates of their law-built heaven

And Roy Batty’s line:

“Fiery the angels rose, as they rose deep thunder roll’d

Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc.”

The Orc recalls the rebellion of Satan and his angels against God for the purpose of erecting a model synthetic kingdom that mimics the kingdom of God.  This is significant, as much of Blade Runner centers around genetic engineering and synthetic reality, as we constantly see mannequins and dolls, especially in J.F. Sebastian’s studio loft. For example, the background includes Atari signs: Atari is a video game company—video games are synthetic, virtual reality.

Tyrell’s company is a genetic engineering company, specializing in replicating reality to the point that when Deckard finds the scale from Zhora’s snake, he has to take it to a specialist to see if it’s real or synthetic.  Dick was amazingly prophetic in this regard, and not only was the foresight in regard to genetic manipulation prescient, the microscopic serial number on the snake scale even points to nanotechnology, far before it was well-known (in the promo video of Scott’s at the bottom, Peter Weyland mentions nanotechnology).

SPOILER ALERT: No it’s not an insane fan theory, Deckard really IS a replicant who is hunting down other replicants — straight from director Ridley Scott. Here’s another sci-fi canon spoiler — ‘the One’ in the Matrix films isn’t Neo, it’s the out of control AI Agent Smith!

Mary Sean Young Red Ice Radio interview in 2012 about Bladerunner, David Lynch’s Dune and another 2015 interview (note we don’t agree with all the contents, but we find the actress’ insights on her ‘awakening’ to the esoteric symbolism in these 1980s science fiction films interesting)

Rutger Hauer, who played Roy Batty “thirty years ago I saw the future” 2012

The future as 1940s/50s film noir and Dante’s Inferno, and the Japanese as stand ins for a Chinese 21st century…

Technocrat wannabe ‘god’ kings: Australian actor Guy Pierce as the immortality seeking ‘Peter Weyland’ in a ‘TED talk’ promoting Prometheus

On the Edge of Bladerunner – an older documentary about the making of the 1982 classic sci-fi film

2002 Esper edition of the Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis, remastered:

Roy Batty’s famous closing monologue at the climax of Bladerunner:

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  1. James,
    Thanks. The Jason Bourne Borg Soldiers are coming. I’ve seen Transhuman predictive programing Ads on Kitco(dot)com. “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”. Not. 🙂
    Just saw this a few minutes ago. Looks like more “Outta my face” шлюха chasing guys in the making. Minsk Agreements be damned by the serial contract violating Empire of Tampons and associated stooges. With their one and only “Get out of jail free Merc card” in Ukraine used up, I hope Team Putin lets the Donbass Dogs bite and publicly hang on display these corn holes and turn the event into a Paparazzi frenzy.
    According to Dr. Farrell’s latest video, the Dragon is making its presence known.


    • SJ: I concur that the merc especially Islamo-mercs (whether Turks or Arabs presence) is being stepped up among Kiev’s punitive battalions in Donbass. There have already reportedly been ‘incidents’ between the regular Ukrainian Army which is tired of war and the Ukro-Nazi battalions like Azov, Aidar and Donbass which have been sprinkled with the foreign mercs like Carl Bildt’s foreign legionnaire Mikael Skillt, NW/Upstate NY accented ‘out of my face’ guy (who is NOT English ‘demining volunteer’ Chris ‘Swampy’ Garrett, who made no effort to cover his face in the second video) and ‘I was with the Marines in Iraq’ guy. Hopefully some anonymous Mariupol-ans will get these guys drunkenly carousing in English on smartphone video and release it to RT/Sputnik et al.
      Alleged brief shoot out between Ukrainian regular military and a Right Sector group over some looting
      Mikael Skillt — a lengthy history as a neo-Nazi agent provocateur for the Swedish government — why wasn’t he arrested for calling for the destruction of mosques in 2011? There are even theories — not well substantiated — that Skillt was one of the mysterious murdering snipers on the Maidan who shot to death both Berkut and ‘Maidan self defense’ activists as part of that false flag operation.
      In a recent interview with British journalist Graham Phillips, Skillt claims he has left the Azov Battalion, and he also told a pro-Azov PR man from the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal propaganda site Nolan W. Peterson that he had renounced neo-Nazism. Peterson and fellow U.S. military veteran AH Bonenberger not coincidentally started promoting Azov after U.S. Rep. John Conyers and the House of Representatives voted to cut off all U.S. taxpayer funding for the group (they’re probably instead funded by the usual black budget NATOForeignLegion slush funds, and somebody’s paying for the junkets to Lvov and Kiev too).


