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A Prayer for Holy Rus: The Deeper Meaning of Putin and Patriarch Kirill at Athos

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias Kirill (Gundyayev) are celebrating the Divine Liturgy at Mount Athos in Greece Saturday to commemorate the 1,000th anniversary of a Russian monastic presence on the Holy Mountain.




Unlike Putin’s visit in 2005 (see the photo above) when he became the first Russian head of state to visit the ancient monastic republic, this visit comes at a time when Europe is faced with a migratory and economic crisis, in the shadow of a rumored war with Russia.



Eurasianist ideologue Alexandr Dugin announced at the website of his think tank Katehon that the services with Patriarch Kirill will be broadcast live from Athos beginning at 13:00 Moscow time on Saturday, May 28. (Note: after Dugin’s widely publicized denial of entry to Greece, it appears the junior bureaucrat who wanted to keep him from visiting the country and Mt. Athos to cover this historic event was overruled). For those RogueMoney readers who have a high speed Internet connection, the link to watch live at Tsargrad TV’s Russian language channel is here (note: we will update this post with video to insert in this space when it appears online).

For an introduction to Mt. Athos and the Orthodox Christian monastic way of life there that has continued unbroken by wars, pirates or rulers’ depredations for at least twelve centuries, watch the CBS 60 Minutes documentary from 2011 with the late reporter Bob Simon here, with ‘trailers’ for this highly recommended program below:


The Russia Analyst’s commentary on this highly symbolic and extraordinary event is below:

Athos and the Symbolism of Neo-Tsarist Symphonia in Russia

That Putin would need a spiritual and physical retreat from the pressures of Moscow at a time like this is not surprising. While Russia has withstood the pressures of economic sanctions and seemingly limitless information warfare while fighting proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria, the cracks in society are starting to show.

Real hardships for working and middle class Russians due to the general global economic crisis, the collapse in trade with Europe and oil price slump are increasingly evident. However, a spirit of resistance to globalism, to the degradation and nihilism post-Western societies offer the world is also evident, with a growing number of Russians participating in the life of the Orthodox Church and new temples going up all over Moscow and other major cities.

The Russia Analyst claims no insights into the state of Mr. Putin’s soul, but even some of Vladimir Vladimirovich’s fierce critics like ex-NSA analyst John R. Schindler acknowledge that his adult return to the Orthodox Christianity of his secret baptism as an infant in the officially atheistic USSR may be authentic. The symbolism of the Patriarch and Putin visiting the Holy Mountain at the same time is clear: without contradicting the Russian Federation’s Constitution which establishes a secular state, Putin is affirming the ancient Byzantine Roman idea of symphonia, that is the State and Church working together for the spiritual and physical benefit of the people. Clearly this is a notion that predates Enlightenment ideas of a purely secular state or the oft-repeated phrase ‘separation of Church and State’ in America.

Hardliners’ Influence? Putin’s Rhetoric on NATO Gets Tougher

What is also evident from the visit of the Russian Patriarch and President to the Holy Mountain is that their pilgrimage, not visits with Greece’s elected leader Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, are the highlight of the trip. Nonetheless, Putin found the time during his press conference with Tsipras to remind the governments of Romania and Poland that hosting elements of a U.S. ballistic missile defense system (one that as we’ve discussed here, has offensive capabilities via Tomahawk-cruise missile capable launch tubes) makes them targets for Russia’s growing arsenal of hypersonic and supersonic missiles

Putin’s tougher rhetoric about Russia being prepared to counter and if necessary take out the NATO BMD system, as well as the calls by the powerful chief of the country’s Investigative Committee (the rough equivalent to the director of the FBI) Alexander Bastrykin for Internet censorship and abandonment of what he calls “false democracy” in the face of U.S. and NATO hybrid warfare against Moscow’s national sovereignty are indeed ominous signs that the Kremlin is increasingly fed up with what it sees as Washington’s provocations.

