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Last Week’s Micro vs. Macro Events, Forecast Dark Skies Ahead

When the frequency of events between the macro & micro world’s become out of sync, and or inverted, with zero lag times, you are in the very last moments of a failed season, and the pain is being dispensed, and or going to be dispensed immediately (already happening depending on where you live in the USA).  The end is near folks, it is ongoing, and it has been since 2008.  And you have been warned.  Warned once again!

Where Will You be When the Clock Stops?

It is said that, “Money makes the world go round”.  The big question is in which direction is the monetary timepiece turning?  “Honest money makes it turn freely in a clockwise direction!”………”Dishonest money eventually brings it to halt, then a brief intermission, with a resumption in a Counter Clockwise direction”. Where you land when the clock stops, and or changes direction is up to you, and you alone.  Personally I am going to change time pieces before it completely changes directions on me.  I prefer the honest clockwise direction.  Wolf Gray

1984 to 2016, Bluffing with an Empty Hand, Against a Royal Flush

Many like to refer to George Orwell’s publication of the classic totalitarian nightmare depicted in “1984” as the benchmark of the “pure negative” for freedom lovers.  Maybe this needs to be rethought a bit.  I submit to you “2016” is becoming, the soon to be birthed, and likely to be the much bigger brother of “1984.”  “2016” the “1984” remake on steroids.  A little more on this later. 

Investing or Surviving? A Short Squeeze for the Ages!

In my view, the answer to the question in the title is, clear.  Do both, each one feeds the other, especially when properly attended to.  Recent comments from members of “” indicate that questions are arising between the choices of gold vs. silver, combined with questions on storing via in-house possession ‘& or’ offshoring.  And, after mixing in a little bitcoin ownership, the picture can be confusing at times.

The Factory Floor Round Ups are in Progress

The greatest of prognostication tools, that are finally deemed successful, are typically followed with echoes of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Most of the time we did, but just didn’t recognize it at an earlier date. Simplicity is the key, to complex solutions. A continuing theme here at RM, but when applied to the realm of the geopolitical, and economic landscape, only answers with deep meaning fall on ears willing to listen.

Real Money Talks & Bullshit Fiat Currency Walks!

This title isn’t about to be a reality, it always has been the reality. It has just been lost on the brain washed masses, but not for long! It is about to kick, the unsuspecting sheeple, in the crotch. “Know the Truth, Know the Game!” This catch phrase will soon define requirements of survival, and the rebuild to follow! If properly prepared it could all be a positive event, after the weathering of a rather negative one.