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Earthquakes in One Place After Another…in the Same Day?

We’ve almost come to expect it. And why shouldn’t we? Secretary Cohen warned us there’d be days like this. 

Decades before 9/11, concern was being raised in official circles over the viability of Tesla-style, tectonic, directed energy weapons. (Graphic credit:
Decades before 9/11, concern was being raised in official circles over the viability of Tesla-style, tectonic, directed energy weapons. (Graphic credit:

Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

— US Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, speech given at University of Georgia, April 28, 1997

Why, even last month, Russian officials were hinting of “tectonic consequences” if the Empire of Chaos dared to carry out further strikes against Assad’s forces in Aleppo.


Therefore, all of us astute RM readers were likely saddened but not surprised at the news of a devastatingly powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit New Zealand in the predawn hours.


Am I suggesting that Russia, or the United States, for that matter, had anything to do with the more than five major quakes that have happened within the last few days whose depth curiously all shared a measurement of approximately 10 km? No, not necessarily. As readers of my article in the Rogue Report might remember, other researchers like Joseph P. Farrell have been warning us for years that an extraterritorial “breakaway civilization” has been carefully displaying weaponry that may well be capable of true planetary destruction.

Below are screenshots of no less than five major-magnitude, recent quakes that have registered a curious similarity of geologic depth: all were set off nearly exactly at 10 km. underground. (These screenshots are based on data-generated pages at .)

We don’t know the names and faces of the precise people who have acquired this ability. We can’t even say definitively that all of these earthquakes were triggered by causes other than “natural.” However, based on the pattern noted above, it would seem a bit urgent that “if you like your planet, and you want to keep your planet,” then perhaps we should demand that the curtain of this wizardry be fully withdrawn to allow the sunlight of total exposure.

Nor have I forgotten that Earth has been enjoying the presence of a Super Moon this weekend, that unusual situation when the Moon is both full and sits at its closest distance to Earth at the same time, thus creating a Perigee-Syzygy pull on the “land tides” that bubble under our feet. Is it just possible that our Breakaway Gang has harnessed a kind of technology that “enhances” the power of that alignment, similar to how the HAARP system may be profiting from a perfectly normal, developing storm system by applying plasma physics and EMP pulses to the core, whipping it into a far more destructive hurricane than the storm otherwise would have been? Again, we’d like to keep our planet and so must demand answers. Perhaps the reopening of the 9/11 investigation would be a good start.

By the way, you do remember who was suddenly sent on a mission to the South Pole the day before the US election and then on to New Zealand, right? John Kerry, another minion of Mr. Global.


Oh, and as a side note, the Biblically-inclined among us will remember that the title of this blog is taken from the famous prophecy recorded in chapter 24 of the Gospel according to Matthew. The prevalence of earthquakes at a particular future time was part of a composite sign that included devastating human-caused calamities, like, war, famine, and pestilence. From my youth upwards, I have been a student of the Bible and was always curious over the fact that the other items in that series were obviously man-made, but earthquakes, being natural events, did not seem to belong in that list. I wonder: did Christ, at that time, know that a day was coming when, yes, even earthquakes would be human-triggered? 

I would not be surprised if the answer to that question is a resounding Yes. I have seen research by other writers that indicates that the secret, mystical knowledge of such godlike power was already being preserved and explored by those odious Temple Bankster Priesthoods who seem to keep manifesting themselves as the engineers of our daily reality.


From the “Isn’t That Interesting, Hmmm?” file. 


Reuters (linked here) posted this brief follow-up to the New Zealand quake. Adam Pascale, head of Australia’s Seismology Research Centre, offered his expertise on how this particular quake became so powerful.

The powerful earthquake that struck New Zealand was unusual in that a big event on one fault may have immediately triggered a big event on a second fault, experts said on Monday.

“When an earthquake occurs you are changing the stress field immediately, and if there was one fault that was pretty close to breaking, the energy from an earthquake can just tip it over the edge so that may have been what happened today,” Adam Pascale, head of Australia’s Seismology Research Centre, told Reuters.

One earthquake triggering another in a short period of time happens frequently on all the major tectonic plate boundaries, said Pascale, but not usually two really big ones.

As a result, New Zealand’s earthquake appeared to be causing aftershocks on two separate fault lines, he said.

Again, we need to know: Was this a purely natural event? Or has “somebody” learned how to use one earthquake to trigger another one, in just the right place, at just the right depth, when the alignment of Moon and Earth is most favorable?

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  1. The 50 Megaton TNT Tsar Bomba sent shockwaves that were measurable on its third pass. The US Army Corps of Engineers had DOD videos about using tactical nuclear devices to excavate Panama-canal sized channels in short time.
    Jim Stone demonstrated why the Fukushima earthquake was not 9.0 as reported (which would make it 1000 times more powerful than a 6.0). When the Tsunami hit shore, most buildings were intact enough to stand up to the Tsunami. A 9.0 would have levelled them. He demonstrated that nuclear bombs or some advanced tech was use to trigger the Tsunami. The tsunami would be cover for blame for blowing up the reactor using small gun-type nuclear bombs supplied by security firm Magna BSP after the Stuxnet virus disabled the reactor’s safety controls.


  2. Yes, bankster slayer,
    I believe we are entering one of the most dangerous periods in known history. Trump will be the one used to usher in world currency. He is trusted. Clinton wasn’t. He might not intend this, but he will have his back against the wall.


  3. I’ll add to my previous comment, I believe he will be managed. There is already talk of Richard Haas being in his cabinet. Already the gatekeeper is Priebus. Trump would not be President if it wasn’t planned. If the voting machines are rigged and we believe they are, we have to acknowledge that nothing will be left to chance, certainly something as important as the US President. Now we have the "purple revolution" being run by Soros/Clinton from behind. The perfect Hegelian dialectic has been set up to convince the public that we had an insider vs outsider. Trump will be managed.
    Clinton was too distrusted to usher in the NWO, at least from the position of President. Let’s see if she is really jailed. I would not hold my breath waiting. She has already taken the upper hand blaming Comey for her loss, instead acknowledging that she brought on her own problems with her lying and scheming.
    As W would say, "we are being played".


  4. Bev, most earthquakes are first posted @ 10km deep and then investigated at a later time with a true depth listed. That being said, it is understood that man made EQ’s are at a shallow depth up to 15km deep. If you want to see their "magic" in action, look at the swarms in the US SW desert regions where you can watch a grid pattern layed out.


  5. Speaking of earthquakes and super moons and numbers, I’m listening to Mark Biltz:

    Yes, our weapons are not carnal but spiritual for pulling down strongholds.


  6. These earthquakes were the result of a very deep 5.8 earthquake that occurred a day or two earlier. Go check out Dutchsinse on YouTube, he actually predicted the NZ earthquake.


  7. Weather warfare seems a bit further fetched then the theory we exist in a binary star system that orbits one another, cannot be seen because it’s a much smaller brown dwarf. It explains earthquakes, off-season weather, the strange atmospheric sounds and the large explosions or ‘booms’ all of which are being reported worldwide for years & becoming much more frequent.


  8. Mr Opposite,
    Actually years ago Dennis Kunich testified that we needed to stop these exotic weapons. Also check out the patents on the website, then keep in mind all the black budget money for defense. Not so far-fetched.
    That’s not to say there are not natural events, but I suspect some of the weather engineering is used to intensify already existing natural events, like Sandy.


  9. checkout Ben Davison has predicted 8 of the last 10 major quakes. Its the coronal hole streams that cause them…. its becoming mre and more obvious.


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