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Palmyra and the New Digital Masons

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Contrary to what had originally been planned, no cosmic portal to the Netherworld of Ba’al is to be opened in Times Square, New York City, on April 19, 2016. The original intention to install a replica of the famous Temple Arch of Ba’al in the Big Apple was scrapped in favor of a more manageable launch of a different arch in Trafalgar Square, London, on the same date. As a tribute to Palmyra, Syria during UNESCO’s World Heritage Week, the Institute for Digital Archaeology, or, IDA, will be showcasing an achievement in what we here at RogueMoney might call Digital Masonry. Or is it more a case of Digital Freemasonry?

We chose the term “Digital Masons” for our blog title as an intentional double entendre. As you can see in the video below this photo we are indeed talking about literal robotic masonry. At the same time, you will also see that the Boyz from the good ol’ 18th century Enlightenment are still having a field day, in … well … the field. 

By upyernoz from Haverford, USA - Arches of Palmyra. Uploaded by Albert Herring, CC BY 2.0   
By upyernoz from Haverford, USA – Arches of Palmyra. Uploaded by Albert Herring, CC BY 2.0   

The video below was embedded within the April 8th UK Telegraph news story about the work of the IDA in replicating the damaged Triumphal Arch of Palmyra. In this video you will see a computerized stonecutter that Michelangelo and certainly daVinci would have drooled over. In fact, the work is being done in a Tuscany quarry right next to where the famous Renaissance artist did his own work — quite a fitting bridge-in-time that links such a Renaissance Hermeticist with today’s forward-thinking imagineers, as Disney would call them.

As we all sit back and rest easy that the project directors decided to re-create the innocuous Triumphal Arch rather than the Ba’al Temple Arch, we present a bit of background to this project to see if it still perhaps should raise a few quizzical eyebrows.


The informed readers of RogueMoney are in tune with the false front that is the Islamic State. We know these thugs were created and funded by intel groups that have little or nothing to do with the traditional teachings of Islam. As we showed in our blog Jihad Made in Germany, we are watching yet another operation fomented by people who have no particular allegiance to any mainstream religion. That being said, the “Jihadists” at the top of the ISIS power pyramid couldn’t care less about “infidel” religious sites. If that’s the case, then what was the true motivation behind the Jihadist destruction of the precious ancient monuments of Palmyra?

As we posted in that earlier blog, a powerful network of self-appointed rulers have been working to realize their dream of a one united state of Europe with ultimate aims of a one-world government. This network began using radical jihadism even before WWI as a tool to achieve that dream. Therefore, we might expect that the destruction of Palmyrene history would also be a tool from that same box. It is true that in the aftermath of that destruction we have seen Europe come together on that issue, united to the point of getting the preservation of these ancient sites prioritized in the U.N. Security Council Resolution 2199.  It’s that old “Problem –> Reaction –> Solution” card being played once again by that New World Order crowd who created the League of Nations in the first place.

To promote something which isn’t a real past.

However we wonder if there is yet another parallel dialectic being played out, one that speaks even more to the Hermetica drama of discovering the secrets of universal power through the uncovering of humanity’s past. For we noted in that UK Telegraph article mentioned above that the IDA project has not been without its critics as can be seen from these paragraphs: 

Trafalgar Square, then, is the display case, and the arch within it ‘proof of our competency to do these things’.  Meanwhile, the archaeology establishment has been watching all this not knowing whether to applaud or shake their heads.

“The replica arch is less to his liking or comprehension. ‘It seems to me it’s a bizarre expenditure of money, possibly with worthy but misinformed aims, to promote something which isn’t a real past, in an entirely reproduced form. I don’t get it; I find it very, very odd. I’ve got better uses for the money.’” — Tim Schadla-Hall, reader in public archaeology at University College London, referring to the Million Image Database project.

