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It’s Happening

Neocons, U.S. Naval (Twitter) War College Professors, and creepy anime-loving bald GOPe consultants are crying in their pillows tonight after another huuuuuuuuge win for The Donald in Indiana.


With Texas Senator Ted Cruz mathematically eliminated from the presidential delegate contest last week and finally dropping out of the race Tuesday night (after bizarrely naming failed Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate), GOP Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledged that Donald J. Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

With any luck, a last gasp attempt to steal the nomination from the largest GOP primary vote getter in the Republican Party’s history will be aborted at the Cleveland convention this June before the cuckservative plotters can even get their scheme off the ground.


Now the focus is likely to shift to whether Trump can defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the November general election and thereby avert the present Cold War 2 with Russia from further deteriorating into hybrid warfare or open conflict in Europe and the Middle East.



Below is V the Guerrilla Economist’s take on some scenarios for a President Trump and the coming economic crash, which cannot be averted but might be better handled without a global conflict if America changes course – JWS



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  1. My mentor and spiritual father(Who has had angels literally visit him at his house on several occasions just like Lot and Daniel) has said Trump is like a King Cyrus in the bible. King Cyrus was not a christian, but Yahuah used him to expose the enemy and defeat them. Then he set the captives(the real Hebrew people) free. I can find the teaching he did on this if anyone wants to hear it. He has had several confirmations. Peace y’all.


  2. It was otherwise great news to hear Donald Trump win the Republican Nomination. Ted Cruz bowed out with some speech about ‘defending liberties’ with a completely fake plastic voice that left me dumbfounded that enough people were around to cheer for his speech. But no surprise that this gives a clue as to why the United States is where it is today because most people like to hear bullshit delivered with room service.
    Same goes for the Singapore population, not including the sports car owners and the 25+ billionaires including Jim Rogers. If not for the internet it would be hard to believe there is a worldwide awakening.


  3. I think he’ll chew Hillary up and spit her out. The real interesting part is when he sits in the oval office. I’m sure his enemies won’t give up, and they’ll be constantly attacking him. I see parallels with Roosevelt here, though from the right rather than the left. As long as he works to take down the cartel, the people will stand with him. I think something like the ‘fireside chats’ will come back, as Trump explains what he’s doing, and whose trying to stop him. He will continue to expose the underbelly of the beast.


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