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Jihad Made in Germany

This morning the world is passing through the aftermath of yesterday’s Jihad terrorist bombings in Brussels. Yesterday, Sputnik and Russia Today eagerly began reminding us that Turkey’s President Erdogan opened his big mouth on March 18th and either “warned” or “threatened” that a Jihadi attack similar to the one that had just afflicted his capital city of Ankara could well visit Brussels any day now. Indeed, even while we post this blog this morning, we see that Israel’s Haaretz newspaper is reporting that “Belgian security services and other Western intelligence agencies had “advance and precise intelligence warnings” regarding Tuesday’s bombings.”


Have you, the reader, come up with a good answer to the question of why would either Turkey, Belgium, or Germany’s entire European Union allow, and indeed, finance, the continued operation of radical Islamic terrorism within their borders? Many of us Rogue Money readers and writers are generally aware that the whole world has been living through an ongoing Islamic Radicalization psyop ever since September 11, 2001. We post this blog today to invite you, the reader, to perch yourself above this melee and view events from a birds-eye view of recent western history. This blog may well give you a perspective that you certainly have not heard from the mainstream.


Walk up to anybody on the streets of America and ask them that question. I would bet that 9 out of 10 people would reply, “Osama bin Laden.” The enlightened readers of Rogue Money would fill in additional background with the idea that Al-qaeda and its forerunner, the Mujahideen, were creations of various western intel operations, not the least of which is the CIA.

However, would it surprise you to know that Jihadi terrorism was developed as a weapon long before the CIA came into existence? In fact, it was developed by Germany itself as tool with which to battle British imperialism long before World War I.  We present this history below because none of us can understand where Jihadi terrorism is going unless we first know where it has been.

We give you: Max Freiherr von Oppenheim 

Once again, we refer to Joseph P. Farrell’s book, The Third Way, for background. On page 84, he wrote these words, with bold emphasis our own:

If there was one individual who more than any other deserves the credit for reviving and inflaming the concept of jihad in modern times, it was the German Orientalist Max Freiherr von Oppenheim. In von Oppenheim’s hands, the jihadist concept was “nothing less than the weaponization of religion in the service of German territorial ambitions; and it was a weapon that could be wielded with cold efficiency only by those who had no religious sensitivity themselves. So pervasive was von Oppenheim’s influence on the formation of the Kaiser’s Mittelostpolitik and its deliberate use of the concept of jihad that one modern German researcher and sharp critic of Berlin’s Middle Eastern policy, Matthias Kuntzell, has qualified the contemporary phenomenon of Islamicist jihad as “made in Germany.”

And just who exactly was Max von Oppenheim? Even a cursory review of his Wikipedia biography reveals a fact that ordinary people would find quite shocking. Quote:

Max (Freiherr) von Oppenheim (15 July 1860 in Cologne – 17 November 1946 in Landshut) was a German lawyer, diplomat, ancient historian, and archaeologist. He was a member of the Oppenheim banking dynasty. [ NOTE: “Until its sale in 2009, Sal. Oppenheim was the largest privately owned investment/banking house in Europe with assets of €138 billion.” ]

Oppenheim was a controversial figure before and during World War I because he was considered a spy by the French and British. He did in fact engage in Anti-Allies propaganda, aimed at stirring up the Muslim populations of the Allied-controlled territories against their colonial masters.

Max Oppenheim was born on 15 July 1860 in Cologne as the son of Albert Oppenheim (de) and Pauline Engels. Albert Oppenheim, a member of the Jewish Oppenheim family of bankers had converted to Catholicism in 1858 to marry Catholic Pauline Engels, from an established Cologne merchant family.

We are talking about a man who was ethnically born Jewish of a father who converted to Catholicism in order to marry into the Engels nobility. Max the son later became enamored of all things Arabic and Muslim and spent much of his life in the pursuit of Middle Eastern archaeology.

Now, we must pause here for a moment to let that sink in. Once again we are dealing with an elite network of people who feel no particular allegiance to either a mainstream religion nor even to a particular geographic state. We are talking about that “breakaway civilization,” a network of people who observe “a religion behind Religion.” Indeed this reminds us of the 17th century sect of Shabbatains who likewise encouraged their members to use whatever outward mainstream religious cloak they preferred, but keep adhering to the secret rites of their cult, inwardly. Indeed, the Shabbatains went on to influence men like Jacob Frank, who in turn influenced the elite Jewish leadership to make deals with the Devil during the rise of the Nazi Party. We have written about this previously here

At this point, you may be thinking, “All right, so there is this whacked-out, fabulously wealthy German banker who is searching for his personal identity in 1914. What does that have to do with Germany’s intentions on the continent of Europe?”

