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The Empire of Chaos Reaps a Whirlwind of Global Anarchy

Questioning the economic collapse meme? Wondering when the current system implodes under the combined weight of global debt, geopolitical instability, and massive overproduction? Wait no longer! The collapse is not a singular event. It is a process of disruption and dissipation occurring as economic conditions around the world disintegrate. Risk is spiking and financial markets have been thrown into turmoil. Far from being the “fiction” that liar-in-chief President Obama would have you believe, the economic collapse is happening before your very eyes, if only you choose to see it.
Emerging Markets are a Harbinger

The first place to look is in emerging markets like Nigeria. Keep a close eye on events in this formerly wealthy oil state of 170 million souls. Defaults in Nigeria have risen dramatically thanks to spiking interbank lending and borrowing rates. Coupled with the rising the risk of Credit Default Swaps (CDS) that are tied to Nigerian banks who have a deep hand in the petroleum trade, and you have all the hallmarks of a looming currency collapse. Nigeria will not be alone.

What is the cause of this instability? Why, plummeting oil prices, of course. Every oil producing country on the planet is feeling the pressure of falling prices and its concomitant effect – the rising cost of U.S. dollars. Exactly what is driving down oil prices remains unclear in the minds of some. Is Saudi Arabia driving down the price of oil to destroy more expensive productive capacity in the U.S. or has the U.S. and its globalist proxies, especially Saudi Arabia, embarked upon a scorched earth policy to destroy Russia? In The Guerrilla’s mind the evidence is clear – the U.S. and the corrupt Wahhabis of the House of Saud are engaged in a price war against Vladimir Putin’s Russia to see whose economy can survive underwater the longest.

We are witnessing a contest in the financial realm similar to that which brought down the old Soviet Union. The difference this time is that the combatants are far more equal. Russia’s strength is rising while the West’s is declining. Russia has no debt. The West is awash with debt. Russia owns hundreds of tons of gold, a hoard that it grows with every passing month. The West, including the U.S. in particular, is shipping its gold to the East as fast as it can to defend its collapsing monetary system. Yes, my friends, the opponents are far more evenly matched in Cold War, Part 2. Russia is healthy and well-led. The nations in the West are corrupt and have pneumonia in their lungs.

Monetary respiration in the West is seizing up as liquidity disappears and monetary velocity drops like a stone. Many bank analysts are now calling for $20 per barrel oil, a clear financial trigger that will send the House of Saud into a final catastrophic tailspin. The Guerrilla once said that the American dream is built on Saudi pipelines. Nowhere is this more true than in the Saudi Riyal’s peg to the U.S. dollar. The rising strength of the dollar is crippling the Saudis. Throw in two failed proxy wars in Syria and the Saudis’ sovereign wealth fund is collapsing to the point that the kingdom is facing bankruptcy in 5 years or less.

The Guerrilla’s sources have confirmed that the situation in Saudi Arabia is going from bad to even worse, with budget deficits already approaching 20% of GDP and not the 13% being reported. If this is true, the House of Saud will likely collapse within the next 18 to 20 months!!! In this context, is it not convenient that the Saudi Arabian-AMERICAN Oil Company (ARAMCO) is suddenly floating the notion of an IPO to shore up the cratering Riyal? The announcement of an IPO, however, has not spurred the investor interest that was anticipated. This plan too has blown up in the faces of those who would sow pandemonium in the world for their benefit.

The Saudis are playing a two-faced game that is sure to backfire. They entered the oil devaluation fray intent on destroying not only Russian oil competition, but also American and Canadian production. In this way they planned to retain control over the oil market for the future and, with the Riyal pegged to the U.S. dollar, their currency would benefit. It was a win-win situation, they figured. The U.S. benefitted from maintaining the predominance of the petro-dollar while they, the Saudis, continued to benefit from providing the liquid backing for that dollar. They figured they could sustain even $12 to $15 per barrel oil prices temporarily, so the pedal was put to the metal. But look at the impact this policy has had! The world is now staring the potential for $7 to $9 per barrel oil in the face. Karma is a b***h.