      • James,
        Nils Daniel Carl Bildt has a rather shady past and looks to be a Cabal Lieutenant and Soros wanna be. “Where the Cabal virus goes the cancer grows. The solution may be “Liberated” USSA TOWs”. Markings on rockets “Return to Sender :}”.
        As an aside, Bildt was born into an old Norwegian-Danish-Swedish noble family traditionally domiciled in Bohus county. A likely blood descendant of the Dan Tribe for you religious followers. Can we call up “Silvio” in “Lilyhammer” to whack this guy?


      • SJ: Jokes about these NWO idiots getting repaid in their own coin aside, it is interesting that a Queens-born ‘artist’ who basically worked as a high class stripper for a while gets praised by The Economist, and the same day doxxes some NY lady who worked at the UN who ran a Twitter account critical of the U.S. and the Syrian rebels:
        Now that the Syrian jihadist rebels have failed miserably on the battlefield they are trying to create another Srbenica, a martyred town called Madaya, as a cause celebre. Even though it’s the rebels who aren’t allowing government and UN food aid to reach the starving people in the city — and the rebels are simultaneously trying to starve multiple Syrian Shi’a towns in to submission. And even though there ought to be enough emaciated people inside the city as MSF describes it, the MSM keep using images of starving kids from Yemen, south Lebanon, or elsewhere. If people are hungry, the main reason appears to be that the rebels stole all the food aid and aren’t permitting any civilians to leave:

        It’s crazy but when their proxies are getting their arses handed to them these guys always can dust off the 1990s Bosnia playbook. They have not yet found a Turkish or Arab army willing to go in and actually take the casualties at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army or Hezbollah to carve out that ‘safe zone’ in northern Syria that the Saudis, the Council on Foreign Relations, Hillary and multiple GOP presidential candidates have demanded.

        I expect things to get more nasty like this, it’s one of the reasons as a card carrying member of the MSM I quit Twitter, as I knew if the Saudi/Qatari/globalist shills posing as fake liberals got outed for their sponsors, they would probably start lashing out like this. And do so with intel that they get from who knows where, exactly. It’s sort of like Christo Grozev — an individual with no obvious means of support in Vienna — pushing supposedly hacked emails of my acquaintance Charles Bausman, the founder of Russia Insider. The emails are hacked by Sholtai Boltay/Anonymous International, which is more than likely simply a made up sock puppet front for NSA/GCHQ. These guys keep losing the infowar and aren’t very happy about it, so I expect them to keep lashing out even against marginal folks you and I have never heard of as an example to others that they could lose their jobs over pseudo-anonymous tweets.
        The common thread seems to include the unholy troika of Daily Beast (now basically merged via Michael D. Weiss with RFE/RL and the Interpreter Mag), Vice News, and Buzzfeed (whose reporter Miriam Elder denounced Trump as ‘a threat to America’). The globalists are also doubling down on their OSINT intel propaganda fraud via Bellingcat/Eliot Higgins.


      • James,
        I never got into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I see them as distractive brain spam with nefarious goals:
        1) To give people a sense of false importance by how many groupies they can attract. 2) To encourage narcissism.
        3) To encourage the distractive agenda of the short-attention span theater mindset of “needing to know things now” from mostly unreliable blathering sources.
        4) To pull people further into the “Blue Pill” Matrix world by encouraging “Textaholicism” and divorcing from surrounding reality.
        5) To destroy human interaction.
        6) To destroy language.
        7) To encourage petty gossip and bad behavior.
        8) To make people robotic simpleton mind slaves leading to Borg Transhumanism.
        9) To destroy critical thinking.
        Zuckerberg, a Rockefeller spawn, created Facebook (metadata tracker). That’s all you ned to know to not want to participate. The Vampire is asking to come in. Slam the door in his face.
        The Elite never intentionally do anything for your benefit.
        I understand that there are some useful applications for Social Media and for some, especially in Media, may be of importance. If one must used Social Media, then please use sparingly.
        The costs are too high for the benefits received when factoring in the hidden agendas. The best way to win the rigged game is not to play. Spread the word.


