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European DisUnion

Brandon Smith is one of those Lone Voices in the Wilderness who has been warning for months that we are in the middle of a planned demolition of the economic status quo. He accurately predicted a LEAVE outcome for the Brexit vote and stuck to those guns all the way to the bitter end. Even Nigel Farage wavered, conceded defeat, then came back an hour later and un-conceded. (Which made me raise an eyebrow wondering if he, like Robespierre, has already been cut out of the loop and may eventually fall off the public radar now that his role has concluded.)

Smith posted his own Post-Brexit blog on June 29 (linked here) and entitled “Brexit Aftermath – Here’s What Will Happen Next”. He barreled right out the gate by revealing the secret of his predictive success:

“The core reason why I was able to discern the Brexit outcome was because I accepted the reality that the Brexit does not hurt globalists — in the long run, it actually helps them…. While I applaud the people of the U.K. for their ongoing battle for sovereignty, I can assure you that the Brexit is NOT an obstacle to the plans of globalists.

Those sentiments run parallel to comments that we have also heard about Queen Elizabeth’s dinner conversation when, on more than one occasion, she would ask her guests: “Give me three good reasons why Great Britain should stay in the E.U.” A harmless, neutral statement (yeah right, pffttt!) that indicates that the Royals wanted a LEAVE outcome in the vote.

Thank you, Brandon, for noticing the same thing I saw, one day before the vote, when the BIS Gang called a special meeting, ostensibly to “prepare for the vote results.” If you think the Bank of International Settlements was just now planning their response to the Brexit, then I have a bridge to sell you.


Fear not, our beloved overlords knew what was coming down the pike, well, because they planned it that way at least as far back as October 2015.


So, the idea that “traders were caught off guard” only means, “Hey sucker, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”


By sheerest coincidence, I happened to catch the Member’s Vid Chat session today with Joseph P. Farrell and the GizaDeathStar community. I was able to ask him if the Nazi International plan for a fascist European Union is still on the table? Joseph replied to me, “Yes and No.” He does feel that the people of Europe are beginning to see through the old Nazi smoke-and-mirrors, so there is a genuine mood of revolution in the air. However, he also feels that this new Fascist International still has their fingers in the pie and will be there to launch a new currency if/when the Euro currency falls. Germany will be there to pick up the pieces if/when the E.U. disintegrates. He referred to pp 210-212 from his book “The Third Way,” the section about the “Kohl-Lammers CDU Paper” and the old agenda for a creation of “Mitteleuropa.” Germany and Russia will become long-term partners, Farrell reaffirmed. NATO will go the way of the old “Holy Roman Empire.”

Map of German idea of “Mitteleuropa” (credit: WikiMedia Commons)

Unfortunately, that jives a bit with Brandon’s remarks in this same blog, to wit:

” …the failure of the EU does not necessarily mean a failure for the internationalists. For groups of globalists that promote an ideology of Fabian Socialism, a breakdown of the EU, whether partial or total, can be used as leverage for a larger and more centralized global power structure in the long term. Mark my words, when the system comes crashing down (whether after the Brexit or after another trigger event), internationalists will say that the EU failed not because it was centralized, but because it was not centralized ENOUGH.”


What does this mean for “the markets,” if you can still call them that? Brandon opines, “So, markets will crash if the central banks don’t act, and they will crash if central banks do act.” He further explains,

“This is all an academic discussion, though, because central bankers fully intend for the existing system to at least partially crash.  They simply want to decide the pace of the implosion.  Most will do this through jawboning and minor policy maneuvers, but not much else.  The Federal Reserve is the only wild card in this equation.”

This next point by Brandon will make V. happy to hear:

“In light of the Brexit I’m going to have to call it here and now and predict that the most likely scenario for elections will be a Trump presidency.  Trump has consistently warned of a recession during his campaign and with the Brexit dragging markets lower over the next few months, he will probably be proven “prophetic.””

However, speaking of November, Brandon sees, as do many if not all of us at Team Rogue Money, that October 2016 will see a serious economic catastrophe in the USA. He continues:

I do not believe the Brexit alone is enough to cause the kind of economic crisis the elites are seeking.  There needs to be a one-two punch combo here, and the second punch has not arrived yet…. , there are hundreds of possible trigger events ready and waiting to be exploited….  but our fiscal structure will be visibly worse off [by November] to even the most oblivious citizens.

