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Those Silly Russians, So Paranoid About Missiles and Armies Massing on Their Borders…

New York University Professor Stephen Cohen pointed out on the John Bachelor show in May, where he is a weekly and highly rated guest, that there have not been this many troops especially German soldiers on Russia’s borders in ‘peacetime’ since June 21, 1941.

Headlines of the Sunday June 22, 1941 New York Times
Headlines of the Sunday June 22, 1941 New York Times

If the motto of Jewish Israelis is ‘never again’ 70 years after an estimated six million Jews were murdered by the Third Reich, what is the Russians view of a potential surprise attack after losing over 23 million Soviet citizens due to the Nazi invasion?

How far will Russia go — up to and including the use of tactical or strategic nuclear weapons — to ensure never again will any aggressor occupy Russian soil? Even if we assume a President Hillary Rodham Clinton would not dare attack Russia itself or the highly militarized Crimean peninsula which the Russians consider theirs, how violent and overwhelming would be the response if U.S. planes started bombing mixed Syrian/Russian units in the Middle East, or American/NATO ‘advisers’ joined in a Ukrainian Army assault on Donetsk and Lugansk? Are Americans, Poles and other NATO member publics prepared to see their soldiers on Russian TV as POWs after a lightning Russian counter-offensive?


Today our neoconservative ideologues like Undersecretary of State Victoria ‘f— the EU’ Nuland and fanatical Russophobes in Washington behave as if nuclear weapons have been de-invented, and the modern Russian military is just a bigger version of the weak Yugoslav army the U.S. bombed with relative impunity in 1999. This sociopathic if not psychotic hubris across the neoconservative and neoliberal interventionist political class and military think tank community is what disturbs the Russia Analyst and Prof. Cohen. It also must be disturbing to those in the Pentagon or in CENTCOM/EURCOM who may not have the luxury of speaking out due to their positions inside the American military or the civilian defense bureaucracy.

Mature statesmen like ‘W the Intelligence Insider’s commander in chief the late President Ronald Reagan and his Ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock who is still with us and who recently testified against escalating Cold War 2.0 in Congress understood this basic fact of Soviet/Russian history and psychology. Reagan quoted the Soviet ballad, ‘go ask the Russian mother, does she want a war?’ and spoke eloquently in his first Cold War-ending speech at Moscow State University about the need to avoid the horrors of war, and how NATO would NEVER attack Russia first.


When was the last time any NATO official — besides the pro forma announcements that the Alliance’s exercises are defensive and ‘transparent’ after two attacks on sovereign states (one of them a historic Russian ally in Serbia) in the past seventeen years — ever formally declared that the U.S.-led military alliance will never attack Transnistria, Crimea or Kaliningrad (the encirclement of which, according to retired Army Reserve Col. Austin Bay, was simulated by the recent NATO Anaconda2016 wargames in northeastern Poland and the Baltics)?



To ask the question about specifics is for NATO to tacitly admit that it is NOT a defensive alliance as it claims — which the German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier admitted last week. Nor has NATO truly been a defensive alliance since March 24, 1999 with another act of unprovoked aggression on March 19, 2011 against Libya confirming this fact.


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  1. To all RMers,
    Re: Holohoax
    James and I have spared over this before. Since James lives in Talmudic influenced Canada where one faces imprisonment for Holohoax Denial, let me offer an alternative view and encourage the RMers to use reason, logic, verifiable evidence, and functional grey matter to connect the dots and decide for yourselves. Please check out the following links and associated videos:
    Even a 15 year old girl attending a public high school in Southern California gets it and received an A for her paper.
    If anyone is interested, I have a lot more links.


    • Look up the images of Ukrainian Jewish women (after being separated from the men) being lined up for execution, some still carrying their kids. Other images show a mass of dead bodies of those women. This was during the ‘Holocaust by bullets’ era. The Holocaust did happen, only question is the numbers who were pushed into the gas chambers.Search terms on Startpage [image]: ‘Ukrainian+Jewish+Women+Holocaust’
      The Holocaust also includes millions of Russian soldiers as POWs from the sudden invasion of the Soviet Union, who were left in fenced up open fields to die as well as those taken to camps. The issue is when its used by the Zionists to push their victim status and deflect criticism for their crimes. Its these same Rothschild Zionists who hung the Jews out to dry in 1930’s Germany.
      Nazi sympathizing has gone viral and being pushed through the alternative media at least partly by projection by frustrated individuals who feel they have not been vindicated by their loss of relationships and circle of friends for being ‘truthers’.[Source of this viewpoint is Thomas Sheridan.]
      Therefore I would be highly doubtful of the theory that the Holocaust was ‘made up’ given there is photographic evidence.