Like Putin’s grey cardinal retired KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov, Bastrykin has called for the introduction of a “national idea” in Russia that would “ideological education” of the young to ensure “destabilization won’t happen even with the most generous external funding”. Bolstering Orthodox Christianity alongside Russian patriotism and Eurasianist ideals for the non-Orthodox Christians from Russia’s extensive Muslim or Buddhist populations would be part of any coherent program of the type Reshetnikov or Bastrykin envision. Such ideological indoctrination, in the minds of Reshetnikov or Bastrykin, would also serve the deterrence function of making clear to Russia’s enemies in the post-Western capitals that Moscow is increasingly ready for war, whereas Europe and America’s increasingly decadent populations are not prepared to endure the hardships (including radioactive fallout or at least massive casualties from a conflict that miraculously doesn’t go nuclear) that might come with an actual shooting war rather than just another cold war.

Of course, not everyone among the Russian elite or Moscow’s prospective partners in Europe wants to go down that road, and many remain optimistic that peace and commerce will prevail over war and subversion. For his part, Tsipras called for visa-free travel for Russians to the EU to promote tourism to Greece and said, “European security cannot be achieved without cooperation and dialogue with Russia…I don’t believe that we can move forward or ensure compliance with international law while caught in a vicious circle of sanctions, militarization and Cold War rhetoric.” But as former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke warned this month in the Huffington Post, “Putin is Being Pushed to Abandon his Conciliatory Approach to the West and Prepare for War”.

Clearly not everyone in Moscow believes time is on Russia’s or its Eurasian allies’ side and eventually the patient approach of waiting out U.S. demanded sanctions imposed by the European Union while EU member states undermine and eventually throw off the Washington-imposed yoke as the dollar or euro collapses will be vindicated. Yet with the alternatives being some sort of return to the failed Soviet attempts at autarky or at least a re-militarized economy in concert with the Chinese and Iranians, some sort of response to the growing pressure seems to be coming. Whether that will take the form of a ‘purge’ of Medvedev and others in the Russian elite who seem to be too post-Western for the tastes of the hardliners remains to be seen.

Fears of NATO Aggression or a Repeat of Perestroika and Collapse

There seem to be growing frustration and fears among Moscow’s hardliners that history will repeat itself and the U.S. has once again as in the Reagan years embarked on a program consciously designed to force the Kremlin to choose between nuclear war or concessions to the (post)West that may result in internal upheaval followed by State collapse. The problems with repeating that old 1980s magic formula that individuals like ‘W the Intelligence Insider’ helped to implement of course are manifold: Russia is not the late great Soviet Union, Syria is not Soviet-occupied Afghanistan, and post-Western leaders are far more arrogant and stupid than the sober team of Reagan (who was accused of being a trigger-happy cowboy plotting a nuclear first strike on the USSR to usher in Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth version of Armageddon), Thatcher, Mitterrand and Kohl ever were.

The (post)West is also in a deteriorating economic, monetary and aging demographic situation compared to how it was in the 1980s — meaning that the window for Washington aggressively imposing its will on Russia and other rival centers of power is closing fast. But the flip side of such a long term piece of good news for the rest of the planet is the short term bad news of how desperate this makes D.C.’s neocons and neo-liberal hawks.

Whereas the USSR had at least in conventional terms some Warsaw Pact buffer between it and the conventional forces of NATO, today hostile forces are at Russia’s ‘peacetime’ borders for the first time since the spring and summer of 1941. While a handful of NATO battalions consisting of a few thousand troops in the Baltics pose no serious threat of invasion, the psychological button pushing against the Operation Barbarossa-recalling Russian mindset involved in placing German troops and Leopard 2 tanks with iron crosses on them in Latvia, where SS veterans are still honored with marches every year, is self-evident. Washington is trying to induce fear and frustration into the minds of the Russian elite, and appears to have at least partially succeeded, despite the Empire’s ticking debt bomb and failed aggressive wars from the Ukraine to the Middle East.


