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Synchronized Like Gears in a Clock

World events are being synchronized like gears in a clock using quadratic, quintupled, and sextupled equations around these numbers primarily.

— W. The Intelligence Insider

The above is a statement that our Mr. W. shared by email with the RogueMoney team as we watched the TU-154 plane crash unfold earlier this month. It’s a sad testament to the system in which we live that, whenever a tragic event like this Russian plane crash unfolds, our minds immediately begin looking for the conspiratorial evildoers of the sacrifice. Here is the larger context of W’s email conversation:

Artwork component of the BofA logo introduced in 2001. Do you see how three “11’s” fit like puzzle pieces? (Image: )

This is very important. There are a number of events occurring that are based on 11 (which is the Judas number and the anti-Christ number.  Lots of events are being syncopated in 111, 1111, 11-11 multiples and 1113 and 1333 sequences.  An example is the Russian plane crash.  It is an important Illuminati signature.

Its an absolutely vital part of the Illuminati/Rothschild/NWO/etc. plan to orchestrate events around “magic” numbers.  In the current situation 11, 111, 11-11 or 1111 and 11-11-11 as well as 1113 and 1333 are all in play.  Multiples of these base numbers are being reverberated around core world-affecting/world-effecting events. As an example, the Russian plane crash came 222 days after the Egypt air crash.  

World events are being synchronized like gears in a clock using quadratic, quintupled, and sextupled equations around these numbers primarily.  

They believe that when the world or a region of the world’s psychic attention and focus is locked on a single target simultaneously, they can capture that energy and use it for their magical purposes.

I will add a comment to that last point about “capturing that energy.” That protocol explains some of the motivation behind the despicable rituals like those being described by the #Pizzagate abominations. The inspiration of fear and helplessness in a young child is a way of forcing that child’s energy-of-consciousness to be “focused” like a current of electricity that the abuser then manipulates to achieve his own ends.

W. and V. chatted about these themes along with some surprising facts about Obama’s mother and the “gears” that were working to propel the 44th president into office. And, oh, what a coinky-dink. Even HIS campaign logo looked very similar to the BofA mark noted above. More hidden “elevens.” Do you think that was an accident? I will post W’s Youtube show down below. Here are a few more notes from his email thread:

Obama campaign logo looks similar to the BofA logo. (Image credit: Wikipedia)
Obama campaign logo looks similar to the BofA logo. (Image credit: Wikipedia)

As an additional example of how saturated their plans and operations are with the 11 symbology, I would also use Bank of America’s logo. The banking collapse comes as a conclusion to WW III not necessarily as a prelude.

The coming war is a more vital number…III…not just three, one hundred and eleven; three times the potency of the original magical spell. The maximum magnification of a spell. 
That’s why any important event that plays a part in the build-up to WWIII is encoded with 111 or a multiple thereof. The Russian aircraft went down 222 days after the Egypt air crash.  I’m tracking multiple numerical patterns that intersect with the 12-25 date….

Just keep in mind: 9/11 could not have occurred on 9/10 or 12…the ritual magic would have fizzled… a very significant chink in their armor is the fanatical need for synchronization of their clocks…. We can short circuit their work as I and others did with Syria for 5 different attempts at the beginning of their buildup in earnest for the coming conflict. We didn’t stop what’s to come, but we bought time.  By continuing to anticipate; perhaps we can buy just a little more time.

I will interject here that for the last three months or so I have been catching up on the popular and already long-running TV series on Disney’s ABC channel: Once Upon a Time. Again, I thank my friend Colin McKay for pointing out one of the underlying themes of the show, which is, All Magic Comes with a Price. One of the main characters is a creature named Gold who is all too happy to enslave you to his unholy debt tyranny in exchange for the magic you need to make your dreams come true. However, this TV show is broadcasting much more than just a message about Debt and Magic and Sacrifice. Everything in this show — every character, every number, every plot twist — is a carefully written announcement of the global elite’s plans, all expressed in their usual Gnostic Hermetic Kabbalistic language.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with a brief tutorial from author Bonnie Gaunt on the subject of Bible Code Gematria. Again, this is a field that began to blossom as the Kabbalah was being nursed along so many hundreds of years ago. Bonnie’s notes copied below resonate with further comments that W. shared with the team. Students of Bible code number patterns do assign quite a bit of emphasis on the 1:1 first verse of the book of Genesis. The reason why I mention it here is not to give you some kind of religious sermon for today — even though today IS 01-01 of the year 2017, did you like that? (smirk). No, rather, I present this to you because in a very real, geopolitical sense, the Banksters and Would-Be World Rulers are themselves following the words of ancient sacred text in an attempt to supersede its blessings with their curses. We pay attention to it because they don’t want us to pay attention to it.

When considering the so-called “Bible codes,” one must remember that the original writers of both the Old and New Testaments were not using the Arabic numeral system as we do today. In the Hebrew, Greek, and even the old Roman alphabets, their letters doubled up as numbers. For example, the Hebrew “A,” or, “aleph,” was also used to express the number “one.” Their letter “B,” or, “beth,” was also used to express the number “two,” and so on. Remember: the use of the Zero would not become standard until nearly the 14th century, as I have shown in my own Youtube show posted at the end of this blog.