      • SOF,
        Thank you for NOT doing your homework and succumbing to the propaganda narrative. Did you even bother to watch the videos and looking through the various pictures with the eyes of a forensic detective while letting your grey matter circulate?
        Regarding your: Search terms on Startpage [image]: ‘Ukrainian+Jewish+Women+Holocaust’Did you notice that those pictures and captions were by predominantly Jewish controlled sites? No bias there. Obvious, anything captioned on the Internet MUST be TRUE, right? Who cares about context or actually trying to understand. C’mon man! Don’t allowed yourself to be played so easily.
        Here are some Captain Obvious questions to consider while looking at my previous third link:1) Why would there be up to 16 camp orchestras in a DEATH CAMP?2) Why would there be a camp theater in a DEATH CAMP?3) Why would there be a camp brothel in a DEATH CAMP?4) Why would there be a maternity ward in a DEATH CAMP?5) Why would a hospital be so closely located to "Gas Chambers"?6) If the goal is extermination, why bother providing any of these?
        Spielberg can suck it.
        Did many people die during WW2? Most certainly. Remember, the winner writes the books. You will rarely, if ever, hear the other side. Therefore, you will never know the truth unless you are willing to open your minds, do your homework, and see. I am far from being a Nazi sympathizer. Here’s are some of the MANY problems with the propaganda narrative:1) The numbers of deaths in the PAID FORCE LABOR CAMPS (look for pictures of camp script) were mainly from typhus and later from starvation/medical needs due to allied bombings of railroad infrastructure.2) The "Gas Chambers" were Delousing Stations to combat Typhus. Zyklon B leaves a very distinctive Blue Stain. None of this is indicated in the "alleged gas chambers".3) The Intl Red Cross in my second link detailed recently unsealed documents of total death toll of 271,301. Big difference compared to the "6 million" LIE or the REAL 23 million Soviet Citizens that died or the REAL 9-15 million Germans killed 1945-1953 POST WW2 in the "Eisenhower Death Camps". So, why are the "Jews" so special?3) The Holocaust myth was created by Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel in the 1970s. Almost THREE decades AFTER WW2.
        Here are some more links that I would encourage you and others to look through with the eyes of a forensic detective before making your decisions.
        Make special note of the population changes from 1933 to 1948 according to the JEWISH WORLD ALMANAC. Not much of a Six Million change, eh?
        Reveals the "6 million LIE" narrative planned long before WW2.
        In addition, for those willing to actually understand look up: Balfour Declaration and Transfer Agreement 1933.
        If you want more, I gots more. But you gots to gets this before getting more.
        "Truth needs not hide behind laws". – Sloopyjoe


