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3 thoughts on “Guerrilla Economist Radio 1/22 w Roger Ver Leave a comment

  1. Any possibility of RM accepting bit coin for payment?
    Anyone know of any PM dealers accepting bit coin, or if Karatbars does?
    Seems like a couple good ventures to get on board with bc.
    Also – any you folk know what the most streamlined method is to liquidate (sell) bc if needed?
    Tx in advance!!!


  2. Amagi Metals and Veldt Gold take Bitcoin for PMs. Both very reputable. I had nothing but good experiences dealing with both. Bitgold give you an allocated account with a MasterCard in your choice of 3 currencies. You can also take delivery on physical if you prefer.
    BTC can be liquidated pretty quickly on any exchange and you can then withdraw cash onto a debit card at some exchanges or into your bank account. Local Bitcoins is also a superb and completely anonymous way to liquidate BTC. Again, I’ve had nothing but good experiences and met some wonderful people through


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