      • SJ: For the most part, I agree. Things that are merely holding people accountable for their words and the actions of governments they support are called ‘trolling’ or the dreaded ‘KremlinTrolls’ while overt calls to violence and or despicable support of ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra and other terrorist groups is left untouched on Twitter (to say nothing of the Brookings Doha Center and other Saudi/Qatari jihadi apologist fronts, including crazy Bild Al-Qaeda in Syria TOW porn propagandist #jihadijulian Roepcke). It should not have taken a bunch of teenagers or twentysomething nerds known as Anonymous (when they aren’t fat middle aged Federal Bureau of Instigation or 5Eyes ‘Anons’) to take down thousands of Daeshbag accounts.
        Plus there are inherent problems making it very difficult if not impossible for any company like Twitter or Facebook once entrusted with so much content to be fair and even handed to all points of view, particularly with the deliberate 1930s style bifurcation taking place. The globalists want you to either be a bastard who sells out your country to mass Muslim and Third World invasion and slavishly obeys D.C.’s orders, or turn Nazi like the greater Galicia Ukrainian ‘Donbass will be Ukrainian or be uninhabited’ nationalists. What they don’t want is anyone in between who can stand up to them or tell NATO or the EUSSR to get lost. The NWO is creating a nationalist versus globalist dialectic to some degree that could if it goes the wrong way could become the fascism vs. Communism dialectic of the 1930s. I’m not sure how to avoid that globalist trap except for movements like PEGIDA or the National Front to stay very disciplined and keep watching for provocateur-ing and those who call for violence against individual Muslims and mosques (which I of course oppose, it is still not too late for humane deportations from nations like Sweden or Germany).
        Even if Zuckerberg weren’t a d—che, the fact of the matter is powerful people like Merkel are leaning on him to shut down free speech in Germany critical of open borders. And that’s just the tip of the corporatist/globalist pressure iceberg that we know of. As Matt Drudge told Alex Jones what the globalists/elites want is to create cyber ghettos where there will still be ‘free speech’ until with the click of mouse or push of a button there isn’t, because ‘Kremlin propaganda’ ‘hate speech’ ‘national emergency’ ‘false rumors’ (as in the PRC) etc etc. The Liberty movement of which the financial freedom gold/silver/crypto currency and preppers are all neighbors in must retain control over some of our own platforms while using the globalist enemy’s systems to link back to our own.
        Before Saturday I had never heard of the flaming homosexual anti-open borders right winger Milo aka @Nero, but if he can be shut down than so can many others. If the UkroNazis and Kiev trolls are angry that Twitter is shutting down many of their bot accounts, maybe they shouldn’t have complained so much about the Kremlin bots or better yet simply used other platforms besides Twitter in the first place. I don’t feel much sympathy for them even though they too have the right to be wrong.
        There are individuals like the Guerrilla who can of course be very disciplined in their use of social media, but for me it had become a huge time suck and distraction, and as WG and others have surmised, I already have a lot on my plate now in family life. There are really by this point only a handful of sites that have been vetted that are worth checking every week, much less every day. Slowly I am reengaging more in exercise, getting more sleep (the RM Team know all about my daysleeper REM ways with my evening and weekend shifts job) and trying to spend more time away from the dreaded screens, as the first step towards getting out of the way.
        On a positive front, at least the liberty movement wasn’t suckered into Barry Zero and Ammon Bundy’s fed provocateur stolen valor buddy’s mouse trap out in Oregon. Though plenty of social justice warriors including the medical pothead Montel Williams showed their true colors by screaming for white militiamen’s blood, because racist, or something. I even saw the nitwit Jim Kovpak (@RussiaWithoutBS) I made the mistake of debating Ukraine/D.C. FP with over a couple hours tweet-ranting about Ammon Bundy and Tamir Rice, as if somehow urban blacks or Muslims would be helped if the feds created another Waco. SJWism like the Bolshevism and Nazism (a subset of which was western Ukrainian Banderism) that the globalists previously lovingly promoted is a death cult. As is Wahhabism. I know you don’t like to hear it as a non-believer SJ but the common thread through all of those ideologies is hatred of historic Christianity, including the Orthodox Church. Vicious Catholic Nazis like the WWII era Ustashe or the western Galician UkroNazi Uniates are of course, permissible.


