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China devalues currency then tells the U.S. they want involved in dollar policy changes

After a subsidiary of the Chinese state purchased the J.P. Morgan HQ building directly across and connected to the New York Federal Reserve a few years ago, it was rumored that China not only held a large stake in the bank itself, but are also now a partial shareholder with ties directly to America’s central bank.

Banker, Bail Thyself

In 1944 the globalists who engineer the fabric of our existence came up with, and promptly shelved, a plan that could be used to rescue failed Central Banks and launch a new global currency system. Back then, America was strong with no fears of a Federal Reserve collapse in sight. Today, that plan has now been dusted off in preparation of its implementation. Are you ready for the KOSMOS?

China building an empire on America’s debt and consumers

The above is the full quote that has been watered down by time to mean, America would never fall from an outside influence, but by the actions of the men and government within.  And 160 or so odd years later, that apocalyptic prediction appears to be coming to pass.

America was at its greatest when it remained isolationist in foreign policy, but entirely open in supporting free trade around the world.  And it was only after World War II when the government was taken over by globalist ideologues bent on becoming the sole power over the earth that its doom would one day be assured.

Lügenkriegsakademie: The Donald and Corey Lewandowski 1, United States Naval War on Trump College Prof. Tom Nichols and ‘Tweeps’ 0

“The Russians aren’t going to do a damned thing. The Russians not only will not go to war over Assad, they can’t.” – Tom Nichols, United States Naval War College Professor, “The realities of the coming Syria war“, August 28, 2013. We would like to see every single academic invited to debate Nichols on the BBC or any other forum henceforth bringing up this quote immediately to remind the audience of Prof. Nichols’ track record on Mideast and Russian affairs. – JWS

Heading towards critical mass: AIIB has 30 more countries waiting to join

It is both a natural and economic law that states that when critical mass is reached for a new emergence, then it will inevitably replace the old system.  And with more and more nations divesting themselves of U.S. hegemony and moving Eastward towards China, that nexus point of critical mass is very close to changing the global financial landscape.

Brazilian Waxed





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It is 2016 and the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, Brazil, has a lot to worry about. Clocking in at 79th in the world for living standards, Brazil is numero uno in butt enhancements! This despite the fact that cosmetic surgeries are not covered by either government or private health plans. The most astounding thing about this little known fact is the economic backdrop against which it takes place. Brazil is the sick man of the BRICS (i.e., Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and although the nation is gearing up for the 2016 Olympics with Carnival-like glee, the grim reality is that it is facing economic disaster.

The Road To Ruin: From Empire To Banana Republic

Readers of Rogue Money and followers of The Guerrilla know that the United States of America has been transformed into a banana republic. This transformation has taken place over many decades through a cancerous process of rampant corruption, corporate greed, self-destructive monetary policy, and so-called “free trade” agreements that serve no one but the nation’s oligarchic masters.

Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin Says Moscow Ready for Joint Assembly Line to Produce T90 MBTs in Iran

The return of Iran to EU oil and gas markets may not be so welcome for Russia’s bottom line, but the end of United Nations sanctions on conventional arms sales to the Islamic Republic is unquestionably a boon to Moscow’s military industrial complex.

Yemeni Missile Attacks, Qatari Peace Feelers to Moscow, Riyal Currency Controls: More Signs Saudi Arabia is ‘On the Menu’

From Bloomberg, via Zerohedge, comes the news today that Saudi Arabia is trying to crack down on speculators against the riyal. Riyadh had hoped a crude collapse would not only destroy the U.S. shale oil industry but also force Russia into abandoning the Assad government in Syria.