Once prosperous oil producing nations like Nigeria and Venezuela are blowing up because of oversupply. Forget peak oil! We have entered Peak Gloom, the mother of all bear markets in oil thanks to U.S.-Saudi machinations. The experiment has backfired in a big way. Saudi Arabia will be forced to de-peg the Riyal from the rising U.S. dollar to combat deficits that are rising off the charts. They are issuing bonds that no one wants to buy. They must support their own deficits by devaluing their currency. This will result in massive price inflation that is already creeping in. The poor in Saudi Arabia, which is 25% of the population, will revolt as the pressure builds. They will hang the royal family from lamp posts if nothing changes.

Slumping Europe

The chaos extends to Europe. Do you realize, dear readers, that not a single Eurobond has been sold since we entered the new year? This is shocking, to say the least. (add Eurobond Slump Chart) Thanks to the dollar crisis in emerging markets foreign reserves are falling, resulting in less being spent on European debt. Now the ECB has to make room for buying its own bonds in conjunction with playing the part of “bolt hole” for dumped U.S. dollars,. How long do you think this can continue?


Everyone in the world except for brain dead Americans knows that ISIS is a U.S. proxy group in the Middle East. Thanks to Russia, Iran, and the Syrian Army, that group is being destroyed. It has lost its base of operations in northern Syria, its supply lines have been cut, and its petro-narco funding has been strangled. ISIS can barely keep its payroll going, its Twitter and Facebook accounts manned, and its Hollywood video budget well-padded.

Greater revelations have come out as well that not only are petro-narco funds being used to fund ISIS, there are also connections that go right up to the Oval Office. Obama’s half-brother received non-profit status for his business in less than 30 days thanks to the illegal backdating (by 38 months!) of his filing documents by the now infamous Lois Lerner.

Worse yet, the funds for Malik Obama’s business are run through the Swiss banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, as well as through Mexican banking subsidiaries. Key here is the recent “beef” between the Sinaloa Cartel and ISIS. Sinaloa’s Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, a known CIA asset, fell out of favor for threatening ISIS leaders over stolen narcotics that belonged to the Cartel. Why did Guzman make his threat? Simple, the CIA threw him under the bus so they could route Sinaloa funds to cash-starved ISIS fighters!

Disillusionment among the members of NATO is also growing. France and Germany are chomping at the bit to follow Russia’s lead in destroying ISIS. I’ll bet very few of you know that David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, recently met with Francois Hollande to throw the UK’s hat into the war against ISIS. All of this is being done very quietly because to make it public would be embarrassing to the floundering criminal establishment in Washington DC.
The petro-narco network that powers the Empire of Chaos runs from Afghanistan through Turkey, Tunisia, and Libya. It traverses Ukraine too, where it joins the flow of human sex trafficking. This is the financial conveyor belt that sustains the bankrupt West. It is being exposed and two of the main cogs in the machine, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are about to be transformed forever. Then the true evil empire will be laid bare for all the world to see.

Swiss Miss

The Swiss have missed many of the signs of the coming financial apocalypse. Recently, the head of the Swiss army recommended that “all Swiss citizens should arm themselves” against what many in the media are calling an immigrant invasion. To The Guerrilla this is a joke. The Swiss have been complicit in some of the world’s worst crimes since the days when they allowed the Third Reich to launder money through their banks. Where did the gold stolen from Europe’s murdered Jews end up? That’s right – in Swiss vaults alongside thousands of priceless works of art. Now the Fourth Reich dominates Swiss banks (See UBS & US bullying) and its gold vaults (ViaMat) are owned by the Mossad/CIA proxy corporation, Securitas, which so effectively ran airport security in New York City on 9-11. Modern economic warfare is run by proxy and executed asymmetrically.

The concept of Switzerland as a safe haven is a myth.

2016: The Road Ahead

As The Guerrilla forecast, 2015 saw the complete undermining of the dollar. The pace of change now promises to accelerate in 2016 as we enter the terminal phase of narco-petro-dollar hegemony. If you put your ear to the ground you can almost hear the old world order trembling on its foundation. Prepare yourselves mentally, physically, and above all spiritually for the change that is upon us because the anarchy sown by the Empire of Chaos is returning as a whirlwind and when it strikes it will blow everything apart.