      • Consider reading THIS essay strongly recommended by former Navy SEAL Matthew Bracken:
        or this commentary written in response, which is on the same subject I hinted at in my World in 2016 geopolitical post which was mostly focused on the coming European civil war. Personally I think Bracken is overly pessimistic regarding the globo-zis and Islamists ability to crush nationalism. But I offer it anyway for the gist of the general globalist game plan, which I believe is to grind Europe between the dialectical horns/gears of the Islamists and engineered but weaker neo-Nazism paired with more overtly militaristic globalism (eg creating the latter is why they went into Ukraine to stir up conflict with Russia).
        …the globalists’ game plan to deliberately put Europe into flames now that their proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria have failed to achieve full success beyond chaos and refugee creation is the main trend abroad of 2016. Not even the wars in Syria and Yemen, though those will continue to bleed out Saudi resources until the present Saudi regime collapses or the U.S. launches one last big Mideast war to try and save the House of Saud (per ‘W’s Friday night analysis) some time in 2018-19.


      • James,
        I’m glad you are taking time to get refocused and reenergized. Indeed, it takes a disciplined and aware mind to not fall into the distractive nature of Social Media as I have encouraged to be used sparingly. “I understand that there are some useful applications for Social Media and for some, especially in Media, may be of importance. If one must used Social Media, then please use sparingly.” Screen entrapment can also be bad for oneself (I have to take precautions as well).
        I reread the Saker’s article “Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layer relationship” and noticed the heavy infiltration of Jewish Globalist within Russia. There is no question of heavy Jewish influence in the USSA, Western Europe, and Ukraine. I’m wondering if the Jewish Globalist have not co-opted the Orthodox Church like the Jesuits (Jewish lite) co-opted the Catholic Church. Jewish hatred of Christianity is also well documented.

        I realize that I tend to rag on about Jews. I don’t have any direct hatred of them and have in fact had Jewish girlfriends in the past. It is their behavior and practices that I’m against. I’m simply going where the evidence points me. The evidence seems to point to a One-World Jewish controlled religion in the new and improved NWO which the BRICS are spearheading.
        I’m also glad the Liberty movement didn’t fall into the Oregon trap.
        On a different note, I’m wondering why Putin has incorporated the Romanov symbols in the Standard of the President of the Russian Federation. The Elites/ Royals love their “show and tell” symbology. Does Putin have blood lineage to the Romanovs?


  2. James, I have seen that film maybe 30 times. Saw it twice opening week. I’ve seen both versions.
    And though Ridley Scott may have intended Deckard to be a replicant, THERE IS NOTHING IN THE FILM to indicate such. I’m not going to argue Scott’s intent, but he didn’t cut the film as such. Filmgoers only got this idea AFTER Ridley Scott said so in interviews after the film’s release. Sorry, but this is a sore point for me regarding that movie.
    The rest of the article brings up fascinating points we do need to think about, and no one is pushing the transhumanist agenda more than Hollywood.


    • Ah yes. Number 9, number 9, number 9 twenty seven times (3×9) as stated by The Beatles. The number 9 is very dear to the occult as it contains all three sixes as derived from 18 and is itself an upside down 6.


