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By CERN Publications
By CERN Publications

I’ve been wanting to scribble a blog about CERN and the covert search for the higher energies of the universe, and this seems to be as good a time as any. In fact, I had to smile upon realizing that the annual Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference is indeed in-progress right now as we speak (linked here). This is a get-together intended to inform the involved parties of upcoming projects and upgrades. So while the Alternative Media community is running around, as they do every year, decrying yet another Bilderberg party, the real movers-and-shakers are meeting behind closed doors in Lund, Switzerland. But more about CERN in a minute or two.


Nor is that the only notable event that has taken place in Switzerland recently. Two weeks ago, the world was treated to a spectacle worthy of a Super Bowl Halftime or Olympics Opening Ceremony. However, this event, while broadcast LIVE on many television outlets, was performed in front of only a few hundred on-site audience members — a relatively small handful of observers. I am speaking, of course, of the now widely recognized bizarre ballet that was conducted by German director Volker Hesse in Erstfeld, Switzerland on June 01, 2016, to celebrate the inauguration of the Gotthard Base railway tunnel. Hesse is a man of distinguished musical pedigree in his own right (linked here), his father having once been the opera director known as Rudolf Hesse (NOT to be confused with the famous Nazi Deputy Fuhrer of similar spelling!) The performance was held in the presence of Hollande, Merkel, and Renzi. You no doubt recognize these people as the public leaders of France, Germany, and Italy, respectively. Naturally, these leaders were invited because the new railway tunnel will have a direct impact on the way heavy cargo will soon be transported across their particular national borders.


If you have not watched an archived video of the weird performance, I shall leave you with these two Youtube files. RussiaToday’s RUPTLY TV service did provide a 6-hour video of the whole day’s activities. For the moment, may I draw your attention to a few of the notable elements of the ceremony? I have gathered a few of these Youtube clips into one playlist, here:

1. Four religious leaders were invited to lead off the ritual by giving their blessing to the rail line and ostensibly to memorialize the nine deaths (or sacrifices? you decide) that occurred during the 17 years of the tunnel’s construction. The deaths are briefly described near the end of the tunnel’s Wikipedia page (linked here) and raise an eyebrow all by themselves, but we’ll set that aside for now. The four clergymen represented the world’s three monotheistic religions: a Catholic vicar general, a vicar of the Evangelical-Reformed Church of Uri, a Jewish rabbi, and a Muslim imam. I’d like to offer my own opinion that the very presence and blessing offered by these leaders should be viewed as an implied tacit approval for the ritual that was to follow. You can view their solemn role near the beginning of this Youtube video:

2. After introductions, the ritual, as directed by Volker Hesse, began, and you can watch excerpts of that show, below. Admittedly, the Swiss do have local legends about conquering mines and building tunnels in spite of the objections of the Devil. However, even with an allowance for a creative art director’s expression of ancient legends, one must admit that the Baphomet sex magick imagery in the performance is off-the-charts. This is not subliminal; it is “in your face” as hundreds of tweets and internet comments have subsequently noted.  


As one might expect, the evangelical outrage made its presence known immediately with claims that a “portal to Lucifer” has now been opened. And while I will be the first person to admit that supra-natural forces are indeed at work here, I will also add that the “portal to Lucifer” was opened over 5,000 years ago the minute mankind accepted the tyranny of Sumerian templar bankster priesthoods. Even the weird, somewhat sexual positions — and yet not actually sexual positions — displayed in the performance should really call our attention to that same Topological Metaphor of which I have written many times. Not to be overlooked is a recent blog by our twitter friend Colin McKay @DerorCurrency penned under the title “The Money $hot: Even Banking Is All About Sex,” linked at his Psalmistice blog site here

There is something worse than a “portal to Lucifer” being opened here. What we may have just witnessed is a ritual welcoming the Economist magazine’s long-anticipated Phoenix Rising, the “coming out party” of that powerful network of financiers and would-be masters of the physical universe. If you did watch those Youtube videos mentioned above, then you might have also caught the visual images being sprayed across the gigantic projection screen of a spinning spider-like geometric image that looks like this:

Black Sun, By A. Wyatt Mann - Own work, Public Domain
Black Sun, By A. Wyatt Mann – Own work, Public Domain


Readers of the books by Joseph P. Farrell, or even casual followers of the Ukraine neo-Nazi propaganda, will recognize that symbol as the famous “Black Sun.” Farrell has written a string of books that lay out the research and future agenda of those Nazi scientists bent on mastering the ultimate secrets of indominatable, bottomless energy. We must think about projects in the realm of the famous “Die Glocke,” or The Bell, and its connections to research in the area of Zero-Point Energy, Tesla energy, Directed Energy — call it what you will.

