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8 thoughts on “Guerrilla Economist Radio 01.29 w. Trinity Trading/FOREX/Guerrilla Leave a comment

  1. SouthFront: Libya Instability Threatens Regional Security
    Libya will be the next big problem for the Daesh as the government structure has been destroyed.
    Watching the video I guess Russia will be far less likely to be involved as its more concerned with domestic security, with China being more involved with the backing of this international group to run Libya.
    And then there is the world gamechanger of world reserve currency going to those who run BRICS and AIIB.


    • at 1:25:00 – Russia might prove my inference wrong and do it but with limited air force involvement and by giving Egypt the equipment needed to clean up Libya (since they are already using their Air Force to keep the Daesh busy in Libya and their experience of the terrain will be invaluable, aren’t in the same level of local emergency unlike Syria).
      Russia’s electronic warfare to impose a complete comms blackout like in Syria and S400 SAM batteries deployed initially on the Egyptian border will keep out any US ‘intervention’ and make it solely the Russian-alliance playground.
      Libya is a little closer for start points for Russian Navy routes than Syria. El Saloum on the Egyptian side of the border has a underdeveloped harbor but its less than 10km drive to the border and could be a jump off point for tanks. It will be an interesting rehash of the WW2 North African campaign with new tactics and technology.
      1:36:00 – Miniskirts will defeat the immigrant hordes by causing death by laughter.
      It seems that certain critical spots had bad audio, especially with UK’s economic situation.


  2. SouthFront: Fortress Kaliningrad
    Don’t these guys from NATO ever quit? This is why Russia might not want to be involved in any further Middle-East conflicts like Libya. Enough problems at home.


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