  3. James,I heard Matthew Bracken’s analysis of the EU situation ( on one of the radio talk shows, not sure right now which one) and I had mixed thoughts and feelings about what he said. Have many friends in EU countries and while the situation is dire but I’m not sure that there will be full-blown well co-ordinated attacks all over Europe, the way that he described. The globalists appear to be using this refugee problem to close borders and for control, the way that 9-11 did in the US.
    The inherent nature of Islam, which is political domination and control makes it a great tool for destroying civilizations but we see the dialectic heavily in play here as pointed out in the blog post responding to the essay, which is the far-right versus the left or “progressives” as they like to call themselves. It does make you wonder if these progressive types are stupid enough or deluded enough to think they can control what happens when they create this new bogeyman ( or resurrect the old bogeyman) .
    It’s clear that chaos is the order of the day, and after there is enough bloodshed and fear in the hearts of men there will be calls to abolish the curse of all religions and have a new religion, outlined by this Pope who is looking more and more like “the false Prophet” as opposed to “a false prophet”.

    There were all kinds of rumors this week that Obama wants to be the Secretary General of the UN.
    If that happens, that would make him candidate for the anti-Messiah. He told us he grew up with all kinds of holy books and his mother would be just as likely to take him to I forget, a Buddhist Temple on Christmas. A lot of people think he is a Muslim and he certainly has very strong sympathies, but what I have thought about Obama from the beginning is that he is neither black nor white, neither Christian nor Muslim, neither American or Kenyan ( or something else), neither homosexual or heterosexual, etc, etc.
    I was traveling during his rise to popularity during the first election and was fairly shocked to see this near stranger overtake Hillary so quickly. Behind him he had New Age sympathizer Oprah Winfrey pumping him like some Messiah for change. Well here we are almost 8 years later and we see how easily people were deluded, just like they are with Pope Francis. When the Bible speaks about a strong delusion that will come it’s very easy to see how this can happen.
    Going back to Mathew Bracken, I think he hit the nail on the head about a number of issues concerning the Islamic invasion the West and the globalist role in stirring this, but I think he is also being somewhat “played” if you will by playing into the hands of the extreme right with the fear he stirs. There are plenty of Muslims who want nothing to do with Daesh and are afraid that they are getting pegged as terrorists just because they are Muslims. Meanwhile, buried in those vast number of immigrants that are being foist on the West both in US and EU ( faster in EU) there is certainly a radicalized element who themselves are being played, by believing the lie that if they join the cause of radical jihad, they will go to paradise and have 72 virgins and wine without a hangover.
    As believers in the gospel who see what’s being created, we have an opportunity to tell Muslims what we think is going on and how they are being used to usher in the New World Order. If they could see themselves as pawns in the global chess match, perhaps fewer of them would want to play? I have actually had interesting conversations with Muslims about this and they are always shocked when I explain what I think my government is doing and how they are creating the problems. When I tell them, the God I serve doesn’t look kindly on the shedding of innocent blood and all of these wars are just designed manipulate populations, they look at me in shock. I was shopping and a Muslim man had his young son at this store, and I said to him that he needs to educate him because those young people who are destroying their lives for absolutely nothing are just deceived. He shook his head in agreement and a little big of surprise to hear me speaking this way, but truth kind of pierces through the lies.
    It is important that we be wise and not fall into the globalist game. I read WND and I’ve stopped looking at people like Walid Shoebat or Pamela Geller and others who tend to polarize us. We have to walk in the place where we are not playing into the “I hate Muslim” crowd or the other extreme, which is the Pope’s message. It’s a very subtile, but very important distinction. When we as children of the true God-not Allah who is no god at all- can treat others as humans but keep our distinctiveness and not be ashamed of the Gospel this makes people think. When a Muslim has said to me “we worship the same God” I politely tell them that we don’t and explain what they think about Yeshua and what I believe about Yeshua. We do not worship the same God. The Muslims don’t not believe in the deity, the death or the resurrection of Yeshua. They believe their “Isa” is Yeshua, but he is not. The only resemblance to Yeshua is the virgin birth.
    They also think that we believe in 3 gods, God, Jesus and Mary -thanks to the Catholic church. You would be surprised how much you can share in a short cab ride, but you have to be wise. There are those I would never get into a cab with and if you have your eyes open,( and you pray) you can actually tell the difference.