Dr. Farrell answers this on page 85:

These detailed plans [of Oppenheim’s jihad campaign] found public expression in [Kaiser] Wilhelm’s desire to foment “the whole Mohammedan world in a wild revolt” against the British. The Chief of the German General Staff, Field Marshal von Moltke, echoed these calls by stating that it was time “to arouse the fanaticism of Islam,” and the Kaiser cabled the Turkish War Minister Enver Pasha that “His Majesty the Sultan must summon the Muslims of Asia, India, Egypt, and Africa to a holy war for the Caliphate.” This is one of the first times that the idea of a pan-Islamic Caliphate was mentioned in the context of a holy war by a modern leader. It was Oppenheim’s friendship with the Sultan and also with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Al Husseini, that would make such a policy feasible.

Farrell’s books lay out the whole agenda of the 19th and 20th century German nationalists who sought to give birth to their European Super State. They had a vision of a great commercial empire with the engagement of trade all across Europe, through the Middle East and Persia, and clear to the Urals. Dr. Farrell and many other noteworthy authors have made it clear that this dream never really died with the end of WWII. These idealists foresaw how that war was turning against them long before 1945. They transferred their assets and brain trusts outside of Germany and simply continued their work by inserting themselves into all manner of global corporations, banks, and intel networks. 

Questions may again be rising in your mind. We should ask, “But what evidence do we have that these European Super State elites are still following their New World Order dream and are still using Islamic Radicalization as one of their weapons of choice?”


Only one day before the Brussels attacks, journalist Thierry Meyssan penned this observation copied below. Meyssan regards this as evidence of Europe’s imminent suicide. However, we might see in this something else. We might see a transmutation of sorts. At the very least, we do see definite financial support by both Germany/EU and Turkey of the Islamic jihad phenomenon. Meyssan wrote this at his web site

By signing an agreement with Turkey to slow the influx of refugees – which happens to be illegal in international law – the leaders of the European Union have taken a step further in their pact with the devil. A large part of the 3 billion Euros annually allotted to Ankara will serve to finance support for the jihadists, and as a result will increase the number of migrants who are fleeing the war.

Now, under our very eyes, the same errors [of 1939] are being repeated…. After nearly five years of proxy war, … the Europeans have decided to finance – to the tune of 3 billion Euros per year – Turkish support for the jihadists…. It will not be long before they realise, too late, that by repealing the visa regulations for Turkish citizens, they have authorised the free circulation to Brussels from the Al-Qaïda camps in Turkey.

The comparison with the end of the 1930’s is all the more pertinent since during the Munich agreements, the Nazi Reich had already annexed Austria without provoking any particular reaction from the other European states. Today, Turkey already occupies the North-East of a member state of the European Union, Cyprus, and a strip a few kilometres wide in Syria, which it administrates via a specially nominated wali (prefect)…. The common logic of Chancellor Hitler and President Erdogan is based on the unification of «race» and the cleansing of the population. Hitler wanted to unite the populations of «German «race» and cleanse them of «foreign elements» (the Jews and the gypsies), while Erdogan wants to unite the populations of «Turkish race» and cleanse them of «foreign elements» (the Kurds and the Christians).

In 1938, the European elites believed in the friendship of Chancellor Hitler, today they believe in the friendship of President Erdogan.

Now, we might stop here and consider the European Migrant Crisis for a moment. Why exactly IS Germany allowing this “clash of cultures” to accelerate within the European continent? Again we turn to a blog entitled “Is it Frau Merkel that’s in Trouble? Or Europe?” posted March 21, 2016, by Joseph P. Farrell for a speculative clue:

All this aside, I cannot help but think there are deeper darker forces driving all this process, ala the classical Hegelian dialectic “drill” of thesis, antithesis, synthesis. But for the moment, Merkel’s problems have only just begun…. And then there’s my other high octane speculation: namely, that the whole refugee crisis may have yet another purpose entirely, namely, to cement and create a “European identity” to hasten the further cultural integration of Europe, and Islam presents itself as the scapegoat to that purpose …. This movement is one to watch carefully, and particularly in the critical and crucial nations of Mitteleuropa. 

And there you have it. While Fox News and CNN, and to some extent even Russia Today, are trying to get you to believe that Europe is “under attack” by Islamic Jihad, the truth may actually be quite different. Europe may indeed be under attack, but not in the way you think. Based on all of the above, it appears that Europe is being molded and shaped into some metamorphosis of a pan-cultural Super State. Some kind of network cabal appears to be using Jihadism, and indeed, Religion itself, as a tool to achieve that end. But once that goal is achieved, will this network need to keep that tool in their tool box?