There is also a comment Brandon makes about the “Age of Reason.” This is a point I will continue in future “White Rabbit” blogs about the Renaissance period’s “Age of Reason” because I firmly feel that previous Age and this Age are definitely connected to each other. Brandon says:

These conservatives and populists promote barbaric principles of nationalism that no longer serve humanity in our age of “reason” and multicultural “civility.”  Globalism is the future and pro-sovereigns are holding the world back from “progress.”

Sorry to be the one to connect the dots, but that is pretty much what Pope Francis said in own comments about the Brexit vote result (linked here). 

“Everyone, from the smallest to the greatest, has an active role to play in the creation of an integrated and reconciled society.”

File those words away on the back burner of your brain because this essentially reflects the same philosophy that sparked the Hermetic revolution in Reason and Government as Europe climbed out of its Medieval darkness. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that there is only “one Elite.” There have always been opposing factions of “elites” who use earth’s population as their chessboard. We are witnessing big movements on the chessboard right now.


Brandon’s final words of admonition in that blog are copied below:

The great weakness among economic analysts and many independent analysts is their refusal to examine the long game of the elites.  They become so obsessed with the day to day parade of stock tickers and the month to month central bank policy meetings that they miss the greater trends.  We can focus intently on each drop of water that makes up a tidal wave and forget that we are at the edge of the beach staring down death.

The Brexit is part of a globalist long game that is designed to finally and completely demonize sovereignty movements.

I realize this is not what many in the liberty movement want to hear, but this is reality.  This does not diminish the value of a British movement for sovereignty, but it does demand that we temper our celebration and recognize when we are being targeted with fourth-generation warfare.  If we accept the fact that the Brexit is an event the elites plan to exploit for their own ends, then we can identify the threat and deal with it.  If we continue the delusion that the Brexit is some kind of slap in their face when it is not, then we allow them yet another weapon in their arsenal of propaganda.

Certainly we don’t want to live our lives “in delusion,” do we? … on top of all the other delusions and illusions we live with on a daily basis, like, “free markets,” “fiat money,” and “security”?

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  1. Bankster,
    If you want to talk about the long game, then it’s eternity: the never-ending battle between good and evil, darkness vs. light. Satan is the ruler of this world. Some of us get out without having given in to his rule. And that is what really is "the Great Game" being played. So there’s your long game in a nutshell: We will rebel against Satan, and he will try to reconstitute his power.
    So yes, the elites have a long game that started with the beginning of time and will end with the end of time. Any progress we make in rebelling against Satan’s rule for own liberty and sovereignty is a victory. Any setback to his game is a victory. He will never be totally deposed because that’s the way God made it. Our job is not to be holy men on a mountain, but to be holy men in Satan’s ghetto. And sometimes we win. Not every outcome in politics, economics or geopolitics is orchestrated. It can’t be, and we have our God-given free will to oppose the elites.
    Sure, Brandon Smith needs conspiracies or he, and others, would be out of their jobs. But anyone paying attention knows that the long game was set up looooong ago.
    Brandon Smith may be right, but that doesn’t mean he’s clever. He’s just stating the obvious. We need to cling to this victory and the next ones coming and make them last as long as we can to give as many people as possible unto the last generation the opportunity of getting our of here with their souls intact. And that’s what Brandon Smith is missing. Fortunately, our Founding Fathers didn’t miss it, and set up a system as best they could to achieve that goal.


    • Just thought I’d add one final note: The Apaches had a secret society they called Shadow Scouts. These scouts had seemingly supernatural powers to move unseen through the wilderness to protect their people. But instead of getting into something books can be written about, note the term shadow. They are not "Light Scouts" nor "Dark Scouts". They are shadow scouts. They live in the space between darkness and light, between yin and yang, thus making them undetectable. Shadows only exist in the world of Light. Living in the shadows is the best way to avoid the clutches of darkness. You are in the light, and yet invisible to the darkness. And from there you can guard your people against evil.


    • Both comments I have to agree with, especially the line ‘holy men in Satan’s ghetto’ and the Apache ‘Shadow Scouts’. I wouldn’t call myself holy, far from it, but I do feel like I am in the middle of enemy camp when it comes to integrity and forthright honesty.
      These values have been chucked aside for the religion of money, an artificial tool created for commerce, but like other tools like the smartphone that were invented with a specific purpose in mind, has overtaken the human mind and dumbed it down. Money dumbed down the spiritual mind, smartphone addiction have dumbed down the higher order thinking and situation awareness.
      As implied by your post, the death of the physical body is inevitable, but the death of the soul is largely the choice of the individual.


