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More Saudi Losses in Yemen War

While much of the focus of U.S. diplomacy and impotent neo-Ottoman rage is the current encirclement battle waged by the Russian-backed Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its multinational Shi’a coalition allies north of Aleppo, Riyadh’s losses continue to climb in the quagmire of Yemen. The latest humiliations for the Saudi Kingdom involve scores of dead and hundreds of wounded mercenaries and Saudi-allied African troops from a Tochka missile strike/s against the Saudi coalition occupied Al Anad base inside Yemen.

U.S. sold Patriot missile air defense systems apparently failed or were not in position to shoot down the Soviet-designed, early 1990s vintage weapon. In a sign that Russian GRU Tochka technicians may have been busy in both theaters, Tochka missiles have also has been used in recent days by the SAA/Hezbollah against jihadist held villages along the Turkish border.

The pro-Assad Lebanese Christian reporter Leith Fadel (@leithfadel) writes for Al-Masdar News:

The Yemeni Army and their popular committees launched a lethal missile strike on the Al-Anad Airbase in the Al-Lahij Governorate on Saturday, killing an estimated 200+ Blackwater mercenaries and Sudanese soldiers in the process. According to the Yemeni Army’s report, a Tochka missile was fired towards the Al-Anad Airbase by one the Republican Guard’s missile battalions; this missile strike caused severe damage to the base and to the equipment stored there. Apache helicopters, Typhoon fighter jets and armories belonging to the mercenaries were destroyed in the missile strike.

Al-Masdar News also reports that the Houthis and allied Yemeni Republican Guard forces were able to seize a town called Sharfa after routing a local Saudi garrison in the border province of Najran:

On Saturday morning inside the Najran Governorate of southern Saudi Arabia, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard forces – in close coordination with their popular committees and the Houthis – seized several military installations in the town of Sharfa after intense clashes with Saudi Royal Army. According to Al-Masdar’s Yemeni war correspondent Tony Toh (@TonyTohcy), as many 4 Saudi soldiers were killed and several armored vehicles were destroyed by the Yemeni Army and their popular committees this morning in the western countryside of Sharfa.

The Najran Governorate of Saudi Arabia has been the target of several attacks by the Yemeni Army and their popular committees as of recently; this is due to the province’s proximity to Yemen’s northern border.

A Saudi counterattack on a Houthi-held border town over the weekend also proved to be a failure, according to Fadel, suffering scores of casualties:

The Saudi-led Coalition has suffered another devastating loss in southern Saudi Arabia after launching a wide-scale offensive at the city of Rabu’ah in the Asir Governorate. Aggravated over the loss of Jabal Al-Doud earlier this week, the Saudi Royal Army conducted a massive assault on the Yemeni Army’s defensive positions at this mountaintop outside of the city of Rabu’ah.

However, the Saudi assault did not go as planned, thanks in large part to the Houthis and the Yemeni Army, who refused to yield any territory to the Coalition forces. The Saudi forces were eventually forced to withdraw from Jabal Al-Doud and the city of Rabu’ah after the Houthis and the Yemeni Army killed 28 of their soldiers on Sunday.

The Houthis destruction of several U.S.-made armored vehicles last week was confirmed by fresh video evidence of an Abrams tank exploding with its ammunition cooking off following a Russian-made Konkurs anti-tank rocket strike, and an abandoned Bradley infantry fighting vehicle left behind by the Saudis.

The destruction of advanced British made Typhoon fighter bombers, multiple American built Apache attack helicopters and more deaths of Blackwater mercenaries from undisclosed Western or Latin American countries could increase the pressure on David Cameron’s UK government over Britain’s intelligence and logistics support for Saudi aggression in Yemen. Jeremy Corbyn, the much despised by Fleet Street British leftist Labour Party leader, might be the one along with Labour leftist back benchers to press Cameron for answers during this week’s Prime Minister Question Time.

The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), to which arch-globalist George Soros has been a donor in the past, is giving any Question Time MP critics of Britain’s role in the Yemen war plenty of ammunition. HRW says on its website that the British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond is lying about Saudi war crimes in Yemen and Britain’s role in assisting Riyadh in its military campaign. In particular, HRW is calling on the British to halt the transfer of bombs and rockets used to target civilian infrastructure like hospitals and schools in Yemen:

For months now, United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has denied that violations of the laws of war are being committed by the UK’s ally, Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi-led coalition’s bombing campaign against the Houthis in Yemen. And he’s repeated these claims despite documentation from international human rights organizations – shared with the UK Foreign Office – detailing multiple cases of such violations. For example, Human Rights Watch has identified 36 unlawful airstrikes carried out by the coalition, and has gathered the names of least 500 civilians killed in those strikes.

But our research is now powerfully reinforced by a United Nations Panel of Experts reporton Yemen, the most comprehensive assessment so far of the conduct of the warring parties. The report flatly contradicts British ministers’ claims, and finds that the coalition has “conducted airstrikes targeting civilians and civilian objects, in violation of international humanitarian law,” including refugee camps, weddings, buses, residential areas, medical facilities, schools, mosques, markets, factories, an airport and a port.