      • I did not succumb to any narrative. I just don’t take a side and push a narrative or viewpoint like its gospel. This is the monolithic viewpoint that dominates the truth movement, ‘either you are totally in agreement with me or you are a NWO shill’ that has given the truth movement a bad taste with the mud-slinging and name calling.
        I acknowledged in my previous post that the use of the Holocaust is used as an agenda by the Zionists, and backed up by your statement:’So, why are the "Jews" so special?’ and why I also mentioned the Russian POW dead to show that others were killed.
        Even with the above evidence you presented, mass murder did take place under the Rothschild funded Nazi war machine. Its more than just gas chambers and includes the kind of war crimes that has been done everywhere else. I am also aware of the tragedy that befell the German women and the Eisenhower death camps.
        I am also aware with your intent of the quote ‘Jews’ also refers to the question of their origins and how they are may not necessarily a race, and I have read on articles on their origins.
        WW2 as a whole has lots of smoke and mirrors, that just like hidden ancient history and our origins under the ‘Annunaki’ will not come to light until the control system loses its power over the majority of the global population.
        Certainly on this side of the globe where the Pacific War took place questions have been raised as whether the Japanese were totally 100% responsible, starting with the circumstances around the December 7th attack that have been suppressed and censored as well.
        I am also aware that the ‘6’ has been used over and over again in many posts and publications before the time of the Holocaust, throwing the actual number of those killed into doubt, its a convenient number they like to throw out.
        I am also aware of the questions raised around the use of Zyklon B and on my own have questioned how exactly does these pellets release the gas, because this is the first time I have heard of it concerning a chemical in pellet form. Old images of workers without much protective gear have been using similar pellets in factories for peacetime use for hours without problems. Surely they should have been dead before they even hit the floor if it was as potent enough to be used in the gas chambers. Or did they use a far more terrifying form of chemical pellet still unknown to this day and Zyklon B was the false rabbit hole to trap us?
        I think we can agree on the fact that the Holocaust, whether it happened or not has been used to further an agenda by the Anglo American Israel empire to push the agenda for the past 60+ years that have seen genocide of Palestinians as well as hold the world hostage. I also follow Jim Stone’s articles on his website that mention this groups’ intimidation of world nations by nuclear blackmail (Fukushima being one of the most notable examples).
        What is needed is to identify the current enemy, withdraw our support of the system and therefore reduce its control over the minds of the masses and then push forward the truth.
        Screaming about it at this point in time and mud-slinging those over the state of their brain matter will not get one very far, and initially I made this mistake when I was still under that ‘Red Pill Rage’ phase of the first stage of Awakening. That is why I am reserved and cautious about taking a viewpoint even with the evidence that I have stated above that throws the points around the Holocaust into question.
        So perhaps I don’t agree fully with your stand on the Holocaust. Doesn’t change the fact I don’t like the Jewish viewpoint of those who aren’t good at making lots of money (like myself) or how they go about doing business. Doesn’t change the fact I like to go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and enjoy a good laugh at ‘With Jews You Lose’ politically incorrect jokes and caricatures. I think the world will be a better place without their kind of thinking, their stupid circumcision practices, and their overall disgusting worship of the Golden Calf.
        Anyway this is why I hardly engage in information outside of the conspiracy of money and geopolitics as its the least infected by toxic individuals promoting ‘either you are with us or you are with the NWO/sheeple/fluoride-head’ monolithic viewpoints. This is also why I have less faith in the ‘Internet Reformation’ because the truth movement has discredited itself by being too aggressive with the facts and the name-calling.
        Anyway thanks for the link about Malaysia. Have a good day.


      • SOF,
        I don’t believe you went to this link that I provided and scientifically examined the evidence and videos. If you did, you were not paying attention. Hence, my statement "Thank you for NOT doing your homework".
        Your Zyklon B answer is clearly documented here at the 5:57 mark. Heating of the pellets to 25.7 degrees celsius causes the pellets to gassify.
        The internet is filled with revisionist Pro-Rothschild propaganda about Zyklon B, the main chemical that is "alleged" that the Nazis used. Here is the process shown:
        In addition, your statement "The Holocaust also includes millions of Russian soldiers as POWs from the sudden invasion of the Soviet Union" is flat out wrong. The Holocaust propaganda meme has been and is continuing to be used specifically as a Jewish perpetual victimhood scam only. No Russian POW involvement. I don’t know where you got that from.
        "Even with the above evidence you presented, mass murder did take place under the Rothschild funded Nazi war machine" War is murder. Atrocities on ALL sides. The Rothschilds were not the only ones funding the Nazis. People harping on about the Glory of War and/or Martyrdom are fools to propaganda. Holocaustianity via holograms – Aww. How precious. Now we can all enjoy this bulls*t forever.
        How many blatant "In-your-face" pieces of evidence do you need to draw a reasonable conclusion that something is VERY wrong with the "Official" story? If you don’t do your homework correctly, how can you possibly come to any conclusions?
        The Internet Reformation is a very good tool for those willing to do their homework correctly by using critical thinking and analysis.
        I would encourage you to reexamine the links I have provided to see if the evidence makes sense.
        You may think that I am "smashing" you. I am not. I am simply pointing out a flaw in your analytical thought process that I have noticed in you previous posts. I am doing this in hopes you may recognize and correct this so that you can be a better critical thinker. If this is not something you are interested in, then let me know and I’ll stop. I ain’t getting paid for this and no one else seems to want to step up. No one can blame me for not trying.


