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They STILL Can’t Barrage the Farage: Nigel’s Victory Lap

UKIP leader Nigel Farage took a ‘victory lap’ in his first appearance at the European Parliament after the Brexit vote. He also received from European Union Commission President Jean Claude Juncker an air kiss, without saying in reply ala Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II, “I know it was you, you broke my heart.

Farage also went on Fox News and said this, further enraging his Euro-Atlanticist Establishment haters:

Well ultimately let me say this, Vladimir Putin behaved in a more statesmanlike manner than President Obama did in this referendum campaign. Obama came to Britain and I think behaved disgracefully, telling us we’d be at the back of the queue. Treating us, America’s strongest, oldest ally, in this extraordinary way. Vladimir Putin maintained his silence throughout the whole campaign.

When Obama is mocked for meddling in Great Britain’s election while Putin is praised for pointedly refusing to take a position (even if RT/Sputnik seemed quite happy with the Brexit outcome) you know the times they are a changin’. – JWS



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  1. "Well ultimately let me say this, Vladimir Putin behaved in a more statesmanlike manner than President Obama did in this referendum campaign."
    Time to drink the delicious tears.
    The rest of the video is great listening to. Its refreshing to hear the English language being spoken by a true native and how he does the arguments and his usage of words. Brings me back to the days when I listened to the BBC in elementary school to get my speaking right.


    • SOF – I always assumed you were a native speaker by how you type here.
      Nigel may’ve overstated the case that almost none of the MEPs and EUrocrat commissioners present had ever had a non-government/bureaucratic job, but I think he was spot on regarding how few have ever created a job for someone else (or made payroll). The swiftness of his arguments and the way he parries the weak points of his opponents is a sight to behold, it’s like Stefan Molyneux’s ‘not an argument’ but even more punchy.
      Cheers, JWS


      • I had a good English teacher in middle/secondary, and I would read the mainstream version of geopolitics via National Geographic from aged 7, so those helped, but thanks for the kind compliment all the same.
        The thing that I could learn from the Farage (that meme from his name reminds me of the flood barrage across the Thames) is being able to deliver smackdown arguments, while staying clear of vulgarities, in the middle of being heckled by the Knaves and the Sellouts. Respect.
        Cheers to our future as a space-faring species free of gunboat diplomacy and manufactured wars.


  2. "UKIP MEP Nigel Farage slammed the European Parliament in the first session since ‘Brexit’ in Brussels, Tuesday. The best retort the EUrocrats could come up with was this…"
    As usual its the Michael ‘D for Daesh’ Wuss the Bonehead. Same cast of characters because no one else was around to sell their soul.


    • SOF – Michael D. We-ISIS is going to even more butthurt when his ‘battle hardened’ Daesh who he says have been ‘fighting for 13 years’ (yeah right, the original Fallujah insurgents put up a much more fierce fight and that was against US Marines with major air support, not ISF with limited aerial assets and some modest U.S. bombing) fold like cheap suits in Mosul. Because that will mean Hashd al Shaabi will be freed up to march across the border into the heart of Raqqa and help the SAA and Russians finish the job.
      Weiss really is a strange piece of work, but part of a limited phenomenon I’ve noticed of mostly (Jewish) young men who see the Syrian ‘revolutionaries’ as noble savages and romanticize them. Some of these younger kids like the little guy who tweets for team Bellingcat appear to want to go full jihadi but can’t grow out a beard. #JihadiJulian is just a Nazi in ‘pro-Western’ Ukrowehrmacht or Nusra/Ahrar al Sham ‘moderate rebel’ propaganda mode.


      • Was referring to #JihadiJulian Roepke of Bild, one of the worst rags in Germany in terms of NATOpropagandastaffel. I think any Germans who ‘read’ it only do so for the beer and boobs but they’ve taken out the boobies so I’m not sure what’s left.


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