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The X-Files Are Back and the Trailer Features a Character Ranting about a Mega False Flag

The Russia Analyst doesn’t watch much TV — thanks to our day job plus researching and writing lengthy articles over the past year. However, we just may have to watch the return of The X-Files via Netflix after listening to a conspiracy host character ranting in the trailer about the mother of all false flags — for which various terrorists or even Russia might be blamed. Show creator Chris Carter has acknowledged listening to and reading a lot of alt-media since 2002, when the original series wrapped up its ninth and final season. Carter even alludes to a conspiracy show host character as being Alex Jones-esque and an ally to Mulder in the new series (Jones has said that Carter or other X-Files writes are Infowars listeners). 


Numerologists will note that the original X-Files pilot ran on September 10, 1993, barely three years after President George H.W. Bush ’41’s famous September 11, 1990 ‘New World Order’ speech, and most alternative media consumers are aware that the pilot of the series’ The Lone Gunmen spin off show infamously portrayed remote controlled planes flying into the World Trade Center as part of a false flag operation run by a globalist cabal months. That episode aired on March 4, 2001.

Since the Russia Analyst has to wait until The Man in the High Castle comes out on DVD, due to our shall we say fraught relations with, we may watch The X-Files on Netflix in the meantime.


The notorious Lone Gunman pilot episode, foreshadowing the 9/11 conspiracy


One of my favorite clips from the series on YouTube: the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) chats with a shape-shifting cult leading alien


Mike Doughty and Soul Coughing’s ‘Unmarked Helicopters’


Alex Jones interview with Dean Haglund, who says the X-Files writers listened to Jones shows back in the late 1990s and early 2000s

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  1. Sort of surprising the Networks are allowing some of this to get aired. To even mention 9/11 in any other than the official context used to get you in a lot of trouble.


    • If the report is true, it is a major red alert there. Its a message to his friends to try and infiltrate Russia. Why else would he call on Brussels, the location for the headquarters of NATO and the European Union, as well as one of the centers of the global pedophile child trafficking network (Marc Dutroux case almost busted this wide open).
      His blotchy and wrinkled amphibian face has it. This is the guy who helped his Nazi mentor send thousands of his fellow Hungarian Jews to the gas chambers and he had no trouble doing it. Now he’s trying to find a new ‘job’ in the new economic order because he knows the western banking cabal’s days are numbered.
      East Asia hasn’t forgotten his role in the Asian financial crisis of 1997 and his suspected involvement with the disappearance of MH370 and shootdown of MH17 related to his beef with Malaysia over that country standing up to his attempts to profit from the 1997 crisis. This guy has more blood on his hands than Victoria Nuland.
      The doors are rapidly closing around him with the shutting down of his NGOs and destruction of his material so he’s left with pretending to be humble before he’s hung from a lamp post. Its all an act. Don’t buy it. This is what psychos do and its a high probability the report is not a fake.


      • SOF,
        Soros for sure, is not to be trusted, but this part of the article is worth quoting:
        “According to him, the European Union may soon collapse due to the refugee crisis and the lack of leadership. In order to survive, European leaders need a “new Marshall Plan” in which Russia should play a key role, the investor stressed.”
        “Soros has always been a supporter of the idea of the EU’s existence, but now he sees that the EU is “falling apart”. ”
        So his beloved EU is crumbling, and he’s trying to figure out how to save it. It is contradictory on it’s face, as he is one of the architects of the current situation.
        I can speculate that the EU as it was wasn’t fascist enough for him, so through collapse you ‘can’ send it further to the right, which will bring war as it will be a nationalist free for all. So war and Genocide for Europe is one possible outcome he was looking for, but you wouldn’t need Russia involved in that, and they wouldn’t take the bait anyway. Also with collapsing oil revenues, Russia is in no position to help fund anyones Marshall Plan, let alone one hatched by this old toad.
        I’m wondering if Soros is indeed rattled that his ‘pet’ EU is crumbling, and grabbing at straws? Hoping cooperation with Russia could stop the spigot of refugees that’s helping to destabilize the place more than he had planned for? With his NGO’s being increasingly shut down in Russia, and proving ineffective anyway, I can’t see increasing the infiltration of Russia as a successful strategy at this point, but desperate men do irrational things. Anything’s possible.


