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The Winds of Change are Howling & The Reckoning Continues

Each morning I always take the time to thoroughly digest the headlines on “Zero Hedge,” the economic Drudge of news sites.  CPI, PPI, unemployment, banks being bailed out by their governments (yes once again in the news this week, it’s Italy), and on & on, and it does what?  Bounces off my skull, and goes elsewhere.  Why?   The reporting sources are typically “state controlled” (not Zero Hedge).  

For example, who believes the state reported employment statistics?  I don’t throw them away immediately, as economic tea leaves might reside therein, but truth isn’t anywhere on the menu, that’s for damn sure.  Jim Willie brought up “The Quickening” in a video, posted below, and it caused me to merge his higher thinking ideas, with the state controlled statistical farces, and reach a Wolf Gray view of an ongoing, “Reckoning”.  Written about once before here at RM.  

Followed by a musical message from the east vs. west, with a BRICS powerhouse involved that amazingly seems to tell a story, both numerically and philosophically.  And the numbers attached clearly say, that we in the west, “ain’t all that & a bag of chips!”

It was difficult to light a fire under my arse to work on this installment, as the seasonal pollen, and bronchitis running rampant in the house was treating me like a “bitch”.  But, a recent email with an attached video from Team Roguemoney, senior consultant, and highest of thinkers “W”, re-lit the match under my wranglers.  This video is proof, at least for me personally, that we shouldn’t consistently be telling people their business unless we are in the trenches with them.  With a constitutional flair, and a different angle on the Burns, Oregon fiasco, check this out & draw your own conclusions (credits to W)……..


The above was a bit of an eye opener for yours truly, and proof that sometimes I need to be in the vicinity before I form a conclusion.  You can form your own, and let your heart lead the way!

How about another eye opener….

Oh boy that is a great idea, ain’t that cool!  Crock of crap!

For a continuation from last week’s installment here is proof that fascist business projects end up in “Economic Mother Nature’s” trash can.  Here is another round file item, that ties in directly with the Wolf Gray’s theories…..

If you think that one is the bad news “lone ranger” but it is one you that can be viewed from afar, well check out what is up next in the fascist’s batters box…..

I guess the Putnam guy didn’t get the point across too well (see last week’s installment).  Instead of ranting on this like I did last week, here is the conversation I had at the end of last week with the Wolf Pack financial pro, quoted in the prior installment.  The above link was in the first email to him late last week.  His name is of course withheld in the following email trail (some changes were made to correct for my poor email literature skills)…….

Wolf Gray:  

Guess the Putnam guy didn’t make an impact on the folks at the capitol offices.   Look at this, the last closing line of the above link (btw this link will be a part of the next installment):

“Today’s rule ensures that putting clients first is no longer a marketing slogan. It’s the law,” he added.

Are you kidding me, the laws were already there.   The SEC, NASD, FINRA, & that collection of guys are some of the most ruthless you could ever have on your back, if you take advantage of a client.  The laws were already in place.  They are setting it up, my brother, the con is on, and the confiscation is just around the corner.

This line is beyond unbelievable as well:

“With the finalization of this rule, we are putting in place a fundamental protection into the American retirement landscape,” Perez told reporters on Tuesday afternoon, according to ThinkAdvisor’s Melanie Waddell. “A consumer’s best interest must now come before an adviser’s financial interest. This is a huge win for the middle class.”

Oh well, we both saw this one coming.  Thanks for the link, that I posted last week, it was right on time.  This is so so much like the implementation of ZeroCare.
Wolf Pack CFP:

Huge irony because that’s exactly what this is…. a marketing slogan that the regulators can bandy about…. I suspect they don’t understand the forces at play here. I figure many of them are good folk and think this is of benefit to middle class consumers…. they don’t realize they are being treated like pawns.

I really wonder who benefits the most here. Whose agenda is this really?

Wolf Gray:

Banksters to corral the money, and the people who are the legit owners of the money.

End of email trail…..but the end of the paper failure trail continues….