    The tricky part is that the Qur’an is actually a demonically channeled book and when I have heard it playing on the news or in a store, I get chills in my spine, but not in the good sense. It’s not because I understand the words. It’s because the spirit of God in me recognizes it’s demonic. This is the power behind Islam, but Islam is not the only demonic spirit, because the New Agers channel spirits too. All you have to do is listen to Steve Greer talk abut the aliens and you know that he is tapping into spirits that are not of God too.
    There was just a big controversy on Hagmann and Hagmann because Nathan Leal criticized Dr. Ted Broer, for talking about chakras and third-eye consciousness and other New Age Hindu concepts. The talk show hosts all reacted negatively to Nathan Leal ( who first confronted Ted privately in accordance with the biblical mandate in Matthew). I know people who have gotten absolutely demonized with yoga and chakras. They have not only gotten demonized but had terrible physical illnesses relation to their spine. In yoga, Hindus believe the snake goes up your spine and and when you get to some point third eye consciousness is opened up. Becoming gods is the ultimate deception of Satan, whether through New Age or any other false belief system, its the lie of the Garden being replayed over and over.
    The point is that Satan doesn’t care how he deceives people as long as he can keep them from the truth and the tree of life, which is Yeshua. At the end of the day, we know the world is heading towards lots of violence and deception because the Bible outlines this throughout the Prophets, in the Gospels and Epistles and finally in the Book of Revelations. Personally, unlike Walid Shoebat and some of the others out there, I do not believe that the Muslim prayer is the “mark of the beast”. There is far to much work going on already to crash the financial system and go cashless with some horribly invasive technological invention that will probably control people’s minds and/or change their DNA. The technology exists and the trick is to bring society to the point of desperation where people are willing to accept whatever promises to give them the peace that they are looking for. The truth is that this we can only have when we are transformed because of Yeshua. He is the only one who can supernaturally redeem us and save us from this fallen world.
    The system that will arise will be one of great deception. I don’t think Islam is this system, but it most definitely is being used. As Alice Bailey wrote about I think the war of the religions is being staged to bring a fake savior on the scene. People will be so tired and so fed up, they will long for peace, but Yeshua reminds us he is coming in the clouds, the same way as he left and to NOT believe anyone who says anything else because these false prophets will arise and if possible even the elect will be deceived. We are also warned to not take the mark because whatever it does, it represents false worship of the beast and it is IRREVERSIBLE. This is why I don’t believe Islam is the actual beast system. People who are Muslims are totally redeemable. There are even ex-terrorists who give their life to Yeshua and renounce Islam. The rise of the Islamic spirit is being used by Satan and his powers and principalities in high places to drive the world into a state of chaos.
    I’ve said this before here, but I repeat, Muslims are just slaves of their system because there is no ability to really question and study the Qur’an. It’s a book to be learned by rote, and it is chanted in a very poetic sort of manner whether the person knows Arabic or not ( look at Indonesia-many don’t know the language of the Qur’an). This assures that the person will be bound spiritually because they will start with the prayer of conversion which is “There is no god but Allah and Mohamed is his prophet”. In Islam, this represents conversion, but it also binds someone who says it spiritually whether they believe it or not.
    Curriculum like the Common Core is taping into this confusion. There was a teacher who had the kids writing this Muslim prayer in Arabic. There are other forms of getting people to “submit” ( the meaning of the word Islam) .Christians who take their shoes off and walk into mosques or women who cover their head are “submitting to Islam”. People do these type of things to be culturally understanding but they are ushering in spiritual confusion to their lives. I have seen churches invite imams to speak. Why the heck would you invite an imam into your church? This is all part of the modern day deception and confusion that is being caused with this dialectical battle. We need to be wise as serpents and gentle as lambs , as the Bible says, or we get sucked in too.
    Sorry, long post but I’ve studied this for quite a few year and I think we must be very careful. That doesn’t mean we will all escape the violence being caused, but it just places all of this in the right perspective. These people immigrating are not better off coming to our Western cultures either and though it is a form of civilizational jihad, they are as much victims as the West that is being invaded. It just depends what lens you are looking at all of this with.


