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Beautiful Winter Moscow by Alexander Bratukhin

Since the Guerrilla Economist is down with the flu, cancelling this Friday night’s Revolution Radio show, the Russia Analyst thought he’d take this opportunity to post a new video from Moscow. This spectacular drone footage shot by Alexander Bratukhin shows ‘the Third Rome’ as we remember it from a winter spent there not too long ago. We can even picture ourselves standing on many of the bridges and in front of the cathedrals you see in the video. (Note I do not know the producer of this video, all rights are reserved to the author).
– James “Winston” Smith

“All Moscow sightseeing’s cowered in snow and ice: Kremlin, Red square, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow city, Old city center, Gorky park, Novodevichiy monastery and much more.  All flights performed in extreme cold weather -10C to -20C. Enjoy 😉

Summer Moscow Aerial videos:
Part 1. MODERN –
Part 2. CLASSIC –
Part 3. PEOPLE –…
Part 4. ROADS –

-Alexander Bratukhin

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  1. James,Not sure what to make of this, but I would guess it is significant. This Pope looks like real a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t trust anything he does. ( not that I’m a fan of any other Popes ) I’m sure if Malachi Martin was alive to talk we’d know a lot more about this one, but I think he already left enough clues. His untimely death falling down the steps in his NYC apartment and the disappearance of a book, non-fiction that he was writing could have shed further light.
    His book “Windswept House” written as a novel was just amazing. He did say that it was based on real life events and characters with the names changed.


    • Joyann,
      I’m working on a piece about this. Suffice to say I have very mixed feelings as an Orthodox Christian, even as a ‘baby convert’ who is still learning and has much to learn through the patristic practices of the Church Fathers rather than study. Orthodoxy, like Russia,cannot be grasped with the mind alone. You can only experience it and believe it, or not.
      I had far more trust and respect for JPII and the Byzantines quoting Benedict than I do for this…how shall I put it? Erratic, liberation theology influenced Argentine Pope. And that of course is on top of the theological issues that led me to reject the Roman church when I came to a fork in the road as a former Evangelical Lutheran and chose Orthodoxy.
      But you may say, “What’s the big deal? Aren’t Catholicism and Orthodoxy closer than say, Methodists are to snake handling Pentecostals? Why yes they are…in outward appearances. But look beyond the buildings, vestments and chanting…if the Bishop of Rome humbled himself to first among equals to the most ancient sees of Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Constantinople, and were willing to become Orthodox, then there would be no problem. But they want us to accept Roman primacy rather than the conciliar Church of the Apostles Christ Himself established, and that (along with doctrinal errors like the Filoque, as well as the infiltration of the Roman body by outright Satanists/pederasts) is a big problem. As one priest, himself a convert from the Roman church explained to me, “We cannot do it [in our human strength heal the 1,000 year old Schism]. Only she can do it.” Meaning the Theotokos the Mother of God:
      In turn, it’s my personal belief this can only happen when true Catholics flee an overtly, in your face wholly given over to the New World Order end times Great Apostasy, such that Orthodoxy will be the last visible body standing, preserved by divine intervention. Although the seeds of heresy have already been planted deep within the Vatican, they have not yet sprouted into full blooming rotten fruit of ‘Chrislam’ or ’embracing our angel–like space brothers as they can be saved too’. At which point the schism will be healed not by ‘ecumenical dialogue’, but by end times princes of the church — priests and laymen — arising to stand for the Truth even unto death.
      So in that sense, fierce Catholics like Ann Barnhardt are half-right, though sadly she has somehow picked up the typical Uniate contempt for ‘Mongol’ Russians if not Russian Orthodoxy. There will be a healing of the Schism, but it was Rome which broke away from the conciliar church, largely for political reasons, not the other way around. It was Rome and the Roman church dominated West, not Constantinople, that with the exception of a few thousand brave Italians abandoned the Second Rome to the Mohammedian Turk’s yoke, after the savage betrayal of ‘Deus Vult’ ‘Catholic’ crusaders sacking the city two centuries before. And although Pope John Paul II himself repented and apologized for that sin many centuries ago, it is but one of many centuries of violence by practitioners of the Roman Church against the Orthodox, particularly in the blood stained Balkans. (In fairness, Tsarist Russia did occupy and repress Catholic Poles for two centuries as well, and as Solzhenitsyn wrote the only path forward is mutual acknowledgement of past wrongs and forgiveness between Russians and Poles, which applies equally to Serbs and Croats:
      So when it comes to Rome, dialogue on issues of common concern like human life, the family, and Christians under persecution — but compromising the truth, God forbid your grace Patriarch Kirill!
      Here is a 35 minute video that explains many of the important differences from Fr. Thomas Hopko (who reposed in 2014):


      • In email communication with ‘W’, I have let him know that many Russian, Greek and Serbian Orthodox believers view the ecumenical dialogue with suspicion if not as a vehicle for Antichrist to try and corrupt the Church. This was the message from a Donbass ‘battle priest’ who stood for vigil amidst mortar and machine gun fire in besieged towns:

        God allows war for the sake of calling us to our senses. Now such a time has arrived that many high priests have fallen from truth into apostasy, in the words of John of Kronstadt, “even the elect will be deceived.” And so they are planning to call a new Ecumenical Council – an Eighth. Adversaries of the Orthodox Church and Russia have long been preparing such a council and dream of imposing ecumenism on us, this heresy of heresies which today is shooting at us from artillery, killing women, children and the elderly. But the holy fathers testified that there will be no Eighth Council. And war reminds us: think things over. “There are no atheists in a foxhole.” People should realize what they are actually desiring, realize how much darkness and evil is in their souls – and repent. Return to the Heavenly Father as the prodigal son – who was dead and came to life, who once was lost and then was found.

        Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. Through the prayers of the Theotokos and countless martyrs, may the LORD preserve His Church to the end as He promised (Matthew 16:17-19). Amen.


      • A good comment on the Fr. Thomas Hopko video:

        Ioannes Martialis 6 months ago
        Do not despair! Through God all things are possible! If the Virgin can conceive; if the barren can conceive; if sinners can repent; if hearts can be softened; if the dead can rise; if the lame can walk; if the blind can see; if cowards can become martyrs; these things and many more are possible NOT BY HUMAN HANDS, but by Our Lord! Keep faith in Him, through Him we can have Unity!


      • James,Haven’t watched all the videos because I’ve been reading a book by Michael Heiser which I highly recommend to all the RM readers who are interested in the Bible, called “The Unseen Realm” Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible”. He’s a scholar of biblical languages, and I enjoy reading him because he questions long held views on Scripture, by simply letting the Bible interpret the Bible even if it’s uncomfortable.
        I confess, I am fairly ignorant about Orthodox Christianity with the exception of what you have shared here and a fairly superficial understanding of the schism between Rome and the Orthodox Church. My bias is to rest with the written text of Scripture, because so many factors come into play after the death of the original followers of Yeshua. Having studied some Hebrew myself I see how the original hebraic understanding of the Scriptures becomes more and more diluted as the nations become part of the ekklesia. On the one hand, God allowed this and on the other hand I see we have gotten very far away from the roots of our faith.
        I am not exactly what you would call a Messianic Jew in that I don’t hold to Rabbinic traditions any more than I would hold to Catholic or Protestant traditions. Because Yeshua is the word become flesh, I’m interested in the Scripture proving Scripture and I think all denominations have elements of man made tradition which people are simply blind to. Another great book by Daniel Gruber, a Messianic Jew is “Copernicus and the Jews”. He uses the example of Copernicus and the scientists of his day to illustrate what systematic theology does to Scripture. Another words many denominations fit Scripture into their box, instead of listening to the text and letting that be their guide, even if it’s uncomfortable.
        My position on Biblical faith is that the Reformation did not go far enough because it only protested Catholicism but did not go back to the hebraic roots of the faith. The Greek of the Gospels and Epistles cannot be understood without understanding the hebraisms of the writers. Their worldview was hebraic.
        Why God allowed a gazillion denominations to spring out of the very simple faith of the original followers of Yeshua is a bit of a mystery, but then God is not a control freak, so he lets people do their thing, right wrong or indifferent.
        One thing I do know for sure, that the Latin Scriptures confused one very simple Greek and Hebrew concept which was repentance. For years the Roman church preached penitence instead of repentance or in Hebrew
        teshuvah.. i.e. I was walking in this direction and it was wrong so I turn 180 degrees and go the other way.
        This allowed the Roman church to accumulate vast sums of wealth selling indulgences. The other problem of Roman Catholicism was that the professional clergy were the only ones that supposedly had the right to interpret Scripture. Obviously, not allowing the Scriptures to be translated into the language of the people gave the priests enormous power and control. The Reformation changed this, and my understanding is the Jesuits were the sect that was started to attack Protestantism. As I said, Protestantism is simply a “protest” against Catholicism. I don’t think we can define God’s word by protesting against the RCC. I believe we have to go back to the text of Scripture, with all the language tools that we have today and read with our eyes and with God’s Spirit which should guide each one of us individually as well as in the body as a whole.
        Being Israel, is to wrestle with God and man and prevail, so when we look at the texts as believers and come together to study iron sharpens iron and we can grow. I don’t like to think that there is some other organization be it the Roman Catholics or the Lutherans or this one or that one that have all the answers for any of us.
        In Isaiah it says the Torah will go out from Zion. I think in the kingdom we will continue to learn and grow and God will continue to open our eyes to the Scriptures.
        As for Catholics, many probably really love God and have faith but unfortunately they don’t question the doctrines of their Church and how they relate to the text of Scripture. If they did, they would have to leave the church like many have, but then again Catholics believe tradition is just as important as Scripture or even more so. This is really problematic and sets a Pope up to be like God and we know he’s not.
        This Pope seems to be part of the NWO agenda, but I’m not sure he was the only one, but his selection seems to be for a time like this in history where many events are converging, and not in the good sense. I suspect that Tom Horn, who has written about him is on to something.


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