Farrell has recently published two books, “The Third Way” and “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery,” that call our attention to the advancements that this reconstructed fraternity of all-powerful Demi-Gods have achieved. I promised to connect this dark Gotthard tunnel performance with whatever is going on at the various projects managed by CERN, located to the west of the Gotthard tunnel, not far from Geneva, Switzerland. Here I refer you to this statement found on page 235 of his book “The Third Way”:

We must consider the larger context of the Collider not only with the pattern of the European Union and its projects, but the financial and corporate cartels that have been examined in previous chapters, that is to say, we must situate the Collider within a much larger historical pattern, one stretching back to ancient times, and manifest in much more detail during the Nazi period.

In ancient times the connection between the high financial power, religion, and technological projects was clear, for according to some, ancient temples might have operated as simple radio resonant cavities capable of sending and receiving telegraphy, and the temples also functioned as centers of financial activity.

More recently, the alignment between the high financial power, in the form of the House of Morgan, and advanced technology, in the form of Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe project for the wireless transmission of power, and its potential weaponization possibilities, are well known.

Dr. Farrell has methodically laid out his contention that the scientists at CERN may in fact not be “opening doors to Satan,” but instead are doing what the elites of mankind have been doing for thousands of years: looking for the keys to the ultimate energy technology — and hence to the ultimate weapon — in the belief that that these elites will finally achieve what Satan long ago promised to Eve: Deification.

“In the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.” — Genesis 3:5 

That this Rogue Network at CERN does have its sights set on gaining its own power over creation and destruction is demonstrated by the statue of Shiva that sits at CERN’s headquarters for its Large Hadron Collider. Shiva was at times the male god, and at other times, the female goddess, that was constantly exchanging her gender in a never-ending dance between “male” and “female,” or, “positive” and “negative,” concepts in physics — not unlike the underwear-clad dancers who performed in front of the three national leaders of Europe who just happen to reign over those territories that have always been secretly dominated by the Illuminati: France, Germany, and Italy.

Shiva as Lord of the Dance, Public Domain. “I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”–Robert Oppenheimer

I will have much to write in coming weeks about the proof that this rogue Illuminated network was very much in action on that unforgettable day of September 11, 2001, when President George W. Bush was told to sit tight at his elementary school appearance in Florida during the reading of a children’s book entitled “The Pet Goat.” Commenting on the significance of that much-overlooked role within the 9/11 Magickal Ritual are these notes co-authored by Peter Levenda and S.K. Bain in their own book “The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual” page 32: 

Ostensibly a children’s story about a girl and her goat, The Pet Goat was in reality a strategically employed device used to introduce this key occult element into the 9/11 MegaRitual; yet it is more than this. A deeper reading of the text reveals that this children’s story is an allegory of the Luciferian Doctrine…. — whose initial poor behavior is, in broader context, relatively benign — saves the day. Praise the Goat.

Therefore it would hardly surprise us that this homegrown Swiss ritual should also prominently feature a Goat-Demon. In fact, if you watched those Youtube videos linked above, you saw this image repeated both by the dance actors and the visual projection screen, repeatedly.


So hang on to your butts, folks, the summer of 2016 is just getting started. We might want to file this famous Dr. Strangelove quote on the back burner of our brains: “Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you keep it a secret! Why didn’t you tell the world, EH?”

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, distributed by Columbia Pictures - Dr. Strangelove trailer from 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD, 2004, Public Domain
Directed by Stanley Kubrick, distributed by Columbia Pictures – Dr. Strangelove trailer from 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD, 2004, Public Domain


Today I found a video of a short film produced with the approval of CERN in the year 2015 entitled “Symmetry.” You will notice many images here that remind us of the Gotthard ballet described above. For example, notice the spinning hands on the man’s wristwatch. This tends to corroborate my idea that the dancers are acting out a sort of particle-physics ballet of sub-atomic quarks and other elements. And if that’s true, then the Gotthard tunnel performance really wasn’t about the Gotthard tunnel at all! It was about … CERN.