Faced with this new, substantial and damning body of evidence, the UK government can no longer deny Saudi Arabia’s serious abuses in Yemen.  A major shift in approach is needed.

This increasing criticism of David Cameron and his Foreign Office lying on the Saudis and the British arms industry’s behalf could be yet another sign of Team RogueMoney, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Dr. Jim Willie’s theory that Saudi Arabia is ‘on the menu’. The dirt cheap crude (that Deutsche Bank recently claimed will fall to $9 a barrel, confirming the Guerrilla’s pricing call of weeks ago) that was supposed to devastate the Russians and give global consumers a boost from cheap gasoline is unraveling Saudi and GCC Sunni power — the same forces that Israeli hardliners and neoconservatives in Washington once counted on to wage proxy war against Assad, Iran and Russia.

Once a linchpin of the petrodollar system imposed after President Richard Nixon abandoned the gold standard in the early 1970s, the Saudi Kingdom is now teetering on the brink of a nationally demoralizing defeat at the hands of the poorest Arabs on the planet in Yemen; abandonment by its Israeli, Qatari and UAE Sunni Persian Gulf allies who are in talks with the Russians and Chinese to stabilize energy prices and settle the Saudi-Turkish fueled war in Syria; currency and capital controls to stanch the bleeding of the riyal amidst $12 to $20 billion a month deficits; and most urgently, a looming palace coup that could remove the 30-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his doddering father before the Saudi princes realize it’s too late.

Warning: Graphic footage of dead Saudi soldiers filmed in January 2016

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  1. We need much more of the above videos showing soldiers being shot dead live on video with heads busted open etc, to show war as it is. Censorship assists in the perpetuation of wars of aggression.
    Thank the Divine Universe for mini-cameras.


    • SOF: I don’t relish gruesome footage, and I don’t have illusions that even if millions of Saudi citizens saw that it would stop the war tomorrow, not without them risking their freedom and lives to take to the streets and demand it end. Even though I don’t agree with the Houthis Shi’a theology (which isn’t the same type of Shi’a as Iran, contrary to all the GCC propaganda, they haven’t killed or captured a single IRGC operative in Yemen yet!) their fighting spirit and guerrilla warfare is superb, while I’ve never seen a better equipped army fight more pathetically than the pampered, spoiled Sauds.


      • Neither do I. But there are still too many idiot marshmallow types in the world with the stereotypical Elliot Higgins appearance who will blindly support wars of aggression because of the false government/Hollywood/video game propaganda and soldiers have to go get blown up ‘defending’ these same POGs and then abandoned by the system.
        If these videos aren’t effective with the Saudis, at least anyone out there of voting age (or any kids who lied about their birthday) will see these things and be educated against supporting war by their own country’s government or avoid signing up into the meatgrinder.
        The Houthi war is justified because they were dealing with an internal problem, they kicked out the president because he was a foreign agent, and Saudi Arabia decided to be the boy-in-short trousers bully of the playground because it thought as a larger and richer nation it could impose its will. The reasons for the Saudi invasion are as old as human history, if Dr Willie is correct about the Yemen’s untapped oil resources.
        That’s why the question, ‘Who threw the first punch?’ is the only question that matters.
        What you said about the Houthis is right, they are the desert+modern version of George Washington’s Revolutionary Army down to their ambush tactics and iron will. Watching their videos is a great antidote for depression. I wish them a victorious journey to Mecca and Riyadh.


      • SOF: EH is a lying, plagiarizing (of others work on the East Ghouta chemical rockets) douche. His strategy like that of every other NATO troll is to try to tear apart everything the Russians say while treating every laughable, stupid claim the Kiev regime makes as rock solid. So apparently the Ukrainians are telling the truth when they claim the Dutch Safety Board never asked them for radar images from July 17, 2014, but the DSB isn’t lying when it said it reviewed relevant non-military Ukrainian ATC data (and stayed totally silent on actually interviewing Ukrainian air traffic controllers who were on duty that day, as opposed to what the Dutch papers are reporting that Dutchmen never received access to them):
        I’ve had the displeasure of interacting with him on Twitter. Same con with his sidekick Aric Toler a KU grad student, “Anybody can check our open source work! It’s not like that spy satellite and other secret stuff no one can independently verify or those fancy schmancy ‘sources’ of Seymour Hersh or Robert Parry!” Oh but when they do check his work and find out for example, that a key juncture where Eliot claimed the dreaded rebel/Russian manned BUK was towed on a Volvo truck trailer couldn’t possibly handle a flat bed trailer due to the grade and no actual off ramp being there, well then that guy Max van der Werff is just another Kremlin troll. Who the heck needs to actually investigate the sites on the ground Eliot and team Bellingcat can ID via Google Earth?