18 thoughts on “The Empire of Chaos Reaps a Whirlwind of Global Anarchy Leave a comment

  1. V,According to reports, Iran will be adding to the glut of oil within the week. Jim Willie says the hedges on oil expire in March and that below 30$ the banking industry is in trouble. What do you say about this?
    By the way, the Third Reich had help from the Bush, Standard Oil, IBM, Ford Motor etc. Without the US there would have been no Hitler. I lost family on both sides, those who fought in WWII and died from the US, and those who were living in Europe and were sent to the camps. This is typical of how the empire of evil fights wars, sacrificing on both sides. Then the enemy gets to come in and run CIA and NASA under the guise of keeping these scientists from helping the Soviets. The stolen money was hidden and some S.American cities were off limits because of the strong Nazi presence. The Catholic Church also participated in this ( besides covering up for pedophiles). We pretended to hunt for Nazis but according to a friend whose father was involved, it was a charade. He finally quit because he knew his efforts would be thwarted.
    If the foundations are rotten, the whole building is. Our nation from way back has been built on faulty foundations. The difference between the US and France for example is that US did have the Puritans who were righteous, in spite of the masonry of some of the founders who were all connected to the masonry of Europe. Ben Franklin was part of the french lodge and the Hellfire Club of UK where skeletons were found buried.
    American people have been very naive and trusting for a long time. I hope some eyes are opened but I’m afraid when they are it will be too late. Believing in God does not require that we be dumb and blind, but as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.


  2. Per the “Economic Great Ape”:

    The chaos extends to Europe. Do you realize, dear readers, that not a single Eurobond has been sold since we entered the new year? This is shocking, to say the least. (add Eurobond Slump Chart) Thanks to the dollar crisis in emerging markets foreign reserves are falling, resulting in less being spent on European debt.

    WOW !!!!! Folks that is amazing, absolutely amazing. Paper debt has lost it’s mojo. And, back home at the ranch: No help will ride to the rescue it would seem. The ESF is probably tapped out with it’s own off the book illegal chaos expenses, and the moronic FED has just hiked rates. Way to go morons!
    A full weekend of head scratching on this issue will be part of the Wolf Gray’s next installment. Simply amazing, especially when we are already two business weeks into the year. ZIP…ZERO…NADA
    Wolf Gray


  3. In the book of Revelations, the expression Mystery Babylon is used. Mystery Babylon is a system that has elements that go back to the first kingdom that rebelled against God, Babel which means confusion in Hebrew. The last Babylon or Mystery Babylon will be destroyed:
    Since V put the American flags burning on his article, I thought it would be worth considering if Mystery Babylon is talking about America and New York City specifically. I know V lives there for now, but it might be worth considering whether or not it’s time to “come out of Babylon” both literally and spiritually. You can all look at the description and see if it fits.
    The author is not the only one who has made connections between the book of Revelation’s “Mystery Babylon” and New York City. There are others. I am not dogmatic but I have to say there are some very interesting parallels. As someone who spent many years of my life there, and who really enjoyed it I don’t say this with glee but rather with sadness, the same sadness I have about my country that that appears to be crumbling.
    Pride always comes before the fall. In history every empire that exalted itself and thought it was invincible eventually fell. Decadence also comes before the fall. These are just historical truths, as well as biblical truths that I think most of us recognize.
    The third seal which is broken in Revelations is hyper-inflation, a day’s wages for a day’s worth of food. I cannot imagine a worse place to live when hyper-inflation hits than an expensive city like New York. Economics 101, printing currency with nothing behind it is inflationary. Babylon also represents false religious systems with mixing. We can see that the UN is at the forefront of this, with the Pope as the cheerleader. I’ll post next.


  4. Any of you who have read or listen to Tom Horn have seen the bizarre things surrounding this Pope, so I will not elaborate here:
    We know the pope is very much behind the technocratic climate change economic system. He believes in income equality and is a Jesuit. He is someone to keep watching.
    Following, there will be one more about Obama.


  5. Theosophy is the system that is behind the UN and Alice Bailey’s “Lucifer Trust” now called Lucis Trust. You can go to these websites and read a little for yourselves, but I’m warning it is very occult because she channeled demons, so if you do, do so with your armor on. (Ephesians 6)
    I have never believed that Obama is a Muslim. There are too many things he does that are un-Islamic. He does have very strong Islamic sympathies. He was chosen by design following Bush for that very reasons. I am not jumping to any conclusions here but I was out of the country when he was elected and the news of his rise to fame and power out of nowhere was just amazing.
    Remember, Mystery Babylon is about mixture. It’s the ancient mystery religions that sprung up when God scattered the people who were trying to reach the sky and be gods. The languages got confused to keep them from rebelling against God but the stories remained more or less the same in every civilization.


