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Saker Interviews with The Duran and The Solari Report with Catherine Austin Fitts

My Swiss White Russian Floridian friend The Saker (aka Andre Raevsky) has been busy prior to embarking on a five-day trip away from his popular Vineyard of the Saker blog. Prior to leaving on his trip The Saker sat down for an interview with The Duran, the new website of RT Crosstalk’s American host Peter Lavelle to talk about his article, “A Russian Warning” against the dangers of the new Cold War between Russia and what he calls the ‘Anglo-Zionist Empire’ going hot (and possibly nuclear).


The article co-signed by Reinventing Collapse author and Leningrad native Dmitry Orlov (whom many RogueMoney readers have heard on Greg Hunter’s show) was widely republished across the alternative/new media, including at Zerohedge, Information Clearinghouse, and former Reagan Administration Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ website. We have also written about this particular topic, the once remote threat which is now growing of an actual shooting war with Russia, on multiple occasions here at RogueMoney (most prominently with our ‘Rumors of War with Russia’ series of articles).

Suffice to say while we remain skeptical that the globalist elites will actually turn the launch keys and push the Button, we find the imminent nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States alternatively depressing (considering her grudge against the Russian and Chinese leadership will surely mean the proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria will grind on) and terrifying (should this psychotic woman presume that the 2017-18 version of the Russian military is just a bigger version of the ramshackle Serbian army her pathological narcissist Rockefeller bastard husband Bill bombed with impunity back in 1999, only with nukes).

The Saker also recorded an additional interview last week, a follow up to his second time on the Solari Report with Catherine Austin Fitts. CAF is a friend of Rogue Money’s friend Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, and they spoke along with Jay Dyer of Jay’s at the October 31-November 1, 2015 Secret Space Program conference in Bastrop outside Austin, Texas (you can view a group photo from the speaker’s table here). The most recent CAF/Saker interview, however, is pay-walled, with a three minute and fifteen second preview segment here. The Solari Report offers subscriptions starting from $30 a month, subject to automatic renewal via credit card. Catherine Austin Fitts’ website also offers subscriptions payable by mailed check for annual subscribers.

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  1. I’m something of a fan of Strauss and Howe’s book, The Fourth Turning. Related as it is to Kondratiev cycles, there is strong inclinations towards Total War, at Fourth Turnings, as we seem to be in now. Given the psychology of the NeoCons, one can bet they’re trying every possible ploy to get us into the final war. Though other elements of the Establishment are actively working against them and currently ascendant, the Neocons are probably even more dangerous now that they’re losing ground.


  2. Mark —
    First of all it looks like I have a new logo (thanks Peter!). Second I agree with you that the idiot savants the neocons employ at RAND and at other think tanks are well aware of the Kondratiev and ‘war cycles’. However there do seem to be forces at work both inside the Pentagon and without pushing back against the Narrative towards racial unrest and global conflict they are brewing.


  3. James, I think the most interesting thing is the extreme efforts to discredit Trump by any means, as he’s the point of the spear of the change in consciousness we’re seeing in the U.S. It looks as though the PTB realizes the problems that would arise if they simply handed Hillary the Presidency through faking the tabulated results in November..people are watching this, and that wouldn’t be believed or accepted. They already know they have a sh*tstorm coming from the Sanders people within the DNC, doesn’t look like the appetite is there to try this on the general election….So the effort is to try to turn the electorate at all costs, there seems to be real fear about not having the public’s consensus running their way.
    Also, we’re seeing herculean attempts to keep the Stock Market propped up, as the Democrats would clearly take it on the chin if the markets were to crash before November.
    Maybe this is all obvious to some, but I think it’s relevant to gage the anxiety level of the elites, they may not have as much power as some think. If they thought they had this all sewn up, I doubt the propaganda would be this thick, I believe under that circumstance, they wouldn’t work it this hard..and it smells like fear to me.


    • Mark,
      "I know one of his advisers used to run the DIA, and we all know the NWO wants the U.S. militarily ‘reduced’, so there probably is some part of the military industrial complex who is giving Trump serious protection in return for a promise to keep the defense establishment near the top of fiscal priorities." I believe you’ve hit on something here, and it’s what the Guerrilla recently hinted at when he said the dollar collapse cannot be stopped and Trump likely knows it with DJT’s recent remarks about how ‘we could print money’ and warnings of a market crash. I also suspect the ‘good guys’ in the DoD are leaning toward Trump at least if you forced them to choose because they think his tendency to shoot his mouth off can be managed whereas Hillary! will stay on message to military confrontation with Russia that the Pentagon, at least the realists in the house realize will end badly for the U.S. on the Russian Federation’s doorstep leaving either a humiliating back down or (tactical escalating to strategic) nuclear war as the only options left after combined NATO-Romanian or NATO-Ukrainian forces get routed by the Russians.
      Look at the butthurt expressed by the AlCIAeda promoting types in this Daily Beast piece which literally accuses the Pentagon of parroting Putin’s propaganda against Al-Nusra’s allies and engages in apologetics for the likes of jihadist scum like Ahrar al Sham, that they have no choice but to ally with Nusra (a lie BTW, the DoD-backed SDF are not nor are they under Assad or the Russians’ control). Also see this Buzzfeed piece:
      Tweeted out by this piece of work, @MichaelDWeiss a pro-jihadi Trotskyite paid with your U.S. tax dollars and mine:


  4. Seems also, that Trump must have some powerful forces on his side. A lone Billionaire couldn’t shake the tree this hard without help. He stresses over and over how he wants us to have a strong military, I know one of his advisers used to run the DIA, and we all know the NWO wants the U.S. militarily ‘reduced’, so there probably is some part of the military industrial complex who is giving Trump serious protection in return for a promise to keep the defense establishment near the top of fiscal priorities. Maybe they’re watching his back. Might also be some payback to the Neo-Cons who badly exploited the U.S. military for a lot of dirty work that only really benefited that little country in the Eastern Mediterranean, the one with the careful diets.


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