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The number one news story of 2017 will be the public call for ending the dollar as the global reserve currency

For the past eight years, the idea that the world is going through a paradigm shift… a frequency change if you will, has been simmering in the background of economic, political, and geo-political events.  And if there was a beginning point for it all, it would have to be the global financial crisis that shocked the world in 2008.

While the U.S. wastes time blaming Russia for hacking, Moscow looks to pluck Japan away from the West

It has not been a very good year for the U.S. establishment, which saw their power take a severe blow with the election of Donald Trump as the next President.  And when you couple this with the failures of the shadow government’s gambit in Syria, perhaps it is not surprising that the once great nation known as America is little more than a paper tiger who is now relegated to blaming scapegoats for just about every one of their failures.

Team Rogue Money Radio with Producer CJ, Deb “Bankster Slayer” Caruthers and Ken Schortgen Jr.

RogueMoney radio is joined by Team RM’s Ken @FinanceExaminer Schortgen Jr., Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers and Producer CJ for an hour discussing the massive November Treasury bond dump, China’s accelerating yuan-ization, the weakening euro and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Deb Caruthers discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan and the prospect of a permanent peace treaty formally ending WWII between Moscow and Tokyo with economic development deals for the Kuriles/Sakhalin Islands.

The Guerrilla discusses the collapse of no toilet paper ‘Bolivarian socialism’ in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as pining for the Hawaii golf courses lame duck Barry Obama’s pathetic declaration of cyber war with Russia in retaliation for alleged hacking of the Democrats. Deb Caruthers also addresses potential secession for the people’s republic of northern Mexico formerly known as California, and its huge mild climate camping homeless population.

If you could take away one idea from this show, it’s use the strong dollar to travel in Europe, Latin America and Asia or to buy what you want and need while you can, before monetary hypoxia kicks in! — JWS

Despite the dollar on the precipice of 14 year highs, China still chugging away in attracting nations to the Yuan

Thanks to Mario Draghi’s big yawn announcement earlier this week where he jawboned that little would change with the European Central Bank’s monetary policy now, and in 2017, the dollar rebounded from its recent decline below 100 to soar back to just below 102 on the index.  And with this level the dollar remains above its 13 year highs achieved days after Donald Trump was elected President, and hovers just below a 14 year high point in overall strength against major currencies.

President Elect Meets Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at Trump Tower

Neocons like The Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin were furious on Monday when they found out that President-elect Donald J. Trump was hosting Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, an outspoken critic of U.S. meddling in Syria. After the meeting, Mrs. Gabbard, a Hawaii Army National Guard veteran, indicated her support for cooperating with the new Administration on issues where they can cooperate, such as opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP – aka the Toilet Paper Protocols) which Trump declared will be killed off by his executive order upon assuming office.

Trump-san: Shinzo Abe Meets President Elect, Newly Named Natl Security Advisor Gen. Flynn at Trump Tower

For all the Establishment carping about how Donald Trump would be a human wrecking ball to Washington’s traditional alliances, he received a warm handshake from the Prime Minister of Japan on Thursday in his first meeting with a representative of the same.

Like the other defeated belligerent in World War II Germany has been the linchpin of the U.S. position in Europe, Japan has been the anchor of American dominance of the Pacific for over 70 years. But as V the Guerrilla Economist said back when we first started listening to him on Internet talk radio in 2012, “Watch Japan”. The 11/17/16 90 minute meeting between the President elect who stunned the world and the Prime Minister representing the central bankers’ monetary ‘Mischief Engine’ aka the Bank of Japan foretells tectonic shifts coming to global trade in 2017-18.

Season Finale Or New American Renaissance





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More and more of the unraveling globalist cabal’s madness is being revealed to the world, shedding much needed light on the depths of their corruption and deceit. Disgusting acts done in secret behind the closed doors of island getaways and in the backwoods of undisclosed private locations have now been exposed. The shroud of alleged globalist invincibility is being torn away.

Philippine, Saudi, and Turkish pivots signalling the end of the American century

Of the many themes that will go down in history for the year 2016, perhaps one of the most significant will be the pivot of nations away from the U.S. sphere of influence, and their move over to America’s perceived adversaries.  Yet even this is just a microcosm of the great frequency change taking place that seems to even go beyond the ‘Shmitah’ phenomenon, and is similar in scope to changes incurred globally during the second decade of century 100, 200, and even 1600 years before.

RMB enters the SDR, but according to Beijing this is only the beginning

Late on Friday in the U.S., which was October 1 for many parts of the world, the Chinese RMB currency was officially placed into the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket.  And despite the fact that China has been internationalizing the Yuan at an ever accelerating rate since 2013, this move into the SDR will be just the first step into much greater changes according to Beijing.

Deutsche Bank, Japan Bonds, SDR China, Saudi USTs, One Heck of a Weekend: Open Thread

Who says there will just be ONE domino to knock it all down? Suddenly, a perfect storm appears to be moving into place. OPEN THREAD means that YOU can post alerts in the Reader Comments pertinent to whatever cataclysm catches your fancy as we pass through September 30, 2016. Think: Deutsche Bank $DB, Japan JGBs, Saudi USTs, China SDRs, or a dozen other potential events.

Chinese-Russian Joint Naval Exercise Underway in South China Sea

In July RogueMoney was one of the few English language alternative media outlets to cover Russia’s hosting of Chinese People’s Liberation Army marines for joint war games in its westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad facing several NATO member states.

Today the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has announced the start of “Joint Sea 2016” alongside a Russian flotilla in the South China Sea. This follows Moscow’s large scale military exercises on Russian territory that outnumber and out-gun the drills NATO has carried out in countries near Russia’s borders. The recently concluded Kavkaz-2016 featured live firing in and around Crimea in the Black Sea. – JWS

Was Putin’s Chauffeur Murdered By a Hacked Mercedes? Global(ist) Context and Implications

Normally when the Russia Analyst doesn’t have much to add to what you can already read at the UK Daily Mail or Zerohedge, we steer clear of commenting publically on such events. However, given questions about the timing and delayed coverage of the crash on Kutuzovsky Prospekt that killed one of Vladimir Putin’s favorite drivers, a forty year veteran of driving Soviet/Russian VIPs (including this one: when the crash occurred on Friday September 2 why did the US/UK media take until late Monday/early Tuesday UK/US time to report it? Skeletal weekend staff at the Mail or The Sun?)…we decided to dive deeper into the events leading up to this suspected ‘warning’ to Putin.

To the RogueMoney team especially Deb — my apologies for the delay of several days in getting this article out, but it was important to review closely what the Russian media said, and perhaps just as importantly, what they weren’t saying while downplaying the threat to Putin angle. This, in contrast to the sensational and Millenium Report ‘conspiracy theorist’ spotlighting coverage from the British tabloids, is itself quite revealing.