    • Theosophy was hijacked and taken over, just as Freemasonry was from far longer back until it got taken over and subverted with the likes of Albert Pike and his Luciferian leanings. The same process is on-going with the Truth movement with the most recent being Holocaust denial (‘Was Hitler misunderstood?’ meme) and Flat-Earth to make those uncovering the Globalists plans look bad.
      From the Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society on the benefits of Vegetarianism by Theosophist C.W. Leadbeater:
      “We Want the Best
      1. More Nutriment
      2. Less Disease
      3. More Natural to Man
      4. Greater Strength
      5. Less Animal Passion
      6. Economy
      The Sin on Slaughter
      The Degradation of the Slaughterman
      Occult Reasons
      Impure Vehicles
      Man’s Duty towards Nature
      Ghastly Unseen Results
      The Better Time to Come”
      The above quote is the brief summary of topics which gives an idea of Theosophist’s view of animal welfare in 1913, long before PETA was founded in March 1980 and states the case example of the Union Stockyard mega-slaughterhouse of Chicago at the time. More meat was processed in this facility than any other place on Earth and they believe the pall of death may have influenced the notorious crime rate and gangster paradise of that city, creating the breeding ground for the likes of Al Capone during the Prohibition era.
      “Ghastly Unseen Results – I read that a young woman who does much philanthropic work in the neighborhood of these pest-houses [slaughter houses] declares that what most impresses her about the children is that they seem to have no games except games of killing, that they have no conception of any relation to animals except the relation of the slaughterer to the victim.
      This is the education which so-called Christians are giving to the children of the slaughterhouse—a daily education in murder; and then they express surprise at the number and brutality of the murders in that district.
      Yet your Christian public goes on serenely saying its prayers and singing its psalms and listening to its sermons, as if no such outrages were being perpetrated against God’s children in that sink-hole of pestilence and crime.
      Surely the habit of eating dead flesh has produced a moral apathy among us. Are you doing well, do you think, in rearing your future citizens among surroundings of such utter brutality as this?
      Even on the physical plane this is a terribly serious matter, and from the occult point of view it is unfortunately far more serious still; for the occultist sees the psychic result of all this, sees how these forces are acting upon the people and how they intensify brutality and unscrupulousness.
      [occult = ‘hidden’, applies to hidden knowledge that can be used for both good and bad, from the Latin word ‘occul-tare’; oculus = eye]
      He sees what a center of vice and of crime you have created, and how from it the infection is gradually spreading until it affects the whole country, and even the whole of what is called civilized humanity.”
      “The Better Time to Come – We might all be freed from it very soon if men and women would only think; for the average man is not after all a brute, but means to be kind if he only knew how. He does not think; he goes on from day to day, and does not realize that he is taking part all the time in an awful crime.
      But facts are facts, and there is no escape from them; every one who is partaking of this abomination is helping to make this appalling thing a possibility, and undoubtedly shares the responsibility for it.
      You know that this is so, and you can see what a terrible thing it is; but you will say: “What can we do to improve matters—we who are only tiny units in this mighty seething mass of humanity?”
      It is only by units rising above the rest and becoming more civilized that we shall finally arrive at a higher civilization of the race as a whole.
      There is a Golden Age to come, not only for man but for the lower kingdoms, a time when humanity will realize its duty to its younger brothers— not to destroy them, but to help them and train them, so that we may receive from them, not terror and hatred but love and devotion and friendship and reasonable co-operation.
      A time will come when all the forces of Nature shall be intelligently working together towards the final end, not with constant suspicion and hostility, but with universal recognition of that Brotherhood which is ours because we are all children of the same Almighty Father.”
      I can see why Theosophists are criticized. Just like when the Telestai (Gnostics) called out on the Salvationist’s hypocritical bullshit and the latter got butthurt for being exposed.
      Your ignorance is plain for all to see. Cut it out before you embarrass yourself further.