Here’s the main complaint: “to promote something which isn’t a real past.” That’s the problem with archaeological restoration. You can make a restored item look like its original, ancient counterpart, but the replica is never THAT item.  As the decades and centuries roll by, will visitors to the site understand that the temple pillars they are “oooh-ing and ahh-ing” may, in fact, simply be restorations? And if not, then how do we today even know for sure that the ruins that WE are viewing during our own excursions are the true history of OUR past and not just a replica? If there was a time in our global history when a very ancient people did enjoy an advanced culture, how do we know they didn’t come up with the same idea? That theory may sound crazy, but really, does not the possibility exist? How many times have any of us, while going about the normal routine of our lives, muttered to ourselves, “I don’t even know what’s real any more?”


As an example of how this soft digital fakery is already being exhibited, may we draw your attention to the IDA founder’s own words, Roger L. Michel Jr., from an audio interview he gave to NPR on April 2, 2016, which by the way was just hours before the “leak” of the #PanamaPapers (draw your own conclusions), as posted on his own web site here

Michel: “It also provides the opportunity to recreate these structures in 3-D form, that is, through the use of 3-D printing and carving technology. We’ve been invited by Syria to place the [rebuilt] Arch near the site in Palmyra where the original one stood. 

NPR Host: “As I don’t have to tell you, digital reconstruction is getting so good that it has created a controversy. People are concerned that these reconstructions in their own way try to expunge history. 

Michel: “My response is a couple of things. Part of it is a culture clash. In the West we are very fetishistic about originality. We want to touch the object that the master touched. This goes back to the days of reliquaries when people had bits and pieces of saints that they carried around with them…. For people in other parts of the world, the role of objects is, uh, not to somehow through the object itself bring you close to history. But it is a visual cue that provides memories of history. The history and heritage reside in the mind. And that’s what these reconstructions can certainly provide. Most of the sites in Sicily today are 19th century reconstructions.

NPR Host: “I never knew that! I’ve been all over Syracuse in Sicily. So I’m just seeing reconstructions?”  

Michel: “Absolutely.”

Wow, let that sink in for a moment. So, even today, you can spend thousands of dollars on vacation to go visit some ancient site and, unknowingly, you are snapping photos of something that was simply made to “look” old. Wouldn’t you feel just a little ripped off?

History and heritage reside in the mind.

Notice that Mr. Michel makes no apology for this fraud because he simply does not regard it as fraud. “History and heritage reside in the mind.” Oh boy, where have we heard that before? If that resonates with what we discussed in our previous blog That Radical Zero , then give yourself a prize. Once again, we are being presented with an abstraction of the mind being given equal face-time with solid Reality. It almost sounds like the other illusions these Hermeticists have created, like, debt-backed money or paper contracts for gold, doesn’t it? Again, the Hermetic, Gnostic, or otherwise mystic wisdom of the Kabbalah is echoing in our ears:

“Take our sense of sight, for example: we see a wide world before us, wondrously filled. But in fact, we see all that only in our own interior. In other words, there is a sort of a photographic machine in our hindbrain, which portrays everything that appears to us and nothing outside of us.” — Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Item 34

A new technology is rolling out before our eyes that seems to serve a very beneficial purpose as did the radical New Math of the 13th century. Nevertheless, once again this gift is fraught with hidden rocks under the water. How easy it now becomes to change the public perception of history, a pixel here, a pixel there. As that NPR host came to realize, he never even knew what hit him.

Surely other forward-thinking men have likewise seen the potential danger. We smirk as we consider another seemingly unrelated story, a small item posted as an official press release out of the Kremlin last week on April 4, 2016 only two days after that NPR interview (draw your own conclusions): “Vladimir Putin announced that he has signed an executive order bringing the Federal Archives Agency under direct subordination to the President.” The release goes on to say:

Russia is a great archive power too. The Federal Archive Agency has 500 million dossiers on file. This huge information resource is the source of envy for many countries. Moreover, these documents deal not only with our history but also with global history, and they are not limited to Russia’s current borders because they are the heritage of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.