    • Joyann, I agree with you. Bracken overstates the scale of the threat. Just because a young Muslim male is willing to grope German or Swedish women he encounters on the street does not mean he’s ready to die as an Islamic holy warrior in a terror attack on a mall, school or train station. Just because certain young black males may engage in ‘wilding’ behavior does not mean they’re ready to form militias or huge gangs and engage in full scale urban insurgency as Bracken hypothesized in one of his scenarios published at WRSA in 2012:
      The real long term threat is demographic displacement/population replacement and the globalists exploiting the dialectic they created to usher in a total surveillance police state across Europe, which is what the NWO wants far more than the Continent being absorbed into some sort of Caliphate (though a few Satanists wouldn’t mind the massacres of Christians associated with such — and thanks to Salman Rushdie they all know about The Satanic Verses of the Qu’ran which keeps the author under an Iranian death sentence, lest we idealize the Persians because they’re not quite as horrible towards us kuffars as the Wahhabists).
      This is also consistent with their provocations against Russia to provoke a remilitarized Continent. The fact that so far the globalists have failed to provoke wider wars with Russia in Ukraine (no all out Russian invasion or occupation of non-pro Russian Ukraine or even all of Donbass) and Syria would lend itself to them using the immi-destabilization to play a longer game. They can turn away from merely provoking specific wars towards provoking generalized disorder and chao to set the stage for their novo ordo across Europe and the world.
      But here’s what Bracken’s essay missed: it’s not just the Russians showing stones. The Hungarians, Poles and probably Czecho-Slovaks aren’t putting up with this crap either, NATO and EU members or not. Orban declared he would defy any EU effort to slap sanctions on the new Polish government for its neutering of the Polish high court. Orban is also opposed to more Russia sanctions, showing one can be friends with BOTH Moscow and historically Russophobic Poland — just like India has successfully been able to develop trade on both sides of the Sunni-Shi’a divide in the Mideast. That bodes well for peace in Europe and Polish nationalists recognizing who the real enemy is stirring up Cold War 2.0 in Brussels, Washington, the City of London and the globalists behind them, who have sadly infiltrated their beloved Roman Catholic Church (and my own Orthodox Church to a lesser extent).


      • James,
        Peace is relative. There will undoubtedly be some more false flags in Europe and other places so that the globalists can continue to consolidate power. Not sure if you saw this company but there is a link in the comment section to the connections players in this global company that are just amazing.
        I’m not subscribed to Market Visual so I was only able to look at a few but it was enough to connect some dots, with the usual Board affiliations of JPMorgan, US gov, NSA, etc. They run everything from global prisons to airport security to you name it. Very telling and I’m sure they were very instrumental in the push for the TPP all of those other global treaties that the administration rammed through. I didn’t see any obvious Russia connections but I will look more later.
        Meanwhile, the headlines today were just staggering. Hillary’s hits on Libya to stop a gold-backed currency, Darpa making super soldiers, MIT growing human organs inside animals and the markets very, very spoked. 2016 is getting off to quite a start.
        Merkel does not seem to deserve her award on the magazine cover of being one of the top leaders in 2015. She’s looking more and more sheepish all the time. Now she will try to crack down on immigration but Pandora’s box has been open. EU must re-establish all borders quickly or continue to face seas of migrants showing up on their shores. It will be fascinating to see what comes out of Brussels on border control. My guess is they will try to implement the controls while doing their best to keep the economic union. Those two ideas go completely against the concept behind the European experiment but are very much in the interests of the global elite to implement.
        They will allow enough multiculturalism to create absolute confusion, but enough border controls to keep the capital controls on, where it suits them. The double standard will handcuff normal people but the multi-nationals will continue to have complete liberty to operate without borders. This two-tiered system will allow the continuation of global fascism to gain momentum while the serfs try to survive.
        From my reports in EU, the retail industry took a bath during the holiday system with luxury type stores doing huge discounts and many liquidating. UK is reporting decline in property prices which fueled the gains in many other markets like Spain, France etc. If the Brits pull out of these other real estate markets that will only further some of the declines in the weaker countries.


      • Back in Paul’s time, they worshiped so many gods that on Mars hill they had a shrine to honor the “unknown god” At the second coming scripture says God will execute judgement on those that know Him not. So you better know Him. Another reason why the world hates Christianity so much is the exclusivity of it: Jesus said “No man comes to the Father, but through Me. I am the way, the truth, and the life”. .


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