    • The video is correct to expose the ridiculous bloodletting satanic practices of Judaism, the murders and the Talmud that exposes them declaring themselves the enemy of humanity. More proof as to why religion is humanity’s enemy, and I would suggest if people aren’t so easily mind controlled by their religion, it would not matter what the ‘real’ enemy is as we would have been too consciously evolved to allow them to run the world.
      However, half of the video is ripped off ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told’, a movie that has been criticized for being made to ride the wave of Nazi sympathizing (was Hitler misunderstood? meme) within the Truth movement a couple of years ago. As one of the radio hosts interviewing Thomas Sheridan about this phenomenon said, with the right camera angles and music, one can be made to feel sorry for a pair of sausages in a frying pan.
      The overuse of dramatic emotional music like that of Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’ raises more red flags of a psychological operation at work with this movie tugging at emotional strings as this pulls the mind away from the logical thinking portion of the neo-cortex.
      The Nazi sympathizing fanatics have morphed into the current Flat Earth cult.
      As one of the comments below this video show about the sub-cultures within the Truth movement have lost all sense of ‘awakening’ and have become another version of the foaming-at-the-mouth religious zealotry:
      “…The flat earth is the topic that will topple them. Undeniable proof we have been lied to…” – GJ Cowe
      This is just the latest version of the born-again Christian, Bolshevik trooper, Inquisitor and Islamic State militant. These people are the real danger to the conspiracy and truth movement and they are a breeding ground for the next false-flag patsy to be groomed by the intelligence service agents masquerading as ‘one of them’.
      More information from Thomas Sheridan on Youtube.


  6. NS335,
    Thank you for the link to this excellent documentary. Though this films focuses primarily on Germanic situations, it has a much broader meaning for ALL of humanity in identifying the REAL puppet masters, the Babylonian Debt SLAVERY MASTERS presently under the form of TALMUDISM. I would encourage the RMers to take the time and watch this movie with an open and analytical mind. Spread the word.
    The truth shall set you free.


  7. Since the topic of the “Georgia Guidestones” have been brought up, I decided to explore this further and submit my interpretations.
    Please note the ancient four language scripts used:
    1) Babylonian (in homeage to their forefathers).
    2) Classical Greek (useful Goyims who in the ancient past helped perpetrate the scam with rewritten fairy tale books and co-opted broader acceptance).
    3) Sanskrit (again in homage to their forefathers and a telling of who the new hosts are).
    4) Egyptian Hieroglyphs (the continuation of the lie that the Jews freed themselves from Egypt. Original homelands of the ancient Jews are in Yemen/South Western Arabia).
    Next we move onto the Inscriptions. Ten for the Ten Commandments. How quaint. What I would like to direct you to is the languages in which these are written: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.
    1) English (currently being blood and morally drained nations soon to be thrown under the bus).
    2) Spanish (Jesuit/Jewish-Lite controlled Catholic Church and useful idiots that are currently being blood-letted).
    3) Swahili. A minor language (dedication to their “Blood Diamond” treasure masters).
    4) Hindi (for past deeds done (Kashmir Jesus Tomb) and future host to be).
    5) Hebrew. Also a minor language (to toot their own horn).
    6) Arabic (for their Wahhabist Goyim Cattle and distant blood relatives).
    7) Chinese (for past and future blood letting).
    8) Russian (for past and future blood letting).
    The Ten Commandments are meant for them, the “Chosen People”of the Talmudic 500 million. ALL ELSE DIES.
    Opening date: March 1980 = 3 1+9 8 = 3 10 8 = 3 1+8 = 3 x 9 = 9 inverted = 666 = Kabbalist Voodoo Numerology.
    Author: R.C. Christian = play on words for Rosicrucians, a Masonic worshipping Cult patterned after Egyptian mythology to reinforce their lies of coming out of Egypt.
    The physical data and other details I’m not yet sure what to make of it.
    What do you think of this deciphering? Is it becoming clearer who the REAL enemy is?


    • I think that Veteran’s Today article on the history of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, RKM, and their original beef with the Russian orthodox empire while likely plagued with flaws, a better long-view story of the history of these parasites without the Reptilian stuff.
      I have put the link to that before but the Russian Analyst had his own critical view as Gordon Duff has himself admitted he makes up some of the articles on Veterans Today.
      To those of us who have done our research this is rather evident who the real enemy is, and their ‘money magick’ as VT likes to say.
      The problem is not enough in the alternative are awake to this specific information that identifies the real enemy and are just latching on to the ‘awakening’ phenomenon like its some cool new fad, and then there’s the large majority those who will read only the mainstream news and never look into the ‘series of tubes’.
      I share Mark Passio’s view that the echo chamber effect can delude us into believing there’s a mass awakening.


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