That’s it folks… the stray sheeple are being brought in from pasture, and 12 trillion plus is being eyeballed with great glee, but not by you.  Give consideration to your monetary exit plans, if you “bravely” can, because it will be against oil recently (who knows how long) marching upward along with the equity markets once again.  A fool’s game!

Tying in nicely with this fascist crap, here is the saleswoman of the year for the “Big Pharma” machine..

The above is fascism, no other definition can fit, as it exemplifies the merger of “state & corporate powers”.  The fascist machine is clearly using the politicians & the legal eagles as the sales, and marketing arm of the business model, if you can call it that.  Moving on…

Tying in with the fascist theme, check out this next link.  My homeopathic friend that was mentioned in prior installments told me long ago that vaccines were laced with toxic mercury, and with other trace ingredients (not sure if that term is appropriate) that promote cancer.  With autism first to show up in children, with an undeniable tie to cancer.  This is “Big Pharma” fascism with a dose of pure evil……

And from an InfoWars viewpoint……

Next up is an example of what awaits the banks, and financial industry, when Dodd Frank is cranked up.

But, as I have maintained before, the folks that will pay the penalty will be the US sheeple.  And the King Dollar failure train continues chugging along undaunted.

In the news pipeline from Economic Mother Nature, with extreme prejudice for those who don’t heed her clear warnings, check this 3 bell alarm……

Oh I know if you watch CN’BS’ they will say this is a perfect time to get ready for the ramp up in the economy & stocks.   Yeah, well as far as ramps are concerned, there is one good thing, you will most likely not be dodging as many ’18 wheelers’ as you merge on the ramps of the highways & byways.  And, even better yet, it will give you a few more comfortable moments for those vital texts while you glide in & out of traffic.

Next up, that fascist globalist pecker head named Rickards is at it again.  Another round of, the IMF walks on water, and has all the answers, due to their super clean balance sheet.  He & Mr. Lagarde must have something going on (Mr. …tee hee hee & hee the hell haw)


But my misgivings aside, I still think he is a smart guy who probably wants to be on the right side of the “gold is one of the good guy movements”, that is soon to follow.  Apparently a movement, in Mr. Rickard’s view, running out of inventory, and that is why he goes through his refiner example, and their problems sourcing gold.   They, the refiners are now scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Additionally, I do like Mr. Rickard’s description of the value of gold vs. the dollar.  Basically revolving around the theory of “the dollar goes down, not gold goes up,” which also yields a higher gold price vs. the currency unit in question.  In this case dollars.

But whoa, in the last half of the interview he tries to approach discussing the true value of gold, and relates it to the reported inflated money on the central bank’s books.  Will anyone, as indicated in the last installment, admit to the money off the books in circulation which could dwarf the on the books numbers?  No, of course not, these folks are academics and as honorable as the day is long, there is no illegal monies, right?  Bunch of ‘bs’.  I maintain this guy knows the score, but can’t cross that invisible line of truth. 

And he still totally ignores the inflation the SixPack’s face at the retail level.  Instead, he is in the Daffy Deflation Dent camp honoring the numbers reported by the Fed on inflation.  Note at the 30 minute mark he actually suggests not owning any stocks.  Very curious indeed, from a believer in the system (the theories on the IMF is proof), and he follows that up with a (suspicious activity report) SAR’s report issue, detailing the trials of trying to obtain larger sums of cash.  Somewhat curious, but it fits in with the “why now” theory, meaning the time is close, and he wants to be out in front for book sales, and feed his ever so smart ego.

One thing is for sure, when Rickards promotes the IMF as the bastion of liquidity in the world, my “bullshit” meter goes haywire!  With that for reference, here is another fan of the “Globalist Pecker Head”

In this next interview the ever intrepid Dr. Jim Willie shoots with both barrels.  At the 16:00 minute mark he starts down the trail of the signs of a “quickening”.  Well worth a listen, just for the list of signs alone.  Signs of the quickening that is……..


I think I am becoming a bit of a mimc, but this next guy is spot on… that is just the way it is.