Yes, it would appear that Mr. Putin understands the necessity of guarding history. Other world leaders would do well to follow suit. President Putin is quite a student of history in his own right. We are certain that the significance of this “preservation” of Palmyra, of all places, is not lost on him. In our next blog we shall consider the “rhyming of history” as the New Silk Road connects the City of London with that new gold power to the east, Shanghai.

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11 thoughts on “Palmyra and the New Digital Masons Leave a comment

  1. BanksterSlayer,
    Wasn’t there an explosion and a fire awhile back in Moscow at a location that housed thousands of archives ? I think I recall seeing it here on RM. When one thinks of all the knowledge that has been lost thru Wars and catastrophes thru the ages. It drives home your point about maintaining and archiving the real thing.


  2. That IDA guy, Michel, is a liar. What he says about how other cultures view artefacts is either a deep delusion of his or a bald-faced lie.
    If that were true, why would Egypt and China try so hard to repatriate stolen/expropriated artefacts? Why would Buddhist and Daoist worshippers want to rub the statues for good luck? Why would Eastern tourists want to make off with illicit bits of petrified wood from Arizona?
    That guy is a liar, but I would suspect he has no idea he’s doing it because his mind has been completely warped by too much time in academia. Very few get out as fresh and clear as JPF does.


    Great points that needed to be mentioned. When it was first presented as a finished project, I thought casually about the logistics and that at least people will have a more complete artifact to appreciate. But of course your point is valid and that there is no substitute for the real artifact.
    I enjoy so much being able to see and touch, if permitted, the real object and there is a certain aura that ancient objects give off which links us to the events and era itself. It isn’t the same seeing a digital version of an object although it too creates an image in our mind.
    Perhaps it is just another way to separate us from real past, real history and to give us the digital matrix version and have us accept that as "real".
    I have been to the Hermitage wherein is kept 1.2 million pieces of original art. The Russians pointed out to me with pride that none of them was stolen either as their Nazi neighbors had done.


    • Well said, RB: "another way to separate us from our real past!" Many years ago I got to view an exhibit of Van Gogh’s art. I had been familiar with his paintings as published on the Web and in books. But I had never stood in front of one of his original creations before. I was stunned. It had never occurred to me how much you need to see the actual shape of the brushstrokes and the dried ebb-and-flow of the paint to get the full idea of the artist. Those brushstrokes are a mirror of the energy and physical force of the artist. You cannot get that when viewing a 2-D picture on paper.
      And now with these digital replications, we will see a mirror of a MACHINED physical force of the object. The human touch of the creator is gone.


  4. Pyramids in South America dynamited. Pyramids in Australia bulldozed. Pyramids in China that will never be excavated.
    They rebuilt Stonehenge 3 times in the last century, using concrete and steel.
    Don’t expect much for Palmyra.
    The Inca and the Aztecs never had the wheel… LIARS.
    The Mongols conquered half of Asia… LIARS.
    They are always using history to try to sell us the virtues of slavery and violence, and to tell us that our ancestors were savage morons.


  5. Replicas exist for the same reasons as cheap imitations of ‘branded’ goods exist, themselves man-made illusions of what is real wealth (hint: you won’t find it in the city). Replicas exist because not enough people care.
    Or one can go totally into the rabbit hole with the David Icke’s holographic reality, and as broad as our Electromagnetic spectrum is compared to our narrow bandwidth of Visible Light, it is just 0.005% of what flows in the Universe, i.e. other spectrums exist that are unknown to Science.
    More urgent Earthly problems is the elimination of history and denial by the masses infected by disinformation that they have acquired this false sense of knowledge. China’s Shang and Zhou civilizations are relatively unknown compared to later civilizations because the first Emperor of China burned books and buried scholars alive.
    History will write that in our time a similar process of systemic destruction and obfuscation was going on with the Rockefeller owned institutions and others like the Smithsonian fueled by big money and ability to go anywhere in the globe, and the rest of the masses interested in modern day bread and circus looked the other way.


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