      • I’m just guessing, but it could be the elites have underestimated what the European peoples will do when really pressed. I think the swiftness of the nationalistic reactions to these manufactured crisis has startled these people, I believe they thought they had extinguished these notions from Europe forever.
        The same will eventually happen in N.America, I would think. This still has the potential to turn real ugly in many ways.


      • That and also the dark occult have internal rivalries of their own. One group wants to quickly implement a global prison planet, the other (like Fabian Society) prefers a slow frog in boiling pot method to avoid the kind of backlash permanently ruining their objective and forcing them to start from scratch, like the current effects of European nationalism.
        They have been rushing through ill-planned false flags and overplaying their hand over and over again, in some cases admitting their real intentions in their isolated hubris since the no-plane-on-Tower 7 in 2001 started the whole movement that questioned the official story.
        Living in opulence can distort the sense of reality for the Cabal.


      • SOF: Another sign of elites infighting including on the Zionist side is Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon — the same one who told Bloomberg’s Eli Lake and a roomful of people at a conference in D.C. back in December that Hezbollah and the IRGC were pulling out of the Syria war on Assad’s side due to heavy casualties — telling his Greek counterpart in Greece that Turkey has been funding Islamic State from the terror-group’s beginning.
        This is the same claim that NATO/EU(SSR) propaganda efforts like @EUvsDisinfo have called preposterous Kremlin propaganda to defame a NATO member state:
        JWRA and Team Rogue Money vindicated that Turkey will be thrown under the bus and along with Saudi Arabia to a lesser extent, blamed for the spectacular rise of ISIS. We’ll see if the Turks and Sauds don’t push back and leak that they had orders from You Know Who to fund these bastards.
        So either Minister Yaalon is in the habit of telling his audiences whatever they wish to hear — quite likely — or something is shifting in Israel even though they just re-opened diplomatic relations with Erdogan’s government. Perhaps they know the AKP ruling coalition is not long for this world. Erdogan’s threats that he won’t tolerate Russia setting up an FOB/helicopter base near Turkey’s border in Syrian Kurdistan has a ‘so what ya gonna do about it?’ aspect to it. He’s writing verbal checks his Army won’t cash by risking the Americans’ ire and direct clashes with the advancing SAA backed by the Russians.
        Fortunately for the neo-Ottoman Sultan, Russia is denying that it plans any new base in NE Syria at Qamishli — for now.
        By deception shalt thou make war.


  2. Speaking as a long time fan of all things X-File, I would caution all viewers to not place too much store on the plot lines of the new show. In fact, I would say, pay more attention to what they won’t mention instead of what they do mention. I do think we’re dealing with a Limited Hangout media operation. Do not EVER put great store by anything broadcast by a mass medium. The most sensible truth I’ve ever read about Roswell was in Joseph P Farrell’s book “Roswell and the Reich.” Note that Mulder placed the blame for Roswell on “the Russians” in last night’s episode. Perhaps, laughably, Chris Carter was wryly hinting at the Nazi’s without saying so. The episode was entitled, after all, “My Struggle,” aka Mein Kampf, whose re-release, by the way, is flying off the shelves.


    • BanksterSlayer — I noticed back in 2011 TPTB put out the laughable story that the little men recovered from the Roswell craft were mutants genetically engineered by Stalin. That story is almost as bizarre as believing they were actually ETs.
      If there were such a program of genetic manipulation going on, up to and including Stalin’s ‘ape soldiers’ (with a nod to the Guerrilla) I think it would’ve come out in the 1990s, not during a period of renewed Cold War 2.0 tension.
      One more thought — while we know thanks to Operation Paperclip the U.S. and UK got the bulk of the Nazi scientists led by Dr. Von Braun, who’s to say that if those Hanabu or Nazi saucers tested in Bohemia in the last few months of the war didn’t wind up in Soviet hands? Me thinks the Soviets got the Nazi ‘ET’ anti-gravity Vril saucer hardware, and we got the software, hence there had to have been some horse trading going on in East Berlin…(W knows why I have been researching this subject for several years, though I haven’t read Farrell’s book or Quayle’s latest about the Nazi supercities under the Antarctic ice 🙂


      • V — great piece my friend. I had almost forgotten about Rosneft acquiring Morgan Stanley’s entire oil trading division. I will publish my own thoughts on the Russian economy and the anecdotes I’m hearing which aren’t good, in the short run, along with reasons for optimism in the long run soon.