In the superb think tank style article above, Bill Holter asks the question, “What would have happened, (and what will happen), when the “Truth Bomb” is aimed at “Western Bankster Inc.?” 

I think he was right.  Panama is the first volley, in the tattle tail, on an elite media blitz. 

My answer to the highlighted question above is a little off beat.  Since I have personally been throwing my version of truth bombs forever it seems, with very few true converts.  Thus, why would the east have any more success than ole WG, or you?   My bet is the western msm, will just say, “CONSIDER THE SOURCE!”  My guess is the majority of USA’ers with their red white & blue undies cutting off blood flow to the brain will buy that “Buy line”.  Immediately!

It will be the same thing I experienced at the micro level, and will just play out on the macro level.  After all when the more informed in the family, like yourselves, have already been throwing truth bombs at the relatives (the uninformed), will a supposed “Socialist & Commie” source have any impact whatsoever?   USA … USA … USA … USA … USA.  Time will tell on this one, as I think Mr. Holter as usual is right, on the sequence of events to come.  But, my money, my lucky “silver eagle,” is on EXTREME “cognitive dissonance”, thus it will not mean diddly do here in the “mainland of blindness”. 

The interesting question to me is, does the ever astute Putin recognize this very “cognitive dissonance” fact, and if so what might he have up his sleeve?   I am quite sure the answer to which is well outside my micro environment pay grade.  But……

As a postscript to all the above analysis, at least on my end.  If US isolation, and gaining the confidence of potential new trading partners is a BRICS & Associates primary goal, then I suspect the east will let “the truth bombs” fly.  With only the US’s 5% of the world population at risk, with respect to trade, I bet they could care less whether the SixPack’s ‘get it’….!  In the meantime, the same guys who pooh pooh your power shift to the east theories, will be spewing brilliant lines like, “they can’t survive without us, let em’ try to isolate us, we’ll show em’….. USA USA USA USA!”  

To that let me add this, “No we Won’t show em!”  Why?  We ain’t been buying much from them of late anyway, and as detailed last week, and many weeks prior, our GDP is a total lie.  An economic number made up of government spending, and fascist business models, with ridiculous service spending being the primary GDP driver, all through forced tax receipts supplemented by money printing on the phony demand side.  ‘So sorry’, but they don’t need us, at all. Don’t believe me? Consider this.   If they did, would AIIB, CIPS (China cross boarder inter-bank payment systems), and a 250 billion dollar bond dump coincide in general timing with the TTIP?  NO!

If they really needed us, I think more “eastern business groveling” would be in full view.  No No No they don’t need us, and I would surmise we ain’t, if real numbers are applied, number 1 or even number 2 in the world’s phony GDP race.  In fact we may be well down in the double digit rankings.  But just remember this WG theory, that we are number one in one noteworthy or unworthy category, and it ain’t porn peddling, or drug distribution.  No, it is in an even more self destructive venue, “self admiration & cognitive dissonance”. 

Yep, were number one all right, in our minds!

Being number one in this ignominious category, kills one of the most important of all business skills, honest self evaluation which enables real business growth!  Thus the western economic beat down is a given, and those that prepared in advance probably already have a good supply of “honest self evaluation” in their business tool sheds, and ‘they/you’ will be the ones to lead after the dust settles in the King Dollar ‘collapse/demise’….!

Stay focused my friends!  Isolation appears to be on the negotiating table.  Final terms are being hammered out as we take our next breath, and the one after.  

Reckoning(s), nothing needs to be said, but the definition:
the action or process of calculating or estimating something: last year was not, by any reckoning, a particularly good one | the system of time reckoning in Babylon.
• a person’s view, opinion, or judgment: by ancient reckoning, bacteria are plants.
• archaic a bill or account, or its settlement.
• the avenging or punishing of past mistakes or misdeeds:

That’s it WG?  Nothing more about the subject in the title than that?  Yep!  Everything above, in the entirety of this installment, and even most of the prior ones, are the symptoms of a reckoning.  Note that when the last two points in the definition above are combined with on the ground evidence, the fog clears to indicate we are witnesses to the developments for: account settlement, and the set up for punishment for past misdeeds.  Sound familiar?  The economic reckoning is ongoing, by whose hand becomes a bit irrelevant.  At least for the moment, as it is worthy of speculation only, a tool for guidance, to those still trying to survive the coming wreck (more in the musical message below).