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8 thoughts on “Of ConCERN Leave a comment

  1. it appears those dastardly gnomes are at it again.
    perhaps the coming-out party is happening is because they desperately need the "buy-in" (aka the power of attention) to realize their intention, for the energy flows to that which is focused upon. that energy can be in the form of positive or negative, love or hate, desire or disgust. this is why most of the alt-media (cough, infowars, cough) only plays right into the hands of that which they claim they’re fighting against, especially when someone introduces the ol’ sleight of hand trick. it also explains the current clown show that is masquerading as an "election" for the Leader of the Free World ™.
    money $hots, double entry books and compound interest only gets one so far and if your hunch is correct (and i choose to believe that it is), someones’ fiddling on the edge of realms where camels can’t fit through.
    those pyramids weren’t built for nothin’ ya know. too bad the Nile changed course. now they’re just castles in the sand masquerading as the only sinkhole for international capital the Egyptians have left.


  2. p.s. in light of my comment above, find it veddy veddy interesting that it was Russia Today that aired the entire broadcast. one shouldn’t be surprised by the hard sell against BREXIT. gotta keep the Gang together, so the gnomes can continue to sit up in the Alps twiddling their thumbs while insisting they remain "non-aligned".


  3. Me thinks whatever they try to do to achieve some state of ‘godhood’ it will ultimately fail. It always does.
    Humanity always did fine so long as they acknowledged they were under Cosmic Law and didn’t get too adventurous with attempting to master the forces of Nature.
    And numerous allegories in the form of movies and stories about this abound indicating how important this fact is and also a reminder that humanity’s tendency to fall to hubris and greed leading to tragedy is constant regardless of the age or technological level.


  4. I have been debating for a couple days what to say to this article, one where you used the word "weird" in your article. There needs to be a new word in the dictionary to describe this ‘bs’, weird isn’t descriptive enough. Bazaar…deranged… "INHUMAN"….. I don’t know, but there is something scary about these shenanigans.
    I am glad someone keeps us informed on this stuff, because for this much weirdness and pageantry to reach human eyeballs, clearly someone thinks it’s important. Believe me in the Wolf Gray’s redneckville, this stuff doesn’t make it to the discussions at the dinner table.
    I mean what the hell?
    Thanks for keeping up with this stuff Bankster, I sure as hell wouldn’t have noticed it. Neither has any other news outlets as you pointed out in msm-land, or alternative mediaville. And clearly someone feels it is significant.
    Wolf Gray


    • Thanks, Wolf, and yes, I give thanks to Our Russian James for bringing the story to my attention. Somehow it missed my radar too. And, yes, we have no word for this in the English language … perhaps they do have one in German! (arrgghh!). I wish I could find out WHO PAID for the lavish production. And again, I remind the readers here that this was a lavish production and that this kind of money would not ordinarily be spent on a performance for such a small audience. Unless the WORLD was meant to be the audience, which of course, it was.


  5. 9/11 was a ritual if you consider the twin towers represented 2 races of beings that were destroyed to create one new race. Each tower represented the wheat & weeds, seed of the serpent & seed of the woman. Each tower represented 23 chromosomes that create a new life which is why George Bush read Psalm 23 right after the tragedy… Now Look at the new freedom tower, it looks like a DNA strand or 2 pieces melding into one. Near its completion the antichrist Obama got up and read Psalm 46 and proceeded to autograph a beam on the top of the tower that reads "We remember, we rebuilt, we come back stronger" we we we, www=666.Don’t believe me look at the Google Chrome browser icon, it’s 666 in 3 different colors.


    • I give you something else about the 9/11 two towers … besides the obvious Freemason Jachin And Boaz … Joseph Farrell is of the opinion that the WTC towers were used as the receiving station to amplify whatever Directed Energy signal was sent by this Fascist International crowd to "dustify" the matter and bring those buildings down. I have a feeling Farrell will drop bread crumbs that will show the signal originated at CERN. See his recent interview with Hoagland in 7 Youtube segments. He talks about this in Part 6 or 7, I believe:… or search Youtube Channel named "TNA Fan 407"


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