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Mid-Week Guerrilla Update 03/15/2016

In case RogueMoney Guerrilla radio show listeners missed this 50 plus minute length segment…some of V’s analysis preceding the previous (Russia Analyst) post on Russia’s partial withdrawal of some forces from Syria; the Guerrilla’s thoughts regarding race-baiting andGeorge Soros colored revolution tactics being brought back home from Ukraine and elsewhere to the United States via and Black Lives Matter, plus V’s fellow New Yorkers who know The Donald comment on the man and the Establishment’s failure to “stump the Trump…” 

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  1. Since Bix Weir is coming up in the next interview please ask him if he still stands by his Road to Roota website predictions of $100,000/oz Silver with a Silver-Gold 1:1 ratio. Elsewhere he mentioned $6,000 to $8,000/oz Silver in older interviews with the likes of FTM Daily.
    ‘Why $100,000/oz Silver is a Conservative Estimate’
    More importantly it must be asked if he measured these figures against a heavily devalued US dollar, which will negate the impact of these very large numbers.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Good post, SOF. I was into BW for a while, but I didn’t see his forecasts playing out, unlike Jim Willie, Clif High, V, Jim Rickards, etc. He often seems to be a victim of his own wishful thinking.


      • Turns out he gave out a Silver prediction of $5,000/oz Silver at 24:40 onwards. My problem is he gave out this prediction as a brief afterthought instead of going into further detail on why his predictions are so different from, for example, Dr Jim Willie’s $300/oz prediction.
        Other than that its the same as what he has said in the last month on various other interviews like the Grand Canyon gold if one follows him closely.
        It seems I didn’t hear the question in the first post getting through while sitting through the whole 2 hour interview.


  2. It seems that the CIA has sponsored the "spontaneous revolution" Do read this story.
    Brazil Bash: A CIA-Directed Color Revolution Tears Up the Government, the Economy and Civil Society


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