The quickening items discussed by Dr. Willie are not only ‘tells’, they are the symptoms of a competitor attempting to hasten the reckoning for it’s arch rivals.  In this case a reckoning that will be equated to isolation.  A reckoning that will eventually be recognized by all, eyes closed or not, once enough pain is administered.

Musical Message, and “The Winds of Change”… :

I know..! WG why do you persist with musical messages in a majority of your installments?  Simple, no other form of communication causes you to go inside your mind for the “view” than music.  Theater, and the movies, cause you to spend most of the time viewing through the actors eyes, outside your imagination, and mental capacity.  Besides the “real” market,as always, tells the truth, and details “what the market will bear!”  That is why top musicians make more than actors, which means they are getting the message across to the desired audiences more efficiently for the guys fronting the money.   And the message attached, as always, is a “’ mantra btw, “it’s just business folks”.

Music is at the forefront of influencing the most “energetic & idealistic” among us, the youth.  And their strengths, via energy, though most of the time lacking in wisdom, can with some guidance change the course of things.  Thus the music tea leaves need to be read, even the “bubble gumming chewing mind dead stuff”….!  Not too often on the later though. To close the “Reckoning question” appropriately, I had a musical mind game.  What is one of the most viewed rock music songs (sticking with youth & idealism), with a political & or business message tied to it?  Not Miley Cyrus, or some other no talent half wit, and btw she has nearly a billion views on one of her terrible efforts (Taylor Swift 1.5 billion).  Not sure how to read those last two tea leaves, except many of us are a bunch of self indulgent morons.

The final search…….which yielded a big message……

In the initial search stages, I figured it has to be from the western world right…especially if it has a political & business message?  The hub of the music & money center, right?  Thus it has to be someone like “The Boss” (Springsteen) , or “The Who” both true story tellers of the current western societal views of the time.  They were popular, but not quite in the hundreds of millions of views, just tens of millions.  Wait a second I was dead center of the biggest generation in history, what was blaring out of the dorm rooms on campuses back then, and still iconic now?  “More than a Feeling” by Boston, and “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, but not really political in both cases.  But on a volume basis, now we are getting somewhere half of a 100 million, and just over a hundred million by Led Z.  Both have lots of views, but they are not filled with the societal or business issues of the times.  They are more generic in their messages.

I am still not satisfied, so let’s think outside the box, maybe the viewing champion is from the “east meets west”, political & business viewpoints.  I think I found it, a German band that is telling a political story about one of the biggest events in world history, involving a real monumental change, and one that isn’t “western ego centric”?  Not western centric, is that even possible?  One that involves a current BRICS powerhouse, but the scene is from several decades ago. One that is truly a political statement, through & through!  One that is hardly about “Who fell in love, or was the class hero!”  One that topped “Stairway to Heaven by almost double in the views category, true music with a message, not Miley Cyrus gibberish.  

The images in the video below, and the words in the song cover a huge historical event.  Even though the event was two plus decades ago, “The Wind of Change” has the Wolf’s sense of smell on high alert. It should yours as well. In fact, I smell someone working on their riffs, and connecting them right now, for another sea change of events.  “The Reckoning” is happening, as stated around a year ago in another installment.  The story tellers, might just be writing the lyrics right now.  Here is how “The Scorpions” from Germany viewed it several decades ago.  From Germany, very appropriate indeed.


Another “Wind of Change” is in the making, and whether you believe, like some, that it’s the big players vs. small, or whether like myself, it is the big’s of the eastern vs. the big’s of the western power brokers, the prevailing winds of change are howling from the east at the moment.  It still matters not, damn-it, either of the above theories require you to prepare as the outcome is the same for all. All who read this, or one day just plain listen to a musical description of the aftermath.   Don’t dare let the next version of “The Wind of Change”, tell you a tragic story, a story you didn’t see on the horizon.  Get out in front, and out of the way of this one folks!