  2. What Brandon says is dependent on how many of the uninformed will fall for the narrative of demonizing the ‘far-right extremists’ or populist movements. More will buy this narrative as their ability to think is affected by their reduced access to food, water and medicine.
    They know that humans are more like animals when reduced to a survival mentality that essentially disables the neo-cortex and rational thinking (the real meaning behind the line of ‘accepting Jesus into your life’). We rushed into WW2 under these conditions.
    The Father-Mother-Son concept refers to the 3 main parts of the brain (Reptilian Complex – Emotional/Middle Brain – Neo-cortex). The elites main goal (like ads pushing consumerism) is to bring people to the Emotional or Reptilian Complex so we make hasty decisions that they want us to make.
    The elites know how the brain works and are ahead of us on that and so many other things because they have succeeded in brainwashing the masses into thinking ‘occult’ means evil when it means hidden knowledge.
    Therefore the masses are discouraged from looking into it and a differential of knowledge exists. This is fundamental as to why there is an ‘elite’ and there is ‘the masses’. This differential in knowledge is why we keep falling for their ‘cinema’ over and over again.
    BREXIT could turn out to be another version of ‘Arab Spring’. Both spread like a populist movement on the surface, one through North Africa, the other through Europe, both based on genuine feelings of anger but manipulated into an agenda, both engineered to lead people down a staged cul-de-sac. As conspiracy researcher David Icke said of the Arab Spring, it was lights, cameras, action.
    The elites can create their ‘cinema’, how many will choose to be lured by the ‘free viewing’ through ignorance?


  3. October date for chaos may be optimistic. Clif High has tweeted that ’16 Days in July’ will be turning point with a shit storm hitting markets and GlobalPop. Supposed to start July 12 +,- 3 days. This is your last chance to make adjustments and prepare, if for some ungodly reason you haven’t yet.


  4. Ahhh, finally a story of the Brexit that makes sense, is logical.
    You have articulated a set of perspectives that have evaded obviously but not only the mainstream media but the alternative media as well.
    Whoever sees the Brexit as some kind of grass roots revolt or a poke in the collective eye to the global elites has done little to question this event and has adopted the manufactured narrative.
    just my humble opinion


  5. Thorny,Satan was invented by the ‘elites’. Satan appeared with Christianity around 1,700 years ago however the long game you refer to goes back a great deal longer than that. Satan is a supernatural construct that was designed to usurp pre-Christian European culture. During the takeover everything Pagan was labelled Satanic and the natural world became Supernatural. Judaism was the precursor.
    That’s not to say that their isn’t a ‘dark’ consciousness behind it all, its just that its not what we have been led to believe.


  6. The nation state has been a tried and tested formula for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. When the global economy collapses, the "ignorant masses" are just as likely to blame politicians and globalism as they are to blame "nationalism".
    Has the Olympics been gotten rid of? Has the World Cup been gotten rid of? Has the European Championship been gotten rid of? Has the Rugby World Cup been gotten rid of? If they want a New world Order, they are going to have to get rid of these sporing events which just encourage more nationalism. But they won’t get rid of these sporting events, because they like the money too much!
    If the masses blame politicians and globalism, they are unlikely to accept MORE politicians, MORE bureaucracy and MORE globalism!


  7. I’ve seen this type of conspiratorial explanation before of Brexit and the like. To me it reeks of mental gymnastics, the convoluted and complicated explanation of events that are quite simple. Brandon Smith makes it appear that there are god-like mortals called Rothchild and Soros who have this mystical ability to manipulate everything that takes place in the financial and political realm. Each of us are just little marionettes completely under the control of giants who can do no wrong. Therefore whatever we do will be used by the evil Rothchild and Soros. Therefore Brexit was wrong according to this logic because it will spawn other Brexits across Europe causing havoc in the political and financial realm which the evil all-empowering Soros will take advantage of. There will be chaos all across Europe which then the evil, all-empowering Soros will come in with a Marshall Plan to save them. But if Brexit would have lost then Soros still would have won because no matter what the population does Soros will benefit. You see where I’m going with this. Going further I don’t think we should buy gold, silver nor bitcoin because doing so will further erode confidence in fiat money, causing it to crash where of course the all powerful Soros will be there to take advantage. So no matter what we do Soros and Rothchild will defeat us. So maybe Obama going to the UK to talk against Brexit was actually a clever and well thought-out ploy to cause the reverse effect. So let’s not do anything that will cause the system to crash and burn. Let’s just sit at home and eat cat food (as V talks about) and be like dear in the headlights when the shit hits the fan.
    Have you thought that maybe this type of conspiratorial thinking from Brandon is just a ploy hatched by the omnipotent Soros and Rothchild to keep us from doing anything because if we do anything it will just be playing into the hands of the all powerful.
    No I don’t buy this at all. If there are different powerful interests for and against Brexit and its offsprings it’s just that there are divisions in the wealthy in all of the countries. Folks they’re not a unified entity like the Borgs of Star Trek fame. I for one am not one of the dear in the headlights and find Brexit a very positive development. Who knows maybe Queen Elizabeth is a nationalist in her heart and doesn’t want to take orders from the EU. I don’t know. Her being a nationalist is at least as valid as her being part of the Soros/Rothchild conspiracy.
    Here’s another point I want to make against this reasoning. What kind of fuckin’ Marshall Plan can even be contemplated to "save" Europe once it crashes. What bankrupt country or bank is going to pay for it. Hasn’t the Fed and the ECB already printed up trillions and trillions of currency units to keep the system afloat. Is Soros and Rothchild going to spend their own trillions and trillions of money do this. Is there some secret container of 100 trillion dollars stashed away in the mountains of Wyoming just ready to be spent on a Marshall Plan for Europe. Really folks, c’mon.
    Honestly I’m really sick of the words "designed to collapse", "problem, reaction, solution" and "never let a crisis go to waste". I just think the universe is a lot more uncontrollable and chaotic then people like David Icke and Alex Jones make it out to be.