Russia’s Role in the Psychological and Spiritual War for the World

Washington also has informational and subversive (and some would argue, psychotronic) tools at its disposal like the Internet and social media that it didn’t have in the 1980s, when the Voice of America, Samizdat and occasionally satellite TV were the cutting edge of bringing down the ‘Evil Empire’ (in fairness, Russia’s own informational efforts such as RT and Sputnik are far more effective than Radio Moscow ever was either). The ideals of symphonia, sobornost and the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church itself have also not been spared informational attacks, most notoriously the Pussy Riot episode where the activists have been feted in the post-West for blasphemy and intruding on a church service. In response, some Russian Orthodox clergymen have stated clearly what they believe is happening in terms of the cosmic war behind all the eathly wars, hot and cold:

The political, economic, socio-cultural reasons for this and any other war are always secondary; the main cause is the spiritual dimension. What is the central, deep, spiritual cause of this war?

The words of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This concerns any war.

The visible, material causes of war explain nothing; this is a ruse of dark forces. A true warrior always fights against demons and is the opponent of demonic powers. We fight with prayer and the Word of God. At the present time, these forces have gathered around Slavyansk, for this is the spiritual center of Novorussia, and the Svyatogorsky Monastery is one of the bulwarks of Orthodoxy.

Terrible trials await all those who defend Slavyansk and other cities, all the protectors of the Orthodox faith. However, these tests will be of benefit to our Orthodox army and make it spiritually stronger. As the faithful Prince St. Aleksandr Nevsky said, “Not in power is God, but in truth.” God’s truth is with us, and victory will be ours…

What is the deeper, spiritual and eschatological meaning of namely this war?

The establishment of planetary Satanic rule. What’s occurring here is the very beginning of a global war. Not for resources or territory, that’s secondary. This is a war for the destruction of true Christianity, Orthodoxy. The worldview of the wealthiest men who own almost all the material goods in the world is Satanism.

Having summoned the elements of the First and Second World Wars and a Third Information War, and having laid hundreds of millions of the slain at the altar of their father, Satan, they have initiated the Fourth World War. They are intentionally hastening the reign of Antichrist – an order offensive to God, in which man is not the image and likeness of the Creator of worlds visible and invisible, but a biomass programmed through information and directed through virtual bank digits, subject at any moment to annihilation.

Powers, Principalities, and End Times Greek and Russian Orthodox Christian Prophecy

We do not know, though we can speculate, that one of the monks of the monks that knew Elder Paisios could whisper a warning into Vladimir Putin’s ear about the prophecies of the 18th century saint Kosmas and the 20th century Athonite, who reposed in +1994, concerning a huge war between Turkey and Russia, a war the Russians will win to liberate Constantinople for the Greeks and restore the Hagia Sofia to Orthodoxy. Or whether some of the Russian monks on the Holy Mountain believe in the prophecies of the late Archbishop Theophan of Poltava spoken under the Bolshevik yoke, that a final Tsar will come to restore Russia before the return of Christ. But it would be irresponsible of us to state any of those possibilities as facts.


The monastery where Putin dined as a guest is dedicated to St. Panteleimon, revered as a young physician martyr and healer of the sick in the Orthodox Christian church

What we do know is that Mt. Athos existence after centuries under the Muslim Ottoman yoke and its prayers “without ceasing” offered around the clock are potent symbols of the deeper reality that the Orthodox Church and its daughter Holy Rus (not necessarily the Russian nation, which can be mostly destroyed in nuclear fire, but the highest spiritual ideals of Russian Orthodoxy) abide all of the flaming darts the New World Order and Satan himself can throw. The survival and triumph of Russian Orthodoxy after the Satanic efforts of the Bolsheviks to exterminate the Church are living testimonies to this truth. 

Despite the personal failings and sins of the Patriarch or Putin, both men are tapping into a source of Power and resistance to the hidden powers and principalities of the air that govern our fallen world. As the monk said in an interview with the late reporter Bob Simon posted above, the monasteries of Athos (or the Athos of the North at Valaam) are fortresses, centers of the ceaseless prayer and spiritual warfare on behalf of the Church militant everywhere. Whenever the Russia Analyst is tempted to despair at seemingly intractable personal problems or the seeming triumph of evil, we remind ourselves of the humble monks in their cells and the invincible Patroness and Protector of the Holy Mountain:

UPDATE: Saturday, May 28, 2016 11:15 p.m. Eastern — just in case anyone missed the neo-Tsarist, neo-Byzantine symphonia symbolism around Putin’s visit to Mt. Athos, Alexander Dugin made it about as subtle as a sledgehammer with this tweet:






8 thoughts on “A Prayer for Holy Rus: The Deeper Meaning of Putin and Patriarch Kirill at Athos Leave a comment

  1. To Poland:I want to tell you a truth that is highlighted by your recent actions and collusion with the enemy, NATO, who pretends to be your ally. The funny thing about truth is, you can eitheraccept her, or reject her, but you won’t be able to hurt her feelings. Alas, she is the truth and she knows all her sons and daughters must return to her in eternity. She will just quietly warn you, "Accept me not, but be prepared for the consequences." The warning is almost never heeded, because those who refuse her are quite sure of their own wisdom, that no ill consequences will befall them, and, they are almost always wrong, much to their chagrin."
    "You have allowed the worm-tongues of the West entry into your realm during a subterfuge that makes you an accomplice of the provocation of Russia and a third, nuclear world war. This will not end well, not for Poland, and this goes for anybody else making this same mistake. The Western central banker oligarchies are NOT your friends. Do friends view you as stepping stones to their ulterior motives?"
    "Russia stands accused of "aggression" and aspiring to global domination. But Russia is not alone in this. The Western central banker Oligarchy, The House of Rothschild ALSO seeks global domination, but where House Rothschild seeks to dominate the world by the tyranny of their "New World Order," Russia seeks a collaboration of partners to achieve global prosperity and peace. This is what the House Rothschild cannot abide and as I write this they are doing everything in their power to prevent it. "
    "… Fundamentally, this is spiritual combat and they will stop at nothing, and if they throw Poland under the wheels to do so, it is not beyond them. Do not become their victim. Stand for what you know is right and just in the eyes of God."


    • I didn’t see the original comment this was written in response to, but I would say that as with West Germany in a Third World War fought in the 1980s, Poland would be almost completely destroyed in a nuclear war with Russia. Neither Warsaw nor Krakow would be spared. Even in a ‘limited’ conventional war the country would be a dartboard for incoming Russian missiles and in the northeast facing Kaliningrad, long range Russian rocket and artillery fire.


  2. The post-West is rapidly being converted to radical Islam. There are two social upheavals forcing this development. One is the importation of vast numbers of Muslims from the Middle East into Europe and America. The second is the financial, social, moral and spiritual degradation of men, vigorously pursued by the Ruling Class of the post-West.
    The contribution of the first upheaval to Islamization is self-evident. But that of the second might not be so apparent. To understand how the war on men is leading to Islamization, it is necessary to appreciate its effects.
    Financial degradation prevents or at least discourages men from achieving their hopes of forming families. This denies men the dignity of marriage and fatherhood within marriage. It leads them to adopt aberrant sexual habits in a vain search for the fulfillment that a stable marriage affords.
    Social degradation hammers men with the message that they are superfluous, that they bring nothing to society’s table that women also bring. Within the United States, it is now dogma that a woman can serve in any and every military capacity in which a man can serve. And society officially prefers women over men in virtually every occupation.
    The prevalent philosophy that morality is merely a matter of personal preference, contributes to the moral decline of all members of post-Western society. And culture, business practices and the destruction of the Rule of Law have also contributed mightily to this trend.
    Lastly, the longstanding decline of genuine Christianity in the post-West is creating a spiritual vacuum that is being filled by Satanism and its close relative, Radical Islam. It should be no surprise that thousands of young men from Europe and the United States have filled the ranks of ISIS. ISIS provides them with a belief system that affirms their masculinity and a social structure in which men are primary and dominant.
    The American Ruling Class has long expressed the fear that the same radicalization is occurring in the United States, as well it may be. But if America’s oligarchs have not yet appreciated the utility of this development, they will before long.
    Islam is not just a religion (as the moron, George W. Bush, seemed to believe). It is a belief system integrated with a political, social and cultural milieu. Islam demands submission to its ordering of society, and the suppression of all competing cultural, political and religious customs and practices.
    As such, Islam is perfectly designed to provide the Ruling Class with the means to achieve domestic full spectrum dominance of the post-West. The example of Saudi Arabia provides the oligarchs with the model. By adopting the Wahhabism of the House of Saud, or some variant, as their nominal faith (while remaining as corrupt as they and the House of Saud both are now), the oligarchs could offer the same enticements at home that ISIS offers to young men in Syria. If that offer is not yet being made by those who dominate the institutions of the post-West, soon it will be.