The next musical version of a business & political statement, is one that is an absolute frickin’ lock to be listened to over & over & over, with a massive “Ego Smash” in tow.   Personally I prefer to just enjoy the tones & the riffs in the music, with no need to worry over the message, and the tears that will be involved.

Rest assured, ready or not, the unrelenting winds of an “Economic Reckoning are Howling” & meanwhile life will still “Fire Away,” in a very unannounced & uninvited way.  Political statements will take a back seat to “life……and death”!  With no invitation, it will continue to “Fire Away!” If you can’t handle “SAD” avoid the next superb video, and head back to the Jim Rickards comedy show.


Condescending or not….Get it right!  “God, Family, & The Green Bay Packers”…Vince Lombardi  

“God, then your Family, and then “The Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave”  “Survive then Thrive!” …. Wolf Gray & Team RM

Take your best damn shot & fire away!

Hard Asset Tip:  

In case things become very “spartan”……..Some edible plants to take note of…

*Stinging Nettles
*Fiddlehead Ferns
*Prickly Pear Cactus

The last one needs to be viewed with some caution, and greater expertise as some of the mushroom clan may be edible, but you may not get a chance at seconds.

Wolf Gray

Special thanks to the thoughts of: Opie, W, Mrs. WG, Team RM, The Wolf Pack,, Jim Willie, Zerohedge, Jeff Nielson, Bill Holter, Natural News, InfoWars, Greg Hunter, Jim Rickards, & The Brilliant story telling skills of The Scorpions & Chris Stapleton

12 thoughts on “The Winds of Change are Howling & The Reckoning Continues Leave a comment

  1. Wolf Gray, nice article, agree the reckoning is at hand. A question for you and the RM team in general. There is one link I found, which is on the edge, so to speak, sometimes reliable sometimes not, is suggesting that the Chinese will decline convertibility of fiat American dollars into Gold backed Yuan once that currency becomes available on or after April 19th. They don’t want their new currency ‘drained’ by holders of dollars seeking to ‘upgrade’. Talk about a crap storm if that’s true! Have you or anyone in Rogue Money heard anything supporting or denying this idea? I will include the link:


  2. I don’t know about that one as far as it being a legit report, but if true, talk about a funnel into a tight…tight outlet, with almost total flow restriction, wending in zero. Mark what I smell, is one heck of a stack of gold in China, thus the ability to call the shots. Clearly way more than the piddly reported 1,000+ tons. Many many multiples more. To reuse a term I use too often, but not in this installment, this will be…….."EPIC"
    Wolf Gray


  3. Mark btw, I failed to mention it, but by their actions alone, not by official announcement, they have been with total disrespect & regard been de-pegging from the dollar over the last few months. From the article you linked & this statement….
    Since then, China has almost un-pegged its Yuan from the Dollar, allowing its value to fluctuate on world markets.
    EPIC…comes to mind again
    Wolf Gray


  4. Wolf Gray, it occurred to me that my son-in-law has a nice job doing industrial sales of Information Technology equipment to corporations. I could see that taking a big hit. imagine a dollar shy Chinese manufacturing firm negotiating a new purchase contract for a bunch of shiny new Cisco routers, or something like that to an American distributor. PC’s, whatever. Could get very dear in price…
    Seems like all of those nations with fiat currencies without any possibility of gold backing might end up trading with each other, as the deal they get from China may not be so good. I guess Japan still makes some electronics, maybe they might temporarily get more business, as Yen and Dollars have equal, low fiat value.
    Similarly, China, Russia, India?, Iran? being Gold rich, might be better off trading with each other. Seems like two blocks could form, and the fiat countries would need each other’s trade to stall collapse a while longer (months?)


