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Crisis For Globalists: The Unraveling Of The Vaunted New World Order

Perplexed but not afraid

The Globalists are having their plans and their agendas backfire on them at an alarming rate. They are facing failure and loss of control of their entire narrative. The monopoly of the control of information is something that they no longer have.
For hundreds of years they have developed systems, parties, counter parties, groups, clicks, proxies, NGOs, nations, and sub cultures. All of this was done in the hopes that one day they would bring about a global order, a one world government.

This crowning achievement would have been the death of nation states, the dilution of cultures and the distillation of the globalism and secular humanism as the new global religion and state identities. All of this was running smoothly until one day the narrative which they are familiar in controlling , has forever been lost to them. Their powers of control are now lying in the street gutters, they no longer have the power of persuasion that they the have enjoyed for centuries. The funny thing is that the elites themselves still believe their hubris, they have themselves become the proverbial Emperor with no clothes.

Nation States The Spirit Of Sparta

It a well known thing amongst historians of the legend of the Spartans. Warriors with no compare in the ancient world, forever immortalized in the movie 300. The Guerrilla can draw many parallels to the rise of Sparta and the rise and resurgence of nationalism throughout the world.

The Spartans were fierce nationalists, their love for Sparta was second only to their love for combat. During the rise of Sparta much of Greece was a place of slovenly boy loving poets and politicians much like most of western society today.

The Spartans refusal to bend the knee to such basal ideas of their neighbors has caused much conflict for them, case in point would be the Peloponnesian wars.
It amazes The Guerrilla to see that often times when nations are rocked by tragedies or brought to the point of economic ruin what often rises sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad is nationalism.

We see much of this today in the unstoppable multipolar world that is beginning to take shape, led at the forefront by the Sino Russian Nexus aka the RICs. (Russia, India and China) The New Silk Road, the New Silk Belt, the NDB, AIIB, SCO, ASEAN, Global South and CIPS are the tip of the spear. They set the frame work and the way ahead for this new economic reality.

These groups led by certain individuals are the new modern day Spartans, the nationalists, the anti-globalists, the pains that are on the back side of Rothschild/Rockefeller Cabal. They are the outliers, the wall of human spirit and determination on which the dark armies of globalism crash against and fail. What is being done by these anti-globalist outliers is the political, economic equivalent of the battle of Thermopylae. Except this time there is no alternate route for the enemy to flank. The wall of Spartans will hold.

Frequency Change That Can’t Be Ignored

There is a frequency change that has occurred that can not be ignored. The elites are scrambling trying to figure out how they became on the outside looking in terms of the control of information and perception management. They are wondering how they have lost the information war, how the genie of the Internet has escaped from their control or even why they cant come up with an alternative to the alternative media. After all they usually can “Co-Intel Pro” opposition movements and groups. The information and perception is moving so fast and so quick that they themselves are left in the dust holding the bag.

Their vaunted print publications and media platforms are left dying and chocked for money even if purchased in rescue plans by lackey billionaires like Bezos and Slim. Their Banking institutions and financial houses like Morgan and Goldman are exposed to be nothing but dens of thieves. Their food and agriculture companies like the GMO kingpin Monsanto is dying a death of a thousand cuts. Even with a potential buyout by Bayer Pharmaceuticals will not help the bleeding death peddler Monsanto. Their global vaccination programs are being exposed for what it is and those that were once persecuted as foolish quacks are now being vindicated as mavericks, pioneers and heroes.

Their globalism has been left in tatters, their superstate beta test the EU is in abject fail status, their trade unions are exposed to the world as the the mad malarkey of exploitation that it is. The worst of all humanity is rising to the point that their mid level controllers like Brezezinski have outright declared their great longstanding plans like the “The Grand Chessboard” are a total failure. If that is not white flag waving and a huge admission of failure The Guerrilla does not know what is.


All this is what is occurring globally all of it done because of the fire that has been lit in the minds of men on the internet via grassroots. This failure of the Obso-Elites is simply because of the rise of human consciousness and the efforts of grass roots individuals who have given their all, some with their lives and today we are seeing with our own eyes the fruits of the seeds of rebellion planted so many years ago. The Guerrilla for one is glad to be a witness and Team RM is proud to be an instrument that is in the forefront of this great change.

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  1. "This failure of the Obso-Elites is simply because of the rise of human consciousness and the efforts of grass roots individuals who have given their all, some with their lives and today we are seeing with our own eyes the fruits of the seeds of rebellion planted so many years ago."
    Gurren Lagann’s "Fight the Power":


  2. After a 100 years of planning, and generations of preparation, I doubt very much that the globalist/bankers are worried. They probably have a plan B, C and D ready to go. Never underestimate your enemy.


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