      • Yes I have seen that and the videos, but about 2-3 years back, before I discovered Roguemoney, on another website that also happens to be mentioned on that TrueDemocracy link called, now, run by Jim Stone, former NSA intelligence officer and someone I respect as an original, if somewhat bombastic source.
        The 15 year old girls’ report has one line in the last paragraph which sums it up:"This is not to say that the Holocaust did not take place. It is only to prove that it did not happen as it was told according to the Jews."


      • SOF,
        "This is not to say that the Holocaust did not take place. It is only to prove that it did not happen as it was told according to the Jews." This is exactly my point. However, I would go farther and say that the Holocaust DID NOT take place. Hence, my use of the word "Holohoax". The extreme gross exaggerations and outright lies by the Rothschild controlled worshippers of eternal victimhood Jews should be a BIG red flag to everybody. Here’s a thought exercise: Can you name any recent events where the Jews have displayed similar behavior?
        271,301 death toll in ALL the camps ,according to the Intl Red Cross, is significantly different than 6 million. The deaths were primarily from Typhus and not "Mythical Gassing" as the physical evidence clearly shows. The German medical staff actually tried to control the Typhus problems because they needed healthy workers. This one very simple fact out of MANY would disprove their ENTIRE pile of bulls*t and end the flow of all Holohoax monies and destroy the very RIGHT of existence for the Jewish State. This continued propaganda is intentional, criminal fraud on a scale so massive as the be almost incomprehensible. Perhaps now you can understand WHY it is ILLEGAL to question the "Official" narrative.
        Most people don’t have the courage to face the truth or have a willingness to relearn what they know. That they have been conned, intentionally lied to, and played as a peasant sap. So, they go rowing on the River of Denial with dumbarse prideful ignorance wearing blinders and fingers in ears. The mentality is identical to those who believe the "official" narrative of 9/11 and The Kennedy Assassination for example.
        I think its time for you to re watch the videos in the following link with the intent of trying to understand and remember via critical thinking. Total time should be no more than 3 hours. Pay attention and put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself.


    • Well, well. This is not only historically laughable but creepy. I’ve been listening to "V" for a long time, well before the inception of Rogue Money. I don’t always agree with the opinions or theories of contributors, but at least find some basis in possibility. This is conjuring of the most base sort. I’m not Jewish, by the way. Just not nuts.


  2. Wildly off topic, but so bizarre and interesting, just have to share..
    More than 1,900 miles away from Alamogordo, at the Rochester, NY headquarters of Eastman Kodak, a flood of complaints came in from business customers who had recently purchased sensitive X-ray film from the company. Black exposed spots on the film, or "fogging," had rendered it unusable. This perplexed many Kodak scientists, who had gone to great lengths to prevent contaminations like this. Trinity atomic bomb test
    Julian H. Webb, a physicist in Kodak’s research department, took it upon himself to dig deeper and test the destroyed film. What he uncovered was shocking. The fogging of Kodak’s film and the Trinity test in New Mexico were eerily connected, revealing some chilling secrets about the nuclear age.


  3. The Russians have tried to warn the "west" that they will not blink should western provocations be taken too far and the only way forward is to defend themselves. China has also recently issued such warnings. Is anyone in the government hierarchy listening?
    It seems that what George H.W. Bush referred to as "the crazies in the basement", the neo cons, have taken over the American government by stealth and coup and now do the bidding of their fascist western Apec Elites leaders under the delusion that if they push hard enough Russia and China will blink. God help us all. as the neo cons will eventually find that they have put themselves in an irreversible situation where a third world war or capitulation by anyone involved is the only way forward. If the neo cons and Apex Elites think that they can survive in their "Strangelove’ bunkers or isolated get away you can bet any surface survivors will be intent on their utter destruction in toto as the rabid dogs of humanity that they are. Better the people unite now and do this job in a peaceable manner now than have to ferret them out for execution later after civilization is destroyed.


  4. SOF/SloopyJoe — I addressed SJ’s historic points in the Bulgaria thread. Suffice to say, I don’t live in a jurisdiction where I could be punished for questioning what SJ calls the ‘Holohoax’ which as a Russophile I recognize was part of the whole Barbarossa Generalplan Ost to kill not just Jews, but people like my grandfather in law deemed racially inferior or occupiers of land promised to the master Aryan race. Nor do I support Holocaust denial laws as I believe they grant martyrdom to people who don’t deserve it. With extraordinary and of necessity rare cases, the solution to bad or false speech is more and correct speech.


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