      • Mlytle0 – I guess the outcome in the Iowa caucuses, and a more flagrant fraud against Trump in New Hampshire that will be explained by the media as people reacting to the echo chamber of ‘Trump as a loser’ they’re trying to create, will prove ultimately whether The Donald was an Establishment plant or a free agent, a wild card. I lean towards the latter, having seem him overtly embrace a Buchananite agenda, even though back when Trump was just another NYC/NJ businessman donating to both sides of the aisle he also spoke in less than PC, economic nationalist terms (in other words even if The Donald ‘evolved’ to what he says is a pro-life position, I don’t think his economic views have been simply made up according to focus groups or what the CFR tells him like Cruz/Rubio and the Establishment also rans). Being a real estate mogul instead of a manufacturer, The Donald’s also partially ‘talking his book’ since he cannot outsource much of his hotels empire despite many Trump resorts around the world — many Trump supporters in Iowa articulated that as the best reason to vote for him, even if they didn’t try to claim that The Donald would understand regular joes like them much less the showy Iowan Churchianity crowd.
        I believe The Donald’s pragmatism about the Russians and Putin which marks his most unforgivable deviation from the Washington Establishment is a product of his interactions with Russian moguls like Prokhorov in business or socially, from having rich Russians as Trump resort clients (his views on the immivasion of Europe probably in part come from horror stories his wife Melania read from her native Slovenia, which was overrun by tens of thousands of young Muslim males last summer). It’s interesting that Trump’s applause generating line of how he’ll get along with Putin and that Vladimir Vladimirovich is a strong leader gets greeted with greater horror among neoconservatives than his vague and probably impractical proposal to ban all Muslims entering the U.S. for some time. The neocons just see Muslims as pawns, either for their fantasies of worldwide revolution that appeal to their Trotskyite origins (ala Michael D. Weiss with the ‘moderate’ Salafists in Syria) or as threats to be demonized (pretty much every Muslim who isn’t with the Empire’s program, especially the Iranians/Shi’a). That tells you something about just how obsessed the neocons are with ‘beating the Russians’ as their entire worldview of ‘we were the ones who pushed Reagan and Thatcher to win the Cold War’ starts to come unglued if NATO basically hollows out or the EU(SSR) attached to it like a remora on a shark gets abandoned. That would mean that Buchanan whom they demonized as a Nazi was right and history has not ended, and nation states will not go quietly into the night of a borderless New World Order where the neocons imagine themselves as the top courtiers and Atlanticism as eternal.
        The Alt Right may be overtly racialist if not racist. But at least they like Vox Day honestly give Muslims the dignity of taking their beliefs at face value rather than pretending that ‘all religions are the same’ or that Muslims will magically change their faith once exposed to enough easy T and A/consumerism in the West. That is partly what the Saker was talking about in his last podcast. And I say this as a neo-reactionary who cannot call himself either a conservative or libertarian in the usual sense anymore — though I recognize that a growing number of Ron Paul libertarians are veering into the Alt Right. I don’t like the Alt Right’s obsessions with WWII revisionism (debate yes, WWII can be endlessly debated on numerous subjects, but I have little brook for the people who say no extermination of the Jews happened or Stalin really was ready to attack Hitler on June 22, 1941 against all evidence to the contrary), Jews and blacks. Or its occasional neo-pagan face that is so frequently shown on Red Ice Radio. The old pagan gods were all and remain demonic, the King of Kings and His saints have trampled them all down. If the ‘gods’ come back, then it really will be a high tech version of ‘as in the days of Noah’ with the pagans all awaiting their pagan magick king to rule them all.

        OTOH the Alt Right does produce some pretty smart commentary, like this take on Ted Cruz (and his ally Glenn Beck) as smarmy televangelist/s:


      • These marshmallow types aren’t good at covering up their stupidity. They don’t seem to fully understand that the internet is a place where a much larger and less biased jury (i.e. anyone who is bothered with fundamentals of journalism called “facts and evidence” that stand on their own before judging who is in the right) can investigate.
        The Feb 1st Russian military report on Syria showed the Russian General being sarcastic at the complicit western media and their eagerness to support the lies of Turkey. ‘Let’s see how fast they will agree with this evidence of Turkish artillery pounding Syrian residences,’ can be assumed to be an indirect snipe at the likes of the NATO marshmallow.
        The marshmallow thinks that somehow as a member of the 101st keyboard division he is safe to say what he wants. His lies will come back to him in one form or another.


      • Yeah SOF like a lot of ‘tough guys’ EH and team NATO troll are good at dishing it out but not so great at taking it. They love to mock people who say the NAF captured a lot of their arty and armor from the Ukrainian Army as fools because ALL of that stuff had to come from Russia (and some of it did) while stubbornly ignoring the implications of a NATO member state Turkey being the Captain Obvious supply line for ISIS oil money and jihadists. Plus, THIS re NATO upholding territorial integrity, sovereignty and peace in Europe (but they would argue their dismemberment of Yugoslavia created peace, as opposed to an armistice before the next greater Albania war):


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