  5. The Chinese have let their currency fluctuate, but they probably won’t be able to let that go on after it’s Gold backed. The world’s caught in a bad place. If you don’t export, you die. If you don’t support your currency, it collapses, you die. If you do support your currency with PM’s, everyone wants to ‘trade up’, depleting your store of value, and, you die. So you support your currency with PM’S, and have some kind of capital controls so that your store of value does’nt walk or leak away. Ending up trading with fewer players..almost die.


    • Mark it is going to be a "hard asset & natural resource & manufacturing" battlefield, and those left out will be just that ….."Left Out"…….All the machinations aside, the one trouble I see, is China can’t afford to let a big jump happen all at once to the gold price, at the of risk jacking their currency through the roof, and their export prices for many of their customers. Those with reasonable gold levels in relationship to their natural resource output & currency totals will be OK, but those who proportionally fall short will have a problem (and just what is that proportion). It isn’t just a do it & do it all at once game, at least if a good number of your valued trade partners need your exports, but haven’t been as wise about the value of real money, thus staring down a 50 caliber import inflation problem.
      Time will tell, short time that is. This time the ball is not in the western hot shots corner’s for once.
      Wolf Gray


  6. Hi Wolf, In your hard asset tip you mentioned the edible plants. One would be wise to learn about mushrooms before eating any wild ones, you may wind up taking a dirt nap, many are quite toxic. I own several books on edibles, their inexpensive and will teach you what is edible and how to prepare what you find. Also getting a few books about first aid would be prudent. Hope all is well my friend. P.S. Still using Mueller for my son, we are seeing some progress but it is slow. Swammi


    • Indeed on the mushrooms, J.S., thus the reason for the line I inserted underneath the mushroom listing, in the installment. Spot on as well partner with respect to the first aid, and it might be wise for a simple EMT course on emergency health situations.
      With respect to the doc., the advice with myself was instant, and the advice for Mrs. WG took quite a bit longer, like with your son. God bless & good luck on that one my friend.
      Wolf Gray


  7. Don’t forget your pine needle tea for Vitamin C, in addition to the rose hips (not always in season). I’ve always liked a mix of sassafras root and pine needle.
    Also, in spring, greenbrier (Smylax) tip shoots are good. Later on, milkweed flowers make delicious fritters. Careful with milkweed since most of the plant is poisonous. It’s stalk makes a great hand drill for fire making too.


    • Thorny this is what makes reading the board @ ‘’ a revelation. Darn right, on those natural items as well. I am not as familiar (just looked them up on google though) with all of the ones you mentioned, but I sure left out an obvious good one in "pine needles", and the natural elements in a tea brewed with pine needles.
      Wolf Gray


  8. "Those with reasonable gold levels in relationship to their natural resource output & currency totals will be OK, but those who proportionally fall short will have a problem (and just what is that proportion)."
    Very well said. It will be about balance across many aspects of a country’s total resource profile, resources here being defined as both human capital, as well as levels industrial development, and prudent levels of other real assets (including PM’s). In all these ways, the U.S. is totally broken.


  9. BRICS Bank, which used to be called Brics New Development Bank before the notion of a development bank became redundant (after AIIB was launched) may serve as a decentralized central bank for brics countries and their allies (almost everyone as evidenced by the AIIB member list.) It could be the facility to launch precious metals/asset backed currencies. This theory was put forth by Jim Willie, and it felt like something whispered to him by "The Voice" who is Jim’s top source. He’s hinted that the voice has served as consultant on such a project and has direct knowledge. There’s plenty of innuendo from Jim, but that’s my read.
    Of course that would have to be done suddenly and simultaneously. I expect the entire worldwide economy would seize if any one country of any size backed it’s currency alone.
    Put me in the camp that doesn’t see China announcing a gold back RMB right away or specifically on the 19th (unless you consider their RMB billboards as an announcement, in which case they’ve already announced it.)
    Jim has been very clear… utility of Gold will appear first in the "trade ramps" not in currencies. He predicts they will take the form of Gold letters of credit. What else might you call a "gold letter of credit?" How about a yuan denominated gold futures contract? Now THOSE… those ARE set to launch on the 19th.


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