It is beginning to feel like 1939 all over again, as our own Ken Schortgen posted only a month ago. Mankind is beginning to demand an end to the extreme violence. And just wait until a global economic crisis dumps itself on top of this global security crisis. Is the Super State waiting in the wings ready to provide their one-world solution to the global crisis that they themselves are triggering? Surely we all need to be wide awake and alert to the oncoming play-by-play.



Corroborative research on the above history revolving around Kaiser Wilhelm II can be found here: “Stoddard Martin discerns a curious continuity in German foreign policy“.

Avail yourself of the additional research by Joseph P. Farrell on events that have transpired with the 4th Reich Nazi Internatioal from the Cold War and beyond in this Youtube interview posted February, 26, 2016: The Rise of the New Reich and Deep State America. Farrell’s web site and book list can be found at

My contact information with link to my personal blogs and Karatbars portal are found at my billboard page of .

5 thoughts on “Jihad Made in Germany Leave a comment

  1. Interesting that Thomas Sheridan’s latest article on this would come out on how native European ‘Pagan’ cultures would be destroyed by a desert based Abrahamic culture, not for spirituality but to fulfil Constantinople’s empire building, and then be used in a new dialectic against a another derivative of the Abrahamic religion called Islam during the Crusades and after.
    The immi-rapists and immi-vaders are a new Crusade but the target is the final destruction of European native culture before it has a chance to return to prominence thanks to the rise of awareness based on the Internet, and they hope is the final destruction of a culture that treated women equally and promoted working with this planet instead of exploiting it to the last tree, fertile patch of soil and fresh aquifer (fracking).
    Abrahamic religions paint the planet as a mere temporary bus stop to ‘salvation’ in another dimension, so why care what we do to this planet?
    Historically native/Pagan/Gnostic culture and their many gods and goddesses has been the mortal enemy of those that have used Abrahamic religions as a weapon, and their lemming followers believing they are doing the work of their single ‘God’, which does not originate from European lands. Islamic State has given the world a glimpse of the kind of atrocities that were carried out on nativist cultures by the ‘Christian soldiers’
    "In von Oppenheim’s hands, the jihadist concept was "nothing less than the weaponization of religion in the service of German territorial ambitions; and it was a weapon that could be wielded with cold efficiency only by those who had no religious sensitivity themselves."
    Anyone who was a target of a psychopath, recovering from one or has read Thomas Sheridan’s book ‘Puzzling People: Labyrinth of the Psychopath’ will recognize this method. Psychopaths are essentially walking cadavers with no personality but are great students of human behavior, so as to copy and emulate them, even down to how they smile. Instead of falling for the same trap of ‘Jews did it’ and point out this article as ‘proof crypto-Jews exist because they are scheming etc etc’ that this is how psychopaths work and they exist in every race, colour and creed.
    They can however influence a group of people who are otherwise normal to become proto-psychopaths because the primary psychopaths appealed to their wealth and ego, by studying their traits and copying them, putting on that ‘mainstream outer cloak’ so the lemmings who are low in intelligence but high on emotion can buy this crap, and become useful idiots. The latest demonstrable example would be the obsession with ‘Flat Earth’ and how it got its hooks into the truth movement.
    "Shabbatains who likewise encouraged their members to use whatever outward mainstream religious cloak they preferred, but keep adhering to the secret rites of their cult, inwardly…"


  2. UPDATE: Is The Daily Bell trolling Rogue Money? … 😉 … I love it when such a well-respected alt news site corroborates what I just said. They posted a warning that good ol’ JPMorgan Stooge, Tony Blair, is back and promoting cultural integration and the rise of the Super State. Quote:"Such cultural destruction advances a homogenized European Union that is far more amenable to becoming a “United States of Europe.” Break down culture and you disassemble countries and regions."
    The Daily Bell, posted March 24, 2016


  3. ANOTHER UPDATE: I just knew Dr. Farrell would comment on the #BrusselsAttacks in his weekly video blog. Near the end of this Youtube message, he says:
    "If you have a global terrorist organization … that has all these different state sponsors, then the possibility arises that it’s not even under Washington’s control … but the possibility exists that [ISIS] represents an independent network of a very different nature."


  4. I must say that after hundreds of hours of research, the evidence supporting a flat earth outweighs the beliefs supporting a globular one.


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