    • Hello Gene (I didn’t see the comment directed to a Polish RM commenter, I hope that original is restored),
      Here is a clip dubbed into English from the 2006 Russian/Ukrainian war movie "9 Rota" (The Ninth Company), in which the director Fyodor Bondarchuk takes the opportunity to comment on not only the Soviets’ failed Afghan campaign but also the (post)West’s subsequent failure to ‘democratize’ the Hindu Kush:

      Have you ever heard of the novel "Prayers for the Assassin" by Robert Ferrigno? As parallel universe fiction goes it’s very interesting, though at the time I dismissed the premise as ludicrous. But imagining an Islamic Republic of France armed with nukes by mid-century doesn’t seem so crazy.
      There are definite parallels and sympathies between radical or what some may call originalist Islam and hardcore Illuminist freemasonry, including the so-called ‘Satanic verses’ that got Salman Rushdie a yet to be revoked death sentence for blasphemy.Again that is not to demonize all masons the vast majority of whom only know the basic symbology mumbo jumbo and many of whom are active in their respective churches and view it as nothing more than a fraternal social order. One of my great uncles was a Scottish Rite freemason.


  3. I loved your paragraph here, James:"The (post)West is also in a deteriorating economic, monetary and aging demographic situation compared to how it was in the 1980s — meaning that the window for Washington aggressively imposing its will on Russia and other rival centers of power is closing fast. But the flip side of such a long term piece of good news for the rest of the planet is the short term bad news of how desperate this makes D.C.’s neocons and neo-liberal hawks."
    It reminds me of the old joke:"How do you stop an elephant from charging?""Take away its credit card."
    It’s encouraging that there are people on the other side of the globe who have figured out that our debt-backed monetary system really is a Satanic invention. If you want to stop a blood-thirsty Satan-minded military action, then just take away their Satan-minded financial construct.


    • There’s a certain irony with technology, it empowers the aggressor faction with more fearsome methods of destruction, but also makes it easier to target and destroy once the counter-strike is found.
      The credit debt monetary system enabled more reckless spending and bigger defense budget but also means when the debt collector comes around the destruction is much more rapid and like that of an invading shock army.
      More rapid rise, much more rapid fall.


    • Deb,
      Correct, I didn’t want to fill the reader with too much WW3 is imminent ‘doom porn’ but at the same time, make light of the seriousness of the situation. It is precisely the fact that the window for unlimited fiat-issuance fueled aggression (at least without radically impoverishing the post-West into an Orwellian perma-war nightmare) is closing that Russia senses the maximum danger period being in the next three to five years aka a first Hillary Clinton Administration if she isn’t brought down — which I think is likely, the Dems are smelling the stink of loser on her and reviving talk of a shock Biden nomination after Hillary! resigns for ‘health reasons’ to stop Bernie at the convention.
      If the world can get through the next half decade without a direct confrontation arising from an attempt by Washington to use some proxy, whether Turkish, Ukrainian, Romanian or even as a crazy wild card the Japanese to attack Russian allies or Russia itself, then the danger of another world war radically recedes. The Post West is simply going to be too broke and too ‘vibrant’ consumed with internal problems if not direct post-Christendom on Muslim violence across Europe to wage war on Russia and China — in fact I strongly suspect a faction within the RF would be advocating sending arms to the nationalists should the globalists back the deliberately ghetto-ized and radicalized Muslims (who I don’t dehumanize, they are being ‘set up’ for war as well).
      In this I am much more optimistic than ‘W’ the Intelligence Insider, but that’s ok because RMers also deserve to hear the worst case scenario with regards to the Satanists atop the bankster pyramid and their Georgia Guidestone plans for ‘population reduction’).


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