    • When it comes to these kind of things its best to take with a pinch of salt as they are speculation and with some of the more ‘mainstream’ of the alternative its overblown hot air.
      To be fair to David Icke and Alex Jones they did respond positively to BREXIT in recent videocasts and interviews.
      I take the ‘time will tell’ attitude for this reason since there’s no point being feeling down over some gloomy prediction. I just take the gloomy vibes of information as ‘part of the job’ as having to webcrawl the internets through interviews related to RM and elsewhere for that one bit of life-changing information Michael Tsarion’s message ‘For Those who are Losing Faith’ from a 2007 interview is still relevant.
      Best way is working on ourselves. We can’t fix the world before we fix ourselves.


      • I shouldn’t be too harsh on Alex Jones and David Icke. As you said they’re both very positive on the Brexit and are good and intelligent people. They both play a positive role on alerting the masses on the dangers of the globalists for sure. It’s just that there has to be a balance between the exposure of the plans of the globalists and that they’re not infallible and ten feet tall and are making really stupid mistakes. If we keep this balance at all times then we won’t have this awful feeling of depression and all is lost and there’s nothing we can do about it. I really love Ken’s statements on the last Rogue Money show that there are increasing vibrations against the globalists and I find it the best explanation of seemingly random events, like the Brexit and now the unbelievable overturning of the Austrian election results. The tide is turning against the globalists and the vibrational frequencies in the universe are showing this.


      • I sense you are are having a growing sense of disgust at what you see as naysayers who seem to be more interested in writing doom and gloom stories and less interested in looking forward to a resolution to the current problems of this planet.
        In a way its a good sign that you feel something’s not right with the doom and gloom conspiracies make us feel powerless, because it shows one is moving from the ‘rage’ stage to wanting to fix the problem attitude.
        With this attitude one see the changes like BREXIT as an opportunity to build upon their successes rather than grovel and blow out the candle to see how dark it is.
        Part of my draw to the LaRouche website is they are pushing for constructive solutions.
        Alex Jones and David Icke and others like Gerard Celente could be called the ‘Elementary School for Conspiracy’ guys. I expect they will be busy in the coming years as all those guys who made fun of us years back are jolted awake when their accounts are ‘bailed in’ and they go through what we went through.


  8. "The Brexit is part of a globalist long game that is designed to finally and completely demonize sovereignty movements."
    That makes total sense. The Western "elites" definitely want to end ALL national sovereignty.


    • Dr Jim Willie in the same interview responded to the opinions similar to the above article concerning BREXIT for the Powers-That-Be to blame the coming crash on the common people and tell them why we need them at 1:08:10.
      ‘It could be. So what?’


    • Another key information is about the problems of the lack of depository bond agreement aka ‘sovereign nation’ status of bullion storage in Singapore, unlike in Hong Kong, i.e. the vaults there is independent of Hong Kong government instructions.
      1:21:00’In Singapore some little dipshit, you give him $100, he works for the Singapore government, he can get access to your information, and and send it on to JP Morgan and ends into the US government information band, and then you get a call from the US Treasury.’


    • Thanks for posting the JW, SOF. I mistook his Lehr interview for the usual holiday weekend interview and missed the Turd. If u make it to HK, u gots my email.


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