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W the Intelligence Insider…or Oswald Spengler on the Evolution of War?

The Russia Analyst just finished a brief late night phone conversation with ‘W the Intelligence Insider’ from somewhere in his missile silo in the great Northwest of the United States, and we came across this item at the always provocative Unz Review. Naturally, we decided to add our own ‘soundtrack’ and videos to highlight the text.

While we don’t agree entirely with the thesis of Spengler’s Decline of the West anymore than we do with Marx’s Das Kapital, there is plenty to be gleaned from the book about the exhaustion we see across Western societies that Spengler foretold way back in 1922, after the First World War devastated Western civilization, of which we remain true fans.

Unfortunately whenever we see Atlanticists, globalists and NATO-nudniks pushing the term ‘the West’ in contrast with the age old image of backward and barbarous Russia or the supposed menace of China, we can only say ‘you mean, the former West or post-Western nations’. Because to be ‘Western’ is to assume certain principals inherited from Classicial Antiquity AND Christianity that modern societies increasingly reject. Or as our friend the Carolina mountain man Wolf Gray said near the end of the April 22, 2016 Guerrilla Radio program, the biggest bubble in history that’s about to burst might not be the fiat or debt bubbles we’ve seen around the world — it may be the bubble of automatically assumed Western supremacy in all things. – JWS

Above: a slide from a 2008 presentation on the distinctions between 4th Generation Warfare, which defined conflicts from the Vietnam War to the 2000s, and the emerging era of 5th Generation Warfare that the Cold War 2 proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria are foretelling…
Below: a slide about the qualities of the successful leader from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

The future of the West is not a limitless tending upwards and onwards for all time towards our present ideals, but a single phenomenon of history, strictly limited and defined as to form and duration, which covers a few centuries and can be viewed and, in essentials, calculated from available precedents. With this enters the age of gigantic conflicts, in which we find ourselves today. It is the transition from Napoleonism to Caesarism, a general phase of evolution, which occupies at least two centuries and can be shown to exist in all Cultures.

The Chinese call it Shan-Kwo, the “period of the Contending States.” In the Gracchan revolution, which was already [133 B.C.] heralded by a first Servile War, the younger Scipio was secretly murdered and C. Gracchus openly slain – the first who as Princeps and the first who as Tribune were political centers in themselves amidst a world become formless. When, in 104 B.C. the urban masses of Rome for the first time lawlessly and tumultuously invested a private person, Marius, with Imperium, the deeper importance of the drama then enacted is comparable with that of assumption of the mythic Emperor-title by the ruler of Ch’in in 288 B.C..

The place of the permanent armies as we know them will gradually be taken by professional forces of volunteer war-keen soldiers; and from millions we shall revert to hundreds of thousands. But ipso facto this second century will be one of actually Contending States. These armies are not substitutes for war – they are for war, and they want war. Within two generations it will be they whose will prevails over all the comfortables put together. In these wars of theirs for the heritage of the whole world, continents will be staked – India, China, South Africa, Russia, Islam called out, new technics and tactics played and counter-played… The last race to keep its form, the last living tradition, the last leaders who have both at their back, will pass through and onward, victors.

The idealist of the early democracy regarded popular education as enlightenment pure and simple – but it is precisely this that smooths the path for the coming Caesars of the world. The last century [the 19th] was the winter of the West, the victory of materialism and scepticism, of socialism, parliamentarianism, and money. But in this century blood and instinct will regain their rights against the power of money and intellect. The era of individualism, liberalism and democracy, of humanitarianism and freedom, is nearing its end. The masses will accept with resignation the victory of the Caesars, the strong men, and will obey them. Life will descend to a level of general uniformity, a new kind of primitivism, and the world will be better for it…

Above: Ruptly video taken still-photo of Chechen special forces after winning an international warrior competition, 2015 Below: a YouTube summary of Spengler’s thesis in The Decline of the West (der Untergang des Abendlandes) published in 1922.

9 thoughts on “W the Intelligence Insider…or Oswald Spengler on the Evolution of War? Leave a comment

  1. Good luck with the internet becoming the tool of the state. If it does happen then we allowed it to happen collectively and we deserve our own extinction for squandering this gift and putting an end to the Institution of Slavery that is Government.


    • EDIT: "If it does happen then we allowed it to happen collectively and we deserve our own extinction for squandering this gift of bypassing state censorship and control and [failing] to put an end to the Institution of Slavery that is Government.


    • I started to type ‘Joe Six Packs’ and thought, ‘where have I heard that phrase before’?
      I’m glad all understood I was not endorsing Spengler (including the Orthodox Jewish writer David P. Goldman for the Asia Times who writes under that name) per se, but as any longtime RM reader knows we’re fans of cyclical theories including some of Nikolai Dmitriyevich Kondratiev’s ideas.


      • Also having had some conversations with ‘W’ about the pros as opposed to the drawbacks of being a night person, I find myself trying more in my posts to add pictures and videos to them. As most people trained by the telescreens that Orwell foresaw in the late 40s (including high verbal quotients like myself at times) tend to absorb more of what they SEE rather than what they READ, I continue to push RM in a multi-media direction. I call it ‘beyond blogging’ to multimedia presentation, which I think is what the Guerrilla and those assisting him like Peter have visualized as where we’re going with this site.
        Besides that, a great deal of the inspiration for this notion comes to me not only from dreams but also from the Orthodox Church, which recognizes Christianity must appeal to the WHOLE man because Christ came to save the whole man — body and soul. We do not worship only with the mind or heart, but also with the senses — taste of the bread of life that is mystically Christ (though we dare not like the Roman Church try to explain the Mystery of Christ’s real presence), smell the incense rising before the altar that represents the heavenly temple not made with human hands, see the burning candles representing ‘let my prayer arise, as incense before Thee’ and icons representing the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ who like photographs of loved ones spur you on to love God and your fellow man more, and kiss the Cross in the priest’s hand (touch).
        The appeal of Orthodoxy is ‘come and see’ and was also contained within Russian philosopher Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev’s (in)famous quote, rejecting purely Western rationalism for the Russians’ Eurasian intuition:
        "Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone, No ordinary yardstick can span her greatness: She stands alone, unique – In Russia, one can only believe."


    • SOF,
      We have a post planned for next week on the situation heating up in Donbass, including the growing number of western and Turkish mercenaries in Kiev’s ranks near the contact line. We will also look at the efforts by NATO propagandists to deny, deny, deny the indisputable visual evidence of at least some of that ‘NATO Foreign Legion’ in Donbass that Putin was talking about after the Ukrainian Army’s defeat at Debaltsevo in February 2015.


  2. The Spengler video is quite impressive, ran through it twice to absorb it better. The idea of cultures as a living organism with it’s own life cycle makes a lot of sense.
    Really caught my eye, winter:
    Science and Math stagnate; Technology flourishes; fertility declines, ethnic diversity increases and a stagnant economy. Wow.
    Via the Internet, you do have some awakening, but it represents skepticism and loss of faith in leaders and institutions. The NWO may be thrown down, but we’re definitely in the season of electing ‘unusual leaders’ in an attempt to revive things.
    So much depends on whether the masses can use the new abundance of information to craft a new civilization of wide awake determination, or whether the gift of knowledge so widely available and distributed proves beyond the adaptability of a species that anthropologically has been shown to only prosper under ‘noble myths’ and benign conditions.


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