        Also the level of self-delusion on the part of the State Dept. and majority of the Russia watcher crowd regarding Donbass is high. They think because Russia has weakened economically that the Kiev regime is about to achieve via negotiations what it failed miserably to achieve on the battle field at a cost of over 15,000 KIA, despite NATO mercs and U.S. money and advice. As if the Rada would ever agree to full constitutional autonomy for Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as the withdrawal of ALL U.S. mercenaries and NATO advisers from ALL of Ukraine that Minsk2 demands…in fact, Putin just said that the Leninist authorities of the 1920s USSR made a mistake in adding Donbass to the Ukrainian SSR. Does that sound to you like somebody who’s ready to just hand over Donetsk and Lugansk plus the entire army of Novorossiya which we’re told has hundreds of tanks and tens of thousands of men armed, fed, trained and paid at Russian expense over to Kiev for Washington’s worthless promise of a few sanctions being revoked? To betray 100s of thousands if not millions who trusted him on both sides of the Donbass/Russian border? I don’t think so.
        I keep in mind that these are the same State Dept./MSM pukes who imagined Russia was about to get bogged down in a second Afghanistan in Syria and that the CIA/Saudi/Turkish backed TOW jihadis were basically invincible.
        The Donbass war is about to be put in the deep freeze, as Washington realizes it will take years to even build up the Ukrainian Army to any point where it could hope to launch a successful attack, while there is great risk of a Franco-Italian-Visegrad-Austrian revolt against the sanctions by 2017. Germany is a wild card with Merkel’s political demise having been predicted many times but a renewed immi-vasion this summer might just finally cook Mutti’s goose when the Bavarian CSU (representing the same manufacturers hit by Washington’s design with the sanctions) have had enough.
        Here’s a joke from Russian sci-fi writer Berezin, who joined the DNR militia, in response to a Skype question from a writer for The New Yorker, which sort of cuts to the chase regarding Ukrainian volunteer battalions’ bravado about fighting the modern Russian military like Davids versus Goliaths, when in fact the Ukrainian Army was in the position of Goliath (prior to July 2014) — and after a brief Russian intervention through September lost to a bunch of Donbass miners and truck drivers who fought at Donetsk Airport and Debaltsevo without any airpower whatsoever:

        How do you think this will end?
        Best result for Russian-speaking people in Donetsk is the complete destruction of the regime in Kiev. When the capital is ruled by normal, adequate people who are in pursuit of Ukrainian—and not American—goals, then we can exist with them in peace. If Russia would have taken part in the war, then the war would end very quickly and with bad results for Ukraine. Maybe I can tell you a joke one hears on the front lines?
        A Ukrainian soldier was asked, “Why are you fighting in Donbass?” And he says, “Because there are Russians there.” The soldier says, “And why are you not fighting in the Crimea?” And he says, “Because there are Russians there.”

        Don’t forget this tidbit as well: Polish politician to EU(SSR) — we already took in our share of Europe’s asylum seekers/refugees, but from Ukraine, not the Middle East.


      • SOF: “The next big piece of intel would be what the Rockefellers or some other rich family dynasty will be investing in which alternative energy stocks.” If silver shortages are going to become a real thing due to clean energy breakthroughs or consumer electronic demand, I’d also expect more info out of Chile on who’s buying up copper mines down there while prices are in the toilet.
        From what I’ve heard it’s been the Chinese but maybe the Sino-Rockefeller White Dragons if not the actual Western R+R families are active in that sector. ‘W’ and Juan Savin are the men to ask on all things South America, I hope we see more of Juan’s writings here given the major shifts in governments from Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina and Russian/Chinese allies Correa in Ecuador and Morales in Bolivia under pressure by collapsing commodity prices and currencies vs. the $. If Yuan-ization doesn’t happen in Greece as it is happening in Zimbabwe maybe one of those Latin countries would be a candidate for being one the first to peg to the red-back in order to stabilize the local currency within some floating range.


      • Maybe I should start buying up copper wires, and its not because I am an electrician, LOL.
        I have already kept a cooler from an old video graphics card with copper heat pipes. Quite a shiny and visually attractive metal when its not covered with the dirty green patina.


    Steve’s got quite a business going with all of his disclosure and contact business:
    I’m sure if he keeps up demonic channeling, he will make “contact”. The question is who is he making contact with? This is what Yeshua meant when he said it would be like the days of Noah.


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