So, for those ancient people, every word could be expressed as a number. And if you were an especially clever person, your brain could actually be trained to “think” in terms of those two “languages.” For example, you could take your word for “light” and by substituting the corresponding letter for its matching number in that word and summing them up, your “light” then becomes the number “252.” I’ll bet you can already see how people who could “think” in those two idioms would be extremely useful in court espionage and cipher-writing.

In her book, The Stones and the Scarlet Thread, page 27, author Bonnie Gaunt explained how the numerical cipher thus deduced from the words of Genesis 1:1 can be viewed:

Genesis 1:1 is the foundation for the remainder of the written Word, and it contains foundation numbers. Its total number value is 2701, which is 37 x 73. The 3 and the 7 are primes, as well as 37 and 73. [note that these numbers are palindromes of each other. W. has mentioned many times that palindromes are very significant to the code people.] It is not surprising, then, to find the foundation concept of the whole of God’s plan for the salvation and restoration of man, encoded into that first verse. The blood of Jesus Christ which was prophesied, pictured, enacted, and fulfilled — the scarlet thread of redemption — began as a promise in Genesis 1:1 by the encoding of the number 1480 into its Gematria. Using the principle of the Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS), and counting every 3rd letter and every 7th letter, produces the number 1480, which is the Gematria for the blood of Jesus as shown in chapter 1. It is the combining of the two codes — the ELS Code and the Number Code — in the very first verse of the Holy Word.

My apologies to anybody whose eyes just glazed over. The subject of Gematria is a bit over my pay grade too, so don’t feel bad. Here is the take-away, as I understand it, based on many different avenues of research from various authors like Joseph P. Farrell, David Livingstone and now this Bonnie Gaunt:

The Bible is all about revealing a plan that our Creator put into action the minute our first human parents lost their earthly home, a plan that would buy back the earthly privilege that Adam lost and cancel the debt that was incurred between Man and his Creator. But the elite rulers of our lives do not want you to see this plan. If you were to understand that no debt exists any longer between you and your Creator, then all the justification they have used for imposing a system of perpetual financial debt over the world would evaporate like a puff of smoke. 

However, they know that their days are numbered. Perhaps they think they can escape off-planet (which brings up that whole other topic of secret space programs and breakaway civilizations). Whatever they believe, some kind of showdown is on the way. It won’t happen today or next week, but it’s coming. And that is why we soldier on, shining a light of truth to expose the cockroaches.

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    • Thanks, Joy: I haven’t heard what treaty is coming up for O’s signature and I haven’t yet found it in a search query. Am wondering if this is some UN treaty or some climate change thing? We still have two weeks where O. and his Puppet Masters can do some damage. We shall see….


  1. Just listened to the W interview. Fascinating, especially about O’s mom. Crazy stuff.
    I am curious whether his prediction of 29,000 on the Dow is based on the hyper-inflation scenario that Cliff High speaks about.


  2. Hi Bankster Slayer,
    Here’s the conference in Paris:
    If Obama does try to push something at the last minute it could create a scenario that W mentioned, which would be US going to war in ME under Trump. Obama knows that Trump will never push a PA State, so he will try to tie his hands I suspect, like he is doing with many other last minute actions.
    The UN can only make something a matter of international law if it is agreed to by the Security Council with its rotating members.. That would not be difficult if US is willing to either abstain again or even vote.
    It was interesting to watch the UN create Kosovo out of thin air. International law always works by precedent. If they decide to create PA state out of thin air things could get hairy.
    There was a PA State signed into law in 1920 with the San Remo treaty, but it was in Jordan. Israel was supposed to get the Land, almost to the biblical boundaries. At the time Britain was fiduciary of the Land. It was called the British Mandate under the League of Nations. Britain did not keep up their end of the bargain because of the Arabs and petroleum and so the Jews stayed in Europe, many were killed by Hitler and then on the heels of WWII of course the UN was formed and another proposition was made which the PA refused. It was called the Partition Plan. The PA always wanted the entire pie and would not settle for nothing less.
    As a matter of international law the British Mandate is still valid, but no one will ever enforce it. At the heart of forming a New World Order, the Land of Israel is central. This is from the Prophet Zechariah and the expression "in that day" is very much a last days expression:
    12 The oracle of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Thus declares the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth and formed the spirit of man within him: 2 “Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also be against Judah. 3 On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it. 4 On that day, declares the Lord, I will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness. But for the sake of the house of Judah I will keep my eyes open, when I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness. 5 Then the clans of Judah shall say to themselves, ‘The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the Lord of hosts, their God.’
    If you want to read a fascinating book, fiction that is really not fiction, I recommend "Windswept House" by the former Jesuit priest who died under suspicious circumstances falling down the steps of his NYC apt. ( think nail guns) . He had another book coming that was not fiction. "Windswept House" by his own admission was based on real characters and circumstances, names changed to protect the innocent.
    He deals with everything from Jerusalem, NWO, masonry in the Vatican to child pedophile rings in the US and a Satanic ceremony. . I could not put it down.


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