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Great and Holy Friday

The full version of the St. Matthew Passion composed by Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk including the first movement sampled in the video above is here:

The Lamentations, chanted before the epitaphios on Friday night in Holy Week, are some of the most moving hymns of the Orthodox Church. These have been translated to fit the three traditional Greek melodies, which are also included here, transcribed into Western music notation. The book includes a homily on Holy Saturday by Saint Epiphanius of Cyprus…

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  1. Someday we will create Heaven on this Earth and no one will have to work at a job they hate or worry about their lack of abundance.


  2. Great music! You guys really have class in promoting this. Please more of it. I think Russia will become the world center of Christianity and they are the ones that are defending Christians in the middle east and especially Syria while the Anglo American empire supported ISIS which is intent on killing all Christians. When you compare what Russia has done in defending Christians compared to the do nothing of the Vatican, it speaks volumes.


    • As the ancient Greeks understood truth is beauty and the beautiful and true are a civilization’s highest achievements, whereas economics is the base of the temple pillar. (Matt. 6:21). Although Rogue Money is an economics-focused multimedia platform with a geopolitical bent we wanted to highlight that Orthodox Christianity and even the culture of Orthodoxy for lax Russian believers also matters in shaping the thought and morale of Russia and its potential as a catalyst for 21st century revival. As the Latin expression goes, ‘Ex oriente lux’. It is interesting that though George Frost Kennan’s forebear of the same name produced many tracts that depicted Tsarist Russia as hopelessly backward and tyrannical, there were also those who did not agree with this viewpoint and whose writings received widespread circulation at the time. Our 19th century American forebears were notably impressed with the Russians industry and expansion to the Siberian East and Pacific, which they saw as parallel to our own Manifest Destiny push to link sea to shining sea, and they were also impressed with Orthodox Christian humility, piety and yes the fertility/fecundity of the Russian people (who at that time were probably had some of the biggest families in Europe, at a time when big families were often the norm not the exception). If it had not been for the engineered disaster of WWI that was designed to destroy Imperial Germany and Tsarist Russia by pitting them against each other, I’d imagine there would be an Orthodox Church on the Moon today.


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